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Increase the Floof

File: 1412014928150.jpg (258.9 KB, 800x480, 5:3, 1411930500701.jpg)


A board dedicated to the sexiest cyborg and the manga/anime she's in.

Lot's of 18+ material will be posted here so keep that in mind.

Feel free to contribute to existing threads and make your own threads.

You can post questions, suggestions what you want posted more in this sticky.
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File: b5d3203c1e167a7⋯.png (687.84 KB, 676x863, 676:863, Motoko FLOOF.png)



File: e2ea6aa5aebdc4d⋯.jpg (74.52 KB, 217x281, 217:281, Motoko Kusanagi is Angry.jpg)

File: 82be9536443b65b⋯.png (63.25 KB, 359x157, 359:157, Motoko Kusanagi Offended B….png)


No one ever really speaks about how Shirow was really quite good at using super deformed depictions of his characters seamlessly in his comics for comedic impact.

Post and discuss Shirow's SD examples and other smol gals here.

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File: d6b358db9a89394⋯.png (25.14 KB, 119x132, 119:132, Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at ….png)

File: 8f07ea8808e0f8d⋯.png (188.08 KB, 830x247, 830:247, Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at ….png)

File: df276f4164da07b⋯.jpg (488.01 KB, 1000x1559, 1000:1559, Image01.jpg)

And there we go. I'll see if I can find the final volume scanned and some good scans of the volumes I missed (I think the last bit of three was also corrupted in the scans I torrented.) But there's a good chunk of SD sweetness here.



Oh and next up I'll do Black Magic and Orion. But gonna wait a bit.




Her avatar in cyberbrain communications would be a chibi 2D animated version of herself.



I spy a squid!



Comfy summer squid.

File: 86bebcfb117c9b5⋯.jpg (75.23 KB, 225x204, 75:68, deunan heheh.jpg)


What do you think of Deunan's lingerie eyepatch?

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She's like a little gerbil or something Extremely cute.


File: 08c5feee7eba21b⋯.png (438.5 KB, 1004x548, 251:137, yum.png)

File: 99de06cc74b7adc⋯.png (170.95 KB, 390x492, 65:82, splat!.png)

File: e766f5baf5323be⋯.png (345.68 KB, 528x808, 66:101, NNGRR.png)

File: 74b88f44877ccda⋯.png (113.67 KB, 342x400, 171:200, eeh.png)

File: 1fa5abb6ab74500⋯.png (103.52 KB, 494x264, 247:132, grrrr.png)



RIP Peace Crepe Special.


File: 9774f5acc3e461e⋯.png (57.43 KB, 384x374, 192:187, deunan snff.png)











Don't cry pirate girl.

File: 131b5797dd94b84⋯.jpg (429.85 KB, 732x1200, 61:100, 63002402_p4_master1200.jpg)


Would you eat a puppetburger?

What would it taste like?

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That sounds pretty fun but I'm having a little bit of trouble picturing it, I'll have to think about it.



Like a chocolate box or something different?



That could work; or some kind of snack machine perhaps. The trick is how to work the faces/identifying marks into them; could just slap it on, so Seska's face is a burn mark from the cooking, Motoko's is made of syrup, Crolis is a little icing face, etc. But it's trucky.


File: d14e48630f9c34c⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 979x1400, 979:1400, 1429168607957.jpg)

yum yum



Meanwhile the Shirow gals would be in rather dorky costume equivalents of their snacks.

File: 1da5ad09a152022⋯.jpg (137.41 KB, 496x750, 248:375, tumblr_nsivlvy1vY1re6nxeo1….jpg)


We need a bit more floof around here.

BGC thread time.


File: 5ca037160bc2a5d⋯.jpg (132.96 KB, 1455x1377, 485:459, D6tRp_JUcAA6rgC.jpg large.jpg)

Nene a cute.



>nene oc




He got that almost shortstackiness and floof down pat.

File: eccc514b3745f75⋯.webm (4.35 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ed3511a5d84f9d788fca73329….webm)


Here's a question for you; is Motoko better with a dick or without one?

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Because of the inherent lewdness of it, because it would be embarassing for Motoko who's a total sub, because her bulge would look excellent under a tight hi-cut garment, because her 'cock' isn't a cock, it's just a lewdly shaped onahole connected to a cyborg cute.



Very well put! But don't let the rest of S9 learn about that!



Why? Will they throw Motoko out of Section 9 due to being a lewd onahole-gynoid and embarassing Public Security, or will they all want a go?



Motoko can get demoted to a moral officer position, providing stress relief to everyone as they enjoy her rubbery fucktoy cock.


What's better; Motoko being shy about her futa dong and trying to hide it, squeezing it down with tight compression pants and tugging them high on her body to try and flatten it as much as possible, or treating them like just normal equipment, letting her bulge out openly, wobbling as she walks, or even the cock and balls dangling out when she's in the company of other cyborgs or such?

File: a41d2bbf23677ee⋯.jpg (402.38 KB, 991x1500, 991:1500, 8880_188.jpg)


get a load of this slutoko

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These look like better scans but no, the tank was uploaded a few years ago it seems.



>one show

several shows, movies and mangas actually


Did Skirt do anything else GITS related or is this it?



Keso/Kiso rather.




No, that's it.

What a good teacher/sex doll/urinal motoko is here tho.

File: 776e645cc463f44⋯.png (753.26 KB, 946x577, 946:577, Police Station.png)


A bit different this time; can we get a thread on all the different buildings, landscapes, cityscapes and more that Shirow's done over his work?


File: c5997944eb12475⋯.png (676.57 KB, 861x686, 123:98, Cyberpunk City.png)

File: 8fb6bfd3dd6ca2a⋯.png (552.95 KB, 856x448, 107:56, Docks.png)


File: b4b2e57bffc0a79⋯.png (454.87 KB, 827x435, 827:435, Warehouse:Factory.png)


always impressive and effortless-looking

all the bar scenes in the later chapters of Appleseed look very cool too


File: 10954ba3068a685⋯.png (1.16 MB, 923x689, 71:53, Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at ….png)

File: fdbc8fff5191112⋯.png (836.08 KB, 893x668, 893:668, Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at ….png)

File: e8da54770d4d727⋯.png (651.3 KB, 911x563, 911:563, Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at ….png)


File: 8cf52f8aa7840bf⋯.png (742.45 KB, 945x620, 189:124, Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at ….png)

File: c76e5b4e99f97d7⋯.png (851.4 KB, 942x684, 157:114, Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at ….png)

File: 80bcd93b36c24b2⋯.png (703.64 KB, 932x541, 932:541, Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at ….png)

File: a9259f341be55ed⋯.png (695.95 KB, 841x582, 841:582, Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at ….png)

File: 08ed23466beafe9⋯.jpg (847.96 KB, 800x2667, 800:2667, Black Magic M-66 4koma 1.jpg)

File: fc4c98af9c323a4⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 800x2667, 800:2667, Black Magic M-66 4koma 2.jpg)

File: caa53c09eeb847e⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 800x2667, 800:2667, Black Magic M-66 4koma 3.jpg)

File: 13f533895f93a87⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 800x2667, 800:2667, Black Magic M-66 4koma 4.jpg)


Black Magic Thread.

Talk about how cute F6 is. How unappreciated F5 is. And how no one will ever care about Duna Typhoon.

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Post last edited at


File: 93e529763331145⋯.jpg (84.07 KB, 662x617, 662:617, 1546707487808.jpg)


File: c8bf4c3b7fb4d5c⋯.jpg (422 KB, 1280x1697, 1280:1697, 41.jpg)

File: 098908544af0e2d⋯.jpg (416.5 KB, 1280x1697, 1280:1697, 42.jpg)

File: dff7df4b5c18c20⋯.jpg (356.89 KB, 1280x1697, 1280:1697, 43.jpg)

Here we see Ferris making good use of her doll



I think we can see here that F6 is an action figure; look at that hidden gimmick in there! Lotsa play value.



just gotta press the action button on her forehead



Spring loaded action feature! Hidden weapons! An M-66 is this summer's hottest toy!

File: 8ea965080069697⋯.jpg (64.55 KB, 679x510, 679:510, disappointoko.jpg)


So I dreamt that I was watching (on TV) the beginning of a 3-part GitS OVA that looked a lot like the PS1 cutscenes. I didn't see much of it, and everything past the OP (which sounded a lot like the Cyber City Oedo 808 UK OP theme) was unsubbed so I couldn't understand it. But it was called Armored Riot Police and not GitS, and was supposedly based on an earlier version of the manga, that was explicitly a spin-off of Dominion, a lot less wordy, and contained a few meta jokes about the publisher. In any case the OVA looked and sounded really cool and was gonna cover how Togusa got into the team, and had 2501 as a recurring villainess somehow.

I was so disappointed when I woke up.

38 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 9012011efc6d09c⋯.jpg (123.82 KB, 289x456, 289:456, wewtoko.jpg)

I dreamt that I was watching the movie again; not much of it, but some pretty cool stuff, as I recon (imaginary scenes of course)

First one starts with an aerial shot of an area of newport that's being attacked by terrorists, lots of buildings in construction, explosions in the distance; then continues with one of those POV shots of Motoko walking in a street, presumably with optic camo on cause she's strolling along on the road; there's a bunch of weird tanks and weird construction vehicles in the middle of traffic. And those two shots are super photorealistic, with no lineart, all painted, and you can roughly see that they're based on camcorder footage cause they have the color palette of VHS footage.

So I remember thinking, dang dose look really realistic huh, gotta be some sort of comentary about the inability to distinguish real life from fiction etc etc. And next, Motoko's looking at a giant painting on the side of a building, so we got non-realistic art in a realistic environment that's actually art based on a real environment, which confirms my idea.

She enters it, it's scheduled to be demolished; and as soon as she starts climbing the stairs the animation becomes normal again; she's holding some type of weapon and upstairs voices can be heard; sure enough it's a bunch of terrorists discussing their latest attack and planning more. And, get this: it's a bunch of communist ninjas. And they got ahold of some type of bone-healing tech that allows them to kick the ass of the cops in hand-to-hand combat; which their old man of a boss illustrates by getting his arm broken.

This sort of put a dent in my idea that Oshii was going for a bold political statement about terrorism being really ordinary and terrorists having a lot of pull in the military etc etc.

Also there was the final scene with the puppetmaster's exposition dump; roughly the same stuff but with more lesbian overtones, and instead of taking place in a museum it was taking place on a gigantic cluster of garbage that had washed ashore on the edge of Newport over the years, right next to office buildings and residential areas.


File: 194ffc68d123565⋯.png (27.52 KB, 70x242, 35:121, Seska realises her butt is….png)


How the fuck do I get my mind to where yours is because that beats the living shit out of my dreams as of late.


Also that sounds like a fantastic version of the film. Dare I say it, better than Oshii's version?



I dunno if I'd keep the communist ninjas.

but the garbage heap thing would have thematic relevancy



Well, it'd be entertaining even if you would have to find a rather good reason to keep them in thematically. There have been communist terrorist groups and such in Japanese history and other places, used to be quite common too.

The animation concept you described is also quite fascinating.

File: 021dc4da7d596f3⋯.png (79.13 KB, 195x282, 65:94, Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at ….png)

File: 9fd4aa7470a74f8⋯.png (41.87 KB, 174x161, 174:161, Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at ….png)


Motoko screen caps are the best screen caps; this is a fact; but we need to make sure we have a good supply of them, so dump what you got!

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File: 6f4572e3edf05b6⋯.png (150.45 KB, 484x406, 242:203, shousa is very excite.png)

File: 0ab0b3d16c1fd5e⋯.jpg (99.01 KB, 332x324, 83:81, pfftoko.jpg)

>It only took us two hours to track the virus? Wow!

>actually the intelligence services did it.

>It took them two whole hours to track the virus? Booo!

get a load of this gremlin


File: d01ca158f40cc02⋯.png (74.84 KB, 182x286, 7:11, comfytoko.png)

File: 1db98df44b55e8d⋯.png (124.43 KB, 252x444, 21:37, motoko proud of her peasho….png)

comfytoko, nice n snug like a big ol sushi roll


File: 42babefca89f332⋯.png (95.81 KB, 212x334, 106:167, sweatoko.png)

File: ee4f6651fc89af9⋯.png (130.57 KB, 156x710, 78:355, wellwellwelltoko.png)

File: b68b0ad4e297556⋯.png (237.49 KB, 598x414, 13:9, motoko can't believe this ….png)

File: 3396faaf1b31d6e⋯.png (28.25 KB, 148x146, 74:73, lil shousa gonna scold ya.png)


File: 56cf23e39563e4f⋯.png (357.45 KB, 680x402, 340:201, EEPtoko.png)


nice landing, Major heavybutt

real graceful


File: 9b737478ce3ad11⋯.png (150.7 KB, 484x338, 242:169, apeface scoots away.png)

File: f94c4fcb5143651⋯.png (114.47 KB, 344x306, 172:153, ohwowtoko.png)

File: c51f4215b8e82fc⋯.png (263.65 KB, 574x384, 287:192, aramaki heard ya talkin sh….png)

File: 46ae3895b1baf07⋯.jpg (139.91 KB, 500x702, 250:351, Motoko Painful Collage.jpg)


Which Shirow Protag would win in a fight and why would it be Motoko?

87 posts and 31 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



True, but Shirow's gals are mostly tomboys with the exception of Seska and we all know tomboys smell great. Meanwhile even a few bitches can reek the place out.



then kick out that Minnie May and her collection of explosives, they have nothing to do in a workplace environment!



But you got all those Solnoids and Semmerling with her underaged minion and those two sexaroids. Really, it's such a low class establishment; they can't just tart the place up with some high level sophisticated gals like Sylia and expect things to just work out.

Meanwhile you know what you're gonna get when you head down Shirow's.



A small pudgy Japanese man barely peeking up from behind the counter, and way too much cooking oil on your fries.



That too.

File: b9e8e1f5b7cde9c⋯.jpg (158.77 KB, 736x1000, 92:125, 7b838d3f23aa4092609392d6e5….jpg)


In order to get this sorted once and for all, just what the fuck is going on with the metaphysical/deep/philosophy parts of GITS?

I get that Motoko and 2501 merge to become a new entity but how does this become a spiritual thing?

20 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 4ab88c9e0b0589d⋯.png (913.59 KB, 928x592, 58:37, dbde9n0-df452f99-a7f0-4a88….png)


A little bit of old man skin is worth it to see that Com Bloc cyborg stripped down.



Where does she fit into things? Both in terms of the thread subject and more importantly, the Breenverse?


File: 4dc184fed4842f9⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1454x850, 727:425, skost.png)


Skost in the Sack



Spook in the Ute.



Skelly in the telly.

File: 8cc8d111d1e90eb⋯.jpg (46.49 KB, 150x167, 150:167, tanookee.jpg)


42 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



The secret is that her bust is nothing but pads.



She's pretty flat tho.


File: e8d7330ef18c67b⋯.png (53.77 KB, 145x242, 145:242, Chroma Muses Playfully.png)


Is that her secret? That she's f l a t?


File: b8727d88940f67b⋯.png (180 KB, 266x536, 133:268, tanuki MAD.png)


No! Her secret is that she's working with the original Motoko to steal back all those alien DNA blueprints!

aw rats!


File: 0de5d8210c92bd2⋯.jpg (211.85 KB, 324x403, 324:403, Leona Ozaki Face Palm.jpg)


No one's gonna believe a crazy story like that. Come up with something original why don'tcha?

File: bdf34fe0190e451⋯.png (64.04 KB, 275x607, 275:607, seskawumpf.png)


You're minding your own business when suddenly a seska wumpfs into you

wat do?

35 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Maybe she became a ditz after she got her sorceress credentials and job through all the drinking and head trauma?


File: 80f03b1c9c10198⋯.png (88.02 KB, 314x385, 314:385, smoked seska.png)



Now that's the face of sanity.








Seska isn't semen you dummy. Though that makes one wonder how jing and the concept of the transfer/depletion of essence fits into Orion's universe.

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