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File: 898c77827ea72d5⋯.jpg (2.81 MB, 2600x3860, 130:193, 1553889559116.jpg)

1188b8  No.12051

Is there a list or database somewhere that shows all the books that must be read for a given degree such as bachelors? Or do i need to manually look at the courses offered for them and look at the individual curriculae and syllabus?

Id like to start a small project for myself and was wondering if I could parse through some of the mandatory books early on in a degree to find out what i might be good at.

I should add that ive read probably 95% of the high school books that might be considered necessary to be ready for college. Things like homer, dickens, mark twain, wealth of nations, and

4c9c26  No.12067

bump. pic in ops pic unrelated


found a decent list that coincides with a lot of what ivy league schools are recommending as prerequisites.

ive also found this: https://www.sjc.edu/academic-programs/undergraduate/great-books-reading-list

which is basically showing what the courses are about. im really just looking for a list of degrees with full lists of books

6b9203  No.12068

Its really an asinine question because there's a thousand answers. Which country? Which university? Which field?

5af2d7  No.12088

Most universities have their curriculum public and in there they list mandatory and recommended reading.

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