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File: 1415674790081.png (324.38 KB, 638x720, 319:360, Th135Reimu.png)


If you're new to Touhou, this thread is for you.

What is Touhou?

Touhou is a series of vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up games from Japan. They're all made by a single guy named ZUN. It began all the way back in 1995 and has since given rise to a massive fanbase that produces an extremely large amount of derivative works. If you wish to learn more about Touhou, then head here:


Where can I download the games?

All of the official games can be downloaded here:




If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask them in this thread.

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File: 1415708033108.jpg (214.18 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, tenshi_a_qt.jpg)

>tfw board owner liked my idea

I was about to write this myself, but I had a lot of shit going on lately.
I'm glad you made this.


File: 1415714019075.webm (1.49 MB, 600x600, 1:1, 00d811eeefc46440503fcd96e….webm)

Reading a wiki is all well and good, but if you're actually new to the series it would probably be best to learn about lore and characters from the game itself first.


File: 1415725712877.jpg (231.35 KB, 599x830, 599:830, 3e206a7fb5438fc8a06694154d….jpg)

You won't learn any lore by playing the games themselves, the only thing you will get are characters and their interactions

Atleast that was my personal experience when I first got into touhou, played all the games and only understood the general plot of the games vaguely and knew next to nothing about the lore until I started interacting with the fandom


Imho, the best way to learn about the lore is reading the official print works alongside playing the games. The endings are quite intresting imho.


You didn't get anything from the endings of the games?


File: 1415726897006.jpg (59.25 KB, 250x250, 1:1, Mima_3957.jpg)

The endings are quite hard to get in most games(except POFV and the fighting ones), so it is pretty likely that a newbie won't see them for a while

Also I always found the touhou mango to be bland and boring Prefer to play the games and fangames instead, but maybe thats just me

I wouldn't really say that the endings are informative about the lore, it is just more character interaction


Why aren't there more 2hu secondaries in the fighting games? That ensemble cast is shit! Touhou beginners should just play on lunatic because y'know.


Okay, so I'm new to touhou and have been playing the newest ones (10-13). But I want to clear them all on easy, since I'm a huge casual and I don't have enough free time to play until I can clear them on harder difficulties.

My question is, am I going to lose much in history/good gameplay if I don't play the games from the retro era?

And the second question is not really related, but where do you guys find touhou merch? I've seen some people around here post them, but I can only find it on ebay, and I don't have an international credit card (and I live in Brazil), so I can't buy from there.

Thanks in advance.


I don't consider 6 to 9 to be "retro".
6, 7 and 8 are the most popular ones, since they have the main characters which are recurrent in later games, 9 is also kind of popular, but it plays different.
6 is somewhat rushed since it's the first windows one and ZUN had to expend time making the engine, but all of the characters and music in those are very iconic and it's still good overall.
7 is one of the most praised in the community, it has very good gameplay and it's mostly polished, the characters and the music here are very very iconic.
8 is one of my favorites because it has a lot of content and characters to play as, it's somewhat easier than others because it's easier to bomb your way though and the spell cards aren't as hard as 7 or 11. Taking that out is still one of the best in terms of overall content and polishing and also has the most varied amount of iconic characters in one game that isn't a spinoff.
9 is somewhat a spinoff, it's basically like a sequel of Touhou 3 on Windows. It's a PVP game (You can play it on multiplayer online) where you fight side to side shooting at things and throwing spell cards at each other. In Singleplayer you progress through every stage like you would progress in a fighting game, it's definitely the easiest Touhou to 1cc by a longshot.
I would highly suggest playing those, on the other hand the ones from PC98 are considered separated from the windows ones and you will probably not lose anything important in terms of story/gameplay. Even ZUN admits if you put the two eras side to side there are inconsistencies in terms of the story, so there is that.


What are some canon manga to go along with playing Touhou for the first time?


Silent Sinner in Blue is great. The others are kinda boring


Cage in Lunatic Runagate, although not a manga, is a good read. Wild and Horned Hermit, and Forbidden Scrollery, are pretty good. Silent Sinner in Blue is okay, but has a shite twist.


Thank you finally someone answered my question!


File: 1416195229576.gif (32.09 KB, 170x170, 1:1, 7683451.gif)


Good luck with the final two spellcards Suwako uses then, in Th10.

You'll need it.


I made a thread asking for beginner's help some time ago, and everyone gave me useful info, will monitor this thread from now on. I've already downloaded all the stuff (print works, games and so on), I'm just waiting december when uni classes will stop to begin a full immersion.

from what I've seen Aya is getting the best girl crown for me


File: 1416273945909.jpg (Spoiler Image, 225.25 KB, 800x986, 400:493, cheeeeeeeen.jpg)

>Touhou beginners should just play on lunatic because y'know.
but that's bullshit
>That ensemble cast is shit!
nice opinions
>Why aren't there more 2hu secondaries in the fighting games?


File: 1416275691062.jpg (75.38 KB, 560x560, 1:1, go to hell.jpg)

Spoiler your NSFW images, goddamn.


Is there an easy way to change the control?


File: 1416292392795-0.jpg (48.8 KB, 620x877, 620:877, cheeen.jpg)

File: 1416292392795-1.jpg (179.93 KB, 518x834, 259:417, cheeeen.jpg)

File: 1416292392795-2.jpg (378.24 KB, 1000x794, 500:397, cheeeeen.jpg)

File: 1416292392795-3.jpg (177.35 KB, 719x500, 719:500, cheeeeeen.jpg)

File: 1416292392795-4.png (1.2 MB, 1200x1694, 600:847, cheeeeeeen.png)

What about Chen?


File: 1416414271260.png (532.62 KB, 646x653, 646:653, 1380724592910.png)

Some of my larger gifs cannot be uploaded, so I was wondering what the max image limit is currently on /2hu/ and if it can be increased


The maximum filesize allowed is 10MB, and I'm pretty sure that applies to the entire site.


File: 1416417592387-0.png (7.85 KB, 755x61, 755:61, ss (2014-11-19 at 06.19.01….png)

File: 1416417592387-1.jpg (96.42 KB, 360x480, 3:4, 1396326468662.jpg)

Too bad, I guess I will just resize them


Can you get rid of the other stickies?


Been trying to play EoSD for the first time and it turns out that I fucking suck at danmaku. I almost made it past Patchouli on Easy mode though.
Need encouragement.


You can do it, man. You just need dedication and time to get better, trust me. I was shit at it when I began, but soon I cleared normals and ex stages with dedication. Just gotta not give up when you keep losing at the same point.


Thanks anon, I feel encouraged.


No one has ever started playing a bullet hell game for the first time and gotten through it automatically, everyone skilled at these games had to work for it.


I went from dying on Stage 3 of Easy to beating Hard in a few months. Just keep trying.


File: 1416904300189-0.png (Spoiler Image, 13.94 KB, 320x200, 8:5, Th01JoyfulSphericalCreatur….png)

File: 1416904300189-1.png (Spoiler Image, 46.89 KB, 238x149, 238:149, Th01TinyWish-grantingFairy.png)


Is there a full translation to DDC yet?




What are the easiest touhous to 1cc on normal?


Hey guys. First-time player here. Well, not exactly, but whatever.
A friend of mine sent me a folder with a few Touhou games. He has told me to beat some of them, under certain conditions. If I manage to win this, I'm getting 25 bucks.
These are the terms:
>I have to beat three games. One of them must be Touhou 10. I can choose the other two. Character is also my choice.
>I must beat them on lunatic mode.
>No continues.
>I need a replay of the three playthroughs.
>If I also manage to beat the secret boss, I get 5 additional bucks.
>I have to beat them before May (because it's his birthday and whatnot).

Any advice? Which games and character should I choose? Is this manageable for a new player? Am I an ⑨ for accepting this without having played before?


Why is there a 9 where I wrote ⑨?


>First-time player here
>I have to beat three games
>I must beat them on lunatic mode.
>Any advice?

Yes. Don't waste your time.

>Is this manageable for a new player?

No. It's not manageable for anyone, really.





MoF and IN are up there.


But you can't even start MoF with 7 lives…


Don't die


"Touhou is easy, all you have to do is dodge the bullets. :^)"


I might get flayed alive for saying this, but if there's no restrictions, Touhou 10 is a non-issue. Marisa B. Stay between 3 and 3.95 power and shoot without using unfocused movement. Now you only have two games left.

9 is pretty easy if you play as Medicine or Aya, at least compared to any other of the games. You're boned for the remaining one though, can't think of anything else that would help you other than a good dose of git gud.


If I play half an hour a day, how many days will it take for me to beat SA?


Many, many days.


Pick Ten Desires and Phantasmagoria of Flower View/Imperishable Night.
If there are any fighting games in there, pick them instead.
If Great Fairy Wars is in there, your fate is on your side.




MoF has no graze system, so that instantly gives away some difficulty.
TD is easy on normal. Slow bullets everywhere. Difficulty largely stems from getting the spirits. (I should know, because I made it to Seiga on my first try.)
PoFV and IN are easy to 1cc, as well.

The fighters, however…


Your desire is fulfilled by Ten Desires.


>>6258 here

Thank you guys for the advice. I've been playing the games and they are pretty fun, actually. Probably will keep playing them after this little challenge is over.

I hope I can git gud eventually.




I'm not dumb enough to sage a sticky, that's just stupid.


Any time anyone has asked me what Touhou is I've responded with "It's a game where colors happen and you try not to die. And the music is fantastic"


I can trust this link, r-right?

Please don't tell /tech/.


Don't use that Wiki. It's dead and outdated.



You can use this to run the game: LANG="ja_JP.UTF-8" wine vpatch.exe

It helps to run setcap cap_sys_ptrace+epi /usr/bin/wineserver so that the vpatches run correctly. It enables dll injection I think.


File: 1419690123064.png (12.41 KB, 756x699, 252:233, Anex86 emulator issue.png)

I want to get into Touhou too. I'm quite a noob when it comes to gaming, but I decided that I want to play Touhou because of all the praising it gets.

When I start a series I always tend to start from the very beginning so I don't miss out on anything important. But I just discovered that each game is inconsistent and some don't have sequels, so now I'm pretty clueless on which game to play first. Someone in this thread mentioned which games he thought were worth playing, but I'd like it if all of you posted which games you think are worth playing, so i can get a more reliable idea on which games I should play.

I went to the site mentioned in the OP, but I'm having difficulties with the PC-98 emulator.
I opened the .zip file in 7zip, then I opened the .exe file, and I was presented with the top window in <pic related>. When I pressed 'Start' the bottom window appeared.
I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing.

I would really appreciate it if someone helped me with this.


It's an emulator, like every emulator you have to load the rom file.
In this case, in HDD1, click on "…" and load the image of the game you want to play (It has a .hdi extension), then click start.
There was also a community translation of every game from 1 to 5, I don't know if the ones in OP are actually those.
Here is the link anyway


Those are actually english patches for the roms in the OP, I'm a faggot.


Ah, I suspected it would be something like that. Thanks for your help!

What games do you recommend?


I'm: >>4591
I would start with 6 and go up from there, you will recognize a lot of popular characters (The most iconic ones are clustered in 6 7 and 8) which should make you feel immersed enough and have fun.


Thanks. I'm on stage 3 on EoSD as i type this. Seems pretty fun so far.


That's good, you don't have to beat it before moving onto another though, maybe you get bored of it. Later games are more enjoyable in my opinion, playing the same game over and over might be dull as fuck.


Are there any winning strategies for stage 4 of EoSD? Once again Patchouli has taken all of my lives. Are there any safe spots?


I should mention that I'm playing on normal, as this is the first 2hu I plan on 1ccing.


Watch some replays. It's hard to hand-hold you through a whole stage.


Thanks for showing me this database, this is going to help me a lot.



>"not dumb enough to sage a sticky"
>sages a sticky

My advice: You are, indeed, an ⑨ for attempting this. That amount of pain isn't worth a mere 25 bucks.


>not dumb enough to sage a sticky

That's exactly why I do this, to piss off people like you


File: 1421206083559.png (39.75 KB, 349x642, 349:642, I was only pretending to b….png)

>to piss off people like you


I finally did it. The extra lives are there because I'm a babby. http://replays.gensokyo.org/download.php?id=35916


File: 1421560769135.png (88.81 KB, 234x325, 18:25, scum.png)

Why does this cate exist?

Losing lives has never been easier


Once you learn her spellcards she's easier than Satori, the only hard parts of her are "catwalk" and her second non-spellcard


As someone who wanted to do more then masturbate to Oni muscle girl regarding 2hu, getting into actual games and lore was kind of a clusterfuck, so i have to say thank you for this thread.
I'm sure everything will turn out okay in the end and we will all have loads of fun on this board together.


File: 1422399050498.jpg (55.58 KB, 384x448, 6:7, thisbitch.jpg)

oh, really.


That's not really that hard…


Yes, really, that card should not give you any problems after you figure the pattern out.
If you want a tip, the circles are aimed at you, however they always spawn a little to the right, so you should always move to the left to dodge them because the space is shorter.


I downloaded the Th06 but everytime I try to open the .exe file it opens and suddenly tells me there has been an error. Has this happened to anyone?


You on Windows 8?


Yes but I actually got it working thank you. This game is fucking addictive, Im trying to git gud!


Set formatting for SJIS and allow OP without image so we can get some text art threads up and going.


Besides that in Subterran you can restart as much as you want.


File: 1425741166650.png (156.32 KB, 505x388, 505:388, help.png)

>complete newfag
>want to play a game
>this happens
What did i did wrong?


Set your localization to Japan.


- You can copy the contents of the CD into a directory, and simply just run it from there.
- To get the font encoding, use AppLocale.
- Or play the games under Linux, with WINE (or use PlayOnLinux).



I can't get the fightan games to play on linux, and searching online doesn't help.


Well there seems to be some condition preventing me from getting 100% on the SJIS. Despite everything else it still doesn't quiet work on certain pieces.

                  ノ)            _ノ)
                / レ'7      ノ)‐ ''"  /
              ト、/    |  ,. ''"´       }/|
              | '      ハ∠、        ' ./
              _.ゝ_.. -‐──- 、       /
          (ゝ-‐'´ '´           `' < イ -‐ァ
           >'" /           ヽ、 \. /
        ./    {       `ヽ     '   ∨
        /  /  .∧     ト、_」ニ、|  ,ハ ,」二ヽ|  Zun♪
        | l {.   !‐ァ 、   |'´ ん' ハ∨  //:::(ヽヽ
        |八 \  |「lヽ `ヽ}  j_zソリ ハ |::7`!::} .| |  Zun♪
          \ レハ{ り       "7 /  |::| |/ / .!
     ♪ ~ {7 l7"  '        レヘ   ソ ' ' ∧
            ,| 八   lr ̄ヽ    リ イ     / \
          /レ'}  \  、 ノ    / イ| ____,ム  , )
         ;  / _ノノヽ、_   イ /「r) (r] )/レ'
         | レ'´ ∨`ヽ,人|     ト、{ |_」__l」ソ
         「`Tこ] __,r'‐ァ'"´/:::::}/    ト、ヽ
         L)_r_l」´ |\::/ムイ/:::::;:/     ; }::/
          ;    ! ./  /::::|::::|:::://    ,' /´
          /    |;' /:::::::!::::!:イ /    .//
        ./     l{ くr-、_」-‐' /    .//
       /      ;|  |(>||   ;      .//
        {    ,イ|  |   l||   {   /l7
        、_/ /   ;'   リ   ` ‐''"   '
           /   ; 十./        |
           /   /  /           |
          r'   ./  /          {
         /> 、/  /           ヽ、
        ./\ l   >k.,_         _/:::ヽ


               .,. '"´ ̄`ヽ、     _
              / / ̄ヽ  ';  , '"´   `' 、
              ;' /     '; .| /  ,. '´ ̄ヽ.  ';
              | |      | | / /     ';  |
              | '、      | |' /       / ,'
      r-、        '、 ,.>-─┴┴'- 、.,   / /
      }ミ >}==ァ'"´           `''< イ==l二二二l
       ∫´ , '"    /            `く
       O /     ./          ヽ  ヽ、 ':,   / 三三l / 三三l [ ┬ ] / 三三l  ./´∧
       /     /  {    、 -┼   }   |  |   l l└─、 | l└‐ 、  | l | | l | _  .//∧ ';
       ;   ./  ;' _/ト、   |/ \__」_ヽ ,ハ   |  |   ヽ二二 l.| | r ̄┘ .| l | | l |l二 | ///  ',. ',
      !   |  | /_」_\ |  ァ'´hてl|Y.|   ,ハ  '、  l三三 ノ ヽ三三l [ ┴ ] ヽ 三 ノ{//l三三 ノ
      ' 、  、  .| 7´h ハ ヽ    弋zソ,ハ|  ,イ    \
         `'ー\レヘ. 弋り  .     "" r " ,ハ   、  ヽ            {
          /   ハ""    _    {\  .}   ,ハ  ';           _.ノ
         /  /.八     l´ ̄`)   人 ヽノ  / /|  /      , '"´ ̄
,  '"´ ̄`ヽ l    、   |> 、,      ,. ィ'  ハ ノイ ./ |/      , '
       } )_.ノ ハ  ノ、r'\|`lァ''"  r|rイ レ'  ∨          /
      / ´  ∨ レ'  _,rイノ   /  ト‐ァ‐-、   /´ ̄`ヽ    i       __..ノ
      ;       /´/ |/}、r、r、|\__」 ;    \ し'´/´,  \ ;'    ,  '"´
       !      /  l/ /_7´ー─ |==┘ ! ,     r‐{_/ /  ∨  /
      '、   /  /   /     ;    |/     `ヽ ヽ'、_/  |  (
⌒ヽ     ノ   {  ,'  r 7  ;'  o'/┐  |       人 ´   |   `ヽ
 _ノ  ;'´   rゝ'7|  .|/  /!   / /    |      __, } `l    .|、    ';
     \   / ̄`|. 「/  ;     ;' ヽ-┐八  _,ゝ'´ `∨ ;    |ノ   _.ノ

I guess I can iron it all out and ask Wheels to make some kind of SJIS tags to help post this stuff.




HP you should really retitle the board /2hu/ - Japan General

I have been seeing more and more people on /int/ /a/ and /am/ saying full/jp/ is shit and /2hu/ is the real /jp/ board. Let's just make it official.


Fuck that shit.
Keep /2hu/ a Touhou board.


What do you think /jp/ was?


honking General


That too

        _/   _     ̄フ  \: : _
   _ ..-‐:.´: : : . ̄ ̄: : : :  ̄: :. ‐┤     Y
=ニ..-‐..::::フ ̄ ̄ ̄ >- _ : : : : : : : }    ,ゝ
:::::::::::::_∠、__  (   \ ̄>‐- 、!  /: : :
:::::::::::{ /     ̄  l  `´    ゙`='-=ニ7
:::::::::::::y    _ i   !      __ -─
:::::::::::::!      `T=‐-∧      ´  l  人
\::::::,!     ∧  /__ヽ  ____△∠= V
  `V    -‐ナ7フ ̄\.\   /|i'  ヾ:、|
   レヘ    / |i|     }l  \/ |l|     ||│ ,
     ヽ、V   ヾ、  ノ/     ヾ:、____.ノ! レ'
       ∨ ///`='"        ̄///´ 
      ハ         __      _>‐
     ノ  ` ー--   _」___`ゝ-‐ ´ .>‐
    //_: ̄_ヽ     _「三二」:`7ヽ 「`「j´
    ( /:`-': :(/:.)  _/|:::└‐。┤::i  `>( ̄


Of note

After posting trends stabilized and the GETball influx was wiped from our UIPs, /2hu/ is slightly fluctuating between a stable 73 and 78 unique posters.

We are also currently highest ranking Japanese flag board on the site. and our ratio is .1PPP.

This is explained as intermittent query and response type posting from a wide range of users scatter across multiple times zones.

Of note
The Meiling youkai discussion resumed last night off board on /int/. While this represents and excellent opportunity to draw fellow primary posters to the home board, it is also quite strange that the best 2hu related /2hu/ thread wasn't actually on /2hu/. Should posts like this continue I request other users of the board to begin their own discussions of the canon so as to reinforce this view on any primaries that should visit and encourage them to stay.


We have a few threads where serious discussions happen, they're just majorly overwhelmed by threads like SANAE IS SEDUCING YOU WITH HER ANUS WCH 2HU IS LEWDEST WCH 2HU WD U FUG HOW ARE 2HU'S SEX LIVES


Requesting worldfilter for 'Who are you quoting?'



File: 1426285002260.jpg (585.21 KB, 800x1186, 400:593, 4f32df639916c1f9edff45b048….jpg)



What do you mean when you post "this"? The word "this" is not a complete sentence. You must fully articulate want your wish to have known if you want others to respond to it.

What do you mean when you post"thirded"? The word "thirded" is not a complete sentence. You must fully articulate want your wish to have known if you want others to respond to it.


File: 1426285586162.gif (382.3 KB, 392x500, 98:125, G7uHJNU.gif)


File: 1426286031430.png (348.16 KB, 584x566, 292:283, 1340918827412.png)

ebin meem


File: 1426286164554.png (64.77 KB, 420x314, 210:157, 1413792708604.png)

Where is the hotpocket eater when you need him?


File: 1426287711088.png (338.93 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 9b34e0d48917fcbe4aeb73be9f….png)

speaking of wordfilters, we need one for 'secondary' too


Requesting country flags for improved poster monitoring.




Poster monitoring? There's no point.


File: 1426300119342.png (892.89 KB, 1023x740, 1023:740, Jews murdered the savior o….png)

To allow me to monitor and identify users who may become problematic in the future.


Too Orwellian for me.


File: 1426302017521.jpg (737.37 KB, 976x1320, 122:165, She's the hero 2hu deserve….jpg)

/2hu/ is a beautiful garden. Something that must be tended to allow the brightest of flowers to bloom.

Sometimes a weed appears and it takes a constant gardener to find it before it can spread it's seed.


Sounds more like you're trying to turn this place into a hugbox.


Cute buzzwords

I for one welcome our autistic overlords.


HP don't spoil the fun.


fucking hell mod, end this secondary honking already

also are we /int/ now? get rid of the fucking flags, holy shit


File: 1426321594611.jpg (248.88 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Drunken Slav.jpg)

>also are we /int/ now?



ban the trolls already.


>Ban anyone who posts anything I disagree with and won't accept my fan fiction as canon
Sure is /jp/ in here.


File: 1426344186646.png (2.5 KB, 301x127, 301:127, 1370653865242.png)


Why do i see flags of countries behind some posts recently? I just wonder why.


It doesn't populate the existing posts with flags, it merely adds them to posts after it has been set to true.

I was quoting >>>/jp/


Flags are causing way to much honking, why were they enabled in the first place? This board's gone to shit in just a couple days.


File: 1426353402412.jpg (97.04 KB, 600x634, 300:317, nofun.jpg)

Blame everything on the getball
They exposed this board and brought in faggots like Youmutist
Pic related is the current state of /2hu/ at the moment


Well of course it's because of getbell; get faggotry is cancerous. All it ever does is promote cross-board honking.


File: 1426353944264.jpg (791.89 KB, 714x1000, 357:500, 1424080793222.jpg)

Doesn't explain the country flags, but getball's pretty much dead now anyways. They'll fuck off eventually, we just need to see some bans doled out against honkers.
Also I'm kinda mad this autist is ruining the name of my favourite 2hu.


Youmufag requested the flags for better monitoring and to suit his own rulefaggotry needs
And for some reason hot pocket eater actually accepted( even though he has rejected the same proposal when we were around 4000 or 5000 posts)


File: 1426354535449.png (730.46 KB, 540x720, 3:4, LOOK I CAN SHITPOST LIKE A….png)


No, it is literally one poster throwing a temper tantrum because someone asked them who they were quoting yesterday and they have been crying all over the board ever since.

Time to open the case file on the second worst poster, the Hungarian Okuu secondary. I enjoy using the word secondary with regards to it as it seems to trigger it and send it off on fits of rage.

The key thing to look for when identifying the Hungarian Okuu Secondary(HOS) is that besides it's obvious lack of understanding of the workings of Gensokyo, is that for the most part it doesn't even seem to care about Gensokyo. If you notice here





It would rather derail a thread to discuss the holocaust. And here




It would rather derail a thread to discuss Hungary.

Another key aspect in identifying posts by the HOS is that often times the images it uses are not even related to Touhou as seen














When confronted with it's own secondary nature such as in the chain of posts following


After being called out for it's obvious complete lack of understanding in this post


It pretends to that it didn't make the post with this post


While still trying to force it's head canon. When backed into a corner by posters mentioning that Kaguya being the Kaguya-hime of legend is a well established fact and part of the back stories of other characters it attempts to say that it got the information second hand lulz from another poster in the board months before


Strangely enough HOS didn't show up in my records until just before the getball thing began. :^)

Also of note is the fact it doesn't see anything wrong with roleplaying


And so of course it dabbles in it it's self.


The honking of the last few days can be laid solely at the feet of one buttflustered hun. Of course now that he is being called out he will pretend to be an epic ruseman, and that it was trolling. A typical sad last attempt to salvage some pride when it has been completely broken.


Easiest way to decide this
Besides your whole post pretty much speaks for itself


jesus fucking christ, if this doesn't stop soon i'll slide the whole fucking board with youmu guro

all the fucking who are you quoting shit and muh secondaries, holy fuck, how can a board go to shit like this in like a day


File: 1426355063582.jpg (4.49 MB, 3507x2480, 3507:2480, Samyonrai.jpg)

>Strawpoll deciding anything other than who has a bigger proxy list

#!/usr/bin/env python
import Queue
import threading
import urllib2
import time
import requests

input_file = 'proxylist.txt'
threads = 10

queue = Queue.Queue()
output = []

class ThreadUrl(threading.Thread):
def init(self, queue):
self.queue = queue

def run(self):
total_votes = 0
total_attempts = 0

while True:
proxy_info = self.queue.get()

args = {'http': "http://" + str(proxy_info.replace('\n', '')),}

url = "http://strawpoll.me/ajax/vote"
post_str = "votes%5B%5D=00&id=3869598"

headers = {
'User-Agent': 'Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:27.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/27.0',
'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8',
'If-None-Match': '6995f',
'X-Requested-With': 'XMLHttpRequest',
'Referer': 'http://strawpoll.me/3869598',

response = requests.post(url, data=post_str, proxies=args, headers=headers, timeout=7)
total_votes = total_votes + 1
print "%s Success: %d/%d" % (proxy_info, total_votes, total_attempts)
print "%s Fail: %d/%d" % (proxy_info, total_votes, total_attempts)


start = time.time()
def main():
for i in range(5):
t = ThreadUrl(queue)
hosts = [host.strip() for host in open(input_file).readlines()]
for host in hosts:


for proxy,host in output:
print proxy,host

print "Elapsed Time: %s" % (time.time() - start)


File: 1426355178215.png (508.4 KB, 689x800, 689:800, GET block.png)

>Get called out for throwing a temper tantrum
>Threaten to throw a bigger one


You are the problem.


>Strangely enough HOS didn't show up in my records until just before the getball thing began. :^)

This is the part where it shows how much you just suck at your autistic research that you oh so pride yourself on
-First off I'm of germanic origin and wasn't even born in hungary
- I do not even like Okuu and rarely ever post hero on /2hu/
-I'm pretty much one of the very first posters on /2hu/ which I can even prove via the usage of archives
-I make about 2/4 of the threads(most of them reaching over 100 posts in replies) here and I'm generally one of the most active posters
Yet for some reason you have audacity to call me a newfag and the second worst poster based on your inadequate research

Nice proxy


Oh and one final thing, only about half of those links have (you) on them here >>13559
Which just further proves how incompetent you are


You know what? I agree with your intentions. Your head's in the right place, you don't want honkers like him bringing the quality of posts down with off-topic shit. I'm not really a fan of the /pol/shit being posted on this board either.
But I only agree with your intentions, your actions couldn't be more incorrect. I've been on chans for a long time, long enough to know exactly what your particular method of self-moderation does, and that is fuck all. Fuck all good, I should say, all you're managing to do is piss off everyone with your dramatic crusade against this poster you're talking about. You're not helping the board you're dragging it down further with him.

There isn't one poster throwing a temper tantrum, there's two. Don't you know what they say about he who fights monsters? The best thing to do is to take it to the board owner in the IRC and deal with it there, don't turn this board into your war zone, other people post here.


>Things that aren't true, the post

Well all it would take is for hotpocket to come in and he can confirm if any or all of those posts are from the same person.

I am fairly confident that my skills will prove out.


>Can't even admit when he's wrong
You're a real piece of shit, you know that?


Whom are you quoting?


File: 1426355901891-0.jpg (148.35 KB, 1189x750, 1189:750, ss (2015-03-14 at 06.55.33….jpg)

Unlike you, I can actually prove my words
See this post? Now despair when you realize that is a hungarian ip adress

I also know unlike him that me arguing with him has dragged down the quality of the board a bit, but I was honestly sick of this whole witch hunt atmosphere that has been going about in the past 5 days and his generally obnoxious and puffed up rulefaggot attitude

If somebody didn't stand up against him, he would have just continued his faggotry, this was atleast attention was brought to him and hopefully hot pocket will do something


You do realize that if you clear your cookies the (you) disappears. All it takes is Hotpockets coming in to prove whether it is right or wrong.

And that proves what? However all it would take is a simple check by the Hot pocket to prove whether or not you are the secondary roleplaying memeshitting person I linked and I know you are. So go ahead and stand up for your right to shit post and disregard canon.

Stay salty scrub:^)


File: 1426356322153.jpg (413.46 KB, 744x1052, 186:263, 97d6a40fdf9292b521482d6cfc….jpg)

I don't even need to go that far at this point
You ruined whatever credibility and reputation you had on this board(which was not much to begin with)
Your posts itself pretty much prove that you are cancer to anyone outside observer


>Being this angry at getting called a secondary


> However all it would take is a simple check by the Hot pocket to prove whether or not you are the secondary roleplaying memeshitting person I linked and I know you are.
Even then, you'd have no sort of high ground for your recent honking crusade against this guy.
Oh for fuck's sakes, did you really just say reputation on an anonymous image board? What the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously, what fucking forum did you mongrels crawl out of?


Reputation wasn't a thing on half chan and larger boards on full chan
But with the fact that this bard has less than 70 active posters, it is a fact that other posters are recognizable


Besides Youmufag did not even try to stay anonymous, considering he was constantly avatarfagging and making it obvious with his autismal attention whoring


>being this obsessed with internet fame


Even then, that's not something you should pay attention to on anonymous image boards. If you start trying to identify people, they'll start filtering what they say to prevent themselves from being identified, which is like a minor form of censoring.
I get that he's avatarfagging, but by saying his "reputation" is being ruined does nothing but play into the attention whoring.


Well reputation ruined wasn't exactly the right word here, seeing as anyone can just adopt a new identity at any given moment
I was more like trying to say that /2hu/ anons will be hopefully more vary of witch hunters like youmufag

I did not really try to identify people, it just happened without me trying, unlike Youmu fag who was consciously stalking people and violating their anonymity


File: 1426357647844.png (987.34 KB, 1320x4177, 1320:4177, Drama Queen 1.png)

After the faggot got identified it changed it's IP.

Everything the Autist posted is true.

Coming in several posts because of upload limits.

>being this mad that you get called out as a honker and have to honk even hard as damage control

If your "reputation" means so much. Try not being a shitty poster.


File: 1426357706970.png (2.05 MB, 1338x6070, 669:3035, Drama Queen 2.png)


File: 1426357828870.png (1.95 MB, 1340x7491, 1340:7491, Drama Queen 3.png)


A honker got called out on being a honker, and now wants to be anyone that calls it a honker. Almost all the reports in the queue are from it trying to get everyone who responded negatively to it in this thread flanned.




My reputation hardly means anything to me considering I'm not an attention whore and post mostly anonymously

Also I never said I did not honk
What you are failing to take into question is why the honks started, all of them were the counter honking responses to Youmufag's witch hunt(go check out those as well) where calls out people for being a secondary for the slightest things or for greentexting

Regardless of my actions, you can't endorse this Youmufags rulefaggotry any further


File: 1426358892882.png (304.8 KB, 700x945, 20:27, laughing sloots.png)

Notice you haven't been flanned? Notice the only one trying to enforce imaginary rules because they are butthurt is you?

The autist managed to completely and perfectly identify your honking, and you got so angry that someone was paying attention to you on the internet that you threw a hiss fit and have been crying about how it is everyone else’s fault. Post after post after post of you honking because someone asked you who you were quoting, and it wasn't even him. The Youmutist didn't report one post. Yet how many did you report?

>I'm not an attention whore

Yes, you are.


use your capcode nigger


>Notice you haven't been flanned? Notice the only one trying to enforce imaginary rules because they are butthurt is you?

Nice of you to completely ignore Youmufags actions before my honking started
Or do you want me to bring you pictures of them?

>The autist managed to completely and perfectly identify your honking

It wasn't hard to identify, considering my honking started after he began his witch hunt, my honks were a direct response to rulefaggotry as you can see in the chronological time order of things

>and you got so angry that someone was paying attention to you on the internet that you threw a hiss fit and have been crying about how it is everyone else’s fault.

Nah as I said I got angry about him wanting to enforce his rulefaggotry here and bring in le epic quoting may may

>Post after post after post of you honking because someone asked you who you were quoting

As I said I wasn't even the 2-3 guys he asked originally, I just started my honking to prevent it from spreading any further

>The Youmutist didn't report one post. Yet how many did you report?

About 2, wanted to report more, but captcha didn't let me


>Honking is okay if I do it guys
t. Attention whore


You are saying like honking isn't a part of chan culture at this point
Rulefaggotry is far much worse than honking


>MUH board culture
Sup /jp/


>implying that honking is restricted to /jp/ alone


Whom are you quoting?


File: 1426360070642.jpg (120.27 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 7afa5e8f8e7cd992abcb6830ec….jpg)

Looks like It's time for me to leave and look for a new home
I wouldn't want to spend more time with someone like Youmufag anyway
Maybe quitting /2hu/ will finally allow my writer to return
Goodbye, /2hu/
It was fun


Where did you get these?

See you tomorrow.


File: 1426360594088.png (734 B, 20x16, 5:4, burning tire.png)

A little birdy told me.


Holy fuck, how can a board go so wrong in a single day.


File: 1426394653923.jpg (59.85 KB, 600x386, 300:193, Houraisan.Kaguya.600.15489….jpg)

I assume it's because Youmu anon has been rulefagging for a while now and I only just noticed it because I caused things to boil over. Or maybe he just got here, who knows.


I don't know, man. I just want to see Chinese grills cartoons.


Somehow its funny that all this escalated so hard after a certain someone started to put several in the pillory.


Did you by some chance posted this as well in /pol/ some weeks ago?


It's the cirnofag's script she posted on /pol/ back in...whenever it was Rei was trying to get everyone to leave /pol/ by running his own script.


The fuck has happened in this thread


I came to learn. I learned, but not what I came to learn.


this place feels a bit more lonely than it used to be i do not think he >>13601 and some others came back after that shitsorm


I take some time off and I see this shitstorm.

Well, it's been a fun ride.


Holy shit.
Did I miss some big autism fest or something?


Why does EOSD have such a ⑨edly hard deathbomb?
I feel like I miss it by a frame every time I'm hit.


Yes. A very big one.
Please, understand.

The windows feels a bit shorter than normal, and it certainly shouldn't help if you started off with Imperishable Night.


Imperishable Night has an xbox hueg deathbomb time, EOSD's feels tiny just compared to PCB's.


I played PCB as my intro to the series, so there's your reason for me calling it that


wait wait wait are you sure you arent thinking of the border team ability thing?


Maybe I am, but the IN deathbomb is still much much bigger than the EOSD one.


You're probably just playing as Reimu/Yukari, who have an increased deathbomb time.


No I play Marisa/Alice or Sakuya/Remilia if I really feel like it.


File: 1428458305121.png (28.79 KB, 361x355, 361:355, 1427755095013.png)

>tfw you I knew nothing about the actual games and thought they were some kind of JRPGs

Not sure how I should feel about that


File: 1428550652250.jpg (Spoiler Image, 230.57 KB, 588x800, 147:200, 48700720_20Momiji_Inubashi….jpg)

Are all the games worth playing?
Which games have analog input?
Should I use a gamepad?
What's the best way to do that?


>Are all the games worth playing?
Yes all of them are good but don't start with the first game, start with Touhou 6
>Which games have analog input?
I don't really know what you mean but in all the games you can only move in 8 directions
>Should I use a gamepad?
>What's the best way to do that?
you don't

Also stop being an annoying faggot for the love of god.


File: 1428560471113.png (611.62 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1428258516035-0.png)


File: 1428603279157.jpg (70.46 KB, 585x800, 117:160, 1426715348660.jpg)

how do I leave this universe to enter the 2hu one


File: 1428619519370-0.jpg (90.4 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 1424716974868.jpg)

File: 1428619519370-1.png (495.99 KB, 1127x1050, 161:150, brb.png)


brb gensokyo

Drugs ( >>13994 )


Pick your poison


File: 1428619906288.png (32.19 KB, 677x606, 677:606, 1419625294136.png)

Fugging word filders


Aren't you guys talking about Last Spells? It's not just a border team thing. With border team, you can do it with only one bomb remaining.




Maybe I'm a little bit late, but I can play almost all Touhou games, including the fighting ones.

Just append <alias jwine="LANG="ja_JP.UTF-8" wine> (without <>) to your .bashrc and type <source .bashrc> into your terminal. Then start it with <jwine th*.exe>. You don't need PlayOnLinux, just wine. I'm currently on Debian 8.


Hello ever one.

I'll get right down to it.

I'm completely new to 2hu. I've been meaning to get in to the games for a while now, I'm downloading game 6 now, but I have some questions if you don't mind.

Why is it best to start with game 6?

Which game does Ibuki appear in?

Also why is 2hu so fucking awesome?





Fuck, I messed up on my phone's screen and I can't delete that empty response. Anyway, 6 is not best to start with for beginners except maybe that it's the first chronological windows games. I always tell beginners to start with 8 Imperishable Night personally.

Suika is in IAMP and SWR, two of the spin-off fighting games.



IN forms bad habits largely due to that long window for deathbombing.

I tell people to go ahead and try TD instead.


File: 1430674923353.jpg (97.01 KB, 500x707, 500:707, 8fa33d87.jpg)

I been wondering for a while, but are there any fan made 'remakes' of the retro touhou games as if they were modern ones?



There might be danmakufu scripts around, but fully fledged games, not to my knowledge.


File: 1431418392983.png (174.12 KB, 640x480, 4:3, eosd 1cc normal.png)

This was long overdue.



1st time ?



File: 1431927757977.png (84.85 KB, 300x100, 3:1, it was me cirno.png)



Banners are full but I might add it.




i downloaded pofv from here and when trying to play it on windows 7 ultimate sp1, the title screen went gray and glitched out, i downloaded it from a torrent and it worked fine

it may be a problem with save data being there, i saw a replay that was saved, or maybe it's configured for a different version of windows

i found torrenting more convenient, but thought i'd point this out anyways


File: 1433387599527.png (220.16 KB, 600x480, 5:4, 39365596_big_p7.png)

is /2hu/ dead?


File: 1433389409215.jpg (218.72 KB, 555x567, 185:189, Sekibanki.full.1510307.jpg)


All the users are going to Gensokyo and there isn't any internet there.


File: 1433391406038.jpg (53.9 KB, 600x750, 4:5, crying awoo.jpg)


Sadly slowly getting there but hopefully it will still stay around.. I hope.





/2hu/ generally fluctuates between 35 and 60 UIDs , this is normal.


File: 1435088130196.png (66.18 KB, 500x363, 500:363, 640.png)


File: 1435095763118.jpg (188.96 KB, 600x600, 1:1, why.jpg)


Why ?


File: 1435099879507.gif (917.24 KB, 250x251, 250:251, 1417534846369.gif)


why not?


Finally beat EoSD on normal yesterday, and thought it was time to go for the extra mode.

Man was I wrong.

Fuck you flandre.



Just move in to the next game until you beat SA.

At this point you can either try to clear the extra in MoF or keep beating games up to DDC.








>I didn't remove the filters

Nice try goy but you'll never guess them.






>["su1cide","brb gensokyo"],

>["1s that so?","Sonanoka~"],

>["Sakuya's b00bs","Sakuya's PADs"],



Git gud faggot

>implying settings.php doesn't exist

>implying I don't know that the board has a 50 thread per hour limit

>implying I didn't play GETball ever

Due to the wordfilter, and being stuck on a phone, I had to replace some of the letters with numbers, try the wordfilters if you want.


File: 1435672866615.jpg (306.47 KB, 425x450, 17:18, IMG_20150530_184222.jpg)


File: 1435804679410.png (322.21 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1cc.png)

Finally beat EoSD for the first time. I realise that almost everyone else here did that years ago, but still, it's a great feeling. It really didn't occur to me that I might actually do it this time until I was on Remilia's last spellcard.

It's the second Touhou game I've 1ccd, the other being Story of Eastern Wonderland. This was way harder though.


Is it possible to play pvp Soku with two keyboards? When I try it, the input goes to the same character. I can still do it with a pad and a keyboard though. Would using a pad emulation program help?



http://ahkscript.org/ This is pretty easy and worked perfectly for me.

I thought this was a thread for helping noobs? Try and keep your asinine arguing to other threads.





File: 1437726515294-0.gif (4.13 KB, 128x128, 1:1, 2x6d.gif)

File: 1437726515294-1.gif (4.5 KB, 128x128, 1:1, 2x6e.gif)


File: 1438243256593.png (177.31 KB, 384x445, 384:445, 1415077088804.png)

If DDC is the first touhou to be officially be released to the west, how come there is still no fucking translation for it?



You could always ask the localisation team from the Neptune games to make a translation and shit for it, they'll meme it up for you.

If my memory serves me right, then it was one dude, but i don't remember his name



I had to use https://thpatch.net/wiki/Touhou_Patch_Center to get a translation. It was a pain but I got it working eventually.


Just downloaded some games right now, intently playing touhou 6

tbh this is the last genre of game I expected all these cute girls with stupid hats fucking all over the internet to be part of. Altho I always somewhat wanted to try out a nipponeese shoot em up, its really fun!



Shit, I actually enjoy those threads.


I thought this thread was for beginners, but I am 10 posts in and completely fucking lost. What the fuck do flags and honking have to do with touhou.



File: 1439322154675.jpg (28.06 KB, 300x214, 150:107, honk honk.jpg)


This board used to have flags and now it doesn't.

Honking was the wordfilter for shitposting. It comes from a comic about Chen riding a bike.

Hopefully this clears up your confusion.


>>25236 honking was the wordfilter for shitposting

whooa this needs to come back what are you waiting for petition the mods


File: 1439370921133.png (1.38 MB, 1199x999, 1199:999, dfb3e6259d0997505c0654f450….png)


No need for wordfilters.

Just type honking instead of shitposting if you prefer it.

We all know what it means.


>want to download the second touhouvania

>moriya shrine's mega download is fucked, can't finish it

Suppose I should be thankful because I ended up getting a Tenshi game instead, and it's pretty good from what I've played so far. It's been so long since I've played any 2hu and I'm glad I finally quit procrastinating to hop on this board.




Says it's corrupt on extraction, but that might be me being retarded and winding down from a long day.



Disregard this, I just remembered H split, or whatever it was called.



Well let me know if you get it running.

I'll upload mine if you can't.


File: 1439451571971.jpg (407.76 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, 857b6087f88dfc24ba7c5185be….jpg)


It's a little embarrassing but HJ split was in fact the answer, and it's working fine. Thanks again, but shame on me for losing it in the first place a while back.



Your welcome. Have fun with Strangers Requiem.



Just cleared Phantasm, although it ended in a little zerg. Coming from Megamari makes this game hell though.



Congrats on beating Phantasm mode.

I never got around to finishing it myself since Yukari is such bullshit.

If only flight wasn't limited like in the first one she'd be much more doable.


What the fuck even is Ringo's non-spells?

The bits of EOSD Lunatic I could manage didn't feel anywhere even close to this and I'm playing on Normal.


I got a few questions

what's the difference between holding shift and not other than it moving slower and your hitbox showing. do you do less damage?

what's up with the little boxes? what are the small blue ones and the slightly bigger red P ones?

got any strategies for someone new?

is it fine to start with embodiment of scarlet devil?


File: 1439873959281.jpg (316.68 KB, 676x600, 169:150, 1435550878334.jpg)


I'm starting out with EoSD myself as the first game I want to try and 1CC.

Using shift is supposed to increase your damage, I believe, but narrow your shot spread. Hence why it should increase damage.

The blue boxes add up for score, and the red boxes increase your power level.

The only advice is to git gud. If you potentially have a learning disability like I seem to, then that could take months, but don't give up. Other people can beat a touhou game in two days, but if you compare yourself to other people then you will crash, burn, and never play again. You should get replays, they're more helpful than youtube videos because they won't have shit quality and you'll be able to see EXACTLY what you must do in order to get through certain sections of the game.

I'm starting with EoSD because it's the first canon game, whether you want to do that as well or not is up to you, but I also suggest beating EoSD first because it's harder than others in the series, so it will make you do well when you pick up the other 2hu games. Good luck.



is there a proper site to find replays






File: 1439928458195.jpg (90.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1393269554382.jpg)

>only game I remember 1ccing was MoF

>play again but with Marisa A for a change

>doing fine up until stage 4

>fairy from the side got me

>crippling disappointment from dying strikes, motivation lost

>bombing unnecessarily and Momiji wrecks me

Being horribly out of practice aside I probably should've let myself die for the sake of practicing stages. Is there a way to use a shot type wrong? Because that's what it felt like with Marisa A and not using her bits well enough.

And to hell with slow lasers.


File: 1439931049756.png (105.08 KB, 420x288, 35:24, 007937.png)


> It's hard for me to play the game now without breaking down into tears.

How can one man be so pathetic?



Marisa A is really tricky, but if you hold down at the bottom of the screen the options will overlap with you so that you get maximum forward damage. Knowing where to set up the options to shoot from safety is also important.

Really though I recommend a different shot type, such as Reimu A or B. Marisa A relies on too much memorization.


Why is 2hu so popular in mexico? It feels kinda random but I see a lot of spanish speaking 2hu videos and shit.



Mexicans love arcade style games for some reason.

It makes sense that they'd like Touhou as well.



I fly up and down to get them lined up with focus and did that I think that just made things worse for me. Was hoping it was the laser one but decided to stick around to see if it was fun.



Ignore that first 'did that', long day. I'll get back on the grind tonight with a not-homing shot.


why does sakuya have so many tactical fan art? what started this? why is it a thing? I'm not complaining. I fucking love it.


>Aya is harder than Sanae

There's got to be something wrong with me.


File: 1441255763566.png (2.73 MB, 1274x958, 637:479, ; - ;.png)

So today I managed to finally pull that off...

Well, this far enough anyway...


how exactly does touhou canon work?



Everything made by ZUN is canon. This includes games (everything numbered at least), books and music CDs.

PC-98 games are canon (ZUN himself has confirmed it but people kept retranslating it to make it seem like he said they weren't) but for anything contradictory you should look to the modern games for canon - which was also confirmed by ZUN is roughly the same sentence.

Inaba of the moon and Inaba of the earth is generally considered non-canon due to ZUN being only loosley involved.


File: 1441935409923.png (44.47 KB, 237x237, 1:1, 1412039495961.png)


> (ZUN himself has confirmed it but people kept retranslating it to make it seem like he said they weren't)


File: 1441950893634.jpg (668.66 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 1379684454118.jpg)


>anyone ever thinking IotM&IotE is canon

It was fun to read but anyone who thinks it would be canon is legit retarded


>just now realized my DDC, ISC and LoLK folders have no replay or snapshot folder

Wait, where are they being saved now?


File: 1442082292527.jpg (103.44 KB, 330x450, 11:15, 1437647920642.jpg)


Nevermind, found them. Kind of a weird change but whatever.




@echo off
md "%CD%\user"
set "APPDATA=%CD%\user"
start custom


@echo off
md "%CD%\user"
set "APPDATA=%CD%\user"
start th15

Replace th15 with any game you want. This will make the games store their files in their local directories.


File: 1442379057451.jpg (61.14 KB, 666x632, 333:316, 1441342733235.jpg)

A month ago I couldn't get past Meiling without running out of lives, and now I'm able to get to Remilia. Jesus fucking christ. I don't understand how I've progressed so quickly, but it makes me feel really good.


File: 1442781415823.jpg (83.56 KB, 536x720, 67:90, nido.org_1442622869679_n.jpg)




File: 1442901602769.webm (2.5 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Super ultra mega platinum….webm)


File: 1443174548342.jpg (12.57 KB, 472x357, 472:357, 1399989420170.jpg)


File: 1443174960983.mp4 (17.79 KB, 300x300, 1:1, CG-77ReVIAA0RN8.mp4)


File: 1443209668791.webm (326.19 KB, 352x448, 11:14, 52597035.webm)




So I can't play any of the shmup games. When I get to the main menu, it begins scrolling up like crazy like I was gluing the button down (it's also stuck going left constantly when I got to character select). I have no clue how to fix this, and it isn't a problem with my keyboard as it happens even if I unplug it.

I just wanna 1CC some shmups, halp



Did you google it?


File: 1443243388373.png (48.66 KB, 196x196, 1:1, confused.png)


Yeah. Most places I checked (that were relevant to the problem) didn't know what the hell to do.

Then I decided, "fuck it I'll use a controller", plugged one in...and the problem is now gone.

What the fuck.




Are you using wine on Linux? If so, that's a common problem.

Enter winecfg and in the graphics tab, check the "simulate virtual desktop" box.



Are you using a USB keyboard?

As opposed to a PS/2 one?



i run the games on wine in linux and I don't get that issue

i dont have to simulate virtual desktop at all. I just had to uncheck a box but I forget which one it's called


The Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom link is down.



Not anymore.



that time you see a link to a site you used to be a mod on

man i miss the shrine






Is it me or is the site down/unstable a lot? Also the mega links for all the pc-98 game OSTs except for HRtP and all the side game OSTs are down. Is there another resource I could use to get those albums?



>Is there another resource I could use to get those albums?




File: 1445494930332.webm (621.7 KB, 848x488, 106:61, 53155194.webm)


so i finally got around to downloading bunny time and the language patcher said it prefers 1.00b.

so i download the patch and it doesnt seem to want to update it.

looked on moriya to see if i could get a fresh download, maybe the one i got was faulty, but that link is down




i tried one of those 3 at the bottom and that worked. im not sure what the thing at the top is but its much much smaller, some online patcher that didnt want to connect to my gaijin ass?



that was the trial version



so it was the moon runes throwing off the patcher? pretty funny


My laptop keyboard has ghosting issues which have made me put off any real attempts into getting into the games.

Any advice?


I bought the games, and am installing them from CD's. I have an issue with PCB.

Now installing is no fun, I dont speak Japanese so I have no idea what the two choices are between. Luckily I know the katakana for install and cancel.

Anyway, I installed PCB but there was an error. Running it just makes the screen blink until I cancel it with task manager. What am I doing wrong?

I use windows 7, and SA installed fine (havent patched yet, so it's all in moon) but I dont want to start with SA because it's one of the more difficult games.



Try doing it with AppLocale or changing your system's region and language to Japanese so the file system will recognize Japanese characters.



I fixed it. It was in Jap Locale, I just needed to piss around with Japanese confidgurations. Patching it fucked my games up though, so I am stuck with Japanese only, but I doubt that makes a difference to a game like this.



Don't use a laptop keyboard.



Are you sure, that it's your keyboard, and not the laptop's VGA?

Did you tried an external/USB keyboard, or a kontroller?

Laptop specifications (including OS)?

You may scavenge through your installed programs too.



I'm not sure why you'd bother with installing even if you had the original discs, though.

It's much easier to just grab the files themselves from the internet and decompress them into a folder - a bonus is that they come pre-patched, more or less.

Side note: change System Locale back to English before patching. Translation patching works well enough for me on an English Locale, so I don't find a need to keep it in Jap Locale.



UK is thinking of passing, or has passed some shitty spy laws. I'm not risking anything, even something as minor as downloading games I already own. I distrust my government enough already, I'm not giving them reasons to fuck me over.






Get politically active.

Remove immigrant rapists and terrorists.

You're a minority in your own country.


File: 1447791165694.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 2149x3035, 2149:3035, 53612693_p2.jpg)



Please spoiler the lewds.




OK, I'm sold. How do I into 2hu? How do I know which 2hu waifu is for me?


EoSD freezes on startup.

The music plays and it takes up a lot cpu resources.

Tried running it under applocal but the same thing happens.



What OS do you have?






Which one?

1? 2? 3.11? 95? 98SE? 2000? Millenium? XP? NT? Server 2003? Vista? Server 2008? 7? 8.1? Server 2012? 10? CE?



Seven, I've tried compatibility mode



The game should run fine with w7.

Have you tried installing the DirectX stuff from the game's folder, or from the latest games?



All later games run fine


Found a work around.

It only freezes in windowed mode,

so I configured it to launch fullscreen.


Newcomer here (sorta) trying to broaden my perspective. It's been about a year since I discovered Touhou, but the ONLY experience I have with Touhou is clearing some of the main games and listening to fan remixes. When I look around online, I of course see people who are into the characters and such a lot more than myself.

So where should I go from here? Like, people seem to know the lore and character personalities very well, and I just don't get the same intimate impression of those things from the games alone. Do you only get that from reading tons of doujinshi and fanart?

Where do I even start and are there even more areas I should be getting into?


File: 1448971853027.jpg (2.91 MB, 2480x3507, 2480:3507, 27270a33f2cae73dc5a43a1d63….jpg)


Well Zun has written several official Manga series and books, but really your best place to start is the Touhou wiki (the link is in the OP). It has more information on the official derivative works, plus translations of the profiles from each game and a detailed page for each character.


File: 1449027001852-0.jpg (2.55 MB, 4429x1311, 4429:1311, touhou.jpg)

File: 1449027001860-1.jpg (84.35 KB, 354x565, 354:565, who is this.jpg)

Hey touhou anons, I'm new here and I have always respected touhou characters and the whole thing about each character representing something historical and wearing fine traditional clothing.

Got a question, who is this beautiful woman? Kinda strange she's waering some Eastern looking hat.

I'll be lurking here for a while now, kind of getting sick of /v/'s subversion from newfags lately. Also, I always loved your touhou threads on pol/v, there has been a lack of those threads for a while now, a shame.



That, I believe, is Rumia cosplaying as a hunter from Monster Hunter. I believe the particular set of armor she is wearing is the Yukumo Armor set. I say it's Rumia because she's standing next to Cirno and Wriggle, and is generally portrayed as being part of Team 9. Also, she has that red ribbon of her usual outfit slapped right onto the front of the cosplay.



Cool, thanks for the detailed answer. Time to look her up... I need to play MH one day too.


Does anyone get screen tearing when playing windowed? I'm using the vsync patch but it doesn't seem to help and might actually be causing it. Also is there a way to play fullscreen without stretching, like a pillarbox (with black bars on the sides)?



Of course it causes it. The vsync patch is there to disable vsync. Vsync is what prevents tearing. And applications can't use vsync while windowed, so they will tear. My advice to you is to get a monitor that matches the aspect ratio of the games. Since the games are 4:3, you will probably need a CRT. Otherwise, you can try playing windowed and stretch it out to fill your monitor. I think there may be a way to play fullscreen without letterboxing. But I don't know exactly. Try checking the configuration for your graphics driver. There may be an option for it.


So, what Touhou game should I start with? I've recently become very interested in the series, and I have no clue where to start. I vaguely remember seeing some guide a few months back about a suggested order, but I'm not sure what it said.



I always played them in release order


So game #6, full screen has uncapped fps and it hits 1000+ fps. How do I cap fullscreen framerate to 60? And how do I raise window/fullscreen resolution? Its like 800x600 windowed on a 1920x1080 desktop.



You can use the vpatch to cap it. Every game until 13.5 is set at a native 640*480 resolution. There's no way to change it although you can stretch it. You can stretch it with the vpatch. The newer games let you play at 1280*960 optionally.



File: 1455781937916.webm (6.47 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 2hu Party Night.webm)


File: 1456066166006.png (333.13 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1446583039001.png)

I wanted to get into Touhou and downloaded EoSD after playing IN for a while.

I downloaded the version from the link in the OP and extracted it into a folder and ran it.

Once the game starts loading, it gets stuck on the loading screen and then stops working.

In windowed mode I can hear the menu music after a short while but the game will still be stuck.

I have tried running it with Japanese locale or as an administrator, but no change.

I use Windows 8 as my OS and I doubt further specs will be needed with a game as old as this.



>Windows 8

Maybe try running it in compatibility mode?



That doesn't seem to change anything I'm afraid.

Vista mode didn't have the program get the "X stopped working" label but it still refused to react to anything and I doubt with this game's age that it would need multiple minutes to load, so it must've frozen as well.



Okay, now something really strange is happening.

I tried setting the game to fullscreen after having changed the compatibility mode and it seems to be able to start now.

Problem is, the game runs at an incredibly high speed, probably due to my modern PC by 2002 standards running the frame-based timescale system into the ground.

Turning on the 60 FPS limiter option in the config .exe will just result in the game crashing after starting it without any loading screens or music.

If nobody has any idea on what could be wrong, I'll try getting the game from a different source.



File: 1456590285272.webm (7.17 MB, 480x360, 4:3, IOSYS_Convictor_Yamaxanad….webm)



Honestly, I'd rather have a different source than the Moriya Shrine.

There's this on nyaa: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=788435



>7.5 gb

>9 seeders

>9 leechs

I think it would be more practical to have individual downloads for each game.



I think patience is a virtue. Leaving a BitTorrent-client running in the background for a while requires little else.


I tried playing Seihou and now I truly respect the way Touhou games are built. That game is cheap as fuck.


File: 1457215247655.png (6.79 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

So, I'm having fun playing the games, but don't seem to encounter the heavy lore everyone is creaming themselves over while I was playing them.

Most games only have those short character interactions between fights and that's it, the games also seem too short to show the player and meaningful amount of story.

When I played through IN I had no idea why the moon was hidden/replaced by that fake one and for what purpose, I had no idea who those bunny girls and that pharmacist were, I read that they're from the moon but I don't know shit about the lore and don't know when and where this plotpoint was established.

All I know about the overarching story of 2hu is that there is an enormous plot point related to the moon and that Gensokyo is in a parallel universe locked from the real world with magical monstergirls named Youkai killing people and eating them and that's literally it.

Where do most 2hu fans get their lore knowledge from, should I just play more of the games?

I'm really curious about the story and it seems to be fairly rich.

Sorry if I sound rude, please accept this badly mousedrawn Reimu as an apology.



To be honest the actual games have shit lore which is limited to pre-bossfight banter and some ending dialogue.

If you're here for the lore you'll have to read the different Touhou Manga's and other similar things on the wiki.


File: 1457352287835.png (420.77 KB, 679x889, 97:127, 1439752635770.png)

Dear Boss Fairy,

I'd like to suggest a strict zero tolerance policy towards /pol/-related content on this board.

No matter its original designation or purpose, every non-native /pol/ thread in which /pol/-related content is introduced into tends to derail into a putrid amalgam of pseudoscience, opinions presented as facts, and general rudeness.

While I have no hard evidence on the relation between origin and quality, I have yet to see a humble and polite /pol/-poster, and I believe a lot of other fairies (and Anons) have made a similar experience, which is why I am lancing this proposal and what I would like to appeal to.

I understand that this is what the "Hide" button was designed for, but determined posters are notoriously hard to contain, and while the current situation is comparatively mild, a rising pph and total user count may make /2hu/ a more attractive target in the future (again).



That'd be like banning mentioning anything Umineko related.


File: 1457354277068.jpg (513 KB, 691x899, 691:899, 1451979573241.jpg)


No, there isn't a reason to keep /pol/ off the board. I get if you have thin skin and browse /leftypol/ and have issues with people shitposting on a board like /2hu/, but my friend you must realize the lord and savior Hotwheels invented like the hide thread and post button if you find it so annoying.

But to give you a solid answer, no also use the right thread faggot >>19506.



8chan in general is very /pol/-oriented. It sucks if you're not interested in the content there.



Sorry, I don't see the connection.

Seacats are related to /jp/ and its derivatives - there's a cultural link between them and Touhou. I don't see this link with /pol/.

Additionally, regarding their (his?) presence on this board, interaction often ends light-hearted if humoured and taken humorously. In contrast, people tend to become very abrasive when /pol/ is involved.


I have never been to either /pol/ or any board directly affiliated with it, as they are to absolutely no interest to me, and I don't violently inject my topic of choice into every other topic I come across. This kind of very basic politeness is something I expect as a common courtesy.

As I have posted, I'm aware of the "Hide"-button, but I've also said why I still think there's a precedence for taking action.

I understand you suggest applying for janitor?


Calling insults and bravado content is a bit of a stretch, if you ask me.


Step up senpai


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wow rude



Thats a big gun




Believe it or not, /pol/, 8chan isn't all about you.



This should of been a Wriggle get.



>should of



I really don't believe in censorship, even if it is something I don't agree with. After all, like >>38259 said I think it's just a good idea to hide the thread and let them do their thing.


              「o`':.‐ .._              _.. ‐::''´  ̄:`i

              |: : : :.::::::::`::‐.._       _.. ‐ ''´ : : : : : : : .::::::|

             |: : : : :__:: --―`――‐‐'::_ : : : : : : : : : : :...:::::::|

              _.':‐ '´            ` . : : : : : : :.::::::::::,!

 |、         /                   \ : : : : : :::::::/

 ヾ、._   ___,,.イ。                    \ : : : ::::〈

       ̄  /                    、     ヽ : ::::::::|

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        /|   l   .l  | ,|    |       l l!     ',.::::::::|

      .//!  .| !  |  |/|    |ト、  | .!  |.|l |  l   ',:::::::|

        .'/ |   | |  |  ! |     .|! l|ヽ.|゙! |.  !!| l  |   .l、::::|゙:、

      l/ |  .l|| .! .__ハ、|. li    || | ゙| ゙!| |_ | | | .l   トヾj:::::゙:.、

       |!  .l  || lハ l「_ニト!、 l|、  ,!|_..l-‐ニ丁| | | | .!    |::::`\_ :\

       l   '.  || | ゙、〈´|。i゙! .l ゙.、| イi。il!:|.》|l   | l. |l    |! : : : : : : : ゙::...._

       |     '. || l   ヘ!弋ソ     ゙l 弋シ'/'|   .! l ,!|l    ゙、、::、- ..__: : : `::‐- .._ --

       l     ゙.|/   |///    __ ...... ////。 ,イ.' '   ||    ゙.、、\    ̄ ̄    /

          _.. ''//   ゝ、   「     .|/, ' / .l /   .!l、_   ヘ\ `         ./

   _. - '' _./イ    ,i/|`! ‐ ._`ー  '_//   //_....._ ヘ.  \.  | '.         /

   '.    ̄  /。  _,.イl ゙ | ゙! _..`T ´〈 〈   ̄/'    ` 、゙.、  ゛. |  l  ___,,. -‐'

    '.      | /´  ゙|\゙y '´/イ_.. '´\、.i'/ _ ___   .|._\-‐'.|''´ ̄

     '.    ゙、|    / /^ゝ「ヽ.   ,.×!´ -`i _l_>'i'┤_ _ _ _ ___

     ゙.      l   ,. ' ,.l「_プi「`》. ヽ/ :::::|     j´ `⌒´゙ヽ           `'' .._

       ゙、 _ ___./  / .:´.:l∠゙V'-´:::::::::::::l`ー‐"|  |  :l  ゙!             ` .._

          __| ./ : :..:.: : : : : : :::::__...-‐ノ...:‐┬ト  .j   |   l                `'' .._

    ,. ' ̄  ̄ ./ .7 : : : : : : : : :( ̄   .:.:.:.l ゙ ./__... '-‐'"               _ -‐ "´

  , '        ヽ,_,i : : : : : : : : : : :`'ー ´:::: ̄::/ `¨´ ` .._           _. -‐ ''"´

.            .| .|: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::..:/` - ._    ` .._ _. -‐ ''"´

.._           / |: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.: :/     `'' - ._   `

Forgot to post this on 9/9. Oh well.


File: 0b2801c1ca33b81⋯.png (774.6 KB, 700x976, 175:244, 06e86c05e1397b782300a7bcba….png)

Saving thread from e0001


I have a small technical question. Other than remaping keys through editing the registry in W7, is there any other way that isn't as 'permanent'? I know it's not permanent of course but im talking more like an on/off switch without rebooting or logging out. I want to use an external numbpad because I just can't get used to the default scheme on my laptops keyboard.

The other questions is: the games from Moriya Shrine are absolutely, 100% free of any sort of malware right? Sorry if I come of as paranoid but with how the updates scheme recently changed for W7 (big unnamed blobs without the option to opt out for individual updates) and how MS is pushing their telemetry crap it's be a real pain to reinstall windows or deal with things like that.



I don't know about remapping keys, but the games on Moriya Shrine should be malware free. You could grab the games from nyaatorrents instead if you wanted.


File: eab681372988c33⋯.png (232.33 KB, 545x500, 109:100, eab681372988c33f44ae7fc685….png)


Nigger, 8chan is basically /pol/chan.



Pretty much. Besides, having /pol/ around helps keep out leftists and sjws. Like hell do I want some rainbow-haired turbo dykes making a pozzfest out of touhou.


What the fuck is up with the /leftypol/ link?


File: 1bc8b71ee155352⋯.jpg (202.43 KB, 660x660, 1:1, y.jpg)

General advice to finding the gaps in spellcards?


File: 76eea3abdc0ef8b⋯.png (175.54 KB, 463x492, 463:492, kagu.png)


Don't get hit.



just trying to make sense of the replay



Who are you quoting?

also should I request >>47333 here?


File: 9d348d9d6fa9862⋯.jpg (83.82 KB, 467x534, 467:534, 9d348d9d6fa9862f44c56316a9….jpg)

Thread fixed (again)!


Link to game downloads is broken. Can someone post a mirror?





File: 5d18dd1634cf0ae⋯.jpg (89.28 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, never playing again.jpg)

Is there some kind of general time frame it takes to be at least reasonably competent at touhou or shmups in general? I ask because I've been playing EoSD on and off for about a week or two and I still can't reliably 1cc Cirno, I can't even make it to patchouli at all unless I really spam bombs, and frankly, my spirit is kind of crushed. I'm not terrible at video games by any means, hardly amazing but I've managed stuff like dante must die on dmc3 (although only barely) and some mmz games on hard at A rank (I gave up on S though) and normally I can pick up a new game and get used to the playstyle reasonably quickly just by playing over and over until I'm familiar, but I just can't seem to get used to touhou.

I can't really tell if it's because I'm having a hard time dealing with the disconnect between the visuals and the hitboxes, being able to make delicate inputs with the arrow keys or just lacking enough spacial awareness to not crash into bullets to the side or behind me, but I just seem to be totally incapable of getting better at the game. I guess if it's normal that it takes a long time to adapt I'll keep trying but at this rate I'm just about ready to resign myself to being a pathetic secondary.



You get hit because you don't see where the bullets are going. Everyone can tap a button, so it's not a matter of "technicality", like in fighters of FPSs. But knowing where you are and where the bullets are going is a lot harder.

I'd estimate it takes some 300+ hours to get decent at any game that's not completely casul, depending on the person playing. You can probably get lucky enough with dodging and deathbombing to get the first 1cc much earlier. Two weeks, however, is way too early. You'd have to play 10 hours a day and you'd still only get 140 hours of playtime.



The issue is that I'm not just 'not-good', but that even easy stages before the bullets are at a 'danmaku' level and are just a small amount of the content on screen still kill me constantly. Patchouli's stage is where I actually trap myself and die because i didn't know where to go (or where I should have been), that I can appreciate taking time to adjust to, but up to that point I just seem to be incapable of not overshooting or undershooting when moving to the location I want to go to and dying over trivial attacks when there aren't even more than a dozen bullets on screen. I'm not talking 1cc clearing lunatic or anything that would require you to be actually good, just basic competency seems to elude me. Thank you for letting me know that getting good at the game could take a very long time though, it's reassuring to know that I should keep trying and that it's not that I'm completely hopeless or anything.


posted in the wrong thread

I try to get in the games and downloaded Embodiment of Scarlet Devil from Moriyashrine. When I open it in window mode, it immediately freezes in the loading screen with the music playing. When I open it in fullscreen, it starts with 1500+ fps and just skips quickly in what appears to be the first stage or a demo battle in high speed, after a second or two I die see the gameover screen and get thrown back in the level while hearing the soundtrack fucked up and distorted. This happens with and without 60 fps lock.



It may be worth briefly checking out a later game that shows your hit box when focusing, just to help you visualise. Aside from that, just keep trying out focused and unfocused movement as well as both characters (Reimu is slower than Marisa) until you get a feel for their movement.

It can also be worth checking out a replay or walkthrough to see how they handle certain areas. Things like Sakuya's Misdirection spellcard can be nightmare hard if you don't know what is happening. It can help you in those specific areas but also teach you more broadly applicable tactics. Watching replays of yourself can also help you analyse what you're doing without pressure and see what is going wrong.



Not sure what the window mode issue is but if you've got vpatch for the games it fixes the fullscreen fps issue (or at least creates a workaround for it)


Thank you, I've gone and tried the later games properly (I'd given a few of them a very brief go before focusing on EoSD) and I definitely noticed that I'm doing a lot better than I did the first time. Although I think I may have to put off finishing EoSD until much later, I feel fairly confident that with some effort I should be able to clear 7 and 8 at the very least. I'm also having more fun dying to attacks where I really feel that I was cornered, rather than due to making bad inputs or misjudging hitboxes.


Where the fuck am i supposed to download these games? I've been looking around for awhile now and I can't seem find them. I know i can't get them off of nyaa because it's down and the seeders are shit, and i can't get them off of the link in OP because it was deleted.

Where should i be downloading these games from?




Thank you.


File: 0f8d6d704c81390⋯.jpg (116.28 KB, 600x750, 4:5, 37553839_p0.jpg)

There goes the flower viewing.


File: fbc42c695c451f9⋯.png (161.12 KB, 1426x601, 1426:601, Capture.PNG)

I was going to make a thread but better ask here. I'm about to play Touhou for the first time and I noticed 2 things: I really fucking sucks although I got better, and there's little to no story, at least in the first game.

So that lead me to 3 questions. When is story begin to be incorporated? Do I need to play them all in order to get all the autism? And if not, what fan games are better retelling with a different genre/gameplay?



Start with Touhou 6. You should only play Touhou 1-5 until you're already really familiar with the series.



These games are really hard. I only finished touhou 6 on normal and I am too much of faggot to try another games in this moment.

It doesn't, you need to read official LNs.

No, only from touhou 6. Everything before was made into non-canon by word of god.

For fan games check http://moriyashrine.weebly.com/



Actually, word of god is that events in PC-98 exist as long as things from Touhou 6 and onward don't contradict it. This means that unless ZUN states that Yuuka never had a scythe-wielding assistant at one point, Elly will remain canon. Also, you truly are a faggot for not having at least tried playing the rest of the games in the series. Also, I'm pretty sure that actual Touhou Light Novels even exist, so I'm guessing that you're just getting mixed up between the literary works (manga and other stuff ZUN wrote) and LNs.



Oh. I still wish that all characters from PC-98 would show up, even as cameo.

I know that I am faggot for that, but I still wait for better computer.

Sometimes I still get literary work kinds mixed from some weird reason.



Stop using spoiler text so much. You're not saying anything spoilerific.






At least you're sorry. I guess you're not that bad after all.


This is nice board



You're wrong there


File: cf05b9a9e89c5c4⋯.png (114.62 KB, 398x396, 199:198, __kazami_yuuka__touhou_dra….png)


Man, this is some severe butt hurt. Why don't you just try relaxing?



What do you mean? Does that post seem particularly angry to you?


File: 38cd23f7383398f⋯.jpg (250.68 KB, 507x601, 507:601, __kaku_seiga_touhou_drawn_….jpg)


Going around to multiple threads just to make sure everyone knows you are upset sounds petty angry to me.



Why do you insist that I'm upset? Is that the only sort of interaction you understand?



Sorry dude, it's just that it really comes off that way.



Maybe you should learn to accept criticism more graciously. "You're mad" is not an insult, nor is it an acceptable response in any decent conversation. This is, as I stated, not a nice board.


File: f40f519a409ef38⋯.png (375.6 KB, 724x780, 181:195, __toyosatomimi_no_miko_tou….png)


Firstly, it's obvious that this isn't the only thread you've posted in, like I said you've gone around to different threads looking for attention saying you hate the board. Secondly, just saying you don't like something and criticizing something are two different things because it seems to me that you are using the term criticism as a shield.

>"You're mad" is not an insult, nor is it an acceptable response in any decent conversation.

It's the truth. If you want this to be a "decent conversation" then you would have made points. As it stands you come off as you being butt hurt over other people having fun. So I must ask, why are you so butt hurt?



The first portion of your post is incorrect. The second part is misguided. I doubt it's possible for you to engage in decent conversation judging by the way you post.


File: 78f239d568cbddf⋯.png (84.23 KB, 500x296, 125:74, 78f239d568cbddf27d9e9895a1….png)


>Barely tries to argue back.

>Doesn't attempt to make any points for why he doesn't like this board.

>Still butt hurt.

This is just sad.



I don't think any of that was in the post you're replying to. I know you wish to find anger and sadness in me and I'm not sure why.


File: c94fa61cf2573f5⋯.png (1.41 MB, 7680x4320, 16:9, ran smug vector edit.png)


>don't recognise it

>google it without vpn



Is it worth it to go and play the pc98 games or should you just continue with EoSD onward?


File: 449108ed13d4c0b⋯.png (9.61 KB, 770x289, 770:289, 1484298485559.png)


Start with 6. Play PC-98 2hu only once you have a lot of other games under your belt.



Yuuka mindset.png


File: 5954ca6ab4db61e⋯.png (648.45 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, can't wake up.png)

80% of my deaths are because I accidentally throw myself in a passing bullet because I pressed the wrong arrow key or the angle was bad.

Should I try playing with a controller?



Yes, you can.

When you see that you won't dodge bullets in time just use bomb.


File: d7443dd69627cd0⋯.jpg (98.72 KB, 803x790, 803:790, 1400261265838.jpg)

Would it be possible to update the moriya shrine link in the OP to be https://moriyashrine.org/ since they moved?


File: 9d348d9d6fa9862⋯.jpg (83.82 KB, 467x534, 467:534, 9d348d9d6fa9862f44c56316a9….jpg)



<Download links are divided into different pages by era rather than one page and organized by era/release date

That's silly.


What's the manga that gives some background to 6? I've just started playing it.



Shouldn't this be a cyclical?



It's better to just make a new one when it hits bump limit so we don't lose strategies and include links to an archive with the earlier threads.



does into linux?




Reimu~! The download site is down!


File: 94e279a315ef39c⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1927x2720, 1927:2720, 94e279a315ef39c582c86a6471….jpg)


File: 8d3e3b2f9b97c6d⋯.png (118.45 KB, 239x246, 239:246, 355 - jcjjTE8.png)


>The download site is down!

Hmm really? I don't know what you expected.


File: 5a556c7670f9d6a⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 1500x2122, 750:1061, 5a556c7670f9d6a8f658b4a761….jpg)



I used to have the same issue trying to 1cc Rumia/Cirno until I watched some video where the author pointed out, "If you're depending on reaction time to play Touhou, then it will be literally impossible to get anywhere," and then proceeded to break down how many frames even the best human reaction time was, showed various situations, and how I was being retarded.

I went back to playing and was able to 1cc Rumia/Cirno easily. Mental blocks are weird.

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