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Certainly the promise of Allah is true. Let not then this present life deceive you.

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"Allah is but one God. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. And sufficient is Allah as Disposer of affairs." [4:171]

File: 8a182658fb514af⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1027x735, 1027:735, Salah 1.png)

File: 503d62dc50d190a⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1011x732, 337:244, Salah 2.png)

d4f528 No.29721[Reply]

Wonderful guide on how to pray in the way of Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) posted in the QTDDTOT thread. I thought it deserved a sticky of its own since it is the first thing taught to new Muslims.

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2121db No.29728

File: 8583de6c6448abb⋯.pdf (4.38 MB, My Prayer.pdf)

File: 289105760d483d1⋯.png (207.68 KB, 790x926, 395:463, Tayammum.png)

File: 74536307af59a78⋯.png (400.41 KB, 830x1950, 83:195, Ghusl.png)

File: 8779b153a199c9d⋯.png (356.01 KB, 774x562, 387:281, Lazy Carpenter Story.png)

964dfc No.23797[Reply]

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته وسلام على المرسلين والحمد لله رب العالمين أما بعد

A couple of days ago someone mentioned starting a thread for learning Arabic, I thought it was a good idea so here it is. My thought is that we can share resources and ask each other questions about the language.

I'll start off with two great resources that'll take you quite far. They're aimed at someone who knows the Arabic script but not anything else. After these you should be at a level where you can start studying Arabic in Arabic.

1. Madinah series, which is used at the Islamic University in Madinah and very beginner friendly(as said above you just need to know the alphabet). It consists of three textbooks in Arabic, along with three in English explaining the grammar of each lesson, and an answer key. There's also a lot of complementary material in form of grammar summaries etc. Everything can be found for free(no copyright) at


2. Simplified Arabic by Arthur Upson. Another great book available free(copyright expired). It's layed out in terms of 200 chapters each accompinied by translation excercies with answer keys. Ideal for self studying. It can be found at https://archive.org/details/arabicsimplified00upsouoft

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ac4236 No.29315


Most of the larger mosques have Arabic classes that you can sign up to take. They're generally free. The smaller mosques have something set up with local community colleges, but those often cost the college's tuition fee.

Otherwise, any of the Arabic speaking brothers will be happy to help you out in an informal setting.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1c7181 No.21874[Reply]


A thread for everything about memorizing al Quran al Kareem.

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56392f No.22325

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: 1453843190567.jpg (28.46 KB, 465x375, 31:25, 67b.jpg)

1e1e09 No.11001[Reply]

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This board is the 8chan Masjid and should be treated as such. It is a place for Muslims to gather and discuss Islam and not intended as a place where Muslims must defend themselves or their religion from outsiders. If you would not do it in a real mosque in the real world, then don't do it here.

Controversial topics of discussion are permitted, but deliberate trolling/baiting and personal attacks will not be tolerated. /pol/-like behavior can stay on /pol/.



Obviously from time to time someone will come to this board and they wish to discuss a portion of Qur'an or the life of the Prophet(عليه السلام) or the tribal practices of certain people(s). There is nothing wrong with questioning and questions should never be shunned. All answers lay within Qur'an and the Sunnah.

For the purposes of this board, and until otherwise proven absolutely haram, tasteful non-lewd images of people, nature, and animals will be allowed. Images of the Prophets will be deleted. Crass or profane images of the Prophets will be met with a ban. This board is 100% SFW and any lewd/lascivious images will be given a ban.

If you desire Sunni only discussion, head over to >>>/asj/

If you want Quranist discussion, go to >>>/modernislam/

If you wish to share your stories of Muslim life, go to >>>/muslim/

We are not for the comparison of the various world's religions. There are many, many other boards for that. Use them.

Useful Links

If you'd like to suggest links or tips for this sticky, be sure to let me know!

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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871126 No.29053

Bit of a flub somewhere and it might look like the board has only one page. However, the rest of the board and the old posts are there. Use the catalog.

File: 1453845640480.jpeg (24.31 KB, 211x211, 1:1, quran2.jpeg)

56f827 No.11002[Reply]

We need to take steps to ensure our privacy. Do not let them pull the "if you've got nothing to hide" card; that's like saying we don't need freedom of speech because "I have nothing to say." I have nothing to hide. I am not a terrorist nor am I interested in helping terrorists, but my emails and such are mine and I refuse to lay down and let the government walk all over my freedoms. So, if they want to exploit me, I'll make them work for it. So should you.

Important Tools:

https://piratebox.cc/openwrt:diy - Make as many of those as you can afford. It's like a private local cloud where information can continue to be shared.





Favorite Linux distributions:

https://tails.boum.org/ - Security anywhere you go on any computer.

http://www.backbox.org/ - I personally use this OS.

https://www.kali.org/ - Offensive defense.

http://www.ubuntu.com/ - The most common and user friendly OS.

https://trisquel.info/ - Based on Ubuntu but without added software.

https://www.torproject.org/ - Not useful by itself, but should be used in tandem with othPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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16e659 No.29019


Use Etcher or UUI to install it on the USB stick quickly and easily.

UUI: https://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/

Etcher: https://etcher.io/

File: cb0e433539fee5c⋯.jpeg (427 KB, 2024x2024, 1:1, image.jpeg)

7569d7 No.19586[Reply]

Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread:

Post all such questions here. I'll start with a few of my own.

As a non-Muslim (non-religious period) I wonder about the notion that God (Allah) "wants" things from us. "Wanting" to me feels like it implies a kind of inferior state, as though one was lacking something. Does Allah "want" things from mankind? To follow certain rules perhaps? Or is it not a matter of "wanting" but something else?

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ff4de0 No.29741


That's a really neat question. I have no idea, to be honest; but it's a really good question. Islam doesn't really have titles of nobility in and of itself, though some Muslim countries do assign titles handed down by birth. I'm going to say probably not, but it would require more research.

2dce1e No.29742

Hello everyone.

Former atheist here who was raised Roman Catholic, I've been drawn to religion over the last few years. I looked into Islam briefly about a year ago but quickly became drawn to Christianity and Traditional Catholicism. I just finished reading through the New Testament (this morning actually) and after completing it and having learned a lot of the basics I'm still not really sure of it.

And strangely enough I've found myself thinking about Islam over the past few days. I'm about to start reading a copy of the Quran I have, but figured I'd post here as well.

Does anyone have any advice for looking into Islam, like where to begin with it? A lot of the terminology is foreign to me, but I read a short apologetics book awhile ago so I'm familiar with some of the basics.

I'm specifically interested in more traditional or conservative movements like Salafism.

Also do any of you have opinions on Rene Guenon? Was his perrenialist approach uncommon or does it make sense in terms of Sufism and mysticism.

Thanks in advance, any help will be appreciated

f2a2ea No.29743


>Does anyone have any advice for looking into Islam, like where to begin with it?

I would say the quran first and foremost, and check out islamqa.info, they cover almost every question and it's salafist.

>A lot of the terminology is foreign to me, but I read a short apologetics book awhile ago so I'm familiar with some of the basics.

Wikipedia is also good for a general understanding of Islamic terminology.

>Also do any of you have opinions on Rene Guenon? Was his perrenialist approach uncommon or does it make sense in terms of Sufism and mysticism.

Islam does not deny some truth remains in abrahamic religions, and possibly in non abrahamic ones. Since we believe that from the beginning of the human race, God sent messengers to all tribes with the same monotheist message, thus in time, even with the alteration of that main message, some of the truths still survive. That's why we see some common societal values across many cultures. I don't know much about Rene, but I do know he was a sufite and part of the occult Martinist Order. His unhealthy interest in hinduism also makes me suspicious. So I would not take him as a proper Islamic teacher. And Allah knows best.

ff4de0 No.29744


>where to begin

By reading Qur'an. Absolutely nothing else matters until you've read Qur'an. Don't worry about schools of thought, sects, apologetics, or mysticism until you've read Qur'an.

Then you need to study the Sunnah and the scholars.


Sufism is not a branch of Islam. It is a way of approaching Islam. You can't just be Sufi.

>Rene Geunon

He read Qur'an. Also, I'm pretty sure we have a thread on him somewhere.

2dce1e No.29745



Thanks both of you, I will start on the Quran now and look through the site there once I'm done.

Will look for the guenon thread as well, I'm skeptical of him but also find his perspective interesting.

File: a9ccab6f0da2fb4⋯.jpg (512.22 KB, 1600x1066, 800:533, Wonderful-Islamic-Backgrou….jpg)

b45451 No.29708[Reply]

Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

I reverted to Islam almost a year ago and I have been trying to learn as much as possible about the faith since then. I pray on my own and everything, but I need a community. I thought that I will be able to be alone until I graduate from university and live on my own, but I really feel the need to go to a mosque.

It looks like there are 3-4 mosques in my area, most of them are situated in little storefronts. There's one Islamic Center, but I don't want to go there because of personal reasons (some friends/acquaintances of the family I have go there and I don't want my family to know I'm a Muslim).

The problem is, as I have mentioned on this board in the past, that I suffer from extreme anxiety. I'm a male, for reference. I even suffer from this when I used to go to a church in a new area alone without my family (even though I was a lifelong Christian).

How do I choose a mosque? One of them looks to be for Turks, another for Southeast Asians and yet another is a mix of groups (I gathered this from the pics they have online). Also, what's the best way to go to there? Should I try to text message the imam and ask if I can come in? I don't just want to show up because I wouldn't know what to say. Also, I kind of feel silly going because it looks like I will be the only white guy there and it would be hard to fit in, if that makes sense. I really want to be able to have a mosque community, though.

It's a long post, but I just typed out everything that came to mind. :)

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0abb7c No.29713

You don't have to sign in or anything to go to a mosque. Just take off your shoes where everyone else does, do wudhu if you have to, go to the place with all the carpet and pray. They have every reason to be welcoming to a believer. Nobody is going to be upset because there's a Muslim in a mosque.

The only thing I'd be wary of is to check whether the mosque is actually Islamic. There's a group called the Ahmadiyya, and they have mosques too. Their fundamental beliefs are different, and you don't want them trying to pull you from Islam. Usually their mosques have Ahmad or something in the name, so it should be obvious.

b45451 No.29715

File: 28a660246aec369⋯.jpg (3.26 MB, 3648x2736, 4:3, 39925823-muslim-wallpapers.jpg)


Thanks for the advice, brother!


Okay, so I did a quick trip/drive-by to see the mosques: one of them is completely shut down, the other is a house that is shared with a church and the last one was a room in a man's house (there were two older bearded men standing outside it so I know that I was in the right place lol).

Which one would you choose? There's always the large Islamic Center, but I'd rather avoid that one, if possible.

Thank you for all the advice and sorry about what happened, but it's very good that they're nice to newcomers. It makes me feel a lot less anxious.

I'm really excited to go tomorrow!


Thank you for all the help, brother. All the mosques near me appear to be Sunni.

8619f2 No.29718


I would go with the man's house or the large islamic center. imo its better to meet more muslims

b45451 No.29726


True. Although the man's house doesn't have a sign posted or anything, so maybe it's just for him and for his friends. I might just have to go to the center, haha.

b71799 No.29733

Update time! How did it go?

File: 2c11537e900a6ab⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_1226.JPG)

a1fd37 No.20806[Reply]


Allah, The Unmoved Mover

>And it will not be possible to be and not to be the same thing, except in virtue of an ambiguity, just as if one whom we call ‘man’, others were to call ‘not-man’; but the point in question is not this, whether the same thing can at the same time be and not be a man in name, but whether it can in fact. – Aristotle, Metaphysics

>Numbers 23:19 “God is not a man, that He should lie, nor a son of man, that He should repent; has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?”

>1 Samuel 15:29 “And also the Glory of Israel will not lie or change His mind; for He is not a man that He should change His mind.”

>Job 9:32 “For He is not a man as I am that I may answer Him, that we may go to court together.”

The concept of trinity disagrees with both the scripture of the Hebrews and the logic of the Greeks – the two very things Hellenist Jews wanted so desperately to combine when they contrived Christianity.

The laws of the excluded middle and contradiction do not undermine monotheism, they demand it. They undermine the trinity which is rank paganism. Logic can be seen as negative theology (what God isn’t) while revelation is positive theology (what God is). Monotheism can only be undermined when the imperfect reasoning abilities of men are placed above revelation – which is exactly what the trinity doctrine does.

Divinity can be seen as “irrational” in the sense that the human mind alone cannot be expected to properly quantify it, hence the need for revelation from above. If we accept the premise of unrevealed divinity and its “irrationality” then monotheism is less irrational a priori than polytheism. In this same manner Unitarianism is less irrational than Trinitarianism. Then if we accept the premise of revealed divinity along with the veracity of Abrahamic scripture we find that monotheism is more veracious a posteriori than polytheism;Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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956fa7 No.29692


>The Father is greater than I

The Son is begotten of the Father in the sense that the Father is the origin from which the Son proceeds, the Father is not greater in terms of temporal order nor in terms of a superior nature (since they are co-eternal and share the same nature), it is somewhat analogous to light proceeding from fire, the two go hand-in-hand although we say light proceeds from fire, and we say they share the same essence, they are of one nature. As far as analogies go this is sufficient to point us in the right direction. And this maintains a real distinction between the two Father/Son and Fire/Light, you can't collapse both persons into one, because the light that comes into the world is not univocal to its fire source.

And we have verses showing us that he is the Word of God and the Word was God, John 1:1, and became flesh and dwelt among us. And that 'All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.' John 1:3, puts the Son above the category of created(made) things. And it is through him that all created things came to be.

>If Jesus(pduh) was God which he isn't than why would he say 'my God' and not himself?

Because in his humbled incarnate form (hebrews 2:9) he was both man and God, yet could speak about the Father as his God, also as an exemplar showing us how to relate to God, so it's not surprising to see Christ pray or prostate to his Father or get baptized…He has a human nature and a divine nature.

>If Jesus truly were a god, he wouldn't beat around the bush, he would be explicit like Allah (swt) was in the OT about his godhood. Jesus (pbuh) wouldn't hunger, he wouldn't feel fatigue, he wouldn't feel pain, he wouldn't be subject to the laws of time.

This expectation is similar to the jews expecting a lightning wielding Samson messiah, instead of a meek and humble servant riding a donkey around Judea, speaking in parables and socializing with sinners and healing the sick.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

60c1ea No.29693


>that the Son is truly divine God


a13b88 No.29729


>Then the Quran has been corrupted. It speaks of a Torah, Psalms, and Gospel. If no such books exist, then the Quran must be incorrect and these verses are irrelevant to the modern world.

The idea that God's revelations get fundamentally corrupted or perpetually lost to the point of being ineffectual is very dangerous. A lot of self-proclaimed prophets make this claim, like the Bahai guys and the Mormon prophets and new-age Hindu gurus. They need to rely on this idea in order to superimpose their teachings and interpretations into religion, they all claim they are 'correcting' what was lost.

But that's not how God operates. If a message is worth revealing it's worth preserving continuously. 'The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of our God remains forever.'

30af58 No.29730


>God's revelations get fundamentally corrupted or perpetually lost

We believe God's message to mankind is monotheism and that all Prophets were Muslims, a way of life that was never lost. You on the other hand believe that God's message was irrelevant and needed to be completely changed. It's now all about the trinity and someone dying for your sins and venerating icons which has nothing to do with the previous Prophets or their religion what-so-ever.

>A lot of self-proclaimed prophets make this claim

The exact same thing can be said about "gradual revelation" or whatever it is you call worshipping a trinity that not a single Prophet before Jesus(and including him) did. Not to mention your holy-ghost inspired church councils that can keep adding new obligatory tenets of creed. There's no good reason why anyone should believe that mormon was not inspired by the holy ghost but believe your thousands of church leaders were. That's why you on your board have to define christian as someone who believes in some creed formulated over 300 years after Jesus. You don't define christian as someone who believes in the bible, nor as someone who believes in the creed that Jesus is said to have taught(ie the one from the torah which you believe will send you to hell if you proclaim).

>they all claim they are 'correcting' what was lost.

As opposed to Jesus who only came to tell jews that they should all keep on doing what they're up to now.

And as a christian you have to believe parts of the jewish scriptures have been lost anyway due to all the non-existing prophecies "quoted" from the torah in the new testament.

30af58 No.29731


>If a message is worth revealing it's worth preserving continuously

which is what happened through a whole line of Prophets sent to mankind, ending with Mohammed, peace be upon him.

Also, your creeds and church councils were performed why? Because christians all knew the correct message? No. It was because of corruption. So the prophets of the church, all claiming to be inspired by the holy ghost of course, took it upon themselves to correct what had been corrupted by christians. New doctrines were added and the false messages attributed to God were said to be distinguished from the correct messages attributed to God.

File: 679556a23cacd08⋯.jpg (25.43 KB, 432x648, 2:3, Quranic_Structure.jpg)

1f923e No.29722[Reply]

Book Review: Structure & Quranic Interpretation by Raymond Farrin | Dr. Shabir AllyBook Review: Structure & Quranic Interpretation by Raymond Farrin | Dr. Shabir Ally


I've been reading up upon the ring composition exhibited by certain surah's in the Qu'ran. I was wondering if someone knows where I can get a pdf of "Discovering Islam" by Neal Robinson and "Strucutre and Qu'ranic interpetation" by Raymond Farrin.


Also this video says that the entire quran exhibits ring composition (at 7:45), could someone provide me any resource to further explain this


c18169 No.29724

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1f923e No.29725


I know about the ring structure within surah baqarah, in the youtube link i posted, it talks about the entire quran having a ring composition. (watch from 7:45)


File: 1b0dd80910176de⋯.jpg (16.29 KB, 403x395, 403:395, IMG-20170331-WA0009.jpg)

9f47ee No.29663[Reply]

Please I am desperately in need of guidance, I am a new revert who is bisexual. I have tried for a long time to make it go away but have failed. During the summer women go around half naked which makes things harder as they're a distraction that makes me feel repulsed by my feelings. I also feel like sisters in the Masjid may judge me for not walking or dressing feminine enough. I just feel disappointed in myself and wonder why I had to be born like this.

e5e069 No.29664

Get married maybe…

35d73d No.29665

There are no instant fixes. Take it one step at a time. Firstly, are you praying five times a day yet? If not, work on it. It will benefit you in ways you don't suspect. Are you implementing any of the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) in your daily life? Incrementally move forward in your practice of the deen, and do your best. Where you fall behind and sin ask God for forgiveness, God is forgiving and to not believe in the mercy and forgiveness of God is unislamic, since one of his names is the Forgiving. In the Christian gospels Jesus (as) is depicted as telling his disciples "be ye perfect". In Islam there is no commandment to be perfect. Sexual desire is a very powerful force and everyvody struggles with it. Again, take things one step at a time. If you don't dress in feminine clothes regularly start by doing it once a week at Jumaa or some other time. If you don't wear hijab regularly put it on once or twice a week for a "test drive" to get yourself used to it. etc

2bf68d No.29666


You can't make it go away. It is what it is. Just don't act on it.

I suspect a (1) and done OP

3a57a7 No.29690

Given several elements in your story, I'm super interested in knowing your reversion story, if it's not too personal.

As to your problem, my take on it is that you should not pay attention to it, not to aggrandize it, and recognize it for the absurdity that it is. Getting so frustrated at it gives it (it=the perverse desires/lust) an illusion of power and importance that it neither has nor deserves.

It is useful in such cases to simply avert your gaze whenever you are consciously aware of the act, and keep doing so until your brain rewires and the habit inevitably fades away back to non-existence. Basically mindfulness.

It also helps massively to pray with pure intentions to Allah repeatedly to help you with this specific problem. This helps both on the immediate psychological aspect, and of course it helps in the fact that Allah answers such pure prayers by planting countless micro solutions along your path.

b38001 No.29691

File: 300585a4bf2a76a⋯.jpg (79.12 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Islamic_Wallpapers_158.jpg)


Hey, I'm in the same situation as you, except I'm a guy.

I think the solution, as the others said, is to avoid potentially sinful situations. I don't know if you watch porn, but don't do it. It turns your brain to mush. I think that's a huge factor in turning people gay.

Look into the possibility of marriage, that will keep you occupied and your mind away from wandering to nonsense.

File: c4b76c208b4400f⋯.png (123.2 KB, 540x555, 36:37, Screenshot_2018-06-29-12-2….png)

5949be No.29427[Reply]

Muslims in the UK is increasing and alt media is angry about that. They're saying "Sharia will come to the UK" "terrorism will come to the UK" and still posting unauthentic parses.

Well, normally I don't care about /pol/tards but there is a huge amount of Muslims increasing in UK which means its something awesome, but they are sh*ting on it. We can't ignore it because those alt-twitter accounts will spread poltards' sh*ty opinions. There will be a "sh*t on Muslim" campaign. We can't stop it with posting replies of the truth on those threads because we will be ignored. We have to create our own thread, and anons in /Islam/ will support this thread. We have to show them the real Islam, we have to show them propagandas of Jewish media that used Isis etc. The real jihad is not with guns but with brains! This is what Islam says.

The first thing to do is creating our thread. Let's write together in this thread.

25 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

22e4da No.29672

File: c1e61b931e5b03f⋯.jpg (44.32 KB, 720x538, 360:269, 1531081168737.jpg)





>Just because many of these migrants come from Muslim-majority countries doesn't mean we have to defend them.

t. /pol/ pretender

Look. Muslims have more rights than kuffar. If a Muslim wants to immigrate somewhere, you should never side with non Muslims. In my opinion immigrating elsewhere is only not ideal because it is bad to live among nonbelievers, but if somebody is saving their young vulnerable family and wife from violence and hardship than so be it.

>I wouldn't want a bunch of christians coming to a Muslim country and raping, stealing and leeching of welfare state

They do exactly this when they invade and murder and destroy with air force. They take resources at a heavy "discount" to pretend it is not despotic plunder.

You clearly have an anxiety against anyone with a darker skin color. If you love people with light skin and perfect teeth and 'well-adjusted' manners so much then why don't you move into an old folks home if you desire comfort.

1194c0 No.29673


Understand the content of the verse before applying your own ideas on to it.

bitDOTly/2zn5VKs (this is link to fatwa explaining the verse)

>Further, since Adam came from Heaven to Earth, we are all immigrants

I don't oppose immigration. You didn't seem to understand context of my post.

>This world, this life, is a temporary refuge.



>/pol/ pretender

ad hominem, also I am Muslim

>Muslims have more rights than kuffar

If you are referring to part I said "kuffar have their right to manage these problems", they have the "right" due to the fact that they control the land. If you want to change it go conquer them.

>Muslims have more rights than kuffar

And these lands they immigrate to are Dar al-Kufr, they impose their manmade law and not Sharia.

>If a Muslim wants to immigrate somewhere, you should never side with non Muslims

I'm not siding with anyone, its not our problem if a kufr regime implements immigration policies.

>but if somebody is saving their young vulnerable family and wife from violence and hardship than so be it

My point isn't about refugees but there are multiple Muslim countries that house refugees, and most of these migrants aren't refugees but economic migrants coming from countries that aren't even at war. Vast majority of them are also young men between 18 and 35.

>They do exactly this when they invade and murder and destroy with air force

Do I deny that? No. But that does not justify "Muslims" going to those countries either and engaging in haram acts.

>You clearly have an anxiety against anyone with a darker skin color If you love people with light skin and perfect teeth and 'welPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

9198a0 No.29680


>I'm not siding with anyone, its not our problem if a kufr regime implements immigration policies.

Okay, so why are you complaining ? ?

>My point isn't about refugees but there are multiple Muslim countries that house refugees, and most of these migrants aren't refugees but economic migrants coming from countries that aren't even at war. Vast majority of them are also young men between 18 and 35.

Look, everything is economics. Every time you do anything, it is economics. Power is energy. Literally energy. Path of least resistance et cetera… Yes, many of them will be young men. Men typically are the ones, like deer, that are expected to emigrate from the herd so to say in search of new territory. Since they are men, any western bride they take will have to convert. This is a favorable circumstance.

>Do I deny that? No. But that does not justify "Muslims" going to those countries either and engaging in haram acts.

You are watching too many cherrypicked videos of Malmo Sweden. Not everybody is a literal somalian pirate. Many are not even Muslims to begin with. So do not judge the misdeeds of a few apostates by blaming immigrants.

>reddit-tier ad hominem

Look, it is true. A good indicator of whether you really believe is if you can look past our cultural differences.

>Do you agree with allowing millions of people into your country without checks or without documentation and allow them to freely roam around your state?

If they are Muslims then I welcome it.

>Also do you hate white people? The Prophet (peace be upon him) light skinned according to many sahih hadith. There not multiple light skinned Muslims among Arabs, Persians, Central Asians, Turks, Bosniaks, Caucasians.

I am white. I am the complete opposite of a self hating white, too. But like you said, there is tremendous diversity within the Muslim world. We can appreciate all cultures and all cultures have their right to manage their territory but should also be respectful of their fellPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

9198a0 No.29681


+also I should add, they ARE knocking down mosques.


>Austria to shut seven 'political' mosques and expel imams

So not only are they removing a place of worship, but EXPELLING learned scholars of Islam. So Muslims in these countries will have to pray alone and lack community and become assimilated.

1194c0 No.29683


Look brother, you are right. From how I speak in this thread, I may have sounded like /pol/ raider who hates blacks, brown people, etc. I don't care about these kufr regimes honestly, may Allah punish some of their leaders when time comes. I believe that everyone should have right to live wherever they want on Earth, I am not racist /pol/ack either who believes in racial supremacy or anything either. I am actually ethnic mix myself (although I am white skinned) of middle eastern and european (my mother is revert).

My original point was reply to someone saying we should defend immigrants in Europe (maybe I misunderstood what he said) and I thought why should we waste effort trying to defend them when many are just apostates and criminals (obviously majority are good). There are far more pressing matters for Ummah. Every current Muslim-majority country is plauged with corruption and rising apostasy. Rohingyas, Uyghurs, Palestians, Syrians are all facing problems under kufr regimes. Now there is even news that Tatars in Russian-controlled Crimea are facing problems.

Sorry if I sound hostile


I forgot about this news, but it is sad

File: 1423411360402bf⋯.jpg (89.35 KB, 884x747, 884:747, image-20150318-2467-ql3qps.jpg)

9fb57d No.29577[Reply]

Is he a good leader?

Yes I know he is on Kremlin payroll, but what else is he supposed to do, let Chechnya's youth be annihilated? It seems the situation is as Islamic as possible without resorting to rebellions and warfare. More-so than Erdogan's Turkey to be sure?

30 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

6fbfe4 No.29654


Thank you CNN/Israel for the fact check.

0e345f No.29655


You're welcome, /pol/ LARPer.

fe88e8 No.29656


>Iran started it

>he fell for Israeli/saud propaganda

got any proof? Or no? Mozel tov

3e1737 No.29657


>your position basically says anyone who engages in war will be an apostate

No, strawman, my position is any muslim who fights muslims, with no care for their safety and allies with kuffar against the muslim, has left the religion of islam, he is an apostate.

It was narrated that Abu Hurairah said:

"The Messenger of Allah [SAW] said: 'Whoever parts from obedience, and splits away from the Jama'ah and dies, then he has died a death of Jahiliyyah. Whoever rebels against my Ummah, killing good and evil people alike, and does not try to avoid killing the believers, and does not pay attention to those who are under a covenant, then he is not of me. Whoever fights for a cause that is not clear, advocating tribalism, getting angry for the sake of tribalism, and he is killed, then he has died a death of Jahiliyyah.'"


This is what kadyrov does by allying with russia to kill muslim civilians, without care. And the same for assad and his majoosi cronies. And anyone who supports them, is an apostate.

>self-defensive war

Assad is the agressor, not the syrian people. Are you a rafidi by any chance?

3e1737 No.29658


>But I agree the Saudi leadership is evil for their their war of aggression in Yemen.

Sorry, but you can't cherry pick tragedies for your own agenda. You don't use any evidences from qu'ran and sunnah for your position, but simply flip flop based on your desire. Either be consistent and condemn both the syrian and yemeni crisis or go back to r/iran and keep your shilling there.

File: ec153a22f5371ac⋯.jpg (120.46 KB, 610x454, 305:227, 63592737622441871294721584….jpg)

fb8ca8 No.28955[Reply]

ITT: We say something nice about christianity and our Trini neighbors (IRL and/or online)

stop laughing, im serious

and please no snide or backhanded compliments

There is too much hate in this world, and I think that if we show a little compassion to the unbelievers it would help soften their hard hearts. Ill start:

The one thing I like about our Trini neighbors is the advancements in useful technology they have contributed twords humanity. Without the automobile, id never be able to have the job I have always dreamed about.

22 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

380f4b No.29636

f u c k i n g b u l l s h i t is your car and job

380f4b No.29637


is that the kind of girl you want to rape?

9e1ab3 No.29638


Oh I see. You're here to troll. Buh-bye.

fa586e No.29645

Christian here. I'll say something nice about Muslims

I respect you guys and your fight against degeneracy. That's something we need in Christian countries.

c04ade No.29646

File: 30d736546b7ad30⋯.jpg (182.87 KB, 625x780, 125:156, Blessed Imam.jpg)





May God bless this good fellow.

File: 0943ceea9751df6⋯.jpg (427.08 KB, 1881x726, 57:22, imbecile.jpg)

ce63d7 No.29522[Reply]

At every newspaper, at every "think tank", and at every news broadcast is a proclaimed middle east expert, foreign policy expert, analyst, oh the list goes on. They start them young too. Go to wikipedia and click the 'early life' and you shall see they come from jewish families more often than not. Or persian (no offense). Ugh. Imagine being so pathetic, imagine how these people LEARN Arabic, study in Islamic countries, usurp land, and tell Muslims how to live, and tell people what Islam is and is not supposed to be.

24 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

87d631 No.29593


Because they kill muslims.

87d631 No.29594


lol conspiracy theorist

d87d8e No.29596


The idea that they DON'T sponsor, teach and export terrorism is the conspiracy theory.

87d631 No.29597


maybe some rich saudi CITIZENS do but I doubt the gov would

that is different from iran state sponsored terrorism

e44265 No.29626


I agree with this.

Also did you guys know that Ayman al Zawahiri is held captive in Iran. Supposedly he has been an asset of the FSB since his 1990s detention trying to cross into Chechnya.

File: 3b2820823c70d38⋯.jpeg (209.08 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, 83882489-09A2-46AD-8549-6….jpeg)

972d10 No.29502[Reply]

How does this image make you feel?

9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

583c39 No.29545

File: bfb721a0801247a⋯.jpg (49.48 KB, 470x480, 47:48, 55f74e19e3302806de55efdbc2….jpg)


>Good. Muslims and Catholics must ally against Christians. Just like in Bosnia.

And Serbia, and WWI, and the Crimean War, and the Fourth Crusade/Sack of Constantinople…

372522 No.29548


> /christian/ is a 100% /pol/ board. We will never ally with /pol/ or /christian/.

Yes akhi, but we ally with the Catholics against it.

7f7cf4 No.29557


That doesn't even make any sense.

28645d No.29566


It does akhi, look at the reality. EU and NATO Catholics have helped us:

>against Christians in Bosnia,

>against Christians in Kosovo,

>against that Nusayri Assad and his Christian allies in Syria.

61289b No.29569

File: 38515db577ed6b5⋯.jpg (19.4 KB, 270x306, 15:17, 1530640401555.jpg)




its not supposed to ^


you're implying the war criminals in the balkans were christians or religious in any sense to begin with.

>against that Nusayri Assad and his Christian allies in Syria.

Which side are you even baiting.

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