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File: 1439697368517.jpg (179.29 KB, 480x710, 48:71, 9780262019347_0.jpg)

c71b16 No.3034[Reply]

This guide assumes you forgot everything from highschool. No you don't have to learn any of this in order to program you can just start hacking around every .c file in your kernel.org git source clone and see what happens. Why would you want to learn math? Because it will change your thinking. You won't be easily fooled by bullshit, you will have tools to sort through obvious logical fallacies. You will be able to optimize programs and create your own algorithms. You will be able to estimate. Above all, you will be able to solve problems using computation which is what computer science is all about. And least of all, you will get paid more than anybody else without this knowledge so if your goal is shekels then read on. Note: DO THE EXERCISES. You won't learn otherwise. Books instead of video lectures were chosen because they've lasted 30+ years some of them in relevancy in the field, also lectures disappear all the time like when MIT nuked all one prof's Physics OCW lectures because he tried to pickup a student, setting a precedent that at anytime this information can disappear. Read a book nigga.

Math Preliminary

Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang

Buy/Pirate this book (he's dead). It's highschool math, from the perspective of a Mathematician. You will learn up Pre-Calculus and be prepared for rigorous proofs later.

An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning" by Peter J Eccels

This changes you from rote drilling and being a human calculator in highschool to learning what math actually is, and what proofs do. Excellent, excellent book.

How to Solve It by G. Polya

How to do proofs, written in 1940s and still for sale in every Chapters/B&N bookstore to this day because it's the best proof helper that exists.

Welcome to Proofs

Calculus" by Spivak

Actually, you are learning ANALYSIS, in addition to calculus. Torrent the 3rd edition w/the answer book. This is a fucking hard assed book, you may be bePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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436096 No.5055


When you're modeling a system, certain objects might end up forming algebraic structures. Recognizing those structures will tell you properties about it that might not be obvious. Also, Algebra is being used in a lot of CS fields. To give some examples, a lot of people into Haskell and functional programming often talk a lot about category theory. People who study graphs might use Algebraic Combinatorics. Elliptic Dual Curve Cryptography requires a good understanding of algebraic geometry and groups to really understand what's going on. As you get more and more into mathematics, algebraic structures really begin to appear everywhere. Even simple operations such as modulos can be viewed algebraically.

As a math a major I really should be able to give you a better answer, but this is all I have for now. Hopefully I'll have a better answer later (or someone else can answer)

Here's a link as well you should read:


File: 1411372549161.jpg (64.52 KB, 447x553, 447:553, 23456456789.jpg)

706e1e No.60[Reply]

Does /prog/ need images?


Also you can suggest changes (rules, dashboard).
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2cf9ec No.4767

more textbrowser-friendly sites will go a long way toward reducing internet cancer levels

6d99f8 No.1351[Reply]


No advertising.

Stay on-topic.

No questions like "can someone do my homework?".

Use code tags for code and $$ for math.

No shitposting.

Don't do anything that requires to add more rules.

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Post last edited at

6d99f8 No.1359

If you want to contact the admin of this board you can send a mail to prog@8chan.co

File: 2634bd47f6534cc⋯.png (396.85 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)

File: da37a7ca39e1f21⋯.png (90.84 KB, 1761x458, 1761:458, ClipboardImage.png)

c78da0 No.5042[Reply]

So, i got a Interview in two days and I need to learn the most I can about of bootstrap4. I have some knowledge on html, css and JS.

I started with this tutorial here: https://www.quackit.com/bootstrap/bootstrap_4/tutorial/

What do you guys think about it? Is it good enough? Any better options out there?

I also have to create a webpage, a simple one that shows that I have grasps with columns and creating responsive page. I think I got some knowledge with columns, but hell, can you guys help me with the responsive part? I created a simple site (I just followed every code of the tutorial I gave and putted everything together), but all the "row" break (one on top of the other) when opening the html file through my phone, even though I used a container-fluid.

The pics shows what I am saying. I can share the code if necessary, but let me tell you, is a mess, I just tried to test every code I found on the tutorial.

c0ca85 No.5046

Why are you going to a job interview for something you have no experience in?

aff174 No.5053


I agree with him.

a59026 No.5054

> Guys, I'm interviewing for a job and I'm insanely unqualified, can you help me lie my way into a job I can't do?

f6bf28 No.5057


How'd you do opie?

I hope you didn't let these assholes get to you. Even if you didn't get the job, did you learn anything from the interview process. Do you feel you'll be more confident/prepared in the next one?

Bootstrap like most styling frameworks are so superficial that most morons, with the carelessness to bullshit, can feign knowledge in it and then learn on the job.

File: 1f64028399f21da⋯.png (3.32 KB, 225x225, 1:1, index.png)

408701 No.5023[Reply]



Have a try its pretty good eventough it still isnt stable

82146d No.5024

What is it.

9078c2 No.5026


Mobile framework written in Dart that compiles to C++ that runs on Android and iOS. Also provides components for their respective platforms.

3bcf46 No.5044


> [shit <library that forces its way of working on you>] written in <shitty javascript-like language> that compiles to <C but shittier> that runs on <Jesus fucking christ how many models are there> and <Dear god all of this white just fried my retinas>.


This post gave me cancer.

244a2c No.5056


>bitching about automatic language conversion software

>not realizing more cross platforms means more opportunity for universal programs

>not realizing science and programming is entirely focused on sharing and iterating previous code

>being such a faggot that he has no idea how or why programming is done in the real world

File: 1462256813384.jpg (37.2 KB, 486x399, 162:133, stamp_sierpinski.jpg)

be5d46 No.4178[Reply]

Sierpinski thread.

def sierpinski(depth, marks=[' ','X']):
line = []
for i in range(depth):
line += [0]
line = [1] + [line[j] ^ line[j + 1] for j in range(i)]
print(''.join([marks[l] for l in line]))

sierpinski(2 ** 4)
sierpinski(2 ** 5, ['*', '.'])
sierpinski(2 ** 6, ['.', '#'])

28 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

565eb3 No.5030

File: 399e7690b30614d⋯.png (696.23 KB, 10000x5000, 2:1, test.png)


The output of the second one after being converted from farbfeld to png. (A bit fucked cuz of its massive size and grey pixels)

f1f910 No.5031


>information content: 1 bit per pixel

>PNG type: 16-bit RGBA -> 64 bits per pixel

One wonders why. After farbfeld to png, it could be converted to 1-bit grayscale black-and-white png. While deflate takes care of the file size, the memory use is still there when viewing.

My toaster gave up the ghost opening your image.

565eb3 No.5032

File: cf4c6cc6ea287c8⋯.png (31.05 KB, 128x114, 64:57, smug.png)


In my defense, there aren't many tools to convert ff to png and I used the standard one.

f1f910 No.5051

File: 4b4109c27017f39⋯.png (5.4 KB, 333x778, 333:778, cells-333-777-1-r90.png)

Did the rule90 thing to see whether pycairo will export its 1-bit packed FORMAT_A1 surfaces as 1-bit grayscale PNGs. Turns out write_to_png does produce grayscale in this case but uses 8-bit samples, so 7 bits wasted. So I wrote my own quick hack of an exporter to output 1-bit grayscale PNGs anyway. Here's a sample run with one seed, and also some saner image dimensions, because unlike smug anime girls I don't have a terabyte of RAM.

import functools
import sys

import lib.pong as pong

class Show:
@ staticmethod
def null (row):

@ staticmethod
def text (symbols):
def show (row):
print (''.join (map (
lambda x: symbols [x], row)))
return show

class NextRow:
@ staticmethod
def r90 (rowin, rowout):
last = len (rowin) - 1

rowout [0 ] = rowin [1]
rowout [last] = rowin [last - 1]

for k in range (1, last):
rowout [k] = rowin [k - 1] ^ rowin [k + 1]

@ staticmethod
def r90wrap (rowin, rowout):
last = len (rowin) - 1

rowout [0 ] = rowin [1] ^ rowin [last ]
rowout [last] = rowin [0] ^ rowin [last - 1]

for k in range (1, last):
rowout [k] = rowin [k - 1] ^ rowin [k + 1]

class Seed:
@ staticmethod
def middle (row):
w = len (row)

row [w // 2] = 1

@ staticmethod
def uniform (count):
n = count + 1

def seed (row):
w = len (row)

for k in range (1, n):
row [k * w // n] = 1

return seed

def runcells (width, steps, seed_func, next_func, show_func):
row = bytearray (width)
row2 = row [:]

seed_func (row)
show_func (row)

for k in range (0, steps):
next_func (row, row2)
row, row2 = row2, row
show_func (row)

def textrun (data):
dots = ['.', 'O']

width = data ["wi
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

f1f910 No.5052

File: 6b82debbcd03017⋯.png (5.78 KB, 333x778, 333:778, cells-333-777-1-r90wrap.png)

r90wrap for comparison

File: 1428446513706.png (175.93 KB, 300x296, 75:74, picture1.png)

b9e338 No.1961[Reply]

What is the best and worst programming language you've ever used?
180 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

38c78f No.4813

Good: Haskell, Go

Bad: Java

Worst: PHP

f81421 No.4824

File: 86e4352d90071c0⋯.gif (211.82 KB, 501x585, 167:195, JewIntensifies.gif)


Mathematica > Matlab tho


>Best: Common LISP

Pic related



ee97e3 No.4829



>4cuck memes have entered the scene

Ah oh well, this place had a nice run and it's time to abandon ship. To all the friends I've made: See you in the room, you know which one it is.

47f0f6 No.4846

The best language I've ever used is C++. …The worst language I've ever used is *also* C++.

It's clunky, it's awkward, and it's powerful as a nuke. …A buttered-up nuke you're holding right over your foot, but that's beside the point. ;P

9cee87 No.5050


You think lisp is shit but recommend C++? You're broken in the head mate

File: a171655ea2ef1ec⋯.jpg (300.19 KB, 1003x1003, 1:1, lain ascii.jpg)

a86053 No.4951[Reply]

>told I need to learn Git

>make repository for a personal project I'm working on

>fuck something up

>try to revert changes

>somehow fuck it up even more and lose more stuff

>never touch Git again

Well lads I need to learn this crap at some point… Can somebody please explain how to use it? For the sake of simplicity I want to get familiar with it while doing a solo programming project with a local repository (so no Github or any of that crap).

I want to be able to revert back to a previous version in case I mess something up. Do I commit changes every time I'm sure everything is working correctly after implementing something? I would appreciate if somebody did a quick rundown on the development process using Git because all the stuff I find online is confusing and assumes everything is apart of some big project with several people on Github.

11 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

a86053 No.5012

New fuckery:

>doing something related to windows forms

>create new branch and work on it for a week

>guess at some point I modified master too

>then its time to merge to master

>oh fuck merge conflicts

>delete the old conflicting code

>try running it

>1200+ errors

>turns out git readded all the crap I deleted in new branch, and thus I have tons of winform stuff named the same thing (i.e the auto generated crap that gets added when you make new labels)

>new branch is working great, just want to scrap all the crap from master and make the new branch the master

Wat do?

e86a98 No.5018


If your branch is named "feature":

# Resets your merge conflicts and crap into your master state
git reset --hard master
# Moves to the feature branch
git checkout feature
# Declares to the git history that master is completely contained within this branch without changing the current branch
git merge -s ours master
git checkout master
# Merge feature back onto master. Because of the previous "ours" merge, this should just fast forward
git merge feature

I think that's it. Copy and backup your repository before trying it, but it should work.

a86053 No.5025


Thanks thats what I found on stackoverflow and it worked out.

c09da3 No.5045


Since apparently nobody has duckduckgo here and is capable of reading (https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2), here's a video for you:


00e91a No.5049

Niggers why do you always fall for the memes?

You should use git to keep track of the changes you make, and you should zip and backup your shit too. Those are two different things, git is not for backing up stuff.

Also after learning the basics of git, you should use Git Extensions because it has a good ui for sane human being and will give you better productivity.

In general my advice is to learn the tools and use them to the extent you need them, like them and improve your workflow.

Don't fall for the memes and don't use something just because "it's the right way" or some bullshit like that.

File: 6d2f975d1741115⋯.png (22.42 KB, 602x452, 301:226, schr.png)

aad1e4 No.5047[Reply]


[(100∑i=0. { n Z | n >=1, n<=(100-i) })/e^2]=x

| 1 2 1 |

x*|-1 4 -2 |=x*A

| 2 0 -1 |

f(x) = (4/3*π|A|^3)/(4π*|A|^2)

∴ y = f(x)

y/x = ?

100∑i=0. (((100-i)*(100+1-i))/2)=171700


∴ x = 23237.06813173

(Fg*r^2)/(G*m[1,2]) = m[2,1]

[F=(E/c^2)*(Δ(d/t)/Δt)] = [F=m*a]


aad1e4 No.5048


$$ why no formatting $$

000000 No.5041[Reply]

Powershell script to search for Alluc.ee links

save as .ps1 file

(Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "https://www.alluc.ee/api/search/stream/?apikey=API_KEY&query=a+nightmare+on+elm+street+freddys+dead&count=2&from=0&getmeta=0").Content | Select-String X | clip.exe

Get-Clipboard > output.txt

c1ae1c No.5027[Reply]

I'm looking for similar stories and discussion. I have struggled with learning/reading/being consistent and just about 95% of any other useful characteristic in society. I don't want to come off as victim here- this might also sound like a rant, but I want to hear from people who may also deal with OCD or OCPD and other health related issues since they're pretty similar in the problems they cause.

One of my biggest problems when trying to learn programming is that sometimes when something goes wrong with the system itself… or IDE crashes or some other unexpected shizzz I just flip out.. Like I cannot move on with my life with the irritation and momentum dipping where it can ruin the whole day (perfectionism?)

This isn't the case with errors or bugs. That is expected to happen and is okay- the other stuff isn't and it seems to like to happen with me more than it should.

I also have trouble reading where I would re-read a couple sentences in a paragraph constantly making the reading time 3-4x longer than it should be which I am more aware of now, so that irritates me now and can throw me off even more.

When I was ~12-13 trying to learn to code for the first time and seeing the print syntax for C or C++ I literally watched for my printer for it to start printing out the words I typed… These sorts of misunderstandings discouraged me from delving deeper. But occasionally I would get back into it again.

Finally with high school it was nothing but VB and Alice for computer science class around 2009-2011 mind you. Holy fuck. Every black girl there was on facebook(why specify? Well there was like no white girls there and this is a mixed school) as well as most of the other students..

Nobody was really interested in programming except a friend I made there who was even in special ed. He was a real genuine friend though. Fuck most of you normies out there. This was my life. My terrible experience.

I tried to ask the teacher about learning other things like SQL… or C++, Java or anything remotely morePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

c1ae1c No.5028

>>5027 Cont.

Did I ever fucking care about the deadlines? No. Sure maybe that's important in the real fucking world but I was someone who was already struggling to learn with ambitions too large from where I started for the projects, smoked a little too much to stay up 4 days in a row to try to desperately get caught up (which they didn't know about). I was very anxious and in the end I still got charged for majority of the program and lost all the knowledge because who wants to continue after something like that?.. Fucking broke me. I needed the support from the students whom I thought were going to be my friends but have proven to not give a fuck either because maybe their plans didn't pan out well either or they just didn't fucking care. A friend of mine told me "maybe they're just too busy with their life". That's a sad excuse. I'm no perfect friend and sure people change but I try to be fair and reasonable when I have such opportunities.

They didn't want to keep me or cared I had difficulties. I hope they fucking burn down and die. Can I be blamed for feeling this way? Can anything remedy this anger peacefully one day? When time and time again either through bad choices, misfortune or stupid rules fuck me over? that feel… >:(

Any who I don't expect to get some programming job after getting OCA certification for Java.. I'm being fucking realistic. I went through some program to help unemployed people and took whatever I can find in my area that was agreeable with my needs. I'm just glad I can actually try to learn and hopefully once and for all retain it so I can go after whatever shit I want to make and release unto the world. Oh another detail I'm also married and unemployed for like 6 months now because shit jobs fuck with anxiety that are too fast-paced and maybe being overly picky…Shame me all you want for being incompetent. It's hard to watch your own wife do all the work while having a lot of bills- I'm setting a bad example for the men in our society who is having their rights and respect stolen by femtards.

Share your thought and/or stories. Let's share the pain/journeys thus far. +1 for stories that have somPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

0c6fa5 No.5040

File: 6b4fd9803e90045⋯.jpg (36.49 KB, 540x264, 45:22, 159263515675.jpg)


Programming is really a tough career, and from your story i can sense your have all your thoughts messed. The OCD only make your anxiety go worst. My advice is, first of all, find professional psychologist help to treat your OCD and anxiety problem. And second, consider changing career to something more peaceful, and do programming as a hobby, that way you will not feel obligated to comply with deadlines, and you will feel more relaxed. Also, take your time to find the tool that suit you most, and don't marry with one IDE or tool.

File: 1241be95b0068a8⋯.png (3.75 KB, 205x246, 5:6, images (1).png)

File: f37fc2a7c6cabfd⋯.png (132.25 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-03-30-21-2….png)

8156dd No.5036[Reply]

Hello, we are a grey and blackhat hacking group called Go7nSec (Guardians Of 7he Net security) we are an equality hacktivist group we also have an interest in anti-government, we also strongly enforce the idea "take from the rich give to the poor" and we are currently recruiting for people who are professional in hacking, programing, cryptography, and stegnography. We operate on kik for new memmbers (#404blacklist ). Send a list of your skills, why you want to join, any other serious hacking groups/people your associated with in the group above. we will reveiw your submission. If you do not get a reply in 1 week you have not been accepted. We look forward to seeing you during our operations!


13e2fc No.5037

Hello, I am a less-of-a-faggot-than-OP called anon (anonymous) I am a who-gives-a-shitist person I also have an interest in anti-shit-threads, I also strongly enforce the idea "OP should kill himself" and I am currently recruiting for people who are professional in calling OP a faggot, deleting this thread, banning him. I operate on 8chan for new memes (>>>/prog/). Send a list of memes, why OP is a massive fucking faggot, any other good reasons why this thread should be deleted. i will reveiwewieewiwew your submission. If this thread does not get deleted in 1 week the BO is offline and is also a faggot. I look forward to no longer seeing this thread during my lurking!

s;ikdujfkgb;sdflkivndasuijkvxb lv ikesanvduioxfkjvbnwserdfg;ulkizsdrhbnkJikeufbhesdlkjfghbdsflkdhsjfbbゔぁいおあうえvしおういさどふぁsldふぃあふぉいえふあfぁおにdふぇおいあづfぁおいvhぉいうあhねいうあbゔぁおいづvbぢふあべふぇあいおうbふぇあいうfべいうえふOPは大きなホモ

40944c No.5039

>take from the rich give to the poor

I don't know much about mathematics or programming TBH , but I read a few books about money and wealth , just wanted to mention that the "Rich" are not the reason of the existence of the "Poor".

<pls don't hurt me i'm just a faggot teen

File: b26b3bf1cf74458⋯.jpg (153.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, used.jpg)

f1f812 No.5013[Reply]

how do I disable hardware from the bios or from terminal?

I basically have a very powerful workstation computer from the 90s that I dont want to use the video card and make it energy/battery efficient

thank you

c7dee0 No.5017


Have you tried asking on /tech/?

224232 No.5038

take the video card out and see if you still get a display on the LVDS. GPU switching (nvidia optimus etc) probably didn't exist during 90s , so probably no display, you probably need that graphics card.

File: 41752cfaf3f7701⋯.jpg (34.36 KB, 655x527, 655:527, 41752cfaf3f7701e21117aef06….jpg)

fd3311 No.5035[Reply]

>creating windows form program (C#)

>include several tabs as program grows

>gee wouldn't it be nice if I could isolate the form elements from other tabs

>and not have a clusterfuck of form elements appear on intellisense and need super specific/long names to describe everything?

>learn about UserControls

>you can do just that!

>try to call a function from mainform (on UserControl/tab)

>stack overflow exception

>what the fuck this doesn't make sense

>turns out that the UserControl objects are a member of mainform and trying to reference/use anything from mainform on UserControl causes infinite circular referencing

Geez lads I thought this would make things more organized but it turned out to be a shitshow.

File: f061904c6c1b285⋯.jpg (30.19 KB, 891x151, 891:151, [0df9jfdjpdfp - Copy.JPG)

8695a0 No.5033[Reply]

Does anyone know how to fix dlls in game files? emulation having some controller emulation problems.

I was installing "x360ce" witch is a software that emulates any usb gamepad but after I installed for FF14 the anti cheat softwear kicked in so the game audio is muted, there is this warning sign that is constantly popped an if I hit okay it exits out of the program. As for the game pad the controls work just fine, but I'm trying to figure out away past the this annti cheat.

46cee9 No.5034

What is your programming question?

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