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ゆっくりしていってね! | Now appart of the >>>/thg/ World Order

File: 1415674790081.png (324.38 KB, 638x720, 319:360, Th135Reimu.png)


If you're new to Touhou, this thread is for you.

What is Touhou?

Touhou is a series of vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up games from Japan. They're all made by a single guy named ZUN. It began all the way back in 1995 and has since given rise to a massive fanbase that produces an extremely large amount of derivative works. If you wish to learn more about Touhou, then head here:


Where can I download the games?

All of the official games can be downloaded here:




If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask them in this thread.

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It's better to just make a new one when it hits bump limit so we don't lose strategies and include links to an archive with the earlier threads.

File: 1418860748202.jpg (300.69 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 05a393b95f4da2a68e74cf329d….jpg)


1. Take it easy.

2. Follow the global rule.

3. No spamming.

4. NSFW stuff is allowed, but make sure you spoiler it.

If you see something against the rules remember to sage in all fields and report it. Check catalog before making new threads.

Post last edited at

File: 1da723165678e17⋯.png (136.9 KB, 701x609, 701:609, 1481662054247.png)


Post ITT every time you visit /2hu/. This way we'll certainly have more activity.

If my old thread starts working again then just ignore this one.

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Of course you should, he is a fag after all.





File: 8f872cf73fe0e8e⋯.jpg (21.35 KB, 478x310, 239:155, 1755392232.jpg)


You are that bullyfag guy dont ya? Fuck you, no one cares about your existence.


File: b8ba5354aa125e9⋯.jpg (214.08 KB, 850x1201, 850:1201, __cirno_kazami_yuuka_and_w….jpg)


That's funny, cause I care about you.


File: 569bb687ef632f5⋯.jpg (415.19 KB, 850x1133, 850:1133, sample_adbd0d09dc1c04f8de5….jpg)


At least he gives the board some activity. It's practically dead without him with only about 5 or 6 different posters.

File: 6136651b749143f⋯.png (882.73 KB, 800x761, 800:761, __toyosatomimi_no_miko_tou….png)


There there, fairy. It's alright.

Won't you tell me what's wrong?

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File: da305340c6727db⋯.png (774.11 KB, 746x800, 373:400, ClipboardImage.png)


You see, people should date their equals. Inequality creates resentment, and that's not something a healthy relationship has. Bet that's the reason she bullied you - she got some inferiority complexes going. So keep that in mind and date someone who's about as good as you are. Smart, athletic, that kind of girl. And she should be from the same social class, too. If you're more alike, you get each other better, too.

By the way, don't you think Yuugi and Mokou would become good friends if they ever met?


File: 8da34ef764ab93d⋯.jpg (199.66 KB, 850x1096, 425:548, __fujiwara_no_mokou_touhou….jpg)



Thanks fairies. It feels like I'm starting to move on from her, but I still have moments when I wonder. Nothing calling for time to stand still or anything, just curiosity.

>You see, people should date their equals

A couple guys at my dojo are talking about trying to hook me up with a girl that already has a boyfriend, but she seems to mesh with me pretty well. Nice appreciation for the arts, same temperament, similar hobbies. I'm not optimistic because of the challenge of stealing someone's girl, but if there's somewhere else out there besides the abuser, then no use hanging in the past, right?

>By the way, don't you think Yuugi and Mokou would become good friends if they ever met?

Only if Yuugi's saki dish didn't accidentally get lit.


File: 04f9b6f2d0306e4⋯.jpg (96.1 KB, 850x1038, 425:519, __hata_no_kokoro_and_toyos….jpg)


>hook me up with a girl that already has a boyfriend

Is the guy an ass? Cause if not then be careful, no nice guy wants to find out that by letting their girlfriend hang out with some other guy ruin their relationship.


I wish I could suppress or deaden my negative emotions. Without drugs of course, they're bad and their effects are only temporary anyway.


File: 486662cd80b2a15⋯.jpg (78.43 KB, 566x631, 566:631, __mononobe_no_futo_and_toy….jpg)


In terms of a more permanent solution to negative emotions you can exercise, which boots dopamine naturally, talk to people and make friends and play games with them or giving yourself goals to work towards like learning to draw from drawabox so setting exercise related goals.

File: 1922b11d357ff35⋯.jpg (289.96 KB, 742x746, 371:373, 064BAiJRTewi.jpg)


Another month comes and goes - it's time for another rabbit rabbit thread!

When you wake up on the first of the month, if the first thing you do is say out loud "rabbit rabbit rabbit", you'll be blessed with good luck for a month!

Just take it easy my dudes and never let anything take your smile away!

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File: f7c1cb5c9bd0c64⋯.png (288.97 KB, 500x701, 500:701, 3d59816bb6388bc87ca45899c7….png)


I kinda enjoy bullyfag, without him it would just be a thread of you flirting with Tewi and Tewi trying to avoid it without making you upsetl


File: 8259bde78b7d3aa⋯.jpg (412.99 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, __cirno_kawashiro_nitori_m….jpg)


If you haven't figured out from his use of dearest, he is actually normon bates but instead of being infatuated with his mother, it's tewifag that he is infatuated with. This is the conclusion that I have come to at least.


File: ad8236f20f7e7bc⋯.jpg (126.49 KB, 1060x1000, 53:50, 92e026a16821ce3d353cc7d90a….jpg)


I'm indifferent towards bullyfag, but that delusional faggot needs to fuck off. These threads would be a lot better without his disgusting attempts at flirting.



I think he might actually be a sociopath, since he thinks tewi is his and doesn't see anything wrong with harming other people to attempt to please tewi, while seeing all those who interact tewi as a threat to his "claim" that he thinks he has on tewi.



You know, I saw a movie last night called "The stepfather" Ever see it? It's basically about this guy who is absolutely infatuated with the idea of having a family, to the point of marrying widowed/divorced women with kids just so that he can be a family man. However, when the reality of having a family comes on teenage love, family quarrels etc. he can't handle it and his psycho tenancies come out and he kills his family and moves onto a new one. He also reminds me of Tewi's boyfriend.


The thing about him is that he has a waifu, he doesn't love Tewi he loves his persona. And to be honest, I do push him a good bit, instead of him feeling his claim on Tewi is threatened. But to be fair, I talk to Tewi via Steam a fair bit so the idea that I'm closer to Tewi than him can be true. It's up to Tewi but he'll never say cause either I'd be upset or use his answer to bully his boyfriend.



Fuck it I'm curious, here's a poll, anyone can vote in it even if you're just a lurker like with any of my polls and I'm not vote cause bias.


File: 39831f7d5ce34e7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 235.7 KB, 2000x1600, 5:4, tmp_32678-61b9d7dd23b247db….jpg)


Feel free to share lewd 2hu pics and greentexts here. What sort of things would you do to your 2hu? How will you love her?

Remember to spoiler your porn or nude pics so the Yama doesn't throw a fit.

Remember to lewd the Yama too.

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Look at rule 4.



The point of that rule is so that you can browse the board at work or around friends. In either of those cases you wouldn't be on the porn thread so it makes no sense to me.


File: d58fe777a3f0aaa⋯.jpg (98.93 KB, 500x395, 100:79, fishy smell.jpg)


>browsing imageboards at work or around friends


File: f87731fe552c11f⋯.jpg (87.63 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, 557ffc47be29f114b3f0e41641….jpg)


I'm posting from work right now.



Are you even aware that on such slow board it's meaningless?

Lewd thread was first thread here for almost 6 hours.


I browse them in my school.

When I finish everything, have a little break and change position of my laptop so its screen faces a wall.

I don't have any friends and I don't care about this at this point.

File: 9e9746971411035⋯.jpg (260.49 KB, 1057x721, 151:103, __hong_meiling_touhou_draw….jpg)


You're lying down so far from her, but she has other plans. Would you continue to be shy, or would you take her hand and pull her closer?

155 posts and 146 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Seems like Tewi was in the process of being sissified for some time.



I mean it says "o you understand why I force you to wear dresses and eat soy on a daily basis?" so I would figure that Tewi was feminized by a dominant Meling



Obviously tewi is a girl that wants to pretend to be a boy because she's playing hard to get. Meiling is also no trap she's only real in tewi's mind and in fact just the prince saving tewi from herself. This really is story telling 101 though and should not require explanation. Have you even read Ovid?


File: 6bf5c4f4568fa72⋯.jpg (74.56 KB, 660x660, 1:1, 50723f1d21a3e3cd2e760c8a97….jpg)

Aah, I wanna be with Meiling right now.


File: 0fcb9d236099f7a⋯.png (43.84 KB, 216x248, 27:31, rabbit.png)


Tewi will never love you Sy. he loves Meiling.

File: 1456885132858.jpg (2.41 MB, 1600x1600, 1:1, 1446689406172.jpg)


Dice rollRolled 69, 78 = 147 (2d100)

it's me again.

roll two hundred sided dice to see which 2 toohoos want to offer themselves to you. They will also accept a threeway marriage if that's what you want.

>inb4 I don't get the aki sisters

91 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Dice rollRolled 34, 13 = 47 (2d100)



File: 129e9f852ced21d⋯.jpg (81.26 KB, 600x900, 2:3, __miyako_yoshika_touhou_dr….jpg)


>Shanghai Doll and my waifu

That went better than expected. I'll give Shanghai back to Alice (it's not that I don't like her, but taken away an Aspie's best friend is downright cruel), and find a way to get rid of my mother-in-law.


Dice rollRolled 60 (1d200)


roll~ ~


File: 08d511601863719⋯.png (74.31 KB, 205x180, 41:36, lezz.png)

Dice rollRolled 145 (1d200)


Nothing wrong with Hatate, won't go for another roll because i'm satisfied with this one.


Dice rollRolled 9, 73 = 82 (2d100)

I'm gonna keep rolling until I get my waifu.

File: 28c4609acb42cf0⋯.jpg (33.75 KB, 512x384, 4:3, The fuck.jpg)


So what did cause the influx of souls in 9?

7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



I really shouldn't be laughing from this.

If India won't learn to use toilets and basic hygiene then it will repeat soon.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


<-- Reimu's ending lists a few possibilities, such as an earthquake, tsunami, or a war. The consensus between her and Eiki were that all these souls died very suddenly, so fast that they didn't even realize they were dead. The 2004 tsunami fits the bill in terms of swiftness and body count.



I think it was the end of world war 2. 2005-60=1945. So probably when Japan got nuked twice. That's if we're using Fate of 60 Years as a reference?

So basically, Komachi saw all these souls appear and was a lazy shit about it for 60 years.



Cirno said that something like this happens every 60 years, and WW2 is the obvious event that refers to. The souls in Touhou 9 aren't from that time, though. They were coming in very suddenly in 2005. It wouldn't be an incident if the souls had been around for 60 years.



It's more fun to imagine Komachi being a lazy shit for 60 years, though.

File: a31a4cf966b8247⋯.jpg (218.98 KB, 667x500, 667:500, Kaguya.jpg)

File: 8a74f1405c2da92⋯.jpg (578.66 KB, 683x800, 683:800, Remi.jpg)

File: 4e1375c508ba19d⋯.jpg (382.4 KB, 850x1170, 85:117, Yukari.jpg)

File: 4ff2a344f19ed93⋯.jpg (40.37 KB, 392x495, 392:495, Mokou 1.jpg)


Balance is a foundation element of all god things. And give that we have lots of lewd and/or happy 2hus, I think we also ought to have a thread with sad 2hus.

54 posts and 78 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: de04d2c18bced94⋯.png (2.87 MB, 1500x1650, 10:11, __fujiwara_no_mokou_touhou….png)

I wanna hold Mokou when she is overcome by loneliness again.


I don't like this thread, this is a sad thread.



Can't be happy if you aren't sad at times.



But I am already sad enough, I don't need my 2hu's also getting sad.



Why not make a happy 2hu thread, then? I'm half-sure we should already have one.

File: 6604f74e227d86a⋯.jpg (478.62 KB, 777x1087, 777:1087, __kazami_yuuka_touhou_draw….jpg)


Item #: SCP-21HU

*Object Class:* Euclid

*Special Containment Procedures:* SCP-21HU is to be contained in a domed underground chamber of reinforced ferroconcrete with an internal diameter of at least 200m and a maximum height of at least 25m. To protect the structural integrity of the chamber, the inner walls of the structure require a lining of highly resistant, heat-ablative compound material measuring no less than 12cm in thickness.

The ground within SCP-21HU's containment chamber is to be covered with 50cm of fertile soil all around, safe for a small gravel pathway leading to the structure's center. To ensure that plant life can grow within the chamber, its roof is to be covered in a network of small but powerful electric lights, which are activated and deactivated in sequence to simulate a 24-hour day/night cycle with the rise and set of the sun and moon, respectively. A set of sprinklers situated under the roof of the chamber are set to release water and fertilizing agents in regular intervals, and the ambient temperature of the chamber should be kept at precisely 25° Celsius. The ventilation system of SCP-21HU's containment chamber requires powerful filters to remove and destroy any pollen or other organic compounds from the air cycle of the chamber. Conversely, no plant species other than those already present in the chamber must be introduced to SCP-21HU due to potential mutagenic effects and the risk of exposing already altered material to the outside world.

Barring situations which could result in a containment breach, the interior of the containment chamber must under no circumstances enter conditions that prove detrimental to plant life.

In the event that SCP-21HU becomes agitated and may attempt a containment breach, the containment chamber is to be flooded with sufficient liquid nitrogen so as to lower the ambient temperature to -50° Celsius, sending SCP-21HU into a state of suspended animation and allowing for her temporary relocation into a cryo-chamber. Once repairs to the containment chamber are finished, SCP-21HU is to be reintroduced to the chamber and encouraged to regrow the plant life destrPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

221 posts and 106 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



While I borrow/steal the very thing it is built around, I don't really want to have anything to do with the site in its current state.



It's full of them.

Isn't it?



At least from what I heard. I also recall that one SCP which changes the user's gender underwent some rather thorough editing due to hurt feelings.


On a different note - what about making Alice a Safe or even Thaumiel SCP? The kind of worry I always have with the "good" girls (those who'd actually protect humans rather than killing/slaughtering/eating them) is that they still could be upset over the often unpleasant conditions in which the Foundation keeps Youkai and the like, especially given that they consider said Youkai to be their friends.




Just imagine how mad she could get if someone will touch her dolls in the way she won't like.

File: 324d9162a287013⋯.jpg (119.33 KB, 850x981, 850:981, __toyosatomimi_no_miko_tou….jpg)


Post some pics from an artist you like, leave a link to their Pixiv and a bit about them if you can.

One artist per post.

18 posts and 59 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 686d46e2b50e141⋯.jpg (235.8 KB, 1163x1200, 1163:1200, 1d3c64310396006ff5900f6e77….jpg)

File: 0ce20a0e82752af⋯.jpg (138.92 KB, 775x1000, 31:40, 2b9dcdb221fafcf9a346582d29….jpg)

File: e05088b1021c1b0⋯.jpg (138.7 KB, 642x800, 321:400, e29d565a04b0121c00df0103d7….jpg)

File: 6cef603551dbaee⋯.jpg (123.08 KB, 700x900, 7:9, 7f069b1a9cb436d42818d51885….jpg)

File: 7cd4e99d31b833c⋯.jpg (287.74 KB, 950x1300, 19:26, 59148e0d09d7d7e91f40de6250….jpg)


He has a super cute and super lewd art style, it's just a shame he's into ballbusting


File: 6f8a352bc497b9f⋯.jpg (231.83 KB, 1200x1400, 6:7, 6f8a352bc497b9f6f8688e8fdb….jpg)




File: 48f0329c0116f07⋯.jpg (632.82 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, 50348834_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 3cbb351f5790d5d⋯.jpg (707.69 KB, 1488x2097, 496:699, 58541628_p0.jpg)

File: 3499fc02a078390⋯.jpg (555.96 KB, 1152x1925, 1152:1925, 48069543_p0.jpg)

File: 9005be7e22586a8⋯.png (3.37 MB, 2000x2781, 2000:2781, 60400470_p0.png)

File: 2566b7b05a3d843⋯.png (2.55 MB, 992x1403, 992:1403, 48461884_p0.png)


Hasebe soutsu.

A quality-over-quantity artist, this guy's way less popular than he ought to be. Judging by his earlier images he tried to be one of those acid trip abstract artists but switched to frilly hat girls almost immediately.

Like most good touhou artists, almost all of his stuff is Sakuya. His pixiv aside, Sakuya is four of his five doujins.



Does he include Sakuya's legs though?


File: 587930652f01a57⋯.png (223.06 KB, 587x616, 587:616, 61480447_p0.png)

File: 5aa642a61cd1b38⋯.jpg (407.67 KB, 1280x1810, 128:181, Z_025.jpg)


Nah, he mostly focuses on Sakuya's smug.

File: 1460235977064.png (423.47 KB, 809x768, 809:768, 1436670703423.png)


Cirno slamming her head on desk

263 posts and 235 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Pls dont



Ah yes, vampires have pact to defend humans from youkai.

For some human blood and outsider humans flesh.


File: 7002be4a887af9b⋯.jpg (36.46 KB, 599x600, 599:600, cirno writes to a friend.jpg)



It's ok, we all know cirno's politics.


File: c703b0f6ad4266d⋯.png (1002.24 KB, 600x1400, 3:7, __cirno_hakurei_reimu_and_….png)

Cirno dipping


File: b9d1153579111a8⋯.png (98.19 KB, 500x350, 10:7, 04a4dc72ef018674f63c2e6d3a….png)


Cirno imitating her hero.

File: eb2a7ceb1aa8155⋯.jpg (55.93 KB, 420x315, 4:3, resen.jpg)


Listened to too much Touhou music last night. Don't think I had enough sleep. But it still bothers me that there's still a lot of remixes I haven't download and listen.

55 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

11 minutes of Tewi and Reisen metal


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This one fits really well for Flan, imho. Very chaotic and frantic.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And one more in baguette. For some reason, French really fits with Orin and her playful, catlike nature.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Rap music


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: 1464376786933.jpg (242.67 KB, 450x598, 225:299, a242f5c4ca067cf459a9248dd9….jpg)


This is /2hu/'s very own suici­de thread. Please discuss your sui­cide related issues here.

19 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



so its live board thats open only in set hours?




It's a "tea party" (read: gay circlejerk) for friends.



If we ever need to have any sort of tea party, we can just do it here; no need to go off site.




I'm trying, but patchy and remilia keep fucking me in the ass. I can get past Sakuya pretty easily though since you can just skip her mid stage battle by going above her.



We do, it's called the rabbit rabbit thread.

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