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File: e0c6e834ebdbd36⋯.jpeg (271.13 KB, 841x1308, 841:1308, Chris 1.jpeg)

File: d890c15f2c217a1⋯.jpeg (353.65 KB, 833x1612, 833:1612, Chris 2.jpeg)

File: 5084bfc3d1174e0⋯.mp4 (4.18 MB, 608x1080, 76:135, Batshit.mp4)

255b6c  No.687691


Last thread is in it's death throes, so here we go. 2 more days till the merge deadline.

Chris is institution tier material, once barb dies he'll end up in the place where nuts hunt the squirrels

7dfa64  No.687699

wtf? he humped a body pillow that was a stand-in for this mother?

255b6c  No.687714

File: c7f096291bf77fc⋯.jpeg (142.32 KB, 832x792, 104:99, Chris 3.jpeg)

aff3ab  No.687733


>Chris wants the striped shirt returned

God, yes! It's like King Arthur finally back Excalibur!

255b6c  No.687735


>My kingdom for a shirt!

810042  No.687775

Chris is gay. He has always been gay. Stop feeding him with your attention to his delusions.

8720b6  No.687788

File: 7dda5bb20b0f4cc⋯.jpg (46.28 KB, 680x500, 34:25, yang depressed.jpg)


>that video

Suicide when?

492008  No.687792




I think Chris-Chan going to have a pedophile saga soon. He fits the profile of being a child predator. Hell he a male feminist.

8720b6  No.687799


I wonder why he hasn't become the posterchild of SanFran-tier College feminaziitic progressives, he'd fit right in.

255b6c  No.687816


Hook him up with Anita Sarkeesian and lets see what happens

810042  No.687827


Nah. Fuck that.

Hook me up with Anita Sarkeesian and then we will see what happens.

255b6c  No.687840


Anita is the San Franisco feminazi libtard made manifest.

Chris as you know is extremely inconsistent with his beliefs and he's extremely malleable..

2b8d06  No.687841


Anita isn't stupid enough to let Chris any where near her.

255b6c  No.687864


There's a lot of victim bux to be made off Chris. He's the ultimate persecuted bullied dindu nuffin transwoman.

810042  No.687870


He isn't bullied.

0675dc  No.687876

File: 2c6b0baa5b0303c⋯.png (200.45 KB, 490x355, 98:71, utzTCyo.png)

810042  No.687883

File: 2de8f79e1d75ed7⋯.mp4 (8.45 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, excuse-me-it-is-maam-.mp4)

1aba9b  No.688099

File: c821b3713fb849d⋯.jpg (224.97 KB, 996x2047, 996:2047, hOWMjTiG.jpg)

File: 6f44e4b74ad1169⋯.jpg (224.21 KB, 996x2047, 996:2047, G0t57Qjy.jpg)

File: 028287559cdf412⋯.jpg (238.92 KB, 996x2047, 996:2047, 6Vu8WTvK.jpg)

File: fcb9f3a3afeacf0⋯.jpg (225.88 KB, 996x2047, 996:2047, Syw8iqyE.jpg)

More merge insanity from earlier in the month.

66b8a0  No.688234


Fun idea, but Chris is the most recorded human being since Jesus Christ and he's got enough shit on himself to sink five political movements.

They wouldn't touch Chris with a 10 foot pole.

66b8a0  No.688246

File: a1c2921d4edfadd⋯.jpg (14.6 KB, 255x254, 255:254, what-the.jpg)


Did he say Crystal?

9db2aa  No.688307


Yes he did. See messages above.

66b8a0  No.688332

File: f80407cbc1bbb47⋯.jpg (11.29 KB, 367x202, 367:202, f80.jpg)


So wait, does he want to fuck his imaginary sister or his imaginary daughter?

Wait. Is Crystal Crystal's daughter?

60dd76  No.688337

File: 56a1a8220021547⋯.jpg (156.57 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, Cryzel_Rosechu.jpg)


It's Cryzel, not Crystal. Nobody knows who she is but I think he just tweaked his imaginary daughter's name to avoid having to admit he's into incest.

bccd9d  No.688345


>I yelled at a body pillow pretending it was her.

>I pretended I had my iconic shirt in hand and I slapped, punched, and even humped

>even humped

God fucking dammit.

9db2aa  No.688348


I'd hate to see Chris' porn folder.

66b8a0  No.688381


>>even humped

>God fucking dammit.

Would the punching and slapping be any better alone?

66b8a0  No.688387

File: 06a6e298d08bb0d⋯.gif (376.92 KB, 480x272, 30:17, 06a6e298d08bb0d7e7edf0cd8b….gif)


You know is full of Barb sleeping and downy porn with detailed fur.

810042  No.688413

I wouldn't care if Chris killed himself or randomly keeled over dead.

bccd9d  No.688432


Yes. I'd say beating your mother is better then beating and raping her.

a0d739  No.688503


How has he STILL not gotten the slightest bit better at his drawings?

6b3bb7  No.688516


Because he hasn't learned the basics of art from perspective to even shading. To think he has all of his paypig money and he doesn't buy some art mannequins to improve his artwork.

66b8a0  No.688585


I was gonna say I can see an improvement over the original drawings but then I realized that it may be because of the camera being in HD.


He wouldn't use them.

He has no patience or willpower to even learn to draw, I can't see him making an effort to put one hour a day dedicated to draw lessons, not even by a shitty YouTube course.

545a53  No.688599

>two days until the merge

I can’t even make predictions at this point, he’s gone way off the deep-end. I just hope it is entertaining

f53073  No.688620

File: 3fa42044d5e175a⋯.jpg (220.4 KB, 996x2047, 996:2047, giWp2VdS.jpg)

This has been your daily merge update.

006e69  No.688662


what did the rest say?

fbb25e  No.688688


honestly surprised Barb is lucid enough to throw things out.

10120e  No.688757

File: 580cd01450fd9e9⋯.jpg (41.66 KB, 500x508, 125:127, tumblr_mpfrzd2r5q1st9iapo1….jpg)

>Yells at pillow pretending it's his mom

>Even humps it after probably brutalizing it.

I've got the morbid impression that if Chris was more aggressive and violent, he'd probably really beat his mom to death and fuck her corpse. Not even trying to A-log here. That's a pattern of behavior I think I recognize from some serial killers stories I heard about before. Just can't name one off the top of my head right now.

8ce6d2  No.688850

File: 6fb361ba75ea973⋯.jpeg (308.22 KB, 1125x889, 1125:889, A8126BFC-BB49-4471-95C0-D….jpeg)

Ayyy Chris made me a Sonichu don’t AMA cuz I don’t care.

545a53  No.688890



96e34a  No.688905

I feel a lot of like making fun of CWC is like beating a dead horse

It gets old after a while

66b8a0  No.688910


I predict the lazy bastard will sit on his ass, shit his pants and do nothing, nothing will happen and then he'll blame trolls.

That or he has realized LSD gives him access to the downy world and he's going to lick those stamps like party invites.


Is called adrenaline surge.

bfc4b5  No.688933

File: b38beecc3dd2556⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, CWCSonichu.png)


Just posted this on the other thread, CWC is on his way to becoming Edmund Kemperchu


>On April 20, 1973, after coming home from a party, 52-year-old Clarnell Elizabeth Strandberg awakened her son with her arrival. While sitting in bed reading a book, she noticed Kemper enter her room and said, "I suppose you're going to want to sit up all night and talk now." Kemper replied "No, good night!" He then waited for her to fall asleep and returned to bludgeon her with a claw hammer then slit her throat with a knife. He subsequently decapitated her and engaged in irrumatio with her severed head before using it as a dart board; Kemper stated that he "put [her head] on a shelf and screamed at it for an hour … threw darts at it," and ultimately, "smashed her face in." He also cut out her tongue and larynx and put them in the garbage disposal. However, the garbage disposal could not break down the tough vocal cords and ejected the tissue back into the sink. "That seemed appropriate," Kemper later said, "as much as she'd bitched and screamed and yelled at me over so many years."

>Kemper then had sexual intercourse with his mother's corpse, hid it in a closet and went out to drink

492008  No.688959

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Just can't name one off the top of my head right now.

Ed gein?

0ea3d5  No.688973


Agreed. At this point though, I would say most people here are just spectating a gradual unwinding of an unstable person; similar to the peak of Taxman's antics.

b206d9  No.688986

File: 4a7333e703ba3a9⋯.jpeg (143.65 KB, 1252x1252, 1:1, NN9xxKAY.jpeg)


Harry Dune really let go of himself did he?

26b11d  No.688989

If only someone rolled Chris up in a carpet and threw him off a bridge none of this would have happened.

b206d9  No.688990

File: e062bb9d02f1697⋯.png (392.58 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Nightmare CWC.png)

66b8a0  No.688994


I do wonder how has Chris not gotten any more pussy.

You would believe that in between the mountain of people who follow him and pay him for shit there would be some crazy slut willing to give it to him.

IIRC there was some touchy feely 7.5/10 fangirl at the bronycon Chris attended, the one where he got invited to the stage and was applauded not the one where he was accused of sexually assaulting a soyboy.

Is it because of Chris laughable high standards?

Is it because when the time comes Chris is still shy around girls?

Or ultimately the girl realizes she's way out of her depth?

d561dd  No.689009


Where the fuck have you been?

He's gay.

66b8a0  No.689013


I still don't believe he's not thirsty for pussy juices regardless of what he says. I still believe the tranny shit with the open taint is an elaborate attraction sign.

Secondly, he said he was a lesbian transwoman.

dd4108  No.689040

File: 49880dc84b64075⋯.jpg (331.6 KB, 1080x1259, 1080:1259, Screenshot_20181230-003350….jpg)

d561dd  No.689041


>don't believe

Well, you should.

He's obviously gay.

d561dd  No.689047


What's Lukas done?

8899dd  No.689098


he didn't beat or rape anyone though he just tard raged on a pillow

810042  No.689194


I didn't notice that at first, but now I can't unsee it.


810042  No.689195


Christopher Weston Chandler has been charged twice in his life with aggravated vehicular assault.

He has also convinced his mother to attempt it also which resulted in her having a felonious criminal record.

Chris is a piece of shit.

9f28bc  No.689209


This looks like the dirty work of THE CAPTAIN JACK LAMBERT WILSON trying to turn Christine against Lukas.

Let Christine be friends with who she wants to be friends with.

810042  No.689221



What is wrong with you?

2b8d06  No.689343


If Chris hadn't gone tranny he probably could of got some bitches at bronycons on his dick. Find some autist who thought he was charming and ot laid. His e frame isn't big enough to bring on the psycho girls. He's just not dangerous enough to appeal to them the way serial killers do.

Being a tranny with an open crotch wound make Christ revolting. If you want some autidick you don't go for the dude in a skirt. He completely fucked himself over and probably can't recover.

People give Chris money to see what he does next. It's like paying the local homeless guy to eat a light bulb. It's not that you care about him, you just want to see a freak show

66b8a0  No.689351

What if the merge actually happens tonight?

488e94  No.689390

File: 3ab035bad339971⋯.png (763.96 KB, 566x674, 283:337, Article 13 compliant react….png)


Me and my OC are ready for anything.

You didn't forget to bring yours, did you?

b206d9  No.689476

File: c5ccaa8509e8ea6⋯.png (199.24 KB, 1011x960, 337:320, ber_akuwaraia4.png)


I didn't know Bernkastel is going to be part of the merge.

f29e6b  No.689508

File: 7609755bdedab0c⋯.webm (2.62 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Farley_Fries.webm)

411c71  No.689524

when will the merge start or finish? when will chris see its done or do something stupid because of it?

05a077  No.689530

bullshit aside what do you think Chris is going to do when he realizes the merge isn't happening?

Is he finally going to kill himself?

102960  No.689539

look i cant change my phone number. my mother and friends use it to contact me. id rather her not know something happened on here.

please leave me alone. i'll give you everything i have on chris if you do.

810042  No.689574


He doesn't believe this merge stuff.

He is playing everyone so they will pay him more money to do "funny" shit.

He will probably start eating shit out of the toilet afterwards once people start paying him enough money to do it.

102960  No.689605

File: 6cbfa6a43cbd7ab⋯.mp4 (2.14 MB, 720x480, 3:2, mass debating1.mp4)

102960  No.689610

File: 3f6aa8b2f9c69c6⋯.mp4 (3.22 MB, 720x480, 3:2, mass debating2.mp4)

102960  No.689616

File: fe9a49fce26f819⋯.mp4 (3.73 MB, 720x480, 3:2, mass debating3.mp4)

102960  No.689617

File: 374a923d27999b4⋯.mp4 (3.21 MB, 720x480, 3:2, mass debating4.mp4)

if you want the rest STOP TEXTING ME NOW

411c71  No.689618


post chris beating barb

810042  No.689624





He is a piece of shit.

1f64b7  No.689633



ill give the whole damn story just jesus stop the calls and text

8899dd  No.689654


also the video of him hitting himself please

411c71  No.689655


thats already public. i wanna see chris beat barb and shit all over the place like an animal.

6de597  No.689659

Please continue Lukas, this is very enlightening. Check your twatter too.

8899dd  No.689660


link me?

545a53  No.689661

What the fuck is going on ITT now?

48c34a  No.689663

dd227b  No.689664


>he's got enough shit on himself to sink five political movements.

Pretty bold claim when there's things like pizzagate going on, MKUltra and covert trauma/rape brainfuck shit raising the bar for "necessary dirt to sink political movements".

301c2f  No.689675


Is Barb recording?

832f26  No.689679

File: 854b339db859d64⋯.jpg (42.37 KB, 728x522, 364:261, 854b339db859d64bb5bde99d18….jpg)


> sound of water

> gotta get this out of my system



One of the Tranny Troons, "Lukas," is getting "harassed" and is trying to bribe his way out of his family being contacted by posting videos of Chris doing gross shit (hopefully not actual shit).

10120e  No.689685

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm telling you people. There's plenty of footage out there now for an autist to remake a trailer like that.

545a53  No.689690


>hopefully not actual shit

That would be pretty legendary, honestly. I don't think I'd be able to ever scrub that from my mind. This tranny faggot better deliver.

492008  No.689691


>Is Barb recording?

Make sense. I always suspected she molested chris.

301c2f  No.689692

Who's Emanuelle?

220a98  No.689693


"Emmanuel" or "Immanuel" means "God with us" in Hebrew. Christians refer to Jesus sometimes as "Immanuel" as one of His titles, believing that Jesus is literally God with us


> Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.

"Emanuelle" is the female form of the name. Chris being Chris has probably picked up some incomplete scrap information somewhere, added his own unique autistic spin on it, and thus invented his very own goddess Emanuelle.


dd227b  No.689744


If it does, can I finally become a decent artist?

33850c  No.689760


Then I'll be rocking as one of my badass OCs iv made over the years as a fa/tg/uy.

But it won't and we will laugh as the meltdown starts.

Either way I win

678798  No.689768

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Emmanuelle, you mean like the softcore "erotica" 1970s/1980s French movie series starring (usually) the late French-Dutch model-turned-actress Sylvia Kristel?

fbb25e  No.689769


>dead now

Rough; poor thing, she was cute.

832f26  No.689786

File: 33518f1f8df9b14⋯.gif (2.44 MB, 260x195, 4:3, 1455354003837.gif)


Supposedly that's one Lukas is holding back on.


Forgot to add that one of the "Magi-Chan" posts on Chris' twitter had a pastebin that fully doxxxxxxxxed Lukas. It was always assumed the Troons were posting as "Magi-Chan."

Competing groups of trolls always fought over "control" of Chris, just like Josh and Idea Guy or Pumkin Spice or whatever, but now it's even worse (or better?) because it's mentally unstable trannies with their bodies awash in hormones turning on each other.

dd227b  No.689789

File: 40a757be307d431⋯.png (5.58 KB, 383x327, 383:327, Foster.png)

File: a424e1d2d0fc89c⋯.png (673.7 KB, 1641x1644, 547:548, Scribbly.png)


>tfw got a fuckton of characters

My biggest problem is that I don't know who to choose - is this gonna be the part where we choose whom to merge with?

89c888  No.689830


Thanks, anon. I think he could have put a little more oomph into it, but that's just me.

Barb video, when?

220a98  No.689926


We won't merge, our world will merge with the OC worlds. It will be super-pregnant Sonic recolors running around and trying to vore-rape everybody while raibow colored downies and Transformers rain death from above. But if you survive you'll be able to finally meet your waifu.

dd227b  No.689952


Sounds terrifying, but i'll take that on.

8f5fbc  No.689953



Chris seems to think that if you've created an OC then you exist alongside them and if you haven't then you will either die and be replaced with your counterpart or you merge with them.

But then chris seems to imply you can merge with your OC.


These schizo ravings are hard to keep track of.

d5ab78  No.689977

File: b6ab1a6673b5b44⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1199x1636, 1199:1636, taunting people for having….png)

Chris spends his new years taunting the trolls. How does he do it? He makes fun of them for getting a daki of their waifu when he owns literal blow up dolls not as a joke but for their intended use and is married to fictional creatures. The absolute mental gymnastics and lack of self-awareness of his own projection..

810042  No.689991


Chris can eat shit.

545a53  No.690002


I wish I had gotten a daki for Christmas

8f5fbc  No.690011

File: 6964add25ff2fc1⋯.mp4 (1.91 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Julay.mp4)


I got a little bored.

5ecde1  No.690031

File: 71c27ee9df6305e⋯.mp4 (10.22 MB, 720x480, 3:2, mass debating5.mp4)

since idiots are starting to get a clue and leave me alone heres the rest. i dont care chris aint going to do shit to me becuase my mom will sue him

d7afeb  No.690033


Post the one where he shits or beats Barb, we’ve seen everything from this video that is lulzworthy

a0d739  No.690034


You gotta dump everything you got. It’s the only way to beat Josh.

810042  No.690038


>my mom will sue him

Bullshit. Sue him for what? Eating shit? Because that's what Chris needs to do: eat shit.

33850c  No.690044




Also who is this fag and what drama issue is he rapping about?

411c71  No.690046

Idea Guys and Teen Troon Squad are afraid of The Captain

545a53  No.690056


Become a legend and dump everything you have, madman

4097c1  No.690060

e0a595  No.690236



I doubt the Teen Troons have Wise's cocks

810042  No.690249

Eat shit, Chris.

bccd9d  No.690290

It's the end of 2018. How are all you anons doing with your new 2D waifus after the merge?

8f5fbc  No.690298


Nothing yet but there's still 4 hours left. Is Trump still alive?

8f5fbc  No.690301


Actually, if we're being really generous there's still 11 hours left of 2018 in Baker Island.

220a98  No.690315


Trump will finally make anime real with his dying breath.

810042  No.690316


Is that when Chris eats shit?

e24d1b  No.690330

<lets fuck with the guy who has a long history of getting fucked with and every person always regrets coming in contact with

<lets mock all the websites that are over protective of him and have a history of releasing information of people

>the mind of a pot smoking tranny.

Sage because post is not about Chris but it always funny to see the people who mess with him being a bigger cow than he is.

22558f  No.690335


Is that fire downy the same one Jerry Peet hates?

5ab33c  No.690437


He's been SOMETHINGED. Something that literally didn't exist before he came along.

810042  No.690457


Will Chris eat shit then?

5f10a2  No.690566


Okay I haven't been paying attention real closely, but what exactly is the deal with Chris' dick? I thought he got it chopped off, or am I getting him confused with a different cow?

90ffb9  No.690580


You’re thinking of someone else cuz Chris stills has a dick.

bccd9d  No.690638

Not much time left now boys. But it seems anime and shitty OCs still aren't real and Trump is still the president. What happened?

33850c  No.690745

Post merge survivors


I'm comfy with my babe and family. No shitty OCs reported in Quebec.

66b8a0  No.690762

File: 7b685bf1e2020a6⋯.jpg (65.79 KB, 720x720, 1:1, image-1542513398121.jpg)

Tacoland here, no OCs.

66b8a0  No.690765

File: ecae9175fb90a4b⋯.mp4 (1.01 MB, 640x360, 16:9, st.coxeziVgTvoD.mp4)

This did appear in Twatter kek

b5d447  No.690775

End of 2018 countdown.


Still no OCs here. How am I going to have dinner with my waifu?

dd4108  No.690778


Whatever helps you sleep at night, you insecure faggot. Go back to /v/.

b5d447  No.690793

File: 51cd892dc98405e⋯.jpg (22.48 KB, 360x332, 90:83, DvxA_A7UYAEwkV9.jpg)

30 minutes remain.

492008  No.690797


Do you think if Chris-Chan was born in the 90s he would’ve ended up being obsessed with shrek or stalked Scarlett Johansson because she black widow?

f53c1f  No.690799

i want to shoot my nose off from reading this shit oh god

polite sage

b5d447  No.690805

File: f7bcc386a0e5c3b⋯.jpg (78.53 KB, 1280x851, 1280:851, th.jpg)

File: bcd48241f665936⋯.jpg (14.04 KB, 474x463, 474:463, th2.jpg)

Well that's it. It's 2019 everywhere. Hope everyone had a good one.

What will Chris do now?


Sanic is timeless. 20 years from now, autistic children will still be creating shitty OCs from him.

bedf4c  No.690806


need a backstory on this. was this recorded secretly? or did he make this for one of his romantic interests

bedf4c  No.690807


nevermind i just saw the earlier videos

i still don't know why he did this because I'm a newfig

b5d447  No.690811


It was likely extorted out of him. Hell just convince him you have a weapon on the moon that can destroy CWCVille and he'll buy you stuff off the internet.

fa5caa  No.690830

File: 8d54720b9ae2533⋯.png (132.26 KB, 372x340, 93:85, 8d54720b9ae2533b359e336391….png)

where are 2d waifus and OCs?

bedf4c  No.690833

Is a homeless saga on the cards?

d5ab78  No.690837

Talk of the Merj will be suspended until farther notice. So Chris has decreed.

48c34a  No.690838


Don't hold your breath.

810042  No.690848

Eat shit, Chris.

b5d447  No.690960

File: 9da72d815a9395e⋯.png (109.46 KB, 634x924, 317:462, wheres_muh_waifu.PNG)


Held up by inter-dimensional red tape apparently. I guess Chris forgot to file for developmental approval before he started trying to fuck the universe up…

>there is room for at least one from this Dimension, but there is no rush

Anyone want to join Chris's schizo harem?

804b46  No.690962

File: d4abb632ea382f1⋯.jpeg (372.72 KB, 1124x1832, 281:458, C7798390-B17A-428D-9A2A-2….jpeg)

File: d0f5a738fb93b66⋯.jpeg (368.76 KB, 1124x1864, 281:466, D2803A8F-161E-4F61-8873-9….jpeg)

foxdicks sending my mom rape threats isn’t cool for the record she thought Chris smelled disgusting and didn’t want her in my house at all but she knew how bad he was so she ignored him.

Please leave her out of it I’m not even the one who started the merge thing I just tricked my moms sugar daddy into buying Chris’s porn shit here’s screenshots Chris sent to me of texts from Jessica Quinn pretty sure she’s the one

810042  No.690966


Chris: eat shit.

804b46  No.690968


That doesn’t even make sense are u telling Chris to eat shit or is he saying that to me? That means you’re probably captain John pulling a said for chris

804b46  No.690970


804b46  No.690972

Lol who is Sargon?

7f1e62  No.690978



It's like Richmond's retarded little brother, so a shit ton of niggers minus the music fetivals/craft beer/arts/etc. Even Radford is more fun. Wolves of Vinland is the only interesting thing in town

810042  No.690980


Eat shit, Chris.

b5d447  No.690989


>I just tricked my moms sugar daddy into buying Chris’s porn shit

How'd you manage that?

<Please help me buy this mentally ill person's crayon drawings; It's for a good cause!

<No that's not a penis! They're just shaking hands…

804b46  No.691009


Hes got enough money he didnt care enough to ask me questions he just throws cash at me to make me go away I think I freak him out

b5d447  No.691019


That's not really tricking him then huh?

I guess from Chris's tweets that he doesn't believe the stuff in the screenshots?

810042  No.691026


Eat shit, Chris.

804b46  No.691038


I only had to ask him to buy me something on eBay so yah not really a trick but he be pissed if he knew what he buy

ac6880  No.691044


did chris ever try to fuck you? did you ever do anything sexual with him?

b5d447  No.691050


I meant the screenshots he sent you. Chris doesn't seem to believe them correct? Why'd he send you them?

b5d447  No.691056


Ah. I thought you'd replied to my second question.

a0d739  No.691166


Imagine being this much of a six inch foxdick

a0d739  No.691181


It’s just horribly deformed from years of incorrect mass debating and now HRT. I do wonder if it still functions at all. He sounds pretty floppy in the smashmouth mp4s. Surely he’d be noticeably frustrated if he could no longer enjoy his favorite pastime.

b5d447  No.691239


Is he even taking the HRT drugs effectively?

Last I heard he was using Barb's oestrogel and not taking any anti-androgen.

bccd9d  No.691254


>red tape for a denominational merge


4097c1  No.691675


But you are talking about chris chan right?

d3e59b  No.692263


No after the estrogel he got proper HRT from a doctor.

a0d739  No.692438


If true, the doctor should lose his license for that, possibly.

209069  No.692459

Josh doxed a teenage tranny because he was given false information about the tranny harassing chris-chan by Marvin and Captain Jack Lambert Wilson.

488e94  No.692482

File: e1b289d063113b6⋯.webm (13.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Imagine a scam.webm)


Why hasn't Christine made a kickstarter for the purpose of crowdfunding a stargate to facilitate the merge?

e0a595  No.692510


Because no idea twat suggested it to him yet.

ef1eed  No.692529

Can't stress just how cute Lukas is :P

Stop harassing him, he shit his pants and did nothing wrong…

ef1eed  No.692531

LOL wtf with the last part

832f26  No.692785

66c296  No.692836

Because Lukas the tranny got assblasted here's more insanity from Chris.


685dd5  No.692954

File: 1a3cfc40329971d⋯.png (197.62 KB, 640x360, 16:9, trump won.png)


I thought Trump was gonna make anime real.

b5d447  No.693008

File: 076686dbdfd332d⋯.jpg (194.47 KB, 960x720, 4:3, inter-dimensional-red-tape.jpg)


>It is Not My Fault there is more Deity-Level Red Tape, which no earthly Bureaucrat can ever be able to touch.

Didn't he claim to be a CPU goddess and ask people to pray to him? Then surely he can handle a little divine paperwork.

>I was WIRED and HYPED from the Psychic Fluctuations. Well, this is one thing I Knew I was signing up for when I did.

Sign on the dotted line and you too can receive schizo insomnia fueled energy hands.


I thought he was gonna build a giant Attack on Titan style wall on the Mexican border?

a4efe5  No.693073

Have we merged yet?

abca14  No.693158


Sonichu was trying to get inside my garage so I shot him with my .30-06

d5ab78  No.693160


Are you a descendant of Stonewall Jackson?

fb968f  No.693243

File: 8ea26596c700281⋯.png (23.27 KB, 587x156, 587:156, 5D70517F-891D-417C-8092-E5….png)

File: d76ac9938e7b1f2⋯.png (113.71 KB, 639x744, 213:248, 66609871-4A92-4F8A-973F-FD….png)


Chris admits he has anger issues, this has to be related to the fact that he knows he got duped by Lukas into the merge bullshit. Is JQ the witch he believes possessed him?

d5ab78  No.693249


Depends on who Quinn really is.

b206d9  No.693258


Rosechu tried to face rape me to prove that she was a strong empowering female hedgehog Pokemon.

Thankfully I managed to call the police and came rushing in and opened fire after trying to maul some of the police officers.

It was a very gruesome sight, Chris said nothing about being responsible for it and just begged for donations for her cremation. Blaming me and the trolls for her attempted face rape.

7a8d2e  No.693353

File: 91e930871f1fc06⋯.jpg (57.46 KB, 400x400, 1:1, iusa_400x400.51750932_nn6z.jpg)

Do you think Megan got into gun ownership because of Chris?

e2e69c  No.693359





this is substantially worse with the full context of the situation made clear

744116  No.693365


Probably. If Chris wanted to rape me I would stock up on all the firearms and ammunition I could get my hands on

e2e69c  No.693369


is this recent?


truly "the one that got away"

she looks better at mid 30s than she did in her 20s

48c34a  No.693370


>Is JQ the witch he believes possessed him?

No, Chris thinks Lukas and Quinn were possessed by some Hyperdimension Neptunia villain named Arfoire (Idea Guy put that in his head over a year ago).


Quinn's long gone. But Lukas tried to use Quinn's image as cover to pin the blame on her.

d1fe7e  No.693371


Marvin, Josh and Jack Wilson think that she's gone.

She isn't.

66b8a0  No.693406

File: 71ba80912316f92⋯.jpg (15.23 KB, 300x300, 1:1, image0-1-3.jpg)


>Even as a CPU goddess Chris is too lazy to do shit.

3d9998  No.693427



Do I get my own Megan Waifu when the merge happens?

a0d739  No.693437


She looks exactly the same, so in a way I guess you're right.

a0d739  No.693438


I'm guessing Ideas guy was behind "the JQ". Fits with the other wehraboo shit.

8c9aaf  No.693446


People talk about how he would not hurt anyone. Bullshit. He had run over ppl, pepper sprayed, and held kittens hostage for money.

Bad diet, anxiety medication, autism, years of trolling, financial woes, tranny meds and ideology, and no life direction can make anyone violent. Add on top a literal god complex and a doomsday culture like belief system and you have a bad fucking mixture.

When it becomes super clear the merge is not happenings (because ya), he will either get aggressive towards whatever he feels is blocking the merge or just straight up dive into pure delusion. Either way we are in a real wild saga.

6b3bb7  No.693454

With all of those incidents, one person or thing has to piss off Chris and he'll snap with this merge shit. Who knows if Chris will end up in prison, in an asylum, or dead with Chris' mental status deteriorating.

444ce5  No.693475

File: 895fbcfbe692134⋯.mp4 (680.53 KB, 640x266, 320:133, Dimensional Merge Saga.mp4)


Could it be


66b8a0  No.693536

File: 1a481d020af98bb⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 360x270, 4:3, 1539534190309.gif)


>Add on top a literal god complex and a doomsday culture like belief system and you have a bad fucking mixture.

God I'm laughing so hard at this, like when did it come to this.


That's an ominous ass title fitting for a series finale.

0a6db3  No.693649


I always figured that Jessica Quinn was Null. Null has always been desperate to insert himself into cowstory. I think he thought the JQ shit would make him a master troll but he had to drop it after overwhelming negative feedback from the foxdickers. He then immediately went 180 as a white knight.

e2e69c  No.693651


tbh given joshs autism, this makes as much sense as anything

685dd5  No.693675


I don't think Chris would have the guts to pull a Randy Star or anything like that. He doesn't have any guns nor do I think he knows how to use one.

I also think he's too lazy to do it. Chris rarely ever plans for anything. People who do massacres usually make plans before they commit them.

I think the worst he could probably do is kill himself. Though how he'd do it is anyone's guess.

7a8d2e  No.693732


He's going to lash out at people that are closest and most immediate to him. So his mother, or his new tranny friends maybe

0ca06f  No.693736


>Jessica Quinn is Null

I should've known the fucking edgelord couldn't resist a fake girlfriend with the same initials as "the J(ewish) Q(uestion)"

66b8a0  No.693777


When Barb finally lies down and Chris pops his brains out does Josh gets the tv rights?

"The Chandlers" would put Malcolm in the Middle to shame.

b5d447  No.693896


Is that why he got so sanctimonious about the idea guy? Because he got outplayed and had to have the last laugh?

>>693777 (checked)

Bob Walks In is Emmy Award material right there!

ae7794  No.693970


I have not been keeping up with him for a while now, why the fuck does he think he's a goddess and will bring in a dimension merge?

836f6e  No.694054


i mean kinda same but not as extreme. cwc is no john wick lmao. but i would definitely own a .32 snubnose (or better yet a walther p38 that transformers gun is based on lmao)

836f6e  No.694056

File: fbb948ef0d70ccf⋯.png (11.95 KB, 1581x134, 1581:134, ClipboardImage.png)

836f6e  No.694057


QFT, THIS. cwc is a ticking timebomb

polite sage for double posting

0ba816  No.694093


I agree is is a dumb fuck who cannot plan that far ahead. But just because he is a lazy goofball does not mean he cannot do a Dodge Grand Caravan of peace into a local gaming store. He has been violent before and will probably get violent again when things do not go his way and his 'quality' of life degrades further.

a0d739  No.694159


Sounds more like Idea Guy to me. Remember Operation Barb-arossa?

f5039c  No.694189

File: c25e009b99b3ade⋯.png (43.83 KB, 278x466, 139:233, Holy fuck.png)


Where THE FUCK did you get that picture?

A long time ago I had this crush on a girl, she and a friend of hers made that Photoshop years ago. Our relationship ended on bard terms when she stopped talking to me, to this day I still miss her. Where did you find that picture?

6d02cb  No.694225


That thing's been floating around the internet for at least 7 years, probably longer, spreading far and wide. It's not exactly a rare thing.

f5039c  No.694232

File: 688d117d19b9914⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 255x192, 85:64, Fuck this.gif)


>It's been 7 years already

She's not coming back, is she?

a146c3  No.694237


of course she is

havent you ever watched anime?

6d02cb  No.694238

File: 786c84990d28659⋯.jpg (29.42 KB, 640x451, 640:451, handman.jpg)




Wait, that's a cropped image. I found the full thing on one of my servers dating back to june 2010.

f5039c  No.694242

File: 0843c262219eea4⋯.gif (691.36 KB, 302x200, 151:100, Panic.gif)



Timeline fits, what server did you find it in?

6d02cb  No.694249


Just a fileserver where I keep random garbage. I remembered running into it maybe a few months ago while I was looking for something else, only because almost all the other cocks there's more mundane. A bunch of document scans, whitepapers, random notes and writeups, Phrack articles… And some guy photoshopped onto a hand with feet for fingers, apparently.

Reverse searching the image shows it being on Ebaumsworld at around that time as well, and from what I recall, they were pretty quick to steal any and all remotely amusing cocks around that timeframe.

The internet is an interesting place.

f5039c  No.694252

File: b4cea9f8daa4ffa⋯.jpg (122.55 KB, 1080x1034, 540:517, How I feel inside.jpg)

Thanks for the information. Guess my search continues.

d5ab78  No.694891

File: ac9240fd556b9a5⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1153x1413, 1153:1413, Chris retweets and likes.png)

So a few days ago Chris makes a lame joke about haters getting a daki for Christmas because they're losers and today he's trying to win one.

bfbd1a  No.695006


Probably going to be some crudely and terribly drawn furry garbage with poor quality fabric.

04aae5  No.695077

So is Chris a full-blown schizo now?

bccd9d  No.695159


Video of him humping a pillow with a picture of one his OC soon.

b5d447  No.695200

File: 59c7dccb821c333⋯.png (224.89 KB, 309x420, 103:140, my little downy.PNG)


Can you really blame him? What red blooded male wouldn't want a body pillow of Twilight Sparkle presenting her rump with a sly expression?


Realistically this is probably more like his Curse-ye-ha-me-ha stuff. He likes to think it's real.

97ad3f  No.695228


That sounds fucking awesome in a way, like some kind of autistic wh40k.

66b8a0  No.695506


This has to be the worse and laziest downy porn I've seen.

And I've seen a lot.

Why do degenerates draw so well?

4097c1  No.695558

File: 974adf575a00352⋯.jpg (61.78 KB, 650x486, 325:243, blakcs.jpg)


It's Megan, she's a CPU and wants nothing to do with him. His mother AND father blamed her for all the trolls too.

It's all just an elaborate story to murder Megan.

b5d447  No.695613

File: 04105ed745b498f⋯.png (42.86 KB, 632x354, 316:177, schizo-assassin-sonichu.PNG)

b5d447  No.695618

File: 2f67b26639f31f3⋯.png (66.76 KB, 638x568, 319:284, samurai shampoo.PNG)


On the plus side. If the merge does turn out to be real, you can fend off a rabid Sonichu with a bottle of shampoo. Who'd thought personal hygiene products would be Sonichu's kryptonite?


220a98  No.695621


I know, right? You die or you meet your waifu, either way you win.


The last post is why the people supporting Chris's madness and giving him money are causing more damage than any of the trolls ever did.

8c9aaf  No.695676


I agree with this. The fact he has roaped her into this merger shit is a but if a red flag. I think the real piece of evidence is how he instantly Backes off the moment he was told Megan was armed. If he had good intentions he would not give a fuck. The fact he reacted that way gives you insight to that he had malintentions.

If he is told/comes up with the idea Megan is ligit holding the me get back, oh boy.


>like some kind of autistic wh40k.

Lol this idea needs more exploring

9976bf  No.695682


>The last post is why the people supporting Chris's madness and giving him money are causing more damage than any of the trolls ever did

fucking this tbh

4097c1  No.695687


On his youtube he uploaded some mad rambling about the upcoming merge and he says some interesting things regarding guns.

444ce5  No.695702


>When did it come to this?

It's always been building to this

>Ominous ass title

Well since we know every world from everyone's mind is merging then shouldn't it be Crisis on Infinite Worlds

b5d447  No.695783

File: 617f8d62ecde52a⋯.png (72.7 KB, 623x694, 623:694, NOT ON MY WATCH... .PNG)

What's with these self-fellating posts recently? The other day he was harping on about how calm and controlled he thinks he is and now he thinks he's super supportive because he can hit the retweet button or something.

f4de0c  No.695879


This a new vid? I never creep his accounts.

832f26  No.696083

File: 2a1f230b3f22ee1⋯.png (58.16 KB, 435x403, 435:403, hnng.png)


> Foxdickfag pretends to talk to Chris' comics to get CWC to notice him

> CWC uses this as proof they are real

Hahaha wow. With how fucked in the head your average Foxdickfag is, you'd think they'd know you're never supposed to confirm a schizo's delusional thinking.

Because Captain and Null have a whiff of "cred" to them, Chris will now use them to "prove" that he's not crazy because they give handjobs to Magi-Chan too.

Good job, guys, hope it was worth it because you caused far more harm than Idea Guy.

66b8a0  No.696229

File: bce085b867877cc⋯.jpg (209.41 KB, 1469x1503, 1469:1503, PSX_20181229_203733.jpg)


>Good job, guys, hope it was worth it because you caused far more harm than Idea Guy.

Honestly is because the foxdicks were just jealous of Idea Guy. I personally think The Captain and Josh just didn't like Idea Guy's plot as much as the Dimensional Merge.

Not only are they causing much more psychological harm than Idea Guy, Idea Guy's trolling not only was much less malicious only affecting the comic but he made Chris work much more on the comic which boosted his paypig immensely in a legit way. As shitty as Sonichu is, it was the closest thing Chris had to a paying job for his own effort in over a decade, just like any indie artist but with objectively shitty art.

The bluespike tier crucifixion of IG by the farms was pure faggotry.

The comic stuff has enormous room for change but the Merge bullshit can't be topped can only go down in flames, Chris doesn't work on his art or does anything because he believes his problems will be magically solved

48c34a  No.696295


>Idea Guy's trolling not only was much less malicious only affecting the comic

No, it didn't. He was influencing Chris's real-world actions, too, i.e., by telling Chris to give him $6,000 or he'd blow up CWCville.

>he made Chris work much more on the comic which boosted his paypig immensely in a legit way.

Also didn't happen. Idea Guy had Chris work on his Sonichu Nazi comic in secret. Chris's paypig didn't benefit.

7d0475  No.696546

File: 7279c4468541087⋯.gif (38.13 KB, 405x429, 135:143, smoking skelly.gif)



why are whiteknights always bigger fuckups than the people theyre trying to (((protect)))?

is this some universal constant?


>t. butthurt foxdickfaggot

regardless on who did worse, you have to accept that you idiots "helping" has aggravated the situation substantially. good fucking job retards

48c34a  No.696574


What would you have done in that situation? You can let the Idea Guys continue to manipulate Chris using imaginary characters or you can tell him they're lying using imaginary characters. Either way ends up with the same result of validating his belief in imaginary characters.

You can also try reasoning with him without bringing up imaginary characters but since when has Chris listened to reason?

>regardless on who did worse

It's the only point I was making. I didn't say whether people should help Chris or not. Only real way for him to get help is when a mental hospital gets involved.

7d0475  No.696594

File: 2ab53bbdfa5f442⋯.jpg (323.22 KB, 787x796, 787:796, 18cb2c6095c0fd914a883604b5….jpg)


>What would you have done in that situation?

same thing ive always done with chris:

simply observe

if chris is somehow still dumb enough to be manipulated by such shit he is, then theres nothing you can do to stop it. your tribes moral crusade has not surprisingly ended in the continual deterioration of his mental state.

>You can also try reasoning with him without bringing up imaginary characters but since when has Chris listened to reason?

unironically, the only thing thats ever been able to make chris do/change something, is more bullying. its all he knows.

your idea of how to "help" chris was to trollshield him and dox anyone who tries to bully him more. thus, without new bullying to push him onto a new saga, chris was left to his own devices. being the immense autist that he is, this allowed his retarded fantasy world to progress unimpeded. combine that with literally feeding into a schizos delusions and you have all but ensured that this merge/schizo saga will continue to unfold, as he will always be able to fall back on this validation that his fucking OCs that hes married to are real because null and his retard army are his guardian angels, and they talk to his shitty doodles too.

ideas guy was a dick, and his extortion of chris was scummy af

but with all the foxdickfags moral grandstanding and whiteknight faggotry, you ended up doing the same exact thing.


because chris exists to be trolled. interrupting this constant barrage of bullying has disturbed this delicate balance and now you have created an artificial safespace environment for his delusions to grow unchecked. you attempted to remove problems from chris life, when what you shouldve done is introduced a less destructive, new problem/saga, that he could focus on.

48c34a  No.696662


>unironically, the only thing thats ever been able to make chris do/change something, is more bullying. its all he knows.


>this allowed his retarded fantasy world to progress unimpeded. combine that with literally feeding into a schizos delusions and you have all but ensured that this merge/schizo saga will continue to unfold

The merge is only a thing because Idea Guy planted the seeds and then a bunch of troons hing out with him, gave him pot, and encouraged his delusional fantasies.

>same thing ive always done with chris: simply observe

Yeah, but then Chris would walk around feeling validated that his OCs are real anyway. He already thinks Wise and Boyd are great sources for validation, even going so far as to thank them publicly, so what does it matter if he thinks The Captain is another source for validation? It's like if some thieves broke into a house and then a good samaritan enters the same way to intervene. Maybe the samaritan catches some shit for it but the ones who broke the door in the first place were the thieves.

d5ab78  No.696716


A more apt analogy is that The Captain broke the back window and entered to sit on couch. Then Null entered through the same window to sit in the Lazy Boi. Then the Idea Guys used the broken window and slapped the retard while taking videos and stealing the TV. Then Null called the cops from the Lazy Boi without getting up but the cops have been called so many times they didn't show up to hear the boy cry wolf again. Then Null shit his pants and did nothing. Then Captain shit his pants and did nothing. Then some trannies showed up and smoked weed with Chris. Then Congress passed a law against smoking weed on foxdickfarms and everyone was butthurt. Chris shit his pants and did nothing but play with his toys and dreamed up new fantasies the entire time only the difference between a child and Chris is that eventually a child grows out of this phase whereas Chris will live in his fantasy land his entire life and that was encouraged by all of the people that came through that broken window and are all equally at fault.

1d2c7e  No.696765

File: 7a3e126758c26c3⋯.jpg (59.56 KB, 1122x938, 561:469, 3za9kqqcvh221.jpg)



Maybe someone tricked Chris into dicking around with some occult shit and now he's experiencing demonic harassment.

832f26  No.696797

File: d20c68d2a76fb78⋯.gif (4.32 MB, 640x480, 4:3, wink.gif)


>What would you have done in that situation?

Step 1: Not validate his delusions.

Step 2: Anything.

It's the essence of the concept of "tainted fruit." You cannot validate a persons' delusions to then explain to him why he's delusional. It doesn't work, as you're seeing now. Long after Chris has forgotten who The Captain is (i.e,, six months from now) he will cling to The Captain's validation and use it to defend against people "threatening" to end them.

The fact that trolls were using him to extort money is something entirely different and shouldn't be conflated. That's a criminal matter, and you see how far that went when it was reported, even after "gaining his trust" by telling him that Magi-Chan Says Hi!

So what was the advantage of this? They were temporarily able to stop something bad by leaving a permanent wound. He wandered right into this pit of trannies just a few weeks later.


>unironically, the only thing thats ever been able to make chris do/change something, is more bullying. its all he knows.

This. And the funny thing is that the people who validated his delusions just walked away when they got frustrated/bored. The white knights left him more fucked up than when they found him. This is why you don't play amateur psychiatrist, Jewsh.

832f26  No.696804


>so what does it matter if he thinks The Captain is another source for validation

Chris just cited him as a defense against someone telling him he was delusional. In this thread is the link. Are you following this? He didn't cite Boyd and Wise, he cited The Captain, who he presently believes is an authority figure, a guardian angel who protects him and also incidentally gives handjobs to Magi-Chan.

3e48bf  No.696822

File: 3d22db07a3b20e2⋯.jpg (11.7 KB, 400x314, 200:157, edward-hopper-approaching-….jpg)

Can someone update me on this? I've been loosely following this but I still have no idea what is going on. I read somewhere that Chris had called off the merge or some other BS, what's going on?

3e48bf  No.696824



Because the gays were purged from SF by a combination of AIDs and gooks driving up property prices, if you mean insane liberals in general then of course they wouldn't associate with """christine""" because she's one step away from being one of the crazy homeless people that do drugs on BART. There's a reason why ADF had to get his surgery in Portland, he can't afford SF area prices anymore.

Though this comment does have merit, but it's far better applied to ADF than Chris.

d5ab78  No.696836


He still believes in the merge and his superpowers. Reality just checked him and the delusions won. Now he thinks other Sonichu OCs are out to assassinate him but a half full bottle of conditioner is the perfect weapon to take them out. Anyone not calling this The Schizo Saga is patently wrong.

7ff8c3  No.696846


why not say he should check a psychiatrist? or make him stop taking the HRT since that is actually what is bringing on the hallucinations.

Or does Chris-chan not take those medications?

d5ab78  No.696851


He's court ordered to because of the pepperspray incident. He let loose on twitter that he's not taking his anxiety medication and that his psych was "flabberghasted" when he channeled in her office "and she has a degree from a good school." Among which.

7ff8c3  No.696895


Sometimes they give anxiety medication that is anti psychotic so he might be just getting a withdrawal which can lead to psychosis and he is experiencing the psychosis, right now.

So when he takes the medication the delusions will stop, but who knows maybe he has had underlying disorder where he can get into a psychotic episode from time to time.

48c34a  No.696987


>A more apt analogy is that The Captain broke the back window and entered to sit on couch. Then Null entered through the same window to sit in the Lazy Boi. Then the Idea Guys used the broken window and slapped the retard while taking videos and stealing the TV.

The Idea Guys broke in first.

>Then Null shit his pants and shit his pants and did nothing. Then Captain shit his pants and shit his pants and did nothing.

They did succeed in separating the Idea Guys from Chris. They also tried to patch up the damage to stop more people from breaking in. It isn't their fault Chris decided to seek out more Idea Guy-types to replace the originals.


>The fact that trolls were using him to extort money is something entirely different and shouldn't be conflated.

The context is relevant. Captain took the extreme step of validating Chris's delusions because the alternative of allowing the Idea Guys to freely continue was worse.

>It's the essence of the concept of "tainted fruit." You cannot validate a persons' delusions to then explain to him why he's delusional. It doesn't work, as you're seeing now.

Agreed. I just think his options at the time were shitty. I mean, his choices were separating Chris from the Idea Guys by any means, trying to reason with Chris (and a good chance Chris would've just ignored him) or just looking the other way.


>Chris just cited him as a defense against someone telling him he was delusional. In this thread is the link. Are you following this? He didn't cite Boyd and Wise, he cited The Captain

He did cite Wise and Boyd for helping him add "more connection between our sister dimension and I" a while back - http://archive.fo/n0hTw

My point was that if Captain had never showed up and validated Chris's delusions, then Chris would still have his validation from the Idea Guys. Same result.


His exact words were, "not to mention my anxiety meds (tried going without them for One Month; I felt on the verge of a heart attack a few times!)"

So it sounds like he was back on the anxiety meds when he wrote it.

d5ab78  No.697024


>They did succeed in separating the Idea Guys from Chris.

Whoever has control of Chris's twitter to make shitposts as Magi-chan have been doing it longer than he's known the troons. Either the Idea Guys are still active or The Captain has been fucking around as Magi-chan and the troons are right about him. So either you're right and The Captain did something about the Idea Guys but he's just as bad as them or he shit his pants and did nothing and is ineffective as a tard wrangler. Either way The Captain is not some esteemed member of the saga.

48c34a  No.697096

File: 768d82d480c8c21⋯.png (531.77 KB, 607x974, 607:974, cwc and troons.png)


>Whoever has control of Chris's twitter to make shitposts as Magi-chan have been doing it longer than he's known the troons.

IIRC the Magi-Chan shitposts started around October or so. But Chris has known the troons since April when they bought shecameforCWC off him. And by July they were hanging out with him.

832f26  No.697113


>allowing the Idea Guys to freely continue was worse

What I'm not getting is how this was worse. They were taking money from him, but:

1. Why was telling Chris that "I know Magi-Chan" essential to doing this? Josh said he completely ignored Chris' rambling and the texts he posted showed him doing so. Why didn't Captain do the same?

2. Why was Chris' participation even necessary?

3. If Chris begins giving them money again (which I believe will happen), then does this invalidate the "greater good" theory?

4. The Troons are releasing highly embarrassing shit about Chris. Can we tell him "Magi-Chan told me to tell you to stay away from them from now on"? Who are you (or me or anyone) to decide when this threshold should be crossed?

5. Who the fuck is "The Captain" and why are you people trusting him?


>He did cite Wise and Boyd

But he's citing the Captain now.

48c34a  No.697187


>1. Why was telling Chris that "I know Magi-Chan" essential to doing this? Josh said he completely ignored Chris' rambling and the texts he posted showed him doing so. Why didn't Captain do the same?

Captain needed a way to gain Chris's trust. The method he used ended up having consequences down the line, but the alternative would be reasoning logically with Chris, which historically has never worked. Josh didn't have to deal with that dilemma because Captain could vouch for him and because Josh wrote up up an IC3 report about the Idea Guys. Captain forwarded it to Chris and told him to take it to the local police and Chris got Josh's contact info from that.

>2. Why was Chris' participation even necessary?

Chris needed to say exactly what was going down. Plus Captain needed his login info so he could go into the Idea Guys' Discord and gather the chatlogs.

>3. If Chris begins giving them money again (which I believe will happen), then does this invalidate the "greater good" theory?

They told Chris not to trust the Idea Guys and even urged him to get psychological help. If he goes back to the Idea Guys anyway that's on him.

>4. The Troons are releasing highly embarrassing shit about Chris. Can we tell him "Magi-Chan told me to tell you to stay away from them from now on"? Who are you (or me or anyone) to decide when this threshold should be crossed?

Fair point. Validating Chris's delusions is like playing with fire at this point. Maybe the line could be crossed if it's a criminal matter, like with the extortion, otherwise, yeah, it's best to leave things alone.

>5. Who the fuck is "The Captain" and why are you people trusting him?

Yeah, he kinda showed up out of nowhere. But his story of intervening against the Idea Guys checks out from how evidence like chatlogs and receipts were gathered that Null later posted.

d2c908  No.697236


The recent magi-chan shitpost - as in the one from December - was by Null. It has his fingertips all over it, mostly because it's doxing the troons and inviting people to harass them, and it's his type of malicious humor. He has Chris's twitter from back when he was trying to help Chris before fucking off to join the internet bloodsport shit

199d48  No.697311

If you really think The Fagtain doesn’t have anything to do with what’s been going on you’re either gullible or retarded.

He used Chris’ twitter to dox the teenage trannies and they all ran for cover except for Lukas who was then bombarded with calls and texts from random trolls (aka foxdickfags) while he dropped new cocks and promised dirt on The Captain and now his Twitter has disappeared. It’s not a coincidence.

d2c908  No.697340


Ah. No.

The doxing was done by Null. Everything else is the Captain fag tho.

5382ea  No.697497


>This is why you don't play amateur psychiatrist, Jewsh.

fucking this

now watch as all these paragon "moral crusaders" start to slowly back away and pretend like they had nothing to do with it. ive never like foxdickfags much theyre fucking insufferable and their forum is a reskinned reddit, now with MOAR upvote varieties, but this whole debacle has revealed them as exactly what they are: arrogant fucking cowards


>My point was that if Captain had never showed up and validated Chris's delusions, then Chris would still have his validation from the Idea Guys. Same result

unless of course, like all other times in the past, foxdicks had allowed things to progress naturally. sure, ideas guy was a douche and had to go, and extortion produces no lulz for anyone. but disrupting the flow of bullying is what led to chris getting stuck on this batshit stuff for so long. thats my point.

chris has put up with an unprecedented level of bullying for over a decade now. hes arguably the most "well adjusted" to such a torrent of surveillance and trolling even if he still bites every time. outside of ousting ideas guy, protecting him from emotional damage serves next to no purpose as chris is so desensitized to it all. that is, aside from giving some kwifaggots a "warm fuzzy feeling" for protecting their faux autistic son.

and in their arrogance, they ended up making things even fucking worse. no doubt they will all pretend they had nothing to do with it now, and will likely just drop chris, and the situation for fear of being called out on it. seems like josh already has tried to distance himself from it. like i said: arrogant fucking cowards.

d2c908  No.697498


Josh distanced himself from it because it was clear that no profit could be made from him. He wanted Chris to be his Rainman. Instead, he got a kid who shits his pants and does nothing but play pretend all day.

5382ea  No.697500


josh has been PRfagging for a while now

what with the recent stream activity, and the various moral crusades that hes been funneling foxdicks into and tho i agree, in the kero saga, that all furfaggots must hang, none of it is lulzy and this attitude is what has killed /cow/ imo. josh has been attempting to change his image from the racist neo-nazi pedophile owner of the internets #1 cyber-bullying enthusiast forum, to some sort of manlet cuckimepro superhero that protects the weak from the vicious online trolls. even foxdicks have become tired of it hence why half of them are here

either way, he bungled this one up bad, and now theres little else to do except watch and wait and hope chris doesnt fucking off himself

7074b3  No.697509


> and hope chris doesnt fucking off himself

What if though? I want Christ to last as long as possible, but what happens when he is declared RIP? What happens to Sonichu's copyright?

15c582  No.697515


"muh dick" is possibly the greatest driving force mankind has ever known.

b5d447  No.697616

File: cee39061959cf2c⋯.png (98.65 KB, 599x787, 599:787, trump wall tweets.PNG)

File: 99c27dc70347ac5⋯.png (457.14 KB, 590x648, 295:324, fanta recipe.PNG)

Chris is a little upset at Trump's wall building shenanigans so he's got some stern words for Drumpf. He's also been having some premonition dreams about Trump's exploding head and blowing his stack — ooh err missus!


Earlier he shared an updated recipe for one of his Fanta cocktails. Good news; this one doesn't require you to ejaculate into a cup first!



>What happens to Sonichu's copyright?

If Chris dies intestate after Barb, Cole is likely the next of kin (sibling) so he could possibly make a claim. Otherwise it becomes an orphaned work and that's a grey area in the US.

4097c1  No.697673

File: 9410bae0387d18b⋯.jpg (37.84 KB, 385x486, 385:486, cwc.jpg)


Have a curse-ye chris.

4097c1  No.697676


A month old maybe?

It was a video about the lead up to the merge and what to do when it happens.

4097c1  No.697678

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Actually, here.

b14d0b  No.697723


Someone should tell Chris because CWCville didn't have a wall, the Idea guys were able to threaten to destroy it easily. If he had a wall around CWCville he wouldn't be in the predicament he is in right now.

b5d447  No.697764

File: 70a2c2b5f8d991b⋯.jpg (44.67 KB, 600x373, 600:373, N_j0BfRqLhJl.jpg)


He is starting to look rather hag-like.


I don't think he'd relate that to the Trump wall even if he bought into that idea of protecting CWCville with his own one.

7ff8c3  No.697774

File: 15a43fbb5d0a792⋯.png (690.5 KB, 1000x900, 10:9, 1515450993302.png)

File: e96b3a51643ae67⋯.jpg (211.54 KB, 1165x1654, 1165:1654, morganasexy.jpg)


So I will turn into Sonichu?

But I just wanted to get to meet my waifu from Persona, and maybe rape that faggoty cat morgana.

69fdc4  No.697813

possible idea to weaponize cringe: given his history with pickles, would he get triggered if people spammed him with Pickle Rick?

48c34a  No.697817

bedf4c  No.697825

Newfag back again.

Would someone explain this merge saga? And why is it worth its own thread?

48c34a  No.697827

92720e  No.697892


I wonder if Chris would wear a MAGA hat for a month if he was offered $100.

199d48  No.697906

I won’t be satisfied with Chris watching until we get the Chris Chan gay sex tape.

Thinking about it as far as cocks goes there is nothing more coveted than snagging a video of Chris giving a sloppy wet ghetto gagger-style BJ to a preferably black dick or tricking him into getting down on all fours and arching his back like a true slut to take a big cock like the cumdump that he truly is. After you pull this off Chris trolling will be essentially ended by moral foxdick fags taking measures to quarantine him from his own mistakes.

5382ea  No.697993

File: 6fb6cd76a36dbf0⋯.png (91.5 KB, 242x327, 242:327, [say nothing].png)

a695bb  No.697995


he'd take the money and then not keep his end of the deal

545a53  No.697997

199d48  No.698025


What’s your source?

92720e  No.698037


That's why you wait to pay until the month is up

a695bb  No.698045


then he'd try to convince you that he did it even though he either shit his pants and did nothing or just half-assed it

d2c908  No.698052


My source is just the pure sociopathic tone of the doxing. It's a thinly veiled personal army request. Because reporting to the FBI or whatever really won't work at all this time (it didn't work last time either) and really it lets Josh troll by proxy.

He likely got Chris's twitter account when he cleaned up his emails and junk, before moving onto streaming

9e1101  No.698088


We could tell Chris that after the wall is built, Trump is planning on deporting all Sonichu characters to Mexico and declaring war on CWCville.

a0d739  No.698168


I would be cocks if someone gets Chris to threaten blumdndofp and finally gets him sent away a la Steven Christ. Or the gay blowjob video would work too because literally nothing could top that. I’m just ready for this to be over.

794cad  No.698232

So to TLDR some of the recent developments

<Chris probably beat the shit out of Barb after she (In an odd change of character) attempted to dispose of some of the hoard in the garbage which he then riffled through

<Chris may or may not hold Incestous feelings towards his mother and Imaginary Sister-Daughter

<Chris is on Max damage control atm about "The merge" not happening

<Chris has yet another Court appearance in a few days which will probably add ~3k onto the debt minimum

<Chris is back to crying about Muh Trump

199d48  No.698234


>(In an odd change of character) attempted to dispose of some of the hoard in the garbage

On the surface it would seem uncharacteristic of Barb but really it’s passive aggressive Snorlax at her best. When Chris has talked in the past about going to cons for the weekend Barb threatened to kill herself. Apparently she cried wolf too many times so Barb most likely threw away his classic polo along with his favorite VHS tapes.

a695bb  No.698235


does she even have enough awareness left to be capable of being passive aggressive?

9e1101  No.698256


If he gets sent away to federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison it's possible we'll see a tape emerge of Chris getting culturally enriched by Tyrone and Jamal. He'll get passed around to every nigger in that place.


Shes definitely capable of having dementia.

dbb54f  No.698350

File: a2b01dd4698136c⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 300x262, 150:131, kotmindblown.gif)


>Because reporting to the FBI or whatever really won't work at all this time (it didn't work last time either) and really it lets Josh troll by proxy.

<mfw i finally realize why josh made foxdickfarms

220a98  No.698391


Be the change you want to see, and go pay Chris to suck your dick. Then enjoy the cocktail of diseases he'll give to you. But then again, that's what you fags are into.

a0d739  No.698414


What diseases could he possibly have? His mind is the only disease. Not like he has much sexual activity or even human contact.

7074b3  No.698415


>Chris probably beat the shit out of Barb after she (In an odd change of character) attempted to dispose of some of the hoard in the garbage which he then riffled through


f0245d  No.698432

File: 64cdd5501806687⋯.jpeg (37.3 KB, 385x486, 385:486, cwc-01.jpeg)

2e11bb  No.698437


> Has had multiple sexual experiences with a hooker

> Reportedly does not bathe or change his clothes regularly

> Drinks his own semen

> Fecally incontinent

> Lives in a hoarder's house with multiple dogs and cats that are allowed to urinate and defecate freely

> His house is admittedly infested with insects and his own mother has had multiple infections of burrowing mites

836f6e  No.698460


people with dementia can have good days or even a week of lucidity. My grandfather had one before he died where i told me a bunch of stuff

>>698234 is right, this is resistance to the massive engulfing of everything but chris's "toys". Its a greek tragedy for her, she made the ultimate manchild and now must exist her last days with it.


its like poetry. it rhymes



cwc confirmed for disciple of nurgle

4097c1  No.698466


You forgot that his father got eaten by bugs possibility to death.

492008  No.698508


Chris Chan probably killed in the past. He might’ve killed a cat

3e48bf  No.698893


You've clearly never been around older people with mood/memory problems. All the dementia does is make their existing character flaws all the more apparent. For example my grandmother always had issues with her daughters (my aunts) over stupid disagreements about things (eg what color trash cans should be, leaving the sink on when you're using it, napkins, etc) but it never escalated into an argument. But when she got brain problems, it did escalate into arguements as shit would cascade into other things (for example trying to "fire" their daughter for giving them the wrong color napkin because they don't realize she's their daughter or some other BS).

It's the sort of thing where they'll be normal one minute but flip out and start yelling the next as soon as they don't recognize something or something doesn't perfectly align with their expectation. Most normal people can barely tolerate this which is why retirement homes exist, I dunno how Chris handles Barb doing it.

7ff8c3  No.699037


maybe he does not need to have sexual relations with hookers anymore since he fucks his mom? Because she imagines that Chris is bob or her first husband?

8c9aaf  No.699038


Dark shit anon

Dark shit

f3240b  No.699050

File: f9913bfd7803804⋯.jpg (84.8 KB, 1047x962, 1047:962, summoning_a_waifu.jpg)


>le moozua face :u\

Why would you want this garbage?

7e7058  No.699063



You bronies are part of the vermin of the world that shalt be purged

7ff8c3  No.699064


I dunno I'm just speculating, I mean. why would he live with his mom so long? It's not like he is taking care of her or anything, it's more like she is a hostage or something.

Then some of you folks talked about Dementia which also has hallucinations associated and so on, then one draws to the dark conclusions of things.

That Barb mistakes Chris for bob then they sex from time to time.

199d48  No.699345

2073cf  No.699383


That's frightening

e0a595  No.699638


>why would he live with his mom so long?

He's an autist who won't move out and has no job. It's that simple guys.

7ff8c3  No.699724


I know he is an autistic fella but I'm just speculating on the most horrendous and terrifying way possible, sorry anon.

e0a595  No.699804


Well, I doubt he's fucking her but there's enough reports that Chris is creepily comfortable with her.

e0a595  No.699805


Also, today's Chris's dick no longer works. It's an inert piece of gum.

7ff8c3  No.699825


well, maybe he wants a weird lesbian sex party with his own mother or something? I dunno how he would justify such things.


How do you know about that?

e0a595  No.699826


He's been using shittons of hormones. Just look at the All Star jerking off vid, he's just pulling on a limp dick throughout.

836f6e  No.699845

File: 6da37160b132150⋯.png (21.55 KB, 390x368, 195:184, mfw1300.png)


thats disturbing and plausible. holy fuck

7ff8c3  No.699846


I thought he was trying to get a hard-on and if he is diabetic then it can be harder to get an erection even just ejaculation. But if he has been taking a allot of hormones then yeah, he can say good bye to masturbation and have to find a new hobby.

3a5fc2  No.699948

What's the possibility that Chris makes it to middle age? How do you see Chris in 5-10 years?

77afd2  No.699959


he will persist on through life, somehow

6dfcbe  No.700025


Chris might make it to 70. Barb is in her mid-70s and Bob lived into his 80s. It'll be a shitshow to 70 but he'll hang on.

7ff8c3  No.700044


the mothers age is where one should look for when it comes how long and the probability of how long one lives. And it's usually best to check the grandparents on the mother side.

And how old the mother was, and if there is no illness like diabetes, blood pressure, and heart disease or general organ diseases those usually takes down the lifespan.

So my guess is over 70.

63e27c  No.700054


Neck yourself, Josh. Do it now.

b65eee  No.700184




I thought chris had dick surgery. There's that vid of a person cumming without a dick and I was under the impression it was of chris.

677d1b  No.700319

dox on that lucas cause original pastebin is gone

Lukas Simpkins. (Legal name: Lillie Celeste Simpkins.

127 Walton Drive, Lynchburg, VA, 24502



220a98  No.700320


Imagine still being here 30 years later, watching the real-life Truman Show that is Chris Chan. People will have been born, grown up, and had children of their own, all while the Chris Chan show is still going on.


No, that wasn't Chris. That was during the crotch wound/infection period, but his would never went that deep, or else he would have been dead by now.

a0d739  No.700456


>Lillie Celeste


401bcb  No.700782


>Chris might make it to 70


not with his shit diet and shit lifestyle

thats setting aside the damage hes done to his endocrine system

the dudes fucked. lucky if he makes it much past 50 w out serious health problems

401bcb  No.700787


and this is of course setting aside the growing possibilty that he fucking kys himself

and/or gets someone else to kys himself for him

c8c4f4  No.700850

File: 149294dbdda4bc4⋯.gif (613.37 KB, 358x657, 358:657, 154725024236948966.gif)

File: e41d321c36c9700⋯.jpg (255.76 KB, 1000x1502, 500:751, 1451938093016.jpg)

File: d2b9e4794a22613⋯.gif (3.48 MB, 498x275, 498:275, anime.gif)



Is that going to be how the CC saga ends?!

401bcb  No.700852


if this schizo shit keeps on unimpeded, prolly

on the other hand, barb dying could easily trigger some nasty shit. if chris ends up homeless, i really doubt he will be able to keep himself afloat as long as, say, terry. and ultimately homelessness and schizophrenia was too much for terry as well F

i dont wanna see it, but chris is #1 on my 2019 lolcow death pool tbh

3821fe  No.700948

File: 9bcdc85e657eeff⋯.gif (1.65 MB, 401x720, 401:720, 15472607389633027.gif)


R.I.P in advance CC!

5b81d6  No.701026


Chris also has a drinking problem that seems to be forgotten among his fans. He's even made several references to it, but every time it's forgotten overnight.

794cad  No.701309

What stage do you think the Hoard is at?

Chris's Room is obviously fucked as usual and from some videos quite possibly Barbs room too (Which Chris seems to have also littered with pestered and piles of his shit)

Since the house tour we really haven't gotten a look at what the hoard is like in the rest of the house and because of the Inferno that can't really be considered accurate anymore

How long till it achieves sentience and tries to self destruct again?

48c34a  No.701376


There's a third house tour from last March.


401bcb  No.701395


wats his drink of choice?

autism and alcohol is a dangerous game

af5b61  No.701420


I suppose long island ice tea. It goes down salty after all. Also wasn't he on a benzo diet? Alcoholism and benzo addiction go hand in hand easily.

5b81d6  No.701455


Long island iced tea was his original drink of choice. It seems now he's into vodka.

Someone should ask him, just for clarification purposes.

836f6e  No.702262

File: 2a6bca93e74f3e4⋯.gif (6.04 KB, 55x129, 55:129, MOONMAN 2.gif)


Wait, when? Where? I wanna see this. I knew he was super wasted off vodka and made that one chikki brikki video

abca14  No.702380

So the sonichu rapture is cancelled? Chris said it was supposed to happen before the new year.

6796cb  No.702427


Delayed due to red tape surrounding the negotiations with the other-world entities

b4ac84  No.702548


>Alcoholism and benzo addiction go hand in hand easily.

really good way to accidentally kys yourself too


fucking inter-dimensional bureaucracy

sounds like the fucking EU

48c34a  No.702581


That, and Chris is short on Idea Guys right now. He said in the last interview that he's waiting to get more info on how the merge is supposed to proceed.

af5b61  No.702605


it gets really dangerous only if you add opiates to the cocktail, but still alc+benz is almost guaranteed black out and self humiliation.

b4ac84  No.702606


we should shill him chrono trigger/cross and show him the dangers of trying to merge worlds tbh. establishing an end goal of staying in your original dimension

hopefully then he wont end up killing himself or anything retarded like that

66b8a0  No.702752


He did contemplated that half the world population would die for the Merge.

He's willing to kill nearly 4 billion people for his insane ramblings.

8c9aaf  No.702902


>He's willing to kill nearly 4 billion people for his insane ramblings.

Justifiable losses for godhood, money, and OC wives.

bccd9d  No.702909


Do you really think he'd be able to pick up on that? Seems to me the most he'd do is decide which of the characters in them he's now married to and just carry on.

0a8ab2  No.702921


>Do you really think he'd be able to pick up on that?


vidya is unironically the only way to get through to chris tbh

>Do you really think he'd be able to pick up on that?

444ce5  No.703085



I mean wouldn't you?

5fc536  No.703092

File: 38f5287870ca63e⋯.png (787.47 KB, 1119x884, 1119:884, Really makes you think.png)


If you're a god, doesn't that mean you can just bring everyone back? Or what about OCs that can revive people?

66b8a0  No.703175

File: 90adaa116388467⋯.jpg (545.74 KB, 2282x2500, 1141:1250, IMAG0479_1.jpg)


I made a funny

6dbb4e  No.703194


>CWC is actually influencing a new generation of unironical artists

199d48  No.703235


Jesus Christ that got weird quick.

220a98  No.703392


>He's willing to kill nearly 4 billion people for his insane ramblings.

There are already too many people in the world and too few Sonichus.

ebc3d9  No.703545

>make a fake sonic game thats actually fucks with chris

>convince him it's a early alpha of the newest sonic game



444ce5  No.703577


>Unreal engine 4 Sonichu game that takes place in CWCville, CWCville

Fund it


Would you bring LITERALLY everyone back? Pedophiles, murderers, Chris-Chan? If you could replace them with waifus that's a net bonus

ee534b  No.703669

File: 7675f97b0e99cd4⋯.jpg (169.73 KB, 996x2047, 996:2047, Dw4MlteWwAA8l-H.jpg:large.jpg)

File: 67385e604e2b654⋯.png (57.06 KB, 619x370, 619:370, Screenshot from 2019-01-14….png)

File: a1d0d7daa2bb1e7⋯.png (113.52 KB, 581x836, 581:836, Screenshot from 2019-01-14….png)

File: 9dd95e5b85c786c⋯.png (148.71 KB, 619x705, 619:705, Screenshot from 2019-01-14….png)

File: 43283ab2fcab2a5⋯.png (195.69 KB, 597x415, 597:415, Screenshot from 2019-01-14….png)

Someone called out Chris for being a creep

Last 2 are related to someone blocking him

ee534b  No.703683

File: f7195db9a700615⋯.png (74.92 KB, 598x474, 299:237, Screenshot from 2019-01-14….png)

File: 1fbcaa2979d47f2⋯.png (59.25 KB, 577x368, 577:368, Screenshot from 2019-01-14….png)

5cd470  No.703712

What's the consensus on the people who are making twitters pasted with all the CPU Goddess shit trying to encourage Chris' delusions? We cool with that or no?

ee534b  No.704193


I don't think he even reads it

0335f6  No.704200

File: 0c35eeceea50362⋯.jpg (46.25 KB, 341x445, 341:445, ddc22d.jpg)

File: 10a9c15e05c7ccb⋯.jpg (105.68 KB, 460x596, 115:149, Charles-Manson.jpg)


>We cool with that

I've never been okay with any of this hell-in-a-hand-basket bullshit.

545a53  No.704232


> We cool with that or no

I'm just here to laugh, not to moralfag over what some retard on Twitter decides to do with his time

5fc536  No.704264


I don't think butting in is necessary, this saga has been pretty fun so far.

7ff8c3  No.704272


Just watch and maybe just maybe there will be a cult of chris-chan.

866dc1  No.704314

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>cult of chris-chan

Um hey, What do you think LOLLLcowfarms is?!

7ff8c3  No.704360


Never went there tbqh fam. But I kinda have a suspicion that foxdickfarms is a minor cult of chris-chan. Since where they not the ones that disturbed the natural state of things and Chris went complete into a delusional imagination.

866dc1  No.704373

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>I kinda have a suspicion that foxdickfarms is a minor cult of chris-chan.

This is the cult of chris-chan.

836f6e  No.704426

File: 0a9f73e4937664b⋯.png (286.5 KB, 756x535, 756:535, 8202B577-5A1A-4692-9944-43….png)


Kinda irrelevant what we the lurkers of the /cow/ cwc thread thinks. There's so many factions involved here, cwc is an institution now.

6c4b35  No.704639

God damn, Chris has inspired entire groups repeatedly over time to fuck with him. How do these people form, and then meet the legend himself? The latest is the Teen Troon Squad. Why can't I make a troll group to physically meet Chris Chan and say a bunch of gibberish to him he'd believe ;_;

444ce5  No.704667

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Well if you have lots of confidence and don't mind being deemed a schizo then you could find out which town he lives in and become soapbox doomsayers for the dimensional merge. That'd probably get you noticed pretty quick

Something like vid related

832f26  No.705051


> you could find out what town Chris Chan lives in

Are you for real? More people know Chris Chan's address than know the address of the White House.

444ce5  No.705212


Well then get a band together and go. You have right to peaceful assembly

7ff8c3  No.705260


Oh that cult of Chris-chan.


first you need like a team, call it bravo team. then you need to figure out which topic that he likes where you can manipulate it, so go in friendly then a slow build up until you can manipulate the situation at hand.

Then you can meet Chris-chan and then you need to be super friendly he is kinda like a lost animal, you go in slow and friendly don't talk gibberish with the first meet up with Chris-chan because he will panic like a lost animal.

Then later you can be like an SS officer and he would not care because he thinks you are real fwends. Also you kinda need a girl on the team, if you cannot get a girl on the team it can take a little bit longer for that initial breaking point.

Hope this helps.

434954  No.705328


Enjoy getting doxed and laughed at for being a sperg

0856af  No.706161


I think it's mostly been established that Chris' ego will keep him from taking his own life. I just dont see it happening.

0856af  No.706192


Who cares if foxdicks doxxxxxxx you? I don't have any dirt on me and it would just prove how much of a losers they are trying to "protect" their pet retard.

196c22  No.706249



Chris confirmed /ourguy/

66b8a0  No.706554


Shit, I've been doxed and have dirt on me and they didn't do shit.

Fuck me, I once actually doxed an actual criminal implicated in one of their threads for them, address and phone, and they didn't do shit, which pretty much erased all nervousness I had about being doxxxxxxxxxxxxed.

foxdickfarms is a fucking joke, I think cows dox themselves more regularly.

a34850  No.706860

File: 6cbfa6a43cbd7ab⋯.mp4 (2.14 MB, 720x480, 3:2, Nice ass.mp4)

File: 3f6aa8b2f9c69c6⋯.mp4 (3.22 MB, 720x480, 3:2, Getting hot.mp4)

File: fe9a49fce26f819⋯.mp4 (3.73 MB, 720x480, 3:2, Karaoke.mp4)

More cocks for fapping

bd7dc5  No.707342


One has to wonder if Barb has ever been like “what the fuck is all that noise” and barged in on him cranking it.

1f1e9a  No.707592


4097c1  No.707657


It's always worse than it can possibly get.


7b0602  No.707758


Did you literally just download those files from earlier in the thread, renamed them, then reuploaded them? Congrats, that's some top-tier tism

c72769  No.708012

File: 0c0316b45f721d9⋯.gif (7.52 KB, 212x194, 106:97, 170666e94dfb4070aa1aa07a44….gif)


You actually fap to that? Pretty fucked up, anon. Its one thing to watch like a few seconds of it and cringe/lol at it but it takes a true autistic to get a stiffie from an autistic tranny…

ee534b  No.708821

File: cdb5949e3fd6151⋯.png (25.72 KB, 578x141, 578:141, Screenshot from 2019-01-16….png)

File: 54aa3d535bf53e9⋯.png (219.46 KB, 604x643, 604:643, Screenshot from 2019-01-16….png)

File: 5c15046ff2e0495⋯.png (138.61 KB, 599x578, 599:578, Screenshot from 2019-01-16….png)

492008  No.708846


>Chris-Chan has a bigger dick than the amazing atheist

How embarrassing.

836f6e  No.710057


jesus the lack of self-reflection CWC will always amaze me. He truly cries out in pain as he strikes you.

836f6e  No.711836

File: 8e1bf5039573c27⋯.png (382.97 KB, 619x699, 619:699, 2009-2019 challenge cwc.PNG)

a recent twitter post

0ace78  No.711868

File: f2f2dc1e7ca4cd1⋯.png (71.12 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, hirtes.png)

Mike Hirtes really needs to get a fucking job and to stop a-loggingly trollshielding

8c9aaf  No.711887

An interesting theory on the merge.



>he is lying for attention and neetbucks

>the merge is real, get ready fags

>lack of nutrition and human contact, plus trolling gas put him over the edge and he has created tulpas and delusios

>his anxiety meds are causing him to have insane dreams, his already loose grasp on reality makes him belive in the merge (new theory, very interesting)

6f3351  No.711992

File: 5d13621400583a8⋯.jpg (40.18 KB, 528x720, 11:15, fatass (2).jpg)

File: eb359f55882441e⋯.jpg (27.13 KB, 290x485, 58:97, fatass (1).jpg)


<lack of nutrition

(x) Doubt

5f0b46  No.712028

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Brandon Rogers keeps getting better every day.

48c34a  No.712419


None of the above. It was all Idea Guys and the Troons feeding him ideas.

For proof that it was a troll scheme, the merge began on November 18th… that's the anniversary of the Jonestown mass suicide. Putting in dates of infamous historical events like that is an Idea Guy move.

3c3508  No.712479

File: b0241db35951352⋯.jpg (159.85 KB, 780x500, 39:25, 1359009372398.jpg)





>gotta get this outta mys system

4097c1  No.712492


Are they those rollin and trollin shades from ages ago?

0b4129  No.712796


Eating chicken mcnuggets every day will make you fat, but they don't have a lot of nutrients

836f6e  No.713037



this. he doesnt eat vegetables at all. hes peak low health fatso american

a9ad37  No.713413

When rope

8c9aaf  No.713565



>Food intake

You fool

b09699  No.715126

Chris getting blocked left and right and he's mad at the trolls. Also outed as a creep pedofork does not help either

d5ab78  No.715129


The man that gives out his password to people he believes are cartoon characters is threatening to make his twitter private. What's the timeline of events if that happens?

810042  No.715548


>make his twitter private

The fucking fat retard should do it.

49b226  No.715710



But never going to. He has never backed down from trolls before. Why would he do so now?

Also if he goes private how can he preach the good word of Sonichu and mergers?

f4de0c  No.715823

44b398  No.737746

i bet you could convince chris about the strangest shit at this point. Like 'things only exist while they are observed so if hes alone long enough he will fade away and begin to vibrate through walls/the floor' or something equally ridiculous.

07ed3f  No.737930

File: 857788af38a5413⋯.gif (1.56 MB, 400x303, 400:303, image.gif)


You and your gang of losers want to kill your source of entertainment?!

f2a89b  No.737984



Congrats on bumping an old thread and adding nothing of value

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