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File: 4f2f78fba5fafae⋯.jpg (42.89 KB, 600x350, 12:7, IMG_20180920_134435.jpg)

File: 11fa74cd3f124e3⋯.jpg (990.07 KB, 1080x4364, 270:1091, IMG_20180920_134527.jpg)

File: 5804e6ecad11121⋯.jpg (497.87 KB, 1564x1564, 1:1, IMG_20180920_134403.jpg)

File: 81f7196a14bd9aa⋯.png (688.66 KB, 1080x1403, 1080:1403, IMG_20180920_134810.png)


This is the biggest drama the fandom has got in a while. YouTuber Kero the Wolf that gained popularity after an interview with Shane Dawson two years ago has been exposed for necrophilia and zoophilia


Shane Dawson just deleted the original interview video after tonnes of backlash, w e w


File: 419a051c4aed436⋯.jpg (2.09 MB, 1900x1357, 1900:1357, 1437321556448.jpg)


It's worthless drama for the sake of drama. This was the eventual fate of this thread.



You're better off just leaving then.



don't you think you're kinda late to give your opinion on that?



this same nigger is friends with Zaush the rapist, so it's not like he has any credibility whatsoever


File: bab274cfdadfc7f⋯.jpg (558.93 KB, 2048x1462, 1024:731, it happens.jpg)


>I don't even know where to begin breaking down your argument so I'll leave the task for someone else

Because you can't do it without coming off as a massive hypocrite.



>what is video dead kero reposted not proof alive?


>hurr durr human no need meat. only apple seeds



>hurr durr it's different when I eat meat, animals willingly kill themselves


File: 68e2c61d4b62368⋯.jpg (60.33 KB, 333x499, 333:499, why.jpg)





File: 13c73909eda2719⋯.jpg (17.19 KB, 236x282, 118:141, 1471851931496.jpg)


>get called out for not elaborating

>ask them to elaborate



No one is proud to be a furfag and you know it, people here are like drug adicts. They're not here by choice.


File: f7e2351e9ec6932⋯.jpg (82.49 KB, 659x589, 659:589, stareotter.jpg)


All you said was "Pot meet kettle." If you can't even elaborate why someone else is a hypocrite, there's no reason to make such a statement.



Not me, mate.



You got the wrong person.



>I can't possible counter this argument so I'll just say it's wrong, and that someone else will counter it for me

That's not how it works you dumb motherfucker.

>Fucking a hamburger is wrong

Why? It's just a piece of meat and some lettuce and bread. If you skin a cow, tan the hide, and make pants out of that leather, you can rub your cock on it all day and nobody cares. But if you don't cut it off the dead cow before rubbing your cock on it, suddenly that's wrong? What's the difference??


File: fb4b2d4ed6141a7⋯.png (3.23 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1534126898770.png)


>killing an animal for meat is fine

>necro-zoo is wrong because you have to kill the animal!

>what do you mean I'm a hypocrite? NO U

I'm MAC-V SOG. Why do the gooks post stupid shit?


File: da5ae525bad29bb⋯.mp4 (1.14 MB, 574x432, 287:216, bow before the king.mp4)

File: be9820e857a710c⋯.webm (1.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, go.away.webm)




>hurr durr twisting words is fun

no, it's wrong because of the reason you're killing the animal. You dont need to fuck corpses, but you do need to consume meat.


File: 8567e6e2e8988de⋯.png (309.5 KB, 744x663, 248:221, 1447461669729.png)


>You don't need to play video games, video games are wrong.

>You don't need to drink soda, drinking soda is wrong.

>You don't need to watch movies, watching movies is wrong.

>You don't need to listen to music, listening to music is wrong.

>You don't need to masturbate, masturbation is wrong.

>You don't need to have sex with condoms, sex with condoms is wrong.



Killing something to have sex with it is wrong, why is that so hard to understand? You're a psychopath if you do that.


File: 99eb054aa612121⋯.jpg (45.63 KB, 162x311, 162:311, my fantasies.jpg)

File: da30f6d3ddb17d2⋯.jpg (68.1 KB, 500x667, 500:667, pls no fuck.jpg)

File: 2baeebd9a70cbb0⋯.jpg (174.51 KB, 1052x786, 526:393, that face you make when th….jpg)


>fucking corpses is feels good

>fucking corpses is a luxury

<it's a slippery slope to argue against corpse fucking!

<next you'll tell me I can't be a mass murderer or something.


File: 30341d030037e55⋯.png (141.7 KB, 308x288, 77:72, 1496980084733.png)


>killing an animal to have sex with it isn't wrong because you're killing the animal, it's because it's wasteful

>n-none of those other wasteful activities you listed count because you're not killing the animal which is wrong!



none of things listed indicates the person being an unstable and violent. A person who goes out to kill an animal solely to have sex with the corpse is a deranged maniac. Using false equivalence doesn't change that.



What makes that person a deranged maniac? And I'm pretty sure there's a few million soccer moms who think that video games and masturbation turn people into psychopathic killers. Are you one of those soccer moms?



Killing animals like this are signs of psychosis. You're going out to cause harm for fun. I do think trophy hunting is fucked up but there practical reasons for it to exist, like population control or pest animal extermination. Is it fucked up to dick those animals afterwards? Yes it still is.

Entertainment is also practical as it releases stress, which is important to mental and physical health.

Killing an animal for sexual pleasure is sadistic behavior, end of story. You have no argument.


File: 9a28c89197a358d⋯.png (124.55 KB, 399x369, 133:123, 18abff85e5d20088de2430b2d3….png)


>Entertainment is also practical as it releases stress, which is important to mental and physical health.

Are you implying neco-zoophiles don't get a stress release from enjoying their fetish?

>Killing an animal for sexual pleasure is sadistic behavior, end of story. You have no argument.

How many people would say the same thing about violent video games?


File: 1d125a8995b51d6⋯.jpg (39.99 KB, 450x480, 15:16, Granny is always right.jpg)


>the lives of degenerates matter



stop taking him seriously. all he's done all thread is run people in circles and post smug pictures like he's winning. if you're going to talk to him at least treat him like shit



No one needs to consume meat. In fact, we, the animals, and the planet are better off not consuming it. Eating meat isn't necessary, so there is no need to kill animals at all.

People only kill animals because they want to, not out of necessity, unless you're in a strange survival situation where plants that are edible to humans can't grow, you don't have access to buying food at a store, and the only possible food source are animals that eat grasses humans can't eat. Most of us are not in this situation.



No one needs to consume meat. In fact, we, the animals, and the planet are better off not consuming it. Eating meat isn't necessary, so there is no need to kill animals at all.

People only kill animals because they want to, not out of necessity, unless you're in a strange survival situation where plants that are edible to humans can't grow, you don't have access to buying food at a store, and the only possible food source are animals that eat grasses humans can't eat. Most of us are not in this situation.


File: 368da1f6cb7a460⋯.png (398.09 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1493146527983.png)


>posting on 2x4chan /fur/

>not a degenerate


File: c3c226e0d83fb77⋯.png (60.1 KB, 500x632, 125:158, (you).png)


>posting in one thread that everyone on 8ch knows about by now

>all i do is shit on you

It's more of an orders of magnitude thing. I don't expect you to understand.



Well he's expecting brash comments so it can be made fun of. I'm denying him that reaction so he'll just repeat himself over and over hoping for something funny. It just makes him look even worse.


File: e8bb0605e9fc41d⋯.png (713.66 KB, 1744x1488, 109:93, 1422568363004.png)


>implying puritans care if you're a corpse fucker or a trust fund fursuiter

All degenerates will hang on the day of the rope.


File: fac7e2fb3c48857⋯.png (308.33 KB, 377x343, 377:343, 1535896443273.png)




File: 08dbacfe6bd574b⋯.png (178.49 KB, 1190x906, 595:453, Congratulations on your pr….png)


>comparing harmless things to killing/abusing an animal for sexual pleasure

>false equivalences



Will you provide a source proving that people need to eat meat?


File: 481401cfab06ff2⋯.jpg (11.06 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (1).jpg)

if this story is true then i feel sorry for anyone that fucks that dick after all this... that dick is haunted.



Some sources:




These vegan athletes are at the top of their game: http://www.greatveganathletes.com/

I restate, eating meat is not necessary--you can live and thrive without it. It's only eaten because of tradition, habit, taste, and convenience.

My point isn't so much to promote zoophilia as much as it is to point out that maybe some of the people who are protesting the loudest need to take their own advice and be kinder to animals themselves.


File: a42ad77ae51b2cc⋯.jpg (144.57 KB, 900x675, 4:3, 900px-Look-Like-a-Computer….jpg)

>people in this thread are comparing killing and fucking an animal with eating beef



Neither killing an animal for sex, nor to eat it are good reasons unless you're starving to death on a desert island. Either way, the animal is killed for no good reason. I don't think the animal cares WHY it was killed, and people only decide to start complaining about them being killed when it's for sex, because it makes them feel icky inside.



No, it's because they're fucking a dead corpse, you degenerate fuck.



Sure, and they are justified in feeling this way. However, their feelings are only because they find the act "icky", not because they care about the animal. If they did care about animals, they would need to be consistent with their values and not pay people to slaughter them on their behalf. That's all I'm saying, offering perspective on the situation.



Fucking retard actually believing vegan lies about meat.


File: 3233069169eb769⋯.png (95.49 KB, 599x236, 599:236, consider suicide.png)


>One cannot catch "a disease"

Nice spin you got there, but being a obtuse pedant isn't gonna help you.

>On that note, have you ever actually seen a dead animal, up close?

I have, doesn't change that you're still arguing that you need to fuck a corpse with your only defense being that if you fuck it soon enough you don't have to worry about disease.

>cock-slapping you with my massive intellect.

Refer to the WEBM in my previous post.

>Then the second part of your reply to the vegan faggot.

What a shock the disgusting sack of shit is also a lick boot.


>B-bu-but I NEED to fuck corpses, how else will I get my weewee up?

Did you know that you can very easily BECOME the corpse?

Then you can fuck yourself and we no longer have an issue with you fucking dead things, it's a real win-win.



Well they're a vegan of course they're retarded.



I counter that you are the one who is believing the lies about meat. Do you care to elaborate on what these lies are that you say I am believing? Will you do it without so much anger and swearing? I have made an effort to provide a counterargument while being respectful. Will you do the same?

Being angry, using insults, mocking people with disabilities, and using foul language isn't the way an intelligent person has a conversation. Maybe you should evaluate your communication skills before calling me "retarded". I have never insulted you, nor disrespected you. I have made an effort to present my side of the argument while you have come across as angry, bitter, judgmental, and expected me to carry to full burden of proof.


File: 3ca8bea3341938d⋯.jpg (247.77 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 1529816225705.jpg)


Fucking an innocent animal and justifying it isn't the way an intelligent person has a conversation either.



I never said that I am a zoophile. That was inference on your part.


File: 000da5051f9e5e8⋯.png (818 KB, 848x798, 424:399, 1479443890390.png)


>killing an animal is bad! ...unless I get to eat it, suddenly animals have no rights



>twisting words is all i can do

well then, i guess we're done here



>will you provide a source that show the earth is round?



What words did I twist? Are you saying it's fine to kill animals regardless of reason?



Necorphelia is unsanitary



Anal is unsanitary.



^ Asks for sources, then declines to provide any themself.



>completely ignores why I shouldn't have to



It's a two-way street. Why shouldn't you have to provide sources, but I do? You say that we need to consume meat, but provide no sources to back up your claim. Do you think that just because you're in the majority, that means you're right? The majority is often wrong. I know from research, personal experience, and the experience of many others that we do not need to consume meat. We can theorize all we want, but proof is in application.

I have seen for myself by my own health and my blood tests that I am not deficient in anything, and my nutrition, weight, fat, muscle density, and blood pressure levels are better than the average person. Many other vegans are in the same health and statistics show vegans are overall in better health than the average person. I'd say that's as good proof as any.





Note the sources I provide aren't taken from any vegan websites; they come from medical journals or large magazine articles.

The meat, dairy, and egg industries would have you believe that you need to eat them to be healthy (or live at all). Research has proven this to be false. In fact, it's shown people who don't eat meat to be healthier than those who do, so that's pretty convincing to me (besides the fact that I already know for myself through my personal experience) that we don't NEED to eat meat, that it's a choice (and one that involves a victim).

So, if a person eats an animal, they do it because they want to, not because they HAVE to. So, anyone who eats animals doesn't really have a place to criticize those who want to have sex with them. Not that I'm defending zoophilia, it's just that as a vegan I get tired of seeing people suddenly deciding to care about animals, as if killing them to eat is no big deal.



>that dick is haunted

That's probably someone's fetish.


File: b82b5335b994b1b⋯.gif (362.23 KB, 256x184, 32:23, 020_1537889686421.gif)


The difference between vegans and dogfuckers is that you don't get to rape an innocent animal that is meant for companionship and not forcing it to suck your small dick. Eating meat isn't the same as this because meat is necessary for humans to survive, fucking a dead dog isn't. Would you say it's okay to rape a child and justify it with "Oh but we hurt childrens on the internet aswell so" or "We bullied kids in real life so we shouldn't be surprised"? I doubt so.

>So, if a person eats an animal, they do it because they want to, not because they HAVE to. So, anyone who eats animals doesn't really have a place to criticize those who want to have sex with them. Not that I'm defending zoophilia, it's just that as a vegan I get tired of seeing people suddenly deciding to care about animals, as if killing them to eat is no big deal.

>if you eat animal meat you shouldnt attack a dogfucker

>implying there are people in US who kill dogs and eat them

>implying that dogs are same as chickens and that they're not meant for companionship just like cats and monkeys and birds

You're not a vegan, you lying shithead, the only people who actually kill and eat dogs are chinese scums.

Moral of the story is, vegans dont rape companion pets, white niggers (like Kero and Jasonafex) do. No wonder you people forgot why furry fandom was hated in last few decades, the stereotypes you so complain about is starting to be appreciated (fucking innocent animals, wearing diapers, defending it including pedophilia, etc).


File: e6c82397da58e63⋯.jpg (100.37 KB, 996x970, 498:485, Trump.jpg)

>this thread in a nutshell

>you have no proof


>so what if he did, you eat meat


>humans don't need morals

back to

>so what if he did, you eat meat

The absolute state of this thread



unrelated but its funny how /pol/ hates jews but supports a kike lover to presidency


>exposed for fucking roadkill

downplaying shit like always to cover up the evil shit dograpists do. You fucking niggers are going to let thisshit happen because you would rather protect your ability to roll around in a shit filleddiaper pretending to be a cartoon animal than stop the touture and rape of real animals. If you give a fuck about your shitty fetish you should be murdering these sick fucks, not helping them out.

degenerate cowards



If you're against zoophilia, that's fine, but the statement that meat is necessary for humans to survive is false. You're delusional if you think this, because there are millions of people who don't eat meat that are proving you wrong. Not only are they surviving, but they are in better health on average than those who eat meat, so you falling back on "meat is necessary for survival" is an invalid point. You're just justifying the animal abuse you support.

All these people below would disagree with you:


I don't think pointing out other bad things that happens is justification for anything. I'm just saying that most of the people who are upset about this whole Kero situation are being hypocrites and (knowingly or not) and should analyze themselves and make some changes so they live consistently with the values they are preaching. Don't like animal abuse? Don't support it.

Why do you find the need to use so much profanity? Is it because you have no argument, sources, or facts to back you up? Dog eating is primarily in Asian cultures. It's disgusting, but it illustrates that culture dictates peoples' actions more than actual right and wrong. Why should cows, pigs, and chickens get eaten and not dogs and cats? Because we place a different value on them? Pigs have been proven to be as smart, or smarter than dogs, and can make good pets, too.




Also, I don't know enough about the Kero case to comment on whether he is innocent of the accusations or not. For all I know, he may have never had sex with an animal, so I am not making a statement regarding that either way.

I agree, rape is bad, and so is killing unless it is absolutely unavoidable, or necessary for self-defense or survival. Eating meat is neither of these unless you're in an extreme situation, which none of us likely are.

Though I'm very much for supporting animals' due rights, I'm also open-minded enough to hear pro-zoophilia arguments, so that's why I'm not totally against it at this point. I'm not going to let my emotions get the better of me and say, "Ew! People like sex with animals? Icky, that's bad. I'm not even going to entertain the thought that it's not hurting the animal."

My personal stance on this is:

1. I am undecided on whether Kero did what he is being accused of, or not.

2. If he did everything he is being accused of, I find it ironic that people care at all because these same people are the "animals are delicious", "People Eating Tasty Animals "(that never gets old), "animals are here for man to use anyway he wants", "animals don't have a soul, so who cares about them", "Oh, you're vegan? I'll just eat more meat then."

3. I think morals are important, and they should be regularly analyzed so we make sure we're actually doing the right think and not just thinking we are.


File: c5711b65db9715d⋯.png (310.33 KB, 1280x682, 640:341, 1529679153176.png)


If you gave a fuck about the safety and wellbeing of animals you'd be murdering meat eaters. But you won't because you're a hypocrite.


Even as a vegan, I don't have any hate for meat eaters. I just want to have discussions and persuade them to look at the effects of what they are doing and make better choices.

On the other hand, these same meat eaters are wishing prison or death on someone who is alleged to have done something which isn't nearly as bad as what they pay people to do every single day of their lives.



>but they are in better health on average than those who eat meat

Is this backed by a scientific study that uses a control to measure against the ready access of fatty, starchy fast foods that contain meat products?

This sounds like a terribly biased point to make considering that most first-worlds have obesity epidemics, and a side effect of vegetarianism is its relative difficulty to consume starchy, fatty foods like a typical non-controlled diet. I would even have trouble suspecting that a vegetarian that only ate Doritos would come close to what a person that regularly eats fast food hits.

The truth is there are macronutrients in meat that are difficult but not impossible to replicate in a vegan diet. At least adding fish and eggs will have easy access to those nutrients, not to mention those are some of the healthiest forms of protein we have access to.



>trip "kero did nothing wrong"

>"I'm undecided and uneducated on what Kero did but I'll defend him anyway"

>1. I am undecided on whether Kero did what he is being accused of, or not.

How do you explain him changing his story numerous times and admitting that the logs were real, those logs documenting him talking about going to the hospital because he let a dog anally penetrate him and associating with people who drugged and raped dogs.

2. This sounds more like dislike of people who judge you for being vegan

3. You're a very self righteous person


>You have to either be pro zoophilia or pro vegan

>there is no capacity for nuance, it is binary, you must be either a zoophile apologist or a vegan


People have pointed out very obvious flaws in your argument. Which is that you're trying to boil down the argument into its very extremes when there's certain details that are different between the two. Like the most obvious one being that zoophiles don't rape the animals people consume. Nobody in the west wants to kill dogs to consume them. Rather than try to address this point you immediately shift back to the un-nuanced "but it doesn't matter. Because on principle all animals must be the same, then you're a hypocrite". You don't convince people when you ignore what they say and then just repeat your very basic argument over and over.

This is partially a big reason why people really hate vegans. Because they take this extremely nuanced subject and boil it down to judgmental extremes. And try to make frankly ludicrous claims like claiming that zoophilia is in any way comparable to eating meat in the most literal sense. (as in raping a dog is the same act as eating a steak). The only way you can argue this is if you take the most unnuanced approach to discussing it and boil it down to its most extreme.



The studies are unbiased and typically done in the United Kingdom or the USA, according to average eating habits.


In this case, the control groups were vegan or the diet recommended by the American Heart Association, not the standard American diet:


The China study took place in China:


The thing is, whatever nutrients are gained through animal products come with cholesterol and saturated fats attached to them--things which contribute to atherosclerosis and heart disease, which are the leading causes of death, only now which are being surpassed by cancer, which is once again linked to consumption of animal products. Don't get me wrong, eating processed foods and not exercising has a strongly negative effect on the body, too, but simply removing animal products from one's diet has health benefits.

Even athletes and body builders who look in great condition still get heart attacks because despite eating less processed foods and exercising, they can still succumb to atherosclerosis and heart disease by eating large amounts of animal products. If you remove animal products from your diet, you practically eliminate this risk. A plant-based whole foods diet has been shown to reverse heart disease.



The nice thing is all the nutrition we need these days is readily available to us today.

Also, thank you for being respectful.



>Also, thank you for being respectful.

>calls people who disagree with him hypocrites and compares them to people who fuck animals

You should really consider giving it out



1. Kero changing his story doesn't bode well for him, and neither do the logs.

2. Those responses are ones people give when I question them about eating animal products, yet these same people are the type who get upset about zoophilia.

3. I don't claim to be better than anyone else. That's your own perception, and I'm sorry if that's how you feel. I claim no superiority. I am only trying to make the world a better place for everyone because I care enough to make an effort instead of just doing what everyone else does.

It makes no sense for a person to be anti-zoophile, yet for them to be fine with killing animals. If a person is fine with killing, they have no moral high ground for anything that happens below that point.

Right, but people in the west have sex with cows, pigs, and chickens, too, not just dogs. I realize that people in the west typically don't eat dogs. My point is that people are fine with killing animals, but not fine with people having sex with them.

So, are these same people okay with zoophiles having sex with animals that get eaten for food? Whether an animal is used for sex or food, both are unnecessary, and which is more extreme, sex or killing? So if a person is okay with animals being killed, why do they have an issue with someone having sex with an animal? Are you stating that it only matters to them what KIND of animal?



>I claim no superiority

>I am only trying to make the world a better place for everyone because I care enough to make an effort instead of just doing what everyone else does.

Are you even reading what you're saying right now this is an extremely self righteous statement. Just saying "I care when nobody else does" is an extremely self satisfied statement.

I should also note that none of this is an argument that makes zoophilia look better or worse. All of your posts thus far are just "I am better than people who eat meat" posts.

>Compares people who eat meat to people who rape dogs

>I claim no superiority

>It makes no sense for a person to be anti-zoophile, yet for them to be fine with killing animals.

You AGAIN ignore the point I made and instead backtrack.

>My point is that people are fine with killing animals, but not fine with people having sex with them.

My point is that people don't eat dogs, and zoophiles rape them primarily. Therefore the focus of the conversation is on dogs. Not "all animals". Therefore your statement about hypocrisy misses the point because it's not a conversation about all animals it's a conversation about dogs. You refuse to engage in this conversation and instead go back because you can't win unless you boil it down further to "all animals".

>Right, but people in the west have sex with cows, pigs, and chickens, too, not just dogs.

These are not the majority this is an extremely small minority of people. It's almost statistically irrelevant

>My point is that people are fine with killing animals, but not fine with people having sex with them

Something you should be aware of is that most people don't kill the animals they eat. This is something lost upon you seemingly. People are okay with eating the meat itself. This is a very central difference that you seemingly refuse to acknowledge

>So, are these same people okay with zoophiles having sex with animals that get eaten for food?

A zoophile having sex with an animal is indicative of a mental illness that needs to be treated. So no.

>Whether an animal is used for sex or food, both are unnecessary, and which is more extreme, sex or killing?

This is a moral equivalency argument not one related to whether or not zoophilia is bad or good. This is solely a "meat eaters are bad" argument

>So if a person is okay with animals being killed, why do they have an issue with someone having sex with an animal?

See above

>Are you stating that it only matters to them what KIND of animal?

What kind of animal does matter as certain animals are seen as superior to others. It's like saying "a starfish and a dog are the same thing therefore beating my dog in with a wrench should carry the same penalty as stepping on a starfish".

These are moral equivalency arguments completely devoid of nuance. You convince nobody by taking a nuanced subject, removing all nuance from it and going "see? It's the same when you boil it down to the most extreme example". You also convince nobody when you compare people who eat meat to people who rape dogs and then start demanding respect from people.



Yes, I am outright stating that people who pay to have animals killed are committing a worse action than those who simply have sex with an animal (this is not counting hardcore rape or torture). I'm calling it out, but I've been as respectful about it as I know how (more than most on the other side of the argument).

Sometimes hearing the truth can hurt, and this is unavoidable. There's no way to sugarcoat some things, and you can call me self-righteous, but it doesn't change the facts. I have, however, tried to be as respectful as I could while still saying what I want to say.

With the above said, I realize that people simply follow the traditions of the society they were born into, and I don't think they are bad people for eating meat, but I do think they are knowingly or unknowingly doing a bad thing, and are hypocrites if they think that killing isn't as bad as sex.

My intent isn't to condemn anyone, it's to point out the flaw in peoples' logic and to hopefully get them to think about it a bit deeper.



>I am outright stating that people who pay to have animals killed are committing a worse action than those who simply have sex with an animal

Are you delusional?

>I'm calling it out, but I've been as respectful about it as I know how

Saying "you're as bad as a dog rapist" isn't respectful

>Sometimes hearing the truth can hurt, and this is unavoidable

>I claim no superiority

What was that again?

>I have, however, tried to be as respectful as I could while still saying what I want to say.

You can't just say "I tried to be respectful" while also not doing a single thing to try and be respectful.

>I don't think they are bad people for eating meat

>but I think they're worse than dog rapists

Do you even read your own posts? You post nothing but lies.

>My intent isn't to condemn anyone

>Yes, I am outright stating that people who pay to have animals killed are committing a worse action than those who simply have sex with an animal

Again more lies

>it's to point out the flaw in peoples' logic and to hopefully get them to think about it a bit deeper.

All you're really doing is ignoring what other people say, repeat your basic un-nuanced argument and then claim victory. And then get surprised when people point out you come off as a prick for doing it. This isn't logical nor "respectful".



You are simply focusing on your perception that I somehow think I am superior to others, and that is irrelevant to the conversation. The focus should be on the animals that are being slaughtered when there is no need. Instead you focus on your perception that I think I'm better than others, and I'm not. I realize it's your defense mechanism kicking in to try to discredit me.

The other side of the argument has used totally unnecessary insults and profanity toward me, yet I'm the one being labeled as disrespectful? Please.

I've said all that I've wanted to say, and I can see there's too much tension here for this discussion to move forward. I'm bowing out now so you can have the last word, because I know you must have it.



>You are simply focusing on your perception that I somehow think I am superior to others

I'm quoting your statements back to you

>The focus should be

>I want this argument to be in an arena where I can't lose pls

This isn't the focus of the argument, this isn't a veganism thread it's about Kero who fucked a dog

>I realize it's your defense mechanism kicking in to try to discredit me.

I'm pointing out clear contradictions in your statements. It's not hard because you often contradict yourself in the same sentence.

>The other side of the argument has used totally unnecessary insults and profanity toward me

Probably because you tell them how you're so much better than them and how they're worse than rapists and then get surprised when people don't respect you as a result.

"You're a piece of shit and I'm better than you. But fuck you if you don't like that. I deserve all the respect people should give me".


File: b060bebac09f866⋯.jpg (91.66 KB, 350x350, 1:1, highhorse.jpg)


> I'm bowing out now so you can have the last word, because I know you must have it.



>Evolutionary speaking it's a waste of time. Practically speaking it's a waste of money. Morally speaking it's disgusting. Socially speaking it's isolating and therefore hurtful to you and everyone around you

So is using a sex toy. Do you have any other arguments, or shall I consider "Ewwww, it's disgusting!!" to be the extent of your platform?

Thought so.



>So is using a sex toy.

um, no. nice try though



Better than you who has never left the house since the 2000's since you're both a shut-in and an underage b&.

But aside from the social pariah bent (which is a stretch; nobody would give a fuck if you had sex with food; as I said, it's a joke punchline, nothing more), everything else applies. Masturbating is a waste of time, toys are a waste of money, and you're not contributing to society by making babies or whatever. "Morally speaking" is all subjective bullshit, and there are PLENTY who would lynch you for masturbating while looking at cartoon foxes to begin with.

There is nothing in this thread but hypocrisy and retardation and nonsense moralism.

>Also you can't end the discussion in your own post

Then how else is it supposed to end? When Jesus Christ comes down from heaven, sounds the trumpets and declares the winner of the debate? Don't be a retard. This discussion has been over for a week; it's just been latecomers showing up and arguing the same old beleaguered meaningless bullshit.


File: 1177725a2bf6068⋯.jpg (178.74 KB, 532x427, 76:61, me radical.jpg)





File: 679fbdeb5c3c9f0⋯.jpg (51.64 KB, 400x322, 200:161, WELIVEINASOCIETY .jpg)




You guys know that the dude using meat eating to justify this garbage has been lurking on this board for months and months right?

There have been vegans that have come on here and argued with him and he reverted into "you're just a moralfag" for literally every argument he was presented with whether it was philosophically based, pragmaticism based, metaphysically based, legalism based, he literally does not give a single shit and lives in the delusion that everyone that talks to him is a crying blob of emotion and that autistic NEETS devoid of any emotion whatsoever that enjoy spending time poking holes or spotting issues with arguments don't exist and there is no way he could ever be wrong with his worldview and unwarranted_smuggie_face.jpg and pants on head retarded analogies like "making a human skin mask like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and raping tied up geese that i've removed the skin from then killing them afterwards is awwwright because you ate a chicken nugget once, checkmate atheists" is all he's ever going to give you as a reply.



Love watching people who know they lost an argument attack the person instead of the logic.



>attack the person instead of using logic

it was a warning for everyone else more than anything, because every time i've seen someone use logic the response is always "moralfag everything discarded I win".



AKA "If you feel like you've lost the argument, pull a trump card out of your ass and attack the individua."



Alright then, here, have a shotgun blast of a bunch of misc points and hypothetical conversations.

1. Law of probability argument

>for the sake of argument concede that animals are able to enjoy sexual encounters with humans and humans are capable of measuring basic body language

>I know how to spot body language and gauge an animal's response to my behavior 100% of the time without error, even the most subtle emotions can all be read through body language because body language is infallible

>I will never mess up and misread it ever in the entire history of me doing this, because, if I "messed up" with a human partner, that would be considered statutory rape and I would be thrown into prison for decades".

2. Argument of legalism and unequal legal protections regarding sexual activity

>Even if I DID rape the animal, it wouldn't be the same equivalency of consequences under our legal system as doing that with a human. If I tied up an animal to my basement radiator, and raped and murdered it, my punishment would be less severe as opposed to if I did that with a human, in which case I may receive the death penalty or life in prison".

>"Animals can't call the police if something goes wrong whereas humans can, and there's nothing wrong with that, because I know what is best.

>There is nothing wrong with me being the sole provider of it's food and water and when it is allowed outside and me being the sole arbiter of when to fuck it.

>No, you can't call that Stockholm Syndrome, that only counts for human captives.

3. Equivalency and conversion argument

>we are able to translate human understanding of sexual behavior and convert it into animal understanding of sexual behavior and intertwine both into the same activity with each other.

>Speaking of comparing one another, it's great that scientific articles and papers are studying conversion rates and estimate the mental intelligence of canines is the equivalency of a 2.5 year old human


>well it's different because dogs are not the same as humans, just because we don't let people have sex with 2.5 year olds, doesn't mean you can make that equivalency, we are able to psychologically understand more than animals, and thus can understand their behavior on an entirely different plane, we don't need the mindset of a canine to have sex with one.

>Because our capacity to psychologically profile who we interact with, how we shift our actions in order to socially manipulate others, and how we can prime desirable actions and program actions with Pavlovian response is so beyond a canine's understanding, that you could almost say that there are drastic unequal power dynamics at pla-


>Well what about the be-all-end-all argument of what if a male dog fucks ME?

>No, there isn't any reason why i'm naked on the kitchen floor, that doesn't count as action on my part, this is a hypothetical where we are assuming i'm doing absolutely nothing to cause the actions, it's just mating with me.

>I mean having sex with me, not mating with me.

>No, I KNOW it doesn't think that there are going to be offspring produced by this action, I mean, I personally know it won't, and i'm *pretty* sure he knows it won't, because otherwise that would be disingenuous on my part if I allowed it to continue if the variable was correct that the action was being initiated because it was trying to reproduce.

>I have a great idea, i'll travel in time to the year 3,000, where we will have Dog-to-English translator collars, and EVERY SINGLE POINT IN THIS POST WOULD BE MOOT in that scenario, because there would be direct, converted, communication and no margin of miscalculation that would be unequal, it would just be like two humans.

>Alright doc, turn the translator collar on.

>... Why does the voice coming out of the collar sound like a 2 year old human

Now i'm sure you're going to come back with hypothetical arguments are st00pid and every point is moralfaggery and you're right, there's not even the **slightest*** issue or problem that needs to be thought about when we discuss this. There is not a single centimeter of millimeter of distance I expect you to yield on and you never will because you are God and you know what is best and i'm silly court jester man.

You're very disingenuous and possibly incapable of inner reflection of self-avowed viewpoints and you will never change, and I just hope that everyone else can observe the reductionism of everything i've laid out into a simple "lol fug u opinion discarded dis is morals" take place right before their eyes.

that last paragraph is how you "attack the person" and not the logic btw.

I'm gonna go eat a burrito or something now, I've said my piece, i'm sure it's roughly worded, there are flaws, but I also make note at least a handful of issues I've pointed out are legitimate to call into question.



All of this considers a living animal, which was never what we were debating here. But nice try.

>scientific articles and papers are studying conversion rates and estimate the mental intelligence of canines is the equivalency of a 2.5 year old human

IT'S YOU AGAIN! You worthless motherfucker; didn't you get enough cockslapping on /zoo/ by the fifty people blowing your arguments to pieces? Am I going to have to school your retarded ass all over again? Fucking CHRIST! Get a fucking life you miserable insipid little pile of cow shit.



Why do these people bring arguments against fucking living animals into a thread about fucking dead ones. Boggles the mind.


I made this thread to bully and shit on Kero, why the fuck is 98% of it vegan agenda bullshit



Because someone thought it'd be fun to bait replies, and someone else thought it'd be fun to debate with the wall.



>it's you again didn't I -


Maybe I'm actually mistaking who you are and your'e doing the same, because I don't know what discussion you're talking about, it's just a common talking point whenever someone mentions equivalency in favor of the argument, then when that aspect is pointed out "it's not the same", so it's whatever, I don't want to go back and forth a bunch.

>when my zoo crew blasted your ass and we totally skewled you-

I definately don't know what the fuck you're talking about here but I seriously doubt this is how it happened either. I would question why the dude went on your board in the first place to argue because that sounds fucking stupid.

At this point from the thread replies I'm just going to assume furries on the whole is the "Jeffrey Dahmer" fandom and they enjoy fucking dead animals and possum intestines and do a whole bunch of other dark shit you couldn't even begin to imagine, because I was under the impression it was just the otaku neet version of Disney and Werewolves, but it's clearly something beyond that.



>why are people talking about raping animals in a thread about raping animals


Reading this thread I really wish that the lefties are right and that Trump really literally is Hitler. Because we really need another Holocaust.

All these disgusting deviants who are ok fucking animals. Or can't see why it is wrong if it is dead first. Jesus fucking Christ I really hope people start shooting up furry conventions because this fandom really need a culling.

Nobody hates furries like other furries


File: 00b941e48cc4a37⋯.png (14.41 KB, 744x742, 372:371, 9596c60883b057560e5cdc76af….png)

Zoophiles and necrophiles are the lowest form of life, far below even the animals they rape and the bacteria in their own guts. Cholera and rickets have made more positive contributions to socierty than members of either group will make for the totality of human history.

Change my mind.


>some of you are alright, don't come to anthrocon

I can get behind this.


File: 0a5b8f6263fcacd⋯.png (86.52 KB, 227x258, 227:258, 1454362277887.png)


t. basement dwelling Nazi LARPer


File: bfcffa9453a7f7d⋯.png (731.32 KB, 782x1170, 391:585, 43cc0f64bd17949691a9e6d616….png)

Non-furfag here.

I've seen the videos, that is irredeemable.

This is the kind of shit that makes me think it's OK to take you lot into camps, along with the french.

Is this all of you? Or is this rare? How many of you jerked it watching the bastard get a blowie from his pooch?













>Is this all of you?

Thankfully no. However, the people in charge of all the websites seem to be onboard 100%. burned furs were right

>Or is this rare?

I hope so.

>How many of you jerked it watching the bastard get a blowie from his pooch?

1 guy, and some idiot astroturfers from /zoo/


File: 50ba3c3566eb142⋯.jpg (97.76 KB, 850x1025, 34:41, __yazawa_nico_all_is_vanit….jpg)


The site owners, and apparently the Con managers.

They're the people bringing you weirdos together, wouldn't this say something about the community as a whole?

Or is this a case like where they've taken the place of existing managers?



>They're the people bringing you weirdos together, wouldn't this say something about the community as a whole?

It'd say the community has been compromised by these people at least.

>Or is this a case like where they've taken the place of existing managers?

It might as well be.



>They're the people bringing you weirdos together, wouldn't this say something about the community as a whole?

Fantastic argument. I'm going to use this in the future


File: 3cfbdb7d8d00828⋯.webm (977.98 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Don't tread on me.webm)


How the fuck do you call yourself a vegan when you are defending someone hurting animals? If you say hurting animals is wrong, why would you defend the same person doing that? Why are you justifying it with "oh you eat meat too"? You are so goddamn retarded no wonder you can't prove shit.



he's only a vegan because hes so deluded into thinking humans shouldn't eat meat, not because he cares about the animals


File: 584b9ed70575f76⋯.webm (2.29 MB, 500x741, 500:741, Taunt_Foolish_Gallantry.webm)


Why are we even talking about veganism? How did this thread go from defending kero to attacking meat eaters based on the idea that animal meat is cannibalism? It's been proven many times that meat contains important nutrients and proteins, without it you are unhealthy, eating vegetables exclusively isn't good, you need to mix it with meat if you want to stay healthy 100%. Avoid shit like fast food if you wanna lose weight, just eat normal cooked meat with vegetables and your life will be much better. Vegan diet doesn't work without meat, it is necessity to stay alive and well. If i were you or anyone i would definitely just ignore this guy and move on, there's no way anyone can be this dumb to believe that hurting animals meant for companion is A-OKAY because the guy who did it is a furry and the people attacking him eat meat. It defeats the whole purpose of vegan activism.

If anyone wanna feel good eating meat as vegan, look at feral pigs, they invade farms that produce vegetables that you always crave for.


File: 99338ca8985f657⋯.gif (137.07 KB, 885x808, 885:808, Choose Christ.gif)


>hurting animals is wrong unless I'm the one doing it, fucking freethinking pagans



Do you keep a feral pig as a companion in your life? Honest question



No, why?



The pagans would skin you alive for fucking animals, fucko.


File: a8cc7f348dba130⋯.gif (460.52 KB, 220x172, 55:43, tenor.gif)


Because it's invasive animal that has no respect for nature's environment, would you compare it to dogs and deers? The difference between a feral pig and these two is that one invades farms and the others don't.



I am aware they're invasive. What's your point?



Point is, it's justifiable to kill them, nothing of value is lost.


As I stated earlier, I'm done with the veganism debate because it's just going around in circles and people don't know how to disagree without using deliberately insulting, inflammatory language.

I never deliberately insulted anyone--if anyone took offense, that's their issue as they are reading into something that's not there (like saying I'm defending zoophilia--I never claimed I was). Look at how I complimented someone for being respectful and instead of taking the compliment, they went and attacked me.

Believe in veganism, or don't, though I wish more people would because this world needs more empathy and kindness. There are millions of us in good health, and our numbers are growing. I hope one day you'll be a part of it. I still stand behind my claims that it's better for everyone and the planet, but any further effort is going to be wasted here. Anyone who is interested in learning more can always look into themselves.

Anyway, I just want to clarify that despite my username, I'm not really defending Kero. I don't know if he's innocent or not, and based on the evidence, I'm leaning towards he's not. It's very interesting, though.

I'm not defending zoophilia (I'm just not completely decided against it), but I do feel that killing animals is the worst thing a person can do to one, and wanted to point out the hypocrisy in that anyone who thinks it's okay to kill animals really doesn't have a leg upon which to stand.

Sorry if anyone was offended at being called a hypocrite. But maybe instead of being defensive, give some thought to what I'm saying. There's big difference between being called out and being called a "f***ing retard". I wouldn't even use that language toward any of you, because you're probably somewhat decent people in person who decide to become bullies when you're hiding behind a computer screen.


File: d17bee270fef773⋯.png (82.02 KB, 558x421, 558:421, 1477373501494.png)


How does that justify killing cows or chickens which are not invasive?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Because you need meat to eat? Besides nobody keeps a cow or chicken in their house, what can they do that are worth keeping and not eating?


>Derails a thread

>surprised when met with negativity

How much soy do you consume daily?

>"Believe in veganism goys"

>Defends someone who isn't a vegan and eats meat and kills a deer and his dog for fun

>"I don't know what kero did but i just joined this thread to bitch about meat eaters, im not defending kero guiz i swear :((("

>"dont call me retarded i have feelings you are being a big meany bully :((((("



Yeah, the negativity surprises me. I expected others to disagree, but it's the way in which they did it that I don't like.

I rarely consume soy. Why?

I'm not defending Kero, but wanted to put in my viewpoint as it was related but went off on a tangent. I'm done with the tangent.

Yeah, I would prefer to not be called "retarded", but I'm not taking it too seriously because I understand human nature and people are jerks by default, and even more so when they feel they won't be held accountable. If anything, it only makes them look bad. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they interact with others, especially when they are anonymous.

I have no hard feelings toward any of you, and I apologize if anyone has felt insulted. But, if you still want to dislike me, there's nothing I can do about it.



>Yeah, the negativity surprises me. I expected others to disagree, but it's the way in which they did it that I don't like.

You're not on reddit, dumbass.

>I'm not defending Kero, but wanted to put in my viewpoint as it was related but went off on a tangent. I'm done with the tangent.







You are retarded, and your apologies are blank just like your sterile sperm.



Way to redeem yourself! Also, none of the links you posted are a defense of Kero, they are all pointing out the hypocrisy in the extreme outrage people are experiencing over alleged actions.

This is exactly why I'm no longer wasting my time on this board.

(No irredeemable shitposting)



Fuck off back to wherever shithole you came from, nigger.



So the act of killing an animal isn't wrong?



Sorry, my mistake. I thought you were the other guy because I could not fathom more than one person would be such a fucking retard as to think that just because dogs have the intelligence level of a two-year-old human child, that they should literally be treated like a two-year-old human child in all cases without exception.

>I'm just going to assume furries on the whole is the "Jeffrey Dahmer" fandom and they enjoy fucking dead animals and possum intestines and do a whole bunch of other dark shit you couldn't even begin to imagine

Good. Hope it scares you away and you never return.




>im literally shaking right now


File: 1208637fa01742a⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 601:508, 2f7.jpg)


>waaah, they called me out muh flawed logic! This isnt fair! I dont like this board anymore, waaah!


File: e3d74d911c8c91a⋯.jpg (11.74 KB, 200x200, 1:1, brainlettttt.jpg)


>calls someone a retard

>only thinks one person can say a thing



>At this point from the thread replies I'm just going to assume furries on the whole is the "Jeffrey Dahmer" fandom and they enjoy fucking dead animals and possum intestines and do a whole bunch of other dark shit you couldn't even begin to imagine, because I was under the impression it was just the otaku neet version of Disney and Werewolves, but it's clearly something beyond that.

Well, those despicable types certainly use it as a shield.



Good for you?


>Using a reddit-tier image macro

Not helping your case, retard.



>making up random tiers for damage control

ok then, retard


File: a15a9be26123a28⋯.webm (202.16 KB, 320x240, 4:3, mwaaahaaaa.webm)


>along with the french.

>Is this all of you?

I'm not also one other anon doesn't seem to care for this crap.

>Or is this rare?

Either way it needs to become rarer, 1 necrozoophile is 1 too many.

>How many of you jerked it watching the bastard get a blowie from his pooch?

The thumbnails of all this shit is bad enough not gonna watch it.


>(No irredeemable shitposting)

You're a credit to your pastry hotpocket.


kero did nothing wrong, suck my balls.


File: d569ec4313dcd56⋯.png (106.23 KB, 264x256, 33:32, 1444317493474.png)

You know what I find the most humorous of this entire debacle?

This event has directly placed zoosadism content up front on the internet, whereas before it must have been hard to find. There are now *thousands* of people who have downloaded videos of dogs being fucked to death, who otherwise would not have if this event didn't blow up. In their efforts to put a stop to this sort of activity, moralists may have inadvertently hooked innocent people into jacking off to dogs being fucked to death.


File: e4f9d63da1afd03⋯.jpg (180.6 KB, 722x784, 361:392, kero.jpg)


>I want positive affirmation that other people have the same fetish of raping living beings to death and then using their corpses afterwards just like I do so I don't feel like i'm the only one, I bet if I spread videos of people getting chopped in half with fire axes then they will start jacking off to it just like I do: The Post



At least that one good thing came out of this Kero drama. Porn shouldn't be so inaccessible to the public.


File: 30d4a757e2c885e⋯.jpg (20.99 KB, 332x298, 166:149, 1518084194494.jpg)


Yeah. I understand why these people did what they did, but it doesn't change the fact that Kiwifarms has links to dogs being raped to death on their front page.






File: 1bac575fb5e5813⋯.jpg (36.45 KB, 383x396, 383:396, 1bac575fb5e5813176f4669951….jpg)

>People are still defending kero/zoosadists

>word gets out that the zoosadists are now also pedophiles to contribute to human trafficking and actively attempt to manipulate little kids into having sex with them

how can any of this be defended?


As a zoophile, I have had to think about my source of morals. I am against zoosadism, pedophilia, and zoopedophilia. I have no sympathy for Kero or his friends.

1. If it is dead, you are just fucking a piece of meat. Gross, but, eh, whatever.

2. Sex with sexuality immature animals (including humans) causes psychological and physical damage.

3. Not all animals should be fucked. Several animals, like birds, can be harmed, even if they are sexually mature.

4. Sexually mature animals can enjoy sex. Despite the sayings that few animals have sex for pleasure, animals can experience pleasure.

Zeta-verein has set aside some ethics for zoophiles. < https://www.zeta-verein.de/en/zoophilia/zeta-principles/ >


File: 173196f36974bf3⋯.jpg (80.6 KB, 376x465, 376:465, 1519019522620.jpg)


Top of the food chain. Eat what you want to eat. Fuck what you want to fuck. Hail to the human, sub-species.


You guys know there are now updated leaks from Kero's telegram that suggest some of these guys are involved in pedophilia and possible child trafficking now, right?

or are you gonna defend that as well?



I brought that up here


So far people are glossing over pedophilia and are just focusing on "zoophilia is a fetish you guiz stop persecuting me"



It's okay they only traffick consenting roadkill kids



>if you're tolerant of zoosadism, you're tolerant of pedophilia!!

Dumber than the "if you'd kill animals then you'd kill humans" moralists.



A person who tortures a living creature ti death would probably fuck a child.



A person who jacks off to cartoon animals would probably fuck a child.



>comparing drawings of porn to real life torture

the absolute state of this thread


>decide to look into the other people mentioned in the leaks

>"five puppies have died on my cock"

Oh right, I almost forgot evil actually does exist.


You are aware that soneone torturing animals or killing them without cause is often a pretty big warning sign that they'll be a danger to humans as well, right? It's a pretty predictable pattern. >>84990 is right, it's often a precursor to child rape as well.


Morally, you're not much better than what you claim to oppose.


>imagine being so mentally damaged that you believe accusing others of having morals is supposed to be an insult

It seems even the defenders have a line they draw in the sand, since they're not not too fond of pedo rape and underground slave trading.

Are you guys filthy "moralists"?

What's the matter big guy? Let's go all the way with this line of thinking.

Why would you honestly care if I did dark and demented things to your wife's corpse? She's dead after all, she won't give a shit, so why would you? It's just a piece of meat.

Stop being emotional, irrational and moral. Society is bringing us down with these meaningless taboos. Is it because it's a human? Then give me your family pet you've had for 15 years when it dies, I'm sure you won't mind if I use it for fucked up shit, it's just a useless, meaningless, dead animal. Filthy, disgusting, moralist. Maybe it only counts if it's an animal that died on the road and no one had any sentimental attachment to it like a stray dog, so it dies without ever experiencing emotional comfort, and as a final "fuck you" you get to desecrate it's corpse. There's nothing wrong with this and if you have any negative emotion or gut instinctual revulsion then gtfo moralist, and stop fetish shaming me.

why don't we just skip the bullshit and go to the logical conclusion of this line of thinking, don't bail out on me now. fuck moralists man. Or are you a hypocrite and you actually have """morals""" (which you assume are irrational and pure emotion based) for certain extreme issues and just not others?

So basically you piss on people that have their own set of irrational morals that don't line up with your own irrational morals?

That sounds like blatant hypocrisy and flawed logic to me.

I want to escape clown world and go back to when everyone agreed that inserting maggots into your anus and throat fucking decapitated canines were considered bad things.


File: e9e4a6f1949aaf8⋯.jpg (295.62 KB, 600x800, 3:4, vaporeon blender.jpg)


>comparing killing animals to killing people

the absolute state of this thread



It's the furry fandom. Being a kiddie diddler/rapist/animal fucker is okay. Saying you simply dislike a fetish is regarded as hate speech.

Want the fandom to hate you? Don't think raping a kid will do it. No, if you want the fandom to hate you, critique/insult a popufur or say you don't like a fetish. You will have furries openly saying they wish you dead for doing either.



It's not so much Turmp loves Jews, but he fucking IS one.

They also love pedophile Milo Yiannopoulos, the Greek Jew that sucks black dick.



>trying to derail kero thread into pol thread




>bringing up unrelated subject and acting like i was comparing it.

>this is actually an argument

well if that's all you got I think we're done here



You're the one who brought up child fucking. Kettle, meet pot.



>everything else is circumstantial

stop quoting legal TV shows and movies, you look like an idiot when you use the lingo to look like you know what you're talking about and end up using it for completely the wrong reason.



>provide a source to prove my unsourced claim wrong!

That's not how making a claim contrary to the accepted belief of the general public works.






>people need x


>LOL everyone knows you need x what are you dumb??



The only sane person in this thread.


>Then give me your family pet you've had for 15 years when it dies, I'm sure you won't mind if I use it for fucked up shit

I wouldn't! I would in fact do this for free because it actually costs a shitload of money to pay for someone to dispose of a dog corpse (particularly a large breed) counting transportation and cremation. If you're doing it for no charge (maybe even paying me!) I stand to save several hundred dollars.

Why should I care? Dead things have ZERO VALUE, and in fact (as mentioned) often have negative value. Nothing done to a corpse in the future changes the love given the creature when it was alive. That's what this boils down to. Like implying if you junk your car it had no value to it when it was still running, or if you throw away rotten leftovers you didn't enjoy the food when it was still fresh. It's idiotic. The past is SET, and cannot be altered by future actions. Mistreating a corpse means nothing because the corpse is not aware of it and lived their entire life unaware that these things would ever happen. Who or what is being hurt by this action? Just you and your idiotic morals being offended by things that have zero effect on you.

It's also cute how you accuse others of being retarded moralists with their very own flavor of morals, while also having your own. Your ideal world where everyone agrees with you HAS NEVER EXISTED and never will. It's a strawman revisionist history.


If it's not circumstantial, then the police would have a case and Kero would have been arrested by now. This hasn't happened, which means there is no real evidence. QED, motherfucker. You lose.


File: 0253023f29f94af⋯.png (259.77 KB, 480x540, 8:9, Der Fuhrer needs you in an….png)







File: d99a8ef8725d224⋯.jpg (7.28 KB, 179x282, 179:282, images.jpg)




>police censor and wipe out a footage of someone getting eaten alive with their ribcage exposed by pitbulls to respect the family

>kiwifarms puts out a necrophilia porn on their front page in the clearnet to put spice on the heat










>le fuck morals fuck society!! XD

>i'm so edgy kero did nothing wrong!!

>So what if it's dead? i wanna fuck it!

I have a question, if you gonna keep justifying these sorts of actions and excusing it with "FUCK MORALS XD", would you defend horrifying shit like Bugchasing (getting HIV/AIDS from someone with needles or unprotected sex)? Or how about Castrations? atleast that will keep you away from having a biological family.


You have to be 18 years older to start arguing about morals, because obviously you don't know jackshit.


File: 40267bf92c8fba7⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1056x1486, 528:743, 1500063968386.png)


>Le edgy greentexting, your argument is invalid!

Just admit it, you don't care about the lives of animals. You'll keep eating meat and screeching that necro-zoophilia should be illegal.


It makes you wonder whether Kiwifarms admins posted that media as a plausible excuse in case they get caught with the material.

>No sir officer, I wasn't jacking off to dead dogs! I simply saved that video to my PC as evidence of wrongdoing!

>Look, we even distributed it to a bunch of other anonymous viewers! You're crazy if you think someone would download that just to jack off!



>moving the goalpost from zoosadism to necrophilia



And before anyone says it, I will do it.

>implying fucking a corpse to abusing a live animal for sexual gratification is the same thing and both equally okay.

>fucking a corpse to abusing a live animal

>corpse to abusing



File: 2d0fddea7d0b6c3⋯.jpg (139.92 KB, 1024x1365, 1024:1365, wax figure of american.jpg)

>I can't believe what some people do to animals! Don't they know harming animals is wrong?!

>So what if my pulled pork comes from a pig that was stuck its entire life in a cage too small to turn around in, forced to wallow in its own feces, shocked with cattle prods, forcefed growth hormones and antibiotics that cause it to grow so fast its immature bones break trying to support its grotesque weight, before finally being shot in the head with a bolt gun. Amerimutts can't live without consuming 30 pounds of meat each day! Fruits and vegetables don't exist! It's not the same thing!


File: c1d3ef4a474cb64⋯.jpg (14.72 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Uhoh, here comes the vegan!

Also your pic was made to show off fat Bender


File: dc6ce46d9993ec5⋯.png (35.39 KB, 200x200, 1:1, solatorobo smug.png)


>he's bringing a dead krautchan meme into argument now


can you guys post about this sick fucks crime instead of trying to derail and hide it. you furfags lost. your exposed. no amount of damage control will save. you. your websites/messanger/social media/secret code/convention hookups or your fandom from being raided by the police or brought to justice. enough. grow up.



Blessed Wayne


File: 889ddacae41803a⋯.jpg (183.45 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, ROA94Ve.jpg)


Based self-loathing furfag.



It'd help if faggots from the zoophile boards would get out and stop defending the people who got caught. The astroturfing was so obvious they even linked to their disgusting boards like the proselytizing commies they are.



Plz be an elaborate troll Plz be an elaborate troll Plz be an elaborate troll Plz be an elaborate troll

Plz be an elaborate troll Plz be an elaborate troll Plz be an elaborate troll Plz be an elaborate troll

Plz be an elaborate troll Plz be an elaborate troll Plz be an elaborate troll Plz be an elaborate troll

Plz be an elaborate troll Plz be an elaborate troll Plz be an elaborate troll Plz be an elaborate troll

Plz be an elaborate troll Plz be an elaborate troll Plz be an elaborate troll Plz be an elaborate troll



This is a pasta, isn't it?

if not, please seek help



where's your proof. ( ~ ʖ °)



>i am what you could tell a necrozoophile.

>i am not a freaking psychopath myself

Pick one and only one.


File: aeaccee55ea8e1d⋯.png (107.71 KB, 194x192, 97:96, 1503027702784.png)


Assuming you're not trolling, kill yourself. Not because you fuck dead animals, but because you're fucking dead animals that have been dead for unknown amounts of time. There is a difference between knifing a dog and going to pound town on its fresher than fresh corpse vs. stumbling on a parasite-infested corpse and sticking your dick in it. Yeah, one harms the animal, but it's beyond comparison how much cleaner a fresh kill is.

>i prefer them still warm, once they are cold and completely stiff, they are no longer attractive to me

Mmm, nothing like that slightly moldy sun-baked coyote poon.


I've been an atheist for over 20 years but I feel like this thread is the Devil trying to tell me that he's real and that I should start going to church



You should go to church. While you're at it, bring a rifle and several hundred rounds of ammunition and kill everyone in there. Leave the smallest child alive, and when it's all over, walk up to him, tell him "God doesn't fucking exist" and blow your brains out in front of him.

It's for the greater good.




i take this thread as the proof that god is dead.



As disgusting as it is, this seems fine.

Going out to kill an animal for sex is bad and morally reprehensible.

Finding a dead animal then fucking it is still a degenerate act and creepy as hell, but less morally wrong.

I wouldn't condone it, but since this method doesn't hurt anything, I can't fully condemn it either.


File: 90e6bfe4a7a1684⋯.jpg (287.51 KB, 970x545, 194:109, 1535520868892.jpg)



>are you picky about [...] their looks?

There are zoophiles who dump thousands of dollars on purebred Huskies for the ultimate cum dump, you tell me. I would totally be down to fuck a handsome husky.



>the camera pans over a cave wreathed in flames. shadows dance on the cavern wall. >sweet home alabama is playing.

>the camera pulls back and we're treated to a demon ass-raping a neckbeard missionary style.

>his fedora miraculously stays on. this despite the sorry state of his head, which is a tattered, cratered crescent of loose meat.

>he's wearing a cum-stained shirt with the words "i don't like sundays".

*record scratch*

*freeze frame*

"yup that's me. i bet you're wondering how i got here."





>People fell for the most obvious bait in history






Nobody is that retarded to believe that fucking a corpse is somehow okay, but forget it, let them fuck a corpse, atleast they'll lose their genitals thanks to diseases.


File: e2b06c76a0adde5⋯.jpg (31.23 KB, 462x456, 77:76, expected.jpg)


Is it rape if you fuck a fleshlight without its consent? What's the difference?


>He ACTUALLY BELIEVES in the magical sky fairy that will save you if you give him enough shekels


File: b1183c2e3d11c48⋯.png (255.24 KB, 474x519, 158:173, 1534123338218.png)


>i keep plasticsheets and bags in my car




>if something has a collar i just move them away from the road so they dont get wheeled to pieces and try to find the owner

This alone makes you morally a better person than almost everyone in this thread virtue-signaling about how disgusted they are.



>if something has a collar i just move them away from the road so they dont get wheeled to pieces and try to find the owner


Virtue signaling about how you claim to tell people you found their dead pets isn't going to change the fact you're a mentally ill train wreck of a human being. Seek help before you end screwing something too fresh.





Virtue signaling about how you claim others are mentally ill doesn't change the fact that you would never left a finger to help someone who has lost a pet. Seek help before you try the smug jackass routine in real life and someone smashes your ugly face into jelly.



Welp,that's some creepy nasty shit. im out


File: 402868d4f172f83⋯.gif (2.87 MB, 320x240, 4:3, look at this dumbshit.gif)


Inspected these repeating integers.


>Implying zoophiles, necrophiles, sadists, etc. aren't mentally ill.

>Implying you know what someone would do in regards to helping find a pet.

>Implying a person is even bad for NOT helping find a pet, YOUR pet is not THEIR responsibility.

>Implying if you aren't tolerant of the worst shit people can do you're a terrible jackass who needs help.

>Implying the aforementioned mentally ill are in any righteous position to main/kill someone for holding them in low regard.



>Implying people into furry aren't mentally ill

Right back at you motherfucker.


snakething talks about Miska a girl suiter they want to drug and kidnap. Miska can be found on fetlife in the murrsuit group along with that blue suiter in the 8chan murrsuit zoo leak thread.lmao. if everyone doesnt DFE. so yeah your best bets are. raid telegram, discord, fetlife, inkbunny, 8chan and furaffinity via warrants for there servers.



Yep, a slippery slope and a mental cancer.



>i can assure you, there is little to no risk of dick loosing disease.

Shut the fuck up.

>The skin attracts maggots which turn into bacteria that gets transferred to you. In females the disease is called “Vulvar Myiasis”, and in the males its “Myiasis”.


File: 3b3d278cec169b1⋯.jpg (23.83 KB, 214x332, 107:166, 3b3d278cec169b1f25c496d43f….jpg)

>yet more evidence that furries are hyper degenerate sub-humans appear

>they double-down


File: 123116d45caa538⋯.png (16.05 KB, 735x261, 245:87, ClipboardImage.png)


>> Vegan diets are also lacking in specific vitamins that cause problems with the nervous system unless you take supplements

>>>>>>[citation needed]

The fact that you're saging is making me respond.

There's a very (very) high percentage of vegans on supplements. This is not up to debate, you can do a quick search and find anything about it.



>taking vitamin pills on your vegan diet

>not walking out in the sun for vitamin D, eating orange for vitamin C, etc


File: 8e217c5db826eeb⋯.png (772.43 KB, 1001x1001, 1:1, riip.png)


What if you rape a corpse that has been killed within 5 minutes? Surely it's not a maggot-infested risk? I mean, do you think all meat is instantly tainted the second the host is dead? That would make meat eaters pretty disturbing tbh.



Vegans aren't known for being smart.



>The instant an animal dies it becomes rotten and infested with maggots

How to tell someone has absolutely no idea what the fuck they're talking about in a fraction of a second. First of all, it takes about 24 hours for eggs to hatch into maggots. Second, if you bothered reading anything about Myiasis, you would find out that not only is it certain species of flies (NOT THE SAME ONES that lay eggs on dead flesh!) but flies confined to tropical/subtropical areas. This guy picking up roadkill in temperate continental America wouldn't encounter a botfly in a million years err, well, actually maybe only a few centuries given climate change, but still.

You sir, are a capital "I" fucking Idiot. End of story.


normies still seething over this victimless resourceful kink get a life and get the fuck out


File: edb78956dba29ba⋯.gif (844.31 KB, 500x282, 250:141, Beerus.gif)


>victimless resourceful kink



>victimless resourceful kink

What the fuck is this, a giphy link?



>Implying liking an aesthetic is comparable to liking an action.

Really low energy, you don't get a (you) for that.


Being tolerant was a mistake.


They either don't do that as mister "I drive around looking for roadkill" up there highlighted or if they do they fuck the animal to death and just keep going.

The whataboutism some have put forth as a weak defense that "well if I kill it like it's for food" doesn't help them either.


>resourceful kink

Use your hand.



there's a high percentage of non-vegans on supplements, too, if you consider the fact that milk with any percentage of fat reduction is required by law to be fortified with vitamin d. most of the b12 produced in the united states is fed to livestock. most packaged foods are fortified with various vitamins and essential metals.

either way, being 'on supplements' is not inherently a negative thing. as far as i know the only supplement that vegans really need to be taking is b12, and doctors recommend that everyone take a b12 supplement regardless of whether or not they're vegan.


Bump this thread so its stays at the top. furries have already shut up about it pathetic they would do all this effort for dick

measuring and attention.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>people act like they care about animals

>go to PETA's page and comment "hurr durr I'm going to McDonalds what u want guys" later

normies faking shit yet again because they're deprived of drama


File: 93be1fa9063b7db⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Kero spooky wallpaper.png)

>someone actually wasted money to import Kero's patreon to yiff.party





2018-09-20 18:11

>Telegram access has been revoked for the time being for new patrons due to fake accusations online.

>fake accusations



File: 9044d04e88c232b⋯.webm (778.45 KB, 2168x830, 1084:415, joker laugh x5.webm)



>Someone wasted money, that vorefag wallpaper, AND that telegram message.

Well at least something good came out of this shitshow.


Stop spreading lies about Kero. He not do anything wrong it make up by troll and furry-hater.



It's nearly impossible to hack telegram. If nations like China can't hack it then why would someone go through the trouble it'd take just to mess with one furry with only 100k subscribers.


He tried falsifying evidence he was hacked and was caught easily because he still had the VPN open when taking a screenshot.


And there's the fact he self-admitted he was a part of the group.


File: b0283109196a235⋯.png (178.37 KB, 556x556, 1:1, 5b64e14c43f539b7be007485ab….png)


so now that the dust has settled does anyone here still think kero is innocent?



yes, a bunch of trolls and children who blindly and furiously cling to the notion that everyone is innocent and that every should be set free. reeeeeeeee


File: e02730cb7c359f8⋯.jpg (10.81 KB, 212x237, 212:237, No way.jpg)


You're obviously not from around here, fuck off Kero.


File: e0a9ff0083c2527⋯.gif (2.43 MB, 368x349, 368:349, c20a515470fe33fa307fa5ae39….gif)

>mfw quick rundown of this thread/community

Just one wish, Santa: every Saturday, for the rest of my life, I get to release the stress of the work week on one of you. You get locked in a room with just me, a pair of pliers, and a small bucket of water. No fur suits, just me strapping you down and going to work on your demons: pulling out all your fingernails and toenails, all of your teeth, seeing how far I can jam them up your nostrils, and then gouging out your eye sockets. We finish with a nice clean death through drowning. Just once a week, so I can fully exert myself physically in each act.



what. yeah im not kero, im DarkShadowFox. dickface. Im the originator of the leaks on the zoosadists who leaked info about sephius, rusty and nelizar or atleast bitched about him. I used to work in conjunction with shadowwoof before I said fuck it and had a mental breakdown. but its good to see nelizar is in jail, the one thing i wanted the entire time. now im fucking bored.

end post.



You left out the part where you fuck the corpses afterwards.



He also forgot to mention his katana and fedora collections.



Not really.

It's only a matter of time until he gets arrested and put on trial.


Narrow it down to zoophiles and pedophiles specifically, and you could probably get most of this board to join you.


File: 0f8be044d8df473⋯.png (182.68 KB, 384x396, 32:33, REV EM UP.png)


While a bit wow the edge, as >>86712 said I can get behind this general idea.

I'd however want way more than one a week (at least until their population drops) and a gas chamber.



the people on trials corpses? being outed as zoophiles?

animal corpses? No thank you/

legal aged adults in fursuit and my boyfriend, sure.



File: cf71c775498800b⋯.jpg (91.21 KB, 750x600, 5:4, internet-tough-guy.jpg)


>I have no argument against this, but it makes me so angry! AAHHHHH!!! Look how angry I am!

I bet you're such a baby in real life that you go home and cry every day because your boss was mean to you, and the sight of blood makes you vomit and faint.



fucking checked.

also, source?



I still haven't seen any evidence that he did anything. Just shittons of hearsay, people saying that they saw the evidence (oh, excuse me, "the PROOF!!!") and that I should just believe them.



your an idiot. sephius, nelizar, fox benard, kero, and a few dozen other furries were all connected to the zoosadist group, i leaked the information in 2017 and everyone said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and steamrolled me including legally.

its been reproven over and over again that he said YES to that being his information then did a giant backpedal. stop defending him and just hand him over.

whatever will happen is going to happen you cant stop the legal process once its going to happen and whats going ot happen is hes and all his little pedo zoofurfag friends are going to jail. theres more evidence that says YES then says no, and any of the no its not real is hinged on its fake.

im going to let you in on a little lesson, its impossible to hack telegram. its been done once and then patched, telegram has a liike massive reward for hacking and retriveing messages from the servers. what was used was a client side export tool that uses an exploit to take out chatlogs, no one was hacked.

Kero used an iranian IP vpn to look like he was logged in somewhere else. but heres the thiing, in order to log into a telegram with 2FA on it, you need both the phone number, the phone itself because the login code gets pushed to the main telegram and if you havent set up an email then the login code will only be viewable on the main device, its impossible to brute force the login code, without the login code you cannot get to the password page, which the password is impossible to brute force because it has a timeout after a certain amount of tries and can be anywhere from 8- to as many characters as you want.

the messages are stored ecrypted on a server that is inaccessable only with the telegram messanger, there is no outside connection besides your phone. its a purely p2p, there is no way to client side attack the other person without doing a loaded link and none of that shit happened here.

i may have forgotten some information.

nelizar was an idiot because he rubber stamped himself on not only telegram but furaffinity, inkbunny, various forums and other random areas.

that being said hes guilty as fuck.




>Kero used an iranian IP vpn to look like he was logged in somewhere else.

Kero apparently admitted he just grabbed that image from a google search



<There's been nothing but hearsay posted so far


You leaked the information a year ago and yet he's still not in jail. Literally nothing has happened. You sound exactly like the retards screaming about Hillary, all fully convinced that they'll "lock her up!" and that it definitely certainly really going to happen, AND SOON!!

>theres more evidence that says YES then says no

Let me clue you in on how criminal investigations and criminal trials work. A person is considered innocent until proven guilty; and to prove someone guilty it has to be COMPLETELY SURE. Even if there is a mountain of evidence that says "yes", if there is even the tiniest little shred of evidence that says "no", that's reasonable doubt. He walks.

You're a miserable pathetic screaming retard with no idea how the real world works, and who has literally no power over even the smallest things no matter how much you bitch and moan about it. You can complain about Kero or anyone else until you drop dead of exhaustion, and you will have accomplished nothing.



So far, Snakething has apparently been arrested. So expect Kero's final fate to be known soon.

>You sound exactly like the retards screaming about Hillary, all fully convinced that they'll "lock her up!" and that it definitely certainly really going to happen, AND SOON!!

>You sound exactly like the retards screaming about Trump, all fully convinced that they'll "save democracy" and that it definitely certainly really going to happen, AND SOON!!

The comparison goes both ways, one more relevant than the other. Anyway, there's no need to bring politics into this- given that neither side of the political spectrum has advocated for zoophilia as of yet, and hopefully never will.

>You're a miserable pathetic screaming retard with no idea how the real world works, and who has literally no power over even the smallest things no matter how much you bitch and moan about it. You can complain about Kero or anyone else until you drop dead of exhaustion, and you will have accomplished nothing.

The real world works in more retarded ways than it has any right to. So I wouldn't dismiss the possibility that screeching like a mentally deficient idiot could somehow land you control of some major entertainment company while the people who actually buy the product get ignored. After all, it worked back in the 80s and it seems to still work today.


At this point, I simply want to see shit hit the fan purely to enjoy it. Full sociopath mode.

Just look at this thread and all the words everyone wasted on this literal nobody.

He should already be thrown in prison for simply being a worthless furfaggot who makes a living being a victim on Twitter and pretending his mundane middle class furfaggot life drama is anything worth giving attention to.

People get horribly abused every day out there and you don't see them going on Twitter begging attention from strangers, do you?

Why should his first world problems be more important?


File: 5cec565e62ef7be⋯.png (396.69 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 5b64e14c43f539b7be007485ab….png)


idk but here's the full pic


Kero took down his FB and I heard from someone in his inner circle that he is going to be going to MFF in a secret suit. Also there are whispers that some people have a pool of money together as a reward for the first person to beat him up at the con.



Kero do no wrong, he is oppressed like Foxler of Furry Fandom. Stop give him bad time!



What did kero even do to deserve that?


File: 03df082e8184f0d⋯.gif (499.37 KB, 500x246, 250:123, ridiculous.gif)


>he was in a group of zoosadists and posted a picture of his dog's ass, how could he ever deserve to be beaten up?



Oh, I'm sorry. Did the dog come out publically about how this ruined his career and now he is the laughing stock of fortune 500? Or are you still spewing your brainwashed emotions onto other people's business?



ah well then hes even more guilty that no one touched his account.




i hope you rot in jail for defending someone who deserves to go to jail for brutally abusing animals. i have two animals and i havent touched them at all, why should someone with extreme views get off the hook just because a bunch of furries like him.

hes going to go to jail and FYI, now that hes going to MFF everyones going to make sure to keep there kids, animals and themselves away from him so his cycle of abuse cannot continue.

stop defending him and his zoosadist pals. hes guilty.




abused animals supported a pedophile ring, a number of dozens of things. its halarious hes still able to see the light of day after doing such henious things.



the defending people will do for people who are guilty in the fandom is why furry conventions should be barred from even happening. they server nothing but cesspools of degenearcy and now that the layers of the fandom are being peeled away everyones in DFE and damage control.


think again, it is.



I went through the logs and a lot of the Kero stuff and have yet to find any proof at all that he hurts animals. I also don't count sex as abuse, or I would have to call all women abusers by giving guys bjs. Kero won't go to jail because he didn't do anything wrong. He is a free man as you or me and he is just as deserving of human rights like you and me.



>supported a pedophile ring


At least he is supporting other humans rather than watching them fall and laughing and cheering at their demise. You need religion if that is hoe you treat another human being.



The conventions raise funds for animals and other good causes, so what if a puppy or two was petted in a sexual way. Why think of the negatives and not focus on the positives?

Kero is a hero for standing up for the kink enthusiasts in the fandom by acting as a sponge to some of the hate that the community ill deserves.





File: 8667d5c1fb93cec⋯.png (671.43 KB, 1100x768, 275:192, pkwbsoG.png)


> i have two animals and i havent touched them at all






fuck, I knew I remembered that name.






Look dude, I know it's ruff being a zoophile. That doesn't make it okay to take it out on others. If you need to chat I'm pretty sure there are others willing to accept you for who you are.



Pretty sure the individual in question from the image doesn't even know about this board.




I'm strongly suspect that to be a troll attempt, but I suppose it could actually be him. The writing style does appear to match, so that's a point toward him actually being here.



>Also there are whispers that some people have a pool of money together as a reward for the first person to beat him up at the con

Now see, this really IS A CRIME. If the cops sniff this out, you know who is going to jail? NOT KERO! It'll be all these retards, booked on charges of conspiracy to commit assault and battery, and possibly contributing to the delinquency of a minor depending on how old the people are involved with this (likely to be some minors because this is furries were talking about).

And you know what? I'd be willing to bet money that when the dust settles, the cops would find one or two of that group to also be child molesters.



>Now see, this really IS A CRIME.

>implying zoosadism isn't.



everyone keeps defending zoosadism and like pedophillia its ok. your right an eye for an eye violentyl is not right but violently assault children and animals sexually is not ok.

-posted by DarkShadowFox.



actually i did all that to bait zoophiles so i could leak the information on my zooleak thread. those husky pictures werent mine. i ripped them from a zoos twitter and reposted them.



im right here. been leaking information constantly about the zoosadists. and posting to the zoosadism contant on telegram. haha. i was behind the entire original push. pbbt.



im here.


also, please stop spreading around that zoosadist leak. the pictures are my murrsuit pictures and the husky images were ripped from a zoophiles page/ google. Im astmatically allergic to dogs and take medication for it. i cant touch animals let alone have one drip liquid allergy on my body or inside my organs.

never once touched a dog. everything ive been doing up to this point has been to lead to the arrest of zoosadists and pedophiles within the furry fandom. you've all given important people alot of information to get alot of people out of the fandom that shouldnt be there.

so thanks.

you played yourself and into my hand. ha.



oh, FYI. your sad little attempt to steamroll me legally and get rid of me from leaking information about zoosadists has been a really bad attempt because the information still got leaked and i never lifted a finger.

i know everyone in the leak because i got my hands in all the major players pockets. now all it takes for me is to go to the zoosadist people on telegram and covertly keep slipping information.

you lose furry fandom theres nothing you can do, i still won despite your best efforts to conceal and keep the brethren you badly attempted to hide.

also good thing the police have my computer, so the information stays with them forever. :)



File: 0a9d9a873282896⋯.jpg (166.43 KB, 749x800, 749:800, BoomIt.jpg)


What the actual fuck are you even on about anymore? At this point you're just talking to yourself. Don't let that stop you though, watching you is the perfect way to spend my sunday.



what am i on about. that the information still got out and the people i was after still got held accountable for there misactions. so if you think thats funny then your a pathetic zoosadist sack of shit.







Go fuck a dog



File: b083b8a2f48276e⋯.png (62.1 KB, 420x350, 6:5, 1507850518205.png)


you post on /zoo/ you stupid nigger, your fursuit is fucking trash too btw.



go KYS




yeah i post on zoo, because it was original a leak thread that turned into a slander thread that has turned into an evidence thread by me. started by me,

like drake said, started from the bottom now we here.

your little zoofriends are going to jail.




the only thing i did was leak the stuff to twitter. the furry fandom ate it up and imploded on themselves.

ive never once touched an animal. sorry not my game.



File: 7480c25621fe4af⋯.jpg (193.84 KB, 618x800, 309:400, IBelieveInYou.jpg)


Never thought that was funny, you're just acting like a complete loon. Keep it up, sunday ain't over



im just tired of the denial when i clearly know what the fuck im talking about.

do you really think id side with zoophiles for one second, NO Way man, i was holding out on becoming a cop to see this through before i legally had to actually handcuff someone and not in the kinky way, dude the damage is done theres no swimming from the hole they are in, deeper then mine.

hope they know how it feels to be burned, next time dont attack people who actually fight back. :3



I'm not denying what Kero and his group was terrible, and I hope they all end up in prison. I just can't get over the way you're acting. It's just so weird. Like just now, about wanting to be a cop, handcuffing someone. Why are you telling us this? How is this in anyway related?



im under constant stress and pressure. like the type to send you to a insane asylum.



Why would a local police force hire a presumably autistic furry to bring law and order? I wouldin't trust you around a gun either.



cause we know how they operate, id be a great addition to the cybercrime unit, being able to get in and teach them how to cuummincate. theres already furries that are police officers, i bet some of them zoophiles that abuse the system big time.



forgot to add I went to CMP and shot gun, its not for me and its not very fun, shot a rifle and its really not that fun.



So you're leaking the info in hopes to get a reduced sentence?

You and the rest of the zoo crew deserve whatever punishment you get.



nope. i was never arrested for possesion of zoophilla.



and nah. not talking about it.



Not yet atleast



nah sorry. currently working with alot of people to leak more information. sorry. nice try.



I don't think you realize nobody here gives a s*** about your tldr comments please for the love of God go get bent



go fuck yourself, everyone does give a shit otherwise no one would go to the police. stupid faggot.



The people that think meat causes cancer are too stupid to even know what nitrosamines are. Not all meat has nitrosamines.

Organic grassfed beef is 10,000,000,000,000 times better for you than GMO pesticide-ridden soy shit, BT corn, etc.

Basically, we are omnivores, but that doesn't mean we can eat everything. In fact, most modern food isn't fit for human consumption at all, and that includes a slew of the shit labelled "vegan".



You DO realize that the "organic" label is not federally controlled, right? Anyone can put "organic!" on a food label for any reason.

Second, you know where those organic vegetables are grown? Right next to the ones that are sprayed with pesticides. The chemicals just waft over all the same because they aren't actually isolated.

Third "grass fed" is also not controlled. They could feed the fucking bull grass for ONE DAY OF ITS LIFE, and give it processed feed every other day, and it technically qualifies. They want you to imagine a wide-open field of grazing cattle, but it's not like that. "Free-range" animals are in a large enclosure packed like sardines, with LESS SPACE PER INDIVIDUAL than when they have individual pens. They're eating grass; wonderful! Same grass as they're shitting on because they barely have room to move.

You're an idiot. Everything you buy in a store is made in a factory, just some factories are outside. Otherwise you'd be spending $2000 per steak.


File: a3219e7a9ac2481⋯.jpg (71.8 KB, 660x734, 330:367, 1541471809275.jpg)



>trying to derail kero thread into vegan thread, again




There's nothing else to do here. The debate about Kero (and necrophilia) has already been settled.



And retards will still claim it's morally acceptable because they get their rocks off to it.



>And retards will still claim it's morally reprehensible because they don't get their rocks off to it.

You are correct.


File: c1102b1ec4c513b⋯.jpg (74.27 KB, 627x678, 209:226, Drhwst1X4AAVElZ.jpg)



File: 670ecd92085843a⋯.jpg (71.84 KB, 535x755, 107:151, TheSensesDontLie.jpg)


>bating this hard



owned lol





File: 36ef6553727be29⋯.jpg (36.89 KB, 480x540, 8:9, 1541129816380.jpg)

reminder for all the zoosadist defenders

killing animals for sadistic fun is a classic and reliable warning sign of mass killers and professionals all agree with this


>written by Gail F. Melson Ph.D.


> Adam Lankford, a criminologist at the University of Alabama claims it is a reliable checklist item in future killers


>According to the FBI, animal abuse is highly correlated with interpersonal, human-to-human violence


>100% of sexual homicide offenders examined had a history of cruelty towards animals. [34]

>70% of all animal abusers have committed at least one other criminal offense and almost 40% have committed violent crimes against people. [35]

>63.3% of men who had committed crimes of aggression admitted to cruelty to animals. [36]

>48% of rapists and 30% of child molesters reported committing animal abuse during childhood or adolescence. [37]

>36% of assaultive women reported cruelty to animals while 0% of non-assaultive women did. [38]

>25% of violent, incarcerated men reported higher rates of “substantial cruelty to animals” in childhood than a comparison group of non-incarcerated men (0%). [39]

>Men who abused animals were five times more likely to have been arrested for violence towards humans, four times more likely to have committed property crimes, and three times more likely to have records for drug and disorderly conduct offenses. [40]

but keep defending your future serial killers/rapists or whatever



Reminder that this thread was never about killing animals, but fucking already-dead ones. That's a major strawman.

Wonder what the statistics are on retards and using anti-semetic memes.

Oh wait, I've got it right here... it's 100%.



>Reminder that this thread was never about killing animals

it was. Kero was part of a zoosadist group, so that group along with zoosadism is part of the discussion.


File: 714f9217a71e66d⋯.jpg (55.14 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 714f9217a71e66d6f897d06ff4….jpg)

this is why everyone is sickened by you guys and the reason you're going to hell



haha never about killing animals.

HAHAHAHAHAHA someones in denial, kero caused his dog to have acute kidney failure and sepsis murdered puppies and used them as sex objects.




You mean the same UN that put Saudi Arabia in charge of it's human rights council?

The same Saudi Arabia that gives the death penalty for practicing witchcraft or being gay



None of those things bring harm to others, except maybe not wearing the condom if your partner does not conscent to that.


Have fun with your vitamin B deficiency



um, I think you have the wrong person? I was trying to say that killing animals is part of the discussion.



As someone who works MFF staff, he has to use his real name to register still. In order to pick up your badge your name must match your ID.

It would be smart of him to stay away.



he said he was going. so id have good access control for the convention, do you guys have a GSOC?


File: 18a323c99a77458⋯.jpg (33.57 KB, 574x429, 574:429, 1455510907930.jpg)

File: 75b46b7f1a07bcf⋯.jpg (40.54 KB, 580x580, 1:1, 75b46b7f1a07bcfdb40303b0b8….jpg)

File: f9cdae592b66ebc⋯.jpg (114.79 KB, 680x948, 170:237, f9cdae592b66ebc0990d6e83ed….jpg)

>like HMOFA

>like furry art

>the fandom cant be as bad as they say right?

>mfw this thread


File: d14ae8cb2a62b3d⋯.png (103.24 KB, 326x314, 163:157, d14ae8cb2a62b3d4625a0fed01….png)


>these people exist with you.


stop deleting posts to rest the bump limit. or make a new thread


File: c4b9f03f012aab6⋯.png (150.7 KB, 1366x302, 683:151, dsfphoto.PNG)


that was made because i leaked information in 2017 about zoosadists and active zoophiles.

now kiwifarms and shadowwoof on telegram along with the whole nelizar getting arrested has forewarded my crusade.

even if your being funny the girl who originally made that commited suicide because my devices got seized and thank god they did because the police started this whole investigation on kero and neilzar thanks to me, i was patient zero and i dont care if i have no friends

fuck you all. have a nice life in jail.



File: cfd24827e277f50⋯.png (136.36 KB, 533x381, 533:381, stop.png)


and yes go by female pronous when interacting with my most trusted peers outside of that im a regular old MALE. :3

-DarkShadowFox heres a photo from my harddrive that no one else has.

and i made.


File: 56491261757dec6⋯.jpg (54.3 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 201900000967.jpg)


Ok, this is epic



I'll be honest... I sort of agree with you.


File: b478e61cd0f1ba4⋯.png (43.72 KB, 627x527, 627:527, db145f1f-da7d-49d8-9ae0-89….png)


>getting political



>check his FA

> "I prefer she or her on telegram/ the internet/ irl if I know you personally, at work please just call me by male pronouns its for professionalism and so I don't get treated special~"

the absolute state



>Trangender person takes pains to avoid stepping on toes in real life or doing something that would adversely affect their co-workers, and only asks to be treated special in their own fantasy world online

>Talking about it like this is a bad thing

There's just no satisfying you fuckers, is there?



do you know kiwifarms already debunked that animal abuse shit as coddled together by a bent ex. stop trying to ruin my life and i will stop leaking information about zoophiles continue and kiwifarms will steam roll you and make sure the police get involved more then they are.




>he doesn't know about keto



>tfw live in the same state as this guy

hey shadow do you have howlr? also show us your cock or someone post his nudes.

I need them for mastubatory porpoises



has anyone gone to jail yet or did they all escape the legal system.



why do you need my nudes. i have no howlr i do not want to have an account on something that was made by someone who supports POZ culture and zoophillia, i have someone so you will be getting no nudes atleast recent ones and yes all my recent ones are of my fursuit :D




I just wanna see ur cock bb



nope go bother someone else. if i see you at a con and you ask me that ill punch you in the face.



Show me ur keen peen uwu


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Holy fuck both of you go back to 4cuck.



Don't lie. You've never punched anyone in your entire life. Too afraid. You'd mumble something under your breath and walk away with shaky legs, hoping to God they didn't hear you.



no id definitely punch someone after having been to jail and effectively caged, i give no fucks now. you wanna fuck me with compadre you get a nice fist in your face. stop bothering for nudes if you dont have your own boyfriend who can bother to exercise and not be a fat lard and do something constructive with his life then fucking stop bothering me, just because im in realities shape and got the good side of the gene pool doesnt mean im your fucking internet fan tasty, go get laid.

but then again you could be in jail with a smuggled cellphone you shoved in your asshole from taking Jimbos big sausage too much writing this to me so I'm not suprised.


(You need a time out, my dude.)



hey did nelizar and kero go to jail yet, if not then no.



>shadowfox pretending to have pride when all of his art is fucking bestiality

>shadowfox pretending to have standards when all you need is a fursuit head and you can jack him off in the lobby of a con



none of my art is bestiality i only bought those to gain access to the zoogroups and get information on people.

i wont ever wear my fursuit to a con ill just be privy to whats going on.

mad autist mad that i leaked information first and that i have a sex life.




>none of my art is bestiality

>actually I did buy bestiality art

>it was just to bait people though haha

oh please, I know you, we all know you. You're a perverse little slut who loves the idea of slamming dog ass and sucking horse cock but after you decided to go on a bender as a mentally ill tranny you decided to throw your friends

your boyfriend and everyone else under the bus by pretending to be some great moral crusader despite being just as degenerate and disgusting as everyone else.

You are literally the peak sjw, you are the creepy zoophile that you claim to hate and you somehow think trying to slander others will erase all the fucked up shit you did but it won't.

I remember when you weren't a total piece of shit, it's a real shame you turned into a vapid cunt who still jerks his cock to the thought of tasting doggy dick and then going on mad tirades in a fit of guilt right after you've blown your load and come down



>le internet tough guy

uh yeah that's gonna be a yikes from me dawg



How fucking drunk or stoned are you right now? Because this is about two steps away from a word-slurring, screaming nuclear rant.



Did you reform before or after you went to jail for being a dogfucker?


File: f5ced37bab6bef7⋯.jpg (7.51 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 220px-Lou_Reed_and_Metalli….jpg)


>implying there was anything wrong done

not news tbh, just humans looking for an excuse for drama.


File: 537c0d1f0e52903⋯.png (27.06 KB, 350x263, 350:263, Megalomania.png)



>the /r9k/ guy


stop deleting comments to reset the bump limit


File: f36dbd62bd1af8f⋯.jpg (27.03 KB, 424x420, 106:105, 1454868326447-1.jpg)


kys normie kek



kys zoophile pedo supporter


*sings baby its cold outside to piss people off*


also i forgot to add that the active sessions on telegram only record people who have logged in and been able to bypass your 2fA which requires you to imput the code sent to your number linked to your account theres is no way to fake it and no way to brute force it as you have 1:30 seconds before the entire thing calls you on your phone and tells you a code, and if you attempt it again the previous code is rendered null, also you can enter a code that appears only in your logged in device and thats either with a desktop or another mobile phone.


File: bd28efb80c02052⋯.png (279.81 KB, 1743x1693, 1743:1693, 1ef380d3-882f-4310-a725-39….png)


>mfw I don't use /r9k/


Kero is under protection of Foxler of Furry Fandom and Furry Raiders. All who mess with him mess with us.



You don't need to argue semantics on the various uses of animals, because fucking them is depraved shit for depraved people. It's people like you who argue for this crap that give the community a bad name since it's almost universally agreed that screwing animals is a bad thing. What are you gonna shill for next? Pedophilia? Fetus fucking? I guess that's ok since fetuses are basically animals anyway. Why can't you just wait until we invent cyborgs or something. Then you can your own sentient anthro cow wife robot with a customizable vibrator vag that can consent to sex and be programmed to love you. Unless you're that much of an animal that you can't keep your urges contained until then.

>tldr say this out loud and listen to yourself

>Fucking the corpse of a dead animal

>Fucking the corpse of a dead animal



File: 2acc6be89fe9d03⋯.jpg (183.53 KB, 2498x1862, 1249:931, 94de0a295ae82a69b7f1d52f10….jpg)


There's nothing inherently wrong with being a furfag.

>Of course, now that I've said that another Kero will pop up.



No part of that is right you dumb shit. Its just that there's nobody around to care. Kero got caught, now it's our business.





There is no trend to be applied to animal fucking. It's gross, disgusting, and bad, period. End of story. You can go down whatever pointless rabbit hole you want, but at the end of the day we're still talking about Fucking animals and why it's bad. You'll never get away from that. And if you're such a demon-possessed crackhead that you can't get your stress release any other way, unless you're the next Einstein, perhaps you shouldn't be alive.



stop defending him. were going to continue. you lose nazifaggots.


File: 1d98675ea1f4c81⋯.jpg (600.17 KB, 3450x4650, 23:31, e1b61c5c903f1f409c4a17d6a6….jpg)


We eat meat because it's full of protein, and it tastes good. I'm not going to give up eating meat and switch to soybeans or whatever gay ass veggie you shill for just because you said it was wrong. Go fuck yourself veggie boy.

>if you need further persuasion, why don't you take it from animals themselves. They eat each other, but they don't fuck each other's dead bodies.



why? so he can escape justice and go bcak to what hes doing.



blah blah blah blah blah blah meat eating isnt the same as sexual assault or abuse one provides nourisment the other provided lifelong trauma that animals most of the time have trouble being rehabilitated from and have to be put down. even if they can be rehibilitated its still not ok.



That's exactly what I said.



yeah nothing inherently wrong on the surface. until you peel back the shiny exterior and find how rotten it is on the inside.



No animal needs to be put through the sexual ringer just so you get off nigger. At least when we eat them we're reaping some benefits. What benefit do you get from screwing a corpse?



hurr durr zoophiles only like to eat the meat of animals aka there dicks and there protien aka semen nothing about being a zoophile is anything outside of a paraphillia or a fetish the relationship thing is an animals version of stolkhom syndrom you are there entire taker carer of person and its like a child they dont know any better so they just go with mommy and daddy thats a digusting, stomach turning though and i almost lost my lunch writing that.

I should really be an anti pedophile / anti zoophile activist this entire BS about kero sangie and the whole gaggle is making my stomach sicker and sicker to the point of where im getting ulcers and im afraid to go out in modern society with these sick fucks roaming around.



I know, and it sucks. But I'm still getting my dragon wife.



We're not talking about the killing, we're talking about the fucking you brain dead jackass



Well we can't change trump but we can get rid of Kero.






This isn't an issue of the safety and well being of animals. This is an issue of Kero FUCKING A DEAD DOG. THAT'S FUCKING GROSS DUDE. FUCKING. GROSS.



Then be polite with meat eaters. But meat eaters don't ruin the community's image in one fell swoop, so if you are indeed a furfag, then I suggest you start addressing the real problem, unless you want the general public to start calling for the execution of furries, good and bad.



i think the DND game is left hall down there currently modding obilivion for you, nerd.


bump back to the top.



i like how zoophiles call meat eaters worse then people who commit sexual abuse and engage in a paraphillia.


id like to also point out this attachment i dragged from kiwifarms is kero completely soft and not with a full erection, his penis isnt even aroused in this photo at all:




@kiwifarms @null



i wish he was in cuba so they could do to woof what they do to people like him. come at me for threating his life but hes just going to look guilty by trying to take me to court over it as i drop a mountain of evidence in that courts lap.



also this looks nothing like keros body it infact looks like a friend or something of his, as kero hasnt shown his penis in anything. hes way too skinny and the previous photos he's been show in do not match up.

I think this is a trick.


Stop spread the lies about Kero, he do nothing wrong.


welp kero the dogfucking pedophile is still out and about



hes a dogfucker and a pedophile he can gladly take me to court and i will gladly drop the mountain of evidence me and my friends have on the judges lap.


he didffend too nuffing wroang is the meme of 2018 when talking about kero be sure to say it in a retarded voice for extra points.



both he performed necrophillia zoosadism and zoophillia

he orally and jerked off his dog then he fed it live mice and gave it kidney failure while raping it as it died.

he then fucked a dead deer and a dead fox on video .



oh and he shoved those live mice down his dogs throat with his cock.



yes he did all 3


hey kero dont forget to sing baby its cold outside when fucking your dog.


i cant wait to stick my dick in keros corpse.


So apparently, Fox In Socks might also be a zoophile just trying to keep himself from getting exposed.



he is a zoophile, hes in zoo groups on telegram. halarious.



I made that comment.


Someone post all of keros nudes. I mean, might as well lighten up the thread, right?


>>90588 (Checked)

No,I did.


File: a413173df65cfd2⋯.png (73.3 KB, 255x253, 255:253, ClipboardImage.png)


kys normie kek


So did he arrested?



who even is that



kero not a 'dogfucking pedophile' he do nothing wrong. stop spreading the troll and furry-hater lies about him.



yes he is look at all the logs that were released as proof you cant fake those as zisis and other zoophile leak groups have proven that his logs were not faked and were over 2 years of evidence, stop fucking defending him and open your eyes, stop putting bad people on a pedestal and make a decision that's right for once.

the more you defend him the more you encourage his bad behavior and the more likely hes going to go back to what he was doing if he hasnt already which someone whos compulsive as him i wouldnt be suprised.



a popular femboy murrsuiter from i think australia or the US, whos also a zoophile and is trying to also save his ass from getting outed like the rest of them.


kero a fucking loser for avoiding his responsibility by taking responsibility.


and yet there still defending him and scapegoating anyone they can to try to save there sinking ship and prevent the entire zoo community from being outed. its fucking hilarious.


kero kero on the wall whos the prettiest youtuber of them all.

not you because you seem to stick your dick in dead things for fame and fortune. give up now because you should of been an abortion. lest this be a joke, you should smoke, a pint of bleach so it will seep and blind you from hurting anyone again.


hey kero we wish you a merry christmas.


you better watch out you better not cry you better not pout im telling you why peta and the police are coming for you petaaa.

they see you when there sleeping, they know when your away they know if you've been bad or good so turn yourself in for goodness sake.


did kero get arrested yet or are the children he molests defending him still


kek kero lied about being under police investigation and probably this entire situation for views.


haha rekt



I think it was less for attention and more a set up for an eventual "Look! They reviewed me and I was innocent after all! Take that trolls!" defense.


and top bump 8====D



so the same defense seiphus used.



using an euro guro vaporeon blender reference to put forth a funny comment.


did kero commit suicide yet. my little jail cronies are looking for some dog fucker virgin ass so we can turn him into a dead sex doll and sew little button eyes on him.

stop being a pussy kero unlock your twitter and stop trying to play informant to get out of the crimes you commited, we will hack and find you if we can :3



You been warned by Foxler of Furry Fandom and Furry Raiders not to shame or mock Kero, now you must pay. All that data was faked by trolls, haters, and Kiwi Farms. You has been warned now of not to mock Kero or Foxler of Furry Fandom again.



oh no were so scared were going to continue to mock kero esp how hes defended by a dogfucker.



none of it was faked and kero is a zoophile just like the rest of you, go gas yourself before real nazis kill you.


and another one bites the dust


im wating for someone to rape his cold dead corpse


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's only funny when Tom Green does it


>American threads


i like how he locked his twitter so nobody can see his tweets anymore.



>hi seiphus



Eminem: So tom green can hump a dead moose.


Merry christmas kero have fun getting ass raped in jail



kill yourself faggot






You ever think about how fuckin' weird it is that we're melting down over some guy supposedly fucking roadkill, and in the middle of that, a poster just casually refers to our state-enforced homosexual rape institutions that are the kind of shit people used to make fun of Turks for, and no one notices it?



>"nb lesbian"

oh no



because Kero deserves it for the pain and the suffering hes inflicted on animals with his fellow cohorts.



what the fuck is an nb lesbian, fuck off.


File: 587339b6da7151e⋯.mp4 (140.62 KB, 496x278, 248:139, invincible.mp4)


also, its fun when you wield power and make people rage in anger at the screen, its all a war of attrition and i am winning, unfortunately.



Nonbinary, queer, questioning, trans, these are things straight people in denial call themselves when they're afraid of the LGBTranny mafia.



theres no such thing as the LGBTranny mafia if anything it just people insecure with themselves and there own self and there fragile heterosexuality. its halarious.



also if your tranny you better transition because using it as a label or for attention when your a hormonal teenager or 20 something year old or a fad is offensive to real trans people so either get on hormones or stop calling yourself TRANS. its not an excuse and its not a silver spoon in your mouth to use us to awww and shill and rub your belly its ok awww there there. you either take HRT, save the money or talk to a therapist, its really fucking simple.



also there are two genders despite the label, the whole 80000 labels thing was a 4 chan joke on actual trans stuff, there are two genders as classified by real business when you buy things.

male and female,

you either have a vagina or you have a penis or sometimes you have both (1% of the population)

boom. roasted.



also would like to point out that real professional working adults with like middle managment jobs and above dont get into this bullshit, its why they are so rich, they do there thing and get it done an d dont get caught up in internet drama like the fandom or twitter or tumblr, take note if you want to be successful and live like they do.


kiwifarms had posted this:


Had found out that they are talking about a husky:

see here:


they are planning to fuck

using a group dining app talking in secret code using the word cake as a code word for sex.

havent been able to dig further


File: 10a82fcc0cef347⋯.png (844.76 KB, 856x478, 428:239, huskyproof.PNG)


got a screengrab:

not the best but i tried




also i forgot to link posts because im dumb,

i wanted to add that cake could either be a cake they "came in" leaving no physical contact and or signs of abuse, or actual sex



see the feds on monday,




oh and another thing too to mock the police that have been oh so expertly following me when im out and about and have been following me online and trying so desperatly to shut me up and pin me on things i have no idea about

fuck you

i win

i wont stop exposing zoophiles till the fandom is clensed of filth, i will kill every zoophile and pedophile I see

good night



File: 163189943b1ca87⋯.mp4 (327.42 KB, 400x170, 40:17, ezgif.com-gif-to-mp4.mp4)






So none of you can actually provide a counter-argument.


digusting dogfucker.



Man, either we've got an impostor on our hands, playing DarkShadowFox cranked up to 11, or he's gone schizo!

Oh, and "cake" is 'net slang for loli. Not CP, but anime-ish drawings. That's its only universal slang meaning. If some small group is using it, unless they say something outright, it's only your suspicions which tell you "I think they must be talking about zoophilia, so if I see an u known word, it must be related!"




i insult people on threads.



Every thread is not full of zoos and pedos, and you bringing it up does not make it so.



yeah yeah tell it to the numerous people that have been exposed and the people that have yet to and the fact that a huge grooming discord was just released recently, fuck off, stop trying to save your fandom from exposing the bad people in it, we want a safer less inclusive fandom thats not full of predators and zoophiles.


File: 1cf1a49e1e796cf⋯.mp4 (5.71 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Francis E. Dec [360p].mp4)


>oh and another thing too to mock the police that have been oh so expertly following me when im out and about and have been following me online and trying so desperatly to shut me up and pin me on things i have no idea about

Calm down Francis.



i have plenty of an idea of whats going on zoophile wise,




myself and everyone else were on it way before the kero leaks dropped.








hi since you wont shut up i have ripped a DM i had with casualfennec about the situation.

From: CasualFennec

To: DarkShadowFoxx

a year ago

Do you at least know the PSA Zoos on twitter are sharing about you.

Keep away / block / report. The funniest shit is them trying to have you arrested IRL for doing the same thing they are.

original post by CasualFennec:

Or, alternatively, you could just help me?

Im not really interested / or going after you. You know about people abusing animals, that's not a fantasy, that's real world tangible cruelty.

Hit up my telegram so we can talk



so yeah, onto your little game




time stamps for the police:

Nov 7th, 2017, 03:14 PM ~CasualFennec Nov 7th, 2017, 12:01 PM


File: efc04ee8b42da0d⋯.png (226.04 KB, 440x440, 1:1, dog laughing histerically.png)






Holy shit you actually are a schizo!


Kero is not cooperating with the police and is moving between new york and PA because both of them have huge zoophile groupings






no im a leaker, your just a faggot, your just talking shit because your mad i leaked your little shit to twitter and everyones leaked more of your little shit to the internet, i cant wait till they pass PACT.

and the reason i leaked those logs?

because someone called the police on me and made them come to my house to stop me from leaking your information because muh precious zoophillia is more important then the safety of animals.

stop calling me a schizo, your justification is unjustified and retarded, if you have nothing more to say then im schizophrenic then your a fucking loser. because you know what, raping animals is wrong and always will be. see you in court. faggot.



kero is working on a pleadeal to have his charges dropped to misdemeanor. kiwifarms quoted as he raped dogs so he didnt rape children. belongs in mental ward. -via kiwifarts

so he was a dogfucker all along. and just proved everyone right. lmao


cupid the deer has been released from jail and his new private suit has been leaked to kiwifarms





>because someone called the police on me and made them come to my house

Was this not because you're a zoo too? You ARE, or WERE, a zoo-- you were outed as well. Previously I've seen you say things amounting to, "well, yeah, but I've never been caught." That doesn't make it okay.



hi i have no reason to answer you, i am no longer a part of your fandom. leave me alone.

Thank You, whatever happened happened those who do bad will be brought to justice pretty simple.

stop looking for me as a scapegoat, it will only lead to further damage to your fandom.


still not in jail huh?


>you can’t say you care about animal ethics while eating meat!

Ok, but if you care about animal ethics, why are you arguing for an objectively worse situation for animals?

A) animals are killed for food, corpse fucking is illegal or ostracised

less animals killed needlessly

B) animals killed for food, it’s also deemed okay to kill them for getting off to avoid “hypocrisy” in entirely abstract laws and ethics

Way more animals die for no reason than in scenario A

Are furfags all brainlets? This is a simple logical extrapolation


still no jail?



This is too good of an argument to be posted here. Go do something worthwhile


File: 3253371ca63fd08⋯.gif (3.78 MB, 400x300, 4:3, BI38Fm.gif)

Me after reading the thumbnail


posted in the wrong thread:

> looks like he got away boys, thats ok, everyone at everywhere in the fandom wouldnt give a fuck anyways, he could murder an entire country and commit genocice and people would still go "that wasnt you right X3" *yiffing noises*



like make bestiality illegal? ok

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