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Administering Disorder through Order to keep the Sacred Chao balanced.

File: 7fa49df70a0626b⋯.jpg (18.93 KB, 287x287, 1:1, 1323152214256.jpg)


If you're not familiar with Discordianism, you're probably wondering what the hell this board is all about, so I'm going to lay things straight so you can get your bearings amongst the confusion.

>What the fuck IS Discordianism?

Long story short, Discordianism is a religion that started in the early 60's based around the ancient Greek Goddess of Chaos, Confusion, and Discord. Starting religions was a popular hobby back then, so a couple of guys got together, made their own holy text, passed it around, and many people had great fun with it.

>So what's it all about then?

You should probably read the Principia yourself, but the basic point is that Chaos is the ultimate creative power behind everything. Chaos consists of Order and Disorder, which may or may not be social constructs. There is no single message of importance to the Principia Discordia, but it is quite an enjoyable read. Any individual may feel free to interpret it in any way they wish. You may even ignore it altogether.

>Say, you're not trying to convert me, are you?

It differs per board owner, but I'd say yes, join the Society and find your sect. It's all up to you what you want to do. The Discordian Society is entirely decentralized, making it possible for you to make your own sect or join in on anothers' beliefs and projects. If you are curious to find out more about Discordianism, it is not advised to use the internet to do so, and certainly not the first or second thing you find on Google. This board is a place to discuss your findings.

>What is this "greyface" thing that you people keep going on about?

In the year 1166 BC, a man by the name of Greyface decided that life had to be seriously considered. From that point on, anyone which believes in the division of Disorder and Order within Chaos and chooses one over the other is regarded as bearing the Curse of Greyface. In reality there are no divisions in Chaos, you can't cut it in half like a pie. Within the Discordian Society there is however a lot of hypocrisy, thus POEE decided to put a positive spin on Chaos by dividing it Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Toothpaste is just bone soap.

File: 1420841177871.png (56.46 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Sacred Chao.png)


Here are the two most amusing books Discordianism has to offer; The Principia Discordia describes and outlines the religion, and The Black Iron Prison describes the prison of 'self' in which all organisms necessarily exist.

These books and more can also be found at principiadiscordia.com. If you have any material you'd like to post here, please do!

Also connect to UnderNet through IRC and join the #bookz channel to find shitloads of books.

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File: 974470065f4d9a4⋯.pdf (2.37 MB, DiscordianMenace-64365518.pdf)

Educate yourself on the Discordian Menace! (It's much better than The Phantom Menace.)

File: 621ce53131aa6a0⋯.png (714.32 KB, 746x720, 373:360, 1515671965314.png)


Fuck your shitty cult, you're a bunch of heretics and your goddess pads her chest. Repent of your faggotry and Aqua-sama might find it in her to forgive you.

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You could get infected by a job



UR a whore, Aquachan was sucking me off for free the other night. Go cry into your drunk mother's padded chest, for my Goddess's chest is most bountiful.



Hail Eris! what a lucky roll, even if it isn't 2223 or 2233.

I GOT that sense for y'ah, high grade sensimilla, good price too. That way you don' got'ta make no sense yourself, just buy it. We live in a capitalist society, no reason you gotta make some'ting you don' wan'na.


I just got banned from kohlchan for "cuck-posting". I was just a joke, a single setence before a wall of redpill on w*men.

and you'd expect the germs to enjoy cuckshit, stupid pedos


Aqua is useless goddess, though she has a nice singing voice. Kazuma is probably an Eris cultist too, she's a nice good girl who cares about him.

File: e65c1f245b95a39⋯.jpg (32.13 KB, 404x720, 101:180, 51508123_1924784604298148_….jpg)


In this thread people come up with ways to create CHAOS in their lives.

Method 1.

When a bus drives past you, throw it with your mobile device.

Method 2.

Tell all your friends you got locked up in a mental hospital and disappear for a month.

Method 3.

Find a new addiction. Preferably something non-addictive.

Method 4.

Print some missing-posters with your face.

Method 5.

Try a career in politicks

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It isn't you're right. It is a choice however to be a general accelerationist, or a specified one. The nazi-propaganda accelerationists I would call "general" because often they're still part in one way or another of mainstream culture, through which they hope to disseminate their accelerationism. This is achieved through the simple inversion of the western post-WWII mantra "nazis evil" into "but what if nazis not-that-evil/good?", the mainstream's attitude of "if you're not 100% against (whatever is deemed fascist by authority) you're 100% fascist" into "if you're not anti-communist because Stalin and Mao, then you're anti-fascist/-capitalist/-western".

Ultimately the accelerationists' goals are anti-cosmic if left unchecked, which is why I try to be accelerationist when it comes to the most mainstream culture, but a demanifester-of-the-eschaton when it comes to stuff like this here, especially on /doomer/. Most of you won't make it into physical immortality, but the possibility of having one's name written into the grand book of deeds is here for all of us and I might aswell kill myself if I don't try atleast.

So do as yee saints and popes and holy cabbages alike have done alike for millenia, and sow some fucking chaos. On anonymous places like the chans of course, but especially on the greyface outlets. Salvation through confusion seems about right looking at the state of the world, Eris loves us



Spreading too much chaos causes one to be seen as a non-serious lunatic.

I'd suggest building up a decent reputation before you start making a mess of things.



I prefer sowing chaos. You don't just throw seeds on a field and expect a crop to grow. You have to plant that seed in the right place at the right time.



You're a pony rucker, aren't you?



I would like to concur.


Does sound like something a pony rucker would say.

File: 0bed15c55083a4d⋯.png (98.2 KB, 400x300, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm planning a trip to Eris

Anyone wanna come with?

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I use DMT-cleaner to clean my brain out every morning



What brand do you use?


File: d48e68e11730ce2⋯.pdf (883.91 KB, resolution00001 so far.pdf)


I ain't coming with you before you can point it out from the night sky.



That's a decent head on your shoulders you got there. Where'd you find something like that these days?

File: 1426815151492.jpg (264.05 KB, 750x500, 3:2, goldenpath_std.jpg)


There once was a man who said "Damn.
For I've discovered I am,
A creature the moves,
In determinate grooves,
I'm not even a bus, I'm a tram!"
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A poetry slam?

About our spiteful goddess?

Hey /eris/, check this.


I was here but now I'm not

I have gone to smoke some pot

I left this poem to prove a point

Life ain't shit without a joint


Such for life to have a girl

Curious desire within golden curl

Holding nothing of her claim

It is tither my life seeks aim

I only wish to give her my pearl!


In peaches i seek

Yet golden apples i find

Least she's crazy hot


I wish to make prose anew,

Yet this limerick is three lines too few...

File: 06d059e4b208f37⋯.jpg (119.75 KB, 2250x1586, 1125:793, l8lwjz1ojyy21.jpg)


brutalism is pretty cool


Almost... Too cool...

File: 7aaadda986fa346⋯.jpg (102.52 KB, 490x680, 49:68, 24c174cd00b877be8124eee81e….jpg)


we oughta like, start a cult in some big compound.

We'll breed the girls so they'll constantly be pregnant and giving birth to new kids to indoctrinate.

And we could grow easily this way.

not that i would know if we would want to

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>Let's indoctrinate our children to fight indoctrination!

I like you. You're funny.



Open this floodgate, says I.



I congratulate thee on thine achievement of acquiring quads in thine post number.

I also wish to question the content of your post and ask what you mean with opening the floodgates on vapor-discordianism.



I, as one of the keepers of the first four quads, now dubbed the horsemen of /eris/ (join me >>1111!), wish to inspire a discordian renaissance. Any kind will do, but vapourwave has wide appeal and is rather hard to perform badly, ironically or otherwise.



I share your wish for a Discordian renaissance, brother!

Any topic that has your interest is easily intertwineable with Discordianism.

I don't know if Vaporwave is the best means though.

File: b589871cb6c513c⋯.png (411.69 KB, 1199x605, 109:55, 530637963e0fd4964a6e9d9d9b….png)


This place is not fun, you should leave immideately.

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what does that mean though



It means that we're probably going to yank your chain until you reflexively treat anything you read here with a bit of skepticism. It means Siddhartha was wrong and the root of all suffering isn't desires, it's the bad habit of taking the world more seriously than the world takes itself. And it means you should hit the stickies and read, because this is the Ontological IKEA, the Truth requires assembly, and if you do it right you'll end up with extra pieces you throw away afterward.



The disdain for order is only inherent in POEE though.

In all of Discordianism it's about Chaos, which supposedly consists of both Order and Disorder.

Putting one above the other is the curse of Greyface, which is ironic because that'd mean POEE is greyface.



it means read the damn sticky, cabbage

you are a pope, start acting like it



It may be difficult at first to understand the distinction between Disorder and Chaos. Chaos is simply perfect randomness. Entropy. The cosmic background radiation. The forces of the universe which don't care about us. Order and Disorder are stories we tell ourselves to make sense of all this.

File: ce24597d87e89f1⋯.jpg (81.81 KB, 960x720, 4:3, totally not Eris, dude!.jpg)


One of the benefits of Discordianism is the freedom of belief it encourages.

What are your personal thoughts on Discordianism? Which ideas do you agree with and which do you ignore?

see also: >>940 which is currently 404'd


There are a few pages in the Principia that stand out to me, but I think the one that resonates hardest with me is the one that wraps it up with the concept of Nonsense As Salvation. That being confused isn't always a problem you have to fix. That nonsense has its uses, and the answer is sometimes 'mu'. Though one must keep in mind that 'mu' is a call to stop and think, not to stop thinking. Never go full lolrandumb.


Dice rollRolled 106 (1d365)

>What are your personal thoughts on Discordianism?

While a lot of the community interaction is lighthearted roleplaying, I already agreed with many of the general ideas of discordianism and of some of its more quoted popes. Things like the denouncement of absolute truth, and appreciating disorder. In an advanced global society where world domination is increasingly plausible, chaos becomes an important protection against the horrors of tyranny.

also Billy and Mandy's Eris is a qt psycho waifu


File: dd132438f8362ce⋯.webm (172.29 KB, 600x600, 1:1, eris_dance.webm)

Discordianism as outlined in the Principia Discordia is somewhat analogous to our modern understanding of physics.

The ideas of order being an illusion and of the futility of the traditional quest for a true 'grid' is reminiscent of the relativistic idea that no absolute frame of reference exists. A person standing still only appears to be standing still because you share the same grid, the same frame. Relative to an observer standing still in relation to our sun, you are moving close to 30,000 metres every second, then our sun orbits the Milky Way even faster and that is moving relative to every other object, not to mention all the rotation everything is doing at the same time. The use of frames of reference in relativity to order this incomprehensible, chaotic clusterfuck is the Aneristic Principal.

Chaos theory represents the Eristic Principal, that the concept of no-relation is artificial, and is concerned with the creation of grids to try and comprehend such disorder.

A religion that doesn't contradict the last few hundred years of scientific theory??? It's surreal.

File: 7001c8f98b20d28⋯.jpg (30.84 KB, 640x361, 640:361, the-jester.jpg)


An important part of the Eris cult is chaos.

Do you spread it?

Do you cultivate it for later picking?

Share your stories ITT.

20 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I show up to lectures early, put harmless messages on the writing board, leave and show up again a little late.


What about using heavily encrypted proxy systems to engage in completely innocent activities?


I'm studying for laws and I simply love bureaucracy. My country allows for many crazy spooky things to happen that nobody seems to really have taken advantage of yet.

Won't spoil too much, but the road towards robotic domination is a loop of legal entities.


I hereby declare myself the patron pope of randomness and pseudo randomness. May Eris keep your communications safe from those who seek control.



my god

you are /dev/random and /dev/urandom both at once?

File: 1420572202348.png (287.1 KB, 460x635, 92:127, 1395379393592.png)


1. What you think of as REALITY is a collection of ideas and beliefs about
REALITY. Many of the ideas you have about REALITY come from the
culture in which you were raised and have accumulated haphazardly over
2. This, in itself, is not a problem. The problem is in forgetting point number
1. When you forget point 1, you mistake your ideas about reality for being
REALITY itself. Of this, it has been said ‘the menu is not the meal’. Please
refrain from eating the menu.
3. People who ‘eat the menu’ frequently become confused and annoyed when
other people insist on seeing REALITY in a different way. All that truly dif-
fers are their ideas and beliefs about REALITY.
4. Beliefs are just thoughts you keep having.
5. No living being is capable of perceiving all of REALITY, as all senses of
perception are limited. Humans can only see, hear, smell, taste and feel within
certain parameters. Information entering our senses undergoes compression,
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Spirits can tell how powerful you think they are. If you perceive them as more powerful than yourself, they perceive this as love. If you perceive them as less powerful than yourself, but you actually do love them, they perceive this also as love. Either way, it is ambrosia. It empowers them.

They can perceive more than that, but their sense of the love radiating off of you can blind them. Spirits whose power exceeds their sensitivity can drift into tyranny without knowing the corrosion of their own nature, particularly when faced with a mortal who knows them in their grandest guise. For cannot the endless admiration be felt? The whole resonant power of the being before them is raised in exultation..! But it is the mere conviction of power, and not always a truly positive response.

The difference between fear and love is a distinction drawn more intuitively on Earth than on some worlds. Numerous are the spirits drawn more to fear than love in truth, for they detest to be thought weak more than they truly care if they are loved.

Eris never will drift into tyranny, or perhaps better said her power is innately tyrannical, but certainly growing greater cannot make her focus shift; for her particular kind of tyranny is to find change potentials and empower people recklessly within them. Were she willing to empower only saints she would enter into heaven, for it is not her own will that creates the suffering of her renown. Rather it is that she empowers saints and scoundrels alike and sets that sets her roaming the abyss. Eris loves questionable people for questionable reasons. I shouldn't need to tell Discordians how to gain the favor of Eris, but among your more ordinary rituals you should be very certain that you won't recognize Eris in your dreams. Chaos Thrives Unnoticed.

Some tricks of spirit work on earth, but I can't tell if it is wiser to use them benevolently or not at all. I can't tell here how anything moves. I have the barest hint of my former sight and fire - what happened? Why is there so much pain in this place?



Shut the fuck.


Reality is a beetle I probably crushed yesterday without even noticing. Everything else, reality is not.



I found a beetle in my bed and I helped it go outside.



That was false reality, but it was all you had, and now you've gone and misplaced it too ):


What happened to the year 2012?????

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All the saints are dead or missing.

The only Eristocrats now left are Episkoposes, and they usually aren't very influential in any shape way or form.



Rejoice! For it is no longer a cult!

Weep! For it is a religion!



it's BOTH



Then let us rejoice and weep simultaneously.


but it's a good thing..

File: e7322f31cf8dfc3⋯.gif (23.32 KB, 300x237, 100:79, apple20.gif)


/eris/ (like /r/discordian) puts Discordianism in a heavily centralized position, which is heavily hypocritical when it comes to the Discordian Hierarchy.

Now since hypocrisy is a huge part of Discordianism, I'll let it slide, but don't make the same mistake twice!

23 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




p.s., it ain't even burecracy yet, your document is outdated



Probably those aneristics. Who invited them anyway?



Checked o/


File: 402b69f1fbb368b⋯.png (6.46 KB, 518x197, 518:197, sissy.png)


/eris/ has no real reason for existing, neither does DIscordianism.

It's absurdism and it exists because there's no reason for anything to exist, especially not right now.

Eris is bored and so are we, so I suggest we fuck things up a bit and accidentally take over the world.

File: 1431105740311.png (43.86 KB, 650x450, 13:9, 1356732767124.png)


Post something tangentially related to this picture. Then someone else posts something tangentially related to that picture, and so on. Let's see where this ends up.

Remember to write something too, to satisfy the r9k script.

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File: bab6e5c4edda991⋯.webm (14.92 MB, 640x480, 4:3, eggs.webm)


Do you think Donald lays eggs and eats them?


File: 91914c8b37e2e38⋯.png (146.71 KB, 500x683, 500:683, df8ec6954d93c200ca4717290d….png)

Donald is a real mallards mallard. No cloaca stuff, no ifs and or butts.


File: bef891196ed3b32⋯.jpg (93.68 KB, 1100x711, 1100:711, ocean beauty.jpg)


File: 77565d494de255d⋯.png (398.62 KB, 700x394, 350:197, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 28cc3708de6eef0⋯.jpg (2.34 MB, 4620x2120, 231:106, 1448070334796.jpg)

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