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File: 1425476208180.jpg (262.88 KB, 480x848, 30:53, 1424272637138.jpg)

2204a2  No.820

Also anything WWII.

Here you go /pdfs/.

2GBs of great books.



Post last edited at

2204a2  No.824

File: 1425486540880.jpg (173.18 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 1424482348131.jpg)


2204a2  No.908

Thanks, but I can't download it. Any help?

2204a2  No.914

What do you mean?Link is up.

2204a2  No.936

If you're using FF you probably need to install the Mega add on.

2204a2  No.937

File: 1426520132089.pdf (1.47 MB, Prattle.pdf)

Study on Diesel for debate on diesel gas chambers

2204a2  No.957

File: 1426886993800.pdf (2.34 MB, Hellstorm - The Death of N….pdf)

Not revisionism.

2204a2  No.964


Thanks a lot, been trying to get my hands on Hellstorm.

2204a2  No.970

Did you by any chance save the latest Holocaust Handbook before they removed it?


2204a2  No.974

File: 1427124532695-0.jpg (19.15 KB, 237x385, 237:385, f545efccae96e78c31160ce93c….jpg)

File: 1427124532696-1.pdf (2.72 MB, Auschwitz - The Undergroun….pdf)

The official page of the book:

Its short and powerful, quick read. 47 pages.

2204a2  No.980

Unfortunately no, I'll ask guys at r/holocaust if they have it.


Website of the author, she is amazing.She has great podcasts on the site.

2204a2  No.981

Nice, thanks!

2204a2  No.1013



Ok here you go:


2204a2  No.1063

File: 1427744748472.png (366.28 KB, 480x512, 15:16, 1427688860764.png)

OP here, I sorted out the books and removed duplicates and made this more accessible Holohoax collection.


2204a2  No.1083


>posting a picture of that racemixing hypocrite

just stop

she isn't even attractive

2204a2  No.1098

File: 1428163368355.jpg (75.74 KB, 427x604, 427:604, 1427407565588-0.jpg)

Is this one better?

2204a2  No.1137

thanks anon!

2204a2  No.1141


sure that works

2204a2  No.1326

File: 1430850311574.png (2.96 MB, 1939x3117, 1939:3117, 1430791298685.png)

The following is too big to be uploaded here so you can find it here:

Onward Christian Soldiers: An American Journalist's Dissident Look at World War II by Donald Day


This book, despite its religious title, is not concerned with Christianity. It’s about jewish predations on humanity. -KATANA



"A seasoned American observer of the European scene provides an informed, outspoken view of World War II and its origins that contrasts sharply with the familiar, official accounts.

For 22 years Donald Day (1895-1966) was the only American journalist stationed in Europe north of Berlin. From Poland, Finland, Latvia, Sweden and elsewhere in northern and central Europe, he covered events as correspondent for the Chicago Tribune. His dispatches were read by millions of readers of dozens of American newspapers. He was also an authority on the Soviet Union. But unlike many of those who reported on Soviet affairs, he was undeceived about the true character of the Stalin regime.

Convinced that Third Reich Germany was Europe's only bulwark against Soviet tyranny, Day resolved actively to enlist in what he regarded as the West's crucial struggle for survival. In the summer of 1944, at a time when the tide of war had already shifted decisively to the Allies, he moved to Berlin to work for German radio. From September 1944 until April 1945, he broadcast from the beleagured capital city, speaking out against President Roosevelt and America's military-political alliance with Stalinist Russia, and the ruthless Allied war against Germany and Christian Europe.

In this valuable memoir, Day reveals the character and thinking of an American who decided to enlist with Axis Europe. With a preface by Walter Trohan, and a foreword by Mark Weber."

2204a2  No.1334

File: 1430950920563.png (151.27 KB, 1720x2687, 1720:2687, Other Losses by James Bacq….png)

Other Losses: The Shocking Truth Behind the Mass Deaths Of Disarmed German Soldiers And Civilians Under General Eisenhower's Command by James Bacque (1989)


2204a2  No.1560

File: 1432771125443-0.pdf (2.34 MB, Hellstorm - The Death of N….pdf)

File: 1432771125449-1.png (385.02 KB, 1345x2083, 1345:2083, Hellstorm - The Death of N….png)

Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 by Thomas Goodrich (2014)

2204a2  No.2091

File: 1438214095947-0.pdf (796.06 KB, Not Guilty at Nuremberg by….pdf)

File: 1438214095951-1.png (523.36 KB, 597x899, 597:899, Not Guilty at Nuremberg- T….png)

Not Guilty at Nuremberg by Carlos W Porter (1996)

2204a2  No.2094



That is the 2010 edition.

2204a2  No.3794

File: 1460204551828.pdf (2.43 MB, Republican Party Animal_ T….pdf)

2204a2  No.4122

File: 1468785871118-0.pdf (1.14 MB, Japan Bites Back- Document….pdf)

File: 1468785871119-1.jpg (450.52 KB, 612x792, 17:22, Japan Bites Back- Document….jpg)

In September 2014 Joshua Blakeney undertook extensive archival research at the National Diet Library in Japan. The documents he retrieved, along with the other essays in this book, provide the "Japanese side of the argument" about the origins of the "clash of civilizations" that was WWII in Asia. The bolshevization of China, Western meddling in Asia, Soviet infiltration of the White House, U.S. expansionism in the Pacific, the anti-Japanese provocations which spawned the Pearl Harbor operation and Japan's Pan-Asianist policies are all subjects explored in the book.

2204a2  No.4289

Change "libgen.org" to "libgen.io" in the links and they will work.

2204a2  No.4671

File: ac28cd399f082b7⋯.pdf (1.83 MB, The Forced War, David L. H….pdf)

The Forced War- David L. Hoggan, not sure what year.

2204a2  No.4672

File: 0bb1a3a8156ce09⋯.jpg (256.02 KB, 400x600, 2:3, 1419376372083.jpg)

2204a2  No.4673

File: 38d5387c3f7e5b7⋯.pdf (4.64 MB, Hitler's War, David Irving.pdf)

File: d6a8dbfcb53e9a5⋯.jpg (28.15 KB, 314x475, 314:475, 1422357130750-1.jpg)

Hitler's War- David Irving (2002)

2204a2  No.4674

File: 47c03f77aa094fa⋯.pdf (1.59 MB, Conjuring Hitler- Guido Gi….pdf)

File: c6c4e8805d07b49⋯.jpg (12.85 KB, 227x346, 227:346, 1422357192081-1.jpg)

Conjuring Hitler- Guido Giacona Preparata (2005)

2204a2  No.4758

File: ba911061f0c2792⋯.pdf (2.52 MB, 186564149-Hitler-Adolf-Las….pdf)

Spanish version of the Table Talks.

2204a2  No.5607

File: 560e31de2e482aa⋯.pdf (5.75 MB, 100x100, 1:1, Gun Control in National So….pdf)

File: b86fdcafb66874e⋯.jpg (95.54 KB, 457x593, 457:593, Gun Control in National So….jpg)

Attitude of the Hitler government toward the private ownership of firearms. Complete German and English texts of firearms laws enacted by the Hitler government and its predecessor.

2204a2  No.5664

File: 10a5ee9dc262db9⋯.pdf (4.74 MB, 100x100, 1:1, Hitler's War by David Irvi….pdf)


With bookmarks, page links, cropped pages, book covers.

5861b2  No.5904

File: 23ca922c5d077b1⋯.pdf (310.51 KB, Zündel Ernst-Introduction….pdf)

Zündel Ernst-Introduction à la thèse révisionniste

491e64  No.5984

File: 902d4136672b07b⋯.pdf (423.14 KB, Enormous Hitler Redpill.pdf)

4f223f  No.6306


>the whale selfy angle

Goddamn it if you're insecure about your weight just don't take fucking pictures of yourself

ac88d6  No.6415


Thanks for this. Kept me up all night.

19c7ec  No.7448

File: 537f105ecff3129⋯.pdf (6.97 MB, The First 'Holocaust'- The….pdf)

File: a42034ffe0150aa⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1667x2500, 1667:2500, The First 'Holocaust'- The….jpg)

The First Holocaust: The Surprising Origin of the Six-Million Figure by Don Heddesheimer (3rd Edition, 2015)

c08e94  No.7452

File: 9dabb22acc21957⋯.pdf (6.76 MB, The Myth of German Villain….pdf)

File: dc6b721d2ac46bd⋯.jpg (314.44 KB, 540x792, 15:22, The Myth of German Villain….jpg)

a114a7  No.7498


A new book destroying the Holohoax has just been published, written by the notorious Carlo Mattogno.

He destroys all the testimonies of Rudolf Höss, which were taken by torture, and where he contradicts himself all along. Very detailed stuff as always.


Read online : https://holocausthandbooks.com/dl/35-coa.pdf

Have a good read!

42fb24  No.8627

File: d325bd9453ee53d⋯.pdf (6.79 MB, Summer, 1945- Germany, Jap….pdf)

File: 5673e98c07d8d23⋯.jpg (222.82 KB, 612x792, 17:22, Summer, 1945- Germany, Jap….jpg)

"We Americans have the dangerous tendency in our international thinking to take a holier-than-thou attitude toward other nations. We consider ourselves to be more noble and decent than other peoples, and consequently in a better position to decide what is right and wrong in the world. What kind of war do civilians suppose we fought, anyway? We shot prisoners in cold blood, wiped out hospitals, strafed lifeboats, killed or mistreated enemy civilians, finished off the enemy wounded, tossed the dying into a hole with the dead, and in the Pacific boiled the flesh off enemy skulls to make table ornaments for sweethearts, or carved their bones into letter openers…. [W]e mutilated the bodies of enemy dead, cutting off their ears and kicking out their gold teeth for souvenirs, and buried them with their testicles in their mouths…. We topped off our saturation bombing and burning of enemy civilians by dropping atomic bombs on two nearly defenseless cities, thereby setting an all-time record for instantaneous mass slaughter. As victors we are privileged to try our defeated opponents for their crimes against humanity; but we should be realistic enough to appreciate that if we were on trial for breaking international laws, we should be found guilty on a dozen counts. We fought a dishonorable war, because morality had a low priority in battle. The tougher the fighting, the less room for decency, and in Pacific contests we saw mankind reach the blackest depths of bestiality." —- Edgar Jones, WWII Veteran


45bc42  No.9758


Can someone recommend me a handful of must-reads on this subject?

789e05  No.10001

Requesting Patton and Rommel by Dennis E. Showalter and A Frozen Hell: The Russo-Finnish Winter War of 1939-1940 by William R. Trotter

also I'd quite like some IJA stuff about just about anything other than Pearl Harbour, Midway or the atomic bombings if any anon's got some recommendations for me

f8f1ad  No.10053

File: dbf1e832f86eb92⋯.pdf (1.42 MB, A Frozen Hell- The Russo-F….pdf)

File: 3f29e8d755f4707⋯.jpg (344.91 KB, 612x792, 17:22, cover -A Frozen Hell.jpg)

50c438  No.10096

File: 1ba18d4166ed9b0⋯.jpg (95.95 KB, 530x792, 265:396, DTH.298171816_std.jpg)

a00cb6  No.10252

Anyone got anything on Rommel or the DAK? Author names appreciated too

b895df  No.10253

a00cb6  No.10255


The Rommel Papers has been blocked under an "Order of the Higher Court" can you post it here anon


db6cd7  No.10257

cc9d7c  No.10413

File: 4c15aa7e4b40433⋯.pdf (5.86 MB, The Bizarre Story of Krist….pdf)

The Bizarre Story of Kristallnacht by Ingrid Weckert

a1669e  No.10715

File: 5f6d60b90e91794⋯.pdf (12.94 MB, Auschwitz - A Personal Acc….pdf)

File: 08fb348c3fbdc54⋯.jpg (244.84 KB, 606x987, 202:329, Auschwitz - A Personal Acc….jpg)

Auschwitz: A Personal Account by Thies Christophersen (1979)

5b43e6  No.10941

File: 572e8116e774b99⋯.pdf (2.93 MB, Animal Welfare in the Thir….pdf)

File: 376b5704a7a1db1⋯.jpg (219.76 KB, 500x728, 125:182, Animal Welfare in the Thir….jpg)

Animal Welfare in the Third Reich

e3387e  No.10942

File: d3119b1e73fa461⋯.png (50.84 KB, 677x637, 677:637, 4455y.PNG)

b11003  No.10995

File: a011b2604b5a35b⋯.pdf (15.48 MB, Truth for Germany- The Gui….pdf)

File: 7b240aac3bb3c6d⋯.jpg (143.55 KB, 756x1241, 756:1241, Truth for Germany- The Gui….jpg)

b11003  No.10996

File: 3c605bae3a6bd52⋯.pdf (9.26 MB, Forged War Crimes Malign t….pdf)

File: bcdda0c7bfbe190⋯.jpg (411.98 KB, 783x1227, 261:409, Forged War Crimes Malign t….jpg)

Forged War Crimes Malign the German Nation by Udo Walendy (1996)

f1379b  No.11047

File: f3707f4d68ba72b⋯.jpg (11.95 KB, 329x499, 329:499, burton h klein.jpg)


>Burton H. Klein - Germany’s Economic Preparations for War (1959)

>That the Nazis were undertaking massive preparations for war was the central assumption of practically all political and economic writings on Nazi Germany. In achieving this end, it was supposed that only money and not resources mattered to the Germans, that the civilian population as well as various private interests were compelled to make large sacrifices, and that the government was superefficient in directing the program. Actually, Germany's rearmament was on a much smaller scale than was generally assumed and it did not involve a large drain of resources form the civilian economy. The factors which prevented the Nazis from having a larger rearmament were, first, the fear of larger deficits; second, the government's unwillingness to ask for civilian sacrifices; third, Hitler's inability to subordinate various private interests to his aims; and, finally, a lack of efficiency in the direction of the program. Even without these restraining influences, however, it is unlikely that Germany would have made the tremendous preparations with which she was credited. Such an economic effort was not required by Hitler's strategy.

a possible flaw of the book could be the absence of Mefo bill discussion. but it may also be a subsidiary technicality in the grand scheme of things.

4b78c3  No.11559

File: f577f056af7eb09⋯.jpg (193.82 KB, 1020x562, 510:281, image-0003.jpg)

File: 336a6051221dc11⋯.jpg (309.82 KB, 1089x985, 1089:985, image-0004.jpg)

In German, the book that convinced Ursula Haverbeck the death camps never existed…

Exists as a torrent.

7ac590  No.11813

File: 74e84807fcf87f7⋯.jpg (24.42 KB, 333x500, 333:500, 9781545516836-uk.jpg)

File: 3e05e09d4777973⋯.pdf (6.63 MB, [Akio_Nakatani]_Death_Obje….pdf)

Death Object: Exploding The Nuclear Weapons Hoax Paperback – April 27, 2017 by Akio Nakatani

>PRODUCT INFO – Death Object

Trickery is the way of war - thus has it always been. But the nuclear trick is the biggest, boldest and baddest-ass scam in all of mankind’s ancient and eternal quest for power and profit through mass slaughter. DEATH OBJECT takes you behind the curtain and reveals the empty sound stage. The science, the history, the misery, the mystery – the full hoax is covered.

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