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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: a5a5d600488bbc1⋯.jpg (31.92 KB, 330x330, 1:1, cosmic-flush01.jpg)


I hope that you like this.

I have some good resources. The threads this was on were suddenly archived or just deleted.

This video here, https://youtube.com/#/watch?v=CpH_rXGHX1w , is a remote "soft kill shield" for targeted individuals of all kinds. It will work to destroy many harassments. This other, https://youtube.com/#/watch?v=OZCgOoGSLdQ , is the second version of the targeted individual scatter frequency. I hope that they help."

"Dive deep within yourself, speak to your Higher Self (read Why I am no longer a Lightworker 1 and 2, by Cameron Day), enter your Akashik records, and you shall Know. We are One with the All (Infinite Source) as the All (Infinite Source) is One with Us. If you need more guiding, read from Bibliotecapleyades and Montalk. Finally, listen to the following videos https://youtube.com/watch?v=RQIO9cqwgcE [Embed] , https://youtube.com/watch?v=pSyUT2p4H24 [Embed] , https://youtube.com/watch?v=feilxGTQkow [Embed] , , https://youtube.com/watch?v=XvyPscRD1ss [Embed] , (commas are flying so they do not become part of the link).

Each has instructions, and the last one is particularly important; only watch it 1 time per day for 5 days, then rest for 2, and then you may repeat it. Beware that sometimes channels will try to brainwash you; the ones I have listed are safe. Reclaim your Divine Sovereignity, Fight the Parasites, STS/Duality Low Vibration/Frquency/Density Beings and the different Matrix Control Systems.

Remember always, do not go into the light when you die."

Demons and archontic parasites absolutely hate the last video!

Also merging one of my other comments:

"The DrVirtual7 has made these amazing videos:https://youtube.com/watch?v=YVDGY5BKT5k , to help you with making a Shield of White and Golden Light, and https://youtube.com/watch?v=MrvQ-YNThDg [Embed] , to protect yourself from and dissolve black magic, also cleaning the Space of Self."



Thank you!


We must remove all satanic jews from the universe. These disgusting creatures are responsible for all the suffering in the world. All parasites will be removed and we will have an eternity of peace.




>It's about Enligthenment

>I hope

>I have

>I hope



There is no "I". Don't follow false prophets, follow the white rabbit.



Awwwwww lil baby jew is so scared! So cute!!!!!!!



This comments you're up to something.



Remember everyone - terrified jealous jews who aren't ready to pay their price spend 24/7/365 doing a demoralization campaign to keep everyone from figuring out their true power. Ignore them. That will drive these schizophrenic to suicide even faster. Keep up the good work everyone. Freedom is on it's way, and there is nothing these rat faced yids can do about it ;)))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Remember, the Jews isn't our common enemy, death is. It will make us equal any day. Become the master of self, not the slave of desire.



No. The common enemy is Satan. Death is part our growth.


If you're trying to make us look bad it won't look.



Something about this thread clearly struck a chord with ADL because they're on the move to discredit this with the jew psyop (not that jews aren't evil, but they're not The One True Evil, they're the Man in front of the Man, so to speak).


Hai guyz it's not the Jews and I'm definitely not a Jew we never did anything wrong even though I'm not jewish and also every criticism of our parasite cult (that I'm definitely not apart of) will be met with fifteen posts about how there's nothing to see here and it's not that big of a deal and just look away because I said so and just ignore the six million pieces of evidence proving all the anti human actions and demoralization campaign done by psychopath kikes because I said so by the way I'm definitely not jewish jeez haha like I mean I like totally like just overreacted to criticism of somebody who I am not and that's because like I'm just like making sure that every single post on the internet that mentions our crimes I mean their crimes I mean their not crimes has a few jidf I mean has a few non jidf posts reminding people to give them the benefit of the doubt but I won't do this for any other group and it's because I'm not a you.

Fucking kill yourselves. You serve no purpose and your kike black magic doesn't work anymore.


Here let me bitch slap these glow in the dark criminal psychopath goldlovers again

Remember - terrified jealous jews who aren't ready to pay their price spend 24/7/365 doing a demoralization campaign to keep everyone from figuring out their true power. Ignore them. That will drive these schizophrenic to suicide even faster. Keep up the good work everyone. Freedom is on it's way, and there is nothing these rat faced yids can do about it ;)))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I just realized I said to ignore them but didn't follow my own advice. Since I have the power to hold myself accountable and evolve, I am willingly pointing that out.

Pussy kikes would never admit being wrong because they spend 247365 trying to deceive so they can avoid paying their price.

You will pay your price you object worshipping pigs. Gonna have so much fun teaching you your lesson in hell!!!!!!!! ;)





One of the traps of spiritual development is paranoia. There are spooky things out there, but you're jump at shadows right now, Mr. Jones.



>Your kike black magic doesn't work anymore.

The people are finally bringing them down and very glad they're scared like the little bitches they are.


I wonder what it is.



First two links just send me straight to the Youtube home page

>soft kill shield

Can you elaborate on what this is exactly?



Here's the first two videos with working links:

https://hooktube.com/watch?v=CpH_rXGHX1w (soft kill shield)

https://hooktube.com/watch?v=OZCgOoGSLdQ (TI scatter frequency)

I think it was the anchor tag in the middle of the URL breaking it, but I changed them over to hooktube while I was at it.



>I wonder what it is.

I think the first part of your post answers this. And Mr. Jones' post too.

In the collective-objective dream (aka the "waking world", reality, whatever you want to call it), the consciousness shift is moving towards "jews and globalist elites are collapsing". Kinda a reverse psychology measure of sorts?

Considering how niche this board is, you'd think they'd have a better shill… Which is why I don't think he's a shill, I think he's just a piece of the universe early on the path that is succumbing to paranoia.

Sometimes your purpose in life is to be a lesson others might learn from.



Look up Inferiority complex chaim



thanks for this helpful individual part of the One Consciousness!


the DrVirtual7 made these videos, not me. A soft kill shield means: it makes a shield against soft-killing attempts (deliberate covert and hidden electronical manipulation of energy).

The description says that it protects against:

This Video Provides Relief From


Blue Beam

Heart Attack Laser

Sleep Deprivation

Data Mining Transfer

Soul Transfer

Soul Matrix Blueprint Intrusion

Brain Scanning

Dna DisIntegration

Central Nervous System Shutdown

Energy Vampires

Digital Ninja Darts


UnAuthorized Remote Viewing

Third Eye Intrusion

Power Lines

Gwen Cell Towers


Satellite Telemetry Reception

Programmable Nano Smart Dust

Programmable Black Goo Matter

Nano Tags

Chi Intrusion

Scalor Weapons

Bubonic Plague Silent Implant

Archon Intrusion

Success Sabotage

Evolve Sabotage

Energy Harvesting

Human Astral Abduction

Direct Line Sight Attacks

Terrestrial Black Feeding Tubes

Timeline Intrusion Sabotage

Dream Sabotage

Smart Meters

A.I Intrusion

yes it was the #


Because of this post, I got shadowbanned from 4ch. I don't think that such thing is undone without good justification, and it certainly won't get undone if my reason is "because i wanted to free you from (((them))) and their (((control)))".



Name on jew who doesnt make the entire purpose of their life making it illegal for people to not pay them before they do anything the fuck at all.

It's time for schlomo to get to the fucking back of the train. Just go ahead and get in the train in the back. *detaches back train while going fast as fuck* aw damn that train all jews were in just blew up rip damn now i have to live in heaven ugh!



> small dump about retuned music to 432 and 444 Hz:

do you know AedifexResources by any chance? they make high vibrational music and even have a google drive archive for free

432 is good and 444 is even better:

4+3+2=9 4+4+4=12 1+2=3 9+3=12

the distance between 432 and 444 is 12 1+2=3

12+12=24 4+2=6

Nikola Tesla said that if you understood the nature of 3, 6 and 9, you would have the keys of the universe.

Also, 444 vibrates C5=528 which is the Universal Love Frequency.



>4+3+2=9 4+4+4=12 1+2=3 9+3=12

>the distance between 432 and 444 is 12 1+2=3

>12+12=24 4+2=6

the numbers are pretty and all but I don't see how that's significant tbh. if you pick out what to add it's easy to make whatever you want



>Nikola Tesla said that if you understood the nature of 3, 6 and 9, you would have the keys of the universe.

>all the sums give either 3, 6 or 9

432 Hz is the tuning of ancient orchestrae. It is known for creating calm, for relaxing and for soothing strong and turbulent emotions (such as raw anger). It speeds your DNA's vibrations up but not so much as 444 Hz.

444 Hz is far less known, but it's still very relevant. It's a tuning meant for electronica and other such musics that have speed. It accelerates your DNA's vibration far more swiftly than 432 Hz. It's necessary if you want to get your DNA to lightspeed, which would make you inmortal once you requested that benefit to your DNA (it speaks with electric pulses that race all over your body) without having to consume dangerous ORME (monoatomic gold) which has the collateral of corroding bits of the soul and destabilizing the psyche (causing psychoses and madness).




Also, 444 Hz's C5 vibrates to 528 Hz (5+2+8=15 1+5=6) naturally. It's the third on the Solfeggio scale and it's known for being the Universal Love frequency.




>Example of powerful music tuned to 444 Hz and a very high vibration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKGb_9Kq1MM




I hope that you like it!



OP, I want you to know that I deeply appreciate this thread. How do I best make use of the videos?

Should I meditate whilst listening to it?



thank you my friend!

yes, that will increase the effects! (it's not even necessary!) :D



How often do I need to listen to it? I believe I've accidentally formed a contract with a parasite you see, provided I even think of a particular string of words, the parasite is given energy. I try my best to control my thoughts throughout the day but it's hard and I buckle at times and then I think the forbidden words and I feel my energy being drained.

Do I need to live the rest of my life like this? The word string is the special string that initiates the contract with the parasite. It seems like your methods just assuage the effects rather than neutralise.



Say and INTENTION "All contracts and agreements that are not for my highest will and good are severed instantly. They are recalled and decleared NULL AND VOID. ALL ENERGY DUMPED INTO THEM IS *INSTANTLY* RECOVERED. *THIS IS SO BECAUSE IT IS SO. SO MOTE IT BE.*. and then *ALL PARASITIC BEINGS ARE REMOVED FROM MY DIVINE SPHERE OF INFLUENCE AT ONCE. IF THEY RESIST THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES.*. Chant them intentioning them to resonate on your Divine Sphere of Influence (outermost limit of aura/ farthest subtle body). Visualize the parasite leaving you. Kick it off if you need to.

This video, https://youtube.com/watch?v=rfQVgVayXcc , will instantly remove it fromyou and prevent it from reattaching while it's playing, (so you may chant in peace). pse as long as you want.

This video, https://youtube.com/watch?v=g5-DrYahaSc , is deeper flushing, it will remove it from your energy system. Use as long as you want.

This video,

https://youtube.com/watch?v=LFXeCJ5j25o , is deeper flushing, it will remove everything negative from your nearby etheric. Use 1 time per day for 5 days and then rest for 2.

The other videos can be used as you want except for the CLEAN YOUR UNIVERSE, which is the same as the ETHERIC FLUSH (last one).



I'll get to work. Thank you.


Do these really work? Because i've been trying to change the colour of my eyes, and there just happened to be this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBzq0jkxZH4&list=PLVDROOmFn5tPaLsScwzw1kryu2_iHcA2c

Are these worth anyones time?



it works. yes. i have used the videos and i have gotten results. they are worth your time. this is real info that got all threads deleted in 4ch and me shadow banned.



If I do these exercises, do I still need to rigidly control my thoughts throughout the day? It's exhausting.



It gets easier over time. You don't "need" to do anything if you're not attached to your thoughts/don't act on them. Know that they're not always yours and let them float away.



One of the problems I always run into is that when I'm trying to focus on my breath, I always find myself out of breath and struggling to breathe. Then, despite my attempts to continue to not control things, I find that the thought I need to control my breath and then I find that this is true, if I don't breathe then I'll die.




Check if you really die if you stop controlling the breath. It's not true, it's an illusion.



Thank you.

Will there ever be a point where this is over and I'm cured? It seems like the best I can do is minimise the damage basically.



Have Will. Do not say "oh no is there going to be a point of curing??? :( ), because that's victim talk and that makes you weaker. You BELIEVE that you are weak, and so you are.


just ignore the parasite's words, they shall slip from your mind.

also, every time it takes your energy, say "I demand that all my energy is returned to me at once." also this video may help:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgooXOBIvQI it's to become Sovereign Self.



What is my Divine Sphere of Influence and how do I intend to make something resonate on it?

What's "pse"?


The machine will not go away until it is destroyed. Nothing has changed at all. All that has happened the last few years is drug addict hippies got high as fuck and realized they could be happy in their bubble by ignoring all external suffering. The world is still governed by psychopaths, egos, thieves, sadists etc. While you meditated on "world peace" somebody was getting 5 years in prison (hell) for owning literature that provides people with tools to be free.

None of the existing paths work. The "selfish" path does fucking nothing. You think you are enlightened because you have nice toys and a feeling of superiority, then you realize you have nobody to share that with because you killed them.

Find whatever path feels the most painful and go full force on it even if you will probably die. That is the path the enemy doesn't want you on.

Who is the enemy? Anyone who wants your soul. Anyone who wants to lead you down some half assed comfortable path. Anyone who shows up to disrupt you the moment you decide to bring some good into the world.

This world is fucking disgusting, and it needs cleaned up. Every single second everyones life needs to be used to regenerate this fucking hell.

Paper with numbers on it are currently worth more than most peoples lives. If you are rich and benefit from that, you will interprit that as a "communist" thought. You will then subcosciously go to war with the "freeloaders" at the bottom despite the fact that you may understand it's not all black and white. This leads to the climate we have today where there is no compromise. Holy fuck the ego is so fucking gross!

If you are benefitting from the machine and are like the 50,000,000 GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES WHO ARE FUCKING EMPLOYED TO HHHHEEEEELLLLPPPP FUCKING PEOPLE YET YOU IGNORE CRIES FOR HELP BECAUSE YOU ARE COMFORTABLE, sorry but you made the wrong choice. The universe thinks fucking nothing of you. A world where we let people starve to death and only let certain bloodlines be kings is fucking pointless. This world will either be fixed or destroyed. Keep being a greedy faggot and you won't get invited to Stage 2.


The point of even having a civilized society instead of anarchy is so everyone has a better shot at being happy. Anyone who gets power in society then uses it to prevent others from succeeding is nothing but a monster and serves no purpose. A sane person realizes trading an eternity of peace for a 15 minute ego boost is fucking retarded. Stupid people don't.

Repeating it again since everyone seemed to forget the point of even subscribing to a government.


When 99% of people are living paycheck to paycheck and aren't allowed to achieve their goals because a fucking psychopath is holding them hostage, society is fucking worthless.

Therefore, this society will fall. Now that a better option has emerged, and everyone realizes that we are better off using a system that values everyones life, the "kings and queens" (hahahahahahahahahahaha what the fuck these parasites are still a thing) system is fucked.

End of story. There is nothing any of you evil narcissists can do about that, and now that integrity is the new currency you have 0 dollars.



Your Divine Sphere of Influence is your very personal universe. Its limit is your outermost subtle body or the farthest reach of your aura. To make something resonate within it, just hold the thought and will it to be so. "Pse" is a misspelling of use, and I'm sorry for that.




Yes, I agree. We are Divine Sovereign Beings. We do not need or want to be enslaved!


I think I fucked up.

There's a particular feeling I feel when I'm trying to resonate myself or my mind with particular thoughts. I feel a kind of "tingle" and also, there's a sound I hear. A kind of high frequency sound. Now, whenever I thought of the parasite, I always felt these feelings and I could also feel my body getting colder and my muscles beginning to cramp so originally, I just needed to control my thoughts but the issue was always with typing up my posts on the chans. I always struggled with typing consciously. I find I have to "submit" to the autopilot I've developed over the years from typing. The problem then was that whilst typing is an unconscious, automated process, rejecting the parasite was a conscious process so in the end, for the sake of comfortable posting, I chose to accept a little bit of energy loss for the sake of comfortable typing.

Now, I don't know what's going on. I feel like, when I submitted to my desire for self-expression, I submitted to the parasite and now, I feel myself constantly "losing heat" from my head and body and I hear that… "noise". That high frequency that I only hear when I'm doing something somewhat spiritual. I don't know how to stop this.


I went to bed at 8 yesterday. I woke up just now at 1. Only 5 hours of sleep. I'm quite certain even in my dreams, my mind is affected now. All because I wanted to type comfortably. Welp.



VERY VERY SORRY for not answering earlier.

It sounds like that you have given permission to the parasite to use you. You only accepted "just a bit" of energy loss. This means either or 2 things:

1. the parasite stretched the permission as to mean "everything".

2. the parasite interpreted it differently to get more energy (potentially limitless).

To fix this, you can draft an agreement between you and it, so that it doesn't happen anymore, but that sounds to me as not ideal, as the parasite would have to sign too and it most certainly would not.

Another thing you can do is to withdraw permission for this AND declare that you are inmune from any and all attacks, declared and undeclared, explicit and implicit, of all kinds (etc etc…). This would hopefully make the cramps stop.




I'll try that.

I always want to say that just now, this got worse. I don't know what it is but I noticed some time ago that when I really wish for something, I feel a tension in the middle of my head. I remember wishing very intensely, due to being deep in my practise of semen retention, for a big pair of saggy titties and the next day, a woman with such a pair was now doing charity work at the shop I regularly shop at (as well as other odd coincidences regarding lustful wishes being fulfilled). There was always this feeling in the middle of my head when I made those wishes. I could feel "energy" going out, through the top of my head or something.

Now, as I was foolishly reminiscing on how my lustful thoughts have manifested into reality, I felt that pressure again and then that pressure, combined with my thought of the parasite, led to the two combining and now, without listening to the "Entity Removal" thing you posted in this thread, I feel myself getting really, really hot and tired. I don't quite know how to deal with this but Quiet Mind Meditation seems to be working.



Also, I think this is interesting:


Montalk invokes Christ when purging entities, he says. I think I might do the same. He also refers to a Christian "pectoral crossing gesture". Is he referring to when a Christian crosses themself (hand on the head, then the centre of the chest, then the left shoulder and then finally the right shoulder)? If so, I think I might turn to Christ. He says that you have to be in the lucid dream state to really deal the blow against astral entities. Is there a way to induce this without waiting for it to be bed time?

Also, I don't understand his method regarding "charging himself up with divine power".

>For dealing with astral entities I prefer charging myself up with divine power, honing in on the feeling of the negative overlay, encompassing my being around it from all sides, then gripping on tightly while accelerating my vibes and confidence in order to completely overwhelm and “electrocute” the thing. It’s my instinctual response and has been used with success several times. I have called upon the power of Christ and whatever else fills me with righteous power. All this is done in that “mind awake, body asleep” state where it’s most effective and the results more noticeable. This works best on demonic or negative entities who carry an anti-divine signature.

What's the "negative overlay"? How do you encompass your being around something? I don't fully understand him here.



leaking out from the head… from what side? it can be kundalini, maybe it's attached through the chakras?


Mr. Montalk seems to be a Christian. It's interesting to note that, based on my investigations, that Christ is a True Light being, so there would be no harm in calling him (making sure that it's the real one).

"Charging himself up with divine power" means just that. You visualize and/or are aware of the power entering you, and are thusly filled up. I do that basing myself on the Infinite Source that comes in through my Higher Self. If you do not know how to contact your HS, here's a guide. I used it to make first contact:


"negative overlay" is the negative overlay (overlay is a covering). They are specific things, like cloaks that cover you. In this case however, he meant it as anything negative that "covers" you.

"encompass your being" is to cover the being with your awareness. Stare at an item, any item, and feel yourself covering it, encompassing it.

In the astral/etheric/others your subtle bodies are extending toward the item and holding it, like a cellular pseudopod.

This is a DrVirtual7 video for astral protjection. It comes with added safety affirmations:


This is a Sapien Medicine video that is like a "sequel" to the first Entity Removal. I gave you the first because I checked that that one has inmediate and instant relief, unlike this one, which seems to be (more) permanent yet slower.


That you be safe and may you find this helpful.


We must remove all satanic cis white men from the universe. These disgusting creatures are responsible for all the slavery and intolerance in the world. All parasites will be removed and we will have an eternity of multicultural matriarchal tolerance.



Through the top of the head.

I'll try all of this now, wish me luck.



Also, isn't it dangerous to do kundalini exercises? Don't you have to spend a year or so preparing for it first, without eating meat otherwise, the energy can overwhelm you and burn your brain out or something?



you are a parasite, white cis men aren't evil by their names, you can't call every white cis man a satanic.


i meant it as that the parasite attached itself through the kundalini system, as the kundalini is the chakra-chain itself. and yes, that's what it's said.



>and yes, that's what it's said.

That's what who said? That's what what said? Can you clarify that last portion of your post?



>i meant it as that the parasite attached itself through the kundalini system, as the kundalini is the chakra-chain itself

I just wanted to add that I think this makes sense. I feel "worming" and "wriggling" in my belly recently when I improperly manage my thoughts.



Also, this Kundalini explanation's gotten me pretty freaked out. I mean, I've recalled points where I felt "wriggling" in the top of my head, in my throat, in my chest and recently, in my belly. If it's just following my chakra system then what happens to me should it reach the root chakra?



"it's" meant as "they" as in the people in general who talk about kundalini.


time to clean the chakras (again)… they're implants even if somebody doesn't like it… they're usually kept as energetic storages, the thing is that they're vortices in and out of energy…

this video by Sapien Medicine could help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZBWjnoRsFQ it will remove energetic blockages and stimulate your chakras (so you can clean them better?).



Thank you. It just occurred to me however: you never clarified what the Christian "pectoral cross" was. Is it what I suspected it to be?



In hindsight, I know now why this chant felt so empty and why I could never really intention it.

>If they resist, there will be consequences

What consequences can I impose upon a demonic entity?



Perhaps. I am not aware of its special significance nor do I use it.


What was your hindsight?

Consequences you can impose upon a demonic entity are: an eye for an eye like Hammurabi said (you invade it too) but this is the harshest without you also breaking Free Will, forcing it to stay away from you, forcing it from your loved ones, or any other kind of punishment that is deemed sufficient/equates with the strength of the "crime". the second and third would be the most common imo as they're simple and do not harm much in return (some are queasy at the notion although it is your Divine Right to Retribute).



I didn't think the "pectoral crossing gesture" had significance either until I read Montalk mention it.

My hindsight is that the core reason why my problem regarding the demon exacerbated to the degree it has over this month is because of my self-doubt. I thought it was innocent curiosity but of a morbid nature but nonetheless, it was self-doubt. The little nugget of self-doubt I never truly purged back when I was making those affirmations back when you posted them is what allowed things to snowball into the current state. Because I always thought "what possible consequences could I impose?"

I started, out of a mixture of curiosity and self-disrespect, seeing if I could undermine my own affirmations, imagining a part of myself that laughs at me as I assert that there will be consequences. "Oh, look at the big guy! He's so scary! Wow! Haha." When I saw that I could do it, it got easier to do it and harder to not do it when I actually just wanted to do things normally. I felt that I could see myself crafting my own cage. The absolute low-point for me was when I started seeing if I could replace my calls to my Higher Self with calls to the parasite. Up until this point, I'd gotten used to calling out to my Higher Self for assistance with quieting the mind, you see. I acted on my curiosity and needless to say, today, I found it impossible to call out to God without also calling out to the parasite. I felt myself lose massive amounts of energy. I tried to just call out to God normally and I couldn't do it as the thought of the parasite would pop up initially alongside and then finally; exclusively. I'd conditioned my mind to think "submission to God" meant "submission to the parasite". I thought all hope was lost and I'd never connect to God again. Then I found this:


Binaural Beats for God's healing frequencies.

No matter how perverse my thoughts are regarding the demon or any demons for that matter, God never leaves my awareness. I've felt these tones cleanse my mind of the thoughts of the parasite. I can call out to God once more! I'm currently interested in reading the Apocrypha and looking closely into Gnostic Christianity.

>Consequence you can upon a demonic entity are:

>forcing it to stay away from you

If I'd known from the beginning that something like this counted as a valid consequence that I could impose as punishment, I don't think anything would've snowballed. It's a strange "punishment" though because I thought being left alone by the parasite was the goal from the very beginning. Hammurabi sounds very interesting although I guess it should be avoided. What are the consequences of violating Free Will? Who can I consult regarding such matters? God? My Higher Self?



I've been thinking about how I've been using God's healing tones. I mean, it's clearly working and all but nonetheless, I do remember reading the "Why I am no longer a Lightworker" thing you recommended.

Is this reall okay? Is it possible that I've just replaced one problem with another? I'll just have to stick to attempting the Higher-Self meditation for now.



>Remember always, do not go into the light when you die

Care to elaborate? Wasn't light the good/higher shit?



Adding onto this, what's the difference between Light and one's Higher Self? OP, you seem to advocate for a connection to one's Higher Self but at the same time, looking at the "Lightworker" text you recommend, you seem to advocate against the Light. Isn't your Higher Self a part of the Light? I just read a book Montalk recommends in that "Entity" article I posted called "Remarkable Healings" by Shakuntala. In the book, the writer seems to mix in your Higher Self with the archangels and God and all of that other good stuff. It's really odd though because according to the book, both angels and demons have come forward and revealed their plans. It's such a strange thing to me that the demons explicitly reveal their plans the way they do. I can't help but wonder if Cameron Day is right about the whole thing being a farce. In any case, you seem to have excluded the Higher Self from the rest of the Light. Well, I don't know if I'll leave God behind but I most certainly intend to strengthen my connection with my Higher Self.



All my knowledge regarding the HS and others ends up derivating from an Orthrodox version of Ancient Gnosticism, with the greatest differences being that the Infinite Source is One (gnostics say that it's divided in 3), that the Divisions are infinite and endless and they didn't divide the IS but rather just "copy" it so to say into a new, lower level, so that's why all beings are the IS as a fractalic chunk and as the Entire.

Yes it's the goal from the beginning, some don't realize it and that's why issues are had.


According to the video's description, the god's healing tunes are nothing more than the Solfieggio Scale. (Solfeggios are a set of 4/6/7 tones that are linked to Nature itself. For example, geneticists use a Solfeggio on cell investigations to make the cell walls more gelatinous, etc) I have used "all the Solfeggios at once" in the past and each time it has caused subtle but incredible and most positive changes in my life. To make these changes possible, I listened for 1 hour at a time to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3USv2GV0eq4 which is technically the same as the one you have found, except that this one works without headphones as I think that it's isochronic instead of binaural.



And that that satan IS NOT a knowledge giver in any sort of way. Instead it's just a corrupt demiurgic front.

Not all that I've listed in the websites is 1000% (that extra zero is intentional) trusted. I trust on most of bibliotecapleyades, montalk, and I think (almost) all of ascensionhelp. In bibliotecapleyades, for example, you see a lot of broken teachings/false light crap alongside the real good things. Always use your own discretion and trust.



the tunnel is a FALSE LIGHT trap.


It seems that by "light" you mean the false light, and so I shall speak about it as it is. The false light is the other side of the coin, and with coin I mean the standing duality that many buy into (Left hand path vs right hand path, fake angel hierarchy, phony spiritual masters [YOU are your own master], etc). It is composed of:

1. False angels claiming to be part of the hierarchy (there is NO hierarchy anywhere, it's all fake).

2. Fake spiritual masters (YOU are your own master, you do not need them).

3. Phony spiritual guides (same thing as 2, and slightly worse as the false light expects you to mindlessly obey and heed their "guidances" and doesn't let you think on your own.).

4. Trickster ETs that are in line with the confederations, commands, alliances, unions, or what nots (every race has True Light and duality members, it depends on the individual's level of evolution).

Of these, the (B) Sirians, Orionites, greys, reptilians, and pleyadians are one of the most stereotypical races, with most of their members actually being part of the false duality (THERE ARE exceptions).

5. Commands, federations, alliances, unions, dictates, mandates, groups etc etc of all kinds (and many of these are part of the Sirian Lords)

6. Other assorted parasites (for example, social memory complexes that only seek to harvest your energy, not all social memory complexes [6th density united beings] are like this).

7. Corrupt, entrappening energetic systems like reiki (it binds you to the glyphs, and it puts a cap implant that forces your power to be like most of the other reikists and doesn't let you advance further, my source for that is around these pages: https://www.realitywalker.com/spiritual-awareness-entity-spirit-guided-training/reiki-healing-systems-and-healing-illusions/).

8. Others (random parasites etc etc..).

Unlike all of these, your Higher Self WON'T EVER lead you to any "bad" outcome, UNLESS that "bad" outcome teaches you a lesson and is important to the Supreme Goal (reunification with the Infinite Source), in which things formely thought as "negative" are revealed as "stepping stones".

According to the Gnostic outlook, there is the demiurge, and the aspects of the Infinite Source. According to my outlook, there is the demiurge, the corrupt demiurge, and the Unitary Infinite Source.

The first is a kind of robot that takes orders from IS to shape this reality. Talking with it is what is called magic on a global, entire-matrix affecting level.

The corrupt demiurge is a PARASITE. It is what it has caused all what is thought as "evil" in the whole universe and in other ones too. It is is the main potenciator of the STS (service to self) ideology and it's the leader of the archons. If you have heard of the Christic/Krystic Consciousness, it can be described as a "dead life construct". The important thing to remember is that it is nothing more than an overfed thoughtform.

The Infinite Source is All. All is One and One is All within It. How to explain this? Everything is, at the principal level, One. Everything came and was irradiated from a Single Source which is the Infinite Source. It became aware one moment and it began to divide. The divisions weren't smaller, they were like clones, and the original version never got lost or fragmented in any way. It was sort of a cell division but with the 3 parts: the parent and the spawns. Since every new level does not lose anything from the former one, it means that:

We are Infinite Source and the Infinite Source is All of Us, Every Single One of Us is the Complete Totality and an Endless Fractal that Explores and Experiences to Bolster the Experience of the One. Thus, We Are Sovereign, Divine, Free, Inmortal, Eternal, Unlimited, And Non-Limited Beings.

Even in here where there is apparent "differenciation" We are still and will Forever Be One. After all, all matter is just hypercompressed light.

tl;dr: Infinite Source is All and One: One and All is the Infinite Source.




Even if the outlook may seem bleak and grim and terrible, never despair. The 5 year transition period that started in 2012 is about to end. The duality is going to pack up and leave forever. This also coincides with the "Belt of photons" (although it sounds to me like false light), and many other conclusions of ancient and very long cycles, and, for example, the Schumann Resonancies rising and peaking at even 40 Hz, something that had NEVER happened before in registered (mainstream) history!

No matter at how we look it, 2018 is going to be an INCREDIBLE year for True Light/non duality!. WE ARE FREE! WE ARE FOREVER FREE FROM ANY AND ALL PARASITES AND CONTROL SYSTEMS!




we look at it*



>Yes it's the goal from the beginning, some don't realize it and that's why issues are had.

I just want to say that I appreciate your informative posts. I still have a question though:

If the consequence for the parasite's refusal to leave is detachment and my threat is one that demands the parasite's detachment then where is the punishment? You seem concerned with free will so I think what you've been really saying all along is that either the parasite chooses to leave or I will force its departure thereby violating its free will. Is that it?

I wish I'd had this clarified sooner. I can climb back up but I didn't need to fall to begin with.



>If the consequence for the parasite's refusal to leave is detachment

It is a consequence, yes, but it's not one that is *automatically* applied. That's why there are beings who try to force their parasites to leave but can't because they have not enforced it with Divine Sovereign Will and Strength (with Intention).

The punishment is the consequence, in this case.

You will force its departure, but you *won't* violate its free will since *it has already violated yours.* This whole thing is about equations and balances. By forcing it out, you are equating this to when it forced itself in you, and thus… there is "balance" so to say. The amount and strength of punishments is to allow and make balance.

Imo, balance is "nobody violating nobody else's free will".



Happy new year!!



Stop false-flagging, shitlord



It got taken down on 4chan because you were spamming it all over the board, not because of the content or some jew conspiracy.

You're supposed to post this shit once, not spam it in every single thread.



This sounds plausible until you see that THE FIRST THREAD this was posted on got deleted, and that I was *shadowbanned* repeatedly.


I've been meaning to ask for a long time: what are the following? There's a lot of things I don't understand here.

Etheric up servers

Negative oriented constructs

Astral body transmitters and tanks

False karma (how can such a thing exist?)

Predator gang-stalking constructs (Isn't this when a group of people follow you to make you paranoid because they're actually working for some shadow-faction of the CIA or something?)

Street theater contructs

Surveillance constructs

The plasma and scalar fields

Cannibal psychosis within between and without (what does this even mean?!)

Time bandits

Evasive thoughtform identity

Predator injection

False version

Robotic automation

Entry points

False bridge up/down links and servers

I don't understand what affirmations I'm thinking when I watch that video, you see. I'm just curious. Trying to resonate with the video, even when I don't understand it, still helps though, doesn't it?



I trust the DrVirtual7. All of these are hazards you may find out there if you don't take care of yourself and what you let in.

Let me try to deconstruct and explain:

Etheric up servers – stealing of energy through entrances in the etheric

negative oriented constructs – obvious imo

astral body transmitters and tanks – stealers of energy

false karma – you know how the false light shames you into entering the light and being recycled into another life here? if you try to resist once, the 7 "lords" (bullshitters) of karma (and they DO NOT control it all) will try to shame the karma you have obtained. THEY WILL *DUMP THEIR OWN* KARMA INTO YOUR SUPPLY. THEY ARE FORCING YOU TO WORK OFF THE KARMA *THEY* OBTAINED. that is false karma

Predator gang-stalking constructs – yes, that's what they are, thought forms

Street theater constructs – same thing, just in the street and as a big play

Surveillance constructs – same thing

The plasma and scalar fields – the DrVirtual7 holds that our bodies are in part composed of and suspended in plasma (plasma=light | matter=hypercompressed light so it would be true), and the scalar field is related to scalar weapons and tech

cannibal psychosis – the madness that comes, imo, with too much inbreeding, is either and/or both spiritual and physical: spiritual is energetic vampires and physical is literal cannibalism

time bandits – illusioners that steal your time or shame you into contracting with them to use your own time for their benefit (i imagine)

evasive thought form identity – i think that this is when they try to minimize and hide themselves, thus evading your detection

predator injection – implantation of predators, pursuers and eaters of energy

false version – of yourself and/or other beings, in other universes or being projected outside and other beings would see that fake projection instead of the real you

robotic automation – obvious imo

entry points – obvious imo

false bridge up/down links and servers – robbers of energy and downloaders of limiting and/or enslaving constructs and/or thoughtforms


I think I messed up again.

I was feeling really confident. I just have to follow your instructions and eventually, after meeting a member of my true race, I can summon a true Light alien for assistance. I thought all I needed to do was summon a Nordic God for some assistance to smooth the process and all would be well. I started glancing over the list of Norse Gods and Goddesses and I came upon Hel. I remembered the synchronicity I experienced regarding Hel. How, within days of the curse, there was a /pol/ thread on Loki and how someone in that thread warned of how Loki and all of Loki's children (even Baldr) must be avoided. I remembered how he spoke of Hel being the one that takes you to a place where "things go to be forgotten". I felt disturbed about that. Anyway, going through the list, I noticed Hel and, out of curiosity, I decided to resonate with Hel. And then, I felt it. I actually felt a chill in my legs. Then, I went onto reddit since that's another good place for my synchronicities and I saw on the front page, two things: one, a .GIF of what it looks like when you enter a black hole and someone in the comment section discussing what it must be like to lose your soul as you enter it, never to leave again and some hotel in South Africa that has a seemingly bottomless pit at the center (it's actually just a very tall, annular building). The thought of the parasite seems to have attached itself to my thought of invoking Hel so now I constantly feel a slight chill and I'm more or less constantly invoking the Sun to purge experimentation and invoke clarity. Now I don't feel as cold.

If I can attach thoughts of the parasite to Hel invocations, can I attach it to Eir or Odin and receive some kind of constant blessing or would I simply earn their ire and aggression?

Also, how do I undo this? This morning, I had a near panic attack as I thought I was about to lose my soul (if I've become my Highest Self an infinite times then how is it possible that I can permanently lose my way?)

In the end, I've done no meditations today. I'm too afraid to let my mind wander now, lest I lose everything. Honestly, I shouldn't have bothered with the Norse Gods and should've just stuck to The Sun.



>summon a true light alien

did you read my other post? it's all about vibration and resonance, i can't copy it here for the moment being but i will do it soon. true light aliens have very very very high frequencies.

>a chill in my legs

is summoning hel supposed to do that? interesting.

>attach it to eir or odin

yes you can. they may become aware of this or not, since you would be technically invoking them but without any energy to appease them (i am not very sure if they're leeches or not), they would be seeing a hollow hum of vibration (since the parasite gobbles the energy up) and they may get mad if you do it repeatedly, BUT they cannot affect you without your permission! and you should also shield yourself, just in case! (use the shielding video)

beware: some authors put brainwashing subliminals inside their videos: "mind power", "mind audio central", "dr dhyaanguru", and others. also, the "meditative mind" channel is useless.

>how do i undo this

will it to be undone, aka. that the association between the parasite and het is dissolved.

>…if i've become my Highest Self an infinite times then how is it possible that i can pemanently lose my way?)

it is not possible to lose one's way, for that reason.



as always, the subliminal/isochronic/binaural/frequency/etc (cymatic) channels i have listed are ones that i've found to be safe. other channels may not be safe. beware and exercise intuition.



>it is not possible to lose one's way, for that reason.

If that's the case, how do you explain the Christian "hell" or the Yogis that dissolve their "I" and melt into the demiurge? Where's their opportunity to become their Highest Self?



it's all fake and a trap my friend. when one is "dissolved" and in such a state, they're just in a sort of coma and getting energetically farmed. the only true dissolution happens at the Infinite Source level (7th density)



all opportunities are endless and infinite. if you do not take advantage of one at a certain moment, it shall be presented to you in another, and so on (even across lifetimes)




That's good to know, thanks. You still haven't commented on the Christian "hell" though.



another trap, in this case it's a pen in the 4th density somewhere that you're led to, perhaps through the false light tunnel and you somehow convicing the archontic ankle-biters to send you there, or them putting you on it (they do not have any power, they rely on you not knowing that they're impostor parasites).


File: 20b18874b035384⋯.gif (997.27 KB, 500x475, 20:19, chill.gif)


Doesn't the audio compression on youtube ruin the desired frequency of the music?

Do you really think (((YouTube))) would allow healing resonance on their site?


I think you mentioned that not all of the binaural beats were trustworthy. I want to do some basic mindfulness/detachment practise. What can you recommend for this?



It does not ruin it in this case because audios are explicitly updated with those limits in mind: these do not hamper the audios's effectiveness at all


Intention that all thoughts go away. Then, watch a single point until the thoughts go away, grounding yourself in the Eternal Present and you decide to close your eyes and be in the serenity of the Eternal Present for as long as you want. You may choose to breath to acquire energy if you lack it at the moment, go deeper, go to the Akashik, go to the astral, have an OBE, visualize, invoke the Infinite Source, the Earth and your Higher Self, and much much else. It's your choice as to what to do!

This would be mindfulness, as in this state you could watch the thoughts without reacting to them, as in the Eternal Present there is no future or past in which to react to.

>i believe that you menctioned that not all of the binaural beats were trustworthy

Yes: some, like the "mind power", the "mind audio central", the "dr dhyaanguru", and others, put negative, brainwashing subliminals inside of their videos. Others, like the "meditative mind", are useless (they do not do anything at all).

I believe that the channel "quadible integrity" is quite safe, while the "sapien medicine" and the "drvirtual7" are certainly safe.

This video, by Sapien Medicine, causes mindfulness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHznDwvgitI

Hope that you like it!



Hey, thanks man!

I was also wondering:

How do you know if a channel is trustworthy? How can you tell?

What do you think of the "sleep" binaural beats? I believe the technique for these is to listen to them whilst you sleep.

What do you think of this?




Sorry for the over-posting but while we're at it, I might as well throw this in too. Is this a negative/useless video? This is the one I came to first and I believed that it did work.


There was also this guided meditation that I believe could work, provided I fully master my breathing:




>This is the one I came to first and I believed that it did work

then it did work.

The Universe is Mental.

All is Mind


File: efff1289232f415⋯.png (58.22 KB, 965x238, 965:238, Reddit.PNG)


So all I must do is try it and see if I get positive results? That sounds reasonable. I guess I'll try the sleep binaurals myself and see how I feel about it.

I checked reddit again and the eerie synchronicities seem to continue. Let's hope this changes tomorrow! Thanks for now anyway. I wish you well.



i know if a channel is trustworthy via several means: i root out far and wide for reviews by its users, i check out videos by the channel's "opposition" if it has one, and check for shills. if i am very skeptical, i check the videos on an audio-edit program to see if there are hints of hidden subliminals which shouldn't be there (sometimes), i check with stablished communities in the case they exist, but the best confirmation imo is to hear a bit or a little much yourself and CHECK ITS VIBRATIONS AND (APPARENT) INTENTION, you will feel *off* and *disattuned* if you previously were attuned to the Infinite Source and your Higher Self at a high vibration and to the 444 Hz. standard. that's how i ratted mind power out, etc etc.

these binaurals should work BEFORE you sleep, they are to ease you into sleeping better i think, why would they act while you sleep? a binaural beat can just bring you to delta, constant use would teach your brain to generate more delta (sleep) waves but that's it… if it's combinated with another thing, it will be very "plain". sapien med's sleep track is better imo

it seems that lokos tv does a lot of funky odd things according to the kind wizard, for example mixing 963 hz (the ninth solfeggio of the "recovered" or "added-to" scale, known for bringing any system to its perfect, natural state) with 0.1 Hz (epsilon waves).

mathematical actions determined that this array of frequencies wasn't proper for anything.


idk if powerthoughts meditation club is good.

BEWARE of guided meditations, sometimes they can PUT parasites into you! i am not that sure of that one but since it's made by an individual rather than a group it may be better.




a good well intention and Law of Blessings invoke to you! peace!



although i have to note, once i used the lokos "dmt consciousness" and in 30 minutes i suddenly mentally travelled across a bizarre space, my previous visualization got contorted and dimensionally elevated, i flew randomly giving items to people, the world whirled and spun… powerful


File: 30b496bed997ebe⋯.webm (6.17 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ReflectingPointlessGadwal….webm)

Do you think there's any symbolism in this video? What does it suggest to you?


I just want to say that ever since the parasite's attachment to Hel, it's not just that I feel a chill in my legs. Now, despite my regular bathing, I actually smell something. I don't know what the smell is but it's a bad smell. Weak, but bad. I don't know what to compare it to really. But yes, I'm definitely smelling something now.



A fisher of demons…


File: d794ccc4ed5cbbd⋯.jpg (49.92 KB, 608x900, 152:225, goya_cronos.jpg)



What do you think the balls represent? And what do you think the net represents?



I assume these are representations of esoteric practices considering this is a /fringe/ board. The also has been a strange amount of vampirism as of late.

What do you consider yourself a representation of I wonder.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



did i ever answer you? i'm sorry for tarrying for so long. Thank you too. You are blessed. Be blessed. Peace!


OP, what do you think of Krishna?



Hmmm…. not really sure of what she (i shall call her a she even though she's actually unisexed as she has appeared in both genders's forms) is. she is a god in her own right (thanks to the hare krishnas) but if she is a real being or just a conscious thoughtform is what i am not sure about.

she also could be a corrupt demiurgic slave…

remember >>113854? you can do it as he did and check krishna's energies, vibration and intention.


and emotions play an important part, too, although it is so that the universe obeys mind and thought beforehand as it's a matrix construct of hyperholography meant to teach but corrupted by the corrupt demiurge.



That's interesting. And what of Vishnu?



same thing, i would think, you may think that there are differences, but all gods end up being samey in the spiritual respect.

some like kek may be different, as he's fueled greatly by the anon-consciousness and i think that i once heard that he helps us



Before I go to bed, I just want you to know that I really appreciate your guidance here during this difficult time in my life. Thank you for everything so far.



Honest thank you! You're amazing too! I have hope and confidence that Qanon Himself will usher and lead us into true Non-duality.

The signs are everywhere :D We are Free!


Somebody on /x/ suggested that I make an offering to Hel to appease her. The reason why she's dragging me down into Hel is because she was angry about me attaching the parasite to her. I offered some wine, some chocolate and my jacket. Now I literally feel the strength of my consciousness slipping. I have to fight to stay aware now. I'm trying to chant Hare Krishna for now.



pls stop being retarded with magic you fags



Truely, what some people here are doing or at least claim to do is beyond my understanding. It is true what they say, just because you start practicing magick doesn't mean you develop common sense or stop being an idiot. This is why it is important to cultivate enlightenment and higher wisdom along the path of wizardry or else you will just be a mundane with powers that you should not have, harming yourself and others wherever you go.



Being able to use divination to figure out if the spell is a good idea or not should be the first lesson a practitioner should learn.



It was precisely in a divination thread on /x/ that someone made the recommendation to me.



did you use divination to figure out if the spell is a good idea or not? -_-;



No, no I didn't. I just thought that I could trust someone in the thread was all.



1. think for yourself. be responsible for yourself

2. never trust strangers (bullshit occultists), especially on any chans /x/ boards. even trusting someone on /fringe/ can be a danger but overall I think fringe is a much better place than /x/. The worst place is 4chan/x/ where I can instantly feel the disguting shit energy only from lurking one minute

>at least you get to visit Hel



I will not be visiting Hel.



oh no! you are straying into a very dangerous territory. i may have claimed of myself to be a wizard in the past, but actually i'm more like a *spiritual worker*, one that uses the Infinite Energy of the Infinite Source and himself as a Sovereign Being (with the help of the HS if one has not learned to do that, although you are almost -or i would say- completely obligated to do that to have true power from inside).

I only call the kind wizard that guides me here (and beyond) a wizard because he has successfully exercised his inner powers (which we all have) in the medium of the matrix, for example, to bring rain in the whereabouts of his house (he lives alone)

I agree with >>114120 in that you should have true discernment to perform all sorts of spiritual works with safety.

as the kind wizard told me just today: "never ever give yourself to anything in spirit". it may be good to begin reclaiming all these given parts and bits of yourself (energy etc) from them and the parasites.

(btw: you can do this to the parasite. all the unjustly taken energy will be recovered and the parasite will most likely begin to starve. if it did not have enough energy to give back to you instantly, an energetic debt will be established).



>never ever give yourself to anything in spirit

What does this mean? Was the offering bad? Or do you mean like, a "defeated" in spirit, like, visualising yourself submitting?



"defeated". by giving yourself you are… temporarily losing parts of your being in a bigger being which is not the Supreme-Absolute from whence Everything and Everyone Came From of the 7th Density: the Infinite Source.



Are you trying to assert that there's no such thing as permanent consequences for an act? That there's something you can't come back from?



There are permanent consequences for acts. An example would be being purged by the IS to remove everything negative and overly egotistic from your being.

You can return from absolutely everything, even from the Infinite Soprce merge. This is because even though it is blissful for as long as yeu want and desire, eventually it gets boring. The IS gave souls the ability to create personal and shared universes to play on. Eventually a being had the idea of creating a greater universe to which many beings could be hooked up to. The IS agreed and the being was known as the "demiurge". It was later corrupted by the nefastious actions of one "corrupt demiurge". the rest is history.






oh and every universe has infinite variations and clones basedeon choices made in Prime, and thusly branching off. every universe made has this except if its creator does not will it to be so.



s/basedeon/based on/


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I suggest that you go ahead and WIN THE LOTTERY!!!

What inane bullshit



>implying some of us haven't done it already multiple times




Have you tried it before dissing it so swiftly, with no consideration given?



Obligationist, other-peopleist claptrap. Hypocrite and psychic vampire, I see you for what you are. You talk a big talk about liberation but the moment someone self-liberates, you flog them with your narrative in which everyone must be thirsting together, but anyone who drinks is wicked because they are not everyone all at once.

You can't hide from me, fetterer. I damn you to your garbage story for as long as your revolting pattern persists.





1 law - treat others the way you want to be treated. Imprison others to advance your egos causes and the universe is going to rape you out of existance. There is no way to get around this. Why the fuck would I be wasting time saying this instead of doing anything the fuck else if there wasn't a purpose to me saying this? I am delivering a message about what is currently happening. I would rather this process go smoothly, so that is why I am communicating this to everyone resisting. There is no action which does not have a consequence. There is not one person ever who just got away with destroying everything thet encountered. You think there haven't already been infinite universies each of which contain the lives of trillions of souls? You think that even a species as disgusting as humans created a justice system to handle disputes but there was never anything that happened to prevent absolute destruction of everything good in the world? There are currently parties who are using various justifications to completely disregard the value of everyone elses lives. "One guy is born into a billionaire family and has 24/7 euophoria while he has a license to rape and another is born with nothing and eventually is in so much pain from everything being blocked off that he kills himself? People are doing what equates to walking up to a puppy and slaughtering it and going SO WHAT!? WELL SO WHAT! I CAN DO WHAT I WANT." Sorry but that is delusion. I don't know how many different ways I have to explain this to you stubborn fucks. You are making shit worse for yourselves. I guess I am the person the universe is sending to negotiate with the people holding people hostage. Maybe it's because I understand that anything can happen to anyone and evil isn't all black and white, but that it still must be stopped. I was once in a manic stage, and then I evolved and learned that you can connect with everyone. I would never go back to what I was. I gave up everything I had in material world because enough is enough and this is all being fixed. If what I am connecting with, this higher purpose of "justice and equality" or whatever has no chance of succeeding, why wouldn't I just become a con artist and make millions and jerk off to cheap pleasures forever? Why the fuck would I be saying something this insane unless there was truth to it? I just want this period to fucking end so I can move on to infinity, so everyone who hasn't moved anywhere over to the ritual that billions are already a part of, anyone blocking the change the majority wants because "things work for you and that is all that matters", you can either join or be left behind to die in hell.



You spend time doing this because it is in the nature of your narrative to be needy, to demand the time and effort of others. You bemoan the grand injustice visited upon you for being born into this motley realm, which befits a frustrated teenager but not much more. That would in itself be easily permissible, as all stories require an adversary.

Where you reveal your hand and show that you are an energy leech is when you squeal like a stuck pig about those who are capable of narrating their world beyond the limits of your story, and demand that they get back down and carry the world up. Idiot and crab that you are, you would rather everyone starve than some survive, and what's worst of all is that you accuse the self-liberated of trapping you in the story *you* wrote and asked to be a part of.

So, as I said before, so long as you exude that crypto-submissive drivel, you can lie in the bed you made. The rest of us are moving up where we belong.



For the record, I'm not driving the bus hitting this world; that kind of thing obtains nothing, as you said. I'm just selfish enough to step out of the way, clearing a path for others to get out of the way, too. Do with that what you will.




>i guess i am the person the universe is sending to negotiate with the people holding people hostage

ego delusion, you may have a mission to this regard but you aren't specifically sent out of the Infinite and the many possibles that It Creates to do this.


one is sovereign and free to participate in any ritual OR NOT.



hum. i see different things from you. not that this is bad though. there's… something curious in >>114287.



Not an issue, anon. The pleasure of stories is variety, I begrudge none for being different flowers from the same roots.

Note that though I consider the other anon to be a metatextual vampire, I did not destroy him but only bound his vampiric pattern itself to the story in which that pattern fits. It is the viral limitation that is loathsome. If my language is a cause of confusion or dissonance, I use it only because it is most conducive to my magical workings. Please feel free to rework it until the interpretation yields results.

In the end, the sorrow and anger of the psychically hungry, though kept in place by power, must be solved by empathy. This is precisely why it is important to recognize and accurately assess viral narratives, so as to avoid accidentally becoming a host for parasitic ones.



amazingly explained

i do have a question: what is a spiritual virus? my intuition tells me that a virus would be like an a.i. hivemind, spreading itself like a physical virus would. is this so?



That's actually a good question, because in English there are a number of words that can be used to describe what I mean by this, but each of them is almost too good, even though the implications can slightly vary. I will attempt to explain but as before, please feel free to translate into more amenable terms.

A spiritual virus is essentially a negative super-meme or memetic system, that is, a tangled system of thoughts that can 'trap' a mind and convert it to reproduce the thought tangle, propagating it. This is pretty much just the same as a virus which hijacks a cell to become a little virus factory for it, although it's actually probably more apt to compare it to a prion, a self-folding protein (certainly it can be as frightening as a prion disease if you are not properly vaccinated).

In order to do this, it gets a vulnerable mind to filter the world through its tangle first, so that information gets very tightly filtered to feed the tangle. A hivemind is pretty close, because as thought filters/systems, they bend thought around them. Because mental activity essentially defines a life and the reality around it, this means that there are, for lack of a better word, people caught in realities that are really shitty that they don't like at all.

Although the people engaged in these may seem to be willing participants in all this, most people lack the contextual ability to see this happening or to spot it in themselves. A person can absolutely get caught in a story they don't like at all, and even someone who disagrees with every element of the story they are in may not be able to untangle the mental knot, and their attempts can make it far worse for people around them (note the vampiric anon's unfortunate pattern).

A few have inklings that it is happening, but have difficulty stopping it, which ironically can be even worse because then they get caught in a thought system in which they are unable to stop other people's destructive systems from playing out. This is a precarious position to be in because to stare into the abyss of someone else's narrative is to be stared back at; to dwell too much on a system which you know is wrong is to become infected by it. The best intentions can end up making the situation exponentially worse, like water on an electrical fire.

There is a fix, but it involves essentially reformatting the mind to isolate memetic viruses and to produce counternarratives and counterthoughts that strengthen one's mental architecture. The techniques differ from person to person but the general theme is *not* to replace like with like (which is often how people try and fail to fix it), but to fix it at the higher circuits of consciousness where you find more primary building blocks of thought, specifically, language, by which I mean both language as such and all basic thought formation/organization systems like math or art.

You have no doubt noticed by now that I use the terms of narratives and writing such that the world is a set of stories nested in one another, Indra's Net style. This is because it works best for me, but so long as the nucleic thoughts are the same, they can be safely translated; I'm offering a memetic structure in this post that, I hope, you will find amenable. Between different stories, the same input produces different outputs because they are filtered first through their narratives. Knowing my own story or mental operating system means that for everything except my most basic mental architecture, I can make corrections where needed and avoid mental knots with the right application of nucleic thought in the form of language. I can also affect whatever changes necessary in reality by tweaking my filters or changing my basic desires, which is magic in a nutshell.

Hence, my claims that the other anon's pattern is vampiric because the stress upon communal/social obligation as the only means of escaping a terrible, apocalyptic narrative (these narratives can prove super difficult to self-rewrite and extremely unpleasant) is the viral tendril of that thought pattern and shutting it down the second it's spotted is the healthiest course of action.

This post is already about five times larger than I thought it was going to be, but I do hope that being more thorough has been more helpful. Feel free to ask for clarification on any of my points and I will do my best.



Just posting to say that I liked your post.


File: 054ffa51686de06⋯.png (1.51 MB, 900x622, 450:311, justwizardthings.png)


Oops, one more thing! It's super important, SUPER important when initially reformatting your own mind to as much as possible avoid, compartmentalize, or ideally totally cut off connections which feed mental tangles. This can be hard but use whatever opportunity you have, however brief, to get away from everything but the most important things in your life.

I managed to completely fix a problem that had been plaguing me for years over the course of two days out in the mountains with close family, it can be a simple fix but it requires a space which will disincentivize the mental trap which works through a Faustian bargaining system that exploits short-sightedness in time about what the end cost to your mental state will be. Don't fall for it.

Where possible, replace negative narratives with positive narratives. Replacing negative narratives with gaps tends to leave room for negative narratives to come back in, you don't want that. Positive narratives are more powerful than negative ones but require conscious effort to continually update, like any antivirus. It is worth it, I assure you.


Thank you, anon! Successes to you in your psychic endeavors.



How does one even begin?


File: 65ed6917b1dde8d⋯.jpg (62.9 KB, 400x586, 200:293, Wrong Crowd Volcano.jpg)


You would be surprised at how simple the fix can be, actually. See the last paragraph of this post if you want the quick & dirty on tips for the process, as the rest of this post will focus on the nature of the fix itself.

Let's take as an example someone who is addicted to social media. It's not at all difficult to find people who are caught in politics-driven realities that pretty much universally suck because they are constantly driven by an urge to reach ridiculous win conditions, fueled by language and incentive systems that bring out the worst in everyone. These are garbage thought systems, in other words, and to get more into them would be to risk spreading them. They're mental influenza, you get it.

So, how to fix it? For a lot of people, the best first step would be as simple as removing the Facebook icon from their phone's home page. Seriously it can be as simple as making it a few more clicks away. Incentives are the currency of emotional impulse and thought, and even a very small fix like that can have a big impact, especially when paired with a replacement incentive.

This is especially important right now, since cognitive scientists with only a dim idea of the consequences of their behavior have been perfectly happy to sell out their understanding of incentives to people who are in the narrative-pushing business. In this way, the anon I accused of spreading a psychic virus is not wrong, but viewing things from a self-propagating filter that is not desirable.

Seriously, major interpersonal problems could be fixed by replacing a social media link with something as innocuous as a PDF viewer, it's just that it's super hard at first to wrench people from the incentives they have right in front of them, it is an addiction, and like all addictions, it's a matter of context and immediate consequence.

This is why ibogaine clinics see such success, because ibogaine as a 5HT2A receptor agonist is a great tool for reformatting the mind and the 'install time' on it acts as a temporal buffer against short-term incentives which would lead to a relapse. In just the same way, an out-of-the-ordinary experience is a great tool to cement personal change, but it ought to have a temporal element to it (give it 2-3 days for good results) and some form of continuous stimulus that can be attractive enough mentally to fill the space left by an undesired but difficult habit.



I should also note that incentives involving a creative process or some form of easy-to-start art or craft of some kind tend to be better than a replacement ideology. Deprogramming a mind from a psychovirus (I should stick to one term, there are just so many, but that will do) frees up an internal well or spring of mental possibility, the same well from which all the arts and sciences–sorcery directly included–draw from. Directing the river of mental energy that it produces toward a path which differs significantly in structure and outcome from the rut it's been in is a wise move if you can pull it off, and if I can do it, so can you.

As a point of reference, if you're familiar with Terence McKenna, any of the times he talks about direct experience and language, or for that matter, art or math, most or all of what he says will be more or less correct with respect to this process. I won't quote him here for space purposes but he's a good resource to say the least. Say what you will about his predictive capacity, but he got this right. Among the more famous figures, this explanation I'm giving will probably most closely resemble his terminology.




So how does one begin to apply this to themself to resolve astral parasite issues? How does one know what their major incentives are that drive forward the parasite's corruption of their mind? The idea seems reasonable, I just don't know how to begin applying it to myself.






i have a resource to give. this powerful video automates the removal and dissolution of many kinds of pests, for example, astral worms, the duality, the corrupt demiurge, "archon" (anklebiters) parasites, black holes of energy, reptilian and mantoid interference, propagating memetic guilting systems (sin, christianity), false light ascension impostors, fake spiritual guides, hierarchies, and a ton more.

once, a person heard this video and got thirsty halfway through it, she drank water and suddenly she recalled a divine memory.

this video is *that* powerful, so don't overdose on it, only use it 1 time per day for 5 days, rest for 2 days and then repeat if you want. if that's too much for you, you may use it 3 times a week.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvyPscRD1ss drink lots of water during and after the video too, like 4 glasses (i find that this works best with +4 glasses)


are you the same anon that tried to invoke hel? try to use this video



How much water is a glass? 200ml? 300ml? I typically maintain at least 1l of water drank every day but yeah, I can go drink some more water.



Wow. Thank you for posting this. I realise now, it was me all along.

When I first realised that my thought of the parasite had its own "feeling", it was I that assumed that the thought, due to being present whilst other thoughts were in my attention, would now mean that they were attached to one another, inseparably. It was I! I blindly assumed this. I blindly fabricated that judgement based upon the mere presence of the thought. The whole basis of meditation is that the mere presence of a thought in the mind doesn't mean anything however so the assumption that because some number of thoughts are simultaneously present, that they must be inseparable is bogus. It was all me. All of it. I can't believe I was about to join a Hindu Monastery and spend my life praising Krishna as a monk over something like this. What the fuck. I even sent an application!

Thank you for this. And I suppose I must thank Krishna too for allowing me the peace of mind to realise this. Jesus.



i use a wide glass that starts narrow and then widens out at the top. im not sure of how much ml it holds


>about to join an hindu monastery and spend your life praising something that is outside yourself, thusly giving power away to it instead of working in your innerness, the realization that You are God and God is You (Infinite Source)

wew lad



I thought praising Krishna was a spiritual journey though? I thought that was a genuine path to enlightenment and self-realisation.



Do you really think you and all of us are god and god is us? I think this goes too far and I like what they write about this in the Kybalion.

You have the godspark in you. God is inside you, but you are not god. You are merely a character that god plays, a creation. It would be foolish to run around and proclaim "I am god" while you are only a character creates by god. Imagine a videogame character that you created in a game running around and yelling "I am anon(your name)". While that character is created by you and has your spirit inherent in him, he is still not you but he is his own character in his own world and his own role.



are you the guy who asked about this on fringebay? if so, glad this helped.


File: cdb715356cdccbb⋯.jpg (448.09 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Tao Mandala.jpg)


At absolute lowest, you are a finger puppet of god, but remember, As Above, So Below. The higher self above you is the finger puppet of a higher self above it, which is the finger puppet of a higher self above it, ad infinitum. Selves you create, finger puppets of yours, may create selves which create selves which create selves. You are a looping pattern around the mandala of the nucleic tao, the monad which is the single undivided is-ness from which nothing and no thing can be separate.

From Book Nine of the Corpus Hermeticum in the Scott translation:

" If then you do not make yourself equal to God, you cannot apprehend God; for like is known by like. Leap clear of all that is corporeal and make yourself grow to a like expanse with that greatness which is beyond all measure. Rise above all time and become eternal: then you will apprehend God. Think that for you too nothing is impossible. Deem that you too are immortal and that you are able to grasp all things in your thought, to know every craft and every science. Find your home in the haunts of every living creature. Make yourself higher than all heights and lower than all depths. Bring together in yourself all opposites of quality: heat and cold, dryness and fluidity. Think that you are everywhere at once: on land, at sea, in heaven. Think that you are not yet begotten, that you are in the womb, that you are young, that you are old, that you have died, that you are in the world beyond the grave. Grasp in your thought all this at once, all times and places, all substances and qualities and magnitudes together: then you can apprehend God. But if you shut up your soul in your body and abase yourself and say, “I know nothing, I can do nothing. I am afraid of earth and sea, I cannot mount to heaven. I know not what I was nor what I shall be,” than what have you to do with God? Your thought can grasp nothing beautiful and good, if you cleave to the body and are evil. "



What is true is that the ego, the artifice, that is not the sum of all things, as it sometimes claims, but a part of it and a reflection of it as a map reflects the land it depicts, though you would not stand on a map of a place and then said you had been there, though you would be a fool to go there with no map and then say you knew the way.

Do not make the fatal error of assuming that your ego is the whole of your true self. It is indeed true what you say, that the ego is just an avatar in a game, but I am not talking to your ego, I'm talking to you, and you are as you have always been. Names name you not.




Absolutely, I can only agree with what you wrote. And I only wanted to point out the fallacy that some people might make with this philosophy "I am god and god is me". Certainly you can become god of an even lower realm, and certainly you can ascend to become a god in/of this world, but if one runs around and proclaims he is god in this world, while he is a mere human, he errs gravely and might be crushed by the laws of this world.

With the nature of god in you obviously you can rise up even higher and higher, not saying this is impossible.



Thank you for this. It is often important to anchor a change with a definitive event or declaration, and to put it in so many terms is to maximize benefit. It is appreciated.


I assume that (almost) anyone even capable of having a conversation about this without just saying "that makes no sense, you're crazy" is expressing relatively the same point, it's the linguistics that differ. You are right, in that your typical cult leader or jabbering idiot who says "Being god means that I, the ego, am hot shit, I the ego am the real deal and now you'll bow before the limitations that I set on you so that I seem bigger by comparison," THAT self will have a cosmic-level hangover when the high wears off.

It's honestly tragic; if they had just tweaked their internal language by a couple words and put some energy into developing a broader 'I' definition, they could have avoided delusion entirely. Such is the nature of liberation; dissolving the boundary of the ego is the most crucial event, but at that moment, how you express it to yourself really makes all the difference in the world.



Yes, I was the guy asking about it on fringebay. I'm happy to say that I'll be okay. Now I just need some healthy mental habits.



It might be wise to mention as a warning that since I've started giving info in this thread I've had someone try to get into my online accounts, which is something that has never happened before. It failed, but interesting timing.

Terence McKenna's library also mysteriously burned down not long after his death, but over the course of his lifetime, he was essentially untouchable.

There's a lesson in this to take precautions which I would be unwise to ignore. But, better late than never. I hereby banish the elements of Nurgle and all patterns like him to their own realms and narratives, they are expressly forbidden from interfering here. I unmake the narrative element of their works and will no more empower them here.



by "god (Infinite Source) is all and all is god (Infinite Source)" i meant that all is an emanation of the Infinite Fractalic Source. It means that even as it divided and divided further down, the divisions were never truly smaller or weaker in any way, but rather all equal in the available, eternal, endless, infinite power. sort of cloning but each clone can and is different.

each one of us is an Infinite Creator, a vessel through the Universe (IS) experiences itself, expressing itself in myriads of ways, and yourself also experiences the IS.

in the primordial level of the 7th Density, We Are One, as We came from One and Will return to One, the IS-ness. That's why i said that we are all the Source and the Source is One with Us.


>you are as you have always been

an Infinite Being.


>being god means ego

(if you are talking to me) the Infinite Source means the total absoluteness and union of all and everything as it came from One.

we are gods as we are emanations of the One, but our egos aren't gods, they are just a directional system.

The godliness comes from our integrated beings: everything that naturally exists in your Divine Sphere of Influence.


excellent declaration.

little reminder that even as We came from the One (Infinite Source), we are NOT separate from It. We are still inexorably connected to It. This means that all corrupt demiurgic ruses of separation are FAKE.



Everything you just said is correct. The ego is a piece, but it is not the full thing. As an avatar of god once said, eat the food, not the menu. The ego is the menu, god is the meal, and it is from the infinite source that we are fulfilled.

As for my declaration, as with my earlier binding, I do not destroy, but dispel. All story elements have their place in the grand narrative, even the rotten. All I do is return them to their right place so that the story flows. The ego is deceived by masks because that is its game, but the eternal I is undeceivable, beyond illusion, beyond flaw, beyond limitation/boundary, beyond context. The happy ego mirrors its source in this and is perfected for it.


File: 28e8163a33a5dc6⋯.jpg (473.92 KB, 1000x1017, 1000:1017, 6edce8d729530733f3e5d7bba2….jpg)


Just wanted to thank you, OP, once again to bringing my attention to those sounds and channels.

Even if it doesn't really do what you claim it does, even if you pursue some agenda by posting that in every thread on several boards, this is still a pretty good and comfy ambient music (which I happen to be a connoisseur of) and, placebo or not, it lifted my mood and helped me feel better several times already.

So, thank you.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha there are actually people in this thread reading text proclaiming that nobody has the right to violate anothers free will and being inflicted physical pain hahahahahaha these fucking vampires who have only ever known how to manipulate others through things like pieces of paper backed by nothing they print at will are calling the people holding them accountable vampires.

Death row inmate: this executioner is a murderer!!!!!

Let me break it down for you do what thou wiltards.

Two kings present themselves to the universe.

One says - everyone has the right to do whatever they want as long as they don't harm others. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Another says - I have the right to do whatever I want no matter who is harmed. My will has no limits so I if I am walking down the street to starbucks and see somebody starving to death, but I wanted an extra biscuit with my supermochafrappadouchahipster latte, I can ignore them, and there will be no consequences because "I SAID SO"!!!

You are in a state called mania. You have no capability to reexamine any of your actions from anothers perspective due to this state. That is why I am here to put you in your place. Thank you for literally announcing that what I does triggers you. That not only lets me know I am doing my job well, but it lets me know that you are so far down your list of excuses that you are resorting to trying to banish me with "ugh you mean nothing thats why I took time out of my day to respond ugh i dont care and and writing a care post to let you know how much I care. I can not thank you enough for giving me all this wonderful intel on your kind. Idiots blinded by their ego are very easy to figure out.

Again, I speak this will full confidence because I know exactly what is happening. No amount of delusion will deflect what is currently happening behind the scenes. This ain't no larp nigga, everyone on the planet sees the rebalancing happening. I've literally dragged you out of the shadows where you are now on fucking message boards instead of just "ruling the world" or whatever it was you thought you were doing. Yeah dawg, you are Zeus, and the 10 moons granted you full authority over reality, and that is why you are on 8chan!

Try some honesty and humility. Try getting that ego under control. Throwing a fit because you are jealous you aren't where I am isn't going to change reality, but you can be like me if you follow some simple rules!



>Throwing a fit

No one's doing it here except you to be honest.

>you are jealous you aren't where I am

And where is that? A loony bin? A ghetto? Sure seems something among those lines judging from what and how you're writing.

>you can be like me

Thanks but no thanks. Don't think I want to make an impression of a dyslexic ghetto dweller.



The lamentations of the bound are not our burden to carry. Don't attempt to confront or undo it, just refuse to be a vector for psychoviral patterns, know when to dispel them, and your mental energies will be yours alone. As one presents himself, so he must be; as above, so below.

It does present an opportunity for positive growth, as a proof that to trap yourself in a mental maelstrom is a self-punishing act. How much the unwise pay, for so little. You have only to ask for calmer waters, and you shall receive it. You who have the wisdom to ask for what is right will remember what it's like to see the sun, no matter the weather of the moment.



>Don't attempt to confront or undo it

One clarification: There is no need to undo that which has already been undone. Viruses always desire new hosts, but immunity performed with sincerity persists.



>pretty good and comfy ambient music

>lifted my mood

>helped me feel better several times already

my friend, all is vibration humming at different frequencies. manifestations of super dense vibrations end up as matter (light is both a wave and a particle – integration of duality and a manifestator of vibrations – all matter is hypercompressed and hyperdense light: manipulating this is the key to what i call "technological ascension" but it's negative as in the end you won't be able to go to the 5th Density or further because you will have transformed into a broken-soul STS being)

this means that they are working and having correct effects (depends on your chosen videos of course)

once again i say that i don't any negativeness, STS conduct, corrupt demiurgic control or anything of that regard by this.

literally, the drvirtual7 has a video for which he got brutally attacked and can similarly remove all parasites and control devices. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvyPscRD1ss)

thank you too for answering and telling about your experiences.




dear anons and friends in the One, i don't even know to whom the virus-ed anon is talking to. he should try seeing the entity remover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfQVgVayXcc (this one is super cool, it's basically an oily cloak that makes all entities slip from you), and the universe cleaner, i think.



or would be randomly babbling to everybody in any random place an imposition of his viral pattern?



>or would be randomly babbling to everybody in any random place an imposition of his viral pattern?

That's about right. Compare it to a certain Japanese dish where a fresh octopus or squid tentacle is served with another dish, I believe a certain form of soup. When soy sauce is poured over it, as is customary when receiving it, the sodium activates the sodium-potassium pumps in the tentacle's nerves, so for a while, it writhes as if alive, and grasps blindly at nothing. Though it puts on a decent show, the octopus itself is already dead.



I admit I've not been one for YouTube material up until this thread but I could feel this one right at my third eye/Ajna consciousness circuit gate, which I've been meaning to scrub out. This one has my approval.



>or would be randomly babbling to everybody in any random place an imposition of his viral pattern?

I don't understand this post. How is randomly babbling to everybody an example of acting as a vector for a virus? I don't see how your reply connects to what you're replying to.


Are you saying that there's no such thing as a psychovirus, only what energy we add to them?



>How is randomly babbling to everybody an example of acting as a vector for a virus?

Memetics. It's not a very sophisticated technique, but randomly babbling to everybody and nobody has yielded results before. However, the montalk anon was asking whether or not him babbling angrily was something caused by the psychovirus itself, and my post was a confirmation that indeed, it could be accurately thought of that way.

>Are you saying that there's no such thing as a psychovirus, only what energy we add to them?

Certainly there are such things as psychoviruses but they require hosts which will in some way act as a carrier them, and to propagate them requires that you either take them on as beliefs or in some way start to replicate their linguistic-memetic properties internally such that you are brought down to their level/into their narrative/on their wavelength, whatever you want to call it. You can train yourself relatively easily to see this in action, and making a personal declaration against them is an efficient and effective way to prevent yourself from being a dupe for them.

The post you are referencing of mine was me referring to how the infected anon can obviously still post here and squeal all he wants about, well, whatever it is he was talking about (I didn't read his post), but he's already been exposed here, and it will be difficult for his particular psychovirus to gain purchase. A psychovirus exposed is a psychovirus defanged, and to see it for what it is is to defeat it. It *looks* as if he's still going, still engaging, like the tentacle writhing, but there's not a chance of him meaningfully spreading it among anyone paying attention.



I've got no response. I just want you to know that I value your response. That's some good shit.



Hey, if my responses work for you, I've done my part well enough. I appreciate being a useful resource, thank you!



SOY bien



Should the Pleiades be trusted?



I don't know if the sound itself should be trusted, but I haven't had any bad experiences with Pleiadian energies. I've got some guided meditations that guide one to bringing in the energies of Pleiades, and they're good for my path,

which is STO though not like super-involved in helping people, just do what I can for people that I encounter to the degree I want to, or avoid what I don't want. Mostly building myself up right now.

One meditation uses 3 star clusters including pleiades to connect with the energy of the Pole Star (Polaris, I assume).

"the pleiades, which influence the form-side of all creation" is one way the energy is described in another meditation



Do you think that the Pleiades seem to pretend to be something they're not? Do you think that the Pleiades are either manipulative or ignorant?



ignorant of their own true nature?*



I'm not sure what you mean.

I'm not too familiar with the Pleiades, but I trust well enough the being speaking in the guided meditations I do.

Id had the impression that pleiadians are farther along spiritually than humans, at least as a race, but the star energies are somewhat independent from them aren't they?



Initially i thought "how did they get them if we have not travelled to them yet" but then i saw the power harmonics. Sadly they do not seem as pure as working in intervals of 3, 6 and 9.


there is false light within some pleyadians, they will attempt to lead you into their energy farms. the stars themselves are of the True Light it seems.


even if they are "good" beware of entities that you possibly bring in, also you can do all that on you own.

Figure out your starseed/original incarnation in physical race and connect with it, its star and True Light members, and recall its language(s) through sounds in youtube that you trust.


the true light gives this impression, but pleyades are in general more advanced as >>114621 said.



> "how did they get them if we have not travelled to them yet" but then i saw the power harmonics.

oh cool I didn't note that in the description, that the sound is multiplied

>Sadly they do not seem as pure as working in intervals of 3, 6 and 9.

it is unfortunate that it isn't clearer.

I do feel nice listening to Sirius.

> the stars themselves are of the True Light it seems.

indeed, that is my impression.

>even if they are "good" beware of entities that you possibly bring in, also you can do all that on you own.

this is true. I have accelerated my advancement by following the guidance of this being/related ones mentioned in the meditations, and have asked an akashic reader if that being is a good guide for me and gotten an affirmative, so I think it's all good in the hood. I never feel bad afterward, learn techniques, and tend to feel less attached to desires.

I'd think I can just make protection/declaration of sovereignty around myself and clear afterward and anything I don't want wouldn't be there.


I didn't watch the videos but I did the intention and it was pretty nice/clearing of desire.




if you want to be ridden of contracts and other funky stuff more easily, there's this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZ5KlTHcE2Y it has an insane amount of declarations of "I Refuse <X>"

i listened to the Arcturian video of the channel >>114612 commented about, and I felt odd (some kind of joy bubbled up within me, the sound was pleasing to the ear). i think this is because my origins are in Arcturus.



>7. Corrupt, entrappening energetic systems like reiki (it binds you to the glyphs, and it puts a cap implant that forces your power to be like most of the other reikists and doesn't let you advance further, my source for that is around these pages: https://www.realitywalker.com/spiritual-awareness-entity-spirit-guided-training/reiki-healing-systems-and-healing-illusions/).

I think this guy's description is problematic.

"Before I was guided to do Reiki I was already doing energy and healing work naturally without any formal initiations or training, I was fully interactive with my guides, fully aware of them able to see them VERY coherently."

So he can listen to his guides, then according to the later part of the post, was guided into doing reiki.

" I was actually told very adamantly that there were ONLY Reiki energies while in a manner that strongly suggested that only Reiki energies were ‘right’ or ‘correct’ or the only ones ‘worth working with’."

I don't think any reiki people I know would agree with this.

"So, I got via a formal Reiki style initiation what I needed from all of the energies that she was connected to"

sounds fine to me.

He goes on to describe reiki caps and what-have-you, and let's assume he's correct. He says mastership is where you get the caps and I'm only level 2/4, 3 is "master", 4 is "master teacher".

I got a power boost from my 1&2 (same time) attunements which helped me have my kundalini rising.

I've actually left behind reiki stuff to a good degree from reading about this stuff, and a friend of mine who is a reiki master says it feels watered down compared to New Paradigm healing.

But I know plenty of people who are pretty psychic and reiki practicioners. I don't know if all reiki lineages are shitty in terms of implants. They may indeed be shitty in terms of being limited.

This guy rambles/takes awhile to get to the point.


"Become skilled enough that you can avoid as much as possible using protection."

But shouldn't you be protecting yourself anyway? I mean. imagining a shield or channeling whatever star-energies or whatever to help you.

Idk. I've had decent effects from accessing the assistance of beings/archetypal energies?

Narasimha for strength/vigor/persistence/protection.

Michael for the same.

Mary for help from heartbreak.

Quan Yin for similar, such that when I called on her I instantly feel un-upset. Like I wanted to be upset but I couldn't.

Krishna helped me learn how to love the Divine/helped me heal my wounds.

Raphael is supposed to be one of my friends/guides on the other side according to an akashic reader.

I would be unsurprised if these beings have imitators, but I think accessing the correct ones is as simple as being true to yourself and accessing higher/truer vibrations. Not necessarily easy but simple.

and I don't know if they're the lightest of light or original archetypal energies manifested in the minds of people, but in time I'll get to a higher state and be able to discern better. In the meantime I've got higher self, star energies, and rocks to work with to keep me clear.


When I first read this I couldn't help but think of how immensely stupid and disempowering it is, but thinking so has helped me become more aware that I should cultivate compassion. I still have a bit of a hard time being compassionate for people who are "asking for it".

I suspect it's because I need a more solid foundation and that I can get rattled by the possibility/probability of feeling the things people feel, when they feel negative things.

I should learn better shielding maybe.


cool, I'll see if that video helps me. I feel I'm now connected enough that merely intending the words you wrote are enough.

I saw a link around here or fringechan that was to a tumblr page with a looong list of refusals, so I think that got me pretty set, but doing more can't hurt.

glad you got a nice effect from something on that channel. Sirius was the one that appealed to me most.


in any case, this guy seems not too compassionate toward people who have different views (maybe there's no need to be, but it's a turn-off), and I'll assume reiki is in general to be avoided. It helped me to get a power-up/helped trigger my kundalini rising, but I don't feel a need to go farther in that system now that I have alternatives.

If I have another akashic reading I'll ask about it.


o ya. I wonder if I might be more related to/originated of Orion, but I don't know if there are any of those sounds on YT. There's one video that doesn't sound like other star vids.

Sirius is nearby tho and it's a nice one.

these are interesting pages



energy clearing causing negativity to be drawn towards oneself because of dispersing negative bits of one's energy.

the energy clearing I tend to do clears external energy and then calls back internal energy, so I'd think that avoids the problem mostly.



could it be that your belief is causing all of these things, and by invoking the beings you are merely allowing them to mooch off you?


you can figure out if you're a starseed or not, and what is your originary star race via an Akashik reading.

you can also access the Akashik yourself: do you know how to meditate on past lives? you do that but with intent to reach the Akashik and BE ABLE to understand it.


I just realised something regarding my neg troubles. I don't actually know what it means to exert your will. I don't know what it is to exert your will. I mean, I know I'm capable of acting on what I intend to do but is that it? What does it even mean to "believe in yourself"? Is that kind of conviction a feeling you feel like motivation? What is will? What is desire?

When I try to act, I notice I take a kind of "spectator" stance. When I do something, I want to know that I'm doing it as I do it so I'm kind of dissociated from my action. I notice, internally, there's a feeling that arises in my mind when I try to act. There's this feeling that I need its permission before I act. Like, when I would visualise, I'd start the visualisation but then I would let "it" continue and finish it. Now unfortunately, the parasite has hijacked this too so I literally can't even invoke Christ or The Sun or make affirmations without my words getting hijacked and made to mean something else, something which worsens my situation. I've decided I need to clarify what it really is to apply one's will.



How am I "asking for it"? I just want to help myself but I have this pervasive desire to negate the existence of the possibility of failure.




you are a CREATOR! A *CREATOR* not a spectator!

>permission of the mind

the mind is part of your unified being, you control it. it does not control you. demand and intention at once that control is returned to you.

>parasite hijacked intention too

you can invoke and intention using words but it may be far weaker

going to search for a video about creatorship



Dear friend, though this is a trifling thing, some cross-translation may be due, though I am not the one you were replying to, so this may be only semi-related. Of course you are right, these are only differences in terminology.

To seat the position of the soul as a spectator is not to negate its role as creator. We are both actor and audience. The anon who has trouble with his "spectator" stance is troubled by his psychic censor. Many things cause this, but to me it is felt as a tension, a pushing-against. That anon is troubled by his place as a spectator, and that belief is manifest in inability. If he were to relax, if he were to actually say internally "I will watch and enjoy this at work," he may not find the creative aspect so difficult.

We never find it necessary to force dreams to come to us, and only those who have little experience in lucid dreaming 'force' it. To put it in a cruder analogy, a flaccid dick is actually when those muscles are tensed. A man only becomes erect when those muscles relax. So it is with meditation and magic.

If the role of creator is not right, then it may well be because he is not yet comfortable enough as a spectator. This doesn't mean he ought to be ignorant or comatose, awareness is important, but imbalance in one sphere is imbalance in the other.



>could it be that your belief is causing all of these things, and by invoking the beings you are merely allowing them to mooch off you?

It's possible, sure.

I feel like Quan Yin helped me when I was feeling particularly bad about a soul connection/soul promise with someone, and that would have been hard for me to overcome, but maybe my higher self could have done it. (although I had already tried to do that)

>you can also access the Akashik yourself: do you know how to meditate on past lives? you do that but with intent to reach the Akashik and BE ABLE to understand it.

Yeah one of my readers told me I should do it myself because I'm already in tune with it. I should practice.


the "morbid curiosity" bit where you convinced yourself to disempower yourself and feed a parasite is to what I was referring.



hmm, yes


Videos found! First, we have ESTABLISH DIVINE ORDER, to establish the Order of Divinity in your Life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ajExBhR55E

Second, we have The Interconnection of Everything, to help you realize how Everything is Connected in the One (and thusly, your Own Divinity): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KQhfz1Wg14

Thirdly and lastly, we have the complement to the Interconnection of Everything, the Realize the True Self of Others, to help you see the Divinity in Others: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feilxGTQkow




The first video is made by the DrVirtual7, and the others are made by Sapien Medicine.



>if you want to be ridden of contracts and other funky stuff more easily, there's this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZ5KlTHcE2Y it has an insane amount of declarations of "I Refuse <X>"

hmm they're worded "I do not consent" which I thought that universe doesn't recognize "not" so wouldn't that make one consent to it?

"I refuse" is definitely what he should have gone with. Suspicious


and debt is spelled dept. @_@



>the "morbid curiosity" bit where you convinced yourself to disempower yourself and feed a parasite is to what I was referring.

Yes, I kept seeking out "safe lies". Lies that you sucker into and nothing too bad will happen from being suckered into them. If you're a procrastinator, then the lie of "having enough time so it's okay to put it off for later" is a common one.



the situation of "not" for intentions is slightly more complex than normal "yes" affirmative statements.

with clear intent a "not" statement works as it should.


an unfortunate spelling error. nothing to be worried about. most possibly it's only on the video and not on the audio.



A435 is the true frequency although I do agree 444 is good enough on its own


see it for yourself. A435 works even with equal temperament music which is the most common today.

tune down to A435 and you'll never go back.

if you play an instrument try pythagorean A435~C256.



I personally use the app pitchlab pro to tune or find the tuning of a song. if you're trained enough you'll even notice a444 a440 and a432 when listening. I find artists who sing at a435 the most appealing. one of my favorites is chelly of EGOIST.



I really enjoy the term Brain-Aids it came to me one day and it really fits quite well. Its analgous metaphorical allusions are apt on a multitude of levels, one infected with brain-aids is suceptible to all types of ailments large and small. It magnifies, and amplifies all other mental and spiritual infections and symptoms. Those infected are a danger to themselves and others and are almost driven or programmed to spread the infection to others. Also it has a nice derogatory feel too it and works well as an insult that cuts with a bit of self-introspective flavored venom, which can be effective at both projecting away those infected whilst providing them with a tool to ruminate on as they try to fall asleep. It is a non-sequitr and I really enjoy it.



>Directing the river of mental energy that it produces toward a path which differs significantly in structure and outcome from the rut it's been in is a wise move if you can pull it off, and if I can do it, so can you.

I just realised: you're telling me to just immerse myself in creative, artistic work. You're telling me that when things get tough, I need to focus harder on making cool pictures and writing cool stories, that sort of thing, right?


File: 58d268fda8113df⋯.pdf (1.26 MB, The_True_Believer_-_Eric_H….pdf)


Yes, pretty much. If your creative process involves something else, by all means go for it, but magical acts are really not at their root fundamentally different from any act of creation. I use storytelling as a model because it suits me, and it's pretty easy to define a spell as you inserting a sentence or word or what-have-you into your own narrative, story, whatever, but here I'm using it as a convenient metaphor. It doesn't have to be, it could be taken literally or metaphorically, however you please. There are spots where the line between convincing storytelling and magically willing your experience into a particular condition is thin or nonexistent. If you can create something that you enjoy that is also believable to you, you have made it true in doing so. Nothing and nobody is capable of stopping you from doing this so long as you still draw breath, and sometimes, even that may not be enough to stand in your way.

And yes, I'm telling you to immerse yourself in creative work. "Blocks" of all sorts can only really be gotten over by starting and just doing it until it works itself out. "Brain AIDS," as it's been so eloquently put here, takes up the same mental energy and focus as creative work, and if you're engaged creatively, you've immunized yourself against mental drains of that sort.

Eric Hoffer's works on fanatics and ideological nutjobs spells this out quite well, since his most important works were essentially treatises on how "brain AIDS" works. Any of the times he mentions creativity, it is in rather stark contrast to the empty, vacuous lives lived by people who, out of a sense of self-loathing and uselessness, have given their mental capacity and their otherwise possibly quite considerable creative powers to some rotten strain of psychovirus or other. As a general rule of thumb, any paradigm which insults or else attempts to tightly control your creative capacity is on par with the very worst kind of poison. Better to die than to willingly hand your mind over that way.

The quote below is from Hoffer's "The True Believer," which I will post a pdf of here for convenience. It is not a work on magic or philosophy generally, but in correctly and accurately diagnosing the ways in which people are duped into contracting brain AIDS, it is a worthwhile work for people seeking to avoid that fate.

<Nothing so bolsters our self-confidence and reconciles us with ourselves as the continuous ability to create; to see things grow and develop under our hand, day in, day out. The decline of handicrafts in modern times is perhaps one of the causes for the rise of frustration and the increased susceptibility of the individual to mass movements.



>"Blocks" of all sorts can only really be gotten over by starting and just doing it until it works itself out.

Starting what, exactly?

So basically, you're saying that there's no real cure for Brain AIDS. That you can never return to thinking whatever thoughts you like without (much) consequence. You can never be ignorant of the psychovirus as you were before. You just have to accept the present state of affairs and consciously divert your creative energies into creative endeavours?



(Sorry for double-post)


>Better to die than to willingly hand your mind over that way.

Do you really mean that? Would you really rather lose your divinity and self-awareness than surrender your mind to fanatic religiosity or some kind of ideology?



(Sorry again)

>"Blocks" of all sorts can only really be gotten over by starting and just doing it until it works itself out.

Your suggested solution is to just engage in creative work until the thing just… goes away? And then what? Can it come back? Can you bring it back?



>no cure for brain aids

There IS a cure. You have to intention that your mind is fully healthy and hale, and that everything negative (psychoviruses etc) is dissolved, and that it cannot enter your Divine Sphere of Influence.


>losing divinity by dying


by dying you do NOT lose your divinity. it is NEVER lost. any thing that makes you believe that it is gone is a PLOY.


will things that have vague forms of thoughtform-consciousness and that whose only aim is to preserve and spread themselves forever let you go?

no. you have to dissolve them and be guarded.



I'm not at all saying there's no cure, if there was no cure then this board wouldn't exist, I'm saying that a creative endeavor helps to direct your energy in a way which will be conducive to better patterns of thought.

>That you can never return to thinking whatever thoughts you like without (much) consequence.

If you actively want to go back, just think in terms of shit like politics, trends, other people's opinions of you, internet fights, apocalyptic narratives, panic, etc etc. Pay attention to anything except for what is before you, avoid any kind of creation or imaginative work, worry about things that are beyond your control (so you think), and tie your happiness totally to events outside yourself. This is the easy path to misery. You can be sure that contracting it again is easy, turn on the news every night if you want to go back.

>Would you really rather lose your divinity and self-awareness than surrender your mind to fanatic religiosity or some kind of ideology?

Dying doesn't negate divinity in any capacity, and yes, 100% I would happily die before giving my capacities to some tiny-context piss-ant cause. Obviously I don't insult Brahman/Tao/whatever for playing all sorts of roles, fanatics included, but it is a wretched and miserable condition to be in and produces suffering considerably worse than death, at least to me. Death is a preferable alternative to a life spent in that nightmarish mode.

>Your suggested solution is to just engage in creative work until the thing just… goes away? And then what? Can it come back? Can you bring it back?

Oh no I meant like writer's block. Boredom can and should be worked through and pushed through, yes. As for these modes of thought, society makes it exceptionally easy to fall back into them and it is important to stay on alert to avoid them. If you want that again, I guarantee you will find it. Hell, get on Facebook for half an hour and some psychovirus or other will take the wheel for you. You don't have to be in control, you can willingly box yourself up in your ego and become powerless. Casual sadomasochism and total alienation can be all yours if only you will shrink your context until you become helpless.



>if only you will shrink your context until you become helpless.

Can you elaborate further? Also, good post.


Thank you.



The path to liberation is the path of widening your context. All persistent misery is caused by a narrow context, by a kind of tunnel vision, an inability to think outside it.

Many people feel stuck in stories that they feel they can't control, and it filters their view of everything else. Even people who are able to find relief sometimes have convinced themselves that they are only capable of finding relief tied to externalities or eventualities, for example, "I feel better when I drink, therefore, I feel worse when I'm sober," or more insidiously (since it's internalized), "I won't be happy until my particular goofy ideology runs the whole world." They've built up their selves around these really petty models of how the world works, and although they might function to mask their internal bad feelings, they never actually solve them, and they're always left basically in the dark.

The fix to this is to remove the boundaries on your context, on your conception of what's actually possible. This can be metaphorical, as in, developing more viewpoints, or it can literally be a contemplative process of thinking about things from a broader (or in the other direction, more elemental) point of view. Science can help here but it really needs to be paired with an internal process of freeing up one's mental horizons. That's what I mean by a wide context. Attachment can only be stretched so far before it snaps, and if you start thinking beyond attachment, you stop thinking in terms of the short-term consequences. There is a level of thought and consideration where pain is rendered essentially impossible.


I don't have a facebook with 500+ friends and a bunch of my accomplishments listed, I don't have a job with benefits, I'd rather earn consent than force myself on someone using sith social engineering tricks, I like to figure things out on my own, I don't rely on cool accessories to enhance my image, and I don't have a degree. Therefore I am nothing in your world. I am less than a fucking maggot. I will never be as good as somebody with 500 friends. I will never get to experience the euphoria from getting triple digit "likes" on the 90th picture I uploaded of myself. I will also never have any political say because I am not willing to put on the Right Team or Left Team jersey. I am also weird. I am not a clone of the ideal american mkultra slave human, so by definition I am weird. I am strange. I am a loser. I am ugly. I don't have the correct height. I don't have the biggest cock. I don't have any employees. I am not normal. Because I am not normal and would rather have zero power than not be myself, I will never get married or reproduce. My time here is basically going to be spent watching other people live. I am definitely just going to accept that. I really need a world where a bunch of people who don't give a fuck about me need me to get on my knees and beg them for paper dollars. I am definitely going to continue to self censor myself anytime I have a thought that hasn't been made into a movie or show yet, because I need my almighty abrahamic masters to get every ounce of glory for anything that a battery like me can generate. Religion is definitely real and there is nothing behind this demiurge/archon/astral parasite thing.



Daily reminder that the actual logic being used by the criminals who destroyed humanity is "You don't get justice, because I said so!"

Even though everybody who has put actual thought into it has determined that society is a fucking lie used to generate slaves instead of happy sovereign beings, every murder, theft, and rape can supposedly be excused because you are insane, you didn't work hard enough, and you just aren't as good as demiurge.




Society really gets under your skin, huh?



>Attachment can only be stretched so far before it snaps, and if you start thinking beyond attachment, you stop thinking in terms of the short-term consequences. There is a level of thought and consideration where pain is rendered essentially impossible.

What does "attachment" have to do with having (or not having) a wider context? It's very interesting that you post that because I recently applied one of Robert Bruce's guaranteed methods for dealing with negs/parasites which is to cross a river. I did it but later on in the day, when I reflected upon my feat in my mind, reliving the memory, the parasite reattached itself to me. I was amazed by how such a thing could happen. Robert Bruce never said to never again reminisce on the river crossing otherwise the neg would reattach. He would've mentioned something so critical so what happened? It's me.

When I started meditating, I didn't want to do it properly. I wanted a kind of shortcut to experiencing the bliss that comes with breaking those old thought patterns. I used to, if I felt I was losing my grip on the present moment, cling to the feeling of my tongue on the roof of my mouth. I put a lot of time and effort into keeping that feeling present. I don't quite know how but at some point, I must've judged the feeling to be "attachment" so when I'm observing the mind and I feel myself getting lost in the maze of all the various feelings and thoughts I've identified with, I cling really hard to that bodily sensation of my tongue on the roof of my mouth.

When I first noticed the parasite's presence in my mind, even though it was already present in my attention, I had the notion that I wasn't "really" looking at it so I "looked" at it "properly" i.e. I held the bodily sensation in my attention, kind of "standing on it" if that makes sense whilst looking at the parasite. That's when the parasite attached itself to some other thought. That's when I believed the parasite had the ability to attach itself to thoughts. That's when I believed that the simultaneous presence of the thought of the parasite and any other thought would lead to attachment. I almost lost myself to this lie and it's taken me turning to Christ and then to Krishna and then to Christ again and then to Kuan Yin and then to Christ once more to realise this. I also realise that I can't even apply any demon/parasite-removal methods because, due to my mindfulness shortcuts, I've fucked myself up in a way where the parasite can literally just re-enter my life again. Honestly, I kind of just want to go back in time to a point where I never meditated once and then just change my work ethic to meditation and try to see it for what it is: you cleaning yourself properly but I don't know. I mean, I'm not scared anymore now that I've diagnosed the true issue. I just don't know what to do about this. I just want some kind of mind-body-reformat.


The last part of the post was hard to follow. I wasn't expecting sarcasm since the first part was so sincere. Ah well.



frothing troll alert! psychovirused indiovidual alert! copypasta alert!

I reject ALL psychoviruses and DISSOLVE ALL psychoviruses. I reject everything of a low vibration and I DISSOLVE everything of a low vibration. This is so because it is so, in the name of my Divine Sovereignity. So mote it be.



can't you just use https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvyPscRD1ss subconscious mind flush and personal universe cleaner.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFXeCJ5j25o etheric cleanser

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfQVgVayXcc the super entity remover that you were using

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5-DrYahaSc the other entity remover, more slow and more permanent.



I mean there's that, sure, but you were specifically talking about hypnotizing yourself to doubt yourself and cut yourself off from source.


>the situation of "not" for intentions is slightly more complex than normal "yes" affirmative statements.

>with clear intent a "not" statement works as it should.

I see.

still I'd keep it simple unless there's a clear reason that using "not" is superior in some cases.



oh yeah.

I meant to come back here and tell you that one of my friends on the other side goes by Arcturus (:

the akashic reader that told me I should do my own readings >>114726

told me about them

and I've done a past life meditation recently. going down stairs into subcon, through a doorway, into other worlds/lives/akash



>What does "attachment" have to do with having (or not having) a wider context?

Everything. Attachment only works if you have a narrow context as your mental horizon. For example, my ego doesn't want my body to be hurt, but I know everyone dies eventually. If I could not think of the world beyond my ego, I would be too attached to be at peace with this. If instead my consideration is beyond the limitations of just my body, I am no longer plagued by that fear. Many people do not even get to the point of identifying with their body, and identify only with their ego and with short-term signifiers of it. They suffer because they imprison themselves in a mental prison out of heuristic convenience, until they start to believe that to go beyond this is out of their ability.

To attain prajna, wisdom, is to be aware that such a mental pen or pasture is not the limit of the mind. Freed from small context, they are no longer attached in a cosmic sense to small chunks of space and time. They may live day to day in the mental pen, but they are free to go anywhere they please. This is how bodhisattvas are able to remain normal people and indeed stay in samsara without ceasing to be bodhisattvas, they simply are not fooled by the pen.



why identify with the body when the body is a part of the spirit, of you, as an integrated being? All is One and One is All in the Infinite Source.




I like to believe, that I can become a higher being not for decorative ego and power but so I can intervene. Justice? Injustice? Might? Weak? Moral? Immoral?

But, in the end, isn't intervention as a powerful one an irrational and abusive act? When you don't belong in the same plane - you can never be friends - you are outsider. No one can be friends with bacterium, ants, artificial sentience, if you can kill them. But you can love them as a consolational thought.

The real question is "CAN WE FIX EVERYTHING?"

If I can't be the source or destroy the source then I can be with the source. If that is possible - but do I intervene? Or ask for them to intervene? For what price?

And, If it is possible, what is the requirement? I wanna know but I don't know or yet or will I ever know.

We are bleak creatures capable of little and limited actions - although that's just my one useless thought to limit myself.

We all need a sign - that there is hope.

But, if it becomes conditional, will it be worth the fight?



>be the Source

you are the Source as We are All One.

>destroy the Source


>be *with* the Source

you are that, too

>ask them to intervene

this mostly plays out on its own. to make changes you Intention. the corrupt demiurge and its parasitism wasn't meant to be here, but by its existence there are great challenges and fun to be had in this hyperholographic learning matrix!

a negative thing is that the ((("lords of karma"))) and other such parasites like to hold you hostage, enslaving and tricking you to go into the energetic farm that is their false light constructs and this modern earth to feed the corrupt demiurge forever.

>bleak creatures capable of very little


I refuse all psychoviruses. I dissolve all psychoviruses. I expulse all psychoviruses from my Divine Sphere of Influence.



Are you sure that this will work? I just explained to you how my own bad habits that I have enforced over the course of what seems to be nearly three years now are precisely why my application of the river-crossing method failed to purge the demon attached to me properly and ultimately provided it with the opportunity to reattach itself to me.

I remember you said that I don't need to meditate on these videos. Just listening to them is enough. Can you verify that to me? I want to meditate on them but I can't. The second I try to focus on anything, the feeling on the roof of my mouth is also brought into my attention as it's what I've habitually also focused on because it gave me the feedback I felt I needed in order to know that I was actually focused (I needed the act of focusing on something to feel like doing something in much the same way that moving a limb "feels" like you're moving it. There was a question in my mind that I didn't know how to answer: how do you know that you're focused on something when you're focused on it? I think the answer would've been that it would be self-evident i.e. as you focus on something, you're simultaneously aware of the fact that you're focusing on it although that makes one-pointed meditation a bit confusing to explain to me because being aware of the fact that you're focused on something would mean that you're not truly one-pointed) so what I'm asking you is, if my ears are just passively exposed to these sounds, even in the background whilst I daydream or what have you not, would they still work?



apologies for not answering earlier

>how do you know when you are focusing on something

to me, it feels like some kind of tenseness. like if the world got sharper and more detailed (focusing on the present) and i am *aware* of the thing. my eyes see light differently, etc…

>if my ears are passively exposed to the videos will they work




What activities are safe to engage in whilst I listen to them?

Are headphones recommended or should I play them out of speakers?



Regarding activities, what I meant was, since my ability to still my mind is flawed, if you can't tell me what I should be doing, can you at least tell me what I shouldn't be doing?

Also, supposing I ensure that I do watch these videos daily (or 5 times a week, depending on the video), how many days are we looking at here before a full recovery is attained?



everything mostly. driving, using heavy machinery is advised against, though.

try to not imbibe subtances that scatter your spiritual perceptions.

headphones are always recommended, although speakers work.

always choose the highest quality for the video.


>what should i be doing?

meditate :D



Physical awareness of the body is not a thing to be dismissed as trivial! Is it spirit? Yes, as is everything else, but for most people who identify only with the ego and who cannot conceive of the world beyond that, bodily awareness is their first and often easiest means of expanding their horizons.

It is for this reason that the ego, out of self-defense, has a tendency to attack the body first. Consider the vast number of people suffering from body dysmorphia, anorexia, binge eating, etc. These people have been convinced to hate the body and to see it as undesirable, and they only ever identify their ideal self with an extremely vague, ill-defined notion of health which boils down to sexual attraction, itself based on clownish porn.

Surely this is lunacy, but people do it all the time. The constant desire for something else keeps them in perpetual dysphoria, unable to enjoy bodies which took something on the order of 4.5 billion years to develop. Imagine buying a luxury car and then declaring the whole thing a total waste of money because you would prefer the stereo knob an eighth of an inch to the left. This is the sheer power and sheer stupidity of alienation from the body.



This is not to say that we ought to limit awareness to the body, only that most people, sad to say, do not even get that far. It is a considerable milestone for someone to be actually in touch with their body as a steady state of interplaying and intimidatingly complex (yet automatic!) chemical processes, a series of inorganic exchanges that by some primary magic produce consciousness or at least house it, rather than just "I'm hungry/thirsty/horny."

Liberation, being no more than an accurate view of the self, is not far off if one is physically aware.




your explaination has helped.

>not sure if the body produces the consciousness, or houses it

this is an issue. what does the existence of soul, spirit and mind tell you? how about the subtle bodies and the Higher Self?



I say that out of convenience. Whether or not there is a soul outside of the body, that is not really a concern. As the universe is mental, within or without, either way, there it is. I intend only to draw attention to the direct experience which the body may help to facilitate, not to get into the metaphysics of spirit and matter, which is an issue better left to experts.



>meditate :D

But, but I… my mind… Ugh.

There's got to be some kind of factory-reset button for bad meditation habits.



>leave it to experts

have you realized this? you learn! you can become an expert yourself! dedicate yourself, draw from past experiences (past lives too), the Akashik records, your Higher Self and/or any True Light being to learn and discover things that are deep and ancient. why would you limit yourself to tiny and/or superficial truths?

we all know everything. we realize this.


>can't meditate because of the parasite

ok, it's not necessary.



>There's got to be some kind of factory-reset button for bad meditation habits.




Oh I intend to, but this is a divergence from my original point. The root point is this, that anything can be a means of expanding one's mental context when properly viewed. I admit I'm learning a lot here, though. Some forms of practice I have much experience with, but so many are new and I'm still getting around to them. I'll keep the Akashic record stuff in mind moving forward.



that's good! :D



the RestWell app has arrived! :D



Does anyone have a folder for these videos on mega or something? I don't trust youtube to keep them



google youtube to mp3 and get mp3s of th



it's better to download in the native format instead of converting, as frequencies may be lost and the effect of the video may be lessened or even fully garbled.

for effective downloads, i use this tool, https://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/, called youtube-dl. you invoke it from a command line with the video link, and it automatically downloads the best video and audio for you, mixing them together.

you can add ffmpeg so that youtube-dl is able to extract audio from a mixed video, mix video and audio together (else they will be download separately).

in windows, you download ffmpeg, extract it to a folder, get the PATH variable and edit it so that it includes the folder. OR, you can extract the /bin directory of the ffmpeg compressed file on the youtube-dl folder, and it will still work.

on macos there's macports and homebrew.

on linux you have your distro's package manager, and in the case you don't have one (or it's unaccessible, or something), you can download ffmpeg from here https://www.ffmpeg.org/ and you can search instructions, and the precedure of putting the /bin files on the youtube-dl folder should still apply.



Have you done this and what was the result?



I have a question if you're here. I did what you said and downloaded some videos. Some of them are about 100 mb which is good I guess but some of them are really small. Like I saw this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snxbJ8bGGJY and it's 21 mb on my computer when I downloaded it. However one of the comments say uncompressed version should be 400 mb, did I fuck something up?



youtube does not host the pure waves of the videos, only the highest quality possible on the avc codec (and incidentally it has vp9 too but it's worse quality, youtube-dl always uses best quality by default). this means that the 400 mbs that somebody else downloaded were forcefully converted to flac and they became heavier because flac is a lossless format, but that's worthless when you have already downloaded the highest quality version.

youtube's api allows for native downloading of the videos in mp3, m4a, mp4, flv, 3gp, etc, but not in flac. it means that every single video uploaded to youtube is compressed, and it cannot be uncompressed without harming the data or just making it more heavy.

the best quality version is the most heavy possibly downloadable by youtube-dl OR the pure-wave OR its closest equivalent (generally a pure flac or a 320 kbps mp3) sold by the maker. if it's 20 mb then it's 20 mb and it's fine.

why so light? sapien medicine's older videos have a maximum quality of 480p. they have full effectiveness nevertheless.

better/more skills allow for making the same effects on lower qualities, thusly lowering the file size with zero ill effects.

peace! :D



>better/more skills allow for making the same effects on lower qualities

it must be said that of all the video makers i have ever seen, sapien medicine, and on a lower extreme drvirtual7 and assorted rife frequencies are the only ones that have acheived this. sapien medicine's newer videos are in 1080p and thus are far more heavy. (probably upped to 1080p for the far higher sampling rate, allowing even higher frequencies [etc] to be used)

they, as with all videos, should be used at the best quality possible.



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so i know so far the safe bets for binural beats are Sapien med, Quadible, and Drvirtual but has anyone chhecked out any of these 3? i feel like warlock and Anthony could be legit but im not sure about the 3rd one.

Anthony Sommer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq-nADpA0Yw

Subliminal Warlock Frequencies - https://www.youtube.com/user/seanote480

Archangel Ascension - https://www.youtube.com/user/ascensionarchangel/videos



>binaural beats

I thought this retarded trend died about a year ago.


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Wow good one kikes!



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