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File: 1448363272638.jpg (45.89 KB, 639x360, 71:40, dead-or-alive-xtreme-3-10-….jpg)

925bc7 No.300817



(second link archived in case they backpedal and delete it) https://archive.is/KmUZc

>"Do you know many issues happening in video game industry with regard to how to treat female in video game industry? We do not want to talk those things here. But certainly we have gone through in last year or two to come to our decision. Thank you."

I wonder how the


types feel now.

And yes, this specific game will get an English translation for the Asian releases from what I gather. But what about many games that won't? Regardless of whether it's a particularly big deal for THIS game or not, such a decision just tells them "yes, you CAN influence the Japanese games industry".

I say let them know how stupid this is. There's barely any reaction at all, I assume because no one is considering the wider implications of this because "YOU CAN STILL PLAY IT IN ENGLISH SO SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU DRAMATIC FAGGOT!!!!!"

925bc7 No.300819

File: 1448364354867.png (32.99 KB, 320x314, 160:157, 1414733893497.png)

> I say let them know how stupid this is

And by this I mean not by actually calling them stupid but by explaining that they're giving in to a loud irrelevant minority.

>Gaming journalists don't have to be your audience. Gaming journalists are over.

925bc7 No.300820

File: 1448365854127.gif (1.39 MB, 584x329, 584:329, 274.gif)

SJWs have infiltrated NA anime/manga/game localizers for years and are shitting up legit releases because they have no chance in hell with affecting Based Japan with their bullshit.

925bc7 No.300821


Who buys dubs these days? The studios put less effort into them than they did 10 years ago.

925bc7 No.300822


I think they do, as long as those Japanese games are made with a Western audience in mind. Stuff like Senran Kagura will always exist because it's mainly made for Japanese people, and really popular series like MGS can get away with it because people will buy them anyway, but those are not the only existing types of Japanese games. If you're a smaller developer and want to appeal to a worldwide audience you might, like these guys, misguidedly think that you need to pander to the Leigh Alexanders and Adam Sesslers of the industry.

925bc7 No.300823

sjw's are winning obviously. They dont even play games.

925bc7 No.300825

Well fuck these asshats, at least we have another example to throw into SJW faces when they say shit like:

>we dun wanna censor your vidya…

Fucking degenerate puritans.

Do these people know they are aviding the whims of a small minority that was never ever part of their consummer base?

A small minority that, by the way, support pedophilia, but demonizes normal male libido?

Disgusting degenerates,

I live in south America, i hope the Jap version still comes here, i never cared for dubs in fighting games anyway

925bc7 No.300835

I know the twitter account of their main english speaking marketing guy, most of the others there don't speak any english. His english isn't great and the only two english game websites he knows about and tweets are kotaku and polygon. Those two websites are pretty much responsible for this.

925bc7 No.300839

I also suspect this is why they abandoned the steam version of DoA leaving 50,000 people with an unfinished game and no way to get a refund. Around the start of 2015 it looked like they suddenly stopped marketing towards westerners at all, I'm guessing a choice to abandon western markets was made around then.

I would suggest a scorched earth type response, plenty of people have tried to talk sense into them we just can't get through to them because every week theres a new polygon or kotaku article telling them they need to censor everything, just shit up their social media with complaints saying you will boycott all koei tecmo products because they support censorship and are betraying their customers by supporting political extremists.

925bc7 No.300841

This is what happens when you focus on ethics in video game journalism and neglect every other front.

925bc7 No.300843


except we don't focus only on video game journalism while neglecting every other front.

925bc7 No.300845

File: 1448379164743.png (269.18 KB, 673x504, 673:504, 1448242769771-0.png)



What "other fronts" are you referring to?

Surely you have evidence to back up these wild allegations besides?

925bc7 No.300846

and by "literally" you mean "not literally" and by "not an exaggeration" you mean "actually is an exaggeration."

925bc7 No.300850

Someone should tell these wimpy japanese devs to toughen up. If the game is selling why the fuck should they care if people criticize it? Like seriously, all I see is people going "fuck SJW's, they murdered my dreams" but could you explain to me why the fuck they are afraid of words? Like japanese pride or something?

925bc7 No.300852


I see nothing but backlash here. It's all a matter of us fighting back.

925bc7 No.300853

Nobody is taking your vidya away. A corporation made a corporate decision (and if you think a few bloggers influence those decisions, you're an idiot) to not localize a game that probably doesn't sell very well in this market, all because it apparently can't handle the criticism it expects.

That's ALL on Tecmo Koei. They don't want to be criticized, so they're not bothering to bring a game out here. You wanna be mad at someone, be mad at a company not confident enough in its product to bring it out over here.

Or, y'know, go look at porn or something.

925bc7 No.300855


Fuck you, shill. /v/ is getting shilled too, the aGGros are trying to damage control this hard.

925bc7 No.300856


I've seen this exact post on halfchan.

Good to know you're trying to shill both here and on halfchan.

925bc7 No.300857


Screen shot it and archive it to save it as an example of shilling.

925bc7 No.300858


While it's no great loss (DoA is terrible) it is indeed the principle of the thing. They go on about being threatened by simple disagreements yet look what they do to devs.


This may be the most pathetic attempt at shilling I've seen in quite awhile. They spoke at the UN about their delusions of victimhood, you can't pretend they're nobodies anymore.

925bc7 No.300859


By gator logic, they're not responsible for harassing Anita and Zoe because it's their fault for being able to handle criticism. By the same logic, this is entirely TK's fault because they're the ones who can't handle the criticism it expects from their game.

925bc7 No.300860


That's nice.

Your silly little religion is still going down in flames.

925bc7 No.300861


>By gator logic,

Holy fuck, do you idiots even try anymore?

925bc7 No.300863


Disagreement is not harassment, you're inventing your own meanings for words again. And there's a world of difference between twitter trolls and an organized media smear campaign (through GameJournoPros 2.0 no doubt).

Of course you already know you're full of shit by how quickly you change stories. If you're just trolling it's a pretty piss poor one, if you actually believe I have to wonder when you'll hit rock bottom and be forced to reevaluate your life.

925bc7 No.300864

File: 1448386660703.jpg (69.75 KB, 640x480, 4:3, [Jarzka] Cromartie High Sc….jpg)

I understand why a Japanese dev doesn't want to get involved in the retarded shitshow that is Western gaming in 2015, but they could completely ignore the SJWs and nothing would happen. Just ask Rockstar how much harm controversy has done to their bottomline.

925bc7 No.300865


I know, right? Don't they realize this stuff DRIVES sales?

925bc7 No.300867

File: 1448388102807.png (162.09 KB, 620x683, 620:683, censor apologist.png)

925bc7 No.300877

File: 1448392154264.jpg (91.54 KB, 613x817, 613:817, Capture.JPG)

Less whining on hatechon, more whining at the people who actually matter:



Get on this now.

925bc7 No.300882

File: 1448394225058.jpg (24.25 KB, 825x540, 55:36, 1447901441707-2.jpg)



I know you're sad about losing your ten bucks, but put some effort into it.

925bc7 No.300883

File: 1448395154672.png (143.7 KB, 508x328, 127:82, 1439815254770.png)



It's so obvious it hurts. Best part is, you're not censored for these posts, unlike you do to us.


925bc7 No.300886

With this happening and the news of Blade & Soul and Bravely Second getting censored I feel like we should be bringing news about games being censored to light. I don't think any big publication is reporting on this at all and only smaller sites like NicheGamer have reported on it so far. What do you guys think?

925bc7 No.300888


I don't know but something needs to happen. I've been in GG since October 2014, and I've never been this fucking mad about a development before.

925bc7 No.300889



>harassment = criticism

You tried so hard and got so far.

925bc7 No.300893


Sounds like this is the kind of thing to get us doing more stuff again like we did in the beginning. We need to spread awareness of how much censorship is spreading in the gaming industry and that no one is reporting on it.

925bc7 No.300895

File: 1448398648144.png (203.67 KB, 228x228, 1:1, 12361-TheSecondProtectsThe….png)


>You wanna be mad at someone, be mad at a company not confident enough in its product to bring it out over here.

You actually have a good point. It's pretty obvious that Tecmo Koei is acting in an extremely cowardly manner. I do agree should be held just as accountable for succumbing to the SJWs as the SJWs should be held accountable for creating a hostile market environment for these types of games.

However, this line makes it blatantly obvious that you're an apologetic pro-censorship shitlord:

>They don't want to be criticized, so they're not bothering to bring a game out here.

Oh boy. I've seen plenty of assholes like you before. You match the "I don't agree with censorship, but…" archetype quite nicely. Jesus fucking christ, you're even willing to exert the notion that such "criticisms" Tecmo'll face are actual legitimate contructive arguments instead of just the usual belittling we've been hearing as a result of the SJWs' dislike of such content.

Holy fuck. How many perfectly legitimate Japanese titles have we been forced to miss out on or deal with watered-down localizations because of asswipes like you defending their decisions?

Censorship apologists like you need to be purged from the anime, manga, J-game, and visual novel communities with extreme prejudice. I've seen so many fuckers like you on various anime/manga discussion boards, it's not even funny. Even if you're not an SJW, I've seen too many dipshits like you defend and support localization-induced censorship to the point where the localization companies themselves actually listen to you as a voice of reason. No, you are fucking not.

You are a blight on the weeb fandom and the primary obstacle to getting video games from Japan as free of localization-induced censorship as anime DVDs and manga books have become in the west.

If the upcoming western release of Senran Kagura Estival Versus gets censorsed, or if games like Uppers or Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni get passed on for a western release, we'll be sure to hold fuckers like you accountable for supporting such decisions.

925bc7 No.300896


I agree with you 100 percent. Even before GamerGate it was like this with white knights in disguise and the like. We really need to have a no tolerance policy about censorship. That's why I get so frustrated with KiA. Threads about censorship alwyas having idiots coming out of the wood work to try to justify it in some way or tell us it isn't a big deal. No, fuck you, it is!

About weeb fandom. We already partially dealt with this, and people like 4Kids were branded as heretics and chased out with torches and pitch forks. This needs to happen in vidya.

925bc7 No.300897

File: 1448399529258.gif (253.71 KB, 480x270, 16:9, XumFQBo.gif)


You know… this might just be a cheap PR stunt. Ever thought of that?

925bc7 No.300898

File: 1448399643395.png (19.42 KB, 380x301, 380:301, ethical negro.png)


>they're not bringing their game to the west as a PR stunt

Holy shit check out my new marketing campaign.

I'm going to tell everyone that i'm not selling anything!

925bc7 No.300899


I got a feeling you're a slider.

>we'll be sure to hold fuckers like you accountable for supporting such decisions.

And guessing from the pic, that "accountability" is by gunpoint?

925bc7 No.300900


I buy it. As pervy (and thus fantastic) as Japanese stuff is, they are very prone to being shamed by outsiders. They know they can retreat to the home market. That's what's happening here.

925bc7 No.300901


And judging by your UID, you're shilling. Mother fucker is right, we've too soft on censorship.

925bc7 No.300902


No, what you do is create a fake controversy. It spreads online providing free advertising getting your name out, and starts a Pro/Anti-Skub argument.

Once things get going you start getting demand from people that want to see said "controversial" game. Suddenly the "interest" is there and the game is released and with all the media hype of the "misogynist" game it'll probably disappoint with cheap fan-service and dry gameplay. Like the other two games.

925bc7 No.300903


ooh quick response. Thing is I'm responding to things that caught my eye, man. I'm not samefagging, it's called a real-time clusterfuck.

And right now this thread has something that can be screenshotted as a potential "threat" of violence.

You're obviously new here… I've been here back when this was about shit like oh… Ethics in Game Journalism, not looking for the SJW cringe of the week.

And definitely not looking like an internet tough guy.

925bc7 No.300905

>Hey guys lets do nothing but whine on forums all day


925bc7 No.300906


I'm not new. You seem to be though if you're getting your panties in a wad over that guys' post. What should we start doing, shadow banning anons and down-voting comments that are too problematic?

The screenshot shit by a closet pedophile is old hat by now, we need to start worrying about more important things.

925bc7 No.300908

File: 1448401048331.gif (260.57 KB, 455x527, 455:527, 485026.gif)


>I'm not samefagging, it's called a real-time clusterfuck.

So, you're admitting to samefagging. You've changed your IP and UID at least three times and shilling this thread HARD. You sound like a ultra-beta white-knight who thinks if you can keep "problematic" Japanese things out of the west a pretty girl will suck your dick.

925bc7 No.300909


No, we call a hothead out when someone starts going off the reservation. That's what you do. That's what adults do.

Free speech doesn't mean freedom from criticism. Only SJWs shadowban.


What are you smoking? Seriously, I wanna know so I can avoid it.

925bc7 No.300912

File: 1448401771168.png (76.98 KB, 500x373, 500:373, magneto_xcota.png)


If that's what it takes, then hell yeah. I'd kill if it meant the weeb community would start ousting these dipshits.

Look at the NISA forums. For every person that decries about censorship in games like Mugen Souls or Criminal Girls, you see a number of of dedicated assholes defending the edits (see user "Rednal" as an example). Given how NISA keeps doing this shit, it's a safe assumption that these "fans" are providing the support and assurance NISA needs to delude themselves into thinking they made the right decisions. The same goes for the JAST USA forums when they censored games like Family Project, School Days, and Starless.

We need less idiots like you shitting up the weeb community for those of us who actually care.

925bc7 No.300918


Video games seem to be infested with white knight fanboys, although not as badly as comic books, which seem to be completely lost at this point.

925bc7 No.300920

File: 1448404643629.gif (25.31 KB, 703x800, 703:800, 1445385532415.gif)

925bc7 No.300924

File: 1448405573986.jpg (208.07 KB, 505x560, 101:112, 1447191389284.jpg)


You morons, this is Jim Sterling's response to the situation, copypastas

925bc7 No.300925


Notice how it's the guys who obviously never been laid that are the most threatened by tits.

925bc7 No.300927

File: 1448406605623.jpg (40.45 KB, 331x402, 331:402, butthurt-faggot.jpg)

925bc7 No.300929

File: 1448406939628.jpg (30.35 KB, 478x373, 478:373, bait.jpg)

925bc7 No.300932


Thats why every nerdy hobby has been infested with this shit, because the majority of nerds are beta cuck white knights.

925bc7 No.300933



I have a friend who considers himself a closet nerd - he's also beta as fuck regarding it (his last girlfriend made him sell his 3DS. The fucking idiot did it. Instantly regretted it and saw the light, though) and super apologetic about his hobbies. He's pretty redpilled on the whole gamergate situation, though, and he's a pretty cool guy, shitty taste in women (IE - any) aside.

The problem there is the apologism - people apologetic for their hobbies are the majority in any vaguely nerdy group. The apologetic ones are also the quickest to fold at any pressure from an outsider group yelling at them for being sexist, violent, racist, whatever.

In other words, people with high power levels may be the majority here, making bowing down to censorship "for your own good" seem like a fucking retarded concession to us; but in the community at large, 90% are just going to fucking bow, and the people pushing and mandating these changes know it.

925bc7 No.300945


Look up Censored Gaming on YouTube.

925bc7 No.300965

Why are you people sending emails or tweets/FB posts to the developers?

Why aren't you getting angry, this is why Gamergate exists.

925bc7 No.300966


>Why are you people sending emails or tweets/FB posts to the developers?

Check this out:


>Why aren't you getting angry, this is why Gamergate exists.

Nigga, have you even been reading this thread?

925bc7 No.300968


He probably meant "Why aren't you people sending emails or tweets/FB posts to the developers?"

925bc7 No.300970

File: 1448417967308.jpg (16.16 KB, 255x216, 85:72, 1447201510588.jpg)

925bc7 No.300974

hard to believe dead or alive xtreme 2 was on the front page of gamepro way back when.

925bc7 No.300975


Do not bother with koei tecmo America they don't really do any marketing or much at all.

The most active ones are:


Their euro PR guy runs this, he will likely support you but keep in mind the Japanese staff don't help him much so don't shit up his twitter.


Run by Japanese staff at koei tecmo, only one guy speaks english, if you post in japanese many of the staff seem to watch the account. The guy who speaks english prefers facebook so hes more likely to read the doa5 game page but I don't think the other Japanese staff use FB much.

I have much more info, I have been trying to warn everyone for 12 months that this developer and publishers was being targeted but no one ever listens.

925bc7 No.300976

File: 1448418456459.jpg (57.49 KB, 1280x544, 40:17, tumblr_n3mgkjpnNB1rxzdbwo1….jpg)

I think what pisses me off the most is that third wave feminists are now threatening the free expression of media and encouraging tighter censorship of shit that they don't like (becuasefeelsandpatriarchy.gif)

I mean seriously don't they have anything else better to do? There's far more important shit that feminists can than to whine and bitch about how you're being "harassed" despite the fact that gaming journalism is the key issue here.

If any of you want a good example on how far up their arses they are about reviewing games, watch some of the feminist frequency vids.

>Hardly any comments on how game mechanics actually work.

>more focused on how characters are represented.

>Hardly any comments on the story, only parts of it to justify their shitty review.

It's getting serious, comrades. I fear the worst.

>and yes, I get images from tumblr. Much like this site, there is good reaction image shit if you look hard enough to find it.

925bc7 No.300979

File: 1448418652187.png (210.25 KB, 495x495, 1:1, 1407712083722.png)



>they weren't intending to export it to the _insert_ region anyway

>Censorship can only be done by the government

925bc7 No.301003


It's a corporate decision that was directly influenced by social justice warriors. Your group is such a big group of cry baby bullies that you are actually scaring people away from making games. You've become that undesirable one that people don't want to be around. Congratulations.

If there were no SJWs, we would be getting this game.

925bc7 No.301004

File: 1448423793401.gif (1.01 MB, 373x373, 1:1, .gif)


>Nobody is taking your vidya away

> game that probably doesn't sell very well in this market, all because it apparently can't handle the criticism it expects.

It's funny how there's a glaring contradiction in the first paragraph. What you're saying is don't blame SJWs for the toxic culture they created where Japanese companies won't put out a game due to the backlash they expect from whiny SJ-infected Westerners.

925bc7 No.301006

File: 1448423891668.webm (1.06 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1448174397702.webm)

925bc7 No.301009

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Dead or Alive has come a long way i remember playing this as a kid and noticed the moving breasts that was my main reason for playing it.

I almost never played any of the male characters,why the fuck does this game even have male characters? no one gives a shit bout them and i cn't even remember their names.

Unless they want to appeal to the female audience and enable giant penis mode.

925bc7 No.301016

File: 1448426085887.jpg (77.06 KB, 451x672, 451:672, OnePieceedit.jpg)


>Free speech doesn't mean freedom from criticism. Only SJWs shadowban.

Actually, many kinds of people shadowban for various different reasons, regardless of group or ideology. If we shadowbanned (or just plained banned) guys like you from every anime, manga, and Japanese video game message/imageboard, there'd be less guys providing positive feedback to localization companies for some of the shitty decisons they pull off. They'd actually be run to the ground by the fans that actually care, just like how 4Kids was run out of the anime business in the mid-2000s for their atrocious editing/censorship practices.

925bc7 No.301044


Oh man, One Piece in particular was a mess because at some point they knew they were fucked and just decided to go down with the sinking ship.

It wasn't just the editing, but the fact that they had absolutely no foresight. They didn't watch ahead enough in the series to know which parts should (or could) have been edited without affecting the plot (lol Laboon).

925bc7 No.301059

File: 1448436937008.gif (2.09 MB, 260x223, 260:223, 7c48ce534911e26aad5f6d96e3….gif)


I remember reading that 4kids didn't even want to do the series but when they went to adapt Shaman King they were forced by Toei to do One Piece as well and it came out as a mess. It would at least explain why Shaman King was a far Superior dub to One Piece

925bc7 No.301082


The level of delusion at shitholes like NeoGAF is enough to give me an aneurysm

925bc7 No.301083


Spotted the SJW.

925bc7 No.301084


SJW hypocrisy is making me go insane at this point.

925bc7 No.301085


This point is completely lost on these Social Justice Retards.

925bc7 No.301086

File: 1448447257980-0.png (52.68 KB, 608x536, 76:67, playasia.png)

File: 1448447257980-1.png (142.87 KB, 609x542, 609:542, antigamer1.png)

File: 1448447257981-2.png (54.45 KB, 643x495, 643:495, antigamer2.png)

File: 1448447257998-3.png (120.47 KB, 685x820, 137:164, antigamer3.png)

File: 1448447257998-4.png (73.23 KB, 571x455, 571:455, 1448446137359.png)

925bc7 No.301090

File: 1448449039830.jpg (176.79 KB, 1024x1131, 1024:1131, CUoCOphUsAAoYvy.jpg)


925bc7 No.301094

File: 1448449809445-0.png (217.14 KB, 1022x336, 73:24, 1418092602835-0.png)

File: 1448449809445-1.png (140.09 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, takegames.png)

File: 1448449809445-2.jpg (11.39 KB, 267x200, 267:200, 4518621 _7c38d853fa1aae3b4….jpg)


Fucking localizers thinking they can just change whatever the hell they want. We've entered another era of Bowdlerization.

Look, dipshits. If you think the culture shock is going to be to much for it something to make a profit, but you think the story is awesome, there's a simple fucking way to handle it. They figured out how to do it 55 years ago. Seven Samurai = The Magnificent Seven.

925bc7 No.301097


I doubt it. Someone in a position like that isn't going to be making decisions about whether to release a in the west, that's somewhere in high management. Most likely they just didn't want to deal with the SJW climate like the community manager said, something they've had to deal with in the past and which has clearly gotten worse since then.

925bc7 No.301102



Just because she's not in management doesn't mean she doesn't have a say in the localization decisions. As a non-Japanese person, she'd be an "expert" on Western cultures and it's quite possible they'd consult with her. If her response was "nooooo, we'll get horrible backlash, LOOK AT ALL THIS SHITSTORM!!!!111" and points at the SJW garbagefest of the past three years, then what do you think is going to happen?

925bc7 No.301104


The majority of men, period, are beta cuck white knights.


>Fucking localizers thinking they can just change whatever the hell they want. We've entered another era of Bowdlerization.

What really grinds my gears is that although they find a work offensive they still want to be paid for localizing it.

925bc7 No.301105


They've already gotten shit in the past though, they have actual experience with it, and it's obvious the SJW shit has intensified since then.

925bc7 No.301106


Someone needs to ask Brianna Forster directly about her involvement (or lack thereof) in the decision to not localize it.

925bc7 No.301120

File: 1448459350746.jpg (33.32 KB, 300x434, 150:217, church.jpg)


I don't think it's her doing it. It's mainly two specific kt employees responsible.

One american one, I don't think hes an extreme SJW but he lives in CA and is easily influenced by them.

One japanese one in tokyo that speaks english. He would probably support you but it's very difficult for him to understand. He only sees things from the perspective kotaku and polygon articles combined with fb & twitter posts, as far as he is aware most westerners are horribly offended by boobs and swimsuits. He doesn't really know about the sites video game customers are more likely to spend time on like reddit, 4ch or steam.

I have been trying to warn people on /v/ for 2+ years well before GG, a bunch of people were launching a relentless harassment campaign about this for around 3 years on the teamninja twitter account and some employees personal accounts. Everyone just ignores me though.

Does anyone know the email address for the breitbart guy who wrote the DoAX3 article? I would like to give him more information but my twitter account has too many links to koei tecmo people.

925bc7 No.301141


Someone let that guy know I've been fapping violently to Illusion games for a decade so the least he could do is give me some softcore for when my left hand wants a turn.

925bc7 No.301203

Why did Xythar have to get involved? All he had to do was keep subbing anime but no, he had to bring personal politics into it.

If he is boycotting playasia then should we boycott Vivid?

925bc7 No.301204

File: 1448474304232.jpg (2.96 MB, 1320x1980, 2:3, 1445417993178.jpg)

Fun fact, cuckshan went full shadowban on this thread for some reason.


I think it might have something to do with bean and pasta links OP posted.

For posterity.


925bc7 No.301212


I don't know, but I know Milo is milo@yiannopoulos.net so you could ask him for the other guy's contact info. Or just make a throwaway twitter account to ask that guy directly. I think it would be counterproductive to actually name names of potential employees involved with the decision, it would come across as a witchhunt and alienate the company. However if you have info/documentation regarding SJWs targeting the company that could be good.

925bc7 No.301242

925bc7 No.301273

File: 1448486568300.jpg (12.03 KB, 254x199, 254:199, ctf.jpg)



You know, considering their entire attitude with DOA5 concerning the roster additions and costume DLCs, and the fact that the U.S. has been a much larger market than Asia for DOA games in general. This feels like controversy bait.

It may actually be true, but since their attitude before this was "We don't give a shit if you're triggered", that and refusing to sell to your largest international market over a minority who doesn't buy the product anyway is pure fucktardation.

Log me as a skeptic who sees forced company controversy on this one. But yes, I'd be pissed as hell if this is genuinely true and want to see the game come here.

sage for opinion

925bc7 No.301276

Who or what is playasia? Why is it so based but KT is so scared?

925bc7 No.301278

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Look, dipshits. If you think the culture shock is going to be to much for it something to make a profit, but you think the story is awesome, there's a simple fucking way to handle it. They figured out how to do it 55 years ago. Seven Samurai = The Magnificent Seven.

Do we really want western remakes of Japanese games though? Having said that, there is at least one precedent I know of, Magical Flying Hat Turbo Adventure / Decap Attack on the Mega Drive.

925bc7 No.301300

Ahh, crap. Now I gotta buy a PS4…

925bc7 No.301306

File: 1448494716311.gif (1.79 MB, 550x309, 550:309, It's Happening - Why Hakas….gif)


>Everyone just ignores me though.

Not anymore! This the the time both you, Based /v/irgin and my weeb ass have been waiting for: >>301008


925bc7 No.301307


>giues its controversy bait.

>i'm liek super skptical!

You again?

Go home concern troll.

925bc7 No.301374




this guy is in the clique so I can't be 100% sure but, apparently Tecmo have been pushing the "TOO HOT FOR THE USA" thing for some games and I guess this guy is taking it as "proof that this is all marketing"

but uh… I dunno. why does it have to be one or the other? they might be legit afraid to release it stateside so they want to at least get SOME sales from the west by saying stuff like this.

925bc7 No.301375


oh wait lol nvm the 'too hot for usa' shit is about play-asia

925bc7 No.301378

File: 1448514400419.png (3.83 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, DOA-Shitstorm.png)

This is what most likely scared Koei Tecmo

925bc7 No.301382

File: 1448515090296.jpg (44.65 KB, 256x359, 256:359, Super_Mario_Bros_2[1].jpg)


Do we really want western remakes of Japanese games though?

SMB2 was pretty ballin

925bc7 No.301383

/r/ing some HIGH PROFILE websites that called DoA sexist over the years.

925bc7 No.301384


btw not a shill, I actually want examples

925bc7 No.301387

925bc7 No.301389


I mean beyond that.

925bc7 No.301390

File: 1448516070408-0.png (449.07 KB, 1882x2000, 941:1000, tumblr_created_sjw_bullshi….png)

File: 1448516070408-1.jpg (868.43 KB, 1108x1610, 554:805, social_justice_win_any_arg….jpg)


This is funny because none of these morons can touch Play-Asia and they're desperately trying to pretend like they can. This company has nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing this. They've more than doubled their Twitter follower count in 24 hours. They're going to be making mad cash off of giving SJWs the finger and the SJWs so desperately want to kill them, but THEY CAN'T!

Write all the articles you want, shitheads, it won't change the fact that Play-Asia doesn't have to give a fuck what you think or do. They'll gladly listen to your objections while they're Scrooge McDuck diving in the megabucks.

925bc7 No.301392


play asia is Hong Kong company who sends japanese stuff around the world, nuff said

925bc7 No.301394


>they make money

…constitutes an argument …apparently.

whoever posted this to /b/2.0 /pol/ is a mouth-breathing retard

Full/pol/ is fullchan's greatest hive of scum and newfaggotry. It's not the popularity; it's just that they're just all just… so stupid and new. What were you expecting?

925bc7 No.301401




Well, this whole situation just got amazing thanks to Play-Asia being fucking brilliant and capitalizing. If they want to make money off the NA market let them. If Koei wants to be fucking retards and try to ignore their largest international market something like this was bound to come up. The twitter shit going on is fucking great.

925bc7 No.301494


I seen the /pol/ thread, or at least one thread, and despite OP shilling for Playasia… that thread went surprisingly well

925bc7 No.301511



I don't get it tbh

925bc7 No.301534



>that thread went surprisingly well

…before it got shitposted to death and bumplocked.

I don't have a problem with /pol/ oldfags and generally see them as conditional allies, but because of all the happenings WWIII, WWN/#BLM, Gex's video /pol/ has been inundated with normie cancer getting radicalized redpilled and shills misinforming the cancer.

It's not as bad as halfchan exodus, but I thinks it's best for /GG/ to leave /pol/ alone until things calm down.

925bc7 No.301550

If the games actually sold well enough to justify localization and marketing costs AND dealing with the constant negative PR the modern gaming press has given not just to the volleyball games, but to Dead or Alive as a whole (justifiable as Dead or Alive has always been a shitty fighting game series that only as of DoA5 has tried to paint itself as anything more than fanservice to the forever alone), then maybe we would see DOAX3 getting an official release.

At best, this is Tecmo trying to get attention from useful idiots, given that pretty much every one of their franchises has been in the shitter for the better part of the last decade.

Like seriously, claiming or BELIEVING that Tecmo ONLY NOW gives a shit about being called out by SJWs flies in the face of games being released today that are "sexist" on pretty much any level an SJW cares to nitpick. Fucking, we've been getting Senran Kagura, which is way more "sexist" than anything DoA has pulled off.

It's a cute PR stunt, but they should have manned the fuck up and joined other "misogynist" games that have come out in 2015.

925bc7 No.302001


Twitter was founded in 2006, Facebook became open to everyone in 2006, and the iPhone was launched in 2007, so it wasn't just Tumblr that was responsible.

925bc7 No.306656

925bc7 No.306659


But the tumblr is the safespace of SJWs. When will come the day of operation to liberation of tumblr.

925bc7 No.309413

File: 1450149126029.png (1.07 MB, 520x787, 520:787, socjus.png)


President of Sony confirms it.

>It’s due to cultural differences. The West has it’s own thinking about how to depict women in games media which is different from Japan […] Speaking personally, if it is a representation acceptable to the general people in Japan, I wouldn’t be concerned about it in Japan. It’s a difficult problem.



925bc7 No.309423

File: 1450157476820.jpg (10.54 KB, 175x287, 25:41, imgres.jpg)


As much as I don't give crap about this franchise, if their is something I really hate is censorship of thing that aren't even hatefull.

If you don't like a game just because muh the girls in this game are hother than me. Just please starve your self to death.

Imagine if we complaine everytime we walked into a library and some dude on a cover a novel for women was hotter than us.

925bc7 No.309424


It actually made kids pay grownup strangers just to get a hand on those game.

A banned book is a read book, same goes with game. A banned game is a played game.

925bc7 No.309427


Seriously, wtf. Why should I even invest in a Playstation instead of a PC then if that's going to be their attitude? Someone needs to red pill Japan on the fact the whiners don't represent their customers.

925bc7 No.309430

File: 1450163964450.jpg (11.77 KB, 480x360, 4:3, feels.jpg)


>tfw every company is caving in to social justice.

First Nintendo, then Koei Tecmo, then Capcom, now Sony. I'm beginning to think this is a losing battle. Social Justice has taken over Japan. All i want is to play video games but SJW hipsters ruined the industry with their crooked ideology. Might as well just give up video games and just find a new hobby.

925bc7 No.309443


While games that I really enjoy still come out even if they're a really small minority, seeing how the quality of games have been on a decline since 2007, just keeps going lower as time goes on (so SJW ideologies or not, there's serious problems) and now this SJW shit is running rampant in the industry, it's most likely going to get to the point where there won't ever be any new decent games, except for some homebrew/freeware games made by "shitlords", new Doom WADs, etc.

925bc7 No.309583


Or you can stop being a faggot, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start getting shit done. Spread awareness, support those giving these shits the finger, et al.

Censorship always loses eventually. It may take another Wolfenstein 3D for SNES incident, or another Mortal Kombat for SNES incident, but so long as a market exists, we're where the money is. If there's a hole because of their shit, someone will fill it inevitably.

They can't do anything to fucking change that.

925bc7 No.309585

File: 1450241352134.png (166.15 KB, 480x272, 30:17, Hinata_Awakening.png)


That's it. I'm sick and tired of you faggots lamenting about the state of the weeb market here. If you pay attention to more than what the AAA companies say, you'll notice that there is hope left.



For those of you not in the know, Monster Monpiece is Idea Factory International's first localization. This is a turn-based RPG where you battle various cards featuring monster girl characters, and you can level them up at certain times by rubbing their clothing off.

It got notoriety when Idea Factory Intl. decided to censor the PS Vita version by removing approximately 17 cards and their variants (which amounts to a total of 40) due to the suggestive/loli nature of them.

Idea Factory International just announced earlier this month that they're porting an uncensored version of Monster Monpiece to Steam, and that they'll be avoiding titles that need to be censored. If we want to encourage developers to have the balls to ignore SJW pressure and release sexually suggestive games uncut in the west, then supporting this release would probably be a good start.

If they felt that Steam is more lax on sexual content than handhelds/home consoles, then it could serve as a viable alternative for releasing uncensored weeb games in the west.

While you're fucking at it, you could also support Kindred Spirits on the Roof on Steam, the first adult-oriented weeb title to be released there uncensored:


We just have to show them that they'll succeed it they stop worrying and get out of their goddamned shell. We need to ensure that MonMon on Steam sells FAR more than the Vita version.

925bc7 No.309587


Or you can stop being a faggot, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start getting shit done. Spread awareness, support those giving these shits the finger, et al.

Censorship always loses eventually. It may take another Wolfenstein 3D for SNES incident, or another Mortal Kombat for SNES incident, but so long as a market exists, we're where the money is. If there's a hole because of their shit, someone will fill it inevitably.

They can't do anything to fucking change that.

925bc7 No.309605

90% of the DOA girls are under the age of 18 anyway.

925bc7 No.309606


>It may take another Wolfenstein 3D for SNES incident

Oh fucking hell, who cares? You are just as big a baby as Anita. Go find another non-issue to bitch about.

925bc7 No.309607


I wish he'd die the same way his hero Bill Hicks did.

925bc7 No.309614



Amy Pascal's studio, the one (maybe) makingthe Zoe Quinn movie, is Sony-based

Of course Sony Pictures Entertainment is totally different & an American thing but still.

925bc7 No.309632

What the fuck is happening in halfcuck? So many buzzwords, >lolfanservice and >youpermavirgin posting and on a fucking chan no less. Is it a company of shill in full force?

925bc7 No.310055


loks like it

925bc7 No.326160


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