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File: 3fde589ec1e2482⋯.jpg (13.26 KB, 255x180, 17:12, TL.jpg)

218986  No.12378[Reply]

General Discussion on all topics. All topics are welcome here (no censorship). Please take note of the topic-specific threads listed below and post in them if you have information related. We do delete shitposts and off topic slideposts (or otherwise illegal material) from these threads for housekeeping purposes, so if you have an excellent post to share, please back it up for reposting in the proper space, should this happen to one of your posts.

We seek understanding, knowledge, wisdom and truth. All who seek these things are welcome here.

Topic Threads

>>2620 - The Nexus (BO/BV Board Requests)

>>7386 - The faces of EGO and HUBRIS #2

>>1569 - The faces of EGO and HUBRIS

>>6290 - Netflix and Chill? or Netflix and Diiiig!

>>6515 - Contact

>>360 - Diversions

>>368 - The Great Vatican Dig

>>12109 All things Q Thread #3

>>108 - All Things Q Thread #2

>>807 - Q

>>505 - Q Research Thread

>>792Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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3120ab  No.12736

File: 3c00a95cd478878⋯.jpg (105.18 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Nebula.jpg)

File: 847fe0c67f9b33d⋯.jpg (228.01 KB, 1425x997, 1425:997, Adam Warlock.jpg)


>Next Big Bad Guy makes sense. SS will herald soon.

I think some crumbs were dropped in Fantastic Four.


"It must feed on energy to survive".

Sound familiar?

<In order to tell the story properly, Adam Warlock and The Silver Surfer must be included.

File: ed0223e98042fd1⋯.jpg (19.88 KB, 255x159, 85:53, ego hubris head photo.jpg)

d2b03e  No.7386[Reply]

The faces of EGO and HUBRIS, Thread #2

Welcome to the second incarnation of the ROLES presented by Ra/Kek/Thoth/Dr.StrangeAnon from >>401 bread. It's been in progress, and all anons have added to and contributed. Some roles have turned out to be incorrect, and as such, we've made changes.

Post discussion on the roles, how they apply in practice, and any new ones you find. All are welcome to own a role!

This is not for famefagging or egofagging, but to help us use our strengths and work together to find truth and light, and to win the war.

Fight on, light on, love on superheroes!


Beast >>1124

Iron Man >>1123

Iron Man 2 >>1125

Morpheus / Nick Fury >>1126

Peter Quill >>1127

Bruce Banner/Hulk >>1130

Captain America >>1137

Vision & Thor >>1140

Spiderman >>1151

Seraph >>1152

Captain Marvel Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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1ec85b  No.12734

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: ba64edc0cf96da4⋯.jpg (69.24 KB, 800x800, 1:1, diversion.jpg)

08b2c8  No.360[Reply]


A Comprehensive Listing of Masonic "Divert the Discourse" Gambits

1. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Regardless of what you know, don't discuss it – especially if you are a public figure or Lodge official. If it's not reported, it didn't happen, and you never have to deal with the issues.

2. Become incredulous and indignant. Avoid discussing key issues and instead focus on side issues which can be used show the topic as being critical of some otherwise sacrosanct group or theme. This is also known as the "How dare you!" gambit.

3. Create rumor mongers. Avoid discussing issues by describing all charges, regardless of venue or evidence, as mere rumors and wild accusations. Other derogatory terms mutually exclusive of truth may work as well. This method works especially well with a silent press, because the only way the public can learn of the facts are through such "arguable rumors". If you can associate the material with the Internet, use this fact to certify it a "wild rumor" which can have no basis in fact.

4. Use a straw man. Find or create a seeming element of your opponent's argument which you can easily knock down to make yourself look good and the opponent to look bad. Either make up an issue you may safely imply exists based on your interpretation of the opponent/opponent arguments/situation, or select the weakest aspect of the weakest charges. Amplify their significance and destroy them in a way which appears to debunk all the charges, real and fabricated alike, while actually avoiding discussion of the real issues.

5. Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule. This is also known as the primary attack the messenger ploy, though other methods qualify as variants of that approach. Associate opponents with unpopular titles such as "kooks", "right-wing", "liberal", "left-wing", "terrorists", "conspiracy buffs", "radicals", "militia", "racists", "religiouPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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434a84  No.12708

File: ee439323e325db0⋯.png (607.24 KB, 1782x831, 594:277, Many Hands Make LIGHT Work.png)


The QR Alien, UFO, Advanced/Hidden Technology, Antigravity, DUMBs, etc. thread has turned into a shill free-for-all chatroom.

All this effort for little ol' me?

Awe shucks!

Since day 1 there is proof that people are being paid to 'shill' me.

The best proof is a 0.

I happily sit back and watch with love.

File: 27b7d8dd58100da⋯.jpg (152.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Contact.jpg)

fb4ef5  No.6515[Reply]

This thread is to act as a centralized location for digs and posts regarding both Physical (External) and Mental (Internal) Contacts with entities, beings, and individuals.

There is evidence everywhere that we are not alone in the Universe. This evidence is beginning to mount on all fronts, however, today's media sources are riddled with misinformation, deception and incomplete truths. There is credible information out there, but it is often swamped with counter-narratives and disinformation.

Many Truth seekers are pulled by the possibility and potential of Contact outside the Earth-Bound human population to look deeper and try to find sources that can validate this need. Human's have always looked to the horizon, to the stars, and to the infinite for "others". In this place, I strive to collect the information already collected on /TruthLegion/ and build a place for this discussion to evolve.

Below I collect two major categories of "Contact" categories as a launching pad.

External Contacts: Contacts that can be observed and experienced utilizing our external senses.

Internal Contacts: Contacts that we sense, feel, and connect within the esoteric senses to something/someone outside of "Self".

People across the world are waiting for our governments, religions, and scientists to provide proof and disclosure. This may occur, but there is no need to wait. Truth from others is a great starting point, but the first-hand experience will stand apart. Individuals can and have started validating these phenomena for themselves. There are many paths, many experiences, many methods, and many ways to interpret "Contact". Please open your mind, share, and join in looking at the infinite possibilities.

Do you wait for others to tell you the Truth or do you put in the time, effort and work to find the Truth for yourself?

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130782  No.12696


Whatever you believe is true Anon.

File: d24e543cf95a5cb⋯.jpg (57.03 KB, 474x553, 6:7, history.jpg)

ce124e  No.144[Reply]

Any great studies on history - post them here.

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abca5a  No.12680

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1 of the few who ever put our material online.

"Babylonian Magic and Sorcery (Anunnaki/Reptilian Invocation)"

Much love, Kinninigan.

File: 476685d03237808⋯.jpg (10.97 KB, 267x156, 89:52, th-32.jpg)

File: 7a3258e7880acf2⋯.jpg (10.35 KB, 137x203, 137:203, ca6e1d35-128b-3fc3-a936-85….jpg)

File: d0d49a8491c1040⋯.jpg (8.53 KB, 296x167, 296:167, th-41.jpg)

File: b1732c4198bf134⋯.jpg (9.4 KB, 295x166, 295:166, th-42.jpg)

6d93f1  No.6290[Reply]

Tell lies vision and Movies:

If our reality is holographic and we all play roles for each other based on the jungian concept of subconscious arch types, wouldn’t movies be a perfect tool to either teach or subvert?

The cabal uses our subconscious against us. Movies are their witchcraft. Creating a CAST of characters they script a reality that they think is too subtle for most minds to pick up, hiding the truth of their evil agenda in plain sight. When we do nothing and just assume it is “only a movie”, that gives them our consent to continue.

If project looking glass is a real technology and the powers that be have some idea of what will transpire in the future, (they) have used movies to implant fear of those futures, hoping our collective subconscious will steer the timeline to our doom.

Well superhero anons, we are on to ((them))!

Lets use this here thread to dissect the Truth from the movies and shows they feed us and steer this IRL hologram towards a peaceful, beautiful world of coexistence, LOVE and prosperity.

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9e93a4  No.12690


As the mirror reflects.

File: 9e3eb27be744c29⋯.jpg (187.62 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, reading room.jpg)

555f6a  No.146[Reply]

Expand your mind. Stuff worth reading goes here.

If you want to share a pdf, use anonfile.com, hit the upload button, select your file, then copy the generated link and paste it as a reply to this thread.

If you have any requests, drop them here too and anons will find and post or share from their own libraries.

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a7da05  No.11877

File: 9e3222fced92ff3⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Q.png)

d0604f  No.12109[Reply]

Qanon posts, comments, decodes go here.

#1 >>807 to >>7377

#2 >>108 to >>12086



Any posts that are not related to Q, Q research, or Q related topics will be deleted by the BO and BV's.

All posters are considered equal and will be handled equally. This goes for all known and new posters.

Please find the appropriate thread to post in if your material is not related to Q.

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974a98  No.12641

File: c3bbd8b973eeaf9⋯.png (68.59 KB, 276x183, 92:61, Sphinx.png)


feed + troll = fail

But you are right ofc.

File: 4068251d5613603⋯.jpg (14.5 KB, 366x138, 61:23, vatican.jpg)

b25dab  No.368[Reply]

Post it all here. Let's learn about the Vatican's role, and expose the root of the evil.

108 posts and 137 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e0abea  No.12521

come over to >>>/holypol/

File: 86cca4f7b81e8fc⋯.jpg (3.24 MB, 6880x5910, 688:591, Qgraphic verified correct.jpg)

File: 6b2d8f32c28584f⋯.jpg (15.25 KB, 254x255, 254:255, KekAnon.jpg)

File: ccaadec4585b5e6⋯.jpeg (125.48 KB, 640x640, 1:1, RaAnon.jpeg)

File: b0067650bd3ca19⋯.jpg (14.73 KB, 158x255, 158:255, The Magician.jpg)

File: 419b0be8df957db⋯.jpg (13.62 KB, 255x126, 85:42, Neo1.jpg)

e762e5  No.8696[Reply]

Some things are perfectly Timed, aren't they my frens?

Some things are very Strange, and difficult to explain.

This thread is dedicated to connections between Ra/Neo/Kek/Thoth/The Magician+++ (aka Dr. Strange) and Q.

At this point it must be stated this is not for famefagging or EGOfagging.

These are coincidences and connections that go beyond all explanation.

They must be recorded, to stand the test of Time.

When I first started on the Q Research board I posted as "Dr. Strange" deliberately breaking namefagging protocols, with a picture of lasers and a UFO from UFO Lou's channel on Youtube.

I asked for "a sign for a fellow soldier of the Light".

The reply I received was; "There are some things we are not prepared to discuss just yet, but do what you feel is right".

How many Times have you seen the LIGHT so far my allies?

>Truth? Follow the LIGHT.

Very early on during the Q movement at one point two Twitter accounts were made, one named @RealRaGod and it was threatening POTUS trying to frame me.

Apparently another Twitter account was made with "Ra" in it's name and was posting my Laws / Secrets and posts about spirituality and Unity to contrast it.

I've never made a Twitter account (Q can verify this), so someone obviously was watching out for me!

Now who would this be? A 1 that balances a 0 for me? Without me even knowing until afterwards? How Strange.

Jordan Klepper's "The Opposition" episode 80 on March 20th. Does any of this sound familiar?

Ref; "The Faces of EGO and HUBRIS #1". Q as Morpheus just days before the 'skit'. All captured here ahead of Time.


This is mostly all my esoteric MaterialPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

27 posts and 69 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
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ac9ce7  No.12381

File: 6d6b2753af9f4b1⋯.png (153.99 KB, 1360x396, 340:99, On_the_7th_day.png)

File: efa4b02cd33c60f⋯.png (288.02 KB, 1637x431, 1637:431, See_the_LIGHT.png)

File: eb81e37e45cf82f⋯.png (414.1 KB, 1783x800, 1783:800, We_do_love_our_Batman.png)

"You were born to Light up this world."

File: d58ba1dc939eac0⋯.jpg (7.74 KB, 278x232, 139:116, 2.jpg)

bad103  No.792[Reply]

Anything and everything about the extraterrestrials who we share the universe with.

159 posts and 119 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

387eb4  No.11968

File: d35bd75a80084d4⋯.png (694.2 KB, 500x582, 250:291, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e94785449391166⋯.png (196.99 KB, 286x400, 143:200, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 64ac78b1fd08671⋯.png (199.43 KB, 288x400, 18:25, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 29a554ff41bade6⋯.png (42.3 KB, 235x235, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't necessarily agree with their interpretations, but here's an interesting attempt to understand the Milk Hill crop circle that Doc has pointed out before while discussing Kardashev classes

Only I see a grey in the upper right (circled)


370363  No.12557

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a526bf  No.12567


Psycho The Rapist


370363  No.12588

File: 0a9b520d6a4e392⋯.jpg (28.22 KB, 737x444, 737:444, The LIGHT.jpg)


>As a relatively new visitor to TruthLegion I would like to express my appreciation for the shared knowledge.

As much as we appreciate you sharing your thoughts fren.

Forgive me for not welcoming you sooner.

>Where can we truly find a star seed to guide us?

The Truth?

You are ALL The Light.

You need no guidance but your own.

No (1) to lead you, but (1) to walk beside.

That, is the path of the Ascended Master.

96b1f7  No.12699


Good grief! Thanks for this post. My family and I decline to contract in any way! Yeah… I knew that Grier (all aliens are friendly) guy was full of shit. I The Universe will be full of asshole aliens just like here. Probably even alien jews out kiking about in some UFO the Nordics made and got scammed out of through some banking mess… I want to KNOW about aliens but they can fuck off if they want me to pack up and leave, especially in a hurry.

File: 4629b35725a1490⋯.jpg (132.84 KB, 1006x492, 503:246, Astrology and the Flat Ear….jpg)

82f9f4  No.10861[Reply]

One of the last provable truths that you can rely on to expose 1. players and 2. the bunk information they present. FE is not just the shape of our holographic realm, it goes much deeper.

13 posts and 49 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9e1033  No.10898

File: cdd785181099dfa⋯.png (46.47 KB, 588x186, 98:31, Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at ….png)

aaand another jus cuz Im really into this twat account rn


82f9f4  No.10901

File: 7aa657b98889665⋯.jpg (54.83 KB, 918x516, 153:86, lies1.jpg)



It's funny because the eclipse completely proves the flat earth. Just think about it, what are the chances that the moon and the sun are the exact same size and completely eclipse eachother given the sizes, trajectories, orbits, and relative distances of the sun/earth/moon?

In "reality" this would be a near 0% chance of happening, especially given the mainstream theory regarding the moon's appearance that says "the standard giant-impact hypothesis suggests the Mars-sized body, called Theia, impacted Earth, creating a large debris ring around Earth." Just look up the numbers provided by the controllers and really ask yourself if it's possible.

It's pretty strange how it's always the same nonsensical memes in response - which is a bit strange considering how deeply some of you consider yourselves to be comic book characters. I get that flat earth is one of the "gates" that the matrix inhabitants will simply never open but it's truly confusing to me WHY that is considering it's the most easy to prove and conversely heliocentrism being the most easy to DISPROVE. Meh.

fa6edf  No.10903

File: eefef28324cf992⋯.png (40.48 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Flying_SuperHero.png)

4bb291  No.11484


That's strange. Why would THAT account be putting out such a message. The FE message isn't getting that much traction, so if that's the enemy Grand Deception, seems like they should have made a better choice if they wished to ensnare more poor suckers…right?

e623f8  No.12666


Lunar eclipses are still questionable. Rayleigh scattering is just stupid.

File: a3e423b775368b3⋯.jpg (172.53 KB, 300x300, 1:1, united nations.jpg)

e3d841  No.79[Reply]

This thread is to discuss the United Nations and why they are actually against humanity.

27 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6a21d2  No.9009

File: f2e7f2d4850b9dd⋯.png (258.1 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 35781677_2495195853824711_….png)


just saw this on a friends facebook page…


this is where I am in trying to pill peeps. I dunno even how to start from here! It is so obviously easy for people to believe this….its like a->b->c= trump is a dick. duh.

huh. I did see a link to a law that the dems signed in 2010 (I think) that got this whole immigration family separation mess started… if anyone has that link or knows of that law… put it in GD thread, thanks! it could be a good place to start the pillin.

4d681d  No.9024


Dats some blue pill right there! Geez.

Oh the twist…

For appropriate context, here is the entire article.

sauce: https://www.ohchr.org/EN/ProfessionalInterest/Pages/CRC.aspx

Article 9

1. States Parties shall ensure that a child shall not be separated from his or her parents against their will, except when competent authorities subject to judicial review determine, in accordance with applicable law and procedures, that such separation is necessary for the best interests of the child. Such determination may be necessary in a particular case such as one involving abuse or neglect of the child by the parents, or one where the parents are living separately and a decision must be made as to the child's place of residence.

2. In any proceedings pursuant to paragraph 1 of the present article, all interested parties shall be given an opportunity to participate in the proceedings and make their views known.

3. States Parties shall respect the right of the child who is separated from one or both parents to maintain personal relations and direct contact with both parents on a regular basis, except if it is contrary to the child's best interests.

4. Where such separation results from any action initiated by a State Party, such as the detention, imprisonment, exile, deportation or death (including death arising from any cause while the person is in the custody of the State) of one or both parents or of the child, that State Party shall, upon request, provide the parents, the child or, if appropriate, another member of the family with the essential information concerning the whereabouts of the absent member(s) of the family unless the provision of the information would be detrimental to the well-being of the child. States Parties shall further ensure that the submission of such a request shall of itself entail no adverse consequences for the person(s) concPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

4d681d  No.9025



POTUS just signed an executive order to stop the separation of children from illegal immigrants.



Why do they keep referring to it as HIS policy? That's a lie - it is not his policy, he was enforcing it to protect the USA from the influx of criminals disguised as illegal immigrants.


From the actual source - entering illegally is against the law and therefore considered a crime. This is well pre-Trump.

Trump has actually made efforts to ensure that the children are better protected, rather than being detained with their parents among gangsters and criminals. I am so disgusted by the spin, the lying and the fake boohooing over this.


e29a41  No.12627

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Astute & insightful, from /qresearch/ anon


Oversight Committee

Full Committee: The Need for Leadership to Combat Climate Change a…

go to 1:55:30 Massie pulls flimflam man Kerry's covers. it's remarkable that we had a previous administration that was composed and full of absolute buffoons, fucking amazing.

and for those who haven't dug on global warming,

The main premise of 'global warming' braindead theory, which is that CO2 (a trace, trace greenhouse gas) changes atmospheric temperature which it doesn't on ANY significant level, much less anthropogenic CO2. Honestly this is nothing more than a looting scheme.

Worldwide govt's and those (((they))) bribed for funding this scam had dreams of endless revenue streams by taxing and feeing the air humanity and industry exhales. The CO2 fraud morphed into Carbon, elements that's intrinsic to all life, forcing humanity to pay to live It's one of the most egregious crimes ever perpetrated on humanity.

A dig on this leads to the UN Agenda 21 'sustainable development', 'the action plan to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all information and all human beings in the world, some 180 nations signed on to this'. It's one big totalitarian take over, indeed, it's one of the most sick and heinous grifting frauds govt's have ever unleashed on humanity.

Think and research for yourself.

3a1638  No.12665


Geneva Convention

Red Cross

All of them have dirt.

Human trafficking and stuff.

File: 341eea817fcf8bf⋯.png (1.52 MB, 956x1566, 478:783, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)

3732be  No.12525[Reply]

This is a bit of a tale because there's a lot of detail to cover so please no "tl;dr" posts. I actually have a few questions afterwards. Also I want to post my story because I feel people should know how serious and rampant this shit is

>Be me

>Get in shouting match at my liberal arts school (get called a racist, sperg out)

>School tells me to find a counselor or they wont let me back in

>I dont have healthcare so I need someone cheap

>Lady head of disability services gives me three choices

>One was too expensive, one wasnt available, one was cheap

>Go with the cheap one because broke

>Call him up and arrange an appointment

>Says he's in a very Jewish part of my city

>Says his office is ontop of a pizza place

>Only thought of pizzagate as a verifiable meme, but never took it to heart

>We arrange a time for 6pm on a friday

>All of this is pretty off, but I need to get back onto school

>Get there, take an elevator to the second floor

>It's one of those shared office kinds of buildings, and everything was mostly hallways and rooms

>Walk around, realize the place is completely empty

>Walk down one hallyway and hear muffled noise from one of the rooms

>Knock on the door

>Moment of silence and then a rush to the door

>Counselor pokes head out from behind the door, seeming a little startled, I dont see anyone inside his office

>Tells me to wait in the waiting room and he'll be right out

>Go to the waiting room and wait, the waiting room is very dirty, with cups of water and napkins out on tables, some tables still had a bit of dust

>The waiting room was very dimly lit, moPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

3732be  No.12528



All in all Pizzagate is absolutely real, you might think it's a joke or a conspiracy but believe me that you should believe in this thing as real as the sky is blue. It way bigger than just a few places here and there, any pizza place that has a home, office building or anything above it likely harbors pedophiles. This has been about a year ago but it still freaks me the fuck out.

c6b7e2  No.12636



Wow that is super creepy. Do you want us to dig on whoever owns/runs that weird and dirty joint?

3732be  No.12638


I'm gonna keep quiet about the specifics for a while just because I still live in the same town and the guy has my info. But I do want to know more about the use of spider plans and maybe a general spiritcooking/pizzagate thread.

3732be  No.12639


But yeah, it was a complete nightmare. After I got out I felt like something was stripped from the back of my head. Like I lost a layer of skin from the back of my neck to the back of my head. It was a bit of a mind fuck being in that room

df125f  No.12664


>dark green car


Keep a low profile. Just pretend you're dumb (don't show any sign of intelligence) and pretend you do not know something is up in there even if you do want to investigate this deep.

If it seemed like you know something, you'll gain interest.

Either way, pizzagate/boom2x are real. Just try to be as seemingly 'casual' as possible. Showing that you're being paranoid will also gain their interest. imagine what happens if you saw a serial killer doing their act, imagine

File: 267b74b94e6defb⋯.jpg (126.5 KB, 565x637, 565:637, 267b74b94e6defb949f9a479e5….jpg)

File: 3c62ff08342b10d⋯.jpg (58.52 KB, 539x441, 11:9, 3c62ff08342b10dae626cefd30….jpg)

File: cae340d31cb047b⋯.jpg (43.19 KB, 960x720, 4:3, cae340d31cb047bb367385aa76….jpg)

File: 4f1af67c539f36a⋯.jpg (29.58 KB, 471x348, 157:116, 03ac9b8f716ab8dd613cb85cd3….jpg)

67695f  No.10784[Reply]

Are we watching a movie?

What makes a movie good?

The Script:

Americas Golden Son of arguably the most loved President found the dirt on who killed his father. He himself had a target on his head because of this and because he was a (good) Kennedy. He got word that the cabal was going to blow up his plane on that fateful flight to Marthas Vineyard, somehow faked his death (many theories, mostly conjecture, though spoopy and conflicting facts surround the crash), went into the witness protection with his wife, they had kids and hopped around the world undetected in a sailboat, or in the many Kennedy owed villas across the Globe all while plotting the "plan".

He and fellow white hats, Trump and MILInTEL, waited for the perfect time in this timeline (BEST) to help seed the GREAT AWAKENING and FINALLY put an end to the Cult of Death that has held a grip on our Beautiful planet for way too long.

Once the coast is clear, and the Overton window of our collective consciousness has shifted enough for us (the audience) to collectively understand the "Plan", Jr comes out from hiding officially and helps to unite our divided country. Trump haters minds blown when Jr says what a good man and literal savior of our country (and the world!) he is. Democrats love a Kennedy.

This thread is an attempt to show the many coincidences

and connections that lead me to KNOW (99% certainty) this has to be a part of the plan. (disinfo is necessary) Many other diggers and anons are doing work collecting all the little details (some more crazy and "shilly" than others) and I will do my best to drop the REALLY obvious crumbs to try and keep it simple.

(addendum: KISS on this subject is harder than I thought! kek!)

Light On anons!


96 posts and 124 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
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2efde6  No.12465


cant proove it wrong mr Zero

anything is possible in this weird world.

I used to love watching "unsolved Mysteries"

the bermuda Triangle is a trip! no doubt.

thanks for playing.

please see the division thread for

why your posts get deleted time and time again.

abbc82  No.12511

File: d77c5ac74af133e⋯.png (212.39 KB, 486x575, 486:575, d77c5ac74af133e3f167156284….png)


uh ok…

so while I was deep in the watching of the VK accounts on the Twat there was a woman who would post pics of these beautiful homemade signs…. VK would often reply back or like them and now…. Q just reposted her! sooooooooo….

All these coincidences……


abbc82  No.12512

File: 587f33a3d77a009⋯.png (605.36 KB, 558x835, 558:835, b57cc0226505beb039f4763c26….png)




abbc82  No.12513


Did Q just confirm this new social media platform with post 3239!!!?????


4b0310  No.12597

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