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game devving

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


we have one for books and movies

I'll start. can't get anymore bleak than this:

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File: e7ecc7705aa498a⋯.jpg (51.23 KB, 300x395, 60:79, 300px-Van_Gogh_-_Trauernde….jpg)

File: 4f6b2341ad91773⋯.jpg (41.77 KB, 720x886, 360:443, large (1).jpg)


this board will remain like a true doomer - dead and empty inside

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good knight /doomer/s

my eyes are falling out

File: 063a2470b3f1fbe⋯.jpg (171.37 KB, 2048x1322, 1024:661, c557d05.jpg)


>Hate Twitter, it's just literally a forum for bourgeois and celebrities

But I'm dating a girl who owns a business so I'll meme her page to get some revenue for her

>DUURHUURHUUR your account has been banned for weird behavior

I literally just registered. You just wanted an excuse for my phone number

>Worded it as "you violated community guidelines"

By literally just existing? Also didn't you say under oath you don't ban anyone yet here we are?

>Account is officialized

,>Still banned for 11 hours as a warning shot

I legit hope someone plants a bomb under Twitter headquarters or kidnaps Jacks kids. Holy shit normie social media is disgusting

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I had a Twitter account for a week, then I just deactivated the account. I had no use for it.


I've never had any social network account.

From what I listen even coming from some normies I know I basically fucking dodged several bullets and saved myself from huge stress simply by ignoring that those crap exist.



Social network sites changed a lot and I don't know if they somehow died out or I just don't understand them anymore. People don't use them to share anything they care about anymore, rather they use them for virtue signalling, means of communication (f.e. a lot people have facebook only because of messenger) or reposting dumb gifs. I talked about this before but I have to say again that groups or individuals who talked, shared and enjoyed the art on sns are gone. People spam their art and links, yes, but it feels different, like free advertisement rather than "guys I made this, what do you think? enjoy!".



sames. It always felt odd to me to put a profile out there which carries my real name and everybody can look it up if they feel like it. You can get lot's of information about someone by simply looking at their "likes" for example political orientation which you aren't supposed to rub in everyone's face. It's some serious dystopian shit and people see nothing wrong with it.


>if they somehow died out or I just don't understand them anymore

They're just getting increasingly shallower. Instagram and Snap are the most popular ones with zoomers because all you do is look at pictures with barely anything to read. Less time looking at content equals more time looking at ads.



>They're just getting increasingly shallower.


That might be the word I was looking for. I think anyway that those sns are for people who either have interesting life or can pretend they have one. Anything posted there seems to me too much boring so I don't get why people spend time there actually going through other people's uploads.

File: e3a977774f14b4b⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1136x3256, 142:407, bz-5d02cb0a3ca78.png)


Stop taking (((urinalists))) seriously.


I don't take anyone peddling politics seriously, and neither does most of this board.



>progressive tech writer

>insulted trump on twitter

>3 quarters of his reddit posts are DotA2 related


>Pedo scum

>(((Journalist))) scum

Doesn't really seem like he ever had consensual sex himself.



Who the hell is urinalist?

File: 46418149e9773a4⋯.png (517.71 KB, 600x621, 200:207, life is a beautiful flower.png)


i dont think im going to make it

>get new job

>things go really well

>become student body president, lead school forum, grades improve drastically, literally euphoric hald the time

<job fucks me with new schedule that fucks me with 4 hours of sleep a night and essentially a full time job with school

<cling to it

<months drag on and every

<grades plummet

<lose presidency

<fail two classes

<barely any money because classes ate them all up

>about to kill myself

>see way out and begin plotting bloomer path to get me to a spot

>summer begins

<job exhausts the fuck out of me and i have no motivation

i only have hope and thats all i think now is the time to end it…

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Being a virgin manager vs being that chad annoying cunt who says "I want to speak to your manager" whenever something is wrong.



>he fell for the university meme

Look at him

Look at him and laugh



Yes, let's point and laugh at virgin collegefag's >50k/yr salary and comfy office job with like 45% enjoyment 50% drudgery 5% misery as opposed to chad high school dropout's lifelong career of minimum wage part-time mcjobs (2-3 at a time to afford rent in nigger-infested neighborhoods) changed every few months of at least 80% misery 20% drudgery 0% enjoyment and no energy leftover for anything but pointing and laughing at virgin collegefag on /doomer/ !




isn't university pretty much just a debt trap over there?



Is it that much different here? I mean the usefulness. A lot of people believe schools are the only source of information or they genuinely just want the title and get the hell out of there. A lot of them take it even as a way to just make youth a bit longer (which is the case less and less because neetdom is possible). Universities are overrated, however justified imo in cases when it's better you have them - science or simply if you want to spend years there because you really like what you are studying. Other than that? If you don't go to debt financially, you are going to debt by wasting your last years of youth.

File: dc1add2d1d601ae⋯.png (9.12 KB, 266x619, 266:619, doomer-chan.png)


Hey /doomer/. The lads over at /v/ were bored, so they drew you up a potential mascot. What do you think? I'd say it beats getting represented by a Wojak derivative.

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/doomer/ are those perpetually stucked in phase 4.



>do you know that feel

I am become dat feel

50GB memes on pc but no motivation to post them anywhere


Brenton Tarantino advanced past stage 4. He made it to stage 6

Hopefully we stay at 4 though…


I've never heard of a female school shooter though. There were a few female MASS shooters but afaik none shot up a school.


File: 7f026329aab80c2⋯.jpg (45.95 KB, 178x235, 178:235, Brendaannspencermugshot.jpg)



Damn, I always thought Brenda did her thing in a park with a sniper rifle because I read it somewhere.

File: 235c3ccc9f24069⋯.jpg (21.41 KB, 220x334, 110:167, August.jpg)


<wake up in sweat because of extraorinary heat all year long

<place is infested with cockroaches (see at least 6 a night on the streets on a 3 mile walk)

<basic items are twice as expensive than normal us prices (milk is $10)

<rude disgusting natives who hate white people are the majority

<things are ran like a second world country and do not get done

<no culture or any form of intellectual center

Part of the reason of why I am a doomer is because of where I live, what about you guys? whats your /shithole/ like?



I wish I would have some city I could call home. I moved too much in my life since I was kid so I don't really have a place I could call a home. Something like this - You are aware of all the flaws but still it's your home because you lived there all your life and you want to kick the crap out of any outsider talking shit about it, while hating newcomers who say how is everything beautiful about it just because they don't know shit about life in your city. This local patriotism is dumb but anyway I think it could be a nice feeling. The real eye opener is when you realize literally any human filled place on this planet is shithole, the real refuge are those moments you can experience in nature - seeing the sunrise on open fields, sunset on coast, actually smelling the grass while it's raining, taking a deep breath in forest, just gazing on clouds or stars in the skies without city lights, tall buildings and smog polluting everything.



Small rural border town. nothing special here. people are backwards normalfags who only care about their normalfag things. Everyone knows everyone and so on.

I'd rather live alone and anonymous in a mid range city



Same here really, except it's worse because I live in a village. It's hell when everyone knows every last one of your fuckups (and there are many).

I hope to escape both this country and this village in the next couple years, because the cities here are just full of turks, so they aren't a truly comfy option either.


File: dd7925de86eb6cc⋯.jpg (156.36 KB, 500x719, 500:719, EyeMonster.jpg)


The capital city, Jakarta, to where peasants from all corners of the country move. The prevalence of mega malls, luxury apartments and shopping arcades here, especially in my district, would make burgers look miserly, but all that is juxtaposed with walled off slums where the poorest peasants keep to themselves and shout allahu ackbar through loudspeakers five times a day. I live in one of the more tolerable districts of the city. The traffic isn't awful, everything's in walking distance relative to my place, and it's considerably less expensive here compared to the south and central districts, (a sizable carton of milk will cost you around $1.37) which is why a lot of travelers prefer to stay here over the others, albeit just for under 30 days. And it's not just your typical tank top-wearing digital nomad new-agers, I've seen people come here from the French parts of Africa, Japan, Russia, the Gulf States, parts of Europe, and, most predominantly, mainland China. They're mostly travelling businessmen.

As for the people who live in the city, you have the aforementioned peasants are obnoxiously optimistic, ignorant, self-absorbed pricks who play gachashit on their phones 24/7 because they're too poor to afford desktops. They have shit taste in everything, and their friendliness is a farce, which can be observed when they're burning down temples because some guy allegedly said something blasphemous. The other group is the upper-middle class, people I've had the most interaction with. They are the quintessential normalfags, who will cut you down, ostracize you and act like you never existed should you want to step out of their positivity bubble or not chase the latest fashion trends. The only difference between them and the peasants is that they have wealth, but instead of gachashit, they use Instagram, and their tastes are still shit from not having been introduced to the internet in its prime.

Honestly, most of the friction I've experienced here was because of my social ineptitude from having been raised in an authoritarian household, and having to move here when my dad got laid off in the recession. My other family members took part in the abuse, my classmates at all the schools I enPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: ff722a4c82023a8⋯.webm (3.08 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Кот в кафе-76wTowMafrY(1).webm)

File: 562bfd243cb4361⋯.webm (8.67 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Три спушки-Ze6r0yx6mW4(2).webm)

File: 2508fa0e566b593⋯.webm (3.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Кот с блинами-BHakm25yMZo….webm)


because why not

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This is so cool looking, altought I don't understand the reference. Wish somebody could explain it.



Watching this video has enlightened me somehow with words hard to describe.. Most people are just ambling on.. World of Npcs..


op is this guy a youtuber? where can I see more of his videos, they are so relaxing and nice





File: ff0e09a14878715⋯.jpg (63.22 KB, 712x954, 356:477, gloomy golden girls.jpg)


Thank you Germanon, you are my greatest ally.

File: 40eccfccd7ba15a⋯.jpg (26.92 KB, 470x497, 470:497, Dresden1.jpg)


<depressed for 4 years, family realizing

<overheard them talking about admitting me to a psych ward

>school ends, wave goodbye to friends

>wanted to spend summer alone

<keep asking me "anon, why arent you spending time with your frens?"

<threatened to be sent to psych ward, for "reasons"

what to do? i cant move out since underage

please refrain from calling me a nigger/retard, i asked my friends for help but the only advice was "just go to the ward"

(the psych ward is a building, with rooms full of therapists,)

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File: 77a361322f889b6⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 600x623, 600:623, oh shit nigger.jpg)


Be grateful that your parents and friends give a shit. I was 13 and everybody in my family knew something was off yet nobody bothered to interfere. Go to the ward and let them help you. Early intervention may have significant impact on your Life's outcome. Nigger/Retard!

Jesus, what's with all the angsty kids on here?



Shit, can parents actually place their kids to psych wards like this?



Also why the fuck do you actually want him to be locked up? Is this still /doomer/?



>why the fuck do you actually want him to be locked up?

One less whiny little underageb& posting their angsty faggotry here!



His post looks legit and I don't see how this is whining.

Assuming he says the truth that means his parents want him locked up because he wants to be alone. FFS since when do you lock up people because they want to be alone?

Glad I didn't grow up today in this "muh mental health" bullshit.

Also why is this bumplocked?




How new are you here? Don't you also think I was more than tolerant to your 16 year old "problems" posts? Unless a proxy, maybe if he would have some reasonable post history I wouldn't bumplock it + it's still open in case some of you actually want to give him piece of advice, so what more should I do? Not everybody with le depresshiun is doomer and kids should rather spend time on reddit.

File: 2adf9f96cff8176⋯.jpg (77.21 KB, 640x360, 16:9, doomerjack.jpg)


Post stories of your misery or just gripe about the horror of your existence.

Ill start. here i am up past midnight before i get up at 7 tomorrow and then go straight to class then from there to work. FInish at 1 and then take the hour long walk home on the streets filled with the dysgenic homeless and drunks. It is like my life is on hold for those stupid shifts i spend 30 hours a week attending to.

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It was pretty much like you described, yes.

Unemployment office can't sanction me since the employment was cancelled by the company.

We have the "Probemonat" (test month) here which is a grey area in that regard, I could have quitted by myself on day 1, but I didn't wanna risk the employment office snooping for reasons, so I decided to play along and just prove myself not suited for the job. At least I made some shekels

I don't know what the boss told them. I don't think it was due to me insulting the foreman but rather that in the last week i was slacking off a lot since working in the bare sun at 30C+ isn't exactly a work friendly environment. Test month was close to end and he had to get rid of me.


thanks dude




just for your informations anon

I am currently only interested in 1 crypto project

Radix DLT. If you are into cryptos, check it out, keep an eye on it and join our network when it gets finally released.

I think this will be the system that will replace legacy banking for internet of things applications and probably many other things too

The technology is superb but the economics was shitty and me and a few other forum members bullied them over 2 months to scrap their economics whitepaper and design a new one that is not rulecucked and it worked :^)



I thought they keep you on parole for 3 months at least nowadays

Anyways, enjoy your free time again now. I know one italian guy who has been on off unemployed for years now. He works a few months then slacks off half a year. He is a walls painter on construction sites officially but he does any odd job he can find when he needs money. But his taste in video games is shit. He only plays FIFA


Well, as a person I think I'm a failure. I'm shallow, miserable and always the boring guy in the circle of friends. I hardly accept this and now my only goal is to redeem myself from my sins/my way of being and I'm on my journey trying to find me the lost value that people can see but I'm too oblivious to notice. I truly make people dislike me quickly. Fuck even I am bored with myself and looks like this journey to redemption is going to take a very long time. Founded that humans and animals aren't so different because we both live oblivious to knowledge. We just live in routines thinking that after work well' be having a good time drinking. This is as miserable as a lion feasting after a nice hunt again… and again… and again…



your english is dogshit, but i think i get what you are saying and it is true.

sometimes it is really difficult to see the difference between living alone, off the land and beign in civilization outside of the fact that the effort you put to help making society function smoothly (to survive at the hand of society) would be translated into a struggle against nature, which might not result in as much anguish. in the end, existence is a supreme nigger and whether in a cage or not its cruel, cold hand will one day grip all of our throats and squeeze till the blood we spit out spells "i want to die".



>I'm on my journey trying to find me the lost value that people can see

This is very difficult one. Are you sure you want to clean your soul and show that to people? Shouldn't that remain your private thing? You shouldn't chase yourself for others but rather find inner peace within yourself, if that makes any sense and if I could be so brave to talk about this matter. How you feel inside and how good/bad is your relationship between you and your self will be reflected also outside and people will notice that. You know how people who are in peace with themselves have around them sort of positive calm energy and often represent stability? That's what I mean.

File: 6a73e2cfdfe5df9⋯.jpeg (101.66 KB, 461x461, 1:1, 4C86E406-ED20-4586-802C-9….jpeg)


Am ultra depressed and find a sad person board. Good.

ITT: Dream jobs that you will never have

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>Turns out one of my tendons was severed when I was younger but my parents never told me.

how the fuck


>>23183 My leg was run over. It didn’t break but it swelled up so fucking bad I crawled away in absolute pain. I could tuck, patrol, shoot, kick in doors. I was a good soldier but the PT tests aren’t designed for big guys they’re tailored to 150lb people. I did the best I could and it wasn’t good enough. I live everyday hating myself because my best wasn’t enough.



Yes there are retarded subhuman parents

mine are those as well

>be anon, maybe 10 years old

>have sister

>a few years younger

>she has accident

>car hit her

>she ran onto the street and the other car did not see her because my fathers far blocked the sight (parked)

>car hits her

>no hospital involved

>no police either

>a few years later

>confront parents about this

<we knew we were the ones who did wrong so we did not want to cause more problems for ourselves

yes anon, this is the type of subhuman trash that thinks having children is good for them when they are too retarded for life themselves


I am sorry for having your dream ruined but I hope today at least your leg is healed and does not hurt you nor reduced your movement freedom of the leg.


>>23185 I appreciate it bud. Sometimes I wonder if I’m evil because I’m certainly not good but if I could use my capability for violence to protect people maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing. I honestly hope I can quit trucking this year or next and start a business. I know I won’t make any money but I’m not making money as a truck driver. If any of you have thought of trucking as a way to escape your problems. Don’t.



Sorry to hear that, man. It's a poor consolation, but it's something outside of your control that determined the outcome.


That's fucked up. Was she okay though?


>If any of you have thought of trucking as a way to escape your problems. Don’t.

I was going to, but it really only took a couple of horror stories to deter me from going with it. The image of comfy trucking was quickly smashed.

File: 62e968c55789d0f⋯.png (440.33 KB, 645x1260, 43:84, going down.png)


That's my wager for how long this board will run until it goes the way of the suicide board and the doom dooms pull the trigger and go boom boom.

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>Life is not a videogame, there is no action anymore, only tragedy in boring mediocrity.

This. I came here about 6-7 months ago and it has been really cool. Still way better quality than any other boards I am on. Kinda sick of the constant "what is doomer, why are you doomer" etc. But it's also interesting to see how my answers change, so whatever. Rather than gripe in a longwinded manner about zoomers I will just leave this sentence here. I miss when it was more gen x/y people here who just wanted to scream for the sake of it, knowing it wasn't going to do anything, and sharing goth bitches and basking in the glory of esoteric ryderism. There was also some cool content created a few months back and that has really stopped, which is sad.


>3 years

>implying it hasn't already begun



we do need more winonas indeed


File: 16ef93a517f2e8b⋯.mp4 (289.15 KB, 640x360, 16:9, shieeet negro.mp4)

File: 5ffb48b2b43ead4⋯.jpg (75.56 KB, 588x903, 28:43, tumblr_l6wwgdDNOs1qb5p93o1….jpg)

File: e7b500b2e3c67a2⋯.jpg (59.34 KB, 742x1080, 371:540, Winona-winona-ryder-173926….jpg)


File: 3bcd67778aafb87⋯.png (282.48 KB, 796x712, 199:178, sad.png)


Chemical imbalances from doing drugs? psychedelics and research chemicals? so I'm not the only one… mhh…. anon I found a good legal and state paid temporary cure, tell me if you want to know more.

File: db43c8def8a1448⋯.jpg (29.63 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (1).jpg)


We could have had National Bolshevism if Hitler hadn't been so autistic. Why did he allow this world to be born, this world of self hatred and loathing. Fuck everything. Every day I wish we were instilled with a love for our Nation instead of this (((divisive))) self hatred. Thoughts /doomer/s?

49 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Link to the video? Sounds like a interesting watch.


File: d28cc5c1ad55ac1⋯.jpg (86.96 KB, 500x733, 500:733, odin.jpg)


>Unironically supporting delusional commie bullshit

Now i see that you potatoniggers deserved every single bullet Anglos fired at you, get fucked



Muh Frankfurt School



>Tfw Appalachian Potato Nigger

File: 053100ddc88f115⋯.jpg (62.21 KB, 409x362, 409:362, delphg_72b.jpg)

File: 199397a73b51c12⋯.jpg (38.7 KB, 460x360, 23:18, 54eafe5b063b3_-_garden-1-0….jpg)

File: 84645f60cc7b80c⋯.jpg (162.66 KB, 800x599, 800:599, rose garden.jpg)


Anyone else here like gardening? I find it extremely calming and peaceful.

57 posts and 54 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Isn't too late for them already? Damn, I don't know. What I'm afraid of is that I think we will have insane temperatures here this year, I'm not sure now, I just hope weather won't go crazy this summer.


2 l8?

hell nah, this year spring was nonexistend, and now "summer"

well, we had maybe 4 or 5 days with 25+ degrees centigrade

tomorrow I make photograph and post

I planted them in march and april.

march batch died / did not germinate

april batch is now on the way to bloom.

They are not as big as golf balls but very impressive.

Next year I make them big as golf balls



>they are not as big as golf balls

Heh, so I was right you don't have it as flowers but you use it to make some good old opiate "medicine".


I am not creating a drug factory or anything

I just wondered if those things only grow in Helmland or if they can grow in yurop too

This time I planted them not in usual pots but 3 plants in giantic quadratic pot. With lots of soil.

I did not even use fertillizers up until now. yet, the upper and lower plant have 3 pods each. Last year I only had 1 per plant and they were tiny tiny.

The middle plant is still growing, the stick is really thick already, nearly wooden even. I hope this one grows giantic. I also read there is the Giganteum breed for maximum size. Maybe I should get those seeds also

you need hectars of this crap to yield a 1kg brick

and every single plant you need to lance with hand work no work for lazy neet

no wonder we outsource this crap work to india and afghenistan

>golf balls

this is just my autism

when I do something, I have the desire to maximize and optimize everything, perfect every detail. Not always but usually for things I care about. Those plants are beautiful. When they blossom, I will show you all their beauty


ah fuck me in the head man

it hailed and now my poppies are dead

the middle one was so strong, the stick felt like it was woodden

it could have reached 100cm

life is a nigger and weather is too

next year I will build anti hail shield

I did not forget pics, made them 2 days ago but still too lazy to move them from sd card to pc, will post them tomorrow

File: 3df6e30fe527cda⋯.jpg (219.67 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, 1200px-Psilocybe.semilance….jpg)


Yall should do some fucking psychedelics. Lots of people have the mistaken impression that they make you happy, or they feel good or they tell you sweet lies or some shit. Wrong. As a doomer you're basically half there already. You see the nihilism but can't let go of it. Psychs actually take you deeper into the darkness. So deep, so far, that you punch through it to the other side and make peace with it so that the nihilistic aspects of life are celebrated and you can start living your life again, and can find meaning despite knowing that there ultimately isn't any. Life becomes an infinite booklet of blank checks that only runs out when you die. And even then things will be fine, because nothing mattered in the first place anyway.

18 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



This is literally the same shit any entry level pothead will tell you anytime you meet him. Do you have some druggie bible or why the hell you repeat the same stuff again and again?



On it now and holy fuck psychedelics are intense. I like the feeling though.



Classical whataboutism. By spitting on other drugs, they make "theirs" appear more attractive.

there's probably hundreds of thousands of retards who consumed [drug], entered their car and crashed it somewewhere. It's just way more common with alcohol because it's legal


File: b6e4c33596f84f0⋯.png (205.91 KB, 934x783, 934:783, RCscheme.png)


4-HO-MiPT and 4-HO-MET > psilocin


File: 91f111f03804c5c⋯.png (31.66 KB, 722x420, 361:210, Drug_danger_and_dependence.png)


>unironically believing this propaganda

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