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File: 1447956959941-0.jpg (54.54 KB, 750x300, 5:2, Shitaku.jpg)

File: 1447956959942-1.jpg (71.79 KB, 1023x556, 1023:556, 1431762772138.jpg)

9478ad No.299799

That's what you get for playing both sides.


Got shunned hard by Ubi and Bethesda, Totilla is salty as all hell.


9478ad No.299808

File: 1447958607375.png (6.9 KB, 359x161, 359:161, shitaku needs scoops.png)

>for those behind work computers/school proxies

For the past two years, Kotaku has been blacklisted by Bethesda, the publisher of the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series. For the past year, we have also been, to a lesser degree, ostracized by Ubisoft, publisher of Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and more.

In those periods of time, the PR and marketing wings of those two gaming giants have chosen to act as if Kotaku doesn’t exist. They’ve cut off our access to their games and creators, omitted us from their widespread mailings of early review copies and, most galling, ignored all of our requests for comment on any news stories.

Neither company has officially told us that we’ve been cut off. For a time, it was possible to make a good-faith assumption that this was just a short-term disagreement. Maybe their spam filters were misplacing our emails. Maybe they’d get over it. Or perhaps they feared a repeat of 2007, when then-Kotaku editor-in-chief Brian Crecente embarrassed Sony out of blacklisting this outlet for reporting the existence of then-unannounced PlayStation projects.

The truth is that we’ve been cut off from Bethesda since our December 2013 report detailing the existence of the then-secret Fallout 4. Ubisoft has been nearly radio silent since our December 2014 report detailing the existence of the then-unannounced Assassin’s Creed Victory (renamed Syndicate). When we ask representatives from either company for comment or clarification regarding breaking news, we hear nothing in response. When we ask them about their plans for upcoming games or seek to speak with one of their developers about one of their projects, it’s the same story. Total silence.

9478ad No.299810

File: 1447958687773.png (13.83 KB, 572x572, 1:1, 1442845347708.png)

This has happened at a PR and marketing level, leaving any developers at those companies who do want to talk to us or who do want to facilitate Kotaku coverage of their games to do so on the sly. It is, after all, PR and marketing who try to control how big-budget video games are covered. If they or their bosses don’t value an outlet, that outlet is left out.

We’re far from the only gaming media outlet that has been blacklisted. It happens to smaller outlets. It happens to ones like Kotaku with millions of readers, too. It’s not an uncommon occurrence in gaming media, though it’s seldom discussed publicly.

The Bethesda blackout came after a year of reporting that was not always flattering to the Maryland-based publisher. In April of 2013 we reported insiders’ accounts of the troubled development of the still unreleased fourth major Doom game. In May of that year, we reported that Arkane Austin, the Bethesda-owned studio behind Dishonored, would be working on a new version of the long missing-in-action Prey 2 and that some at the studio were not pleased about that. When top people at Bethesda started making statements casting doubt on our reporting, we published a leaked internal e-mail confirming that those statements had misled gamers and that Arkane had indeed been working on a version of Prey 2.

The current Ubisoft blackout is actually the second in as many years. The company tried a similar approach in the spring of 2014 after we published early images of the then-unannounced Assassin’s Creed Unity—images that had been leaked to us by an independent source. That article confirmed news about the company’s extraordinary plans to release two entirely different AC games in the fall of that year, one for new consoles and one for old. Ubisoft had warmed back to Kotaku by the summer of 2014, several months after the Unity report, but has cold-shouldered us since the Victory story one year ago. It’s possible other articles angered them, too. But that Victory piece is a safe bet.

9478ad No.299811

File: 1447958765863.png (133.93 KB, 432x576, 3:4, 1443202644399.png)

I’m sure some people will sympathize with Bethesda and Ubisoft. Some will cheer these companies and hope others follow suit. They will see this kind of reporting as upsetting, as ruining surprises and frustrating creative people. They will claim we are “hurting video games,” and, as so many do, mistake the job of entertainment reporting for the mandate to hype entertainment products.

We serve our readers, not game companies, and will always do so to the best of our ability, no matter who in the gaming world is or isn’t angry with us at the moment. In some ways, the blacklist has even been instructive—cut off from press access and pre-release review copies, we have doubled down on our post-release “embedding” approach to games coverage. We’ve experienced some of the year’s biggest games from street level, at the same time and in the same way as our readers.

Some will think about all of this only in terms of numbers, focusing on the hundreds of thousands of pageviews we’ve gotten for our stories about leaked game announcements. Those stories have indeed done well. They are nevertheless a small part of what we do, and not something to which we devote much journalistic energy. I prefer to marshal our reporting to tell readers things they’ll otherwise never know or that they need to know sooner—the underpowered nature of upcoming hardware, the plight of fired game developers, the reason a high-profile game was released in rough shape.

At times, though, we’ll stumble on information about a new, unannounced game or, more often, will find some unsolicited information in our inbox. The news value to such leaks is often exceedingly obvious in what it says about the state of a game, a franchise, a console or a company. In such moments, it is nearly unfathomable to me that a reporter would sit on true information about what’s really happening in gaming, that we would refrain from telling our readers something because it would mess with a company’s marketing plan.

9478ad No.299812

File: 1447958923341.jpg (17.93 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1446984631008.jpg)

Too many big game publishers cling to an irrational expectation of secrecy and are rankled when the press shows them how unrealistic they’re being. There will always be a clash between independent reporters and those seek to control information, but many of these companies appear to believe that it is actually possible in 2015 for hundreds of people to work dozens of months on a video game and for no information about the project to seep out. They appear to believe that the general public will not find out about these games until their marketing plans say it’s time. They operate with the assumption that the press will not upend these plans, and should the press defy their assumption, they bring down the hammer. We make our own judgments about what information best serves the news value of a story, and what our readers would prefer not to know—which is why, for example, we omitted key plot details from the Fallout 4 scripts that were leaked to us. We keep covering these companies’ games, of course. Readers expect that. Millions of people still read our stories about them. The companies just leave themselves a little more out of the equation.

I’ve held my tongue in talking about Bethesda and Ubisoft publicly for a long time. I did so, initially, while trying to achieve mutual understanding with both companies behind the scenes. That failed. I prioritized covering these companies and their games as we would any other, reporting and critiquing them neither with rancor nor attempts to curry favor. I trusted that in time it would be appropriate to loop readers in.

In recent weeks, readers have asked questions. They’ve wondered why I, someone who has enthusiastically covered Assassin’s Creed games for years, didn’t review the most recent one. They’ve wondered why we didn’t seem to be subject to Fallout 4 embargoes of embargoes and why we didn’t have a review of that game on the day it came out. In both cases, we managed some timely coverage because Ubisoft and Bethesda did send review copies of their games to one of our remote freelancers, presumably with the hope he’d cover them for the other main outlet he writes for, The New York Times. Make no mistake, though, their efforts to shut out Kotaku have been unambiguous. Our colleagues across the world in Australia and the UK have been met with the same stony silence. Representatives from both publishers did not reply to requests to share their perspective for this story. Points for consistency.

For the better part of two years, two of the biggest video game publishers in the world have done their damnedest to make it as difficult as possible for Kotaku to cover their games. They have done so in apparent retaliation for the fact that we did our jobs as reporters and as critics. We told the truth about their games, sometimes in ways that disrupted a marketing plan, other times in ways that shone an unflattering light on their products and company practices. Both publishers’ actions demonstrate contempt for us and, by extension, the whole of the gaming press. They would hamper independent reporting in pursuit of a status quo in which video game journalists are little more than malleable, servile arms of a corporate sales apparatus. It is a state of affairs that we reject.

Kotaku readers always deserve the truth. You deserve our best work. It doesn’t matter which company is mad at us today, or which companies get mad at us in the future. You’ll continue to get it.

9478ad No.299813

File: 1447959114856-0.png (99.07 KB, 620x582, 310:291, 1447957747449.png)

File: 1447959114856-1.png (16.44 KB, 529x92, 23:4, 1447955529890.png)

File: 1447959114856-2.png (37.84 KB, 1818x187, 1818:187, 1447958673346.png)

File: 1447959114856-3.png (34.42 KB, 255x100, 51:20, 1412149297171.png)

Damn, mine could have been better. Oh well.


And the cherry on top


9478ad No.299815

The comments section(400+ replies) are truly cancer.

•First for being a shitty system where there are "approved" comments and unapproved, that you have to make extra clicks to see, so they control and shape the discussion following the article

•Secondly, there are still serious readers praising them for "separating from their subjects" as if it was some bold step towards journalistic integrity.

It doesn't stop Shitaku from continuing to accept review copies from other studios, now does it? It doesn't stop them from selling those review copies online later via ebay. I swear, these people are utterly unaware and don't think. I am furious these people still have an audience.

9478ad No.299817

I don't know if it came from Kotaku or any other shit page, but I still remember when one guy went for a Bethesa conference to try fallout 4 and just walked away because he was 'tired of games'.

It is sad a bunch of hipsters think of themselves as something at the same level as Hunter S. Thompson.

9478ad No.299818


Well duh, Philippines bots are their audience. Gotta keep those clicks up so you can leave a false impression

9478ad No.299823

File: 1447959974554.png (150.25 KB, 635x457, 635:457, 1442971914100.png)


>Both publishers’ actions demonstrate contempt for us and, by extension, the whole of the gaming press. They would hamper independent reporting in pursuit of a status quo in which video game journalists are little more than malleable, servile arms of a corporate sales apparatus. It is a state of affairs that we reject.

This statement really gets to me. If you really rejected being a part of this, you wouldn't accept ANY swag from ANY company whatsoever. This is narrative-shaping into a 'poor us, we victims nao, sympathy views and follow us on twitter plz' and it's so transparent it hurts.

>"Kotaku readers always deserve the truth."

That's why you lied about Grayson & Zoe, huh? Despite it finally being confirmed in Grayson article disclosures almost a year after the incidents?


9478ad No.299825

File: 1447960827543.gif (1.31 MB, 301x250, 301:250, 135.gif)

I think my blood pressure just skyrocketed, holy shit.

9478ad No.299826


struggling to find that article. Swear I saw it on plebbit, but a keyword search isn't coming up with anything. It was written by a nobody

9478ad No.299827


Are you searching for it? in one side I don't want to get upset, but in the other I enjoy the feeling of my liver cooking over my boiling juices when I'm angry.

9478ad No.299833



Don't you mean the polygon fuck that went to a Harmonix thing, drinking fizzy water and talking about politics in the phillipines instead of that Guitar Hero event? Sounds like it.

9478ad No.299841

File: 1447963841655.png (70.48 KB, 500x451, 500:451, 1423379502051-2.png)





At this point it wouldn't be a bad idea to just shut down burn everything to the ground and reopen under a new name to escape the constant taint of being associated with Kotaku and shitty vidya games journalism.

9478ad No.299844

File: 1447964306509-0.png (115.07 KB, 757x1026, 757:1026, Kotaku Spin.png)

File: 1447964306510-1.png (95.05 KB, 659x850, 659:850, Kotaku Ubisoft.png)

File: 1447964306510-2.png (88.48 KB, 665x863, 665:863, Kotaku Bethesda.png)

Not sure which of the two threads is winning/will win but here.

Have some edits.

9478ad No.299852

File: 1447966050787.jpg (25.2 KB, 249x386, 249:386, 1410313578060.jpg)







9478ad No.299855

Well. We all did say we plan to bleed out Kotaku. Shit takes time to bleed someone out.

9478ad No.299857


>Kotaku writers are tired of games

Makes sense to me, seeing as they praise pretentious bullshit "games" that are actually just trying to be books.

9478ad No.299866

File: 1447968651633.jpg (10.6 KB, 587x610, 587:610, 20151005_171054.jpg)

I have no Neogaf account but I do have a question.

Why should this matter to Kotaku? If they've always tried to expose what publishers don't want exposed, how is a blacklist going to stop them? If anything this just means they'll have to… be journalists, like they supposedly have always done. Does the hivemind have an answer to this?

9478ad No.299870

/v/ has 300+ posts about it



9478ad No.299871

Is Polygon also falling apart now?

9478ad No.299893


You know the lot of them would leave the gaming journalism industry if they could; they just don't have the talent nor the qualifications to do so. Instead they have to stay in an industry they hate and passive-aggressively belittle their audience.

9478ad No.299899


Am I the only one that feels like this is some preemptive damage control from the South Park episode about the press?

9478ad No.299909


It actually crossed my mind while driving today that they had to have dropped this bombshell now of all times for a reason. It could be what you said, but it wouldn't surprise me if it's an attempt to divert attention from something else. I'd keep an eye out.

9478ad No.299919

All they need now is to be blacklisted by EA and they are fucking done.

9478ad No.299924


The question is that they are corrupt, especially in the Indy scene, were caught red handed and did nothing about it.

So now they want to say they are paragons of justice against AAA?

No, this is just their side on this story. What we do know is that they are themselves corrupt and give 0 fucks about it.

Solution: want a true journo site that'll perster AAA companies with pro-consumer coverage? Invest your time and clicks elsewhere. There are better alternatives, even if Kotaku really did do one or another good work in their time, they have already shown to not deserve our trust.

9478ad No.300021


If they don't like the industry they work in, then why don't anyone fire them so they can fulfill their dreams filling bags at Walmart?

9478ad No.300049


>that third image

can some one find me the DmC articles back in 2013?

9478ad No.300053


Great point anon. If their intent was truly to be a pro-consumer journalistic entity, they'd only up their game against these publishers and expose more and more shit. And stop accepting privileged access to content from other publishers as well.

But we all know what this is truly about.

9478ad No.300072

File: 1448030046943.jpg (182.63 KB, 1050x526, 525:263, baldarcaejournalism.jpg)

Heh, even bald and pig-like are getting in on the story. It almost feels like it's10 years ago

9478ad No.300076

In an alternate universe where Kotaku isn't shit, gamers might have gone to bat for them. Too bad gamers are dead, eh Kotaku?

9478ad No.300082


Grow some balls, PigBald. You used to attack these fucking scum head on.

9478ad No.300091

File: 1448037180467-0.jpg (217.83 KB, 678x1022, 339:511, 1359631975071.jpg)

File: 1448037180468-1.jpg (386.27 KB, 689x2995, 689:2995, 1356756369154.jpg)

File: 1448037180469-2.png (682.16 KB, 820x1110, 82:111, 1359630784734.png)

File: 1448037180485-3.jpg (199.75 KB, 987x889, 141:127, 1361547850988.jpg)


Was their DmC coverage particularly egregious? I can't find anything from them about it in my Kotaku folder.

9478ad No.300100

i don't think people realise how important this is, right now they have cut tie's with kotaku because there was a reason (the leak's), right now people should be emailing there gratitude for this but more than that, they should email other publisher's and provide reason's why not to do business with the big site's anymore and to guide them to way's they can still promote themselves (with other news site's and getting them to talk to community's. the fact that these studio's have cut tie's with kotaku mean's that they don't see it as financially damaging to do so, so if thousand's of people started emailing them gratitude they know that there move was financially viable. if an operation got started to get publisher's to cut tie's and move to more ethical form's of communicating with there audience that would have a huge impact. you want happening's you have to make the happening's, and don't just get the gg community's involved in this go to other gaming community's and show them deepfreeze and see if there's anything that the AAA publisher's could realistically leave for and get them to know about the ethical website's. also food for thought, lot's of dev's at the moment are shit talking kotaku, this has happened to polygon to when it did something to stupid to ignore, that's because when they do something stupid it's safe to do so.

9478ad No.300103

File: 1448042498465.png (293.36 KB, 929x452, 929:452, Untitled.png)

Cartoonists for The Escapist imply that GamerGate doesn't want to talk about the Kotaku blacklist issue.

I guess they didn't bother to check the hashtag, or KotakuInAction, or this board, or anywhere else that allows GamerGate discussion. I couldn't get away from all the talk of this Kotaku controversy if I tried.

9478ad No.300104


they've admitted they can't because they worry about all the employees they have revolving around their site, content, and convention circuit.

9478ad No.300107

File: 1448043414369.gif (806.4 KB, 320x180, 16:9, delicious.gif)


> Kotaku was doing the right thing if it got blacklisted

Looks like the devs disagree.

Everyone defending Kotaku should remember that only Ubi and Beth know the real reason why they did the blacklist.

Just saying that it should've been because of the articles about Fallout 4 & Assesins's Creed being in development doesn't make much sense.


> P.A. comic

This makes some sense. GG's ideas totally support the Jeff Gerstmann of 2007 that got fired for talking shit about a released game, but talking shit about an unreleased game is risky for everyone.

TL;DR: Both Bethesda and Ubisoft have made a lot of mistakes and must pay for their sins, but I hate journos even more so let them eat shit.

9478ad No.300114

File: 1448047622860.jpg (20.01 KB, 243x117, 27:13, lying_or_merely_mistaken.jpg)


The Escapist still sucks, but GG still kinda likes them because they were one of the few gaming sites that didn't censor all Quinnspiracy discussion last August.

9478ad No.300115


Fucking retarded.

9478ad No.300118

The fact is that Kotaku is a shit outlet that can't make intelligent editorial decisions about what to run and what not to run. This alone should be enough for publishers to avoid them and for readers to avoid them.

9478ad No.300119

File: 1448048610294.jpg (69.93 KB, 400x500, 4:5, 1447990635615.jpg)

25ish year old prediction about writers in general

9478ad No.300121


The real question they want to ignore here is:

Why should gamers defend a publication that employs and defends proven-to-be corrupts?

9478ad No.300131


all the press was saying

>DmC is revolutionare

>all the people who dislike it are entitled manchild haters

9478ad No.300133


So what happened was Kotaku said "sure the game is crap but the gamers are entitle pissbabies for pointing that out"?

9478ad No.300134


I love it when people do this with articles/blog posts.

9478ad No.300158


Dear lord I sorely hope so

9478ad No.300167

File: 1448065850383.jpg (32.71 KB, 330x316, 165:158, eb6dcc5c01dbf975690b13f820….jpg)


GamerGayzi (same kikes who banned the word stupid) are already accusing us of "supporting censorship"

9478ad No.300179

File: 1448071747068.jpg (1.09 MB, 997x1197, 997:1197, Critical Missing the point.jpg)

9478ad No.300182


Author is a SJW faggot.

9478ad No.300187

If you're going to call yourself "proudly a tabloid", then don't be surprised when you get treated like a fucking tabloid.

9478ad No.300188


Aye, pretty much this.

I'm one of them regular gators in Escapist GG threads; frankly, I'd never paid any attention to this shit comic, I'd only frequented Escapist for Yahtzee and Fatass Sterling (before he showed just exactly what a two-faced hypocrite he was that is).

Rydell and Carter are just two SJW chucklefucks who apparently can't tell which way the wind's blowing.

9478ad No.300189

How hard is it to understand?

Game sales are powered by hype generated by massive reveals. Leaking that something which is under NDA is under development steals some of that hype.

While Kotaku may not have been under NDA, they took information that was under NDA and made money off it. That's not common courtesy and the publishers feel they don't need to show the common courtesy of giving them press copies in advance.

Kotaku tries to show themselves as whistleblowers doing serious journalism here and anyone thinking that is beyond fucking retarded.

9478ad No.300190

File: 1448075750915.jpg (102 KB, 960x679, 960:679, 10614324_10205080706517847….jpg)


> It all became truth

Now I know why Watterson decided to quit the industry.


Not sure, but this whole "Gawker & Kotaku are shit but so are the devs who blacklisted them" doesn't make sense.

How does getting blacklisted mean you're doing something right?

Are they admiting GamerGate is right when it got blacklisted from almost every site?

9478ad No.300195


It's part of that anti-logical SJW "punching up" "punching down" critical-theory doublethink; which is similar to "by disagreeing with me you're proving me right" not-an-argument.

9478ad No.300196


>25ish year old prediction about writers in general

That isn't a prediction. It's a statement on academic writing. Read academic journals to get what he's talking about. That shit has been a cancer for decades.

9478ad No.300198

File: 1448079544173.png (14.13 KB, 992x193, 992:193, Kotaku_has_been_blackliste….png)

9478ad No.300200

File: 1448080504541.gif (1.8 MB, 550x309, 550:309, you could have stopped thi….gif)



It's both an appeal to middle ground and hand wrangling to promote a moral authority stance. Fuck Kotaku. They had many opportunities to change and come clean. They aren't fighting

the man

or being some morally righteous outlet. They are just shills that play the socjus cult mentality to look good while enjoy press benefits.



9478ad No.300225


If they actually played Dota 2, then they would have saw PA fucking up people with crits, Lina comboing people with Euls, LC being tough, KotL and Skywrath being beta as fuck, etc.

9478ad No.300228


Because gaming journalists are lazy but have the one thing that can almost guarantee a job as long as you haven't burned down all of your bridges; connections. Hell, if I can give SJWs and feminists one compliment, it's that they're masters at networking.

9478ad No.300232

This isn't even a real blacklist - as far as I'm aware neither developer has been going around discouraging other companies, or their own employees from talking to Kotaku. They just stopped giving them handouts after getting burned a few times.

9478ad No.300233

File: 1448091187854-0.jpg (65.98 KB, 680x581, 680:581, gaming journalism 101.jpg)

File: 1448091187855-1.jpg (612.16 KB, 2160x2250, 24:25, 131321.jpg)


tell that to the double think libtard concern trolls.

9478ad No.300243

To start, writing an entire article basically saying "boohoo, we got blacklisted for doing journalism" is pretty damn conceited and egotistical. It's like a fireman writing about how hot fire is and how great they are for doing their job. About the blacklisting, though, I'm a bit confused on what people are celebrating it about.

>Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.

From what I understand, they basically got blacklisted for reporting on things that the marketing departments of the respective companies didn't want to be talked about yet, hence the quote above which is usually attributed to George Orwell, but I can't find credible sources that prove it. So doesn't that mean they're doing their job? If an news outlet had good, close relations with what/who they're reporting on, isn't that somewhat of an ethical concern?

I hate Kotaku and think that their heavily opinionated and narrative-driven articles are shite and I also hate corporate marketing and PR because it's basically their job to hype monger and to create and/or maintain a narrative that the company can sell their junk on, but isn't it the job of somebody working in journalism to report on relevant information they come upon in an objective and impartial way? If not, then what's the point if all the information we get are the tailored statements fabricated narratives of those companies' PR departments?

If we can't even trust journalists to tell the objective truth without any spin or misleading narrative attached to it, then how can we trust the companies who directly make a profit out of creating narratives to get people hyped to buy their stuff?

…or is there something that I just missed and Kotaku simply did something shitty once again?

9478ad No.300244


Kotaku have so utterly alienated gamers that gamers no longer care and are happy just to watch them burn.

9478ad No.300245


Are they so good felating even if they had those piercings and beards?

Anyway, this is corruption 101 and they are too idiotic to notice or even care.

9478ad No.300252


>as so many do, mistake the job of entertainment reporting for the mandate to hype entertainment products.

Did he really just say that kotaku is about ethics and not shilling out for the higest bider?

9478ad No.300258

File: 1448101260357.jpg (143.07 KB, 1345x637, 1345:637, GGsupportsKotakuLOLasif.jpg)



9478ad No.300260


>About the blacklisting, though, I'm a bit confused on what people are celebrating it about.

We're celebrating because Kotaku just lost one of the privileges of modern game journalism - getting given free shit in exchange for good reviews.

Publishers giving certain "favourable" gaming media outlets early review copies is a pretty shady practice that's only two degrees away from actually buying reviews.

Kotaku, in the past, has benefited from this ethically questionable practice for some time.

However, Kotaku has just been cut out of the loop, and they've chosen not to bitch about how the practice of early review copies for high scores is kinda shitty, they're bitching about being excluded from the practice in the first place.

Kotaku has actually been made slightly MORE ethical by being forced to buy their own review copies and they're mad about it.

9478ad No.300261

File: 1448102438385.gif (165.73 KB, 500x281, 500:281, dredd.gif)


>let it all burn.

9478ad No.300270

I think the main point a lot of people are missing (apparently on both sides) is that Kotaku didn't lose their journo privileges by revealing shit or anything they claim in their post. They're on a blacklist because they're a rag that routinely posts anti-gamer shit, which happens to be the target audience of game companies. Difficult to understand, I know.

I wouldn't even bother trying to explain why backstabbing devs is a bad idea because it's irrelevant. Kotaku doesn't get dev attention because they attack devs' customers.

9478ad No.300271


>url shortener

Spammer go home.

9478ad No.300272

File: 1448112948610.jpg (101.84 KB, 639x639, 1:1, 1444967954075-2.jpg)


>this story

9478ad No.300273



The fuck is that.



> … this has brought the informal movement known as #Gamergate out swinging. The movement that claims it exists because of a lack of ethics in games journalism seems to have taken a serious dislike to the fact that Kotaku has called out these two publishers.

Journalism at its finest.

9478ad No.300283

File: 1448118624799.png (301.08 KB, 500x422, 250:211, they-speak-english-in-what.png)


>The movement that claims it exists because of a lack of ethics in games journalism seems to have taken a serious dislike to the fact that Kotaku has called out these two publishers.

Can you actually read, negro, or is it that you simply can't be bothered?

"Taken a serious dislike"? I must've missed that over everyone here laughing their asses off.

9478ad No.300286

File: 1448120355834.jpg (76.06 KB, 687x476, 687:476, 1438084885046.jpg)

This is just another symptom of the dying video game press.

I bet Ubisoft and Bethesda make sure all the youtube video reviewers get advanced copies.

That is actually going to affect their sales.

Its funny really, if Kotaku hadnt spent the last two years bullying gamers, we probably would have backed them up on this.

All it takes is a small threat that some customers would be pissed off to have an effect.

But as it stands there probably isnt a single person in the gaming world who would boycott the games based on what has happened to Kotaku.

Anyway, Kotaku can still review all those important indie SJW games about womysn issues right?

9478ad No.300287


Somehow Kotaku entitlement = ethics.

That's what it all boils down to, Kotaku acting like they're entitled, at least two publishers think not. Ethics don't even enter into it.

9478ad No.300295

Reminder that we wanted these corrupt sites to bleed out in the first place after they showed zero willingness to honestly address what they did.

Glad to see at least some sectors of the industry are starting to get sick of their shit. Let them burn.

9478ad No.300305

Kotaku (a subsidiary of Gawker) smears us and aGG acts surprised when we won't put on a suit of armor and act like their white knights. I'm no fan of Ubisoft's antics but I'm not going to feel bad for someone who shot themselves in the foot while playing with a loaded gun.

9478ad No.300313

File: 1448131102697.jpg (45.68 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, 1447454201946.jpg)


Technically they can write what ever they want since no one gonna verify it anyway.

Normies just listen and believe and lash out on you if you try to explain how things actually stand but not a single person will bother to visit here or KiA and see for themselves.

I think its the same way MRA have this horrible label stuck to them, everyone just believe what ever they hear but never bother to check themselves.

9478ad No.300321

File: 1448132905591.jpg (133.36 KB, 1222x877, 1222:877, DrDubSpeaks.jpg)


>no one gonna verify it anyway

I was wondering about the comment section for https://archive.is/t6W9O

After reading dozens of posts by the army of blue-pilled useful idiots, then I read pic-related; written by one of the red-pill master-race, which I assume has since been either deleted or buried.

…and this is why there's a rush to close the comment-sections for being "toxic" or "misogynistic" any other number of P(ussy)C(rushing) buzzwords, for left-wing/SJW-allied media in order to silence those who do go check the facts, comment those facts, and effectively DO THE JOURNALIST'S JOB FOR THEM.

9478ad No.300370


We're celebrating Kotaku getting fucked. They attacked their own audience for daring to speak up about ethics. Now they're getting fucked over in an unethical way. Maybe if they didn't do their fucking best to put the brakes on the GG train for no other reason than clicks then developers today would be more careful about doing this kind of stuff and Kotaku wouldn't be getting burned right now.

9478ad No.300371

File: 1448159513128-0.jpg (184.52 KB, 850x1275, 2:3, 1438839570750.jpg)

File: 1448159513128-1.png (249.85 KB, 1279x588, 1279:588, Actions lead to reactions.PNG)


Insane with what? smug righteousness maybe

So they published leaked info about big budget to feed their click baity website then acted surprised when publishers blacklisted their mangy asses.

Kotaku diddu nuffin Screamed the Kotaku staff we are innocent they cried it is clearly favoritism on the part of the publishers they certainly aren't reacting to our us backstabbing them and trying to sabotage their games.

9478ad No.300372

One question remains. Only because I haven't been to shitaku for ages.

Do Ubisoft and Bethesda have advertising agreements with Kotaku?

I hope so because that would simply show Kotaku to be financial cucks.

9478ad No.300382


Well since they blacklisted Kotaku for quite some time now i am going to speculate that any pre existing advertising contract agreement is null and void.

Not that either party is bound to show evidence that such an agreement existed in the first place.

9478ad No.300384

There's all these retards saying "LOOK GAMERGATE ISN'T DOING ANYTHING ABOUT KOTAKU GETTING BLACKLISTED, THEY CLEARLY SUPPORT CENSORSHIP!" But how is any of this censorship? Bethesda and Ubisoft aren't trying to stop Kotaku from doing or saying anything, they just simply aren't sending them early review copies anymore.

9478ad No.300386


Its mostly dumbasses or retarded newfags who don't know jackshit.

You can point out why Kotaku got blacklisted in the first to them , or tell them to eat a gun.

Fuck the Reddit section is called "KotakuInAction" for fucks sake.

9478ad No.300406


Aren't they the same shitlib scum who say that censorship doesn't count as censorship unless it comes from the government? lol. Death to Gawker.

9478ad No.300433


I came here to call you nigger

My nigger

9478ad No.300442


They've also cut off all communications, not returning calls and emails and such. That means that they can't get any information from these companies, or arrange interviews, or even get press releases, which is a pretty big deal. Nobody would really care if it was just them not getting early review copies. It's certainly not censorship though. They can still say whatever the hell they like, it'll just be based on second-hand information, which is really not all that big a change for Kotaku considering they're such devout followers of the school of lazy copycat journalism.

9478ad No.300445


Can you please refrain from using African American racial slurs at this very sensitive time of Kotaku getting blacked? #blacklivesmatter


9478ad No.300458


African-Americanlisted. Shitlord.

9478ad No.300462

File: 1448204104407.png (59.6 KB, 319x299, 319:299, niggers.png)

9478ad No.300469

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


for you

9478ad No.300526




9478ad No.300617

File: 1448285582111.jpg (16.68 KB, 298x280, 149:140, 1444133182729.jpg)



Lightly paraphrased from the original.

There was a period of time, not even that long a period of time in the grand scheme, where a kind of collaborative back-scratching arrangement was in operation between publishers, the developers in their charge, and the enthusiast press. It has not been dissolved utterly, but you can tell from the increasing percentage of in-line ads for not games that something key has changed. Couple that with the fact that the real action from a promotional perspective is concentrated in a single, scruffily adorable Swede and the spine of the thing is laid bare.

For years, I could never make heads or tails of the access granted to outfits whose primary contribution is aggression either towards the creators or the users of games. One some level, the agents of multinational brands want to be “liked,” for business reasons but also for the regular human reasons, but that couldn’t have been all of it. I think it was mostly just inertia: these are big ships, and they’ve been moving in a certain way for a long time. They were like British Soldiers, lining up dutifully for war against a guerilla force.

We’ll never know why or when or even if Bethesda or Ubisoft “blacklisted” Kotaku, as Kotaku claims. You would need a team of PhDs and the Large Hadron Collider to determine precisely how little I value their claims on any topic. Though, I can understand why a publisher might determine that an increasingly hostile outlet whose business model is “Start Shit” might not be the best time or money investment. And you may say, “But Jerrzorz!” and that’s all you’ll get out because you’re going to look down at the floor for a second and really think about it. Why did it ever work this way? Why would you be obligated to spend millions of dollars on something and then place it gently on the black altar of a hivemind cult, bowing as you retreat? The old accord is over. Go buy your games at the store. Do you not understand that this is literally the best thing that ever happened to you? They don’t owe you shit, and now you don’t owe them shit.

Having been the cowering creature beneath enthusiast media’s Eye of Sauron on more than one occasion, the object of their tender ministrations, their ostensible populism and their eerily synchronized perspective, I have no sympathy for these creatures. Which is to say, I have the same sympathy they express for those outside their cloister. You may feel very confident that there are conversations at every publisher now, wondering to what extent they are required to eat shit from these people.

(CW)TB out.

9478ad No.300619

File: 1448286553345.png (48.94 KB, 777x743, 777:743, sundaycomics1.png)


Kotaku has a "Sunday Comics" post that rounds up webcomics, and because of Friday's strip criticizing Kotaku and game journalism at large PENNY ARCADE IS NO LONGER SHARED ON KOTAKU

Mike FaheyShockrates

11/22/15 11:06am

Sunday Comics is supposed to be a happy place, both for the readers and for me. I look forward to compiling this post every weekend, catching up on all of my favorite webcomics in the process.

Penny Arcade’s been one of those for ages now. I’ve bought the books and read them over and over again. I’ve got the first several years of the strip memorized. So when I am puttering along happily, reading through my weekly webcomics, and come across a comic misrepresenting a situation I’m involved in and an attached article that’s spewing hate in this direction—that’s not a good feeling.

I looked at this week’s other comics from Penny Arcade—part four of a guest story and a bit of Wednesday filler on the compulsion to win multiplayer matches—if I’d run with the latter, folks would just point out that I was avoiding the Friday comic. So I didn’t run anything.

We aren’t “blacklisting” anyone. If interesting Penny Arcade news comes up, we’ll report on it like anything else. I just don’t see the point in featuring a comic on our website from creators who actively despise it. It doesn’t make sense.

9478ad No.300622

File: 1448286979693.png (349.72 KB, 655x834, 655:834, sundaycomics2.png)



Jason SchreierShockrates

11/22/15 11:11am

Fahey’s response is perfect, and yeah, there isn’t much to say about a comic that totally misrepresents what actually happened here. At no point did we claim to “see lots of problems” with unannounced/unfinished games, and at no point did the developers tell us things that they wanted to keep secret; all of the articles in question, from the Prey 2 story to the Assassin’s Creed Victory news, were based on information told to me by sources who wanted it public.

Also relevant: https://twitter.com/pkollar/status/667847022326583296/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

SALTY AS FUUUUUUUUUCK, Let's resort to attacking PA since we don't have an argument against Bald's post

9478ad No.300627

File: 1448288393054.png (29.61 KB, 888x397, 888:397, plebbitfactcheckers.png)


>At no point did we claim to “see lots of problems” with unannounced/unfinished games

Should you choose to engage with others on twitter, social media, or face-to-face on this matter, here is your gift-wrapped ammunition courtesy of ribbit

9478ad No.300630


>We aren’t “blacklisting” anyone.

Neither are Ubisoft and Bethesda. Kotaku are free to write about any of their products, they just have to buy them.

Kotaku not only shat where they ate, they entered an eating establishment, had their meal, shat on the table then had the gall to ask the waiter for seconds.

9478ad No.300631


Oh yeah, they also loudly asked to see the manager.

9478ad No.300646

File: 1448299197790.gif (1.77 MB, 800x448, 25:14, 1445583601407.gif)

>Kotaku declares PA comics are no longer allowed in their webcomic posts

>mfw Kotaku bloggers are no longer allowed entry to future PAX

9478ad No.300652

File: 1448303432203.png (451.95 KB, 657x636, 219:212, this_kills_the_kotaku.png)


So Kotaku got blacklisted for this.

This is Kotaku asking about hostage gender diversity in 2014:


> What got me was that women in general seemed to be a taboo subject. Even when I asked about the woman hostage in Rainbow Six Siege's hostage mode (wherein teams compete to rescue or capture a hostage, as seen here)—whether there would be male hostages as well, etc—my interviewee nearly got cut off by PR.

This is Kotaku now:


> At no point did we claim to "see lots of problems" with unannounced/unfinised games…

These people are so blind that they deny colors even exist.

Here's a TL;DR for you journos: you were invited with Ubisoft to cover Assasin's Creed, and instead of talking about the game, you instead went full Patricia Hernández and asked if women were portrayed as damsels in distress in an article called "Ubisoft Refused To Talk To Me About Women".

Enjoy freedom of speech at its finest.

9478ad No.300655


They actually talked about games including A.C.


> We aren’t “blacklisting” anyone. If interesting Penny Arcade news comes up, we’ll report on it like anything else. I just don’t see the point in featuring a comic on our website from creators who actively despise it. It doesn’t make sense.

I'd love to see Ubisoft replying:

> We aren’t “blacklisting” anyone. If interesting Kotaku reviews could come up, we’ll give them more interviews like every other site. I just don’t see the point in giving more exclusive stuff to a website whose editors actively despise us. It doesn’t make sense.

9478ad No.300658

File: 1448305610857.jpg (510.15 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1414152726842.jpg)


> The fundamental flaw with that metaphor is the fundamental flaw with oh so much of games journalism today: We are not in a relationship with the people we cover.

I'm pretty sure that the event that started GamerGate was precisely the undisclosure of journos being in a relationship with the people they covered.

> Over the past few years, one of the things that’s bothered me most about covering the video game world is the PR-cultivated illusion that video game publishers and journalists are buddies, that they’re on the same team, working together toward the same goals. “Hey, we’re all just here to tell people about cool video games!” You see it all over, from the booze-heavy preview events to the PR people showing up at homes and offices with free swag. You see it in the lavish “influencer” events and cross-video promotions. You see it in the video-makers criticizing Fallout 4 reviews while wearing Pip-Boys on their wrists. You see it go beyond reporting, too—big comic companies strike deals with publishers to make strips that promote the latest AAA games. That’s one of the reasons you see so many journalists switch over to PR or other fields in the industry. It’s all one big happy family.

Is this supposed to be ironic, funny?

9478ad No.300660


If we want to be as accurate as possible, this could actually be an incident of "Ubisoft is already ignoring us" rather than "this is the incident that made Ubisoft start ignoring us." It's hard to tell if this is the first case of Ubisoft deciding not to engage.

> We aren’t “blacklisting” anyone. If interesting Kotaku reviews could come up, we’ll give them more interviews like every other site. I just don’t see the point in giving more exclusive stuff to a website whose editors actively despise us. It doesn’t make sense.

To be fair, it's not even necessarily about the exclusive stuff. Ubisoft just literally refuses to speak to them about anything, period. I'm curious if Blizzard has done the same too, thinking back to that time Nathan Grayson tried to bait a dev for Heroes of the Storm into a feminism debate, and he says "uh huh. Yeah. Sure." and the PR dog escorts Jewfro away from the Blizzard booth. Have they had any real Blizzard contact in their stories since then? I'm sure as a company they know what's going on and to keep them at arm's length.

9478ad No.300677

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thread theme

9478ad No.300737

File: 1448336433862.gif (2.26 MB, 400x225, 16:9, Nature.gif)



Nathan, I truly feel for you if your dad never gave you "the talk about women" (also known as "bees and flowers"), but you have to face the fact that Ubisoft is not your dad. Really, I don't understand why you have to write an entire article about your lack of sex ed as a young boy.

9478ad No.300746


From what I can tell, Blizzard's distancing themselves from this mess as well.

9478ad No.300752


So basically Kotaku has been having open pit BBQs on every bridge they have.

9478ad No.300753

This whole industry of sending outlets free "review copies" should fucking stop anyway. It always presents a situation ripe for abuse.

9478ad No.300816


I believe movies do something similar as a free promotion/gimmick and usually to get those 10/10 star reviews from people you don't know and will never hear from again

9478ad No.300922


>when a man and a woman love each other very much

>the man writes articles about the woman

9478ad No.304551

File: 1448914512529.jpg (106.44 KB, 500x556, 125:139, 1448856756385.jpg)

plebbitors found Stephen Tortilla actually got MSNBC air time to cry about this.


9478ad No.304750


who would visit gghq at work or at school?

9478ad No.308231

At first they were like:

>Journalism doesn't need ethics

now they're all like:

>Where are the people to defend us from this unethical blacklist?


9478ad No.308777


Seconding the .webm request


I work in a nuclear power plant (one of it's wharehouses) and browse /v/ and /hq/ regularly

9478ad No.308954

File: 1449835143047.jpg (49.38 KB, 385x216, 385:216, Homer_At_Work_01262512-2.jpg)


>I work in a nuclear power plant (one of it's wharehouses) and browse /v/ and /hq/ regularly

My first thought.

9478ad No.308955

File: 1449835250071.jpg (49.38 KB, 385x216, 385:216, Homer_At_Work_01262512-2.jpg)



>I work in a nuclear power plant (one of it's wharehouses) and browse /v/ and /hq/ regularly

My first thought.

9478ad No.309029

I unsubscribed to Kotaku. Did I do the right thing?

9478ad No.309120

File: 1449956525230.jpg (52.25 KB, 540x405, 4:3, goddamn 14 year olds.jpg)


I'll never understand that "you're just mad because I'm right" type bullshit. People get mad for different reasons - it's not always because the other person is right. It's used as a baiting tactic to make the other side look bad - piss them off and pretend you hold the higher ground because you didn't get mad.

9478ad No.326144


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