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File: a2777985f32a9fd⋯.jpg (98.8 KB, 734x1087, 734:1087, the_lord_of_the_atoms_by_t….jpg)

757a09  No.521156

Previous Thread: https://8ch.net/cow/res/513100.html

After a Tim-wannabe (Why you'd want to be one i don't know) nearly locked the last thread, we're at number 7. But going back to Tim, he's still being a total faggot. But he's back with a new idea: The Lord of the Atoms! (another bullshit Dexter's Odyssey clone)

DeviantART: http://timbox129.deviantart.com/

ED page: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Timbox

Tim's "Cwcki:" http://timbox.wikia.com/wiki/What_Would_You_Think_If_Timothy_Robert_%22Timbox%22_McKenzie_Had_His_Very_Own_Wiki

c64aef  No.521229

I don't understand why some guy pretending to be Tim/Erik Mokracek did all that stuff last thread.

757a09  No.521233

File: ebee3cb57a0858d⋯.jpeg (900.44 KB, 1242x1710, 69:95, E5C98786-E1A0-4B06-85FC-1….jpeg)

We’ve barely even began talking about Tim and already he’s being a faggot.


1a61c6  No.521234


He's that big of a faggot and he's not even trying? Impressive.

c64aef  No.521243


Can you gives us that Twitter link?

908761  No.521249


He could also just not visit this place and stop invoking us by name. Apparently that solution makes too much sense so he won't do it

757a09  No.521266

f2bb8b  No.521272

File: dadf0162ccf59cb⋯.jpg (45.98 KB, 619x825, 619:825, 1466575618804.jpg)

I just read the encyclopedia page. I haven't laughed this hard in month, for fucks sake.

c64aef  No.521273


Hey, thanks for the laughter, we got tons o' dirt on Timmy.

9fb662  No.521280


It was Erik Mokracek going to Tim thread for no reason. Look at his sentences/English skills



Tim criticizes and arguing changes nothing when you kept repeating the same movie ideas nobody cares nor interested at all.

f2bb8b  No.521282

File: 082bbba0d3e7892⋯.jpg (134.6 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 082bbba0d3e7892d2218e67644….jpg)


He's fucking crazy. The reactions people get out of his delusions are genuinely more entertaining than anything you could find anywhere. We need more crazy psycho spergs like him.

You got a recommended list?

c64aef  No.521292


Erik "I DESERVE TO BE FREE!!!" Mokracek, Chris(tine) "MY NAME ISN'T IAN BRENNAN SOMETHIN'!!!!!!!!" Chandler, and tons of other sperges I dunno about.

f2bb8b  No.521296


Thanks, I'm mainly looking for autists that have actually made themselves noticed by celebrities, people working in the industry and shit by being so fucking crazy. It's always hilarious when there introduced to their insanity.

3fdce1  No.521351

beebfd  No.521352

3f5ad4  No.521355


Do we have a list of cows who have gained celebrity notice yet? I know cwc was parodied in a sonic boom episode a few years ago.

37a6a1  No.521383



Not sure if that's Mark or HeavytheSquid

c64aef  No.521510


For Pete's sake, Tim, your (former) waifu would get her ass kicked against Mandark.

3fdce1  No.521583

c64aef  No.521607


Oh, yeah, I forgot about that.

987910  No.521623


Not to mention the overused "animated characters coming to the real world and interacting with humans" trope he uses just about as much as dinosaurs!

c64aef  No.521638


He used that trope for one of his "films", ToonTalker.

3fdce1  No.521640




This guy is a hopeless trainwreck.

c64aef  No.521658


We couldn't agree more.

290176  No.521665

What even provoked this current round of hostility toward Timbox? I haven't been here in a while, but the last time I was, it seemed like you guys were fine just letting him generate his own cocks so you could laugh about it here while he remained oblivious.

3fdce1  No.521667


Because he's a dangerous creep who does not learn right from wrong.

290176  No.521673


Dangerous creep? Is this about him stalking Asian classmates back in high school? We've known about that for literal years (I remember it being brought up in a Q&A with someone who went to his school way back on the 789chan's /cwc/ board), why is this an issue now? Unless there's something that's come up since that I'm not aware about.

3fdce1  No.521679


He also is faps to fictional asian minors and bombards everybody on social media with his ashi obsession.

c64aef  No.521683


Can anyone find that Q&A with that person?

290176  No.521690


>He also is faps to fictional asian minors

Does he even talk about Lee Lee anymore? Ashi and GoGo are both at least 18. He seems to have largely moved on from Lee Lee.

>and bombards everybody on social media with his ashi obsession.

That doesn't sound like a reason to go as far as to call his parents as someone in the previous thread proposed.


I should have the thread archived as a text file on my old laptop, just need a new charger for it. If I can retrieve it, I'll come back and post what I can.

757a09  No.521691

File: ae21a4dfd4149cd⋯.jpeg (640.32 KB, 1242x1350, 23:25, 7FACA225-FC53-431C-A4BD-2….jpeg)

I know this is unrelated but should we add this guy to “Friends of Tim” ?

987910  No.521693


and he got called out because it sounded too much like "Cool World"!

c64aef  No.521701


I kinda sorta think we should.


Except Tim's film didn't have him having sex with Lee Lee.

757a09  No.521782


>Except Tim's film didn't have him having sex with Lee Lee.

I don’t know man, he did post something about an orgy involving him, Lee lee, Mandark and Dexter on Retro Junk back in the day.

c64aef  No.521789



Can we see that old post?

757a09  No.521808



It’s on the ED page. I think it’ Tim trying to role play with some other guy (or himself), but I’m not certain.

9fb662  No.521818


>Friends of Tim

What friends? You never seen Tim interact to his "friends" from FB, DA, and Twitter. Even his parents, brothers and those outside of the internet are getting tried of Tim crap whenever he's not paying attention. Doubt he had friends, even if he did, his social skills hasn't improved or he'll never shut up about his cartoon obsessions.

Gibs Hamari is not worth your time. He just asspatting Tim without looking up who Timbox really is.

d839e8  No.521920

I was about to ask the same question as >>521683, but with how >>521683 answered I hope to actually get a look at the Q&A.

c64aef  No.521921


Some guy said he had a transcript of the Q&A on his old computer, we might be able to see what trouble Tim caused at school.

d839e8  No.521934


That'd be cool to finally see, especially since 789chan's been gone for awhile

c64aef  No.521941


Yeah, we'd also have even more dirt for his ED page.

9fb662  No.522035


Aside the stalking, has the Q&A guy mention Tim from not paying attention in class due to reading dinosaur books during class sessions or being uncooperative with his teachers


Tim is now on unhealthy obsession to Ashi, treating her like she's "real", refuse to move on and begs Samurai Jack's cast and crew to change the ending. Surprisingly Tim has not bring Tomago GoGo from Big Hero 6 despite the 2017 Disney XD show

3fdce1  No.522237




He also fapped to a cartoon penguin in PUBLIC!

c64aef  No.522301


At McDonald's no less.

757a09  No.522334


Well well well, I guess Dexter’s Odyssey isn’t dead after all.

c64aef  No.522401


>"Well, I think even if I could do that especially, it would definitely be hell to pay."

*the picture with said quote*

Oh god, he's shoehorning Ed, Edd 'n Eddy into his mess!

ff42b5  No.522406


I know a place where Tim can find some friends.


ebdbb3  No.522416


He needs to be put in jail.

c64aef  No.522419


But unlike Chris, Tim hasn't done anything to actually be put in jail.

9fb662  No.522421


Tim once again being an hypocrite. Tim already told on his DA journal that he give up Dexter Odyssey after wasting 11-12 years https://www.deviantart.com/timbox129/journal/Because-of-you-717068095

But yet he still handholding his nonexisting dream, still hoping his followers or anyone would take his shit seriously by bringing up Dexter Odyssey three or five times in a row.


Don't know if he's going off topic once he bring up Dexter Odyssey (He just has to bring it up whatever he comments something). Tim still using run-on sentences, unable to learn to contribute to conversations without having to bring up his fantasies.

9fb662  No.522445


Aside Tim mostly use Dexter and Powerpuff Girls, Tim barely use other CN classic (excluding Ben 10) like Courage the Cowardly Dog. Surprised he didn't sperg or shoehorn Johnny Bravo or Time Squad.

Judging by the Eds' badly photoshop, he poorly crop the images of Ed Edd Eddy from an CN's Crossover Comic


Tim already made an generic ass meme pic involving the Ed, Edd and Eddy screaming/reacting to Ashi naked.

c69901  No.522563


Wait, he actually admitted to doing that in one of his videos?

c64aef  No.522664

5e9f03  No.522772

Does his ED page have anything new uploaded into it.

ff42b5  No.522795

6096fe  No.522807

File: c13c8ddbbbab4fc⋯.png (331.8 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, DD.png)

File: ed1b1425f402989⋯.png (197.56 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, DS.png)

File: 074379f1bd1c4a1⋯.png (393.96 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, KC.png)

File: 614ce08f92ed2da⋯.png (511.34 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, RG.png)

File: 4660d82c4878be5⋯.png (264.09 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, SC.png)

Watch Anytown guys

6096fe  No.522814

File: 69f4887a5abad65⋯.png (301.8 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, DG.png)

File: 3014cb51a93a6fc⋯.png (292.58 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, PIF1.png)

6096fe  No.522819

File: 71b86acc32df2bc⋯.png (955.64 KB, 2584x1196, 646:299, Golden Age.png)

File: def197247f9b3e2⋯.png (298.65 KB, 3704x1732, 926:433, Untitled.png)

File: a3c577d9d99c993⋯.jpg (2.59 MB, 4633x3369, 4633:3369, 1530822104261.jpg)

5e9f03  No.522821


Upload this into ED.

c64aef  No.522833




Goddammit, it's Alex again!

Please Alex, stop pestering us with you Anytown crap, we don't care about you, or your shitty taste in cartoons!

757a09  No.522902




Alex Jones,

banned from Youtube

banned from Facebook

banned from Pinterest

even banned from fucking Youporn

We shall follow suit.

c64aef  No.522916

I should probably mention that some person took a look at an episode of Anytown:


9fb662  No.522938


Why is Tim using this Anytown/Alex Jones unoriginal works? Didn't the Anytown guy call out Tim bullcrap from his FB page back in summer/spring 2016?


He had Deviantart account but not banned https://www.deviantart.com/haanimation

How he got banned from Pinterest and Youporn? Any screencaps/evidences?

028fdb  No.522951

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Check out The Anytown Show

028fdb  No.522953

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

028fdb  No.522956

File: 69f4887a5abad65⋯.png (301.8 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, 1533994092144.png)

File: dafdcfe75824333⋯.png (480.84 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, CMSCA.png)

028fdb  No.522961

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Are you glad Arnold is back?

028fdb  No.522963

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

028fdb  No.522965

File: f2be78b7cef0820⋯.png (319.78 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, TOP1.png)

File: ad7aa7ab7914108⋯.png (349.88 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, IT.png)

File: 9af46e1e398fd86⋯.png (292.26 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, PIF.png)

File: 2e16c56eb7337bb⋯.png (263.36 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, FVI.png)

File: 104402f4a3dbe99⋯.png (337.03 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, FIT1.png)

028fdb  No.522966

File: 088a4b7e6b78860⋯.png (522.24 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, IF.png)

File: 3cf560287a624fb⋯.png (275.51 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, DMD.png)

757a09  No.523051


I was making a joke cause the anytown guy uses the same name as Alex “gay frogs” Jones.

757a09  No.523052








Also piss off you lowlife toonaphile faggot.

c64aef  No.523110


>"Which of the following four animated television episodes from the 2003-2004 television season is the winner of the 2004 Prime-time Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program for Programming Less than One Hour?"

Tim, it's so obvious which one won, it's the Futurama episode!


Still has a dinosaur fetish; nothing's changed.


Only thing you've learned is how to be a faggot and what website's looking into your life.

91e814  No.523122


You bastards are wrong about everything! PLEASE STOP FOLLOWING ME AROUND OR I WILL DELETE MY TWITTER!

c64aef  No.523138


Thank you, Tim, for bitching like the little twat you are.

We WILL stop "following you around" if you change your behavior. If you act like less of a cocksucker, and actually grow up, get over your fetishes, and your movies, and just change for once in your life.

028fdb  No.523150

File: f301f32ff751793⋯.png (196.85 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (6368).png)

028fdb  No.523154

File: 4787ed7e3242fb0⋯.png (457.82 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, CK.png)

File: f6722b03b54a5e6⋯.png (815.03 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, KF.png)


FUCK YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9fb662  No.523181


>Claim to be lifetime or lifelong learner outside the internet

<Doesn't explain why you using run-on sentences, going off topic rather learn to contribute, sucks making conversations and lack of English skills



Go on to Google and it'll take mere seconds to find your answer about filmmakers/actors with autism but Tim is either lazy nor refuse to do research


What dream? You been shit posting your "dream" across the interent only to be ignored and ridicule, let alone working on an script, draw an comic for yourself or hired an writer from fiverr to write you a script or commission any artists from DA or tumblr to do your work.


I don't know if Tim is trying to pull an TMNT pizza joke or telling his empty audience what he enjoy eating the most


>Back to School

Why is Tim still mentioning high school when he's almost in his 30s?

c64aef  No.523197


Cause other people are going back to school, and Tim's bragging about not being in school anymore.

5e9f03  No.523198


Then stop being a clueless pedo manchild creep who faps to fictional Asian Minors, Ashi obsess about crap cartoons and dinos and stop chimping out at us.

c64aef  No.523209


That's not actually Tim; that's Alex the Anytown kid.

c64aef  No.523211


All of this explains how Tim will not make Dexter's Odyssey a reality; he he's gonna eventually beg Genndy to make it a reality, how he's gonna make it, etc.

9fb662  No.523220



I love how Tim continue to bring up Gennedy nor Samurai Jack cast and crew were gonna sue/destroy his dream unaware most of his ideas were unoriginal, already wasted 11-12 years all the time in the world and he already harassing them on Twitter recently.

>Well, what would I even going to do differently especially in life and especially in the future?!

Go outside in the real world and get a job or take some college classes or online courses

If you're this desperate to make your Dexter Odyssey, why not ask any artists of DA, tumblr or /aco to commission some artworks you want (If you got money/Paypal without using/borrowing your mommy and daddy or your brothers)

Anyone know about Tim brothers? The last threads, someone mention Tim brother had a Twitch as a streamer. I won't be surprised if they didn't handhold Tim for the rest of his life.

908761  No.523224


Hey Tim, do you play Ark by any chance?

c64aef  No.523225


What's funny is that for my next year in high school (coming in 2 days) I'm taking a digital media (i.e, animation) class.

Do you guys think I could do more than Timbox?

9fb662  No.523229


As long you pay attention and/or put efforts. More importantly, are you talented enough/think creativity

No one know about what Tim during class session (History, Science, Math etc). We know Tim either being uncooperative or doesn't pay attention when it comes bringing up cartoons, Dexter/Samurai Jack (Before 2017's S5 Ashi) and dinosaurs. Is Tim even talented at all or love what he does since he's a kid? Tim has no imagination or creativity aside anything Gennedy work

86a615  No.523250

5e9f03  No.523267


Has Chris Hanson paid you a visit yet? If not he will soon and put your pedophile ass in prison where you’ll become the prison bitch and bike.

c64aef  No.523316


Go away, Tim impersonator. This thread can only take one Tim.

c64aef  No.523318


There was never any "imagination" or "creativity" inside of you at all, Tim.

>"I have long forgotten about how to put any of them in use."

Bullshit. You're just saying that so you can get off free, when really, deep down you really want to kill yourself for doing this.

91e814  No.523325


Then who am I? A monster?

c64aef  No.523345


No, you're not a monster, you're just some sick pedofagchild who desperately seeks attention by shit-posting your godawful movie ideas on so many websites.

9fb662  No.523357



You have no imagination nor creativity because you've wasted your whole life shit-posting your nonexisting movie ideas on the internet and no one took your shit seriously.


The people who telling you to draw something original/create your OWN characters instead of using someone copyrighted charcters. But you end up respond to them by typing in all-caps and acts childishly insults those who are being nice/honest and criticizes your ideas.

You're not a monster, you're just an melodramatic, delusional and hypocrite person like Andrew Dobson/Tom Preston. Get out of your fantasies bubble and do something productive (Go outside, read a book, draw something original) for once

91e814  No.523371


Sometimes, you monsters….


c64aef  No.523376


Then finally do something good for once and go kill yourself.

91e814  No.523377



c64aef  No.523378


Tim lashes out at us once again; more news at 11.

c64aef  No.523383


Then stop acting like a douchebag, and do something productive.

9fb662  No.523389

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You are missing the point. There were young and old artists, no matter amateur or professional, need to came up their own work without the use of intellectual property/established character. There were students, artists and designers able to create their own originality from college university like Academy of Art University or Full Sail University.

Surely you didn't walk off/quit on art class or school session because you need to create some of your own creativity/originality but your only "creativity" were Gennedy works (Dexter and Samurai Jack).

It's no wonder why people on Deviantart barely look up at your DA page (Only photoshop pics even an elementary kid or teenager would make than drawing with a pencil or wacom tablet)

9fb662  No.523391

File: ece78752a3c0d7b⋯.png (1.4 MB, 680x499, 680:499, YOUDENSE--.png)


>Forgot to post this along with it.

c64aef  No.523394


Honestly both this and the video perfectly describe Tim being unable to make his own intellectual property.

5e9f03  No.523395


Why are you such a racist pedo manchild creep with yellow fever Timbox?

757a09  No.523397

File: 15dbaf80a1759f4⋯.jpeg (53.18 KB, 800x536, 100:67, 9AA64473-08D9-4F15-83F3-4….jpeg)


Then why THE FUCK are you trying to make a movie if it has nothing original in it?

And while we’re at it, if you were ever to make a film, it would tank harder then the new Kevin Spacey flick.

757a09  No.523398


To Be Honest, Tim really isn’t as much of a pedo anymore, he’s just a faggot.

9fb662  No.523400


The reason why ppls kept calling Tim pedo because he once ships with Blossom and Dexter, claim it was "cute and romantic" to him. He had one on his gallery and other in his favorite on DA https://archive.is/gfvAm

He also had weirdly disturbing fixation of Samurai Jack as a kid


c64aef  No.523402


At least he past those now, he's just a manfaggot now.

91e814  No.523406



9fb662  No.523412


You still need to learn some English skills

Don't you mean "All of you are monsters"?

c64aef  No.523442


To be fair, his English skills aren't as bad as Erik Mokracek.

757a09  No.523444


F a g g o t






85b6ab  No.523478

File: 601d68f4ac8b5b9⋯.gif (283.03 KB, 300x224, 75:56, Carldisappointment.gif)

File: 76bbf5af20bc442⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, disappointedaku.png)


So much fucking attention whore. He really thinks sperging on Twitter like this will make him likable after all he's done?

>If I have a #FavoritePWord of mine:

My favorite P word is pedophile because it describes how much of a pathetic, manchild faggot you are, you autistic pedophiel bitch.


>because outside of the internet, at least I am, have always been, and always will be one thing: a lifetime or lifelong learner.

What have you actually learned, Tim? How to rip off other people's stuff? You don't really learn anything you pick up, and you half-ass it.

>I could be wrong but I fear that the movie industry and especially the entertainment world may not, and never will look very kindly to people on the autism spectrum (myself included)!

<Waaah I'm autistic give me stuff through pity

No. Fuck you, go do something, and stop jerking off to Ashi. Let go of her.

>Every tweet is like a battle against trolls and cyberbullies who dare to stop me from fulfilling my dreams.

You're losing this battle, Timbox. If anything, you made yourself a bigger joke than what you are, and we didn't have to do anything.

>Not Ordering a Pizza, which can be fattening for me.

Jesus fucking Christ, you really an attention whore. This is why everyone thinks you're a faggot. Go do some exercuse, and stop acting like a fat bitch.

>I've been around the computer for 17 years

And you never learned that harassing celebrities, producers, and voice actors over a fictional Asian bitch is a really bad thing to do? You didn't learn that admitting you're a pedophile furfag manchild will result in people making fun of you? Seriously, Timbox?




He's still a pedophile because he still loves LeeLee and Gogo. It's just that he knows with social media biting you in the ass, he's doomed if he makes a post about LeeLee.

3ef240  No.523583



You draw?

3ef240  No.523591


We both have autism, you and I… Except I've got more creativity in my left pinky than you do in every single fiber of your being. Ever at my shittiest, I was still able to create something, even if it were mediocre and with a weak, lackluster design.

Also i'm actually able to listen and take in feedback. You don't really have any dreams outside of complaining.

d839e8  No.523638


That's some AenimaNerd level a-logging buddy. I'd recommend cooling yer jets.

3fdce1  No.523649


Trump should cut off your welfare and throw you in jail.

85b6ab  No.523662


Great way to kill your little career by saying you'd rather steal other people's stuff than be original and creative, Timmy. It's not like you had a career in the first place though. You're not a monster, but you're not creative either (Photoshopping Ashi in your shitty pictures is not being creative at all).

85b6ab  No.523667

File: e9438ed56439e9b⋯.png (325.65 KB, 631x819, 631:819, Stillbutthurt.png)

File: 324becf9b234fff⋯.jpg (13.18 KB, 255x228, 85:76, Asukalaugh.jpg)

File: ed53d5d432df954⋯.jpg (72.14 KB, 640x480, 4:3, dumbass.jpg)




Just because you told Twitter to move on doesn't mean you can go back to sperg about your dead Asian bitch and harass people to bring her back, Timbox. God damn it, it's almost a year and a half since shitty Samurai Jack ended, and you're pissed over her death l?! Get the fuck over your stupid Asian bitch. She's a fucking fictional character, not a real person.


>Even if I could manipulate my work/production schedule, I'd still lavish enough man-hours on a thing like "Dexter's Odyssey" while churning out other things (especially something original of my own) as well, so that way, I'll have time for any luxuries I'd bring to the table.

>Did fucking nothing for the past 15 years since he brought this shit up

You're not fooling anyone. All you've done is jerk off to fictional and real Asian minors, harass forum posters with your shit posting, and sit on your ass watching shitty 90s cartoons when you're not moving warehouse boxes. I don't even think you have a job anymore because all you do is act like a faggot on the internet, or scream at us when we make fun of you.

>Wants to do something original

<After screaming how he hates being original because he can't use other people's stuff

Whatever, you stupid fuck. You'll never make anything original.

1a61c6  No.523704


>still mad over the death of a shitty waifu

How little of a life do you have to have to care this much about a cartoon character?

c64aef  No.523713

757a09  No.523737

File: 99911eceb0b8ba2⋯.jpeg (309.24 KB, 1242x1648, 621:824, 60A0313A-8C5A-4E0A-A3D6-2….jpeg)

File: 88c574647eb03c7⋯.jpeg (280.24 KB, 1242x1716, 207:286, E3C632D7-FEED-4643-B4A5-F….jpeg)


Tim, are you seriously saying Civil Rights, Vietnam and other event that got people fucking killed to your Dead Waifu?

Shouldn’t be too surprised, remember that “Young Jack reacts to the Boston marathon bombing?”

c64aef  No.523753


No, can we see that reaction?

757a09  No.523757

File: 894a31269455315⋯.png (8.64 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 3EF1B980-C5DD-44FE-A9D7-BC….png)

File: 76c96c0649edaad⋯.png (3.94 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 52576E49-536D-421E-9509-90….png)

85b6ab  No.523770

File: 9e8195224a57148⋯.jpg (69.76 KB, 547x692, 547:692, Thiscantbereal.jpg)

File: bad9e9204789b75⋯.jpg (30.35 KB, 500x340, 25:17, Spidermanfaggot.jpg)

File: 707d3e344a54003⋯.gif (382.78 KB, 500x332, 125:83, disappointedjasmine.gif)

File: 7c2fb13c9d6e82e⋯.jpg (13.67 KB, 255x191, 255:191, cutmanscissors.jpg)


This is beyond delusional and insanity to say Ashi's death is right up there with Vietnam, the Boston attack, and Watergate. Tim…

What the fuck is wrong with you?!

Seriously, you're the only one who gives two flying fucks that Ashi died, and it's getting to a point Ashi is consuming your whole fucking life. Every time you try to bring up anything political let alone talk about politics you just shoot yourself in the foot. You don't know what you're getting into, and you're only going to make yourself look dumber with each tweet you make.


>I think that in my dream last night, the real people in my life and the #SamuraiJack cast of characters felt bad and sorry for me after all these rounds of online ammunition/mockery/hostility that had befallen me way beyond crestfallen especially over #Ashi's death last year.

Because you keep giving your "detractors" and trolls ammo with shit like >>523737. You just fucking compared Ashi's death to Vietnam (comparing a fucking dead cartoon character to thousands of dead soldiers from all sides of that fucking war?! Are you fucking serious!?), and still think Trump is an evil-rapist tyrant man

who is out for your autistic blood despite the sjws and left-wing shit you side with are worse than Trump.

>And sure, the way /cow/ is bringing up this witch hunt against me on the internet is very unforgivable and very unnecessary indeed, and which is why the real people in my life and all the #SamuraiJack characters in my dream wanted me to cheer up, and not give up. That is all.

Again, you keep shooting yourself in the foot, as you harass celebrities and Genndy to revive Ashi like a psychopath, and continue to say dumb shit with or without the Sjw Kool-Aid. You need a fucking reality check, Timbox.

c64aef  No.523776


He needs to see a psychiatrist.

c64aef  No.523779


I posted a comment here, telling Timmy the fucking truth.

I'm basically expecting him to either block me or scream like a retarded psychopath.

85b6ab  No.523781

File: e527add494cbf1e⋯.png (68.62 KB, 469x262, 469:262, ruseriousm8.png)

File: 53660862543f898⋯.jpg (16.65 KB, 216x255, 72:85, retarded.jpg)


He added more stuff to his blog that's not on his Twitter. It's actually kind of disturbing:

>do very epically tremendous damage to a man with autism like me, don't you?!

>Either way, in the future, if Genndy Tartakovsky and the gang will ever try to destroy or suppress any attempt to officially bring back Ashi and bring her and Samurai Jack back together (Dexter's Odyssey especially), the Ashi deserves better movement will rumble back to life again! Just warning you in advance!

Are you fucking seriously trying to threaten Genndy, and not respecting his decision to kill Ashi, Timbox?! Did you seriously just layout a threat to Genndy if he doesn't give in to people like you. This is isn't healthy for you, Timbox. Dude, you need fucking help! Ashi is making you go ape shit! Dude, this fucking character is making you go crazy, and spaz like a retard where now you're trying to justify the insanity and harassment you're giving Genndy and his crew!

c64aef  No.523801


His blog? Where?

85b6ab  No.523807


Erm, I meant his DA entry. I could have sworn the Genndy threat isn't on his tweet because he made yesterday.

3ef240  No.523827


Ashi is literally Tim's world, so it'd make sense he'd put her above all else.

3ef240  No.523828


How could you not want to poke a little bit of shit at Tim?

137de9  No.523844

File: b2f6311c9f4b0dc⋯.png (82.02 KB, 2000x1500, 4:3, 1499553010157.png)

Lee Lee is cute

85b6ab  No.523858


We still make fun of Timbox and the A-Logs who come here, but lately Tim's Ashi obsession is making him worse. He's now making threats and warnings to Genndy and anyone who worked with him if they don't bring back Ashi (Aku's VA went on twitter to bitch about the people harassing him). He is starting to attract others out of 8chan. Tim tries to talk about political shit, but has no fucking idea what's going on when he spews out what the left-wing-sjw media feed him with the sjw kool-aid (which is funny when he cries about racism knowing him and his brothers called us blackies and niggers).

9fb662  No.523861


>Tim Tries It: Laying Down the Law, Ultimatum to Gennedy if they doesn't get what Tim wants

First of all, why are you mention nor compare Vietnam, Civil Rights and Watergate over an ficitional cartoon character? You bring them up that has nothing to do with the argument you're creating.

Are you seriously posting threats against Gennedy, voice actors and crew over a fictional cartoon character that appeared 10 episodes?

There's no way any of his DA watchers or Twitter followers would asspats him over this delusional shit

3fdce1  No.523880



He's the next PaulandAmy.

908761  No.523889

File: fbf949551f9ed12⋯.jpg (31.32 KB, 720x736, 45:46, TimBoz.jpg)


Hey Tim I drew you this is you trying to make Dexter's Odyssey you sped.

91e814  No.523892

File: 18c3bf4e5fa63ea⋯.jpg (442.06 KB, 2880x2160, 4:3, vlcsnap-2016-03-02-07h47m4….jpg)





















1a61c6  No.523895



Do it, faggot.

d839e8  No.523902


Huh, I didn't think about it that way.

52565e  No.523904


This seems like a reasonable response.

77918f  No.523912


As long Ashi your fucking idol, you will double down on the autism. If someone convinces you that he is a priest of Akku and you can resurrect her by sacrificing your penis to Akku, would you believe him and cut off your penis to render it to Akku? Of course you would, because Ashi is a Idol to you.

46ee51  No.523923


Jesus, Timothy. You've gotta be what, 30 now? And you still haven't gotten it through your thick skull that you are responsible for your own actions. Your parents really fucked the dog with you, son.

d839e8  No.523924

Did anybody get the 798chan Q&A yet?

85b6ab  No.523940


Are you really trying to justify the harassment and threats you gave Genndy, the VAs he hred, and his crew over a stupid, forgettable Asian?!

Get some fucking help!


Actually Ashi is the one who be the end of you because she's destroying your life. Your obsession for her is really getting out of hand, Timbox.

85b6ab  No.523944

File: 968f793bf7428cc⋯.png (27.24 KB, 936x241, 936:241, witchhuntlul.png)

Timmy b'awwwleeted the Battle over Ashi entry on his DA (probably because his family noticed his sperging, and made him delete the entry). Hopefully someone archived it because the threats he made to Genndy and his crew deserve to be on the ED page. He made a little comment about the recent butt-hurt.

>Enough of this internet witch hunt against me already!

I don't think you know what witch hunt means when you're caught red handed doing dumb shit like shipping fictional minors in sexual relationships or you go on Twitter harassing Greg and Tara with your unhealthy Ashi obsession. It's not a witch hunt when everyone knows you're doing something like threatening Genndy.

>Otherwise, I would be nothing but another victim of the modern world!

You're not a victim. Stop victimizing yourself when you're caught doing something. Take some fucking responsibility for once in your life. You're almost in your 30s. The "Autism card" only works so much, a you get older. Autism isn't an excuse to threaten Genndy over forgettable Ashi.

>Also, Do all of you online detractors and critics of mine on the internet keep on thinking about and talking about and dwelling upon the fact that the character of Ashi from Samurai Jack Season 5 is destroying me and whatever life I have, and that her death and my obsession with her character is corrupting my own heart and driving myself and EVERYONE ELSE MAD?!

<Is okay that Ashi is ruining his life, and he's taking it out on on people

Your obsession is getting to a point you're not only making threats to Genndy over Ashi, but you'll also threaten anyone who disagrees with you let alone harass them. You really think this is okay to threaten someone over a forgettable character? What are you going to do if someone if that person says Ashi sucks out of the Internet? Attack them?! Listen to yourself. Ashi is holding you back, preventing you from doing anything out of jerking off to shitty cartoons and being a jobless bum (There's almost no way in Hell you still have a fucking job anymore with the dumb shit you've done, and how you shit post late at night).

>What the fuck is wrong with you, /cow/? You get over it!

What the fuck is wrong with you, Timbox? I can't believe you're justifying the threats you gave your role model, and still have the nerve to say you like him.

46ee51  No.523950


Good Lord. Even Robbie Stiles learned his lesson before this point. Just out if curiosity, what do you think the endgame is for Herr McKenzie? Think he'll end up doing something IRL stupid and end up all inpatient, or will his cowardice confine him to a miserable perpetual online existence?

908761  No.524041

File: 3e65885c7367c23⋯.jpg (182.72 KB, 1280x893, 1280:893, latest.jpg)


What kind of dinosaurs would you fight us with? I would use Dimetrodon, the first dinosaur

73b34a  No.524062

File: 048ae1d3c065b4f⋯.jpg (566.96 KB, 1193x1569, 1193:1569, Synapsid_evolution08.jpg)


Actually, Dimetrodon wasn't a dinosaur, but rather of a mammal-like reptile called a synapsid. One way you can tell is by looking at their skulls. For you see, their skulls had a temporal fenestra behind the eye orbit. That fenestra can be found just below the articulation of the postorbital and squamosal bones. The only reason why so many people is mistake Dimetrodon to be a dinosaur is because of its dinosaur-like appearance for two specific reasons; they include the massive sail, which is very reminiscent to the Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park, and the circular head which is very reminiscent of any other theropod known from the fossil record.

c64aef  No.524103


Aw, did Timmy get mad at my comment?

How sweet.

757a09  No.524110


He gets mad at everyone’s comments

Maybe we should call in Genndy and the Gang to sort him out.

0d4fa7  No.524113


Congratulations Tim you’re the next Yoshiwii1.

757a09  No.524124

File: da756a75c581ee6⋯.jpeg (26.96 KB, 991x161, 991:161, 830CFB0B-BB08-447A-95DF-E….jpeg)

And by the way, saw this on Tim’s ED. Was this actually made or was it just like Tim’s movies, where it was talked about but nothing was made?

c64aef  No.524181


It was made two threads ago.

85b6ab  No.524251


Probably be more of a miserable fuck online, but I could see him flip out at someone over Ashi (they tease him, or he gets into an argument with someone over her). He lacks the balls to do first degree stuff like Chris Chan, who intentionally went out of way to damage anything tied to X-Box or Sonic Boom Sonic (he tried to vandalize hedgehog arms before he sprayed someone with mace).


You didn't archive the link by any chance? I think he also took down the Twitter comment. Tim thinks if he deletes comments after he spergs, problems are fixed like in shitty Fairy Odd Parents or some shit.


Someone made a picture of a black guy fucking Ashi, and Tim was crying when he saw Ashi enjoy it. It was pretty funny.

73b34a  No.524283


What do you know? He actually deleted it. He did it. He finally did it. He finally did something smart for once.

85b6ab  No.524318


Too bad most of his stuff has been saved, and put on his ED page.

290176  No.524325


>Someone made a picture of a black guy fucking Ashi, and Tim was crying when he saw Ashi enjoy it.

I would like to see this image. Purely for academic reasons, of course.

908761  No.524359

File: 9de0c07a4745844⋯.jpg (152.06 KB, 1094x730, 547:365, 928120d18c975ec9da66d519aa….jpg)


That bait was meant for Tim

757a09  No.524719

File: c1b28dc48f5dbf9⋯.jpeg (725.26 KB, 1242x1305, 138:145, 5584F2A8-D526-4F4E-892D-8….jpeg)

Good god,Tim is calling himself a Martyr because he believes Ashi should be alive.

For fuck sake Tim, just cause the Bad SJ Art Guy made a joke about ‘Genndy and the Gang’ coming to get you doesn’t mean that’s what’s gonna happen.

3bcb44  No.524886

File: c8311c73448cf94⋯.jpeg (95.62 KB, 706x960, 353:480, 70321DE5-9058-4BAE-8B0C-7….jpeg)


My god Timmy you really are clueless retard. You can’t use autism as an excuse for your disgusting behavior you pedophile manchild faggot. Dinosaurs and Ashi are both extinct. Get a life and more than 2 brain cells.

Sincerely, Everybody.

85b6ab  No.524986

File: ce5520389b851ff⋯.gif (988.41 KB, 500x375, 4:3, bitchslap.gif)


Here is the archived link for the Hell of it, since we lost the threats he made to Genndy on DA 2 days ago:


>#IHaveAHardTimeAccepting #Ashi's disappearance and death at the end of #SamuraiJack as final. A very hard time, indeed.

She is a fictional character with no soul, no personality, and no emotions! She is not real! There are much worse things in life than a dead, fictional Asian!

>using hastags for attention whore and his "battle for Ashi"

Keep seeking attention like this, and watch as more people think you're bat-shit insane to act like this over a fucking cartoon character (because it sure worked well for you telling Tara your jerked off to Ashi because of us, you dumb-ass). You're just going to shoot yourself in the foot. Tim, you're going to get a lot of dirty looks from anyone who lost a loved one if you have the fucking nerve to say Ashi's death was as traumatic as the experience a parent went through knowing s/he lost a daughter during a rape, or a son that got killed by a hate group. If Ashi dying was the worst thing to happen to you in your 20s, you're in for one fucking hell of a ride as you get older.

>Guess I'd die a horrible death or even martyr myself if I ever continue the battle over the fictional character #Ashi from #SamuraiJack Season 5.

This is pure insanity implying you'd risk anything going ape shit over a fucking character everyone moved on from. You're really going to throw your life away like this? You're really going to keep harassing Genndy and his team to bring her back?! At least do everyone a favor, and stop pretending you like Genndy, treating him like he's a role model. Everyone knows you hate his guts now,.

c69593  No.525036

Don't you guys have better people to target? Timbox is fairly innocuous and doesn't directly bother or harass anyone (at least until you chucklefucks started badgering him). You are all just jealous that your level of talent and creativity does not measure up to what Timbox has in his pinky. Having interacted with Timbox since 2007, we have been in the trenches through Toon Zone, Retrojunk, Tumblr, Twitter, and countless Youtube accounts. Leave him alone and let him finish Dexter's Odyssey (all 3…5..7..9..14 parts of it? I lost track awhile ago).

9fb662  No.525094


Then explain:

-Why did he got banned from ToonZone, Retrojunk and other sites For Example: https://archive.is/sm6p4

-Why did Tim harass Chris Battle, Dan Goldwasser, Tara Strong and Greg Baldwin

-His recent Twitter meltdown; Making death threats to Gennedy, cast and crew of Samurai Jack over a fictional character that appeared in a season finale

If you're one of Tim friends, how do you become friends with him in the first place (High School, Facebook)? Because of his Dexter Odyssey (Cartoons and dinosaurs)? You didn't handhold him for 11 years for Tim's undesired nonexisting movie ideas. Surely you must know Tim has not learn anything from his mistake and even convince he would use other people stuff than coming up something on your own (Originality and creative)

Have you tell Tim to ask artists/writers to commission what he wants if Tim unable to make/put effort on his dream? Tell Tim to take online courses or college classes than yelling in the computer

f7cd5a  No.525101

File: e849157b86c3120⋯.jpg (38.44 KB, 625x626, 625:626, b8.jpg)


>You are all just jealous that your level of talent and creativity does not measure up to what Timbox has in his pinky

c69593  No.525112

File: a1565b73209df4b⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1919x1030, 1919:1030, capture.png)



First off, I have not met Timbox in person. My first interactions with him when he was an active poster on Toon Zone and have actively followed him through various corners of the internet over the years.

To attempt to provide validity to my statements, please find the attached screencap from "Timmy's World An Epic Journey Through Pictures and Music" a ninety minute masterpiece Mr. Box uploaded to Google Video back in the day (and has not uploaded since), featuring an intense duel between Mandark (in his cape) with Timbox himself.

c69593  No.525157


While I admittedly have not kept up with Timbox as much in recent times, typically he does not issue his brand of caps lock aggression unless he feels that he is being mocked or silenced. This is supported by the Retrojunk thread you linked, where he negatively reacts to being told he will never be able to legitimately complete his magnum opus of Dexter's Odyssey. He is likely outbursting at Gendy and others because of the uptick in attention he has received from 8Chan as of late and getting subtweeted by Aku's voice actor. When he gets riled up to this extent, he usually ends up being put in an internet time out and is not online for a fairly long period of time. Presumably he is issuing these threats to get attention without fully understanding how inappropriate and legally concerning it is to make such statements.

That being said, I don't know why you people are taking Timbox's threats seriously. He obviously has no ability or means to follow through with them in the first place. Unlike Chris Chan, we have no evidence of Timbox having access to a car, let alone a driver's license, so he can't easily go into a local walmart and attach petitions to Blu-Ray sets of Samurai Jack or anything like that. Also unlike Chris Chan, Timbox's family has a decent understanding of his reputation online and if they get alarmed they will influence his behavior towards the cocks he posts online. For example, it's been literal years since Timmy has uploaded a video featuring himself on camera (I believe the last video he actually featured himself in was his documentary series he filmed in school).

If you all want to see continued cocks from Timbox, you should simply leave him alone and let him do his thing.

3fdce1  No.525203


People who defend this creep are no better than Timbox himself.

c64aef  No.525620


People are actually defending him?


757a09  No.525677

File: 970edeeb5b8194a⋯.jpeg (175.16 KB, 2048x1081, 2048:1081, E447392E-A18C-4CEE-9F53-C….jpeg)


>doesn't directly bother or harass anyone

<Tagged Tara Strong to say he Masterbates to Ashi


>a ninety minute masterpiece Mr. Box uploaded to Google Video

4f6958  No.525689


Five bucks Mama Bird is Tim or his mom.

290176  No.525694



You guys really think Timbox can write something as articulate as >>525157?

>his mom

That user's name refers to the character from Pebble and the Penguin which Timbox used to call "Mama Bird" and made a video where he was supposedly fapping while staring intensely at an image of her. Why would Tim's mom use a codename referring to something her son jerked off to?

c69593  No.525699

File: 6cb2c44bbcf2bf0⋯.png (596.65 KB, 1200x639, 400:213, image.png)


I would imagine Tara Strong has received much worse online and in person. She's in My Little downy, so I imagine some brony has tried to propose to her or asked for her DNA.

Hey, you can't judge it's quality if you haven't seen it. Which unfortunately, I don't think I will be sharing with you people anytime soon. Y'all be more evil than MANDARK IN HIS CAPE

93b6da  No.525701


c69593  No.525703


I'll take that $5 thank you very much

While I wouldn't say I am exactly 'defending' Timbox, I do highly question why he is viewed as worthy of your ire. Timbox is nowhere near the tier of Chris Chan - he has a job (or at least his Facebook says he works a warehouse gig), he has a family that seems to actually value him as more than being just a living breathing monthly disability check (even if they are seemingly racist), and he isn't causing public disturbances. Don't get me wrong, his comments towards Gendy and Tara are obviously inappropriate and disconcerting to read and I am disappointed he went to those lengths. I just don't think he has really done anything to deserve 7+ threads, particularly when he is actually on the spectrum. Timbox isn't asking for your money, he just wants validation for what he views as his life's work.

c69593  No.525704

Quite frankly, i'm a little upset with Timbox as I sent him up-scaled HD copies of Dexter's Laboratory that were discovered on Amazon UK a couple weeks back and did not receive a thank you…smh

37a6a1  No.525729


<<Tagged Tara Strong to say he Masterbates to Ashi


9fb662  No.525731


Why would Tim drag his mother into internet drama over a fictional character? Last time Tim drag one of his brothers to remove his ED page but didn't work out.



What happened in Toonzone before Tim got banned and his "declare war" https://archive.is/RprbQ?

Do you remember any posts or archive that Tim first place in the internet?

757a09  No.525801


It on his ED

3bcb44  No.525868


Does Timbox wear diapers like Chris Chan or Sonmanic?

c64aef  No.525886


No, he doesn't.

3f71ad  No.526035


Samurai Jack sucks, Ashi is a shit taste waifu and God Emperor Trump will pass a bill that will see all of you basement dwelling pedophile manchild faggots in jail.

85b6ab  No.526100

File: df22b2566550d26⋯.jpg (10.97 KB, 259x194, 259:194, popcorn.jpg)


>Timbox is fairly innocuous and doesn't directly bother or harass anyone (at least until you chucklefucks started badgering him).

<Threatened his role model over a fucking fictional Asian, while he creeped out and harassed Tara Strong, Dan Gold Wasser, and Greg Baldwin on purpose.

<Paird and jerked off to minors in sexual relationships online

<Used real tragedy photos to shill his shitty movie ideas

<Still steals other people's stuff, claiming it to be his own

You're really fucking stupid even if this bait.

>You are all just jealous that your level of talent and creativity does not measure up to what Timbox has in his pinky.

<Has ripped off everyone else's stuff, and hasn't made a single original thing in his life.



>Mr. Box

Autistic faggot detected.


>He is likely outbursting at Gendy and others because of the uptick in attention he has received from 8Chan as of late and getting subtweeted by Aku's voice actor

>Presumably he is issuing these threats to get attention without fully understanding how inappropriate and legally concerning it is to make such statements.

Doesn't mean he's right for doing that. He shouldn't be harassing and threatening people over Ashi. Autism isn't an excuse to threaten someone over a fucking cartoon character. Autism isn't an excuse to be a lazy bitch.

>If you all want to see continued cocks from Timbox, you should simply leave him alone and let him do his thing.

We're not doing anything out of some faggot who only made Timbox scream faggot barriers like a retarded chimp (AenmaNerd). Tim purposely went out of his to threaten and harass online forums and people like Genndy and Tara over a fucking cartoon character. Everything Tim has done in the past 3 years is all his doing, and he refuses to see why pairing minors in sexual relationships in your 20s makes you look like a creepy pedophile faggot, or that it's a really bad idea to threaten someone you look up to over a character you jerk off to.


>Hey, you can't judge it's quality if you haven't seen it. Which unfortunately, I don't think I will be sharing with you people anytime soon. Y'all be more evil than MANDARK IN HIS CAPE

Don't worry, we're not like the foxdickfags or the old789 weens that are begging for your shit info. Besides, you're probably full of shit with this anyway.


> I just don't think he has really done anything to deserve 7+ threads, particularly when he is actually on the spectrum. Timbox isn't asking for your money, he just wants validation for what he views as his life's work.

<I made 6+ shit posts to defend a pedophile-manchild faggot who refuses to learn from his mistakes, and is now threatening people over a cartoon

Tim made this mess for himself, and refuses to clean his mess. If you cared about Timbox so much, you would actually tell him that threatening Genndy and harassing anyone who worked with him is wrong, and he needs to move on from Ashi and shitty 90s cartoons. Reinforcing his shit makes you just as bad as Timbox, and part of the problem. Btw, we kept encouraging Timbox to finally do something with shit like MS Paint instead of dreaming that someone from CN will just drop trafficked Asian hos and a bajillion dollars to an autistic faggot to make shitty movies for shitting his pants and doing nothing worthwhile. If Mike Judge can make a movie with 40-60K and Lazerbot can make a popualr shitty webcomic with MS Paint, Timbox can make something with MS Paint and Movie Maker if he wasn't a lazy bitch.

85b6ab  No.526111

File: 2d6d478782e45fa⋯.jpg (54.12 KB, 810x1200, 27:40, DextersOddyseyisback.jpg)

File: 4b4ca1e6cc37993⋯.png (110.27 KB, 278x739, 278:739, clerks.png)

With that out of the way, looks like our manchild faggot decided to be a spazz on Twitter:


>If there's anything that I can do in order to supposedly #MakeAFilmFeelPositive, it'll be this: A History of the Pursuit of Happiness

If he meant the Wil Smith movie, Tim needs to understand life is hard, and not a rosy Disney movie where everything is happy and cheerful. Tim, you can't live in a little bubble assuming everything is perfect and beautiful like a Disney movie while you screech how Trump is an evil rapist-tyrant man. For some reason I doubt he meant something else like Darrin McMahon's book because Tim is way too stupid to read anything without an edited Wikilink. This is same retard who thought Puumba and Timon were comparable to two Shakespeare characters who tried to betray the main character in a Shakespeare play.



Prepare for some unholy amounts of autism because Dexter's Odyssey is back in full motion.

>…would probably be ostensibly based upon, and very loosely inspired by, the animated small screen TV works and/or characters created for @CartoonNetwork and @AdultSwim by #GenndyTartakovsky, the man behind the likes of #DextersLaboratory and #SamuraiJack, among other sources.

By loosely based, you mean rip off Genndy. By the way, go fuck yourself for saying you love Genndy after you threatened him and his staff over a fucking, fictional Asian bitch.

>And for me, therefore, "Dexter's Odyssey" might represent such a lifelong mission of mine. If so, I'd have to survive many years of delays, frustrations, ridicule, and even personal artistic and financial risk, especially after having endured such things for 12 years in a row …

You're never going to complete this "life-long" mission because you don't do shit. Movie directors and people like Liam Lynch made shows and movies with less money, so don't give us this "I need a bajillion autist bux to make my movie" bullshit.

>But in addition to all that, and among other themes, "Dexter's Odyssey" would also, and especially, explore at even greater length the questions taken up by Rain Man with Dustin Hoffman, What's Eating Gilbert Grape with Leonardo DiCaprio, and Forrest Gump with Tom Hanks…

>You know, as far as exploring at greater length the very questions taken up years ago by Rain Man, What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, and Forrest Gump, especially regarding the trans-formative or so enlightenment of people on the autism spectrum or some other condition.

Lol what?! Timbox, I'm not trying to A-Log, but with all of the dumb shit you've in the past 3 years, you're literally the polar opposite of someone like Tesla or Heather Kuzmich (you know, "autists" who have actually done with their lives, and didn't use autism as an excuse like you).

>…especially to be fully appreciated in a screen-filling 70mm widescreen and/or 15/70mm IMAX film presentation, especially if the completed version of my pet project "Dexter's Odyssey" would, could, and should have its world premiere not in Los Angeles or in New York City…

>But probably in the more decent-size city of Baltimore, and especially in the St. John Properties IMAX theater within the Maryland Science Center within Baltimore City's Inner Harbor or some place..

Lol, you'll be fucking lucky to even show it in a library if you ever get off your fat autistic ass to make it.

>And you know, I actually first conceived the very idea for "Dexter's Odyssey" in 2006 or even earlier

<12+ fucking years, and still hasn't done shit out of harassing forums and threatening his role model

You're almost 30. You should start doing something if I were you.

>And yes, sure, it is probably going to be, at various stages of my life's journey, especially, a very mighty lifelong struggle for me to make or even raise finances for "Dexter's Odyssey", but I would be very lucky if I would, could and should ever really make it!

Reminder Kevin Smith, Mike Judge, and even your "role model" made their projects with little or no money, and aren't asking for a harem of trafficked women/children like you. If Genndy made his cartoon with very little resources, you can too.

>"Don't Believe Everything You Hear on the Radio"….or on the internet…or anywhere or anyplace else!

Your ED page, archived links, and the screencaps showing your antics say otherwise.

>And oh! One more thing. "Dexter's Odyssey" should at least make a really good fantasy film, whether animated cartoon or live action, 2D hand drawn or 3D CGI, or any combination thereof, no matter how epic or complex it can really get even as a massive cinematic sequence or saga!

Yea, good luck getting 2d animation for your unrealistic movie, champ. Talk about fucking delusion.

85b6ab  No.526214





He just admitted he won't do shit unless someone at CN will drop him money, Asian whores, and whatever he thinks are luxuries with a straight fucking face. Are you serious, Timbox?! Smith, Genndy, and Judge didn't have luxuries when they made their projects. And you want people to take you seriously?! Lol, get a fucking reality check with this.

c64aef  No.526228


If he's like Kevin Smith, expect loads of "fuck" in his movies.

85b6ab  No.526236

File: 7d7b3dc106388da⋯.jpg (45.59 KB, 500x333, 500:333, laughcat.jpg)

File: 5c5417d5d2a7dc2⋯.jpg (74.19 KB, 680x510, 4:3, reallyfaggot.jpg)



I guess he's back into sperging about Dexter's Odyssey (Oh yea, he still hates Mandark for some reason). I love how he shows no shame nor remorse for making threats to Genndy and anyone who worked with him over Ashi.

>In essence, a movie such as mine or even Dexter's Odyssey will be more of a earnest and really good fantasy film of the ageless squaring off between good and evil whose simple naivete is designed and even bound to both baffle art-house hipsters and thrill kids of all ages.

Reminder he tried to put Mandark as a tranny in one version of Dexter's Odyssey while Dexter curses and swears while he has sex with some forgotten character no one gives two shits about in another version. I lost count on how many shitty versions of this fanfic are out there because he keeps changing on depending on whatever sparks his autism.

c64aef  No.526281


I don't even know why Tim decided to go back to the Odyssey; I guess he wants that odyssey to be made, desperately now.

d839e8  No.526288


If he wants it to be desperately made, why doesn't he go to /co/, /aco/ or any other part of 4chan and ask artists there for a commission?

9fb662  No.526305


As I've mention several times, Tim once show Odyssey to 4chan /co but only to get ridiculed and ignored. Not even he could bring up his Ashi Obsession when co threads bring up Ashi (Last year there were few Ashi threads but die out after Samurai Jack ended)

>ask artists there for commission

If he had a job (No way he would use mommy or daddy credit card nor telling his brothers to add money on paypal), he would've gotten him an paypal account by now if he's smart enough how to use it. Even if he did, I doubt artists nor writers (writing commissions) would take his commission seriously. He once requested someone in DA to self insert himself with Ashi


I don't remember Tim even bring up nor mention "Luxuries" from previous threads, tweets or DA journals. Why bring it up, just for attention or shits&giggles? If Tim wants Luxuries, go to an casinos/lottery (Tough luck or better chance of being killed by lightning than winning a jackpot lottery)


absolute state of Tim. He was never this desperate on his nonexisting dream recently.

85b6ab  No.526307


>Asks for the most controversial character in shitty Samurai Jack

<Only lists Ashi and some faggot, meme robot

Polls don't work like that if you're asking about all 5 seasons, Timmy.


He's running out of time. Nobody is going to go out of their way to make an unrealistic movie that's just fap material for an autistic faggot who is lazy, and won't even payback anyone stupid enough to help him (He thinks everyone owes him this movie). When he goes through some life changes like losing his family to death or whatever, he ain't gonna have the time to bullshit on the internet, begging someone to give him a bajillion autism bux, "luxuries" like Asian whores (lol seriously, Timbox?!), and whatever else he wants. He needs to stop adding and changing shit to this stupid Odyssey, focus on writing and completing a script, an put it together with MS Paint, Movie Maker, or whatever he's got. Shit like Ashi or whatever he is fascinated by keep distracting him, making him delay this stupid Odyssey of his. He would be a terrible project leader because he keeps changing things, and never accomplishes anything because of changes he wants to add at the last minute.

>Okay guys, I just came across I read on Wik-I MADE UP ON MY OWN. What do you think about adding this it to Dexter's Odyssey?

<Tim, We're already 98% done with this project, and we can't backtrack anymore because of the deadline.

>I think it needs to be a-

<No Tim, we're out of money, and the executives are getting fed up with this pro-


<I'm done with this shit, and I'm going to the executives.



Why commission someone if you can make shitty art for yourself? He also got ridiculed and possibly banned from Cuckchan, and he seems to hold a grudge with them.


He's been on attention whore mode all day. I'm surprised he finally admitted he won't do jack shit until someone from CN unrealistically gies him money, the rights to Dexter's Lab, and "luxuries" like trafficked Asian whores and whatever his stupid autistic ass needs. I guess working for luxuries is too hard for our autistic dumb-ass because he hates any kind of work.

c64aef  No.526314


If Tim really did get his film made, it would be a shitload of fuck.

3bcb44  No.526324

757a09  No.526514



You wanna vote for The robot for shits n giggles?

c64aef  No.526515


Thread referring to some Disney movie.


More mourning of Ashi, Tim, c'mon, it's 2018, people have gotten over her, and you should too.

85b6ab  No.526526


>Some change in the Academy Awards is getting backlash

<Of course, Tim is a cuck who supports it

It's very small nitpicking, but it shows how Tim eats up left-wing media like a bitch while not understanding why people think this is dumb.

>I know how all of you (and all of Hollywood as well) feel about the best popular film category to be introduced at the Academy Awards soon. Remember, The Academy Awards, or Oscars, have always evolved and even change or add or remove certain categories throughout its history.

Hollywood, the one you hypocritically support while you bitch about Trump being an evil-rapist tyrant man, doesn't care about the changes because they're the ones implementing and supporting these changes, Tim. This category is dumb because it's a half-assed attempt to get ratings while it screws other movies and categories. It's all superficial bs, and movies like BLM Panther don't need more undeserving rewards when you have other flicks out there.


>Well, will all of you please disband and lay off any chance The Return of #Ashi for at least 10, 20, or 30 or so years and just let Genndy and his fellow creators/collaborators do their own thing for now and forever? Thank you.

<Still spergs about Ashi and harasses Genndy and others after he writes this shit

You're not the one to talk about leaving Ashi and Genndy alone knowing you just fucking threatened the guy and his team a few days ago over Ashi. Don't pretend nobody knows because we have your threat quoted here, and all kinds of screencaps of you harassing and threatening others with your bullshit. Tim, doing shit like this doesn't fix or amend the damage you've done to yourself or others.

>Thinks he's the voice of reason concerning Ashi on Twitter


91e814  No.526527



And will all of you please disband and stop this so-called witch hunt towards me, myself and I on the internet? LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! THIS IS REALLY GETTING OUT OF HAND!

85b6ab  No.526529


Not until you stop acting like a stupid faggot over Ashi and let go of her while moving onto better things. You should be ashamed of yourself for threatening your "role model" let alone anyone over a fucking, fictional cartoon character. The bitch isn't real, and she doesn't have feelings. Get over Ashi.

91e814  No.526531



85b6ab  No.526532

File: f2a0b2d647c8857⋯.jpg (17.36 KB, 500x375, 4:3, happyjack.jpg)


Yes you are just as big a faggot out of the internet as you're a faggot on the Internet.

85b6ab  No.526534

File: ed83ceba7bb1600⋯.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 449:401, Girlslaughing.png)



All aboard the butt-hurt bitch train!

>I, Timothy Robert McKenzie, have shit his pants and done nothing truly wrong outside of the internet, but I am getting fed up with this unprovoked witch hunt towards me myself and I on the internet.

You were caught threatening Genndy on DA. Once again, it's not a witch hunt when someone knows you did something. You should look up phrases, meanings, and idioms before you use them, Timbox.

>And so, and I am really, sincerely, truly, madly and deeply sorry to say this, but: All I ask is for forgiveness from everyone on the internet and for everybody to forget any mistake, error, or anything else I say or do.

No, you're not sorry. You're just saying sorry so you can go back to being a faggot online, and your family will leave you the fuck alone (So did they yell at you again, Timbox?). If anything, you owe Greg Baldwin, Tara Stong, and your role model Genndy an apology. All of your apologies are bullshit because the minute someone says you're forgiven, lolcows like you go back to your antics. We still remember how you went back to shipping Blossom and Dexter in a sexual relationship after you "apologized" about it 3 years ago. Once someone forgives you, you'll just go back to being an obnoxious faggot over Ashi, creeping out, harassing, or threatening Genndy, anyone who worked with Genndy, or someone who doesn't think Ashi needs to be revived. Forgiveness doesn't work like a movie or a cartoon where everything is magically undone, Timbox.

>Please disband this unprovoked online witch hunt towards me; Also, please remove any negativity towards me off of the internet and of your hearts and minds. And please, forget about this Timbox witch hunt in general.

You made your mess, and you made your ED page. You made your reputation with your antics, your shitty unrealistic movies you never put any effort into, and your unhealthy disturbing obsession for Ashi. Your ED page ain't going nowhere after what you and your family did. You can only do the following at this point:

>Let go of Ashi, letting her die

>Start making one of your movies come to life when you're not at work chugging warehouse boxes

>Get away from the Internet, and shitty 90s cartoons

>Don't get your family involved

>Take the actual time to learn how to draw and usu photoshop

>Stop using other people's stuff, and make something original

You're not going to do any of these things, and you'll just scream at us as usual. You'll just keep shooting yourself in the foot like Chris Chan, Dobson, and other lolcows like you keep doing. Enjoy your ED page, as it expands.

e5057f  No.526538

File: a8a4eb8a7690b2c⋯.png (118.22 KB, 664x645, 664:645, [distant_Jewish_laughter].png)




91e814  No.526539

File: 26e32cd9061f863⋯.jpg (32.49 KB, 324x405, 4:5, volumetric_mouth_2109.jpg)



757a09  No.526556


757a09  No.526572


He’s also Deleted his DeviantArt.

This is crazy man

85b6ab  No.526576



He'll come back because he temporarily deactivated his DA account before. Lolcows always do this. Tim won't last long without the internet because he wasted his whole life there. Don't be surprised if he doesn't do anything for a while.

c64aef  No.526579


We win…for now.

e5057f  No.526606


He afks a while waiting for his autism to recharge so he can scream at everyone. The only other possibility is that his parents got sick of his screams.


lol this isn't a win. The longer he stays in hiding the longer we go without julayies

c64aef  No.526609


I know, I'm just saying this because he's done…for now.

3bcb44  No.526635


You have no but yourself to blame for your disgusting behavior you sick pedophile manchild faggot. You’re obsession with Ashi has driven you to the point of no return. Stay off the internet for your own sake and the fictional and real Asian minors you stalk online.

91e814  No.526639


LOOK, YOU! After 12 years and careful consideration, I decided not to return to social media ANYMORE! And PLEASE don't call me a sick pedophile manchild faggot ANYMORE!

1a61c6  No.526647


>PLEASE don't call me a sick pedophile manchild faggot ANYMORE!

But you are a sick pedophile manchild.

3bcb44  No.526648


Careful consideration my ass, you can barely think at all.

85b6ab  No.526650


If he's spazzing out on here or somewhere else, it's a win.


You'll come back. You'll probably act like a total faggot on your Facebook or whatever else you use like Reddit or Cartoon Brew. You will never leave the Internet like you'll never get rid of the bad reputation you made for yourself. You'll always be a manchild, pedophile faggot because you would rather sit in your own shit with your dead, fictional Asian than get off your fat autistic pedophile ass making one of your shitty movie ideas come to life. You're fooling nobody, Timbox.

3bcb44  No.526652


What’s Timbox’s IQ I say it’s 65.

4f6958  No.526653


Just remember: These threads would have stayed dead if you didn't decide to come here and sperg about your exploits

c64aef  No.526654


I'd say it's 42, because I don't think it can go any lower.

3bcb44  No.526657

His parents must be so disappointed and disgusted with Tim.

3ef240  No.526659


are you okay retard

3ef240  No.526662


>where he negatively reacts to being told he will never be able to legitimately complete his magnum opus of Dexter's Odyssey.

Because he's not even capable of starting it, and would much rather spend his time chasing shadows than ignoring them and/or disproving them.

>He is likely outbursting at Gendy and others because of the uptick in attention he has received from 8Chan as of late and getting subtweeted by Aku's voice actor. When he gets riled up to this extent, he usually ends up being put in an internet time out and is not online for a fairly long period of time. Presumably he is issuing these threats to get attention without fully understanding how inappropriate and legally concerning it is to make such statements.

He's still a fucking moron and this doesn't justify his behavior. Until he actually does something about his situation and learns how to draw and animate, or stops being a fucking sperg and ignore the hate, he's gonna get some big shit from us. Even other autists who've spent their childhoods shitting their pants and shitting his pants and doing nothing can eventually grow up to be half-decent and promising artists, which tim has yet to prove.

9fb662  No.526684

>Removed his Twitter

>Deactivated his Deviantart

Never thought it would come to this. Ironic that Tim have two only safe space, much like tumblr, he deleted both of them. Not even his asspatters/fanbase (Twitter followers nor DeviantArt watchers) would white knight him

Without his social media, how will he ever post 95% of his tweets and pics were Dexter Odyssey, Ashi and 90's crap?

3f71ad  No.526709

Encyclopedia Dramatica are you seeing this?

3f71ad  No.526712

4f6958  No.526736


Christ I thought you people were being mean berating him for having a low IQ while he's actually just incredibly autistic but after watching this, I don't know. He really sounds slow in da mind.

c69593  No.526825

See, this is exactly what I told you would happen. You all started chirping at Timbox and pressing his buttons, so now his Twitter and Deviantart are gone (i'm more inclined to think he was pushed by family members to get rid of the accounts rather than Timmy himself). Y'all julayed the cow dry. If you left him alone, Timmy would not have been so aggressive towards Gendy and would still be posting about his 'creative' endeavors. Instead, you punished someone for their diagnoses instead of someone with actual influence and power to hurt others.

c69593  No.526828


Why do you guys care so much that Timmy cribs his creative works from other IPs? Have none of you seen 'Everything is a Remix'? Sure, Timmy does not really interject OCs into his work and blatantly lifts characters from established cocks, but if he incorporated characters like 'Daxter' and 'Bee-Bee' y'all would be giving him shit for that too. Arguably his works are more memorable (and more humorous) because he integrates already existing characters.

e5057f  No.526852

File: ec22772ed9b88cd⋯.jpg (60.4 KB, 703x516, 703:516, ec22772ed9b88cd859f507e3ec….jpg)



>implying he won't be back within a week

>implying he was is ever going to finish any of his projects

I doubt he's going to let all that >hard work go to waste.

757a09  No.526959



If Tim does leave for good then I’ll actually be glad for him for doing something for once in his life.

I doubt it of course.

c64aef  No.526968


I actually updated his ED yesterday because he baleeted his accounts.

3f71ad  No.526971

File: a916a8fe6ef0bf8⋯.png (157.43 KB, 904x457, 904:457, ClipboardImage.png)

>>526968Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 9.04.51 PM

3f71ad  No.526974

File: 2b5d6f6c013b3dd⋯.png (365.26 KB, 1856x1180, 464:295, ClipboardImage.png)

upload this into his ED page.

85b6ab  No.527960

File: bad9e9204789b75⋯.jpg (30.35 KB, 500x340, 25:17, Spidermanfaggot.jpg)



>Makes a petition for a shitty art book

<On a fucking petition site that focuses on environmental, political, and social shit the government will mostly ignore

Great use of the site, you autistic fuck.

>Fans have also told us that they feel that by withholding from the marketplace or even neglecting to consider doing a lavishly illustrated Samurai Jack coffee table art of book or perhaps a multi-volume series of such books, all of you are ignoring Genndy Tartakovsky's Samurai Jack for consideration for a lavishly illustrated kind of coffee table art book kind of treatment. If any of you refuse to accept a lavishly illustrated coffee table art of book or lavishly illustrated coffee table art of book series on Samurai Jack for consideration for such a treatment, many fans will instead be forced to choose between churning out fan art and fan fictions and other fan cocks devoted to the show or searching for Samurai Jack production artwork on eBay or perhaps even certain websites such as colorist Scott Wills' blog: https://animationbgs.blogspot.com/

I don't think you consulted with anyone about this shitty book, and it's you talking out of your autistic faggot ass. Are you going to be harassing and threatening Scott Willis to make this shitty book now like you harassed and threatened Genndy? Btw, just because you baww'leted your Twitter and DA doesn't mean you can still act like an autistic cunt on Reddit and Cartoon Brew.

>And with all that in mind, we can all hope and pray that all of you will reconsider your lack of support of as well as your neglecting of any consideration for the entire series of Samurai Jack to receive a lavishly illustrated coffee table art book kind of treatment (or perhaps even a multi-volume lavishly illustrated coffee table Samurai Jack art book series, for that matter) and even consider publishing such a thing so that the world would, could, and should finally get to buy and own such a lavishly illustrated coffee table art book publication or two or more on The Art of Samurai Jack, and heck, who knows that such a publication would even sell millions or even millions of copies especially for such a lavishly illustrated Samurai Jack coffee table art book publication, and who knows that such a publication will especially even hit the New York Times' Bestseller List or something!

<New Yorks Times Bestseller List

<Thinks New York Times, the most corrupted newspaper, has respect or any value

<multivolume artbook

You're joking right? Just be grateful if you even get one.

>Yes, it has already been 17 years and 18 days after Samurai Jack first aired on Cartoon Network on August 10, 2001, and we all think that Samurai Jack belatedly deserves a lavishly illustrated coffee table art book publication kind of treatment.

So much autism in a few blurbs. No it doesn't deserve a book.

85b6ab  No.527962


>Y'all julayed the cow dry.

Tim can't leave the Internet no matter how hard he tries. It's his life. He still has a Reddit account, and will find ways to be sneaky with his faggotry. Timbox will never learn his lesson. Lolcows try to find ways to be sneaky with their antics, and Timbox ain't no exception.

>If you left him alone, Timmy would not have been so aggressive towards Gendy and would still be posting about his 'creative' endeavors. Instead, you punished someone for their diagnoses instead of someone with actual influence and power to hurt others.

It should have been obvious that he would go out to harass and threaten Genndy, Tara, Greg and others over fucking Ashi. You're really fucking stupid because Tim went out of his way to harass people like Dan Goldwasser and Chris Battle over Dexter's Odyssey way before Ashi ruined his life. No one told him to harass and threaten people, or post how he's a creepy faggot over cartoons. Nothing Tim does should be justified.


Tails Gets Trolled is basically a webcomic full of ip character in fucked up situations, yet it was one of the most popular webcomics out there (because of its fucked up, impenetrable autism over trolls). Lazerbot was an autistic faggot, but he didn't take his own shit seriously. Tim doesn't understand copyright laws, and thinks he should get a bajillion bux and Asian whores for using someone else's work without permission because he's an autistic fanboy. Everybody's done this kind of stuff before growing up, but they move on with their lives, or get into the business hoping to work on something they loved in their lives. Tim has been "chasing" these dreams of making movies and working with Genndy, yet has done jack shit out of pissing people off on forums, creeping out people like Tara and Dan, and jerk off to shitty 90s cartoons. Being a late-20 something faggot isn't helping his case either.

91e814  No.528053



91e814  No.528054



4f6958  No.528080


Whatever you say timmy

c64aef  No.528312



Welcome back Timmy, hope you get your accounts lie your Tumblr back!

91e814  No.528316


And I ask all of you very kindly:

Would all of you please…


757a09  No.528395


Well that’s not very nice Tim! We’re just wishing you luck on getting your accounts back.

91e814  No.528540


Oops! Sorry about that!

908761  No.528651

File: febf3e4936a44df⋯.jpg (417.03 KB, 2324x1394, 1162:697, deinonychusgf.jpg)


How does this make you feel?

1a61c6  No.528652

Good to have you back, Tim. So you been doing anything interesting or just autistically screeching at people for laughing at your retarded ass on the internet?

f7cd5a  No.528698


Hell no, anyway how's your sex life?

e5057f  No.528781


Stop all capsing and go get your accounts back.

85b6ab  No.528784





<Please be nice to me. I have autism, and I'm a racist pedophile

Doesn't work like that, dumb bitch. You'll be back on Twitter and DA with your Ashi obsession harassing and threatening more people like the autistic faggot you are.

85b6ab  No.528815

File: 8e1ec42b7b86f73⋯.png (67.86 KB, 893x767, 893:767, LedditTimbox.png)


e5057f  No.528881

File: cbfd5497c71f70f⋯.png (64.5 KB, 355x328, 355:328, cbf.png)


>asking for help on plebbit

Well I was right. Not a week has passed and he's back to his usual shit.

Here's the petition if anyone wants to read it: https://www.change.org/p/cartoon-network-please-publish-a-samurai-jack-art-book

A change.org petition, with his real name. How fucking stupid are you, Timmy?

3d719e  No.529097

Timbox came back to the internet yet again? I never would’ve guessed. Hey Timmy how’s Your ex-waifu lee Lee doing as well as your current shit taste waifu Ashi?

f490d8  No.529447

Maybe these were brought up, but here are some old autistic gems from other sites like Den of Geek:



>Here is my movie idea Toon Talker

<Dude Wtf?! Are you serious


This was back when he whores the shit out of Toon Talker, and thought Ezra Miller was Asian. He really didn't contribute anything worthwhile to the discussion about Avatar being a shitty, overrated movie after 5+ years.



Tim, Birth of Evil was a shitty, overrated episode, and it's not a movie. It didn't even fit with the article, you moron.







Endless shit posts of Go Go Tomago, the Asia waifu he dumped when Ashi entered his life.



Of course, our autistic dumb-ass had to chime in with his unrealistic movie ideas and Gogo Obsession.



So., much. autism over fucking Samurai Jack, shitty Fantasia, and 2001. Comes to show you he has no social skills because he isn't good at joining conversations (Can't shut the fuck up about cartoons or shitty Samurai Jack), changing subjects (Inappropriately throwing Y out there when someone is talking about X), or listening to other sides (shit posting about political stuff, and screaming at anyone who disagrees with him).

91e814  No.529716

File: 546c62b9be641f9⋯.jpg (70.88 KB, 1080x646, 540:323, Stop goes Dexter's mom.jpg)




e5057f  No.529842


Hi Tim!

1244ed  No.529845


If you are larping as Tim I hope you commit sudoku because your life must be so fucking pathetic and miserable to lose your precious lifetime in something as negligible and fucking boring as that

If you are the real Tim you should too kill yourself, because oh, boy, you sure are ridiculous and an enormous insufferable faggot.

c64aef  No.529859


That's not larping, it's really Tim.

eb26d6  No.530011


Timbox you’ll die forever alone as you waste taxpayer dollars by screeching at us and fap to cartoon penguins, Lee Lee and Ashi.

e5057f  No.530231

Imagine being this obsessed over a cartoon that ended nearly 20 years ago and trying to revive any way possible. Tim do something productive with your time.

c64aef  No.530274


You're right, Tim really needs to do something.

91e814  No.530277




Question: Why do you always insist on descending on my internet accounts and attack me especially over Ashi's death?! KNOCK IT OFF!

f490d8  No.530279


Because you harassed voice actors, and threatened your fucking role model over a fucking fictional cartoon character, you fucking autistic moron! I can't believe you still think threatening Genndy was the right thing to do.

91e814  No.530280



f490d8  No.530281


Since you'll never learn from your mistakes and still justify the threats you made to Genndy, nah. Enjoy the misery you made for yourself, bitch.

f490d8  No.530282


Whatever, loser. You're a joke.

91e814  No.530283



91e814  No.530285



f490d8  No.530286



Awwww, did your family yell at you again because you keep acting like a faggot bitch on the internet again?! Lol


What the fuck are you talking about? You're the one who keeps shooting himself in the foot. You don't have it bad compared to others, faggot.


Yes you are, loser. Don't you have better things to do today than being a faggot on the internet?

eb26d6  No.530366


Because all you do is obsess over her death. She’s not real bro get over it. You really need to seek help bro especially since you’re on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Once you’re on that website you’re not safe.

eb26d6  No.530367

File: a40c7a295e3f06f⋯.png (152.32 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, A80F5D34-0198-495C-ACD4-DE….png)

c64aef  No.530393


You really texted Tim?

Someone needs to call him, and tell him to grow up.

eb26d6  No.530406


I messaged him on Facebook. Careful he chimps out quite a bit. He also tried to get me to sign his BS Samurai Jack petitions about Ashi and some other crap.

3ef240  No.530417


Grill yourself Timothy.

c64aef  No.530630


Good thing you didn't listen to his shit.

eb26d6  No.530687


Timbox is nothing but pedophile manchild faggot who obsesses over dinosaurs, raps to Ashi, Lee Lee, fictional penguins and other Asian minors.

e5057f  No.531342


>makes death threats

>obsesses over fictional minors

>harasses people


And all he has to do is log off and get a life.

9fb662  No.531564

One week passed after "bawleted" his Twitter and DA, Tim continue to shit post on Reddit and still screaming to this thread.

Question: Has Tim mention personal life info? Tim revealed some of his past info (His address, grandfather in FB back in 2013), most all of his sperging were cartoons and dinosaurs but he never talks about his parents or brothers. He never bitches/whines about something that happened when he was doing some thing outside of the Internet. We don't know whether or not he is gainfully employed, even part time. If he did, he wouldn't waste time screaming at us or go to Deviant Art, Tumblr, /co or /aco for commissions (Art or writing)

I would imagine his parents or brothers going outside socialize while Tim sits at home, still screaming at the internet or waiting someone at CN for his crappy ass movie ideas



You defend/respect Tim but does Tim respect YOU? With all the work or project you're doing for Tim, does Tim thank you or give credit? When's the last time Tim even give an expression of gratitude or show appreciation toward other people/fans? Tim doesn't care about others because he only care about himself because he exploiting people for his personal gain but fail miserably. Are you still continue to patting Tim's ass if Tim threw you under the bus for his undesired dream that will never be made? Look at how Dobson turn out when he throw his fans and those who criticizes him under the bus


If you have a FB account, does Tim have any recent posts, his friend lists or groups he got kicked out after FB groups calling out his bullshit?


Because you're still handholding and making recent online stalking over a fictional cartoon character only appeared ten episode of season finale. Your reddit post and petition about SJ artbook isn't going to happen at all. Samurai Jack is over, everyone from fans and staff moved on. There's no need for an artbook…

It's almost Labor Day, walk away from the internet about a week and go to a party or enjoy your family and friends

c64aef  No.531707


Tim really does need to rethink his life, or else he's gonna die as a faggot.

757a09  No.531762

You think we should start thinking about making another thread?

f490d8  No.531769


We're not near the cap, which is 400

c64aef  No.531771



We are only at 274 replies now.

757a09  No.532318

3f71ad  No.532359

How long until we start a new thread?

757a09  No.532374


Probably around 390

f490d8  No.532394


So. much. autism. over stupid battle yells in a cartoon. Oh yea, his DA and Twitter are back up. More news at 11.

>Would Samurai Jack screaming out Aku's very name or perhaps his signature battle cry really, and certainly, count as the Samurai Jack show's equivalent of the famous Tarzan yell (which Tarzan and John Carter creator Edgar Rice Burroughs described in his Tarzan novels as "The victory cry of the bull ape") or Disney's Goofy Holler (which Goofy let out whenever he falls down) or perhaps the Howie Long Scream or the ever-famous Wilhelm Scream or some other stock scream/sound effect?

Nothing about this makes sense. The comparisons don't even work.

9fb662  No.532559


Tim STILL bring up the the kiss scene of Jack and Ashi.

I like how he said the line "This is just a fantasy" knowing Tim wishes he wants to see SJ and Ashi in an Hollywood big screen which they're just cartoon characters only for television material.

c64aef  No.532567


His DA's really back up?


It's 2018, and he's still obsessing over a fuckin' kiss?

c64aef  No.532588

Oh yeah, and I commented on his DA upload (https://www.deviantart.com/timbox129/art/The-Jashi-Kiss-on-the-Silver-Screen-762475852) and he blocked me.

Can anyone see if he raged out at me.

9fb662  No.532626


Yes, and his recent tweet which is the same from his DA page


Both comment already flagged out.

f490d8  No.532642

File: 3f0578246b9bbac⋯.png (79.71 KB, 1558x918, 779:459, maturecontentlol.png)

File: 0ea8e6827583832⋯.png (489.33 KB, 633x407, 633:407, Areyouserious.png)




>Mature cocks on his submission

<Over a stupid fucking kiss

Are you fucking serious, Timbox? It was just a stupid fucking kiss, you fucking virgin autistic faggot. What are you? 7 years-old? Jesus fucking Christ Timbox, grow the fuck up. This is why no one wants to date you let alone hang out with you. You're a faggot just for putting your piece as "Mature cocks." Man, you're one sheltered fuck.

>Now, imagine if you supposedly gaze your very eyes upon such a passionate kiss in a darkened movie theater like this, and if so, would you even witness a whole lot of absolutely wild excited pandemonium from the audience or something else entirely? Heck, would even such an image of Samurai Jack and Ashi sharing a kiss – especially under a waterfall – have any potential to just blow the roofs off of packed movie theaters like or such as this if it supposedly does?!

Only you, Timbox. No one in a movie theatre goes crazy over two characters kissing compared to something like Sub-Zero getting impaled by Liu Kang when Liu learned how to defeat him, or Godzilla taking down a monster. No one even does this in chick flicks.

>I'm just kidding, anyway.

I dunno. You still sperg over Ashi, and feel triggered by her kissing Samurai Jack. You still think it was okay to threaten Genndy. Fucking faggot. You seem pretty serious.

c64aef  No.532645


How is it "mature", it's just a kiss, for fuck's sake.

His ED page has been updated to reflect his return.

f490d8  No.532647


Sometimes I wonder how much of a sheltered faggot Timbox is if a kiss from a shitty cartoon show really affected him that much.

88ab5a  No.532693

Leave tim box alone you shit racist and tim box is my friend too

f490d8  No.532752


>you shit racist

Reminder that your "friend" is a racist who hates anyone who isn;t white or Asian because "browner" kids ruined his pictures in middle school. Have another reminder his brothers came on to call us Blackies with Timbox, you dumb Arab bitch.

>and tim box is my friend too

You need better friends.

1a61c6  No.532770


>an autistic pedophile with an unhealthy obsession with a cartoon character is friends with an autistic pedophile with an unhealthy obsession with a cartoon character

Imagine my surprise and when you're done feel free to slit your wrists. Remember: It's not across the road, but down the street.

f7cd5a  No.532858


Eat shit nerd.

bd50c0  No.532865


I’ll stop if you send me your nudes.

757a09  No.532908


To Be Honest love, I think you two don’t actually talk and you just want brownie points so he can help you with your problems instead of you helping with his.

3f71ad  No.532995


Your'e friends with that disgusting pedophile. You sicken me.

defa57  No.533130

Jesus Christ, Timbocks attracts the angriest A-Logs on the internet. You can all get measured for your top hats now.

3ef240  No.533145

File: 48853f68ca91d44⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 128.26 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Request Card.gif)


Hey Tim, I know you're feeling flustered and cornered by these trolls, so I made you a tool to get them to ease you off. I still care about you, so this is for you.

c64aef  No.533161


Oh, fuck you, you stupid cunt, you can't possibly be friends with Tim.

c0e3e7  No.533163


Oh, surely I am!

It's the only gif he deserves you dense fuck.

c64aef  No.533762


I'm not even believing that Tim even has a single friend.

f490d8  No.533859


Making fun of an autistic manchild who keeps shooting himself in the foot isn't A-logging until you start saying he's worse than Hitler.


He was being sarcastic with the gif, dude.

f7cd5a  No.534213

Timbox made an article on his top 12 Gennedy Tartakovsky characters.

Take a huge guess who's on number one for females.


c64aef  No.534237


What I find strange is how he brought up Sym-Bionic Titan, and he admitts that he never saw it.

f490d8  No.534277


>t. Redditor

I don't think you know what A-logging means if you think disagreeing with someone or making fun of their stupid fetish is A-logging.

9fb662  No.534413


If he saw the show back when it was aired September 2010,Tim would've shoehorn into his Dexter Odyssey. Around this summer, he mention Sym-Bionic Titan on his Return of Ashi and another tweet of the redhead character Kimmy Mysner doing the "exotic dance". Surprisingly Tim is not sperg lusting unless Ashi doing it instead of Kimmy.



3ef240  No.534752


No tim, you're a fucking moron. A fucking moron who's completely and utterly devoid of any and all creativity or will to make their dreams true. You demand too much in exchange for something so inconsequential that it'd only appeal to you.

3ef240  No.534757


there couldn't possibly be a way for you to be less original, could you? Couldn't even be assed to actually try it on MSPaint.

defa57  No.534828

757a09  No.534859

f7cd5a  No.534933

>And even if I ever dare to make Dexter's Odyssey, then the word will be out that Genndy Tartakovsky and Cartoon Network and Adult Swim and any of his Samurai Jack cast and crew mates will be absolutely be furious about my movie ideas and will want it all destroyed! Period.

Cartoon Network will, plus the idea sounds really lame and self-indulgent.

It seems you only wan't to make this for yourself rather then cater to the fans of Dexter or whatever cartoon characters you added.

It'll never happen. Not only that you'll get into massive trouble for using copyrighted characters.

f490d8  No.534953


For a redditor, you're very bad at figuring out who does what because I never said he deserves to get ass-raped. Reinforcing his unhealthy obsession over a cartoon character, his pedophilia and racism, encouraging him to keep drinking the sjw kool-aid, and the threats he issues to Genndy over said character makes you just as bad as the A-Log, redditor. Are you really saying it's okay for an autistic guy to develop Schizophrenia over a fictional, Asian character?! Really? Fuck off, Redditor.


>trying to make a new term like it's Reddit

This ain't reddit, you faggot.


>And even if I ever dare to make Dexter's Odyssey, then the word will be out that Genndy Tartakovsky and Cartoon Network and Adult Swim and any of his Samurai Jack cast and crew mates will be absolutely be furious about my movie ideas and will want it all destroyed! Period.

>Who knows that even if Dexter's Odyssey will ever be made especially by me, everyone from those on the internet to even Genndy Tartakovsky will work together to stop me from making such a movie and from even breaking into the entertainment world, especially by:


Tim, you need fucking help. This is getting ridiculous.

744186  No.534973

File: fa5dca3a475008d⋯.png (239.35 KB, 296x293, 296:293, 1950974224422.png)

I wonder if timbox would become next Robbay in the future(cross-dressing ,overdosing etc)

91e814  No.534977

File: bd67486ad3ab72b⋯.jpg (32.55 KB, 640x382, 320:191, Cartoon Network smaller.jpg)




Why would Cartoon Network even destroy me and/or my ideas?!

If I were to do something of my own on my own, I'll maybe later get to work on something inspired by Genndy Tartakovsky's work someday when I'm rich or famous or something…

Also, would I even have had to accept the very fact that I really have a moronic loser or a very own worst enemy or something more complex entirely inside me?!

And would I even give up?!

Would I even get people mad or riled up or get them into a tent to see me and Genndy fight over Dexter’s Odyssey and especially fight over Ashi?!

Would Dexter’s Odyssey and especially Samurai Jack’s Ashi be that controversial?!

You don't want everyone from those on the internet to Genndy Tartakovsky and his Samurai Jack cast and crew to crush me and any life, heart or soul that I ever really had and especially do very epically tremendous damage to the life, heart, mind and soul of a man with autism like myself, don't you?!

9fb662  No.534983


>Why would Cartoon Network even destroy me and/or my ideas?!

Cartoon Network doesn't care or have time to look at your ideas including you. CN have other things to do like business and making more new cartoon crap to entertain kids or make money.

>If I were to do something of my own on my own, I'll maybe later get to work on something inspired by Genndy Tartakovsky's work someday when I'm rich or famous or something…

You can't be rich or famous if you're sitting and screaming at the computer on social media.

>Also, would I even have had to accept the very fact that I really have a moronic loser or a very own worst enemy or something more complex entirely inside me?!

>And would I even give up?!

You are your own worst enemy. You kept being melodramatic and become so delusional by your own dream, blinded by your own desires. You can't even make your own webcomics nor draw something on the paper or wacom tablets because you always hoping someone will do the work for you rather work on your own efforts

>Would I even get people mad or riled up or get them into a tent to see me and Genndy fight over Dexter’s Odyssey and especially fight over Ashi?!

>Would Dexter’s Odyssey and especially Samurai Jack’s Ashi be that controversial?!

You've already making threats and harass voice actors, cast and crew of SJ. Samurai Jack is over,Ashi is a FICTIONAL cartoon character. Every cast and crew even Gennedy already move on to other projects. You kept bringing up "Ashi as controversial" because of the kiss scene which causes Tumblr and /co triggered.

>You don't want everyone from those on the internet to Genndy Tartakovsky and his Samurai Jack cast and crew to crush me and any life, heart or soul that I ever really had and especially do very epically tremendous damage to the life, heart, mind and soul of a man with autism like myself, don't you?!

How delusional are you? The internet, Gennedy nor cast and crew doesn't care about you. They got other things, no one is coming to get you. You're constantly becoming paranoid and delusional over a cartoon character that only appeared ten episode of a season finale.Just step away from the internet and do something outside and socialize other people for once…

f7cd5a  No.534984


You're taking this way too far. CN, would not allow you to make this because you can get into a lawsuit for using these characters without their consent.

Dexter's Odyssey wouldn't garner any audience nor have an interest with CN.

The idea sounds super dumb, cluttering a bunch of characters with no relevance to the story nor it seems to capture the essence of Dexter's Lab.

Not only that, it's super self-indulgent. I mean "Timboxia" doesn't it seem more like a self-insert fan-fic? Then some hour long cartoon you destine to make?

Plus not only that, Dexter's Lab has been super irrelevant and it's not very popular in this time of age.

In conclusion, Dexter's Odyssey is just a cluster fuck fan-fic in the end.

91e814  No.534985

File: 52f1c07477264a8⋯.jpg (102.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vlcsnap-2018-01-04-12h17m2….jpg)





3f71ad  No.534988


Congratulations Timothy you’ve officially hit rock bottom. You did this to yourself because you couldn’t keep your sick obsessions to yourself. You can’t use your autism as an excuse for your inappropriate antics you pedophile manchild faggot. Hopefully Encyclopedia Dramatica and 8chan will keep on roasting your ass and the many other Lolcows they’ve encountered.

91e814  No.534994



9fb662  No.534997

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Is this how you answer to those who criticizes nor denied your antics/ideas?

You throw out the same childish temper tantrum argument even elementary school kids would say these kind of things.

If this is all you got, you need a new hobby or find a new activities like play a piano or a guitar

91e814  No.535037


I don't need a new hobby! I DON'T NEED A NEW HOBBY!!

50fc65  No.535053


Okay timbox,I am curious how far you would go to make what ever shit you call a >cartoon to happen cause all I see you chimping out on here for some couple of years now. Also how far does all this screaming on here get you?

f490d8  No.535184


>Also, would I even have had to accept the very fact that I really have a moronic loser or a very own worst enemy or something more complex entirely inside me?!

You made yourself a loser. You're the only one who can make yourself a winner. No one is going to magically come into your life, and fix things, Timbox. Life doesn't work like that. You need to cut down on the Ashi obsession, and move on with your life. Ashi is eating away at your mental health (for fuck sake, now you're starting to think she's a real person you have to fight for using Jack as an excuse to act up).

>Would I even get people mad or riled up or get them into a tent to see me and Genndy fight over Dexter’s Odyssey and especially fight over Ashi?!


Listen to yourself for once in your fucking life. Does this sound rational to you?! You're threating and dreaming about fighting a guy over a fucking character that's his creation. Genndy can do whatever he wants to Ashi. He made her and he can kill her if he wants to. You'll never own access to her, and even if CN gives the character away it sure won't be to an autistic faggot who just sits on his ass and jerks off to shitty 90s cartoons while he acts up on the internet. Why the fuck are you now harassing and threatening Genndy over her; the guy you admired and looked up for years?! And you still say you look up to him? You're pathetic.

Ashi is not real! She is a fictional character! She has no feelings! You can't attack people over a fictional cartoon character. If you attack and harass anyone over this fucking Asian bitch, your life is pretty fucked if you get in trouble, Timbox. You need to get some help, let go of Ashi. This obsession of yours is going to make you do something you're really going to regret in the future.

>You don't want everyone from those on the internet to Genndy Tartakovsky and his Samurai Jack cast and crew to crush me and any life, heart or soul that I ever really had and especially do very epically tremendous damage to the life, heart, mind and soul of a man with autism like myself, don't you?!

You really are delusional, and it bothers me how you think harassing and threatening Greg and Genndy over a fictional Asian are the right things to do.


You're damn near rock bottom thanks to Ashi. You know if you look for a job at this stage in your life, most legit companies will not take you seriously when they see you're a late 20-something manchild who threatened a guy and his production crew over a cartoon character, right? You're almost 30, and sooner or later you're not going to have your parents or brothers around you. I'd start doing some thinking if I were you.


You don't just need a new hobby; you need a new fucking life too.

3ef240  No.535200


>Why would Cartoon Network even destroy me and/or my ideas?!

Well tim, they'll simply reject it on the grounds of being a blatant goddamn ripoff and lack of any originality. Don't you get it? None of your ideas are original - they're just COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTS.

You constantly shoot your bloody footstumps until it's nothing but bone, and even then you continue to saw it off. Not once have you ever actually acted on your so-called "dream" so much as throw out horribly-made photoshops.

Maybe instead of constantly perpetrating this jewish victim complex, you could actually work towards learning to animate and create your own original characters and become independent of basing it off of existing IPs.

Literally nobody else, not even other autists would care about Dexter's Odyssey, just you. Actually, instead of worrying about your dreams, i'd worry about disciplining my emotions if I were you - always you with these hilariously over-the-top persecution fantasies.

91e814  No.535211

>>Maybe you could actually work towards learning to animate and create your own original characters and become independent of basing it off of existing IPs.

If I do learn this and other lessons, and especially how to animate or even create original characters of my own (even if it's inspired by Genndy's work), then once I'm rich and famous or something, I would someday return to the idea of doing a film inspired by Genndy Tartakovsky's TV works, or even help revive interest in Genndy Tartakovsky's animation art within the next 10, 20, or 30-odd years yet to come, maybe.

And if so, then, maybe in the next 10 or 20 or 30-odd years yet to come, I will return to the subject of Ashi or Samurai Jack or something.

3ef240  No.535340


>then once I'm rich and famous or something

Probably won't even need that, tim. All you'd need is adobe flash and/or Sony Vegas to start out with.

Hell, if you study and try hard enough, you could possibly become a different flavor or offshoot of Tartakovsky.

f490d8  No.535361


>then once I'm rich and famous or something,

Right now, your main priorities should be finally making something original with Flash, MS Paint, or Vegas and cutting down on the Ashi crap that's ruining your life. Brainstorm something original, and keep developing it without too many distractions. That means not wasting time with spazzing about Ashi, goofing off when you have the energy to create, or doing dumb stuff like jerking off to 90s cartoons. You might as well lay low on the Internet for now, and keep your mouth shut until your project is almost done (for your sake, you better lay low and keep your mouth shut after all of the things you have said).

>And if so, then, maybe in the next 10 or 20 or 30-odd years yet to come, I will return to the subject of Ashi or Samurai Jack or something.

There's a good chance you'll move onto other things in 10-30 years. There's more to life and Art than Ashi and Genndy. Do some exploring and try cheap or free Art classes and events.

defa57  No.535823


Lol. Calm down, T-Log.

f490d8  No.536236



It doesn't even make sense and you still don't know A-logging means, Redditor.

defa57  No.536379


Strongly disagree

ebaddf  No.536583


Wow, you actually listened for once. It's good advice, but make sure you have a steady real life job. Pic an animation software, look up tutorials on YouTube and start animating. Leave ashi and everything else that's copyrighted alone for now and get to making original characters. Good luck, Tim!

3f71ad  No.538777


He actually learned something? what a shock.

d839e8  No.538853


Yeah, I hope that he makes an indie short or something.

757a09  No.544137

Sooo…Tim still working on his own thing?

3f71ad  No.545171

File: 4328065b2d7649b⋯.png (38.92 KB, 1511x168, 1511:168, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d5c4107bf2df841⋯.jpeg (44.76 KB, 1511x168, 1511:168, fullsizeoutput_79.jpeg)

Nope he's still a buffoon.

f7cd5a  No.545320


Never change Timbox.


779d8a  No.545515


I like how he signed his death wish with his name.

25643f  No.545638


Death wish? Last I checked Chris was still kicking. After 12 years of your shit

423052  No.547641


Tim has actually changed…

I guess it's the end of an era.

39a883  No.550860



779d8a  No.551861

File: 260a94f43f37c2f⋯.jpg (66.86 KB, 300x400, 3:4, Tim McKermit.jpg)

9fb662  No.557853

Been almost a month, Halloween is here.

Tim argue to the user who comments on his Jack and Ashi "mature pic". Don't know what the user said before Tim flagged the comment


Tim's film ideas yet he has not learn nothing from last month.


> Now, the question is: do you remember Genndy Tartakovsky’s Samurai Jack?

Everyone already moved on to different cartoons or entertainment yet Tim still bringing up Samurai Jack after SJ ended last year.


>Still handholding Ashi and wanting her alive

f490d8  No.558369


It gets better (note: worse). Timmy is off his meds I guess.



>If the character of #Ashi were ever to be resurrected so that she and #SamuraiJack himself could finally be together at last, then I would certainly have to go through hell and back for 10, 20, or even 30-odd years yet to come in order to make "The Return of Ashi" a reality.

>Even if through hell and back mean that I may have to start a very public conflict with #GenndyTartakovsky and/or his fellow creators so that some people would get what they want: #SamuraiJack finding a way to revive #Ashi so that he and she could finally be together!

>Public conflict


A-are you fucking serious, Timmy?

>And even if I ever dare to bring back #Ashi so that she and Jack would finally be together at last without bothering to bring back #Aku first–#Aku being #Ashi's biological dad in the first place–Genndy and his fellow creators would respond with a very epic vendetta against me!



>And I really have a feeling that even if I ultimately won The Battle over #Ashi, such an ordeal might turn me into an outsider or something, and even The Return of Ashi (so that Ashi and Jack could reunite) might painfully weigh on both Genndy and myself even in our graves!

Get over yourself, you autistic faggot. Not like you'll ever have the balls to harm or threaten Genndy or anyone he knows like Tara and Greg, but the minute you do anything your ass is gonna get fucked hard.

>being #Ashi's biological father in the first place! If I ever keep up the battle over #Ashi, then any life or reputation I'd ever have would be tremendously damaged by both #GenndyTartakovsky and @cartoonnetwork as well as @adultswim!

You ruined your reputation, and made your ED page exist (This Battle over Ashi shit is going on your page very soon because you refuse to learn your lesson). Oh Timmy, you almost had everyone thinking you improved.

88ab5a  No.558668

Leave my good friend timbox alone you racist 8chan lolcow 🖕 dont thread on my friend timbox you shit racist 8chan lolcow

ef8a7d  No.558743

File: f663c9bf69582db⋯.png (255.97 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Screenshot_55.png)



Could you try repeating yourself in proper English?

f7cd5a  No.558786

File: 0443f6c2052869f⋯.jpg (51 KB, 540x402, 90:67, tumblr_n9jjzxyODV1s3roaeo3….jpg)


>you racist 8chan lolcow

>dont thread on my friend timbox you shit racist 8chan lolcow

3f71ad  No.559303


You're defending a racist pea-brained pedophile who jerked off to a cartoon penguin inside a mcdonald's. You're pathetic.

757a09  No.560025


At least the other guy was respectful and may have actually cared about Tim’s well-being.

You on the other hand just want Tim to fight in your own battles. Fuck off.

3f71ad  No.560211


Was it that mama's bird dude?

757a09  No.560371

c64aef  No.560506

I wonder what Tim would do on Halloween, but it's probably some SJ related pic.

6b2d17  No.561624

…Dear Jesus.

I haven't been to /cow/ since June.

Since then, a lot has happened with Tim, and a lot has not happened with Tim.

Unsurprisingly, his behavior is no different whatsoever, though he appears to have gotten himself into new speech patterns. "The criticisms against Ashi", declaring 'war' against Genndy and CN, Aku's VA subtweeting Tim on Twitter (LOL).

And now this retarded adult Mudslime lady from Denmark, who's obsessed with that one Kingdom of Hearts character? Jeez.

Anyway, the work that was done on the ED page looks great. Thanks to all who contributed.

Tim's whole saga has somehow managed to get even more pathetic and depressing by the day. I still have to catch up with the most recent threads, but am afraid they're just going to make me even more hopeless about the future of our species.

3f71ad  No.572041


Has timbox's ED page been updated again? If not I have some screen shots of him sperging out which you can use.

9e6ddd  No.572300


Just upload them, but try to do it all the editing and the like in one shot. ED hates it when you edit it because it'll look like spam (Also, don't be a ween about the update).

9e6ddd  No.572306

File: 95e4330475e0254⋯.jpg (197 KB, 734x1087, 734:1087, Shittyredposter.jpg)


>Believed dead for centuries, her spirit has been sought by many—including the entire Cartoon Network/Adult Swim universe—who have been looking for a way to reincarnate her soul and recreate her human form not only because she deserves better, but also because she and Jack deserves to be together at last.

<Thinks or is trying to tie other cartoons to shitty Samurai Jack and Ashi

Lol what? Holy bad photoshop Batman, that's a lot of red!

a47aae  No.572313


Why would anyone (Cartoon Network included) want to take revenge on the likes of me and wish the likes of me myself and I end up in hell instead of heaven?!?!?!

1a61c6  No.572329


Maybe because you're trying to steal their IPs.

908761  No.572354


They don't care, they know he'll never make money off that shit. I mean nintendo hasn't gone off after chris who actually does make money off sonichu shit

9e6ddd  No.572359


No one wants revenge on you. We just want to call you a dumb fuck when you spaz over Ashi.

>and I end up in hell instead of heaven?!?!?!

Quit being a faggot bitch and a drama whore, Timmy.

fe2151  No.573101


It looks like a horror movie

3f71ad  No.573124

File: e8c11053400486a⋯.png (674.05 KB, 734x1087, 734:1087, ClipboardImage.png)

3f71ad  No.574610

Is Timbox under house arrest or on parole for stalking minors?

c64aef  No.578048


No, but if he were, he'd just be screamin' all day long.

757a09  No.578188


Bro you are literally the only one saying that, and by the sound of it even you question your own paranoia.

9e6ddd  No.578614


As usual, Timmy brings up his sperging over Ashi being doomed for 30 years (lol), yet doesn't see how his faggotry and threats to Genndy made him a laughing stock.


I think it's more that his family is watching him when he goes online than anything else after all of the stupid shit he's done. I'd monitor my idiot brother too if I found out he's posting death threats to some animator over a fucking cartoon character.

d489cc  No.578702



So you're the ones who think that – after Ashi's onscreen death and disappearance – things are getting even tougher for me on the internet, huh?

And you're the same critics/detractors/bullies who think that James Cameron's AVATAR can only be pretty to look at on a visual and technological level and who found fault with the lack of originality (and both the fact that the main character is a male soldier of Americanized or European descent and the fact that said soldier travel to another land or world, fall in love with a woman native to such a world and tried to save her people and her world from his own people and his own world, both of which is what made so many people continually screaming that it just copied any number of source material (like Fern-gully, Pocahontas, Dances with Wolves, or even Halo) , prove otherwise)…


All of you are just plain bullies, /cow/! Why? Because all you do to me, /cow/, is go around insulting me on the internet! Please disband or go die in a fire, thank you very much! >:(

9e6ddd  No.578803


>So you're the ones who think that – after Ashi's onscreen death and disappearance – things are getting even tougher for me on the internet, huh?

You just said that you made yourself a laughing stock on the Internet because of your dead Asian waifu. Do you even think before you do anything? What part of "threatening someone over a fictional cartoon character being bad" is hard for you to understand, Tim? You're stupid to think no one is gonna let down the fact you creeped out Tara and Greg.

>And you're the same critics/detractors/bullies who think that James Cameron's AVATAR can only be pretty to look at on a visual and technological level and who found fault with the lack of originality (and both the fact that the main character is a male soldier of Americanized or European descent and the fact that said soldier travel to another land or world, fall in love with a woman native to such a world and tried to save her people and her world from his own people and his own world, both of which is what made so many people continually screaming that it just copied any number of source material (like Fern-gully, Pocahontas, Dances with Wolves, or even Halo) , prove otherwise)…

What the fuck are you going on about, you fucking retard?

d489cc  No.578816


I AM NOT STUPID!!!!!!!!! >:(

9fb662  No.578853


You can move on rather than argue more. You're already embarrassing yourself nor making yourself as a melodramatic fool over a cartoon waifu in a final season.

Why did you bring up James Cameron's Avatar out of nowhere and has nothing to do with the conversation you're making?

987910  No.578907


Yes, Avatar is about a white guy who falls in love with an alien, we've all seen it!

1a61c6  No.579745


You're right. You're very stupid. :^)

f7cd5a  No.580901


>So you're the ones who think that – after Ashi's onscreen death and disappearance – things are getting even tougher for me on the internet, huh?

I find it sad and pathetic you're so worked up over a fictional character. I mean, do you have anything better to do aside from bitch and moan about the death of some character?

Even to the point you wind up harassing the voice-actress and people who worked on the show. You're just a super sad human, imagine being this much of a burden.

3f71ad  No.580958


Yes you are. You chimpout on us over the slightest amount of criticism, you told Tara Strong that you fapped to Ashi, threatened Gennedy and that’s just to name a few of your idiotic antics.

9e6ddd  No.581579

File: 1d3b8219ea73f5a⋯.jpg (217.17 KB, 928x1280, 29:40, uglymagazinecover.jpg)

File: 9199675a37afa94⋯.jpg (108.14 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, shittyhomestarpic.jpg)


Yes you are. Hey stupid, the cover needs to be legible when you make magazine covers with photoshop. You can't even do covers right.

>strong, beautiful, and pretty at once

>NOTE: The month of April 2017 is the actual month where Ashi does a heel-face turn and clad herself in a green forest outfit to cover her nudity (and trust me, Ashi was an attractive young woman who happened to be nude the entire time, albeit in a censored kind of way).

Man you're pathetic.


I guess some people can't move on from shitty nostalgia. I wonder if Timmy was pissed off over the shitty Homestar parody that happened a year ago?

d489cc  No.581736




1a61c6  No.581917

File: 58bea9b63a4476a⋯.jpg (46.73 KB, 800x800, 1:1, a way out.jpg)


There's always a way out, Stupid Tim. :^)

d489cc  No.581930


HEY! I don't want to DIE!!

1a61c6  No.581945


How do you know if you've never tried it? You could be with your shit-tier waifu too.

09c76f  No.582230


Oh, but you should! :^)

9e6ddd  No.582400


You might as well kill yourself for being a worthless faggot. Besides if you're lucky, Ashi will be wai-oh wait, she never existed (you should still kill yourself).

3ef240  No.582480


But if he necks himself, then they'll both no longer exist.

3f71ad  No.585404


Your obsession with Ashi is driving you mad bro. It’s just as bad Yoshiwii1’s and PaulandAmy’s obsession with Amy Rose. If you keep going down this path you’ll do something you may end up regretting.

d489cc  No.585766


Please! I just do not want to die a horrible death!


Is there absolutely no justice for some autistic people anymore?!

And why do you hate Genndy Tartakovsky's work so much?!

Why do you hate Ashi so much?!

I really and definitely hate you so much, /cow/! >:(

1a61c6  No.585825



I don't think you know what that means. Your spugging out constantly is what bring in people to fuck with you and you refuse to learn. You're getting exactly what you deserve. You're already getting your justice.

9e6ddd  No.586421


>Is there absolutely no justice for some autistic people anymore?!

And you think it's justice for you to harass an issue threats to Genndy, Tara, and Greg over a cartoon? You really are stupid.

3f71ad  No.588263


You're not autistic. You just use it as an excuse for your idiotic and disgusting behavior.

3ef240  No.588533


Hey tim, could you talk to chris chan on twitter for me? I think he'd love your ideas.

f7cd5a  No.588633


The Dexter's Odyssey Sonichu Collab, confirmed.

d489cc  No.589104


No. Absolutely not.

d3e186  No.589369


Hey Timbox do you own an ashi bodypillow?

1a61c6  No.589387


Yeah that's probably a good call. Even CWC would have too much self-respect to work with you.

9e6ddd  No.594393



>Yes, you had already have known that I have still taken to heart one of the primary key criticisms of #SamuraiJack's fifth and final season on @adultswim's #Toonami block…

You still flip out like a little autistic bitch when someone says something bad about Ashi. You still can't handle criticism.

>Yes, I had already have known that all of you will still look at her character differently now…

Tim. No one really changed their opinions about her other than the ones who were creeped by faggots like you. I think you made more people hate Ashi because of your antics.

>And yes, while some people (myself included) still like her character, she's also one of the primary key reasons why #SamuraiJack's creator, #GenndyTartakovsky, that is, still continued to get a very endless amount of criticisms from others over his final work on such a show…

And you're STILL one of his fucking critics, Tim. You still threaten and harass the poor guy and his VAs to bring her back. Endless harassment doesn't get you what you want.

>But it's just that, much like #SamuraiJack himself, #Ashi likewise really deserved a much better and truly happier ending, perhaps someday for some future sequel or spin-off project or something at some very future point in time.

No she doesn't. You need to understand not every cartoon with a hero is going to have a happy and sappy ending, Tim. The hero doesn't always get the girl or a great reward when he does something good.

>Thinks Ashi is this all-time bad-ass

Tim, everyone here and out of /cow/ can name a thousand, better-written female characters that had better development than Ashi, and had it much worse.

9e6ddd  No.594395

I just don't get how someone claims to respect and love his role model and his accomplishments, yet he send him death threats and says he'll challenge him publically because the ending his role model made triggered him. I also don't get how he thinks he's in the right to send said role model death threats.

c64aef  No.594440

Even though I sound out of my mind, I think Tim is going to be a featured article on ED.

d489cc  No.594460

File: bfb6e87a97b171c⋯.gif (3.16 MB, 854x373, 854:373, Screaming Ashi.gif)






1a61c6  No.594497


Hey Timfag129, did you hear that Gendy recently admitted that Ashi is actually a trans woman? You've been cranking it to a guy for years. Congratulations on finally being out of the closet.

064357  No.594509


yeah stop them my good friend tim there need to stop troll us my friend

3ef240  No.594592


Are you sure this is the real you, Tim? Real autists stick together.

1a61c6  No.594600


How you been, fatty? You stopped spurging out in your own thread so I thought you family finally found out about your haram hobbies and honor killed you. Good to see you're still around to laugh at :^)

3ef240  No.594630

Oh, my fucking goodness.

Tim, are you for fucking real? First I tell you that nobody's going to put your half-assed, plagarized, trite, vapid fanwankery on TV, let alone the big screen, and yet here you are - seven years after the fact that you couldn't handle reality coming down on you, screaming like a spastic ape in outright denial of it. And now here you are, screaming about how discriminatory the media industry is for not letting you commit blatant copyright infringement. I thought your victim complex was bad, but now that you've thrown in autism into the mix, you're no better than the socjus socialists crying 'oppression'.

Your fanfiction.net tier idea has no effort, no production, nothing put into nor anything to show for it, and here you are, screaming and crying about how the big bad trolls are keeping you from doing anything. Nobody's pressing a gun to your head and forcing you to read this tripe, you realize this, right?

I remember you from TvTropes, thought you were just a troll, trying to cash on this unoriginal amalgamation of existing IPs. If only that's what you were, then it'd be a different story.

c64aef  No.594663


Back off, faggot.


Did he really admit that?

d4c1b1  No.594983


Hey people should Timbox be featured in my screen play Battle of the Legendary Bong as a colossal idiot or mutant dinosaur that keeps Ashi and Lee Lee chained up against their will and he ends up getting his ass kicked by 6 brave heroes?

c64aef  No.595037


Did he really admit that Ashi is a trans woman?

757a09  No.595618



still here, still queer.

3ef240  No.596778


Inshallah, but only if you lose weight and go on a communist diet.

4f7d91  No.707404

God somebody ban this spammer

4f7d91  No.707405

I need a mod to ban this spammer

4f7d91  No.707407

Anybody know how to contact a mod. We need this spammer’s posts deleted.

4f7d91  No.707408


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