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What do you feed your cats and what food does your cat hate?

Do you give them anything to spoil them?

I feed my cats everything to do with whiskas. Mostly cause I started with that and I never changed or bothered to try any others as I didn't want to spend more or less.

I feed them a cup of biscuits each during the day but when there are biscuits left over and they start meowing I feed them mince or loaf in beef or chicken. Then I will fill up 2 cups next to the sink and they jump up there to get any water if they like.

Which means... They only drink from cups now.

I tried to give them catnip only to have them walk away from it and not do anything with it. I hope it was catnip lol.


This sure is a slow board. As a proud BARF fag, I feed my cats raw and tell everyone about it. I feed them a mix of raw chicken legs, grinded bone and raw egg yolks all mixed together. It's pretty time consuming and if SHTF providing the fresh meat they are now dependent on may be a problem, but after reading about commercial food I felt it was the best option.


File: e454c260d36d537⋯.jpg (199.06 KB, 1303x842, 1303:842, 71yibocY4nL._SL1303_.jpg)

File: 8ccc2b7ff6e8c41⋯.png (157.8 KB, 397x295, 397:295, nc-cat-dry.png)


You should be ashamed that you are feeding your cat such filth. Cats are carnivores, if the primary ingredient in their food is not meat wtf do you think you're doing to them?

I get feeding them high quality food is expensive so limit their canned food to once a day or just cut it out completely for healthier dry food.



>feeding cats whiskas

reported for animal abuse.


I am pretty sure this is bait. It must be. Someone who is able to find this place surely can also search the web for what food type and brand NOT to feed to a cat.


One of my cats sometimes eats potatoes that fall of the table. that cat will eat pretty much anything that you give her, even if she always has access to food.



My cat tries his best to be a vegetarian but that doesn't mean I just feed him leaves and grass no matter how much he loves the shit.



Cat kibble all have the amount of meat necessary to avoid taurine deficiency. It can be fattening if it's low quality, but it's not vegetarian like you seem to imply.



First of all the amount of meat in the quibble doesn't affect the taurine content: taurine is extremely sensible to extreme temperatures like when exposed to freezing or boiling, and the process of making quibble involves six hours of boiling followed by incineration. All taurine present in quibble is artificially added afterwards.

Second, the reason why low quality quibble affects cats' health negatively has nothing to do with taurine, but with the proportion of carbohydrates they are ingesting. Cheap ass quibbles are made almost exclusively of high carbohydrate grains, which exponentially increase the chances of diabetes and obessity in cats, made even worse by the fact less protein/fat = less energy for cats, who can't correctly burn carbohydrates, which means they will also be more lethargyc, weak and have shittier lives.

This is not to talk about the severe dehydration any quibble-only cat will suffer through his whole life.

All in all, in my humble opinion the manufacturers of these shitty dry foods, and the ignorants that enable them should all hang from a tree. People sure love talking out of their ass.



>People sure love talking out of their ass.

Perfectly describes your whole post.



Then go back to feeding your cats with rice and corn, you uneducated retard. The vet industry wouldn't survive without people like you anyway, I should be grateful.



>feeding cats rice and corn

That just reminded me of vegans that want to make their cat a vegan too


I often make it a mandatory ocurance, that I order my cat a bucket of chicken to herself. She really loves it, though to make it easier for her precarious teeth I peel the fried skin off. She also really loves those dreamies dried things, currently ubiquitous in advertisements.



From like KFC? Wtf



If I don't order her some from online then Yeah i usually get her the bucket from kfc. This isn't a thing that should illicit concern or a state of perturbed mind right? If this isn't good for her in any way please tell me I don't want to be detrimental to her well being .


Why in the fuck is processed mice meat not a thing in the cat food industry?

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