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File: 1432383454659.png (2.71 MB, 2352x4032, 7:12, 1432377521413.png)

276ff3  No.1456

/pol/ Miscellaneous bin

Use this thread as a place holder for documents you want to link to on /pol/ or elsewhere. Post any meta shit you want archived here also

Post last edited at

276ff3  No.1457

File: 1432383957062.pdf (6.25 MB, 1.pdf)

276ff3  No.1458


thanks anon

276ff3  No.1459

File: 1432384395021.pdf (5.98 MB, 2.pdf)


276ff3  No.1460

File: 1432384923136.pdf (6.7 MB, 3.pdf)


Should say these are for the catalog, the entire OP is saved for all 25 pages.

276ff3  No.1461

File: 1432385769390.pdf (6.42 MB, 4.pdf)


That's all from me, not sure when this raid started so this is the best I can do.

If you find a thread that interests you in either the picture or in the pdfs get the number and try out the URL in archive.is or browse through these listings



276ff3  No.1462



276ff3  No.1471

File: 1432393510701.pdf (5.09 MB, Cuckelodeon Thread 4_ Info….pdf)

Lost Cuckelodeon 4 thread


276ff3  No.1476

File: 1432395358672-0.pdf (418.65 KB, 12 - _pol_ - Cuckelodeon T….pdf)

File: 1432395358672-1.pdf (2.84 MB, 17 - _pol_ - Cuckelodeon T….pdf)

File: 1432395358672-2.pdf (2.13 MB, 19 - _pol_ - Cuckelodeon T….pdf)

Trying this again

276ff3  No.1478

File: 1432395458881-0.pdf (2.19 MB, 21 - _pol_ - Cuckelodeon T….pdf)

File: 1432395458881-1.pdf (2.8 MB, 23 - _pol_ - Cuckelodeon T….pdf)

File: 1432395458881-2.pdf (2.66 MB, 24 - _pol_ - Cuckelodeon T….pdf)

276ff3  No.1479

File: 1432395552307-0.pdf (2.66 MB, 26 - _pol_ - Cuckelodeon T….pdf)

File: 1432395552308-1.pdf (2.22 MB, 28 - _pol_ - Cuckelodeon T….pdf)

File: 1432395552308-2.pdf (1.57 MB, 29 - _pol_ - Cuckelodeon T….pdf)

276ff3  No.1480

BO here, thank you man.

I write my mail to hotwheels.

Here is the Board transfer thread I started. Got eventually slid.


276ff3  No.1507


Don't be so quick to all of a sudden say "/pol/ is good again.", we haven't seen any significant changes so far, not even in functionality.

>still no .pdf allowed

>still no .swf allowed

>still 3 images

>only fucking board that doesn't have archiving, mods get to pick and choose what gets archived with that retarded sticky, so much for "does not represent the opinions of the moderation"

276ff3  No.1510


>still no .pdf allowed

Good, it promotes post board participation like we're seeing here. And it's a massive security issue as well.

>only fucking board that doesn't have archiving

>mods get to pick and choose what gets archived

Users need to take a few extra steps to archive what is important to them and have personal backups that can't be taken down or compromised. And look at what this attack shows, practically nothing is being archived by them. If it weren't for tabs still being left open for screencaps to be made or people using archive.is we'd have nothing. If there are private archives being made of /pol/ nobody has stepped forward to provide copies of them, chances are they aren't being maintained by people that like what /pol/ is.

Depending on a single archive as a solution to this issue is a terrible idea. If this site changes the code slightly that archive stops working, I've seen it happen several times already. That archive has a bit of downtime and the posts aren't archived either. It's a great service but it also gives a false sense of security.

Also my pdfs have a red box where the embedded youtube videos should be and a URL or title for the video isn't provided. There are 111 youtube links in the html file that I'll post here in case anyone wants them.

276ff3  No.1511


>Users need to take a few extra steps to archive what is important to them and have personal backups that can't be taken down or compromised.

A lot of them do that by default, even on halfchan which has 4plebs to archive for them. Indeed not as much, but still nonetheless.

>Depending on a single archive as a solution to this issue is a terrible idea.

It is not really a matter of having that purely for archiving purposes, for that you could just use the shit we already have, you could even paste shit in a notepad. The main reason to ever want a special archiving site is so that you could search, filter and analyse, which is something that screencaps and archive.is do not provide. I am the one that looks after the /polarchive/ shill thread and having analytic tools for only 4chan is a pain in the ass.

>If this site changes the code slightly that archive stops working, I've seen it happen several times already. That archive has a bit of downtime and the posts aren't archived either. It's a great service but it also gives a false sense of security.

This I can agree with, but I am certain that quite a few other Anons are also aware of this, as shown by the fact that the GG boards use archive.is even though they already get archives for their board.

276ff3  No.1512


It was 111 mentions of youtube not individual videos, here are all the embedded links in order

















? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6Orgn4rWKMT0vwadtmZu8g










For anybody here who uses a script similar to this one https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/413-youtube-link-title

Go ahead an repost this with all the titles given properly, I don't use youtube unless it's with youtube-dl and it would be to much work for me when someone else can do it in 3-4 clicks.

276ff3  No.1513


I just noticed how archives links are dealt with on /pol/ in the sticky after having ignored it for months thinking it was only about /polmeta/. You're absolutely right that the way this is handled on the part of the moderation there isn't functional as an archive. It's working fine as an outdated "best of /pol/" selection of topics for lurkers though.

And I'm only interested in archiving in a manner that makes material available to people who are looking for it and active members of our community. If there is enough demand for something and someone has a private archive and shares it the system works. Screencaps are an important part of our internet heritage that grew out of FAQ files. It's not our job to make future historians or current researchers lives easier, we already have enough on our plate.

276ff3  No.1577

File: 1432891397744.pdf (39.02 KB, Henry Kuttner - Year Day .pdf)


pol has been censored from day 1 on 8ch

this isnt the real pol

what made pol pol was a "hands off moderation" and moot defending it as "our glorious bastion of free speech"

8ch pol is a travesty, a jew trap

the BO and his mods can delete and ban whatever they want, and do

"shitposting", "spam", "off topic" are all vague rules designed to be abused

only hotwheels' stance about censorship works for free speech: you only delete what is strictly illegal

pol on 8ch was never good

it serves as a killer of western free speech

<random pdf file

276ff3  No.1578

File: 1432891577852.pdf (617.32 KB, A Course in Miracles - Wor….pdf)


>We need a stronger hand against shitposting, more volunteers (around the clock not only burgers), more active volunteers, volunteers interacting more with the community.


8ch pol was never pol

276ff3  No.1620


>what made pol pol was a "hands off moderation" and moot defending it as "our glorious bastion of free speech"

Except that this is not true. The moderation was lax simply due to the fact that the mods rarely bothered to show up and when they did, they often censored actual discussion.

Remember how the sticky was never enforced even when the half/pol/ mods showed up to do something?

Remember how certain topics would become "taboo" for brief periods of time?

Remember cuck porn was allowed to stay on the board when discussion on things like government surveillance would randomly 404 for no reason?

The difference between half/pol/ before GG and full/pol/ now is that half/pol/ mods showed up less frequently, there is no other difference. Full/pol/ is bad not because of censorship but because of blatant inconsistency. /baphomet/ is the definition of a hugbox and yet barely anyone seems to shit on them for it, this is due to the fact that the mods there are consistent in what they want to see on the board and largely people are fine with it. On 8/pol/ you switch between cycles of overmoderation and no moderation whatsoever, the mods didn't do shit to protect against raids but whenever someone said "suspicious", they would get banned, leading to both /pol/acks and non-/pol/acks hating them.

276ff3  No.4770

File: 16b78552d910796⋯.pdf (4.71 MB, Sandy Hook, Criminalistics….pdf)

Sandy Hook, Criminalistics Forensic Biology Section Supplemental Report

276ff3  No.4776

File: 593886dca06af0e⋯.pdf (4.82 MB, 1431663849267.pdf)

File: ea253138026136b⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1048x746, 524:373, 1431720864396.png)

Ben "Going Reich on the Kike" Garrison's book

276ff3  No.4778

File: 86389cf469f81f8⋯.pdf (1.09 MB, Hitler and WWII for pol.pdf)

File: 2d536df155f86e6⋯.pdf (697.39 KB, for pol.pdf)

File: 77a6f17b741021a⋯.pdf (494.39 KB, Color of Crime Stats.pdf)

Some things an anon made on /pol/ a while back.

276ff3  No.4780

File: 6234c2db906ab94⋯.pdf (10.06 MB, jeffrey-epsteins-little-bl….pdf)

276ff3  No.4781

File: 9745edc42146c93⋯.pdf (127.89 KB, Paul Bernado Investigation….pdf)

File: 094eef36987f991⋯.pdf (3.71 MB, Report for Mr Justice Camp….pdf)

Paul Bernado Investigation Review Summary

Report for Mr Justice Campbell June 1996

276ff3  No.4783

File: 0bbea0a49bd350f⋯.pdf (2.13 MB, The Jewish Stake in Americ….pdf)

File: 7e527dc0cc5c919⋯.jpg (103.63 KB, 840x211, 840:211, 1454275734265.jpg)

The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography- Stephen Steinlight

With Highlights.

h ttp://cis.org/articles/2001/back1301.html

Post last edited at

276ff3  No.4784

File: ef59080383b8a1d⋯.pdf (3.21 MB, 1454446815134.pdf)

ISIL defector: we have four nukes.

Document in German

Related Video


276ff3  No.4875

File: fa9f10fa1858ec7⋯.png (103.94 KB, 655x514, 655:514, 7fb294a39c5181963d70f8db30….png)

File: 5876e67e78e9270⋯.pdf (1.52 MB, ICA_2017_01.pdf)

Mirroring Russia totally hacked us.

276ff3  No.4971

File: 6f12ac5144d8829⋯.pdf (2.38 MB, Diary, Written by Professo….pdf)

>In the Frege Archives at the Institut fur mathematische Logik und Grundlagenforschung at Miinster University, there is a typescript of a diary Gottlob Frege kept from 10 March through 9 May 1924. The typescript had been prepared by Frege's son, Alfred, in 1937/38 and sent to Heinrich Scholz in 1938; the whereabouts of the original handwritten diary from which the transcription was created are unknown. The three entries dated 23-25 March which deal with the concept of number have already been published in the Nachgelassene Schriften. The remainder of the diary, which consists primarily of reflections on the political developments of the day, was not published until last year. This first publication of the diary was prepared by Professor Gottfried Gabriel and Dr Wolfgang Kienzler. They made minor corrections to the typescript and furnished explanatory footnotes for the many allusions Frege makes to political figures and events. The annotated diary created by Gabriel and Kienzler appeared in the Deutsche Zeitschrift fur Philosophic 42 (1994), 6, pp. 1067-98 and is translated here with the permission of the authors and the publisher Akademie Verlag. This is the infamous diary Michael Dummett refers to in the introduction to Frege, Philosophy of Language:

> There is some irony for me in the fact that the man about whose philosophical views I have devoted, over years, a great deal of time to thinking, was, at least at the end of his life, a virulent racist, specifically an anti-semite. This fact is revealed by a fragment of a diary which survives among Frege's Nachlass, but which was not published with the rest by Professor Hans Hermes in Frege's nachgelassene Schriften. The diary shows Frege to have been a man of extreme right-wing opinions, bitterly opposed to the parliamentary system, democrats, liberals, Catholics, the French and, above all, Jews, who he thought ought to be deprived of political rights and, preferably, expelled from Germany. When I first read that diary, many years ago, I was deeply shocked, because I had revered Frege as an absolutely rational man, if, perhaps, not a very likeable one. I regret that the editors of Frege's Nachlass chose to suppress that particular item.'


276ff3  No.5808

File: ad03039ed0882fc⋯.pdf (135.89 KB, Politics Syllabus 2013.pdf)

File: 28be1c493f06572⋯.pdf (1.49 MB, thesis.pdf)

Stuff on Eric Clanton

276ff3  No.5819

File: 8ba2b19b40ff1e9⋯.pdf (4.13 MB, Stickercaust.pdf)

File: 477cfcbe85d5fb5⋯.pdf (385.33 KB, propaganda offensive guide.pdf)

NFP guides, because the mods keep deleting the threads I guess

276ff3  No.5835

File: 04e4a6c8c8a2768⋯.pdf (272.83 KB, syria.pdf)

Sanction program on syria

276ff3  No.5851


For a real /pol/ go to vichan.

276ff3  No.5861

File: 22910446e7fa867⋯.pdf (831.37 KB, un reveals israeli links w….pdf)

Haaretz article (locked behind paywall) that details that the UN revealed Israel’s support for ISIS:

(Original article was here at 15 Jan 2015: http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/.premium-1.630359)

276ff3  No.5878

File: f1cda4415874fae⋯.pdf (293.86 KB, newsweek-coolingworld.pdf)

Article from Newsweek on how (((climate scientists))) were putting soot on the ice caps to melt them because they thought there'd be another ice age. A dumb fuck up or intentional setup for global warming propaganda? You decide.

1d40a2  No.5906

File: 9ba7e39e8787e4a⋯.pdf (1.05 MB, southafrican.pdf)


747cb3  No.5928

File: 2cd0e6875f0afb5⋯.pdf (1.36 MB, Galbraith - A Short Histor….pdf)

A Short History of Financial Euphoria by John Kenneth Galbraith

c38831  No.5939

File: 0a045b30de5d3a5⋯.pdf (1.28 MB, Bernays_Propaganda_in_engl….pdf)

Propaganda by Edward Bernays

e388f0  No.5950

File: c8774a26ce1bc0e⋯.pdf (8.2 MB, HoaxV2.pdf)

Hoax of the 20th Century by Arthur R. Butz

e388f0  No.5951

File: 06250d53ce9ae65⋯.pdf (2.64 MB, 200 YEARS-1.pdf)

File: 1ea7ac25bbc055c⋯.pdf (3.98 MB, 200 YEARS.pdf)

200 years together by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

96a1ea  No.5956

File: b5373fbbd8b58f7⋯.pdf (3.55 MB, 200 Years Together Unabrid….pdf)


Who the fuck names the unabridged version the same filename as the censored version?

Who the fuck doesn't fix the table of contents?

Who the fuck doesn't center the title page, and add "unabridged" to the title page so that people can tell this is the whole thing?

d957dc  No.5958


Thank you, sir.

ac4ff7  No.5979

File: 9d8646b7cd533b2⋯.pdf (7.55 MB, Photos From @Tier5SpyNetwo….pdf)

Photos from the now defunct @Tier5SpyNetwork

69eba1  No.5981


There are a few things to be improved regarding presentation. From text that runs off the page in the unnumbered page that should be 3, to how the pages are numbered (Too small and near the border of the page), to the inconsistent font and margin size and the overlapping text.

8a4b49  No.5982


Oven yourself.

6c5ae5  No.5985



b1f595  No.6030

File: d4bfbcac097bed7⋯.png (1.09 MB, 651x877, 651:877, EthnicCleansingManual.png)

File: f3a2b22412ce983⋯.pdf (5.27 MB, EthnicCleansingManual.pdf)

FM 6-2003

Ethnic Cleansing Operations

04ce64  No.6048

File: d9ed3a14e31389a⋯.pdf (292.88 KB, bdap_revolutionary_aboliti….pdf)

Revolutionary abolitionist movement manifesto: Burn down the American Plantation

bfda18  No.6093

File: 21a477e53f73665⋯.pdf (320.04 KB, The_Emergence_of_Lowest-Lo….pdf)


"The Emergence of Lowest-Low Fertility in Europe During the 1990s" by Kohler, Billari, Ortega

354e4c  No.6101

File: 1b96a89c9688eb3⋯.pdf (9.95 MB, racialintermarri00bombrich.pdf)

"Racial intermarriages: their scientific aspect. Specially compiled for the consideration of Parsees in connection with the Juddin question" (1922)

b9ce62  No.6131

File: 5660e057e429e12⋯.pdf (6.1 MB, psyop manual.pdf)

9ed835  No.6162

File: 26b419a4def4876⋯.pdf (772.83 KB, The Secret Terrorists.pdf)

1 – Target America 1

2 – President Andrew Jackson 8

3 – Presidents Harrison, Taylor, and Buchanan 14

4 – President Abraham Lincoln 20

5 - The Sinking of the Titanic 29

6 – World War One 33

7 – World War Two 36

8 – President John F. Kennedy 43

9 – The Waco Massacre 51

10 – Destruction in Oklahoma City 58

11 – The World Trade Center Attack 63

12 – Religious Terrorism in America 72

750702  No.6168

File: b3a1530b5c6cd55⋯.pdf (415.82 KB, intelligence-newsletter-19….pdf)

File: ba0b927fe5c4092⋯.pdf (336.83 KB, intelligence-newsletter-19….pdf)

The Intelligence Newsletter Nov-Dec 1989, Jul-Aug 1992



bcf6be  No.6191

File: f642a6efc6fd290⋯.pdf (973.53 KB, Get Tough.pdf)

Get Tough, the Fairbarn Fighting Manual

f632c3  No.6198

File: 4555ff13e54d5f3⋯.pdf (227.9 KB, Seth Rich-SEIU Murderers.pdf)

File: 9d1f22120012c39⋯.jpg (517.49 KB, 2200x1700, 22:17, Seth Rich-SEIU Murderers.jpg)

Seth Rich - SEIU Murderers

f632c3  No.6200

File: c357ad683a78dde⋯.pdf (1.95 MB, JimStoneFreelance.Com News….pdf)

JimStoneFreelance.Com News 6-23-2017

bb74e6  No.6206

File: f459d517509e996⋯.pdf (2.14 MB, [Peter_McLoughlin]_Easy_Me….pdf)

"Easy Meat"

Peter McLoughlin's book on the loli grooming gangs in England.

Will make you rage.

d39dd1  No.6249

File: 82a0a0cee180b22⋯.pdf (6.02 MB, CIA EMPLOYEE DIRECTORY.pdf)

File: c2c47dfdd2aeb41⋯.pdf (202.81 KB, Chappaquiddick- Ted Kenned….pdf)

File: ecb0fbcfcb7764a⋯.pdf (2.96 MB, FBI EMPLOYEE DIRECTORY.pdf)

18ad27  No.6251

1a598c  No.6940


I've made a Text2Speech audiobook of this pdf.



Everything we were taught about Russia and the Bolshevik Revolution was a lie! The workers never truly joined the revolution! They would actually fight with the Communists in the Street

It was all Anti-Czar VS Pro-Czar. And the Czar (both Alexander II and Nikolai) come out sounding like REALLY good guys, going out of their way to help the Jews whenever they can, stopping "blood ritual" trials and giving good farm land to the Jews! With no taxes for 10 years!!

And the scariest thing of all is that it parallels exactly with America today!

>take down the old monuments

>change the history

>universities breeding violent gangs

>riots between these groups

I can see why they don't want this book officially published in the West… Even when Solzhenitsyn purposely goes out of his way to avoid being "Anti-Semetic", the thorough sourcing / citation alone makes the work irrefutable.

00023c  No.6943

File: 31fdfd442ea6616⋯.pdf (11.89 MB, Google - Search Quality Ev….pdf)


Allegedly, this document highlights how Google ranks searches, including how they filter out holohoax evidence (pg. 126). Original source here:

https:// static.googleusercontent.com/media/www.google.com/en//insidesearch/howsearchworks/assets/searchqualityevaluatorguidelines.pdf

00023c  No.6944

File: f53fe15b84d7664⋯.pdf (6.07 MB, Google - Search Quality Ev….pdf)



9ff131  No.7697

File: 30b415e0ff8b6a4⋯.pdf (7.82 MB, twohundredyearstogetherunc….pdf)

File: 37cad95a2ff3fb8⋯.png (256.44 KB, 485x743, 485:743, twohundredyearstogetherunc….png)


Two Hundred Years Together

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (2002)

>>be born in 1918

>>be Russian

>>be Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

>>be an author

>>be a prisoner in Soviet GULAG for 8 years

>>be awarded Nobel Prize for Literature in 1970

>>write history of Jews in Russia "Two Hundred Years Together" in Russian in 2002

>>lift lid on whole sordid story

>>your book is translated into German and French

>>your book is "partially" translated into English


>>your Wikipedia entry barely mentions this book which is over 600 pages, but notes it "aroused ambiguous public response"

>>be dead in 2008

>>good people translate the censored parts of your book into English and post online

>>twohundredyearstogetheruncesored.pdf for easy reading and distribution



tldr : so-called antisemitism is an essential virtue of civilized peoples, and pogroms are divine.

eeb641  No.7714

File: aad342abc48feb8⋯.pdf (32.28 KB, Plantdatabase.pdf)

Here's a pdf of a vegetable and fruit growing database I made

eeb641  No.7715

File: d30a84a8ebcc41a⋯.pdf (853.8 KB, Building interior window i….pdf)

File: 18d7258b28bf580⋯.pdf (1.16 MB, DIY Shower Water Heat Exch….pdf)

File: 4f550e416b31081⋯.pdf (793.32 KB, EfficentWallFraming.pdf)

File: 26777640784124b⋯.pdf (2.01 MB, HomeSealingGuide.pdf)

File: b4ab4e338d24f0e⋯.pdf (416.73 KB, Insulating a Sliding Glass….pdf)

Some home efficiency pdfs

eeb641  No.7716

File: d3f7ad0540edd26⋯.pdf (2.7 MB, MooneyWall.pdf)

File: 92d4edeef6f5e2a⋯.pdf (781.48 KB, PaulAcrylicStorms.pdf)

File: 2683ffa35512632⋯.pdf (87.01 KB, RootCellarInfo.pdf)

File: 1253b52b439d53f⋯.pdf (86.91 KB, RootCellarPlan.pdf)

40a293  No.7744


skim reading some parts of it, they should send the SAS on full time surveillance and execution mode in every one of these areas for a year.

Then bring squads back once in a while to clear up.

6dce5a  No.7746

File: 7699f18ff106592⋯.pdf (373.78 KB, bpfdd.pdf)

31f8bd  No.7750

File: a1ebd2230d10780⋯.pdf (1.4 MB, fifteen-minutes.pdf)

b745f3  No.7896

File: 57a6eaeae112aab⋯.pdf (1.75 MB, 111261838-Gov-uscourts.pdf)

>NEW YORK, NY– (10/25/12) – Spire Law Group, LLP’s national home owners’ lawsuit, pending in the venue where the “Banksters” control their $43 trillion racketeering scheme (New York) known as the largest money laundering and racketeering lawsuit in United States History and identifying $43 trillion ($43,000,000,000,000.00) of laundered money by the “Banksters” and their U.S. racketeering partners and joint venturers now pinpoints the identities of the key racketeering partners of the “Banksters” located in the highest offices of government and acting for their own self-interests.

d8fd7e  No.7974

File: 76fc266a1be0144⋯.pdf (11.48 MB, HMTG-115-IG00-Transcript-2….pdf)

983b79  No.7979

File: 4c28c7ac3fe6596⋯.pdf (48.17 KB, NOTICE TO CITIZENS.pdf)

File: 4ff06588daa1c29⋯.jpg (133.26 KB, 1654x2339, 1654:2339, NOTICE TO CITIZENS-1.jpg)

1984 style poster for when classical art is removed by the sjw agenda.

Made it due to the Manchester art gallery removing a painting which contained - nude females. See thread:


057688  No.8021


b98c09  No.8058

File: 559037d6b6d3a7f⋯.pdf (229.26 KB, 2018-02-07 Interim Report_….pdf)


>An Interim Report

>A Majority Staff Report of the

Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

>United States Senate

>Senator Ron Johnson, Chairman

>February 7, 2018

From: hsgac.senate.gov/download/majority-staff-report-the-clinton-email-scandal-and-the-fbis-investigation-of-it//

4ee47a  No.8252

File: a93dc131c0073b6⋯.pdf (1.74 MB, THE ROLE OF JEWS IN SOUTH ….pdf)

The Role of Jews in South Africa Since 1948

Sam Davidson

The Occidental Quarterly, vol. 11, no. 2, Summer 2011

c4fd59  No.8294

File: 72d3c3aed9f915a⋯.jpg (360.47 KB, 1703x1062, 1703:1062, QUICK.jpg)

File: 686a71f8e342466⋯.pdf (365.96 KB, QUICK.pdf)

fa6ec2  No.8492

File: 624ff15df68704b⋯.pdf (4.93 MB, Russia Collusion_ Hillary ….pdf)

17 Mar 2018

fa6ec2  No.8493

File: ab8a7720a40d215⋯.pdf (417.14 KB, Neo-Paganism in the Public….pdf)

Neo-Paganism in the Public Square and Its Relevance to Judaism

f046a3  No.8642

File: a490dbe98885e31⋯.png (145.28 KB, 1025x1015, 205:203, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cdaf6bb365fbf35⋯.pdf (170.99 KB, moveon.org.Nobody Is Above….pdf)

moveon.org Soros funded group's event hosting document found at:


The link to which is listed in "host materials" at:


8b8a1e  No.8652

File: 1c545948285d7eb⋯.png (76.66 KB, 930x703, 930:703, Selection_161.png)

File: b2061e016e2e2ed⋯.pdf (13.63 MB, STOA Annex Mass Surveillan….pdf)

EU mass surveillance, mentioning Palantir

8b8a1e  No.8653

File: c6ae4f16699c5ca⋯.png (1020.2 KB, 635x969, 635:969, Selection_162.png)

File: 5628ab385a39158⋯.pdf (12.44 MB, Networks_of_Control.pdf)

8b8a1e  No.8654

File: 7a8615c3568d854⋯.png (783.63 KB, 1166x1036, 583:518, Selection_165.png)

File: 07f86eb0521be53⋯.pdf (4.33 MB, pr-13-1028-mitre-10-strate….pdf)

8b8a1e  No.8656

File: cc0b4ecd61ff605⋯.png (15.24 KB, 816x993, 272:331, Selection_167.png)

File: 7c0c8f8797abf53⋯.pdf (1.1 MB, Palantir-Palantir-Cyber-An….pdf)

File: 59b5bc5eaa64d23⋯.png (390.22 KB, 1215x1004, 1215:1004, Selection_166.png)

File: ce753f753416fe7⋯.pdf (1.97 MB, Palantir-The-Palantir-Plat….pdf)

88309f  No.8667

File: c1eeea114ac96c3⋯.pdf (14.4 MB, HCA_WhitePaper_18Oct2017_C….pdf)

d84a66  No.8668

File: 8fd2e66c7d520b8⋯.pdf (1.56 MB, 20180413a-doj-oig-mccabe-r….pdf)

b14f13  No.8688

File: 4ed5ae93b752ca6⋯.pdf (1.8 MB, None-Dare-Call-it-Conspira….pdf)

File: 0e6089b05ca202c⋯.png (296.58 KB, 650x842, 325:421, Selection_187.png)

If "Behold A Pale Horse" by William Cooper is the New Testament, then "None Dare Call it Consipiracy" by Garry Allen is the Old Testament.

b14f13  No.8689

File: 0bc238fa9cdce63⋯.png (663.51 KB, 558x851, 558:851, Selection_188.png)


If "Behold A Pale Horse" by William Cooper is the New Testament, then "None Dare Call it Consipiracy" by Garry Allen is the Old Testament.



The Pale Horse book is too large for /pdfs/ 16Mb limit at 17.8Mb

33811c  No.8707

File: 0cd7ae6402f5c1c⋯.pdf (1.99 MB, Pleiotropy in the melanoco….pdf)

Pleiotropy in the melanocortin system, coloration and behhavioural syndromes

f71c4a  No.8725

File: b79277ccdb063e3⋯.pdf (1.01 MB, [Don_Jordan,_Michael_Walsh….pdf)

File: a03ad72d9690894⋯.jpg (43.19 KB, 510x680, 3:4, b1132a154fc578c03e28f87b1b….jpg)

White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain's White Slaves in America (2008)

>by Don Jordan (Author), Michael Walsh (Author).

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, 300,000 people or more became slaves there in all but name. Urchins were swept up from London's streets to labour in the tobacco fields, brothels were raided to provide 'breeders' for Virginia and hopeful migrants were duped into signing as indentured servants, unaware they would become chattels who could be bought, sold and gambled away.

f046a3  No.8756

File: 3cd0c8206e447bd⋯.pdf (1.39 MB, 377409983-Gohmert-Mueller-….pdf)

File: e7ecb79e450784f⋯.png (506.28 KB, 1755x1187, 1755:1187, 377409983-Gohmert-Mueller-….png)


by Congressman Louie Gohmert

This is the PDF cited in:


Above page is archived at:


The original PDF (attached) is also found at:


(Not archiveable via archive.fo)

8cfde3  No.10142


William Cooper says that John Lear says that aliens consider humans as containers, Cooper then goes to say it's rubbish. As an abductee and the focus of current alien psychic manipulation and attack, I can agree with John Lear, the aliens are ruthless, dominating, and evil. They have caused me irreparable health damage, considerable and persistent pain, financial sabotage, and real-time psychic war which I cannot rewind to have a success at that one-time opportunity. I hate aliens, and I'm comfortable enough to hold that prejudice against all aliens, inner earth aliens, and any other non-humans that exist. I am right, they are wrong.

eae8cd  No.10164


Thanks Anon.

5e061a  No.11881


I'm still right!!

657ba9  No.12117


"Where is the best place to share serious survival manuals on VOAT?" (AskVoat)

submitted 7 hours ago by ArielQflip

"I found a huge dump of serious survival manuals in an old drive. Is there a demand for these? They are the forces, field medical and surgery, wilderness, desert, and mountain survival, metal forging, food survival, and ropes and knots. About 20 large manuals.

Edit: Some posted here in thread."

From: ArielQflip - 4.7 hours ago

"I take no kudos to how these manuals work today, but they are at least a decade old. I have read them all and they are still relevant. This is only a 3rd of the stash I have."

























7f0497  No.12172

File: 481b9e5cf1299a0⋯.pdf (3.96 MB, PeterWatts_Blindsight.pdf)

970381  No.12222


FYI: fiction

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