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51d42d  No.5228[Reply]

Discuss and share Visual Basic 6.0 (not modern version) related talks here.

000000  No.5252

On Error Resume Next

aa60d0  No.5272

God I fucking hate Visual Basic.

92ebfa  No.5133[Reply]

Discuss and share C related talks here. K&R, Ansi/ISO, C99, C11, embedded are all welcome.

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8a9f70  No.5251


As >>5241 said, K&R is still the book for learning C programming. Another good book is The C Primer Plus by Stephen Prata (But do not buy his C++ book called "C++ Primer Plus")

3d0b43  No.5263


Either K&R and use this playlist to follow up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFbNQ66tFQU&list=PLc-HIpQTAA83WlPGC8AaKcHIx12HMgTs4

or "C Programming: A modern approach".

I think I'd start with the 2nd book, K&R imho is needlessly cryptic and too smart for its own good. However, when you become a more seasoned programmer, it's worth it to give it a quick read.

3d0b43  No.5264

If you want to learn C read K&R. (or if you want a more holistic approach read Modern C: A modern approach)

Then, do CMU's 15-213: Introduction to Computer Systems. http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~./213/

The lectures are all here: https://youtu.be/tamj4B7OALc

The book you can get on libgen.io

It will teach you gcc/gdb/caches/assembly/arithmetic operations/virtual memory ect ect all in C and x86-64 assembly.

After go through the SEI Cert C coding standard https://wiki.sei.cmu.edu/confluence/display/c/SEI+CERT+C+Coding+Standard

Congrats you know C now and won't blow yourself up while programming stuff.

Good luck pal.

22fc7a  No.5265


>Modern C: A modern approach

sounds very modern

3d0b43  No.5266


I guess what brodie here meant to say was C Programming: A modern approach.

Modern C by jens gusted isn't for noobs imho.

File: dd70dffa3355902⋯.jpg (29.19 KB, 680x383, 680:383, 1513536086815.jpg)

0ee160  No.5259[Reply]

Having a million stickies and meta threads was annoying so I claimed the board and cleaned it up a bit. If you have any desires in regards to this board I'd like to hear them; what rules should we have, what settings to change (e.g. should we have images or not?), should we have banners, should we have a dedicated newbie/QTDDTOT thread, what do you think in regards to the board CSS, etc.

In case you encounter a thread that gives 404, you can fix it by logging in at https://sys.8ch.net/mod.php with the username "Anyone" and password "0", and then posting in the thread through mod.php. You can also post in this thread if you want me to fix it.

In case the board goes up for claims or there's an unresolved problem, I'd like to hear about it in this thread first. Since this board is not fast I may not feel the need to log in too often, but that doesn't mean I'm not active here.


/prog/ rules:

1. Common sense rules; no spam, stay on the topic of programming, don't bait for more specific rules, etc.

2. Don't start shit about the languages other people use if there's no good reason to, especially if you just plan to shill another language in it's place. You don't need to be a supreme gentleman or avoid arguments but basically don't shit up the board and derail threads needlessly.

3. Meta is only allowed in this thread.

4. Making new threads for your projects is allowed, but don't beg for people to do things for you, this includes "do my homework" type posts.

Post last edited at

fa31e8  No.5260

Nice. It would be good to have more life in this board. It's not easy to bring life back to a mostly-dead board. Most programmers on the site either don't know this place exists, or remember that it exists and is dead.

I don't have a clue how that Attention-Hungry Games thing works, but it might be worth entering /prog/ in the next one.

0ee160  No.5261


It might also be that some of the few who came here stopped because a sticky thread suggested this board was about to be nuked for a whole month, and according to the settings only mods could make new threads, unnecessarily strict rules etc.

There's only a ~1/45 chance of winning attention hungry games per week and it has the adverse effect of attracting shitposters if you do, but it could be useful for a push of awareness. I don't think I'll submit /prog/ to it myself, but feel free to if you want to.

82e3e8  No.5212[Reply]

Is there anything about x86 ASM? I want resources on x86 ASM. Does anyone here have any good books or have experienced programming in it.

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b981e2  No.5215

085f44  No.5230

The best books I have read about it:

Bartlett – Programming from the Ground Up

Zhirkov – Low-Level Programming

I've only programmed in it in as much as you need to understand it for buffer overflows and the like.

085f44  No.5231

Oh and the Zhirkov book is mainly (completely?) x86_64, there are quite a few differences. And '64 has two different calling conventions: one for Linux and one for Windows. They differ in which registers are saved to/retrieved from the stack on function calls.

89cd3c  No.5254

Ugh what a sad reminder of my unanswered stack overflow thread about an x86 problem I'm having. I opened it an hour ago (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53967161/segfault-when-writing-into-data-segment-even-though-sufficient-space-allocated) or so and not one answer.

835be7  No.5255

Are there any resources for i960 ASM? A huge stretch I know, but I can find almost nothing. The only online resource is some college project which used CTOOLS 5.0 code to create some sort of network.

406df8  No.5137[Reply]

Discuss and share Fortran related talks here.

This includes all variations (for now), but specify which one you're referring to.

7b9f91  No.5234

How to RICH with FORTRAN?

cc87d4  No.5237


sell tutorials to hipsters

dc5b95  No.5135[Reply]

Discuss and share HolyC related talks here.

Important: Stay only on the subject of HolyC only. Terry is wonderful but nobody seems to ever focus on his work. This will try to fill that gap.

Some documentation: https://web.archive.org/web/20170531043554/http://www.templeos.org:80/Wb/Doc/HolyC.html

Post last edited at

bca91f  No.5136[Reply]

Discuss and share Pascal related talks here.

This includes all variations (for now), but specify which one you're referring to.

c365a4  No.5197




23dabd  No.5211

program answer;

const pascal = shit;


write('Pascal is ', pascal)


57c9b4  No.5138[Reply]

Discuss and share Python related talks here.

This includes all versions just be explicit about it.

209d44  No.5190

Gimme some sources to learn python

a9deb7  No.5196

152758  No.5134[Reply]

Discuss and share C++ related talks/questions here. All early and later standards are welcome (be explicit).

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Post last edited at

9da17e  No.5175

Why hasn't anyone posted the single most important reference to the C++ language known, namely cppreference.com?


000000  No.5177


Don't forget the ISOCPP faq:


However if you really want answers to burning questions such as

>Why is the language full of multiple ways to do things?

>Why is the language a pile of dog shit?

etc. see the C++ FQA:


9da17e  No.5179


>grousing faggot

kek. C++ is the single greatest language in history. Prove me wrong w/o a shitty site link.

000000  No.5180


Why does the "greatest language in history" have pointers _and_ references?

C array, std::array, _and_ std::vector?

No algebraic data types?

No GC?

A compilation model from the 1970's which to this day limits the way you structure your code, and required header guards?

A context-sensitive, undecidable grammar which makes it impossible to write a compiler that is not slow as molasses?

Incomprehensible template errors when you miss something as trivial as a semicolon?

A lack of homoiconicity which makes meta-programming a pain in the ass?

No standard networking library?

The very concept of rvalue references, perfect forwarding, and RVO which no other language has to worry about?

Two separate attempts at implementing smart pointers which are both in the language?

Other retarded shit like SFINAE and PIMPL?

No reflection?

Exceptions, which require you to write "exception safe code"?



>he fell for the bait

6d1bbc  No.5181


>Why does the "greatest language in history" have pointers _and_ references?

You can't reassign a reference.

>C array, std::array, _and_ std::vector?

C array for C compatibility. std::array is stored on the stack.

>No algebraic data types?

There are. It depends which ones you want. You have std::variant in c++17 for sum types, but pattern matching admittedly still sucks, depending on operator overloading. If you want something better in this field, Rust or D are better choices.

>No GC?

Bit every language needs GC. We still have a need for non-GC languages and C++ is a part of that set for a reason.

>A compilation model from the 1970's which to this day limits the way you structure your code, and required header guards?

This does suck. It's that way because of history. Modules will make it better, whenever the fuck they finally land.

>A context-sensitive, undecidable grammar which makes it impossible to write a compiler that is not slow as molasses?

History. C++ parsing sucks because of decades of old shit that isn't needed anymore and a template language that's a convoluted mess.

>Incomprehensible template errors when you miss something as trivial as a semicolon?

Clang does better than g++ here.

>No standard networking library?

On the way eventually.

>The very concept of rvalue references, perfect forwarding, and RVO which no other language has to worry about?

Historical shit.

>Two separate attempts at implementing smart pointers which arPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1439697368517.jpg (179.29 KB, 480x710, 48:71, 9780262019347_0.jpg)

c71b16  No.3034[Reply]

This guide assumes you forgot everything from highschool. No you don't have to learn any of this in order to program you can just start hacking around every .c file in your kernel.org git source clone and see what happens. Why would you want to learn math? Because it will change your thinking. You won't be easily fooled by bullshit, you will have tools to sort through obvious logical fallacies. You will be able to optimize programs and create your own algorithms. You will be able to estimate. Above all, you will be able to solve problems using computation which is what computer science is all about. And least of all, you will get paid more than anybody else without this knowledge so if your goal is shekels then read on. Note: DO THE EXERCISES. You won't learn otherwise. Books instead of video lectures were chosen because they've lasted 30+ years some of them in relevancy in the field, also lectures disappear all the time like when MIT nuked all one prof's Physics OCW lectures because he tried to pickup a student, setting a precedent that at anytime this information can disappear. Read a book nigga.

Math Preliminary

Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang

Buy/Pirate this book (he's dead). It's highschool math, from the perspective of a Mathematician. You will learn up Pre-Calculus and be prepared for rigorous proofs later.

An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning" by Peter J Eccels

This changes you from rote drilling and being a human calculator in highschool to learning what math actually is, and what proofs do. Excellent, excellent book.

How to Solve It by G. Polya

How to do proofs, written in 1940s and still for sale in every Chapters/B&N bookstore to this day because it's the best proof helper that exists.

Welcome to Proofs

Calculus" by Spivak

Actually, you are learning ANALYSIS, in addition to calculus. Torrent the 3rd edition w/the answer book. This is a fucking hard assed book, you may be bePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

236 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f80029  No.5081

Hey anon, glad to hear from you again! Also funny coincidence that I hadn't checked this page in months and today I find your message…

I'm here, I graduated, and I am reading a lot in my free time - I bought quite a bunch of the books mentioned in this thread, thanks to a temporary job I took as an engineer recently.

What's the best way we could go on with this conversation without the risk of losing touch?

f80029  No.5082


This was obviously meant as a reply to


9116d0  No.5087



Well, I kind of think it's a shit idea now. But at any rate, the plan was to implement something that would hypothetically make the process of both finding people to work through resrouces with and actually working through material with others much easier.

I tried discussing it in more length here:


Basically using Matrix chat protocol with GitTea and KeyBase for file hosting, and then finding or creating some forum organized by topic heirarchies, from general topics to specific resources (example: math → calculus → Spivak), making it easy to find advice and communities at all levels. At any given moment, there are thousands of people working through any given canonical resources, and if they could be united in a de facto, standard, go-to platform it'd make learning by oneself be a much more enjoyable experience.

Ultimately though, perhaps the autodidact path is doomed to be a lonely one. People are inconsistent, have real lives going on outside of studying in their free time, etc etc.. Resources already exist like StackExchange, IRC and subs like /r/GetStudying (but it's pretty gay imho, nothing like the en masse platform I envisioned. But by using a combination of them, you can in essence accompish the same thing, I guess. That, and there are a few shitty looking platforms that already exist and do essentially the same thing, but in a less freetard approved way, afaict.

And congrats on graduating and landing a job, I was suprised to see a response here at all, especially so quickly. I've just been trying to think of a neat way to test my skills outside of a cookie cutter cirriculum/course/book, and I think taking on something creative and innovPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

9116d0  No.5088


>subs like /r/GetStudying (but it's pretty gay imho, nothing like the en masse platform I envisioned


9a7338  No.5089


Hey! I am more and more convinced that there is no such thing as a shit idea, because execution is what really matters. Lots of successful products, lots of famous apps came from ideas that were already implemented, but badly - or not good enough.

Personally, I liked your post on 4/sci/ and I think your idea has got potential. The only major drawback is that people are lazy, they don't follow through their plans, not many are really committed to their goals, and thus a study related app that really works can only be aimed at that niche of people that are already trying to do something.

Maybe we can really do something about it.

But in the meantime, what are you trying to study (except Spivak, I guess) and would you like to finally start attacking some book together?

File: 1411372549161.jpg (64.52 KB, 447x553, 447:553, 23456456789.jpg)

706e1e  No.60[Reply]

Does /prog/ need images?


Also you can suggest changes (rules, dashboard).
68 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

706e1e  No.4504




All of you faggots were never on the original /prog/.

Go to >>>/tech/ all of you.

706e1e  No.4593


I'm not sure if you're telling them to go to tech to get educated, or as insult like you're exiling them

706e1e  No.4606


>go to tech

>to get educated

That ain't happenin

706e1e  No.4626


I suppose that depends on your level of knowledge / experience. It has certainly helped point me in the right direction (TOR/VPNs, GNU/Linux, FSF, /prog/, etc)

2cf9ec  No.4767

more textbrowser-friendly sites will go a long way toward reducing internet cancer levels

File: 7002c2cb85fa58d⋯.png (51.6 KB, 363x403, 363:403, progsnake.png)

6cdcab  No.4632[Reply]

What happened to progrider.org?


6cdcab  No.4646

File: 316d3507b9c178e⋯.png (47.78 KB, 1320x222, 220:37, 1490785527307.png)

https://goatfinger.ga aims to be the successor

6cdcab  No.4647

Their admin threw in the towel because he got bored of the site.

He gave a copy of the database to world4search.readsicp.org, I think.

File: c254f3cd9699aae⋯.jpeg (9.75 KB, 195x258, 65:86, maxresdef.jpeg)

3c524b  No.4597[Reply]

Is it snake oil garbage or is it really relevant?

What are some simple application that could be made better by using parallel computing or anything to play with OpenMP

3c524b  No.4603

3c524b  No.4608

The reason I know that you're LARPing is because your uneducated mind is too small to detect instances of parallel computing (i.e. distributed computing) in the real world.

3c524b  No.4609

>snake oil


3c524b  No.4620

Apply a map to an image. This is an awesome example of SIMD computing.

Anything that's isomorphic to the above example is also a good example, and there are a lot of those.

3c524b  No.4643


This free CMU book will show you all the algorithms and data structures that can benefit from being run in parallel http://www.parallel-algorithms-book.com/ which is a ton of things

File: 8d9e72129983fc2⋯.png (14.65 KB, 800x400, 2:1, https.png)

4a8220  No.4564[Reply]

I'm making a Node.js application for the first time without a tutorial and I am trying to use an external API someone else made to grab data.

I am getting a mix content error in the console log whenever I try to call the API because it is HTTP and not HTTPS.

I deployed on Heroku and Heroku is of course secure/https.

I have no idea how to convert the HTTP API into a secure HTTPS link.

Please let me know what tools I need and how to go about it. I have a feeling NGROK may be useful but I am pretty lost with this problem.

4a8220  No.4566

I am doing the GET through an AJAX call which gets activate onClick.

4a8220  No.4572


var options = {

url : '',

method : 'GET',

strictSSL : false


File: b6232a4bd5ffaad⋯.png (344.43 KB, 581x371, 83:53, ClipboardImage.png)

b86998  No.4558[Reply]

Hi /prog/,

I'm looking for some books about Designing programming languages and compilers, give me your best!

(I lost my collection)

I remember specifically liking a book from a professor from the University of Amsterdan, which had a more applied approach.

It had examples in C, but that's all I can remember…

Also, general Compiler and Programming Language Design thread…

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