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File: 1446670780627-0.png (385.49 KB, 972x495, 108:55, read only memorees.png)

File: 1446670780628-1.jpg (199.47 KB, 830x974, 415:487, kotaku and waifu hunter.jpg)

File: 1446670780629-2.png (95.73 KB, 599x324, 599:324, kooch.png)

File: 1446670780630-3.png (325.82 KB, 592x1286, 296:643, well well well.png)

5acfb0 No.295219

>Waifu Hunter(a joke curator) shit talks Read Only Memories

>Grayson gets triggered because he's friends with the devs(he even disclosed it lel)

>Waifu Hunter is also dangerously close to Kotaku's amount of followers as a curator

>kuchera joins in on twitter


This is amazing. Journos got triggered that they can't control the narrative and people can shit talk the artsy fartsy games their friends make.

A bloo bloo only we should be able to spout drivel.

5acfb0 No.295236


>Steam has become a popularity contest that's curated by Youtube. Nothing makes sense.

>Steam has become a meritocracy that's leaders come from a new emerging information distribution service that's directly in competition with me. I am implying that this is bad for everyone.

I need a fucking lie down after that one. You don't understand why people are going to video bloggers for purchasing advice? Quit, Ben. Quit your job. If you can't work out why people would want to listen to people reviewing a game, often while showing you the game in action over your mightier-than-thou bullshit adverts for your buddies new non-game then you should just give up, because I can and I'm not a senior editor for a major publication. Not even Seppuku in front of his employers could restore his honor.

5acfb0 No.295242

The best part is that their "how are the poor little startups supposed to get exposure as curators in this popularity contest" angle falls apart completely when you realize their mainstream publication with a paid staff and years' worth of loyal drones got beat out by some guy just speaking his own mind.

5acfb0 No.295246

File: 1446674738083.jpg (105.11 KB, 672x592, 42:37, wehuntedthewaifu.jpg)


Goal: Push Waifu hunter above Kotaku in the curator ranking.

Only 3621 needed (as of this screenshot) to tie with kotaku lets aim for >4000 as it'll be harder for kotaku to surpass. The fact that they admitted that curators are based on popularity, and the salt in the kotaku article about the waifu hunter review on their friend's game, and then Waifu Hunter surpassing them. Should provide another vein of salt in this salt mine.

Also would trigger kotaku more, since anything they recommend against gets even more popular.

5acfb0 No.295247

File: 1446674845733.jpg (397.06 KB, 1019x1487, 1019:1487, Akira_1_p339.jpg)

This game/VN/whateverthefuck confuses me so much

I fucking love pixelated anime art from old PC Engine/Sega CD/whatever games like Snatcher, the cutscenes in Sega CD Lunar, old hentai games with dithering and shit etc; so the idea of indie games being inspired by that instead of having the shitty stock 'old school' hipster aesthetic that looks like no actual classic old game looked like sounds great!

And the actual pixel art is not bad at all. It's not nearly as good as that of the games I mentioned, but it's pretty alright.

………but the 2D vector art is disgusting, the character designs are fucking obnoxious as SHIT and the entire semi-ironic 'retro' hipster pandering angle feels really insincere and obnoxious.

Correct me if I'm wrong but no nostalgic "cyberpunk" anime or video game media (which is what this seems to be inspired by) had this type of super-flamboyant 80s look that this seems to be trying to "affectionately parody". Akira has aged fucking wonderfully and looks great even today, both manga and anime. Snatcher is tasteful and stylish. And if you go beyond anime and games the same applies to Blade Runner.

So where the fuck did they get the idea that classic old-school cyberpunk had this fucking flamboyant-ass cliche 80s pastel look?

5acfb0 No.295248

File: 1446675098874.png (103.15 KB, 626x399, 626:399, dkqwdykuqwykuqwykuqwydkquw….png)

I hate that I like lesbians/general faggotry in anime because the community surrounding it is fucking repulsive

It wasn't even "co-opted", online "yuri fandom" was always run by mentally unwell autogynephilic pieces of human shit who fantasized about chopping off their dicks because they watched too many girl cartoons. The only difference is that the female fans used to be saner, but now that's slowly going away thanks to the advent of Tumblr culture making them just as obnoxious.

5acfb0 No.295251

File: 1446676199042.jpg (21.97 KB, 500x453, 500:453, Pascal disapproves.jpg)


>There was a problem trying to follow the Steam Curator.

is kotaku flexing their corruption muscle?

5acfb0 No.295253


All fine and good, but what about Techraptor and other ethical outlets? Boosting those would go further in proving a point as well as improving the curator scene.

5acfb0 No.295255


Worked fine for me, try again.

5acfb0 No.295256


>waifufagging is more then 4 times more popular then fullmcintosh's mindless rambling about soggy knees and his cultist doctrine

Oh I bet that fucking stings.

5acfb0 No.295257


It's really funny how Anita has bajillions of followers on Twitter but barely any on Steam, an actual gaming platform

It proves the point you guys always make about FemFreq types not actually playing games

5acfb0 No.295258

To be fair, he actually does have a point. It seems to have taken someone making light of a friend's game for him to see it, but the entire curator system is retarded. Everyone I know was calling it retarded from the moment it became a thing, and making it so that devs can cherry-pick what curation blurb they want to have show up on their store page does make it even more awful.

The solution of "better moderation" is totally retarded though, and trying to shut down joke curators is similarly idiotic.

5acfb0 No.295259


what exactly is the problem with the curator system

5acfb0 No.295260


it erodes the previously unchecked power of 'professional' 'video game' 'journalists'

5acfb0 No.295263

File: 1446678999687.jpg (95.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


I think this is a good time to make a point I've wanted to make for quite a while:

I think the gamer masses can be pretty fucking stupid and hivemindey too, and worse yet, they will often use the buzzwords and incoherent newspeak of 'professional' reviewers to sound 'smart' (a fun thing I came across recently in a Gamefaqs review: a game is "a blast to play" and "very fun", but the very same gameplay is "not compelling" - "compelling" being a bullshit ass-pull word when in reality what he meant was "I don't think it changed enough when compared to the first game").

You can also have a game that's enjoyable on its own terms but doesn't fit its series, but instead of saying "this is not a good [series] game, but a good game on its own" they'll just say "this is a garbage fuck game what a piece of cowabunga shit!!!!!!!!!" (Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter is a good example)

Then you have the opposite problem when you have shit like the Steam & PC Metacritic pages for DmC which are full of "10/10 FUCK THE HATERS" reviews which are clearly only there as a kneejerk backlash to the fanbase's negative reaction, not actually bringing up any of the very objective issues the fans have with the combat system for example.

The opinions of self described "discerning gamers" are also hugely influenced by years and years of cumming over professional reviewers. Rebelling against the leeches that make up game journalism is a very new thing; not too long ago even people on /v/ worshiped cunts like Adam Sessler because they agreed with him on whether a game was good or bad, ignoring the terrible content and argumentation of the review itself (if you can acknowledge a review as shit despite agreeing with the premise, congrats, you have standards).

But in the end, I still have more hope for players than I do for corrupt, cronyism-fueled gaming media and I WANT an environment where you can rise up as an influential figure simply by gaining an audience, not by sucking the dicks of "game critic celebs"; if worse comes to worst, the great majority of gamers will always be hivemindey but at the very least there will be lots and lots of DIFFERENT cliques and you'll be able to get a good idea of what a game is like by reading multiple viewpoints from all the individual groups (this is what I do with politics actually)

5acfb0 No.295264


But I guess what I'm saying is, I don't want anti-""""professional"""" sentiment to result in thoughtless worship of the general "WE THE GAMERS" opinions or something because game culture itself was deeply influenced by the pretentious culture of "professional reviewers" and has a long way to go.

User reviews can be barely discernible from game journalism; while I'm sure many find them to be "cancerous overrated ignorant e-celebs", /v/-spawn Youtube video game analysis types like HyperBitHero and Mattewmatosis are way more honest and look like they're using their actual words and opinions to talk about something vs spouting predetermined words and phrases like robots. Yeah those opinions are influenced by /v/ "hardcore gamer" types, but it's not pandering either and they are capable of disagreeing with their clique.

5acfb0 No.295265


Professional journalists have shown themselves to be hostile to the consumer base that in the end pays their bills as well as for sale to the highest bidder.

Add in cronyism and explain to me why they shouldn't all be figuratively burned at the stake?

5acfb0 No.295266


Well, it's a system that pretty arbitrarily highlights random people's Twitter-tier reviews of games which encourages people to not look at more in depth user reviews, and in its current form allows devs to cherry pick the most fawning curation blurb of their game.

In general the curation system also seems designed to be people recommending games, not critiquing them. The part of the game's store page listing curators specifically says "Recommended by Curators," and now to actually find out that Waifu Hunter doesn't recommend the game you have to go to the Waifu Hunter curation page. Now on the store page it is just another one of the 16 curators that recommends people play ROM. So it's just another thing trying to get people to buy a game without looking at actual user reviews or finding a lets play of it to see actual gameplay. Curation will almost never warn someone away from a bad game, only encourage people to buy a game.

5acfb0 No.295267


I'm not saying 'professionals' are not fucking terrible, I'm saying we shouldn't view user reviews as the objectively good shiny golden heroes of gaming who will save us from the Adam Sesslers of mainstream reviews because those user reviews still often reflect the prejudices of years and years of taking shitty "professional" reviews seriously and being impacted by them.

5acfb0 No.295268


>we shouldn't view user reviews as the objectively good shiny golden heroes of gaming who will save us from the Adam Sesslers

That's not what this topic is about, it's about tweaking the nose of retards at Kotaku.

5acfb0 No.295269

Also, what the fuck is up with the desync between front page of board and posts in threads? Shit takes like 5 minutes to catch up.

5acfb0 No.295271

File: 1446680323966.jpg (29.75 KB, 695x148, 695:148, ea203bef1f[1].jpg)

waifu hunter never fails to amuse me

5acfb0 No.295272


I'm just saying, we should promote user reviews over Kotaku & Polygon & whatnot but they shouldn't be idealized either. People are people and can be just as influenced by manipulative buzzwords and groupthink.

>>295266 actually has a good point, I admittedly expected something dumb but it's something that should be considered.

I really like honest analysis, even if it's not particularly deep or coming from game design experts. Simply thinking deeply about what you like about a game and what you dislike and what makes for engaging design is always going to be more interesting than meme opinions.

Basically I think games writing is harmed by the type of stuff George Orwell talked about long ago:

>modern writing at its worst does not consist in picking out words for the sake of their meaning and inventing images in order to make the meaning clearer. It consists in gumming together long strips of words which have already been set in order by someone else, and making the results presentable by sheer humbug.

5acfb0 No.295273


>Waifu Hunter(a joke curator)


5acfb0 No.295277


It's not arbitrary unless you don't follow a curator that curated that.

And then it's based on popularity.

And it offers multiple curators.

5acfb0 No.295279

File: 1446683027484.jpg (35.89 KB, 678x111, 226:37, ss (2015-11-05 at 09.14.47….jpg)

5acfb0 No.295282


Nathan Grayson returns.

In this case he's right, Curators do need revamping so I don't have to see shit like Kotaku, Polygon, Judas Sterling and Sarkeesian when I'm browsing Steam. Only showed followed Curators or don't bother showing them at all.

And n.

5acfb0 No.295289


There was already an op awhile back for techraptor and others to push kotaku off the front page.

5acfb0 No.295298

File: 1446686964236.jpg (160.79 KB, 480x600, 4:5, 1406014235430.jpg)

>All these big media companies being salty because individuals in their basements are replacing them

5acfb0 No.295301


To be fair, that HAS to hurt like fuck. Plus, now they're gonna have to get new jobs, and games journalism is already regarded as bottom of the barrel.

Bitches gon b werkin retail.

5acfb0 No.295320

File: 1446690443662.png (22.24 KB, 624x101, 624:101, Page 7.png)

Just a reminder that the GG curator is still on page 7

5acfb0 No.295326


> Anyone can be a Steam curator

Anyone can be a journo too. You just need to suck the right political correct cock and you get in

5acfb0 No.295340

File: 1446693275365.jpg (32.6 KB, 600x422, 300:211, CLuA0WnXAAA1qcJ.jpg)



Most user reviews are all about poking fun of the game's defining issues and/or for the lulz. I have gone through a few that don't say anything other than a witty quip. Dumb stuff mostly.

However I would take hundreds of gamer quips over a shit curator like Kotaku pretending to be professional when we know they are anything but. These fuckers deserve no sympathy.

5acfb0 No.295357


>However I would take hundreds of gamer quips over a shit curator like Kotaku pretending to be professional

Truth can be easier to find in jest and quips, then it can be found in seriousness.

5acfb0 No.295395


Which is it? We want disclosure or we do not?

Props for disclosing. It makes the article flavoured with salt, but finding out in the article instead of by archived is a good thing. Let's not mock them for finally giving us what we asked.


Yes, please. At the very least a 'Not interested in what this curator thinks" button.

Actually, I'd rather that. Finding new curators who can actually write a decent review is a nice thing.

5acfb0 No.295438


It hasn't been updated for 12+ months, what the fuck do you expect?

5acfb0 No.295464


What about anothers below Waifu Hunter? If those are solid it could be useful to boost above Kotaku or even Credits.

5acfb0 No.295481


>Most user reviews are all about poking fun of the game's defining issues and/or for the lulz

This is implying "most reviews" are negative and… no, not really

5acfb0 No.295486

File: 1446728357566.png (65.13 KB, 296x309, 296:309, 1442822160586.png)

> People are choosing what to read & watch!

> I miss the old days of mainstream media when you had no choice but reading us!

> Fuck meritocracy!


> their mainstream publication with a paid staff and years' worth of loyal drones got beat out by some guy just speaking his own mind.

… and they'll try their best at defending their right for safe spaces and control. Their stupid paper at the U.N. had to be removed because the no-sense was too big, even for U.N. standards. They're beyond fucked, they don't fully comprehend it yet and they will lose everything.

5acfb0 No.295487


> Which is it? We want disclosure or we do not?

We want.

It's still funny that they believe they can be taken seriously when making "totally honest" reviews about their disclosured friends.

5acfb0 No.295492


Because most hypsters didn't live in the 80s, barelly in the 90s when in some countries it was 80s: the sequel.

5acfb0 No.295493

File: 1446730325171.png (330.91 KB, 570x474, 95:79, Frank.png)

So what alternative system are they proposing here? It seems like "the most popular curators are the ones people actually want to read that recommend games they want to play" works perfectly fine.

What are they requesting? That Steam instead offers top spots to certain "elite" curators that are cozy with management?

5acfb0 No.295497


The main reason to push for disclosure is to force them to get someone who isn't fucking the sources to write the article, because if every article starts with "I'm shilling my mates" like this one, it makes them look as disreputable as they are. Basically, we're laughing at them being forced to disclose how corrupt they are.

5acfb0 No.295500


Of course we want disclosure.

But does that mean it's okay for them to make articles because a steam curator shit talked their DEV friends any less unprofessional and scummy?

No. In this situation RECUSAL or just NOT MENTIONING WAIFU HUNTER BUT GIVING ANOTHER EXAMPLE would have been the correct action.

Disclosure is a compromise for when you absolutely cannot avoid a conflict of interest so you must make it obvious.

Not a get out of jail card.

5acfb0 No.295507


>However, I have nothing to say about the quality of the game, as it’s not relevant to this article.

He knows the game is shit, he just cant say it without "triggering" his game dev friends into quitting the industry. Grayson just doesn't like the fact that people can be actually honest about a title if it is shit.

5acfb0 No.295561

File: 1446748266990.mp4 (1.14 MB, 574x432, 287:216, Comcast after merchandisin….mp4)



>hiring any permanent employees


Even McDonalds is laying people off. These people are going to end up homeless in San Francisco.

5acfb0 No.295571


love it, love everything about it

5acfb0 No.295585

5acfb0 No.295843


Tank Police and, at a push, Bubblegum Crisis… there was one about a robot cop thing I seem to recall having perms and triangular earrings, too.

5acfb0 No.298552


oh, gabe, you based bastard.

5acfb0 No.298969

File: 1447681584777.jpg (21.92 KB, 506x137, 506:137, Clipboard02.jpg)

He tells it like it is.

5acfb0 No.298971


>1,081 people to go

Tell your friends, tell your enemies.

5acfb0 No.303183

File: 1448750708072.jpg (25.81 KB, 626x297, 626:297, salt curator.jpg)

Holy shit guys, we did it.

5acfb0 No.303186


No surprise there, journalists don't know what we want. They want to whitewash things and sterilize them, when we just want them to be real with us. It's much more fun to read a funny yet surprisingly honest review than it is to be told not to buy something because it is offensive to someone somewhere.

5acfb0 No.303240



5acfb0 No.303245


>Waifu Hunter(a joke curator)

You take that back.

Somehow that joke is better than 99% of curators out there and he knows the waifu market well enough to make me consider some games.

I literally trust a man searching for waifus more than Kotaku and IGN for vidya because at least he's honest and is knowledgeable on the subject.

5acfb0 No.303293

File: 1448764288430.jpg (52.64 KB, 1024x575, 1024:575, tw.jpg)

5acfb0 No.303368


Excellent. Now let's push Kotaku even lower.

5acfb0 No.303630

File: 1448820407045.jpg (23.94 KB, 358x310, 179:155, 1440889050063.jpg)


40 kektakus

Don't forget to follow Milo's citation list, just for spite http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MiloY#curation

5acfb0 No.309418


What's wrong with yuri fans? I like yuri and I wouldn't say I'm mentally unwell, then again the only thing of mine that "interacts with the community" is my python script that crawls dynasty-scans.

Please elaborate, I want to know how long do I have until I can't get my fix anymore because "hurr durr privilege and sexism".

5acfb0 No.326148


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