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File: 1e730c1a12d4557⋯.jpeg (247.47 KB, 996x2047, 996:2047, 110B35ED-A649-4DD6-9CAE-D….jpeg)

f8a136  No.709792

Last thread almost at the limit.

Chris is in fact getting worse.

His dimensional merge didn’t happen.

Shortly after the new year he admitted flat out on Twitter that he has anger issues that sometimes lead to violence.

In essence by not denying it, he admitted to beating and humping a body pillow as Barb watched as punishment for throwing away the Classic Chris polo.

He’s got some brony retard on twitter taking troll bait and accusing Chris of being a pedophile when he’s actually a hebephile.

Lukas has alleged that Chris was handsy with the TTS when they were all still minors.

Chris has another judgement against him after being sued by another credit company, this time for $2500.

With tax season around the corner it’s now only a matter of time before another faggot shells out hundreds of dollars to get Chris’ attention and the saga will continue?

What’s 2019 looking like for Ricardo Chandler?

8798db  No.709934

File: 4d247a63a98bb09⋯.jpg (50.24 KB, 890x540, 89:54, megan.jpg)

Chris doesn't understand the concept of personal space? Get out of town!

0def44  No.710582


Hopefully Megan escapes all this soon enough.

f8a136  No.710714


Megan hasn’t had contact since shortly after chris was discovered by the internet. He recently said he’d get in contact with her again over CPU faggotry but the Captain warned her and she told the Captain she owned a gun.

8e78be  No.710739

File: 64484bccc689962⋯.jpeg (946.94 KB, 1125x1741, 1125:1741, 05D52135-5EC5-4D73-B1C3-A….jpeg)

Never change Chris.

986e41  No.710829


Megan was pretty cute, I don't blame him for wanting to creep on her a little.

5fd7d9  No.710940


>she told the Captain she owned a gun.

i know how this story's going to end tbh.

>barb dies

<chris shows up at megans house


>gets shot

dbffe9  No.711005

This is really hard to watch, Chris' life is too depressing and only keeps getting worse.

9b75ed  No.711041

The whole thing about Megan having a gun at least shows Chris still has some grasp on reality left. If he were 100% insane already he'd just ignore that believing his special powers make him bulletproof.

0def44  No.711211


Maybe you should try creeping on her; see if she feels the same way as you.

15c0c0  No.711656


Is Chris smarter than your average African nigger?

Because they believe the village witch-doctors/shamans/Elders/Etc… who tell them to rub magic dirt on themselves, wear a life-jacket, then run around in high-heels and dresses and they will be bulletproof during battle.

d33b29  No.711744


Difference is that the people believing in that witch doctor bullshit are at least in a culture where such beliefs are expected in society. Chris is a dumber version of Emperor Norton I

0def44  No.711802

Chris is really just a terrible person and he should be forgotten and left off the Internet.

f8a136  No.713787

File: c12d76136cbe805⋯.jpeg (863.43 KB, 1125x1306, 1125:1306, 0E8B04B7-E68C-46F3-BF45-E….jpeg)

Chris actually thinks he looks like this doesn’t he?

1e05ed  No.714936


All trannies do, even the fake ones. The moment you even consider trannyism your mind is already off the deep end.


>Is Chris smarter than your average African nigger?

Most people are smarter than your average African nigger.

7a89a0  No.715016

File: c543544666b4fbe⋯.jpg (116.78 KB, 455x600, 91:120, art.jpg)


Of course he does, he's always been delusional about hislooks.

0e77d6  No.715044

File: 7c758436afe5705⋯.png (304.07 KB, 361x392, 361:392, Disgust.PNG)

>accusing Chris of being a pedophile when he’s actually a hebephile.

Torrent of shit and you focus on that, hmmm.

9b8ff2  No.715072


yes, they are that delusional they think they are hot chicks when they are just a dude in drag.

dbd7ff  No.715148


god forbid me saying this but i'd probably tap that autist ass

dbd7ff  No.715151


i forgot to sage, FUCK

7868e3  No.715527

well i think this is the year that Snorlex will hit the bucket, looks like she has one foot at the grave at this point.

986e41  No.715536


I'd probably do better than Chris at least.

0def44  No.715545


heh, i'll give you that.

f8a136  No.716452

File: db24a005bbfc9ed⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1123x4351, 1123:4351, 3442AFEC-4750-4B00-AA6C-7F….png)

Chris lost his shit on Twitter again because another Brony blocked him.

9b8ff2  No.716667


huh, seems like a way to have fun with him, just block him on twitter and see how he reacts.

def26a  No.716768


What happened here that has everyone blocking him all of the sudden?

9b8ff2  No.716784


Dude, he is going into a minor tism fit by just being blocked. Why would they not just block chris and go on a puppet account to watch him go on a rant?

def26a  No.716793


fair point

6796f6  No.717032


What's happening is that Chris tries to befriend minor downyfag e-celebs. People see this and instantly bombard the person with disgusting Chris information.

9b8ff2  No.717038


That is genius.

Thanks for the explanation, I thought that it was just getting his attention then blocking him, not that some fellas was giving some information about Chris-chan.

4f5d01  No.717113


Wow, what a crazy threat.

697f87  No.717194


Never thought Hirtes would actually do something clever with his spastic trollings. I'll give him this one.

f8a136  No.718262

File: 670776834813bdb⋯.png (42.02 KB, 706x275, 706:275, 04E7A791-E7F1-48C8-8FB2-98….png)

File: 788535cfd4dd6bd⋯.png (93.35 KB, 366x450, 61:75, EA752802-1CAB-4F6E-AAD7-4C….png)

File: f0351d816a4f552⋯.png (45.91 KB, 734x298, 367:149, C6A652A5-474E-4375-A19F-BB….png)

foxdickfags doxxxxxxxed the latest weird girl to slide into his DMs. To nobody’s surprise it’s a fat androgynous furry retard.


7eda47  No.718545

I am a poor man but would pay good money for if a video of Chris beating up and punching a body pillow in front of Barbs

7aa110  No.718631


Same shit tbh.

7aa110  No.718632

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Paint cans

>No ventilation.

Like Chris is begging to have brain damage

697f87  No.718638


At least they arn't protecting/white knighting the autistic RPers this time.

The Captain/Opposum-whatever is a fucking sped.

7f3386  No.718651

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Is that the same Brony e-celeb who threw a tantrum when a bunch of anons from /mlp/ dropped spaghetti in front of him?

7aa110  No.718660


Why yes it is

c638cb  No.718755


chris really sounds like a southern preacher in all this, swap "tweets" for "children"

4f5d01  No.718757

Is Chris gay?

4f5d01  No.718831


Why is he so mad?

0def44  No.718832


Well, if you only had one chance at mom's spaghetti, wouldn't you be mad if someone threw it on the ground?

4f5d01  No.718839



Yeah, I would.

986e41  No.719028


Lmao, I remember that.

f8a136  No.719423


I was unaware of the guy before he blocked Chris but i’m assuming that he was the victim of trolling as well? Kudos to him for at least removing Chris from his online life before he could make things way way worse

dab30e  No.719487

File: 631de461c51cfdd⋯.png (8.4 KB, 885x148, 885:148, ClipboardImage.png)

Couple of things. First off any news on the continuance? What do you think the cwcki will do for the 10 year anniversary?

0def44  No.719524


Hopefully that post is all they do.

3f17c9  No.719670

Now that Chris has protected his tweets, it's a good time to warn all the bronies on twitter about his homophobia and transphobia. He won't be able to respond publicly.

cb6a54  No.719678

0def44  No.719706

Does anyone else find it disturbing that Chris is a known pedophile and most of his twitter followers are children?

a59bf4  No.719817


Nope, I’m just hear to laugh at retards

e894c2  No.720386


No no, just sucks dick for Lego money and is imagination married to a pokedude. Nouthing gay about that.


Oh boy. How bad is the lockdown. Is it 2 or 3 ppl blocking him or hundreds.

cb6a54  No.720425


It's less than 10 but they're all boyfriend free girls he wanted collected into his cartoon harem.

736ade  No.720805

f8a136  No.720852


>Chris is a known pedophile

Chris isn’t able to keep anything secret and has no filter in public. If Chris wanted to fuck kids he’d have confessed it to a troll by now.

f937a2  No.720889

File: a751c643dd540bd⋯.png (151.29 KB, 594x838, 297:419, Screenshot from 2019-01-23….png)

Press X to scream

f937a2  No.720895

File: ef3170dc8bbee6b⋯.png (47.43 KB, 581x245, 83:35, Screenshot from 2019-01-23….png)

File: 1cdcd1e376e02d4⋯.png (90.1 KB, 588x580, 147:145, Screenshot from 2019-01-23….png)

File: 0b8541f10609e39⋯.png (86.7 KB, 588x488, 147:122, Screenshot from 2019-01-23….png)

File: b0b2f25df3d4e57⋯.png (237.84 KB, 610x585, 122:117, Screenshot from 2019-01-23….png)

6d4555  No.720898



Looks like the merge isn't going quite as planned.

c5df3e  No.720908

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I have a feeling we will see Chris-Chan blame the upcoming sonic movie for the merger failing. We might see a jim Carrey death threats saga happening. Fuck I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris-Chan assaults someone over the sonic movie or attempt to give taxi driver on Jim Carrey for playing eggman.

736ade  No.720915

File: 8d2efefaa20d137⋯.mp4 (2.52 MB, 368x208, 23:13, GOING AROUND THE SPEED OF ….mp4)

c4b9ea  No.720918

File: 306cca0a8f95c56⋯.jpg (35.68 KB, 400x460, 20:23, issou.jpg)

e0ebed  No.720938


Damn he is easy the trigger.



Is he regressing to his younger state or do you all think the high school events got really deep into his psychology?

0def44  No.720943

8798db  No.721040


> you all think the high school events got really deep into his psychology

Highschool was the happiest time in his life, after all.

0def44  No.721068


Are you telling me when he was standing outside his community college with an illegible sign and searching for a boyfriend free girl aged 18-25 weren't the most enoyable times in his life?

dab30e  No.721198

File: ed2f8f72d8d12f2⋯.jpg (15.58 KB, 240x280, 6:7, e88c8e1e79460a0fb3293ae542….jpg)

Glad to see a campaign of succesful non-foxdickfaggotry trolling against chris. this is great

3c5dbe  No.721518


He wasnt 18-25 years old in high school. Anon meant ages14-18.

f937a2  No.721661

File: 4370b13c9b1b86d⋯.png (147.13 KB, 600x780, 10:13, Screenshot from 2019-01-23….png)

File: d48229cd5f91f96⋯.png (123.42 KB, 593x612, 593:612, Screenshot from 2019-01-23….png)

File: dce41cc333adb6e⋯.png (241.92 KB, 600x838, 300:419, Screenshot from 2019-01-23….png)

File: 2288fd9ef3bf6a0⋯.png (134.32 KB, 594x752, 297:376, Screenshot from 2019-01-23….png)

File: 87d9300c6987341⋯.png (64.48 KB, 588x402, 98:67, Screenshot from 2019-01-23….png)

c4b9ea  No.721673


Pretty sure that was primary school, Year 3, that one with the nice teacher.

c4b9ea  No.721674


What a fucking dickhead.

Chris really is an asshole.

786a15  No.721710

So chris has been smoking weed. You guys know that makes schixophrenia worse?

Also, how long until the dimensional bureacracy ends and i can walk around town seeing other people's waifus? Is it too late to make my own oc waifu?

Chris allegedly got touchy with some kids. Prison saga soon? I heard they eat good in prison, and he would definitely make some money being a village bicycle for some thugs.

f12462  No.721869

I wish hirtes would show what he looked like irl because if he looks the way I picture him in my head he would look so cute tickling Chris’s asshole with his mustache.

d24701  No.721888



Is he devolving into Timbox?

1123e2  No.721987


It literally isn't. Only puritan retards that think AOC should approach 30 because feminists have fed you retarded emotional bullshit for over a hundred years would think that.

c638cb  No.722047


feminists want an age of consent of 13 because that's how it's done in mexico and most third world countries, it also lets 13 year olds more easily decide to be trannies without their parents permission

0def44  No.722087


He is a known pedophile.

0def44  No.722090


It took you this long to figure that out?

c4b9ea  No.722294


Of course not dickhead.

It's just that he hasn't changed at all after all these years.

0def44  No.722321


>It's just that he hasn't changed at all after all these years.

It took you this long to figure that out?

c4b9ea  No.722332


Well time is still moving forward.

f937a2  No.722340

File: cff3ff318559dfd⋯.png (216.25 KB, 596x645, 596:645, Screenshot from 2019-01-24….png)

It was a setup

0def44  No.722488


Confirmed pedophile.

dab30e  No.722682


CWC saying ted was framed or whatever is going to destroy what few white knights are still in his garrison.



whats what makes CWC uniquely bad. how little he changes fundamentally. If you tally everything he has barely made an inch of progress.

231aad  No.722776

File: 4cd1c6a3b9c8c45⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 285x214, 285:214, oeqTY.gif)


>CWC saying ted was framed or whatever is going to destroy what few white knights are still in his garrison.

Yep. R.I.P all his white knights!

dd4d0a  No.722792


Holy fuck the Bundy thing is funny to me.

>Hez a Sonichu, he dindu nuffin

>It was jus a miz understandin

47ab72  No.722795

File: 337eb3352fa37f3⋯.jpg (38.21 KB, 450x495, 10:11, ▄█▀_█▬█_█_█_█_█_█_█_▀█▀.jpg)


ITT: Chris dimensionally merging with Timbox

8798db  No.722903

>the people that mess with Chris-chan now call themselves the "Teen Troon Squad"

That has to be the faggiest name ever https://sonichu.com/cwcki/Teen_Troon_Squad

0880f9  No.722913

File: 07767b1f4065388⋯.jpg (43.62 KB, 512x375, 512:375, g82klr.jpg)


>Teen Troon Squad


Are they old enough to be using the internet?


They must all chat together after a long day of elementary school!

The kids parents must look the other way!

Watch out CWC!

These little kids might be discussing you during hopscotch at recess!



cb6a54  No.722919


I don't think they call themselves that. foxdickfarms has dubbed them that so it's a moot point anyways. The name sticks.

b0c375  No.722926

File: cc0dcdbcd74992a⋯.jpg (29.87 KB, 496x249, 496:249, {E90F4B75-68C4-4CAF-BB3A-3….jpg)

File: a38c9d0c08fc189⋯.jpg (72.01 KB, 499x632, 499:632, {9A3ADFE4-C42F-41F7-92D0-D….jpg)


>Chris is now posting about how ted bundy shit his pants and did nothing wrong

oh no

73eb7f  No.722956

File: 2bc53f3fcf3e68e⋯.jpg (31.65 KB, 500x500, 1:1, autism-trophy.jpg)


>shit his pants and shit his pants and did nothing wrong

I looked up that phrase and it doesn't exist.

"Shit pants and shit his pants and did nothing wrong" must be your autistic signature!

73eb7f  No.722959

File: 46d611405739600⋯.png (10.71 KB, 352x143, 32:13, download.png)

>"shit his pants and shit his pants and did nothing wrong"

73eb7f  No.722961

File: 36138b87f7a911b⋯.jpg (130.74 KB, 800x1143, 800:1143, Q8OJ7pV.jpg)


I tried to correct it. Forget it. Im done.

28d299  No.722965



The merge happens and Teddy boy starts. morphing in his cell.

1123e2  No.723002


This is bait.

d99dc0  No.723020

File: f358098b967ea89⋯.jpg (1.74 MB, 1880x2675, 376:535, qtanimegirl.jpg)



647da6  No.723052

7aa110  No.723180

File: 821142dab0280a0⋯.jpg (409.46 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_20190125_084951.jpg)

Fuck your autistic thread sliding. Chris was triggered to the point where he is making a comic about Twitter.

It still looks the same

563b38  No.723379


I thought the term “Troon” referred to the tranny members who have become common on Something Awful. These kids are clearly too young to know what SA is.

0def44  No.723505


>It still looks the same

like shit

b228df  No.723757

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




I don't know if this has been shared.

f8a136  No.724186

File: 04ceb727f9e33f8⋯.png (59.53 KB, 316x342, 158:171, D4AE3D19-4A49-498E-8D8A-67….png)

File: 692c11f0b2a372c⋯.jpeg (702.03 KB, 1125x1040, 225:208, CFBD3126-861D-40DC-93CA-6….jpeg)

Chris is still breaking and the pressure is building on him. He made a Twitter for Magichan to follow everyone who blocked him and got immediately called out on it because Chris can’t make an inconspicuous sock if his life depended on it. He even got yelled at for supposedly making his neighbor’s kid gay.

0def44  No.724288


Chris should not be allowed around children.

c5df3e  No.724298


He going kill mom or Jim Carrey one day.

f937a2  No.724328

File: 749655a367a3191⋯.png (60.76 KB, 588x381, 196:127, Screenshot from 2019-01-25….png)

File: 7e3c18f17dab007⋯.png (91.27 KB, 606x549, 202:183, Screenshot from 2019-01-25….png)

File: 41633c099f8d2f3⋯.png (93.67 KB, 599x505, 599:505, Screenshot from 2019-01-25….png)

c4b9ea  No.724347


Someone should contact that neighbour warning them of this pedo.

f8a136  No.724380


Do it yourself faggot if you can stop yiffing to tugboat-funded furry commissions

d8e777  No.724420

File: 76f9fe51221a3b2⋯.gif (2.73 MB, 290x189, 290:189, 3884e9aa68bcae1ae84de0b673….gif)

560cf8  No.724426

now he seems to be more desperate than ever for his merge to happen. i wonder if we will get a new "Insanity Saga" when Chris' desperation to go to his beloved c-197 eventually causes him to crash and burn.

4d9933  No.724427

File: 3fc62a93bf14d07⋯.png (160.33 KB, 587x953, 587:953, suicide arc.png)

Are we really entering the an hero arc so soon?

>Emanuel, Please get my body to C-197, now.

>I’m Freaking Scum, and I am being Torn Apart. Go Ahead! I created a Respawn Generator in The Secret Rift!

4d9933  No.724431

File: 2f23d38412de7a8⋯.png (29.41 KB, 587x319, 587:319, more.png)


I like that you can tell how distraught Chris is based on the amount of randomly capitalized words.

4d9933  No.724437

File: b8ffa866ddfd0e8⋯.png (41.27 KB, 605x375, 121:75, final arc starts now.png)


I count 19 in this one.

Any bets on what this will lead to? He seems genuinely upset, as opposed to simply fishing for attention.

28d299  No.724477



>Believes he has created a way to be immortal. Will simply pop out of a machine if he dies.

Oh boy, you think he might go for a high score? Megan is worth 15pts.

d24701  No.724550

File: 3b4648fc51aa60a⋯.png (60.3 KB, 612x362, 306:181, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d186df1091e2b48⋯.png (180 KB, 604x830, 302:415, ClipboardImage.png)

620c6f  No.724633

File: a79e2c4e8024c76⋯.jpg (13.34 KB, 306x335, 306:335, a79e2c4e8024c76c1d08826e97….jpg)


>mfw it all ends in a mexican standoff between Chris and Megan

e7d71e  No.724643


I doubt it's going be the end because of all the times we thought it was going to be the end yet it wasn't. Chris-Chan finds a way.

d24701  No.724695

File: b9cae814507a6da⋯.png (186.11 KB, 610x850, 61:85, ClipboardImage.png)


And fuck if I know where this came from.

29b0ac  No.724823


God, it would be great if this climaxed with a Tranny Phantom-style failed mass shooting

11ae26  No.724854

this shit is too tragic at this point. as someone observing him for over a decade, I hope all those pieces of shit that trolled this sperg will taste the bitter pill of karma in their lifetimes.

0def44  No.724865


What a fag.

c22dc8  No.724871



Only problem is that he needs to live stream that shit so we can document the finale of the mergermurder saga.

c4b9ea  No.724877

File: 99f6638b1246f46⋯.mp4 (686.38 KB, 480x480, 1:1, comedy gold.mp4)

9b75ed  No.724920


The troon fired a whole armory's worth of ammo and hit like, 2 people or something? I don't think Chris can even handle a gun.

c5df3e  No.724926


Not made my morning. Where it’s from?

c4b9ea  No.724954


The elevator at the centre.

dab30e  No.724989

File: 88b0d31f710d463⋯.gif (3.04 MB, 444x250, 222:125, 88b0d31f710d463a3271254f36….gif)


Ironic. 10 years ago chris chan was the one outside yelling about staying straight to dudes of all teenagers.

f937a2  No.725054

File: e03d3986cffe1bd⋯.png (167.97 KB, 609x665, 87:95, Screenshot from 2019-01-26….png)

File: abc7f3a2487e786⋯.png (55.8 KB, 601x342, 601:342, Screenshot from 2019-01-26….png)

File: 078d578b1dbb593⋯.png (269.07 KB, 599x620, 599:620, Screenshot from 2019-01-26….png)

File: 4bfc9677b864868⋯.png (242.51 KB, 585x666, 65:74, Screenshot from 2019-01-26….png)

1e05ed  No.725071

Is this how it's going to end? Death by heart attack from acute stress, induced by shitty lifestyle, unchecked consumption of medicine and drugs, and of course Chris's planetary scale autism. What a shitty way to go.

7ec8ea  No.725563


It would be a mercy for this sad tale to end here. The story only seems to get darker and more depressing by the day. I don't want to imagine what Chris's life will/would be like in 20 years.

c5df3e  No.725662




I still think chris-Chan story will end the same way as randy stair. Trying to run down people trying to see the sonic movie or attempting to kill jim Carrey

d24701  No.725808

Is it safe to say that Chris has schizophrenia yet?

c4b9ea  No.725872

File: 0ff84598808f5a2⋯.jpg (43.49 KB, 700x459, 700:459, 0ff84598808f5a28f41dc7cb5a….jpg)


We're well past schizophrenia at this point.

0def44  No.725894

Chris should act like an adult and worry about how he can get out of debt instead of worrying about which voice actor banned him on twitter because they don't want to be associated with a freak who masturbates online in front of children.

9b75ed  No.725900


You don't need to randomly repeat things that are obvious to anyone who isn't here for the first time.

c4b9ea  No.725912


You should be a life coach.

f937a2  No.725949

File: c5f99d706cc8df0⋯.png (64.31 KB, 601x422, 601:422, Screenshot from 2019-01-27….png)

File: 112e8d62009c6a0⋯.png (110.19 KB, 601x597, 601:597, Screenshot from 2019-01-27….png)

File: e88077361c68d98⋯.png (143.24 KB, 599x692, 599:692, Screenshot from 2019-01-27….png)

This reads like someone else wrote it.

Also, woody and his misspelling

c4b9ea  No.725963


That's not him.

0def44  No.725964

cb6a54  No.725982


It may be Bi-Polar. His delusions don't seem paranoid in nature. He is not taking depression medication.

cb6a54  No.725984


I just remember the OC Assassination attempt that was fended off by a conditioner bottle. That's a point in schizophrenia's direction. Who knows man?

647da6  No.726001


The capitalization seems off

5f64a6  No.726010


>What are dis associative disorders.

Chris is trying to inject himself in every community out there in search of acceptance

289ce7  No.726021


It's just imagination. Chris thinks that just because he fantasizes about something, it really happened in another dimension or some shit. He's stupid, not schizo.

d24701  No.726074


>I just remember the OC Assassination attempt that was fended off by a conditioner bottle.



>Chris thinks that just because he fantasizes about something, it really happened in another dimension or some shit. He's stupid, not schizo.

<His long-term social isolation and sheltered upbringing are well-known to all Christorians, but this incident, particularly his firm belief that the self-hypnosis videos could spontaneously generate new genitalia, makes many assume that Chris has developed a mental condition beyond autism—possibly schizophrenia.

I'm not sure about schizophrenia, but this sure as shit doesn't seem like stupidity.

4a3ca5  No.726189



God fucking dammit Chris, I spit out my beer while reading that. Ted is rolling in his grave for that one.

5f64a6  No.726235


Ted Bundy is dindu nuffin

6f1f10  No.726336

can we get Chris banned from bronycon this year? this might be the biggest shit for 2019

4a3ca5  No.726348


I would rather try to get him a position in some panel. More fun.

f937a2  No.726378


He did that already.

They all kissed his ass.

9b75ed  No.726404


Sick burn bro!

833689  No.726410


any video?

0def44  No.726414


Sure, fag.

9b75ed  No.726419


I'm literally shaking. You're probably the toughest one on the playground with your vocabulary.

f937a2  No.726421

f937a2  No.726426

File: e1bb90894943a32⋯.png (45.02 KB, 587x229, 587:229, Screenshot from 2019-01-27….png)

File: 9be7d912e12278b⋯.png (65.35 KB, 590x372, 295:186, Screenshot from 2019-01-27….png)

0def44  No.726463


Right, fag.

0def44  No.726495


Chris is a known liar and a confirmed pedophile.

He must not be allowed around children.

He is a terrible person and should be ignored.

dec511  No.726551

986e41  No.726577


>Not killing his mom and making a Jim Carrey suit out of her skin in an attempt to replace him in the movie

3f17c9  No.726605


Buddy, you have to realize that the average cwc fan hasn't done anything besides observe this magical, mystical, True and Honest trainwreck. cwc is his own worst enemy, worse than any of the trolls.

9b75ed  No.726628


Yes and no. If trolls hadn't interfered in his life, he would have still kept getting into wild antics just like those documented before his discovery, it'd just be unheard of much life millions of other weirdos around the world. But there's no denying the inner circle were massive faggots, using Chris like a handpuppet and spreading out marketing tactics like overemphasizing how "racist" and whatever -ist he was just so semi-normalfags around the internet didn't feel guilty hating him (it's the easiest way to make someone hated and not just since Current Year).

I'm not really feeling bleeding heart over Chris though, the biggest thing I just feel from the realization that it was a giant Truman Show is disappointment - the angry energetic jumpy yelling Chris we saw on camera never actually existed, it was all ideas inserted into him by a bunch of basement dwellers. Real Chris is just a dull, slow, gross tard.

0def44  No.726657


>Real Chris is just a dull, slow, gross tard.

Real Chris is a known liar and a confirmed pedophile.

9b75ed  No.726664



>It is estimated that up to 75% of persons on the autism spectrum have exhibited echolalia.

1e05ed  No.726675


< Firstly, Magi-Chan was a witness; he was in the bathroom with me, sitting nearby as I showered. X appeared behind me through a device-generates portal. Initially, I partially recognized him, and Magi-Chan was able to fully identify him as your OC, X,…

Chris always manages to make me laugh. He was taking a shower while his imaginary husband who is an electric/psychic hedgehog pokemon (and also Chris's son) was watching, while a portal popped up in the shower and another shitty Sonic recolor jumped out to kill Chris, only to be chased off with a half-empty container of soap.


Shit like this is why Chris is having such a meltdown over being blocked. People like to pretend to be friends with him, only to drop him like a hot potato, and Chris does not understand how shallow all of that admiration really is, so he has a hard time coping with being ignored. People should have just stuck to silently observing their real-life Truman Show and left it at that.

c5df3e  No.726686

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>Not killing his mom and making a Jim Carrey suit out of her skin in an attempt to replace him in the movie

We are getting to the point where Chris-Chan be tricked into killing someone.

0def44  No.726718




Chris is a known liar and a confirmed pedophile.

He must not be allowed around children.

He is a terrible person and should be ignored.

a78a5d  No.726748


<confirmed pedophile

Since when? Did I miss something?

034876  No.726755


>Chris would still be an angry energetic jumpy yelling tard if the trolls hadn't interfered.

>the angry energetic jumpy yelling Chris never actually existed


9b75ed  No.726768


>I'm a dumbass and I eat poo

I can quote words you've never written too you know.

Classics like THAT IS MY HOUSE or getting Chris to flop around his room trying to destroy things, or even him sticking his dick into snow only exist because of trolls. Chris is like that mentally challenged kid from my grade school who was tricked into drinking toilet water because they told him it'd give him superpowers (but all he got was salmonella). Watch one of those interviews like the Guru Larry one to see how Chris behaves naturally, it's a boring snorefest.

0def44  No.726812



He masturbated on video knowing that children are a large portion of his followers on twitter and elsewhere.

He also made lewd and suggestive acts in front of minors in their parents' homes.

He also molested several people.

He also talks about how he wants to rape his fantasy daughter in his comics and says that she is real in another dimension so in effect he believes he is really raping his daughter.

He also claims that Ted Bundy was falsely convicted and was framed despite the damning teeth impression evidence on his last victim.

Yeah. That confirms he is a pedophile.

034876  No.726845


Him acting like enough of a sperg around Mary Lee Walsh to get sent to anger management seemed genuine to me. Nobody tricked him into drawing ShecameforCWC. The shit he did on camera exists because he chose to do that shit on camera. I don't recall the inner circle ever forcing him to do those things.

9b75ed  No.726851


It's not like he never had any anger problems, but he's not a cartoon character. The inner circle would just keep telling him things like "hey Chris, if you want to attract insert sweetheart here, act angry like this, it's Tranny!", "hey Chris, do this thing to get back at Liquid" and so on. Then he stopped that as they convinced him to go Tomgirl to embrace his feminine side. Chris would do all this because he's intensely gullible (and he's never gonna stop being so as we saw with a bunch of autists conning him out of $6K recently).

0def44  No.726857


Chris isn't blameless for who he is and the choices he makes. He is the first to blame.

986e41  No.726863

There are anons in this thread right now that actually want to debate causes when they should just want to enjoy the autistic product.

034876  No.726872


But is his gullibility the trolls' fault? I get that he would be slower than most, but that doesn't excuse falling for the same shit for over a decade. It's his fault at that point.


I need some context to fully enjoy Chris' antics.

9b75ed  No.726923


On quite the contrary, if someone can't figure things out after this long it becomes painfully obvious he's this mentally incompetent. Sadly mentally ill people who are not outright drooling retards are fucked in this regard because they're legally competent adults as much as anyone else even though they can't handle that life.

But again, I'm not here to feel sorry for Chris because all things considered he still has that amazing ability to make you lose all sympathy for him right after you just had some. I'm just bummed out that during the classic years he was merely a performance, the legend, the myth never really existed.

9b75ed  No.726930



Also, the notion that he's literally been falling for the same shit for a decade is not entirely accurate. Chris has a fucking network of people dedicated to following all of his moves. Chris was capable of adapting to various trolling methods but then people would just continuously look for new ways to breach his barrier, like a virus mutating to reach a host who's been immunized. Even a regular person who had legitimate, non-imagined gangstalkers would have a hard time keeping them away.

716951  No.726966

File: a6809efde6a70f8⋯.jpg (16.64 KB, 371x259, 53:37, asylumspongeroom.jpg)

Serious question; why the fuck did we get rid of funny farms? I'm not talking about mental hospitals, i'm talking about real asylum housing shit. Some people really should not be allowed to interact with the outside world.

You might say "it's because we treated them like shit", but that's no reason why we couldn't bring back asylums and not treat them like shit.

Does anyone actually think chris chan should not be separated from the internet and from his trolls? Besides, with him living on his own with a mother who doesn't try to force him to see a doctor (it's not like he'd listen if she did), he's never gonna get mental help without being forced to.

Why don't we bring them back, and have civilian monitoring of the asylums to ensure no funny business between doctors and patients?

dab30e  No.726992



You make a good point. Ideas Guy was an insight into how far the inner circle has dedicated into controlling chris.



Youve been sperging out this whole thread, 0def44

716951  No.727015


This is the same chris chan who tried to run over a guy for banning him from his game store, the same chris chan who took a knife to his taint and refused to see a doctor, the same chris chan who begged for money and proceeded to spend it on toys, the same chris chan who insulted null after null donated money and a care package to him after the fire, the same chris chan who humped and beat up a body pillow representing his mother in front of his mother, who shits in his bed without cleaning it up, who fantasizes about sex with his daughter, plagiarizes his comics, draws sex in his children's comics, and attacks people for plagiarizing his plagiarized product, recieving donation after donation to finish his art but never does due to laziness, and who has not applied for a job for 3412 days now, who claimed that he and his mother would starve without money but then bought video games with the donations and then two weeks later claimed he needed medicine for his cats but couldn't afford to see a vet, who simply got three strays and pretended they were his own, who then told hos fans not to buy medicine because he'd prefer money, then whose vet told his fans that he already had medicine for his stray cats?

You're sympathizing with the wrong guy.

0def44  No.727086


>Youve been sperging out this whole thread, 0def44

Not true. I am only letting people who are reading this thread know the truth.

Chris is a terrible person and should be ignored and left off the Internet.

986e41  No.727174


Jewish plot to normalize freakish behavior and stir chaos wrapped up in pretend concern for sick people but ultimately producing a world where Terry Davis is dead instead of being cared for at one of them.

647da6  No.727188


>muh jooooooooooz

Too bad the Jews let you out of the asylum

986e41  No.727210


It is not my responsibility to ensure you are not retarded and uninformed, anon. Educate yourself.

f8a136  No.727235


That’s Hirtes. The furry libtard baby boomer who lives in section 8 housing and collects welfare and dedicates his life to buying furry commissions and stalking Chris on Twitter. He’s proof positive that the people who obsess over Chris are usually more pathetic than he is. Pretty sure the thread where he got doxxxxxxxed is still up on /cow/.

697f87  No.727419


>Took mike longer to stay incognito

Damn! He's learning! Or we stopped caring. Guess its time for him to break out the old VPN!

>inb4 hi null

f25791  No.727518

Wtf is up with Chris's twitter?

Has suicide Saga started or is it just attention seeking?

2466e4  No.727556


Chris actually used to look pretty good, bob had chad-tier genes and just had chris too late.

His brother's decent looking as well.

If he always dressed and presented himself like he did in his 'rollin and trollin' video he'd look like your average sleazy casino patron instead of a terminal autismo

2466e4  No.727558


/pol/-tier take but reagan and his jewish masters did it to weaken the police.

When they had asylums dealing with nutters was mostly the job of their families, now that they have nowhere to go their families kick them out and the cops have to deal with them.

995b00  No.727573

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I wish he had a few well-meaning male friends who could take him out to bars and he could absorb some of their way of thinking. He could have avoided this entire mess and his poor mother might have even got some grandchildren to fuss over in her twilight years.

995b00  No.727579


I seriously doubt he's a pedophile. He stopped maturing pretty early and his best times were at school so I'm sure he likely has fantasies of a teenage bf-free girlfriend, but he's not some rapist creeping on little kids.

cb6a54  No.727589

Chris is flipping out again on The Haters on twitter. It's been everyday for like 2 weeks.

2466e4  No.727599


i could see an alternate universe where chris is just a slightly dorky alcoholic that regularly spits on bouncers when getting kicked out of bars tbh.

697f87  No.727725


He's not a pedophile, the person posting the claims is some 50 year old furfag who spends his entire day trying to get Chris to react to him on twitter.

0def44  No.727893


Sure, posting videos online of himself masturbating knowing that children are a large portion of his audience isn't something a pedophile would do.

No. That's exactly what pedophiles do.

Chris is a pedophile. Confirmed.

697f87  No.727914


That's what the fox says!

83473d  No.727941


>dedicate your life to supporting a ring of gossiping stalkers for a autistic retard

>shocked that a gift basket doesn't make you a good guy to him

is this what Null really thinks?

0def44  No.728003


What are you?

Are you some androgynous woman who feels "linked" with Chris because he is a weirdo like you?

You are just another one of the guys. Right?

You play video games and read comic books. That's what guys like. Right?

Fucking freak.

13e451  No.728007


>posting videos online of himself masturbating knowing that children are a large portion of his audience

Chris doesn’t have an audience. He has a group of people online who laugh at him who range from high school age all the way up to furry niggers in their fifties who are welfare leeches. A large of his audience is not children. Reach harder Mike.

>No. That's exactly what pedophiles do.

Chris is a pedophile. Confirmed.

Every single porn star who is aware that high school kids watch their videos on pornhub confirmed for pedophiles.

13e451  No.728023

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sorry for the double post but new Chris cocks.

c4b9ea  No.728111

File: 10e683bd6d1640f⋯.png (455.43 KB, 1296x560, 81:35, Capture.PNG)


Watching this man fall into an abyss is the most facinating thing.

0def44  No.728156


Nice strawman with the pornography.

Chris isn't a professional in pornography, so his amateur attempts exemplify his natural pedophilic behavior moreso than some whore who is being paid to be a whore.

Furthermore, regardless of however you define an audience, Chris has an audience and much of it is comprised of children. His decision to masturbate on video and release it online tracks exactly with the known behaviors of pedophiles.

The fact that Chris knows he has children following him on social media and still posts videos online of himself masturbating is parallel to how pedophiles groom children by the use of their own lascivous and lewd videos. This is undeniable because it is true.

There are further worrisome accounts of Chris's behavior which are symptomatic of pedophilia: his wanton touching of others inappropriately, his deviant and unnatural behavior in the presence of minors, his aggression and selfish demands for others to appease his desires, his incessant collection of toys catered and marketed towards children.

All of these things point to one characteristic about Chris; he is a pedophile. He must not be allowed children.

I find it abhorrent that there are people who would willingly toss aside these obvious and blatant warning signs all because they have some sick twisted fantasy about Chris.

0def44  No.728163


*Chris must not be allowed around children.

986e41  No.728187



When did you first start exhibiting symptoms of retardation?

d24701  No.728192

File: 753fbbb45eaa649⋯.png (337.19 KB, 586x835, 586:835, ClipboardImage.png)

Is chris doing a better job at being Timbox than Timbox himself?

f937a2  No.728194

File: fa49b3e41da131c⋯.png (302.73 KB, 601x760, 601:760, Screenshot from 2019-01-28….png)

File: 99cbd7e44560ed0⋯.png (62.52 KB, 596x352, 149:88, Screenshot from 2019-01-28….png)

File: 6af0271cf54f3c2⋯.png (288.68 KB, 591x621, 197:207, Screenshot from 2019-01-28….png)

File: 73ad97e262f5fa2⋯.png (264.46 KB, 596x688, 149:172, Screenshot from 2019-01-28….png)

File: aad6c6344984dc3⋯.png (317.41 KB, 607x606, 607:606, Screenshot from 2019-01-28….png)

f937a2  No.728195

File: 807ce9614c3a597⋯.png (44.49 KB, 598x299, 2:1, Screenshot from 2019-01-28….png)


Preparing for the Final Solution to the Troll Question

1e05ed  No.728198


He's about to go ghost CPU on all the haters.

9b75ed  No.728203


Chris never recorded himself masturbating for the purpose of releasing it like "here you go, go watch me jack off". He was manipulated into recording them because he's a gullible tard and the videos were released by trolls. But you're a dumb dumb anyway.

6092a0  No.728219

i noe this is tooooo early,but we got to group up and collectively get chris ban from bronycon

d24701  No.728231


*I know this is too early

Try speaking like a normal person for once.

f8a136  No.728240



This. Chris has only released a sex tape on his own once when he was trolled by lesbians into posting the last sex doll video as an audition to be their sperm donor. Every other time he had pictures or video leaked it was coerced from him by manipulative trolls and leaked by the inner circle. And nigga Chris Chan isn’t Peppa Pig he doesn’t have children and toddlers watching his videos in a tablet for hours on end it’s internet rookies and oldfags who give a shit about him anymore.


Given the way the brony scene has turned on him on Twitter I would rather see him allowed to attend but being greeted by boos and heckling and treated like a pariah all weekend.

6092a0  No.728244


You mean typing?

cb6a54  No.728246


>I would rather see him allowed to attend but being greeted by boos and heckling and treated like a pariah all weekend.

Only to be banned late on the second day. I hope police show up.

d24701  No.728264


speaking, typing, it's the same over text.

f40301  No.728310


Is it not too late?

Maybe the damage to his mind will help him control the obviously rampant and socially odd thoughts, but its just conjecture.

f25791  No.728428

I've been out of the loop a few days and just checked Chris's twitter and watched the new VLog

Has he actually gone full Szhizo fuckwit or is he just begging for attention?

833689  No.728431

697f87  No.728441


He was never schitzo. He just thinks idle fantasies are very real. There is a distinction.

In the newest video, he's crying about people blocking him on twitter

05c16a  No.728599



Seeing him get booed at bronycon would be the most hilarious game of kick the autistic i've seen in a while. He'd be drawing pictures in his comics comparing himself to jesus carrying the cross.


05c16a  No.728616

File: 95d5cfae69c3104⋯.jpg (144.48 KB, 720x977, 720:977, chrischan1.jpg)

File: 51a4e5913f4bb59⋯.jpg (103.19 KB, 720x811, 720:811, chrischan2.jpg)

I took a quiz on behalf of chris and these are the scores i got.

You guys could do the same, simply pretend to be chris and answer the questions as if you were chris.


25eec8  No.728973


I got 37 imprisoning Chris.

697f87  No.728979


I think the problem about Chris is that he's decided that his dumb fantasyland daydreams (which everyone has in some form or another, I mean I really hope you arn't that bland) are not just minor spasms of the mind but have a greater purpose.

The thing I do find strange in all of this is that he's quick to say "Ideas guy messed me and my canon up!" but he's not so quick to dismiss the stuff as just stupid dawdles. I was hoping that Josh would dump the stuff Josh (ideas guy Josh) used to "hook" Chris, moon lasers and nonsense, but he seems to have decided that playing crapass walking simulators is way more fun

6796f6  No.729046

Chris's brain never developed past the chuunibyou stage I believe.

>A Japanese slang term which roughly translates to "Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome". People with chuunibyou either act like a know-it-all adult and look down on real ones, or believe they have special powers unlike others.

Whether you would call all children that take fantasies too far mentally ill or not is up to you, but Chris essentially has the understanding of a child.

9cf364  No.729111




I got 34, but this isn't a reliable test.

I'm a mental health professional and the other day I was watching Chris videos and reading Chris stuff and pulled the DSM to see if he filled the criteria for an autistic person with schizophrenia, and he does.

It's impossible to diagnose someone with a mental disorder over the internet, even Chris with all the information he makes available, but I think there's a fairly high chance he has a psychotic disorder.

697f87  No.729126


Now are you sure that these are delusions rather than overly wishful thinking, and how can you tell? Because personally it looks like an extension of otherkin nonsense cranked to 11. They don't really believe they are a fox or whatever anime character makes them gush - they just really wish they were

a07910  No.729184


>jewish drug dealer trying to label chris with his psuedoscience mumbo jumbo

Chris has attracted bad spirits by his unrepentant degeneracy and sin, which are slowly eroding away his mental faculties. Also his growing insanity might be God's punishment for him turning away from Christ and become a filthy tranny. Psychiatry is a dead end that ends in suicide or psychiatric drug-induced insanity, and any attempt to help Chris beyond turning him away from sin will fail. Chris needs a pastor, not a psychiatrist

47d5c5  No.729194


>Chris needs a pastor not a shrink

Chris's main "therapist" was Rocky who was a church counselor. Also, I don't have any idea how the Jews are remotely relevant to a guy who has spent his life in the rural South.

a07910  No.729204


To reiterate, Chris needs a Christian Identitarian pastor. No church that loves non-white tares can bare any good fruit

47d5c5  No.729222

File: 719f2e734892df7⋯.jpg (23.22 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1P5GE3_1_400x400.jpg)

d24701  No.729335


Maybe not personally, but he's saying that jews enacted changes that would/could also affect Chris.

e894c2  No.729397


>Belives he has a respawn machine

>Has fantasies/dreams/delusions of killing sprees of OC for Lolz

>Has a final solution for trolls

>Having a meltdown over twitter drama

Ya, this is not getting sketchy at all. He is not going to get violent.

a8afc4  No.729425

File: b5f01ff270f9b5a⋯.jpg (169.93 KB, 620x465, 4:3, 1518205271917.jpg)


>he has not gone on any serial killing sprees at all.

6583c6  No.729438

File: 2457c29af29c3c0⋯.jpg (961.28 KB, 600x871, 600:871, ted bundy.jpg)

6583c6  No.729439

File: 32d57a55793cd48⋯.jpg (75.22 KB, 750x563, 750:563, chris-chan.jpg)

I wish I knew how to make games…

Every day I feel anguish over there not being a western erotic game starring Chris as he attempts to seduce the ladies of CWCville.

66e9b9  No.729480


He also needs his CPU, Megan.

986e41  No.729524


Chris isn't autistic enough to be a Christian Identitarian.

a07910  No.729536



47d5c5  No.729537


I think someone who decides to promote their niche worldview in a fucking Chris-Chan thread is more autistic than the thread subject. Quite a bit so in fact.

986e41  No.729554



66e9b9  No.729556


Ring licker.

986e41  No.729558


Kike-on-a-stick lover,

a07910  No.729565



It is a FACT, heretic

66e9b9  No.729566


I don't even know what that is.

986e41  No.729570


Synonym for Christian.

47d5c5  No.729573


Thank you for reminding me why I hate furries and bronies. The subject matter is one thing but what pissed me off is how I couldn't go anywhere without some furfag or brony pushing their shit everywhere even after people told them to fuck off. So, fuck off back to /christian/ and stay there.

a07910  No.729623


White Jesus belongs in ALL things

986e41  No.729625


Nah, just an oven.

0def44  No.729718

Chris is a terrible person and should be ignored and left off the Internet.

f8a136  No.729724




-The faggot who’s bumped this thread 31 times

0def44  No.729747


Get lost, dyke.

f8a136  No.729801

File: b200deb088c6ccc⋯.jpeg (300.59 KB, 776x1200, 97:150, B89A2892-BFD2-40DC-91B1-C….jpeg)

File: 345215dfa3be852⋯.jpeg (1022.46 KB, 1324x2048, 331:512, 562149F7-E6DC-4B87-ACDA-5….jpeg)

File: edbc838b99d4e10⋯.jpeg (881.66 KB, 1324x2048, 331:512, 485E49EE-ADD4-4C2B-A28F-2….jpeg)

File: fc82367009e268b⋯.jpeg (638.04 KB, 1324x2048, 331:512, 0907DC47-816B-48C6-B6EB-C….jpeg)

New sonichu pages. Chris seems inspired by his recent banishing from the brony kingdom.

833689  No.729823


What are the redacted parts on page 2 and 3?

6092a0  No.729848

guys how can we get tara strong to block chris?

1123e2  No.729849



>doing porn shit on the internet makes you a pedo

Well golly gee whiz, sir moralfag, I guess literally every pornographer or porn artist is a child molesting fruit because people under the US's high AOC can possibly access a web resource in some manner!



>leaving out weebs when they do literally the exact same thing

986e41  No.729866


Dig up some of his anti-gay anti-black patriarchal views and get them to her soulless kike eyes.

f8a136  No.729895

File: 94906e59b0b0eda⋯.png (274.66 KB, 296x540, 74:135, 9432F0DE-C23D-4B29-BA03-72….png)


Let’s see your best shops.

dab30e  No.729918



what kinda retarded ass insult is that in this context?

jesus you really are hirtes or some shit, arent you?

a8afc4  No.729942

File: 27b40ef8b532476⋯.png (274.18 KB, 296x540, 74:135, swdfghjkl.png)

f58478  No.729949


For some reason weebs think putting anime into everything is perfectly fine. They're as much cancer as bronies and furries are but "it's an image board so it's okay" while every single post is some pedo bait or loli.


She's a complete whore. If she's not sucking your dick she isn't paying attention to you either way.

0def44  No.729961


Ok, piece of shit.

986e41  No.729973



f8a136  No.730078

File: 895e25ba8c52ab6⋯.jpeg (618.85 KB, 640x1168, 40:73, 61908302-8ADF-429D-B68C-5….jpeg)

66e9b9  No.730140


Fucking crazy.

f8a136  No.730143


It’s also weird because that wolf is the OC of someone who blocked him. He thinks he’s going to make things better by making unauthorized comics with other people’s OC.

d8e777  No.730161

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Reminded me of this

6092a0  No.730184

File: e2ed26bef0e8c90⋯.png (253.57 KB, 296x540, 74:135, chris chan bubble when bar….png)

0def44  No.730226


>wants to date members in audience

>large portion of audience is children

>Chris knows many of his followers are children

He is a confirmed pedophile.

f8a136  No.730259

File: bc0f75ab7d0ae47⋯.jpeg (192.65 KB, 1125x494, 1125:494, 43F03C94-BC25-4B11-99A9-4….jpeg)


Keep repeating it faggot. Don’t forget to yiff!

697f87  No.730283


I think I understand his moon logic. Wolfguy is just not fully connected with his OC so when he does get connected with his fuzzy avatar dude then he'll totally see the error of his ways.

The thing that stands out to me about the comic is how much of a fatherly figure Magi-Chan is. I'd go so far as to say that he's using Magi-Chan as a fictional replacement for Bob, except this time his dream-daddy is also tolerant of his lifestyle choices.

c638cb  No.730346


>weaken the police

>by giving low-effort low-intensity idiots to manage which previously went to nurses

>a group of people that don't mean any harm to anyone else, and are too stupid to do something like buy a gun (a process that requires filling out a form and having valid ID, the latter of which requires remembering an 8-digit code and knowing where to put that code when)

does not compute

c638cb  No.730370



You're clearly a European because that concept has no play in America, even in the south (where Chris is from and lives) openly racist churches and priests are a different breed. If by "Identitarian" you mean "race realist" or "nationalist", then that also doesn't work because that's what Bob and Barb were. Chris's whole family are typical Republicans, middle-class white people who work good jobs (see Bob's work as an engineer or Chris's half brother who is a doctor). Even if they were all hardcore Southern Democrats, they'd be Southern Democrats in the same way Jimmy Carter is not Jefferson Davis. Also the average neoconfederate would be damned if they didn't at least do four years in the military, because they get free training/healthcare out of it and it brings "honor" to their name (this concept is very important to someone who takes race seriously).

Anyway by and large there's only one large church in America that openly advocates for racial separation - the Church of Latter Day Saints which is 2,000 miles away from Chris. But even then the main LDS branch (the legal one that banned polygamy) started letting nonwhites in during the 1980s. And I doubt any of the local Mormon priests want to bother managing Chris, because he's a pure narcissist that straight up got kicked from his last church for heckling. No church will tolerate that, and current LDS exists because whenever they got hecklers arguing about polygamy they kicked them which led to that group splintering as it has.

Religion can't save Chris, because Chris considers himself his own god and the world as something that exists to serve him. It's why the alternative universes exist, because it's him making his own world which he controls. The "degeneracy" stems from that, it's him "taking control" of the real world by forcing people to use different pronouns and names in the same way he could throw a temper tantrum and "take control" by forcing people to stop and deal with him. It's also why he is taking the Twitter blocks so seriously - Chris hates being ignored because it prevents him from having control. Hence why he makes his court dates, for as dumb as all that shit is he is able to take control by forcing other people to stop and manage him. Another person doing this (or even speaking to God himself) can't plausibly help him.

f58478  No.730376


Asylums pretty much did their job and weren't very profitable to run. They were mostly self sustaining with charity support. It's much more profitable to give the crazies drugs that cost a lot of money and have them in and out of a rotating mental ward.

You also have the problem of communities breaking down which supported the asylums. If everyone knows everyone around them they can work together to care for the loonies when they get loose. It meant the asylums could have patients doing low tier jobs in the community, they could do gardening or cooking and when they were messed up they just stayed in the asylum. It was a really healthy way to manage mental health issues. Now it's all gone and there's no damn reason for it beyond the usual liberal bollocks.


Nice arm chair shrink work sweetie but you're wrong. Chris is an overgrown child. He isn't designing pronouns and shit because he's self obsessed. He's doing it because he's a child using his imagination. He gets to play dress up, invent silly characters and have people enable his behaviour. The problem with Chris isn't a lack of religion, he was very religious until it got eroded by the people around him.

c638cb  No.730385


>Nice arm chair shrink work sweetie but you're wrong. Chris is an overgrown child. He isn't designing pronouns and shit because he's self obsessed. He's doing it because he's a child using his imagination. He gets to play dress up, invent silly characters and have people enable his behaviour. The problem with Chris isn't a lack of religion, he was very religious until it got eroded by the people around him.

That's more or less my point. My point is that religion can't save Chris, even the most extreme Quaker family can't fix Chris because Chris won't accept "no" as an answer. That he became what he is despite his (comparatively) religious upbringing and priests/concerned churchgoers trying to offer him guidance.

47d313  No.730392


Where are you getting this idea that Chris is primarily followed by children on twitter and YouTube? And what’s your definition of a child age-wise? Are you sticking to the conservative ‘anyone under 18 is a child’ belief or are you referring to actual children? Either way I’m curious what data you’re using to make claims about his follower’a demographic.

9b75ed  No.730459


>he was very religious until it got eroded by the people around him

I don't think it was even that. As you've mentioned, he's very childish, so he can't comprehend religion in the same way adults do (whether you believe that religious belief is irrational or not, only fedora tippers think "lol adults with imaginary friends"). Chris's understanding of religion was like that of a child combined with autism (like him not understanding the Holy Trinity and thus treating God and Jesus as distinct entities in a polytheistic sense). It's like his understanding of politics - people who honestly try to call him a leftist are seeing things that aren't there.

There needs to be a word for people trying to apply concepts that just don't apply to him because they can't understand how his mind works - something like "anthropocentrism" but that doesn't really apply because at the end of the day Chris is still human in some manner.

66e9b9  No.730461

File: e4e8ddcf58956ab⋯.png (179.41 KB, 303x311, 303:311, e4e8ddcf58956ab062343bebef….png)


>leftie desperately tries to seperate insanity from leftism

d24701  No.730475


>he can't into understanding autism

1e05ed  No.730494


Stop responding to that sperg. A while ago he kept repeating that he wants Chris to suck dick, and when nobody paid attention he kept repeating that Chris should eat shit, and when still nobody was paying attention he started calling Chris a pedo.

Chris is no pedo, he's a gullible idiot who thinks he's a cute girl, and when a cute girl goes around kissing guys on the cheek at a con that's cute. I'm sure no one would have complained to the staff if an actual cute girl game them a kiss on the cheek instead of a reeking fat tranny sperg. Chris collapsed on the floor because in his mind it just did not compute.

9b75ed  No.730501


Wow you're dumb. It's like you're forgetting that earlier than that, everyone was grasping at straws to prove that Chris is a cross-burning Klan member who has an altar dedicated to Hitler.

e894c2  No.730506


I came home to find my GF watching the new Ted Bundy doc. I showed her the CWC clip of him claiming Ted was half Sonichu. Much laughing and WTFs was had.

6801ea  No.730586


>muh leftists

Fuck off boomer

f8a136  No.730683


>reeeeeeeee past instances where trolls coerced him to saying niggos on webcam mean that he was literally the autist version of David Duke

It’s been long established that Chris is too retarded to be a truly hateful person and most of the homophobia and racist claims were the inner circle trying to justify their behavior.

3703e0  No.730684


He disliked gay and black people before he was discovered.

0def44  No.730691

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This guy was always a huge faggot pedophile freak.

f8a136  No.730737


Disliking gay people and black people for reasons that you were too retarded to understand yourself does not make you a genuine, hateful, card-carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan

9b75ed  No.730749


That was the exact fucking point I was making you imbecile. What's with new retards lately quoting people, presenting them as if they were wrong while agreeing just with different wording?

c5df3e  No.730929

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Chris Chan think CIA niggers would help him

Is Chris-Chan what Terry Davis tried to warn us about? Terry told us How CIA trying to make men weak by normalizing faggots and nigger drag culture. Terry Davis also warned people about Gnosticism is for new age faggots. All this merge and talking to OCs shit sounds like trannies introduced Chris Chan to Gnosticism. Which is extremely popular with trannies and feminists. At this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if terry Davis was a legit prophet.

697f87  No.731034


Give it a rest, pedo dude.

0def44  No.731056

File: 373369a97429833⋯.webm (688.44 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, you.webm)


Are you retarded? Go take a look at his followers on twitter sometime. They are children. They cannot make rational decisions.


Chris is a known liar and a confirmed pedophile.

He must not be allowed around children.

He is a terrible person and should be ignored and left off the Internet.

e7d71e  No.731058

0def44 is a known faggot and a nigger

He must not be allowed near /cow/

He is a CIAnigger and should be filtered and left off the Internet

a3143b  No.731069


By that standard Chris himself is a child

f8a136  No.731113

File: 8394cb75ee6a501⋯.jpeg (82.28 KB, 510x767, 510:767, C3323202-3E32-4725-8531-7….jpeg)


>”reeeee stop giving Chris attention!!!!!111”

>bumps a thread raising awareness of Chris 36 times to the top of the front page

>pic unrelated

697f87  No.731123


god you're like a broken record. I'd tell you what others told you but much like a flat-earther I think there's no point convincing you that you're wrong

c5df3e  No.731336


>Going to college in your 30s to begin with

What kind of retard does this?

bef570  No.731355

Did Chris lock his Twitter, or is it just me not having an account? I know it wasn't like this earlier today.

b0c440  No.731372


he locked it and also must have gone on a blocking spree, I'm blocked and never post anything.

e7d71e  No.731395

File: 139f75c19d947b3⋯.png (669.36 KB, 1280x536, 160:67, 6e53697c64bad4081fa40ca206….png)



Is he finally going to go ghost?

f8a136  No.731431


He won’t do it for long. He needs a public forum for his e-begging.

f8a136  No.731519

If you keep an eye on Chris’ twitter account you will notice that the number of followers is steadily dropping. He must have found a script that blocks every follower he isn’t following.

7aa110  No.731530


He will realize in truth no-one gives a shit about him

24a5e0  No.731565


Chris is literally the person helped most by religion. He's smart enough to work within a frame work but not smart enough to know what a functional frame work looks like. He's a primary example of the destruction of local community, of society morals and of an internet age where no one cares about anything. If you took Chris back 60-100 years he'd be living a reasonably decent life and likely be married to Megan and have a kid or two by now. They would still be retards but they would be functional retards instead of trannyformers.

9b75ed  No.731589


Absolutely, Chris could have benefitted enourmously from having rigid religious upbringing from early childhood. I'm just saying how Chris understands religion as he is.

1e05ed  No.731664


You mean "go CPU" or "go Sonichu".

563c68  No.731706

File: 7dd67a041d618fd⋯.jpg (92.94 KB, 1060x404, 265:101, 7dd67a041d618fd184fc3d5ee1….jpg)


>tfw several decades ago Chris would have been the harmless and lovable village idiot instead of a deranged transvestite

d24701  No.731753



Why doesn't anyone goad nor push Chris to actually do shit about it

986e41  No.731838

File: b6b2f6ae103fee8⋯.jpg (102.18 KB, 1631x1872, 1631:1872, Chris-chan devouring his s….jpg)


I think him marrying Megan is a bit much, his life probably would have been better than it has turned out though.

5f64a6  No.731839


This is but the first step. Now he's under complete lockdown.

5f64a6  No.731841


Quasimodo of Notre Dam

f937a2  No.731902


I'm assuming Jewsh helped him, but maybe I'm wrong.

He's at ~25k now, but I think he was at 30k+ recently

697f87  No.731927


Josh has given up on Chris at this point cuz he's not able to use him as a magical retard for money.

f8a136  No.731947


A few days back he was at over 31k followers. The script thing might not be true since Chris is retarded but it’s certainly possible that he’s going through all 31,000 followers manually and removing the ones he thinks are trolls.

c638cb  No.731982


He's a poser. That simple. Chris lies about who he is to himself and others in a pathetic attempt to justify his unwarranted self-importance.

0def44  No.731987

File: a9140815e07af6e⋯.png (50.07 KB, 255x204, 5:4, 1537227616202.png)


Excellent post, anon.

9b75ed  No.732117


Way to give him too much credit. Chris is delusional, he believes he's a cute girl now. You're trying to insert Machiavellianism where the only -ism that applies is autism.

f8a136  No.732133

File: 484d82396bcc13d⋯.jpeg (64.06 KB, 594x482, 297:241, 6629C6C0-7024-4528-8D0A-B….jpeg)

File: bd3b19d76ea3289⋯.jpeg (81.21 KB, 596x662, 298:331, C7949D9E-3DC6-42E9-BF5C-8….jpeg)

File: 4f8c5391505c0ca⋯.jpeg (78.04 KB, 592x633, 592:633, FF0CD1CF-11F3-42F9-825F-C….jpeg)

Latest Chris faggotry. And new idea retards have taken the autism reigns.

0def44  No.732148


Looks like Chris is trying to hide the evidence that he is a confirmed pedophile.

Also, it is "reins" not "reigns".

c5df3e  No.732192


>Looks like Chris is trying to hide the evidence that he is a confirmed pedophile


If anyone want to copy dexter Morgan or the punsiher. Time to do it now.

0def44  No.732221

File: dc8eb2dd58e9f6f⋯.png (280.78 KB, 962x434, 481:217, 2019-01-31.png)


f8a136  No.732234


>Hirtes spams Chris relentlessly and gets blocked for it

>REEEEEEEEEE it’s proof he’s a pedophile

0def44  No.732243


Why are you defending a pedophile?

b228df  No.732245


LOL. Shut the fuck up, dude

fbfe0f  No.732261

File: 1dee070f68c2e76⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 96.15 KB, 1067x1147, 1067:1147, Butthirtes.png)

647da6  No.732312


>40 posts by this ID


f8a136  No.732387


Friendly reminder that the guy behind this ID is a libtard furry Never-Trumper in his mid-fifties who collects welfare, lives in Section 8, is a convicted thief, and has an internet footprint that dates back to the nineties that shows a record of lying, stealing, cheating, and generally fucking over his fellow furries in order to score more furry art commissions for his personal spank bank. Hirtes even had a successful furry zine back in the nineties but when it came time to having an actual source of real income or collecting a tugboat he chose the tugboat.


dab30e  No.732395


Filtered, fag. GTFO

f5e7c1  No.732410

How many years of nothing but depressing downward spiraling is going to take until you faggots stop obsessing over this manchild.

We're all just waiting for Barb to die and to see what effect that has on Chris.

7aa110  No.732423


>You faggots


Who were you again? You just contradicted yourself

f937a2  No.732440


Wonder who his friend is

c638cb  No.732503


Most posers are exactly that, delusional. You've described them and chris. They take themselves way too seriously and want the world to know it. They are self-absorbed and generally incapable of taking criticism, and hate being ignored. Exactly what Chris is.

0def44  No.732510






Chris is a confirmed pedophile.

He must not be allowed around children.

He is a terrible person and should be ignored and left off the Internet.

24a5e0  No.732564


The village retards often ended up as a couple because it just sort of works. They both want a relationship but aren't suitable for any one with intelligence. Megan was the perfect childhood retard for Chris to settle down with. Even today retards tend to settle for each other.

9b75ed  No.732889


Well, your post makes it sound like Chris is cynically trying to lie to others about himself rather than legit believe he's amazingly feminine.


Megan a "retard"? She's average, interests like card games mean nothing. Sure she was telling Chris she's "asexual" but that's the kind of shit women tell guys rather than directly reject them. The only odd thing about her is the Nazi fetish.

6796f6  No.732923



She was just a slightly edgy punk girl, and the nazi thing satisfied that. I don't think in another time she would have ended up with Chris, Megan isn't retarded in any sense. I'm sure it was just a short phase she went through, like many highschoolers.

Chris is in a different league. The fact that he was mute during childhood tells us very clearly that his brain had very serious developmental issues.

7c01cf  No.732951

0def44  No.733167


>Nazi fetish

I am finding out more to like about Megan.

66e9b9  No.733253

File: c03c0efce554274⋯.jpg (87.98 KB, 1035x1280, 207:256, c46e8e8eb26182c2a0a6bc73b2….jpg)


I like how this faggot just makes up his own story.

986e41  No.733522


It's pretty weird how he went from a fairly reasonable hypothetical Chris in the past scenario to full on shipfic. He just wants to see Megan get tism'd.

b228df  No.734200


Ok, kid

b228df  No.734211



Oh, I didn't know we already had a thread on 0def44


0def44  No.734222



forgot to change your id

Chris is a confirmed pedophile.

He must not be allowed around children.

He is a terrible person and should be ignored and left off the Internet.

f8a136  No.734371


Michael Jay Hirtes is a confirmed thief and scam artist.

He must not be allowed anyone.

He is a terrible person and should be ignored and left off the Internet.

0def44  No.734412


Don't know who that is, nor do I care.

Chris is a known liar and confirmed pedophile.

He must not be allowed around children.

He is a terrible person and should be ignored and left off the Internet.

697f87  No.734572


I don't think the Chris is a pedo guy is mike, I think he's just retarded.

7d50d1  No.734680


>muh pedos

Back to Reddit

f8a136  No.734783


If this isn’t mike someone needs to let him know there’s a challenger to his throne.

fbfe0f  No.734835


Not a bad place to look actually. Just go to KiA and look up anything that has to do with lolis.

1123e2  No.734933


The sperg reminds me of the nu/pol/ audience, the type buying into the feminist trash they otherwise claim to be against in thinking everyone under a magic number is exactly the same as a 6 year old, and that the AOC should be raised to something ridiculous like 26 or 30. Cancerous mindset, that is.

b228df  No.735727


I had no intention of changing my ID, I saw that there was a thread on you so I posted it.

697f87  No.735775


Mike flips his goddamn shit whenever someone points out his faggotry, responding with a classic "HI NULL!" to try to defuse things. This guy just keeps being a broken record. It's not Mike, but he is equally as retarded.

f8a136  No.735986

File: bd792496e0c944e⋯.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1125x2287, 1125:2287, 92B6F4FF-CC5D-44CD-BF6C-E….jpeg)

File: ba729ffa108657d⋯.jpeg (638.41 KB, 1572x2048, 393:512, 0907E0EC-7C02-4333-9654-0….jpeg)

File: 70892d65e28c574⋯.jpeg (968.64 KB, 1125x2127, 375:709, E8430316-DCB0-460B-91B0-0….jpeg)

File: 043cce144a20b91⋯.jpeg (805.47 KB, 1125x1796, 1125:1796, 743B904C-2738-41F4-87F5-8….jpeg)

Let’s get back on topic.

986e41  No.736017


Yeah well that's what happens when r/the_donald floods your board.

28d299  No.736133


>back on topic.

Fuck, thank you.

He is really off the deepend. Literaly reeeeing one day and taking about red spy sweaters and what not the next.

We are really diving deep into this saga. It really came out of nowhere.

647da6  No.736188






697f87  No.736233


Has Chris even played TF2? I mean I imagine he watched the "Meet the…" videos but from his analysis of Sonichu-CPU-Blue-whatevers stint of the red spy he seems to have very little knowledge on the actual game

f8a136  No.736246

File: 1896688994f69d7⋯.png (29.23 KB, 590x110, 59:11, B7FE5DC3-15C8-4472-961F-CA….png)

File: 6216dd25e0fb798⋯.png (115.27 KB, 588x596, 147:149, C3E343FA-E911-401D-85A3-AA….png)

File: f00afef74eb95a4⋯.png (118.6 KB, 585x592, 585:592, 1310FDBB-E31E-42D7-8556-31….png)

File: 6c7b4e1403380e8⋯.png (83.53 KB, 586x421, 586:421, B59004B1-C51A-40BE-B9C3-96….png)

bbecb6  No.736254


>that fucking grease

I wonder what he smelled like in this pic, do you think he ever changed his underwear?

66e9b9  No.736257


He's going full Timecube now.

986e41  No.736258


I imagine he shat himself 7 times a week and then spent the next month switching between the pairs or something on that level of monstrously foul.

bbecb6  No.736260


That is so fucking pathetic Jesus Christ

9b75ed  No.736435


Chris is not that exciting. His ramblings aren't that weird because he's notoriously uncreative, all he does is just make up shit about parallel dimensions based on games, cartoons and fanfictions he consumes. It only sounds like incoherent ramblings on surface because most people won't be familiar with that autistic shit.

d8e777  No.736906

File: 2e4c9ce73a9868e⋯.jpg (143.86 KB, 819x800, 819:800, 4YvQh7Y.jpg)


People who made horrible decisions in their 20s. Bad musicians, HuffPo bloggers, they all have some moment of clarity when they hit 30 or 35 and decide to go back to school to become a "teacher," absorbing even more unmanageable debt for the closest thing to "working welfare" there is.


>it’s certainly possible that he’s going through all 31,000 followers manually

Remember he answered like 800 questions on his OK Cupid profile. Autism is powerful.

9b75ed  No.736996



In my part of euroland there's a recent trend for people in their late 20s and 30s to go to college, but here doing that won't indebt you for life. Hell I went to college later than usual and not for anything that useful in particular, I would have never done that if I lived in America.

d8e777  No.737069


During Occupy Wall Street there was this thing where people would take photos of themselves holding a piece of paper with their life story on it. You wouldn't believe how many claimed to have spent $80k on an out-of-state private university so they could have a degree in art history, plus more so they wouldn't have to work and could "focus on studying" and an off-campus apartment. One of my friends even used student loans to pay for renting a sports car on spring break. Just bad decisions piled on top of bad decisions with these people. And they all become teachers.

b228df  No.737541


That was the majority, which is why everyone with sense mocked the occcupy movement

66e9b9  No.738432


>you wouldn't believe how many commies

83093c  No.738526


>that one single retard that blows his money

>therefore everyone is the same

Go Back To Pol

5f64a6  No.738618


Are you gender studies or arts major?

We have campuses filled with leftist NPC that end up with lifetime of debt, useless degree and end up voting people like Jill Stein or Bernie Sanders.

Basically useless parasites to the society.

d8e777  No.738752

1d52cf  No.738760

File: 81a3dd744fa495c⋯.png (21.93 KB, 275x200, 11:8, shrug.png)


>tfw went to college just to have an excuse to keep drinking and slacking off for a few more years

>tfw ended up in the top 20% of earners

I mean I'm not complaining, but this isn't what I was told would happen if I couldn't put a cork in the bottle.

8f38e9  No.738807

File: 7027762265b886c⋯.png (20.26 KB, 520x450, 52:45, chris doxing.png)

0def44  No.738860


Fuck off, Chris. No one likes you.

f8a136  No.738959

a420b8  No.738996


Someone screencap this.

f8a136  No.739055


Chris stopped romanticizing his high school years back when that foxdickfag chick pretended to be his gal pals and told him in emails that they were only his friends because bob paid them.

Which just goes to show that the foxdicks are just as responsible for breaking Chris’s brain as the trolls they hate so much.

dab30e  No.739667

File: 88b0d31f710d463⋯.gif (3.04 MB, 444x250, 222:125, 88b0d31f710d463a3271254f36….gif)


foxdicks were always far worse and far darker than any of the 'old school' trolls. Ideas Guy twisting chris's fragile perception of reality really bothered me. I want to watch chris suffer as much as the next guy here but i dont want to see the hands of teen trannies doing it. It should be natural and a product of chris's own stupidity.


Yes, thank you. Getting sick of CWC threads being shitposted by that one fucktard (I think he was the one broken record a few threads back too). Chris is obviously very deep into his delusions, I suspect he hasnt played TF2 but instead watched a few vids. or something. took a nap and dreamt this shit up.

Wait does CWC even play FPS? He always played RPGs and games like Animal Crossing.

5f64a6  No.739685

File: dc0a197b82e94ff⋯.png (85.46 KB, 614x344, 307:172, Sperg rage.png)


Speaking of psychotic

66e9b9  No.739695


Oh shit!

Hard punches

0def44  No.739700


Chris is a violent person.

He has hit the same person with his car twice and convinced his elderly mother to hit him with a car a third time.

Chris is a known liar and a confirmed pedophile.

He must not be allowed around children.

He is a terrible person and should be ignored and left off the Internet.

5f64a6  No.739704



You have to cut the loon off the government gibs and throw him in the nuthouse.

9b75ed  No.739709


>convinced his elderly mother

She wanted to do that herself. They're both responsible for it equally.

577e07  No.739764

File: 989637563b96766⋯.jpg (34.37 KB, 388x443, 388:443, 989637563b967666c4af9f5f6d….jpg)


Oh damn, maybe the final showdown won't be Chris vs Megan, but a fight to the death between Chris and Tara Strong

d644ec  No.739816



Whats the backstory here?

0def44  No.739853


She wouldn't meet with him at some convention.

She banned him from her twitter.

Chris is a piece of shit who demands everyone to give him everything.

That's all you need to know.

d24701  No.739979

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Chris "no one in particular" Chan

986e41  No.739982


Welp I guess he's not coming to Br­onycon now. Did anyone tell them about this yet? I think he'd get banned outright.

b228df  No.740106


This is going to be the last Bronycon though. I think we should try to Julay him into trying to go on that merit, telling him that it will be the last one forever. Lulz will insue, I am sure.

f8a136  No.740140


This is fake and gay and retarded. If this actually got tweeted by Chris the fallout would be immense and swift.

The first giveaway is that it took nine fucking days for someone to post it here, second giveaway is that the foxdickfags didn’t lose their shit over this tweet, and the third giveaway is that Chris wouldn’t pray to god and jesus for guidance he denounced them years ago for his CPU goddess faggotry.

0def44  No.740148


That's bullshit.

Chris has made his twitter private. Most people collecting his shitty covered cocks likely weren't followers of his, so they have to go through the bullshit of signing up for twitter and then getting approved by Chris to follow him.

Chris is hiding the evidence of how big a piece of shit he is.

He has attacked the same person on multiple occassions, and he also coereced his mother into hitting the same person with her car.

Chris is a known liar and a confirmed pedophile.

He must not be allowed around children.

He is a terrible person and should be ignored and left off the Internet.

fbfe0f  No.740153

File: 0d59d1c4ea71899⋯.jpg (13.03 KB, 240x240, 1:1, Selphie Has Autism.jpg)


>Chris must be ignored!

>48 fucking posts saying so

0def44  No.740169


Chris is a terrible person and should be ignored and left off the Internet.

f8a136  No.740195


You sure pay a lot of attention to someone who needs to be ignored. If Tara was legit being threatened by Chris over twitter bronies would have lost their shit over it and Chris would’ve been blocked and in turn that would have made him go full chimp mode.

Hirtes, I know you want to get Chris banned pre emptively from the last bronycon but you’re getting sloppy.

986e41  No.740223


Boots on the ground here, I want to see him but I want to see the fallout of not seeing him, too.

0def44  No.740226


>chris would've been blocked

He already is blocked, kid.

That's why he is so pissy like the bitch he is.

f8a136  No.740332

File: 5e85f86ff92800e⋯.jpeg (455.54 KB, 1125x2014, 1125:2014, 602B13AA-2497-40AC-ACDC-C….jpeg)


6 days ago he retweeted Tara Strong right before bitching a bout some nobody blocking him. This was 3-4 days after your fake tweet. Why would Tara Strong let him stay on her followers list for that long after threatening to beat her? And why isn’t there a single person anywhere talking about this on twitter? Get fucked Hirtes.

0def44  No.740397


>I don't think I've seen anyone put an ugly spin on something this outrageously for their own attention. Anyone who follows me know that I'm on a huge anti-bullying platform, and even wrote and produced a song about it.

>All my "twolling" as we on Twitter call it is completely adorable and makes people smile. Christian's article makes me angry & disappointed. Hope I never meet the guy.

She doesn't like Chris because she realized how much of a user and piece of shit he is.

It makes complete sense.

3180dd  No.740525

File: 479c4a74d92ec59⋯.png (240.07 KB, 890x833, 890:833, chris twitter.png)



It's fake or deleted, but I'm leaning towards fake because like the other anon pointed out he has stopped using phrases such as 'pray to god'. Also if it were real someone would have archived it.

>Chris has made his twitter private. Most people collecting his shitty covered cocks likely weren't followers of his, so they have to go through the bullshit of signing up for twitter and then getting approved by Chris to follow him.

<Not following Chris on Twitter

Why? It's an endless goldmine.

0def44  No.740531


>Why? It's an endless goldmine.

Because it's an endless colon.

3180dd  No.740532


An endless colon of joy and hidden treasures.

0def44  No.740535


If you are some coprophiliac, that's your problem, but Chris is a piece of shit.

3180dd  No.740555


>If you find the bullshit of Chris entertaining you must like/support him

Is this why you've been so repetitive? For the sake of transparency, no one in this thread thinks that Chris is not a piece of shit. People approach the subject with different mindsets, personally I just want to watch this trash fire and laugh about it with fellow anons.

If you want to feel really vindictive and see him in jail, that's up to you. Personally I wouldn't mind since that could lead to some hilarious cocks (hope he'd be allowed internet) but you seem to be in it as some personal vendetta. I mean who really cares what some autist on the internet does if he hasn't even raped some puppies or kids?

697f87  No.740557


Chris Chan is worse than hitler

b228df  No.740560


Is he talking about James "Kibo" Perry? I didn't know Kibo had a twitter. Wow, that's a blast from the past if it's that Kibo.

f8a136  No.740570

File: fe0223e70ec999f⋯.jpeg (407.42 KB, 1125x1075, 45:43, F29BDCA7-4932-4200-833E-7….jpeg)

File: e3f52b1a6889c19⋯.jpeg (387.7 KB, 1124x1973, 1124:1973, 593C129F-3545-4BB4-A8BA-6….jpeg)


I don’t think we’re talking about the same person.

0def44  No.740572

File: 7b3d49a35e3f25f⋯.png (22.98 KB, 400x400, 1:1, feels-good-man.png)

b228df  No.740573



Yeah, James Perry was a blast from the past. Not a lolcow, just a fun person.


b228df  No.740574



Yeah, James Perry was a blast from the past. Not a lolcow, just a fun person.



66e9b9  No.740575


Please repost.

5f64a6  No.741532


Chris set his private at end of January. you daft bastard

0def44  No.742001


So what, dip shit.

f95951  No.743580

get chris ban from bronycon to complete break him

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