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File: 8651fa49e2da6ac⋯.jpg (70.89 KB, 580x751, 580:751, 12113dc63e5489d2b59f51397d….jpg)

1702d1  No.14

A thread for all the books and articles relevant to the interests of the B.O.N.D

1702d1  No.26

File: dcc106977836d52⋯.png (769.7 KB, 1125x1250, 9:10, celticreadinglistpgpw.png)

File: d6041a77349caa7⋯.pdf (1.48 MB, Of gods and fighting men.pdf)

I'll get things started, here's a good reading list for Celtic mythology, good for those wanting to learn about the Celtic Gods and ancient Celtic society

1702d1  No.27

File: 1dc7a7ed94ac9c9⋯.pdf (9.82 MB, Irish Fairy and Folk Tales.pdf)


Having to space this out otherwise they don't upload smh

1702d1  No.28

File: 9d62665600feb63⋯.pdf (730.01 KB, The Fairy-Faith in Celtic ….pdf)

1702d1  No.29

File: 8ace1e5f3cbb17b⋯.pdf (560.61 KB, The Celtic Twilight.pdf)

1702d1  No.30

File: 383dd3519ffbd82⋯.pdf (346.17 KB, The Mabinogion.pdf)

1702d1  No.31

File: 0f367e4b46c9c32⋯.pdf (1.34 MB, Summoning_the_Gods_-_Colli….pdf)

Summoning the gods is a great read for understanding the pagan worldview

1702d1  No.32

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Also really nice animated adaption of the Mabinogion

49ddf9  No.59

File: 927c17c99e484f5⋯.pdf (7.08 MB, Daala_mist_or_Stories_of_S….pdf)

Dumping everything else

49ddf9  No.60

File: 0c4eb02b5dbc44d⋯.pdf (320.82 KB, A_Gaelic_Eschatological_Fo….pdf)

49ddf9  No.61

File: 9046f15d15e8ae5⋯.pdf (1.87 MB, 02ShetlandFolkLoreWholeBoo….pdf)

49ddf9  No.62

File: 957500ed4735f3a⋯.pdf (6.22 MB, Elves_Wights_and_Trolls_-_….pdf)

49ddf9  No.63

File: b00f448cd0da857⋯.pdf (177.51 KB, On_Indo-European_Cosmic_St….pdf)

49ddf9  No.64

File: 7f4c34a9ab05e90⋯.pdf (2.69 MB, The-Encyclopedia-of-Celtic….pdf)

09a16a  No.66

File: 7c734261cf6b50f⋯.jpg (657.48 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1516752837756.jpg)

All these uploads are fantastic, a thousand thanks to OP

49ddf9  No.67

>>66 (observed)

And there'll be more coming

337929  No.72

File: b5d5c200d29266c⋯.pdf (158.48 KB, Alchemy Overview.pdf)

Contributing Alchemy resources.

>Alchemy Overview

337929  No.73

File: c604a3ce4488b62⋯.pdf (1.28 MB, FORMULAS.PDF)



A compendium of alchemical "potions" and lab instructions for them.

337929  No.74

File: 8e7a5c3c21cf301⋯.pdf (2.96 MB, lexicon_of_alchemy.pdf)



>Lexicon of Alchemy

This is a very studious read. If you plan to take Alchemy seriously, then a lot of study, time, and money will be poured into the craft, unless you're a spiritual alchemist and need only to observe the significance of the materials.

This should be read before Formulas, but after Alchemy Overview.

337929  No.75

File: 4ad52918379898d⋯.pdf (1.64 MB, LIQUOR_original.PDF)




>Liquor Alcahest

A discourse of paracelsus and helmont. A fun 15 page read.

337929  No.76

File: af48239b19aa8ca⋯.pdf (39.81 KB, Mirror of Alchemy.pdf)





>Mirror of Alchemy

Another short instructional/musing like Liquor. Makes for another fun read.

337929  No.77

File: ddd3fc7b3f2cf00⋯.pdf (1.21 MB, VULGAR.PDF)






>Antimony Vulgar

An instructional for the more initiated, I suppose. A great read. It's always funny reading how spiteful Hermeticists are toward the general public.

337929  No.78

File: d804b5deef0a78e⋯.pdf (63.03 KB, The Secret Book of Artephi….pdf)







>Secret Book of Artephius

Another instructional. Nothing secret about it.

337929  No.80

File: f8e1d822dab6e28⋯.pdf (66.97 KB, Novum Lumen.pdf)








>Nova Lumen

Another instructional with special notes from fringe. After all, this is where all these are coming from, but now here for easy access.

337929  No.81

File: cb7f4c87e736c8c⋯.pdf (5.84 MB, M.M. Pattison Muir - The S….pdf)









>The Story of Alchemy and the Beginnings of Chemistry

I believe the title will suffice.

337929  No.82

File: 006b69f85443e75⋯.pdf (1.01 MB, Corpus Hermeticum.pdf)










Last, but also first on this Alchemy reading list is

>Corpus Hermeticum

Some equate this to being the Green Tablets, but the CH may very well not be. We have yet to search beneath the Pyramids.


The CH has been molested many, many times over the centuries. This is the best English translation we have as far as I know. However, it was translated during Catholic reign. Anything that seems "biblical" can be discarded from memory. Assume all interjections of a supreme godhead to be Kabal trickery, for it is just that.

The jews have been interjecting Kabal (Qabbalah, etc.) into Hermeticism for as long as the filthy shylocks have had influence over the shabbos goyim. Please remember that Hermes is a god, not a man. Thoth is a god, not a man. Oghma is a god, not a man (praise be for the gift of Ogham 27 times. Praise to the God of Knowledge, Magic and Wisdom, to whom we owe our minds, and the access to the soul we so seek). The Hermeticum was transmitted physically from the God of Knowledge to Man. We can assume this to be true, as all gifts from the Divines come in physical form (or manifest therein) in any legend from any pantheon you study. There is but one religion where a god almost exclusively blesses man with spiritual "strength" in a pinch rather than truly blessing his faithful. You named it: jew religions. Thus instead of the truth, we get a shitty nu-hermeticum that claims it was a divine dream, almost akin to Paul being mind-fucked by Moloch…err…I mean Satan…err…I mean "God".

Just…be careful what you let mould you, young ones. I have spent my whole life letting people tell me what to believe in. It was only when I began thinking for myself and exploring REAL divine truth is when I realized I am a DIVINE soul walking among those same men. I am the ram at the top of the mountain. I am the destroyer of chaos magic and defender of the veil. I (and you) are destined to be with the Divine, while the most "prominent" spiritual leaders will drown in Israel's sewers.

Happy reading!

5fffa2  No.84






>>77 (observed)





Thanks lad, haven't read so much into alchemy but these should be a fun read

e97c51  No.98

Anyone got any books or reading material on Ogham for this young lad here?

5fffa2  No.110

File: 8ac98be7f8b81d8⋯.pdf (1.91 MB, Gronbech_Vilhelm_-_The_cul….pdf)


Not that I know of, but I'll have a look. In the meantime here are a bunch of other good reads

5fffa2  No.111

File: 4f1b721ee3ca04c⋯.pdf (357.04 KB, Indo-European_Dragon-Slaye….pdf)

5fffa2  No.112

File: b4df4866ed57b35⋯.pdf (2.72 MB, IECreationMyth.pdf)

5fffa2  No.113

File: e5e3f3ce14cc3f2⋯.pdf (3.32 MB, knut_hamsun_torpagin_berek….pdf)

5fffa2  No.114

File: 0cb322f5cf2d01c⋯.pdf (2.36 MB, saxo_grammaticus.pdf)

5fffa2  No.115

File: 6af3f4caf68ac8d⋯.pdf (827.6 KB, The_Heathen_Manifesto.pdf)

5fffa2  No.116

File: 1ebd8b15ae05f2c⋯.pdf (1.77 MB, The_Path_of_Wotan.pdf)

5fffa2  No.117

File: 2f17c3aaf7ec6c8⋯.pdf (1 MB, The-Prose-Edda.pdf)

5fffa2  No.119

475109  No.120

File: f9ded2babdae95d⋯.pdf (3.79 MB, Merlin-A-Casebook-Arthuria….pdf)

5fffa2  No.122

File: 7eb7ee743288fb1⋯.pdf (2.05 MB, A_History_of_God.pdf)

Another info dump

5fffa2  No.123

File: a000e5f98c7a887⋯.pdf (3.24 MB, Greek_Sacred_Law.pdf)

5fffa2  No.124

File: e7338938a719069⋯.pdf (1.72 MB, New_Aspects_of_Religion_in….pdf)

5fffa2  No.125

File: 07b831aecd93709⋯.pdf (4.82 MB, PIE_Religion.pdf)

5fffa2  No.128

5fffa2  No.129

5fffa2  No.133

File: 2c9e8e8890ed160⋯.pdf (1.88 MB, The_Place_of_Manannan_in_I….pdf)

The place of Mananann Mac Lir in Irish Mythology

5fffa2  No.134

File: c83a58dd8047afe⋯.pdf (1.33 MB, Mitra-Varuna.pdf)

Mitra-Varuna: An essay on two Indo-European representations of sovereignty

Truly excellent read, describes the 'sky father' role in the European traditions is shared between two deites and the relationships between the two

5fffa2  No.135

4cefce  No.148

Pitru Paksha – The Fortnight of the Ancestors



A good read on PIE ancestor worship someone posted on /pol/.

5fffa2  No.151

File: 3ad6c78fc77cd64⋯.pdf (2.01 MB, spp241_vedic_gods.pdf)

On the Nature of the Vedic Gods

5fffa2  No.154

The Names of the Dagda


Sucellus and Nantosuelta in Mediaeval Celtic Mythology


5fffa2  No.164

5fffa2  No.165

5fffa2  No.166

On the Gods and The World by Sallustius

Part one


Part two


5fffa2  No.167

File: b30367a206d2b26⋯.png (570.48 KB, 1100x1100, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Posting a reading guide and a link to a massive MEGA archive


c08586  No.175

The BO of /tok/ is getting ready to 404 the board and exodus to chans unknown.

Here are the threads which have excellent hivemind research on metaphysics and health.

>/tok/ meta

http ://archive.is/dwNtr

>the Akekic records

http ://archive.is/1Tg45

>Magic General

http ://archive.is/vyqbJ

>Kekist scripture

http ://archive.is/Haa6Z

>Bifrost op

https ://archive.is/OQt7D

>A thread for interpreting significant digits

http ://archive.is/cvcP8

>ethnogens and volkisch healing

https ://archive.is/JzD7Y

>esoteric sciences

http ://archive.is/MOluA

>quantum r&d

http ://archive.is/txKuU

>the war for Saturn

https ://archive.is/l4O8l

>Kek and synchronicity

http ://archive.is/oBl1I

>irl examples of memes influencing reality

https ://archive.is/bbeGk

c08586  No.185

File: 217bc0d69d25166⋯.png (125.24 KB, 931x302, 931:302, BEC019C5-3F1E-4FA5-994A-C8….png)

Here is the ‘Aryan Spirituality’ thread schizolad began to shit up. He was BTFO by many, and an unaffiliated magician gave him colon cancer.

>https ://archive.fo/qcE3v

adc473  No.189


kek, bit harsh.

c08586  No.194

‘Forever and Ever’, a rare anthology of devotional poems to Adolf Hitler by Savitri Devi.

d6987b  No.210

Here’s the archive for XXXI

https ://archive.fo/7cGLl

c08586  No.219

I thought this deserved copypasta and more discussion tbh.

Fasting or the Case for an Unattested Ritual, pt. 1

I have spent the last few weeks cogitating on the state of affairs in our movement – our purpose. Is it not enlightenment? Is it not to transcend our earthly state and become closer to the gods? Yet, so many of us are happy with the most simple of ritual, a mere facsimile of practice. I am not without blame! My faith has waxed and waned throughout the years. Especially in the Germanic tradition, where so much is lost, and there is a palpable stigma against that which is seen as "neo-paganism" or inauthentic reconstruction and thus is discounted and never adopted and thus we are happy appearing to those outside the circle as "LARPy racist atheists with an excuse." Today, I hope to make a case for that which is perennial but lacks the stamp of approval called "attested." We must be ever-vigilant on who we let inform us. In some cases, a person may act as a sage, but lead one astray for his or her own personal gain. They may also lead you down a path which our ancestors despised under the guise of the dark times we live in. This is neither.

As I said, I have spent weeks ruminating on this topic. It started with the trials of Hercules, or Hercules' 12 labours. I remembered in his 12 labour, where he is sent to capture the three-headed dog Cerberus, Hercules encounters Theseus and Pirithous who are bound. Theseus and Pirithous ventured to Hades, who welcomed them with open arms despite knowing their true intentions. In some stories, they are bound in rock, in others by snakes, in others by a chair of forgetfulness – but one theme is central to all the stories: they are eternally damned to forget the reason they ventured to the underworld. In some stories, they are both rescued by Hercules; in some, only one. All of this is irrelevant for the perennial wisdom contained in the story.

Theseus and Pirithous are bound, most often by snakes, forgetting their reason for embarking on their journey. Are we not also bound by snakes? The snake in Indo-European folklore has many purposes, and it preys on those who are unaware. It binds the unaware man and forever shackles him to the earth. This enslavement to materiality is exemplified in Hercules' twelfth labour. It is not hard to imagine Theseus and Pirithous sitting, bound by snakes, always forgetting their purpose, stuffing their faces as they forget what their true goal is. It is not until Hercules breaks the spell that they awaken from their stupor – it is not until the fog disspiates, either by one's own divine reason or through the help of another, that one may remember one's purpose. Said another way, only when you remember why you are in the chair will you be able to escape the chair. Likewise, the only way to defeat the chair without first sitting in it is to never sit in it; thus, we must be ever-vigilant. This concept is the Vedantic avidya. The chair of forgetfulness is avidya. It hides the true nature of things and presents another in its place. Likewise, in the Havamal, stanzas 11-14, the bird of forgetfulness looms over the head of the drinker. (Apollodorus' Bibliotheka)

In another story, Tantalus kills his own son, dismembers him, and serves the body to the gods. Enraged by this, the gods sentence Tantalus to forever be neck-high in water (do I even need to explain the metaphysical symbolism of water?), surrounded by fruit trees. When Tantalus goes to drink and quench his thirst, the water recedes forever. When he reaches for the innumerable fruits of the trees, as if carried by a divine wind, the trees are forever out of his reach. (Homer Odyssey)

Tantalus is forever a slave to his most base impulses, never able to eat or quench his thirst. Forever he is trapped in water, unable to escape.

Now, read this next bit a few times until it "clicks."

A father kills his own son, sentenced to be tempted eternally by immaculate abundance, but is never able to sate his most basic desire.

You done reading it a few times over? A father sacrifices the future of his posterity for his own basic desires and thus he is doomed forever to be surrounded indeed by the abundance he wished for but to never have it. If that is not a metaphor for the state of the west today, I do not know what is.

c08586  No.220

Pt. 2

What does all of this have to do with the rest?

>I was thinking, then, about the concept of transcendence. How can we transcend this material enslavement? I began to think about the black sun.

>The answer, as if given to me through divine inspiration, was simple. Don't sit in the chair. But that wasn't enough. We all have to eat. This is our curse as humans. If I were to develop a ritual or tradition, I needed a reason for it. There had to have been perennial truth in it. I couldn't just say, "Eat very little because I feel divinely inspired that this is the correct course of action." I would sound like a lunatic.

>So I spent many hours cogitating on ascetic tradition. We almost all agree in that axiom of "As above, so below." Thus, when we understand that the self is separate to the body, we begin to have a framework from which we can work. When we understand how that applies to other indo-european traditions, a clearer picture emerges.

>Many – and I do mean many – esoteric traditions speak of transcendence as a place above heaven and earth, so bright that it is dark. In Pythagorean astronomy, there is a central fire – a hidden or dark sun – and our yellow sun is but a shadow of it.

>The Godhead is wrapped in all sides by darkness. The shroud is lifted only to the ascetic who, like Odhin, sacrificed his own eye to gain sight beyond sight.

>Dionysius the Areopagite says that "by passing beyond everything, yourself included, irresistibly and completely, you will be exalted in pure ecstacy right up to the dark splendour of the divine superessence." The light is so bright that it is called dark.

>This is the understanding of the Black Sun. The paths of sense-perception will never discover its nature.

>Iranian Sufism speaks of the "Divine Night" – a black light that is the source and origin of all light.

>In the Rose Garden of Mystery, it is explained that within this darkness is the water of all life. The blackness is the light of what Meister Eckhart called "istigkeit."

>Meister Eckhart's istigkeit ("is-ness") is the atma when all that is anata is dissolved. Buddhist self-annihiliation.

>Beyond this Divine Night is the source of all creation. The Black Sun is not the destination, but the threshold which must be crossed.

>Avicenna says, "perpetual darkness surrounds the pole unpenetrated by any ray of light. But he who fearlessly enters this darkness will emerge into a clearly-lighted plain where he will find this springing fountain."

>Hyperborean myth all fits perfectly with these explanations and whether or not you agree with it, its Aryan influence of the globe's esoteric traditions is obvious and the perennial truth within it is there for the taking if we are to just open our eyes.

c08586  No.221

Pt. 3

>Through much contemplation, I decided on a ritual which I feel has metaphysical validity and perennial truth.

>Odhin as the priestly figure is our role model. Through his example in his High form, we can come to know the path to his As-High form from which the Third grants divine knowledge.

>Thus, through self-sacrifice and more importantly self-mastery we may come to know just a few of the mysteries of the universe.

>We must control all aspects of our worldly self. Plato speaks of the tyrannical man, and this is the opposite of the man we want to embody. Yet we are surrounded by tyannical men, and many among us are themselves tyrannical in spirit.

>In the Nectar of Instruction, it is explained more succinctly than I could ever hope to achieve.

>"A sober person who can tolerate the urge to speak, the mind’s demands, the actions of anger and the urges of the tongue, belly and genitals is qualified to make disciples all over the world."

>We must control our urge to speak. We must be mindful of what words we use. We must control how we say them, who we say them to, and so on. We must quiet our minds through meditation and sacred reflection on the divine. We must also control the urges of the belly. We are slaves to food necessarily, but we needn't eat too much and we must be careful about what food we put into our bodies. Likewise, we must conquer our genitals. Too often, in this hyper-sexualized society, this is amongst the hardest of tasks.

>But for the tyrannical man who forever runs to and fro, seeking to sate the desires of his belly, genitals, and mind, he will never reach enlightenment.

>The Havamal too speaks on these things in stanzas 11-14, 20-21, 33, and so on. These ideas are perennial ideas but ones we forget because we sit in the chair of forgetfulness.

I know these ideas are not explicitly attested and so I expect pushback. But my proposition is this:

>Every week, on Wednesday (Woden's day), we fast from the hours of 9:00AM to 9:00PM. We drink only water, or milk in measure. We wake early, bathe, have a small breakfast (emphasis on small), of something simple like bread, and meditate on the divine nature of the gods and on the true nature of the Third.

>Everything we do that day, we do with our eyes on the divine, on the black sun and the clearly-lit realm beyond it. We know that through our repeated mastery of ourselves, and in following the example of Odhin, we are one step closer to achieving enlightenment.

>We spend the day thinking too of our ancestors and the race-soul that is carried in our blood and, for those of us with children, we think also of the future of the race-soul. For the duration of the day, we will speak very little – the Havamal has more stanzas on this than almost any other topic, in fact. If our minds become troubled, we will again go to meditation and center ourselves to continue the fast.

>Absolutely no masturbation or any other earthly pleasures including alcohol on that day. It is a day of self-mastery. And when the fast is ended, end the day with meditation yet again, and have only a small meal to end the day. Obvious exemptions to the ill, elderly, very young, or pregnant.

>The 12-hour span is symbolic – 12 Olympian deities (Sanctuary of the Twelve Gods in the Agora of Athens), 12 statues of Roman deities (Latium Di Consentes in the forum next to the law of the Twelve Tables), 12 are the Aesir of the race of gods, 12 names of Odhin, 12 seats in Ida field in the centre of Asgard, 12 rivers flow from spring of Hvergelmir (Elivagar), Romulus sees 12 birds heralding the foundation of Rome, 12 labours of Hercules, 12 deeds of the Buddha, 12 Nidanas which the Buddha transcends and escapes the cycle of life and death, Ra travels through 12 caves, 12 goddesses surround a child, he emerges from the underworld in the 12th hour, 12 Knights of the Round Table, etc. – as is the hour of starting, as nine is the number of the dead.

>For the more devout, the goal will be to reach an entire 24-hour period of fasting. But all that will come in time.

>Will you join me? Or are you contented to sit in the chair of forgetfulness and forget your reasons for embarking on this journey?

An interesting post from the discord, thought some of you may be interested.

23622a  No.245

File: 8c08372930fb430⋯.png (905.97 KB, 709x900, 709:900, art1521332623.png)

File: 4c5bf5175fe3079⋯.pdf (9.63 MB, The British Kymry Or Brito….pdf)

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