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File: e1abdc26938e222⋯.jpg (32.56 KB, 434x430, 217:215, anna & elsa.jpg)


First image from Frozen 2 leaked thanks to some merchandise showing up online. Thoughts on Anna and Elsa's new looks?


Is Анна wearing a kimono?



Don't care because corporate faggotry.

Anyway, I want them to get raped by Peter the Great already.


It's obviously a cloak/shawl thing.



Why Pyotr?



>in Scandinavian countries

They genuinely don't care.



>Peter the Great

>fighting against Denmark/Norway

They were allies against Sweden, you dumbshit.



does that title actually say "Frozen 2"? I don't speak slavrunes.



Well, it's Norway, more specifically. Leaves don't get that pink in Denmark, but we do have autumn/fall/whatever.



surprised she doesnt have braids cut off and shaved side of her head with part dyed blue.


File: f54234ccbf96c6b⋯.jpg (93.78 KB, 310x456, 155:228, Frozen_(2013).jpg)


Frozen was released as Cold Heart in Russian-speaking territories.


File: dd85cc23c28047b⋯.jpg (81.47 KB, 550x757, 550:757, sexy dance 3.jpg)


Nothing in English directly translates into other languages, which is why Chinese Darth Vader says "do not want." Russians don't have a word for frozen so the title of this movie will be "Wanting Blankets 2."


File: e642f46c5982b01⋯.jpg (25.65 KB, 500x375, 4:3, hot rape.jpg)


Chinese doesn't have a word for "no"?




Fun fact- they could have directly translated and it would work, but I have a suspicion the word for frozen- замороженная- sounds very similar to отмороженная, which means frost bitten, but is commonly used as a way to call someone a retard. Or maybe they didn't want a movie title that sounds more like a frozen chicken.


File: 22eba101d6fcf3c⋯.jpg (55.17 KB, 635x720, 127:144, All shall love Me and Desp….jpg)


I'd much rather watch a movie about a witch queen called "Cold Heart" than "Frozen."



Disney insider here.

That's not a kimono, but now that you mentioned it, Frozen 2 is currently being directed and produced to appeal to the Japanese audience due to mass success of the first one there.


File: ff9308430262688⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1200x700, 12:7, Lolberator.png)


>Russians don't have a word for frozen



File: f3de2cd406ad9ef⋯.gif (164.58 KB, 276x280, 69:70, 15105828763580.gif)




At least she won't be a lesbian if they are releasing it in Russia



Of course she won't be a dyke. Nobody outside of yurifags and tumblr wants dyke Elsa. The shipping community wants her with Hans ways more.



Frozen is supposed to be a story about a Disney princess who isn't interested in love affairs. Being under feminist criticism (even though those crazy cunts have a love-hate relationship with Disney, like beaten wifes), Disney probably thought it would be best if Elsa was just a strong independent woman who needed no man (but unironically) to be complete, so the message of Frozen could be "little girls, you don't need a prince to be a princess", which, /pol/ memery aside, is actually a fairly inocuous and reasonable message. Making her a lesbian would turn that message into "little girls, you don't need a prince to be a princess… you just need another princess!", which is stupid as all hell. Making her fall for a man would also destroy the message of the first one, so I am going to assume they will not do that, but I am kind of worried that they might attempt to go with the dyke angle for the tumblr brownie points.




She didn't even write off romance altogether, she just spent most of her life as a shut-in and then didn't happen to like any of the dipshits who showed up for her first day as queen. There's a difference between a young, rich virgin taking a year or two to meet people and a late 20s slut with a fake job and fake friends telling herself not to worry about men.



I know that in Japanese, they don't really have "No." They have "-Nai" as a suffix meaning, "Not that" basically. however I think Modern Japanese has started using "Nai" as a single word to mean "No" after enough exposure to English.


>The Japanese loved the movie about two cute girls

Imagine my surprise.



>He literally said getting married would ruin the message.

He did, and he's wrong because the actual message is platonic love from family is something people need separately from romantic love. The movie works because it's Disney trying to atone for having too many movies where all love is romance and all queens are evil or dead. If they fuck up and make her hate men in the sequel, it will either mean they caved to feminist pressure or were retards who got lucky enough to make a good movie without understanding how.



>I know that in Japanese, they don't really have "No."




>if she does find romance it will fall into her lap with no effort and kowtow to her needs and inconvenience her in no way as not to impede the message of autonomy and empowerment.

AKA Hans. There's plenty of evidence that he'll get redeemed in the sequel. What with Elsa's in-character actor talking about her being open to reconnecting with Hans.



What makes you think that she won't do that in the movie as "character development"?


Are you people seriously discussing this after Irrelevant Ralph 2? Frozen 2 probably won't even do that much.


File: 303d924d125ef85⋯.jpg (67.21 KB, 1080x1185, 72:79, frozen 2.jpg)



Are you retarded?

Are you not familiar with how European royals dressed?



Did somebody say weeaboo?



Yes, it's a minority, but it seems that every company is trying to appease them, no matter how irrelevant they are.



>*The Japanese loved the movie about two cute lesbian girls

Imagine my shock.


File: 666b142766c634f⋯.jpg (43.43 KB, 330x500, 33:50, ee23151d5d072a73f836ba354d….jpg)

File: 74f853240604daa⋯.jpg (66.51 KB, 736x982, 368:491, 7076a616f4728ac4d75ac6ed7f….jpg)

File: 4fa0f014e930aaf⋯.jpg (85.09 KB, 636x382, 318:191, 2878609610dd65e138db6c6c3f….jpg)

File: 6b8fb74a7fe4fe2⋯.jpg (152.16 KB, 550x825, 2:3, f8f74c5a55032c1a99c8a88fba….jpg)

File: 3013f8627718730⋯.jpg (40.13 KB, 349x500, 349:500, dee4ba872cca8c1bd39eb8aac4….jpg)


>they can't even manage to get tradtional scandinavian dress right

What the fuck is Elsa even wearing?



If they're lesbians then that must mean it's incest.


It looks like that dress Danaerys on GOT was wearing.



Is there a reason why the toy story alien is there?


File: 8790ad4f1b0f103⋯.jpg (227.16 KB, 634x478, 317:239, Dark Heart.jpg)


Cold Heart and Dark Heart crossover when?


Damn. The archive wrecked the whole page of that. What story does Frozen need to tell other than being a cashgrab like Wreck-It Ralph 2?



>What the fuck is Elsa even wearing?



Probably a photoshop for an advertisement.



>* The Japanese loved the movie about two incestual cute lesbian girls

Imagine my shock.



Wasn't there a FROZEN sequel already?



There has been a short and a Christmas special, but not a full-blown movie follow-up.


File: cab438cd1eee393⋯.png (383.18 KB, 768x666, 128:111, no-fun-allowed-png-6.png)

File: 757c27d400df80f⋯.png (192.13 KB, 640x536, 80:67, serious discussions.png)


Because the Great Northern War.


The joke is that the setting is indefinitely Scandinavian. Although many elements are borrowed from Norway, some are also borrowed from the Sámi, who live in not only modern-day Norway, but Sweden, Finland and Russia.


File: 47cd8b04c02cacb⋯.jpg (23.42 KB, 297x318, 99:106, Rape_Dwarf.jpg)


I think I heard someone say "weeaboo", too.



I don't think Disney has ever gotten any culture's dress right.



>spurning love and romance because it might infringe on your personal power and autonomy

Who was the Virgin Queen? It's not unheard of if there isn't a proper suitor.


>Is there a reason why the toy story alien is there?

Someone is going to get probed.



You know Elsa was initially supposed to be the antagonist but they changed the script when they liked the "Let it go" song too much,


File: c5c68c1f8cf6022⋯.gif (1.43 MB, 245x400, 49:80, Elsa75.gif)


File: 5cd0db01adc8806⋯.jpg (104.21 KB, 493x197, 493:197, fag_beware.jpg)



>not wanting Elsa to smash pussies with her sister







There's a difference between doing that as a fun hobby and making your life revolve around it, sheesh.


File: f040eb44ba64253⋯.jpg (308.96 KB, 577x861, 577:861, Fire_Rises.jpg)


I'd personally burn them myself.



It's the traditional jedi garb






Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

There, now the second thread is unnecessary.



>Having a gay character in a Disney movie


Surely you jest.


>AKA Hans. There's plenty of evidence that he'll get redeemed in the sequel.

What the fuck?? This is ridiculous. Hans literally tried to kill her sister. There is no way this is happening. He might be "redeemed" but maybe only as a tentative ally. Certainly there is no way they're hooking up. That would be insane.



since when was Frozen an action movie?


File: aaca30509f01059⋯.jpg (261.23 KB, 1024x758, 512:379, ycusnd1.jpg)

File: 9ecb3843a599734⋯.jpg (82.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sami.jpg)

File: 92976f3d9f10fd2⋯.jpg (227.47 KB, 720x389, 720:389, h-14394962.jpg)


>blonde haired boy riding reindeer

Ok, this bugged me with the first one, but is that guy supposed to be Sami? He dresses like a Sami and has reindeer like the Sami, but the Sami have a slightly Asiatic appearance. They also were subject to genocide by the Scandinavians.

Also, I just learned their kingdom is named "Arendelle", which is just a play on the name of the Norwegian city of Arendal. Lazy, especially when you can google "Norwegian Kingdoms" and find more Norwegian sounding names like "Agder" or "Vestfold".



They made the fat friend of Gaston gay in the Beauty and Beast remake.



Return of the cancer. I see the marketing threads coming up everywhere again. I have to thank fucking Frozen tho, it's the reason I left Cuckchan.


File: be47591af8ed6da⋯.png (196.19 KB, 286x490, 143:245, DzStlNIWoAE-uXS.png)

50 Quatloos to anyone who can tell me the gender and ethnicity of this character.




>those dykes in Finding Dory

>every character in their live action stuff


File: 6fbe25503739374⋯.jpg (48.07 KB, 1280x536, 160:67, elsa ice skin.jpg)

Anyone else notice that Elsa's top after she takes her coat off looks like it's part of her body?


File: 0279fc7e1a73cbe⋯.png (923.79 KB, 1284x554, 642:277, The Lesbians of Us.PNG)


I don't know about her gender and ethnicity but I can guarantee it's sexuality.

That 'leak' I read ages ago about a fire-controlling female character for Elsa to be Lesbians with is going to be real.


File: 126725a516baed0⋯.jpg (25.48 KB, 480x404, 120:101, AI What is this.jpg)


….but what does any of this have to do Scandinavian folk-lore?



Reminder that there's a stereotype of lesbians wearing vests. Reminder that the new girl is voiced by Evan Rachel Wood, who describes herself as Jewish and bisexual. Reminder that Disney is on damage control to prove how progressive they are after getting rid of Lasseter. Reminder that the writers are Jennifer Lee (executive producer of Ralph Breaks the Internet and writer of A Wrinkle In Oprah) and Allison Schroeder (writer of Hidden Figures, worked on multiple Seth Rogen movies). Reminder that they consciously decided to drop the teaser one day before Valentine's.



Why false flag pol you fucking faggot



Genuinely looks interesting. How are they gonna fuck it up?



They already have gay characters in some of their tween sitcoms.


File: c72a43c367731fa⋯.gif (1.3 MB, 320x213, 320:213, 1461368742338.gif)


Oh no.




As long as it damages Disney in the long run then I'm for it.



The sequence with the waves was a nice sequence.


When Disney realized that young girls will watch a character with superpowers as long as she is a princess.


>those dykes in Finding Dory

Fan speculation that has never been confirmed by Pixar, they were just 2 women (of unknown relation or family) who appeared alongside each other in one scene that also appeared in a trailer.



>Most people are into hot blonde lesbians.

I don't think the parents of all the little girls that like Elsa will like it very much.



If they didn't have a spine when gays were going after bathrooms and bakeries, they're not going to be vocal for this. Disney's probably taking a calculated bet that if they angle it right they can sell more tickets to left wingers than they lose from people quietly avoiding it.



She's a dirty mutie. Or maybe a fae folk.


File: 1fee1a35b2f7b2c⋯.jpg (46.97 KB, 288x419, 288:419, frozen-elsa1 copy.jpg)


File: 82d29793917ee3f⋯.png (125.23 KB, 319x298, 319:298, 112784563464.png)

>"new looks"

>they got robes and the younger one ditched her braids



Acktually, in norse mythology and lore trolls have the power to create great storms, ice powers aren't much of a stretch from that.



Why can't Disney understand that the only lesbianism we want to see is between Elsa and her sister?



Troll? She doesn't much look like one, or act like a changeling. Her back isn't even hollow.

She's just a witch. Nowhere in Frozen is it shown that she doesn't fornicate with the devil.



Maybe it's her face in the shadows she kind of looks like Moana.


File: 4a9590b623030be⋯.jpg (7.54 KB, 209x241, 209:241, 4a9590b623030beda85eac0b78….jpg)

>homo shit

This is very very bad. I don't know if you niggers are aware of how much little girls were and still are obsessed with Frozen. If they make Elsa a lesbian, along with a little message of how very okay it is, there will be thousands of small, confused children thinking that it's cool and necessary to be dykes. An entire generation of the worst tumblrinas imaginable will be created. These kikes have dropped the dyke nuclear bomb and doomed all the future generations, mark my fucking words.



Just like how children are obsessed with dickgirls considering 80% of the web users seem to be underage retards?

Just like how children have been sexually confused with Steven Universe all the time, with friggin rainbow haired tranny characters?

Have you seen Adventure Time? I loved it during the first season, but when I recently watched it and realized its so weirdly sexually driven. Like that episode where Ice King gathers a harem and keeps talking about his porn stash and shit.


File: 6105a6beababa4b⋯.jpg (15.96 KB, 212x238, 106:119, huldra.jpg)

File: 8be37b6413c2375⋯.jpg (363.5 KB, 1920x856, 240:107, Arendelle-Castle-frozen-35….jpg)

File: f783709deede201⋯.png (1.1 MB, 727x788, 727:788, 249cf7254bd05a284d46684b57….png)

File: a6bb753121e16e2⋯.jpg (162.01 KB, 990x669, 330:223, Turf-roof-on-a-farmhouse-a….jpg)




Now don't go conflating Norse Mythology with Scandinavian, particularly Norwegian, folklore. They're two different beasts entirely.

There are beautiful trolls in Scandinavian mythology, but they usually have a cow tail (Norway) or a hollow back (Sweden). They keep their tail hidden under their dress, but if you would marry her, the tail would fall off and she'd become a normal girl. The witch theory doesn't work either. In Norwegian folklore witches are normal women by day and transform into ugly hags at night.

But really, why are you trying? The people behind Frozen and Frozen 2 don't give two shits about Scandinavia. Just look at the Arendelle Castle. They took a fucking Stav Kirk and shoved it into European battlements the wrong way. Want to know what's worse? Norwegian folk tales didn't have castles. Kings in their stories had enormous farms because Norway doesn't have many castles.


File: 2a1d4d95bbb2cab⋯.jpg (381.6 KB, 1920x856, 240:107, Frozen-disneyscreencaps.co….jpg)


>they're all dressed in late-18 to 19th century attire

>"why do dey gots castles???"

Also, and as with these anons:



>no sources


If Elsa is really going to be gay withsome new character, the backlash from conservative soccer moms on Facebook and Twitter will be legendary.



>no sources

Vague childhood fairytale memories and early trips to the library, Erik Menneskesøn and such shit.



>conservative soccer moms

Do they even exist anymore?


File: 8443cf3c5dab773⋯.jpg (145.85 KB, 500x333, 500:333, akershus castle and fortre….jpg)

File: 78a855a6bfa4f2c⋯.jpg (86.94 KB, 800x600, 4:3, bergenhus.jpg)


I'm not seeing what you're trying to argue. Are you saying that I have no proof that kings didn't have castles in Norwegian folktales? Because that's wrong.

Askeladden and the Good Helpers says the king had an estate. In Tatterhood, it's "the King's farm", and it's also in Askeladden Who Stole the Troll’s Silver Ducks, The Silver King, and The Golden Castle that Hung in the Air. It's common in Norwegian folktales for kings to live on large estates and/or have large manors. Castles are few in number in Norway, with Bergenhus Fortress and Akershus Castle being the only ones that come the closest to fitting the stereotypical castle image.

Whats also interesting is that in Norwegian folktales, what castles are mentioned usually belong to trolls, like in Soria Moria Castle.



I'm guessing Elsa is trying to leave and they all end up doing just that. The scene with Anna looking panicked on the balcony possibly means that there are other people with powers that are trying to fuck up her kingdom. Those diamonds looked different from Else's ice magic. Kristoff looks like he's probably been smashing Anna's pus.


It looks like a little girl. They probably run into her along the way. Her outfit also looks like something poor people wear, but I could be wrong on that.


>There are beautiful trolls in Scandinavian mythology, but they usually have a cow tail (Norway)

>if you would marry her, the tail would fall off and she'd become a normal girl.

Were Scandinavians the original furries?


File: 23dd0859f5a395f⋯.png (29.95 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 0D47C5ED-4867-4064-AA7E-B0….png)


>An entire generation of the worst tumblrinas imaginable will be created. These kikes have dropped the dyke nuclear bomb and doomed all the future generations, mark my fucking words.

Only nuclear war with the chinese or a American civil war 2: electric boogaloo can only fix this hellhole we call reality. The mind can only take so much degeneration before it snaps and after5 there will be millions of Americans ready to stick it to those fucking kikes.



Steven Universe and Adventure Time were never really aimed at little kids, they were more teenage shows. Kids didn't absolutely love them. Frozen on the other hand is a fucking monster that little kids worldwide completely adore and obsess over. This WILL have a major effect.



Is the beginning of a burka. That's the new nord european culture, you biggot.



Don't be melodramatic



>It looks like a little girl.

/ll/ eh? Nice.



I know. The shitty tier marketing threads will pop (thank god I'm not on Cuckchan or Leddit). I went to Disneyland when Frozen was still fresh and the kids didn't know shit except the lyrics to Let it Go during the fireworks. That song is SHIT.

Fuck I'd listen to any of Moana's songs instead for hours.



I liked the songs in Moana. I don't know there was something earnest about them.


Huge futanari dicks.


File: f5391026c8cd354⋯.jpg (36.15 KB, 404x652, 101:163, granvin1 bunad Hardanger n….jpg)


>They also were subject to genocide by the Scandinavians.

And for good reason mind you. The Aussies have the Abbos/wogs, the burgers have niggers, and we have Sami people kvetching and moaning. It won't be long till they demand reparations.



>Are you saying that I have no proof that kings didn't have castles in Norwegian folktales?

No faggot, what I'm saying is that Norway had castles by the 1800s, and the soldiers are clearly dressed in Napoleonic-style uniforms.


File: 76fa4730d83a056⋯.jpg (32.48 KB, 398x375, 398:375, neonazi.jpg)


"Genocide" on its own has multiple meanings. Do you mean the murder of Sami, or cultural-genocide?


>And for good reason mind you.


First of all, the Sami don't appear to be retarded apes raping and murdering. Second, niggers are NOT native to the New World. What you are looking for in terms of natives wanting "muh reparations", are all the Native Americans on the reservations. Otherwise, you might as well throw in pretty much every non-white in America, including the jappos. And then when talking about Europe, polacks and whatever other yuropoors that complain to other yuropoor nations for gibs. But something tells me you don't want to genocide polacks and japs and the micks whatnot.


File: 71c351bca72fdfd⋯.jpg (45.5 KB, 480x563, 480:563, smirking_indian.jpg)



I was told that such a filename is the result of phoneposting. Smartphones are cancer, and those who use them even worse.

>implying only kikes are degenerate/cause of cultural degeneration

But accelerationism is 10/10 tee bee aych.



It almost looks like it could be one of those 1700/1800's fake castles that are all over Europe. You can always tell them because unlike a real castle, they have windows on the ground floor.


File: 4d3d651a9540506⋯.jpg (248.24 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, Oscarshall.jpg)

File: f6f0def00604107⋯.jpg (249.4 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Fritzøehus.jpg)

File: 13fde58a283a487⋯.jpg (9.05 KB, 310x163, 310:163, royal palace.jpg)


First, Norway was a Swedish dominion for most of the 1800s, only gaining independence in 1905.

Second, the "castles" built in the 1800s were mansions like Oscarshall, Fritzøehus, and the Royal Palace, all of which do not look like a Norwegian wood church got shoved into a European enceinte.



Hey there racemixer.




Guy, guys.

I seriously doubt we can find any verifiable trustworthy history books detailing whatever conflict there was between Scandinavians and Sami, but it seems unlikely the Sami played the role of completely innocent angels themselves. Maybe the race element made the conflict even bloodier than it otherwise would have been, but given the history of the races, that conflict was probably inevitable.

So let's just be glad the white ones won it.



>or were retards who got lucky enough to make a good movie without understanding how.

Ding ding ding. They were already dumb enough to end their first film on implied lesbian incest. Luckily most americans were too dumb to notice it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>That song is SHIT.

I agree. This version of Let it Go is muck better.



File: 6b59ca0d6fb4806⋯.jpg (7.16 KB, 251x221, 251:221, 1454638912266.jpg)


>I don't know if you niggers are aware of how much little girls were and still are obsessed with Frozen.

Actually, why the hell is Frozen so popular, anyway? Can anyone explain this to me? Or just theorize from off the top of their head?



>boys fantasize about being unstoppable warriors

>girls fantasize about being beautiful and having people cater to them without much responsibility, i.e. being princesses

>generally people see white characters as the default and are more comfortable with movies about them

>emotional repression isn't fun but everyone does it to some extent as they grow up

>therefore a movie about pretty princesses letting down their emotional barriers with an all-white cast from a company that has a reputation for princess movies but hasn't done them much recently is going to be a smash hit

>also Adele Dazeem's song was kinda catchy and there weren't a lot of movies competing for their market when it was in theaters



>boys fantasize about being unstoppable warriors

Well, there weren't a lot of unstoppable warriors in Frozen. Elsa was stopped, and when she escaped she tried to run instead of fighting, and overall there was just not enough of her doing cool stuff.

I guess there was snowball, but who wants to self-insert as a snow-golem?

Admittedly, that doesn't contradict any of your argument, I just had to point it out because my autism demands it.


File: 2ff7ab7716e1a5f⋯.jpeg (371.48 KB, 1280x1205, 256:241, xr2y4p.jpeg)


You don't know many women do you?

>pretty princesses in pretty dresses

>catchy music to sing to

>good girl sister

>bad girl sister who is a bad biatch that misbehaves

>focuses on bond between sisters

>rugged but not too rugged mountain man that is safe, and non-threatening in any way



>>good girl sister

>>bad girl sister who is a bad biatch that misbehaves

Which is which? I think they both misbehave.

>>rugged but not too rugged mountain man that is safe, and non-threatening in any way

Also lower status. Shouldn't that be a minus?



>You don't know many women do you?

And no, I don't.


File: 44d5229bd652c0d⋯.mp4 (14.98 MB, 640x360, 16:9, FROZEN Let It Go Sing-alo….mp4)


>Which is which?

<ran away from responsibilities

<put kingdom in permanent winter

<has an entire villain song about "no right, no wrong, no rules"

<other goes on a quest to save her sister, believing she can still be redeemed

>Also lower status. Shouldn't that be a minus?

<princesses by birth

<still keep status, money, castles, and dresses even if they go slumming

<self sufficiency and physically able are still attractive qualities

<especially if surrounded by pampered fops

<ignoring that women love being chased by both types of men, see The Notebook or Twilight or The Hunger Games

>And no, I don't

Yeah, it is kind of obvious.



I included the line about boys to illustrate psychological differences. From the boy perspective, it was merely okay but not particularly bad. Compare that to most movies aimed at females which amount to 90 minutes of bleeding and crying.


Don't mind me, just that one guy looking forward to the particle simulation on the background.


File: e6ded19a5b14484⋯.png (540.04 KB, 680x453, 680:453, frozen 2 - the meltdown.png)



<still keep status, money, castles, and dresses even if they go slumming

In a just world, they'd lose their position to Hans for being incompetent and reckless.


File: ba4df489ebb6901⋯.png (138.08 KB, 392x496, 49:62, Come at me.png)


That’s not how monrachy work, burger.

This what happens when you watch too much Game of Thrones.



Speaking of work, have you paid your dues to the Green and Socialist Parties this month?



I can’t quite decide if that is one of the most forced and cringe-inducing attempt at comedy, or the best piece of anti-humour I have seen in a while. I hope it is the latter, but strongly suspect it is the former.





Kristoff was more of an every-man than the stereotypical hero. He did heroic stuff that put him in danger, but he was no prince nor did he have any sort of special ability. He was very easy for any boy to relate to. He's also obviously going to be the one to "get the girl": Anna.

Anna is the good sister who falls for the first guy she sees and it was a mistake. Lots of people can relate to that and it's a good lesson for girls to understand; don't fall for smoke and mirrors.

Elsa is the older sister and she became of legal age years before her sister, but she stays in isolation until she's allowed to rule the country. This could resonate with older sisters, who feel that they're unfairly loaded with more responsibilities than their younger counterparts. This could also resonate with younger sisters as the eldest is generally seen as superior in their eyes. Elsa can also use magic, which a lot of little girls fantasize about being able to do. There are plenty of little boys that wish they could use magic as well, so this could resonate with them as well.


That's not how monarchies work at all. Hans also did fuck up by attempting to kill Elsa in the open. He easily could have started a war.



Last time I checked there wasn't a Medieval Stalin.


Hans had no claim to the throne to begin with. His whole plan was silly since he provided no documentation.


>implying Communism didn't come to be from the Enlightenment




>>in a just world


No shit, that's why they fall apart in practice.



Just call them Lapps.



The overwhelming majority of the most long-living societies with the most accomplishments are monarchies with little to no non-homogeneity (Old Egypt, China). Compare how the Roman Republic fell apart into an empire and how the Redskins in Central America were far more accomplished than their neighbors up north.


File: 8da864bbc2fbad7⋯.jpg (74.18 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Azusa_is_surrounded_by_ret….jpg)

File: d57eb0b3a012b71⋯.gif (1.75 MB, 720x540, 4:3, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….gif)


>First, Norway was a Swedish dominion for most of the 1800s, only gaining independence in 1905.

No shit faggot. Norway is a place, whether under another dominion or not.

>Second, the "castles" built in the 1800s were mansions like Oscarshall, Fritzøehus, and the Royal Pala blah blah blah

Guess what, nigger faggot? Plenty of palaces in that era could hardly truly be called "castles", but they still fucking are. Just accept you're wrong, cunt.

>the entire rest of the thread



It's a cartoon. Who cares if the castle is 100% accurate or not?



You'd accomplish much too if you started fucking wearing your enemies as a goddamn trench coat.



I don't remember any empires that showed up in Central America. They showed up with the Aztecs and the Incas. The Incas were very successful at it and I'm curious how things would have turned out had they every managed to come into contact with one another prior to Columbus. The Aztec were successful, but they also managed to piss off all of their neighbors and then ended with them getting ganged up on. They both brought in defeated peoples, but not to the same extent that Rome did. Rome's major issue is twas made up of too many different people. It had the non-Meds up North and to the East. Rome still lasted a long time in some form or another and still kinda exists today in the Vatican, where the Pope holds the position of Pope and King. It really depends on what you consider Rome. If you only care for the republic or the Empire, then both lasted for like a thousand years in total. If you care about the Holy Roman Empire, then that either lasted another thousand years or still exists today. I would say that China is an oddity with how long that it's been around. A bunch of older countries like Egypt and Greece got swallowed up by other empires(Ottoman), but China has largely ruled itself except for a period of about 20 years when Japan installed a puppet government.



>China has largely ruled itself

>landmass is so fucking huge and the people are so used to dictators that whenever a new invader took over, their land was merged with China's and the locals embraced them as the latest emperor



Rome depended on gibsmedats and bloodshed to keep its foreigners obedient. That's the point.


Where's the fire princess that's going to scissor with Elsa? Or is that going to be Anna?


File: c20eb9a978635d1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.89 KB, 512x384, 4:3, Carlos_ge01.jpg)


>fire princess scissoring with an ice princess

Wouldn't that kill both of them though? Oh wait, actually, that's kind of hot.


File: b7bbee61e7c6245⋯.jpg (83.56 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, intense.jpg)


No Carlos, fire princess scissoring an ice princess wouldn't be hot, it would be steamy. Come on, you beaner fuck, get your shit together



>fire princess

Since they're doing this four seasons thing how much are they going to rip off ATLA?



Don't worry about that until Frozen 3.


File: 37819f59c8c0ec8⋯.gif (499.5 KB, 400x293, 400:293, carlosfuckyou.gif)


Shit you're right.


File: c3d856bcddac90b⋯.jpg (127.01 KB, 1080x1241, 1080:1241, leak5.jpg)



The aryan princess is still cute. I bet she's gonna get blacked in the 3rd one.




>reveals nothing new

>actually reveals less than the teaser they already made public




Just thought I'd share. You don't have to be a jerk about it.



Go back to leftypol/cuckchan if you're going to start shilling Niggers.



I'm not. Jesus. Mint balm those fragile areolas, miss.


File: 16b5cbc3bfdc6c1⋯.jpg (172.64 KB, 850x1228, 425:614, 20190505.jpg)

Anna x Elsa with ice double dildo



Is the artist Tsuaii?


File: 41fff79a00b27e6⋯.png (624.82 KB, 582x590, 291:295, ClipboardImage.png)

I hope the true hero of the story makes a come back and this time has an army to help over throw that fucking ice queen that almost killed her entire population



Honestly, I think he shouldn't have been in the first film to begin with. Have the focus of the first film be the drama between Anna and Elsa and them reconciling.







.dam m'I timmaD



I would happily take Elsa as leader of the Avengers over Resting Bitch Face McGranny Puncher.



>not posting the original source


Kikess being delusional.


File: ab8c55b0f4e5ed4⋯.jpg (116.59 KB, 904x1280, 113:160, Elsa&Anna454.jpg)

New Japanese Frozen II poster, which asks "Why was Elsa given powers?"


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Born with the powers, or cursed?

>Uh born, and they're getting stronger.

<no actually she was given them and the reason involves carpet munching


File: a61c3ba1b593465⋯.png (13.9 MB, 2765x4096, 2765:4096, ClipboardImage.png)

New poster. Trailer #2 tomorrow.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Characters fucked and have an annoying kid - literally the only idea animation studios have for sequels.


File: 75637f2f69f061c⋯.jpg (567.57 KB, 1600x2035, 320:407, reimu_smoking.jpg)


I'm sure it'll be enjoyable, but I really don't want to watch it, because I don't really care, and Olaf will definitely be forced and I wish he would die.

I got to ride the Norwegian-themed ride at Epcot before they changed it into a Frozen-theme. It was a water ride and I enjoyed it, and the Scandinavian aesthetics were nice. I can only imagine how awful it must look now, but such is life in consumerist USA.



Any name on the water ride? It sounds interesting.




Thanks anon. The description sounds really cool.


File: 9a6194e67d461df⋯.jpg (22.02 KB, 398x500, 199:250, yep.jpg)


File: 672c3d9343c023f⋯.jpg (29.76 KB, 619x317, 619:317, 09717605a466248c3b813d2847….jpg)





>The past is not what it seems

I'll bet there gonna slightly retcon it by saying her parents were lying and she got cursed at some early age. Could do something even crazier like reveal that Elsa isn't actually the King/Queen's child (could be the reason for her hair colour being different?) and they just found her as an infant and raised her as there own child instead.

2nd idea is that Elsa is part of some sort of prophecy that reveals that there are many "single element controlling individuals" like her (and that rumored female fire user) out there and Elsa has to pull an Avengers initiative >>1060651 and unite them in many sequels against a bigger threat.


File: e1ea37d64b4f64f⋯.png (1.65 MB, 881x1200, 881:1200, ClipboardImage.png)

French poster



>French name is actually "snow queen"

Based frogs.



>Dyke characters in movies can turn kids into gays

I'm more worry of the high amount of traps and other gay shit being normalized in internet comunities filled with children. Pretty sure young girls would give more attention to the pretty dresses and the songs instead of sexuality subtext.

Also I'm pretty sure the frozen fever has already died, at least in my country.



So the creators were 5 minutes on Behance and ripped off infrared photography?

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