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File: a3a2d94e113b420⋯.jpg (57.9 KB, 356x512, 89:128, sausage party.jpg)


What happened to that new era of adult animated films sausage party was supposed to bring to us?


Good question.


Wow, all those totally not paid-for 5 star reviews


It's more of a teen movie than anything else. I'll never understand how lewd and crass jokes are supposed to be 'adult' when it's more the domain of a highschool student. Same applies to "dude weed lmao" jokes and the like.



This is for morons, not adults.

This is what the people in the Idiocracy world think is funny.


That was just wishful thinking by retards.


god this film was awful, even chappie is a better film


People realized it was dumb and stopped pursuing it. Now they've got to start making original stuff and stop relying on talking animal to sell their 3D animated movies.


There are people who still remember this shit?



God-awful films are just as easy to remember as good ones.



Adult/mature content (not to mistaken with adult themes) is called that because it's traditionally been restricted to adult audiences because it was considered inappropriate for children. It wasn't supposed to imply that the content itself is mature. Not very complicated, just a unintended consequence of language.



More like the inverse: Adult content is called that because there is a lot of content that is considered "for children". There are certainly those soccer moms who actually believe that sheltering a child makes him better, but the majority it seems don't care as much.


>it's already been three years






I heard of alleged reports of parents bringing their rowdy kids to see it simply because it was animated and complained online of the adult content without even checking the ratings or seeing the trailers. Is this an american thing only? Do europeans have the sense to look up a movie to see if they should take their kids to see it or not?



Euros do this too, they just don't talk about it as much. Soccer Moms are an eternal constant of the universe like Alcoholic Homeless Men and Retarded Old People. Any time, any place, any where, they exist.


A lot of controversies cucked it:

>childish humour

>alleged mistreatment of animators (low wages, long hours and threats to purge them from the credits if they quit at any point)

>Soccer Moms who took their kids to see it because they are somehow stupid enough to overlook the rating, or they just won’t admit that they need glasses

>leaked script

>lack of funding

It was a shitshow when it got released, and I’m personally glad there’s no sequels.



Sex "jokes" were never funny to me, unless they were rape or something, in which case it was because it's shocking or absurd. Sex on its own is not funny.


Food Fight was better.



Movie was shit and was not popular enough to inspire imitators like GotG and Deadpool did. The Goon movie is finally being made, and people involved are at least somewhat competent. It probably won't break any box office records, but at the very least The Goon will be better than 9 and Sausage Party.


I assume it was forgotten just as quickly as Sausage Party was.



>Saging with weeb shit from the 90s, proving you're at least a 30 year old fat fuck living at mom's place kind of weeb.



Nigger stop trying so hard to convince everyone you’re an oldfag.



He's been posting this pic in several other threads, I doubt he's older than 18.



Sagefag is in this thread too?



eh i thought the "funniest" part of the movie was the scene where the bagel and lavash are arguing and frank ask why they just cant stop fighting.

then they both laugh and say "us? stop fighting?"



It made money, but not enough for people to want to imitate it. (Which is good. The movie was terrible.)


The only good part of the movie was the Nazi food killing the Jew food!



Its Seth Rogen who created this so I'm not surprised given his whole gimmick is dude weed lmao.



I'm surprised you actually remember that one. I thought it was just okay as a movie.


Thinking PURITAN USA will ever let adult-cartoons be the norm…

I got a bridge to sell you..


File: 891d845b46abbb9⋯.png (211.43 KB, 372x372, 1:1, dissapointedganon.png)


Was there ever any doubt that this film wasn't ever going to be revolutionary? It wasn't even all that hyped for in the mainstream and the form of humor presented in the film wasn't all that new and or interesting considering it was crass toilet humor not unlike family guy and other similar shows. In the end, the film because it had nothing special going on for it and deservedly so.



Poo poo and pee pee. Sex funny funny foods. 420 HAHA! Funny numbers!



What actually happened was that the bagel and lavash were arguing over who deserves more shelf space in the aisle they're both in, and Frank weighs in by asking, "I dunno, isn't there room for both of you in your aisle? It seems like a pretty big aisle." Then the bagel and lavash laugh him off and think he's crazy to think they can coexist.

Call me Reddit, but I actually thought that was pretty funny.


File: e486d8687aa7792⋯.png (89.69 KB, 380x335, 76:67, ClipboardImage.png)


Most people I've met understand the ratings system. Maybe it's more obscure in America. I know you use letters, rather than straight up printing an age requirement on things.


People watched Sausage Party, that's what happened to it.



there's not a person in america that doesn't know what rated R means. the only way to potentially avoid knowing would be to avoid all exposure to mass media since the early 1960s since the letter's meaning is heavily ingrained into the cultural lexicon at this point



did movie's commercials used to say it? I don't think they do anymore? still, if you look up a movie time it's going to say it right there.

A lot of parents when I was growing up didn't care and would just buy their kids the tickets, back before you actually needed to physically accompany them. Nowadays I imagine parents care less.



That and they could probably buy it online to circmvent the rating thing.




You can find free r rated movies unblocked on YouTube, and can get them free easily online.



I thought youtube was cracking down on those?



Youtube's been cracking down on copyrighted content for over a decade and it's still everywhere. People are sticking up full movies on porn tube sites, too. They saw people were putting up softcore movies (South Korea's making some amazing shit) without any issues, then obscure movies with graphic sex scenes but which aren't porn, and they're starting to tentatively just put up blockbusters that don't have any sex at all. They'll be the next go-to.



So that one meme where someone posted the entire Bee Movie to PornHub is actually real???



It is shown at the beginning of trailers, at the bottom of movie posters, at the box office boards by registers showing movie times and whether tickets sold out. When you are buying R rated move tickets cashier will ask for an ID and inform you that the movie is R rated as well. Some theaters also display them by the entrance to the room where movie is played. You have to be retarded to miss it.



No one watched it.



That's objectively a lie. Say what you will about Sausage Party, but it did beat out Suicide Squad in its opening weekend; and need I remind you, for all its shortcomings, Suicide Squad did make a fair killing at the box office.

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