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File: 1448880161613.png (77.28 KB, 2000x1591, 2000:1591, 2000px-IGN_Entertainment_Lā€¦.png)

2c4b18 No.304174

So, There is an Associate Editor at IGN by the name of Brendan Graeber, who uses the Handle "RaggaFragga"

This is his Twitter Handle - https://twitter.com/Ragga_Fragga

Here you can see him touting "5 awesome Metroid Levels in Mario Maker" www.ign.com/videos/2015/09/17/5-awesome-metroid-levels-in-super-mario-maker-made-in-mario

and he's also done a 5 awesome Zelda videos.

Brendan is also responsible for most of the Wiki's on the website.

This all seems nice and innocent, but in these videos, The people that made the "awesome Zelda/Metroid" levels are all made from users of a streaming website that Brendan visits called "Vidya Shorts", where he is a well respected member of their Autismo community. Brendan doesn't hide this on his twitter page, but fails to mention that his friends made the levels. He's basically whoring out his friends streams and not disclosing it.

On top of that, if you spend a short amount of time on VidyaShorts you can see "RaggaFragga" offering early copies of games/press swag to users, if they write his wiki/faq's for him, and he does not disclose this either.

You can't spell IGN without Ignorant.

2c4b18 No.304183

Send this to Bonegolem, Anon. stat.

2c4b18 No.304189


I've emailed him.

2c4b18 No.304332



Not to be rude, but you need WAY more evidence than this. You should start by compiling all the evidence first, THEN post it here.

2c4b18 No.304342

File: 1448889448811.png (189.31 KB, 671x433, 671:433, just a normal cat.png)


This is some golden shit.

Well done, friend.

2c4b18 No.304357

Aside from the early game copies thing, none of this is worth mentioning. The guy is posting about free levels his friends made in a game on his personal twatter. IGN has nothing to do with this.

Giving away early game copies is hardly something that needs disclosing either, as it's not him who is getting benefits for the twatter advertising, he's merely using "alternative payments" for people to do work for him.

Dishonest payments that he should't do, true, and he should be called out on that, but don't go and sperg all over this because it's honestly not that gigantic a deal.

2c4b18 No.304360


He should still disclose that he has a working relationship with these people, and he should disclose that he did not write the articles, and that he was "hiring" third parties to do it.

It's still a shitty move.

I've been mining their chat but it doesn't save more than a day, Will have to monitor their website and wait for something to crop up I guess.

2c4b18 No.304364


Bribing people to do your work with items that were given to you by the publisher with the direct intent of having you use that to do your own job.. and then passing it off as your own work?

That's unethical as fuck. In what way is that NOT something worth noting, if only to force IGN to stick to their own ethics guidelines.

2c4b18 No.304368

I should mention how I found this out.

I was lurking the website looking for some streams to watch, when a member of the chat by the name Caleb, and another named "Mishaisaqt" were complaining about not meeting their "deadline" and then Ragga came online to ask them how it was going, and Ragga mentioned he could get them pre-release copies of Just Cause 3 ( i think it was? ) if they did this Wiki on Fallout 4. He also gave Caleb a 3DS and a copy of Xenoblade so that he could write the Wiki.

Also, members of that site record gameplay footage and send it to him so that he can use it on IGN (not unethical I guess…but shady)

2c4b18 No.304370


From there, I just dug around some more and found out what I know. I got banned for questioning Ragga himself on if he thought it was ethical, and the Mods deleted my posts before I could screencap them.

2c4b18 No.304371

I'm not seeing any evidence that there isn't an understanding here. If he regularly takes footage from the same group of people, and gives people games so that they can shoot footage or do other stuff, that makes it sound like these people all have an understanding of what's going on.

2c4b18 No.304373

File: 1448892105140.png (19.17 KB, 363x159, 121:53, ethics.png)

Here he is mocking Kotaku, but every one does that.

2c4b18 No.304374


He's an Admin on Vidyashorts, a shitty streaming site for autistic neets. He repeated promotes his friends streams/content without disclosing that he's friends with said people. This is no different to Kotaku writing articles about their friends games and not disclosing it.

Theyre both trying to push their friends into the spotlight and boost them into E-Celeb status to control the gaming narrative.

2c4b18 No.304378


This is shifty as fuck. No doubt he'd have to request so many copies of a game to press people to even get them.

Ask the publisher of that title if they knew what was going on and see where they go. Dig hard guys, question everyone and everything.

2c4b18 No.304421


So, about as shifty as a clique of middle school girls liking each other's Instagram posts?

Actual corruption requires significant (not large, just significant based on context) amounts of money to be involved. Me wanting my friends to get up in the world, and them wanting me to get up in the world is just… that's just "having friends"

2c4b18 No.304424


If you think a videogame "narrative" is a real thing, you need to get woke.

2c4b18 No.309182

you faglords are now just being made fun of.

2c4b18 No.309183

lmao is this for real

Mineya are you just salty that you got called out

2c4b18 No.309184

lmfao he gives early copies of games to users that WORK FOR IGN are you actually retarded

he is giving them those copies so they can DO THEIR JOBS

2c4b18 No.309185


Also he isn't claiming their work as their own, he credits them for the work they do.

2c4b18 No.309186

File: 1449977978904.jpg (16.62 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 2011.jpg)


yeah but the question is who the fuck cares? it's just an IGN guy who is getting people who play video games paid to play video games and write wikis about them.

have you possibly considered that you're the sperglord? how else can they work on a game wiki on IGN if they don't have the game?


>trying to false flag minor shit

seriously hope etc

2c4b18 No.309187


Vidyashorts person here. Raggas never given me shit, the only people he given stuff to are for the people that also work for IGN freelance. If you look at the levels they are actually well done, he chose not just because it was his friends but because they are actual good levels.


You are lying, There is no such ban on file.

2c4b18 No.309189

I can't even believe that someone would do something like that I can't even believe this shit.

2c4b18 No.309190

Someone else who's on vidya shorts here. Your acting like jackasses. And thus justifying the asshattery they are doing as well.

Diggur tho. Your kinda a jackass.

2c4b18 No.309192

File: 1449978641118.gif (Spoiler Image, 52.29 KB, 120x89, 120:89, 1343406576283.gif)


your're an jackass you jackasshattery faggot

2c4b18 No.309193

File: 1449978716123.jpg (101.5 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, MY ASSHOLE.jpg)

Dude I love memes

2c4b18 No.309194


git shitter shattered.

2c4b18 No.309195

File: 1449978798991.gif (318.18 KB, 500x276, 125:69, are you frustrated.gif)



come say it to my face fucker not online see what happens

2c4b18 No.309196

File: 1449978812742.gif (857.7 KB, 267x208, 267:208, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.gif)

2c4b18 No.309197

File: 1449978898821.png (203.99 KB, 475x355, 95:71, 1369793035678.png)

If anyone thinks this is worth investigating despite OP providing zero proof you can ask the man himself as he's watching a charity marathon there right now http://www.vidyashorts.com/charity/

This thread is being bumped because someone from there found it, recognized the name, and allowed the beams of autism to cross by linking it there

And help some kids while you're at it

2c4b18 No.309198

File: 1449979326320.png (48.5 KB, 499x499, 1:1, when da booty be big.png)

2c4b18 No.309209

File: 1449991028823.jpg (130.55 KB, 531x799, 531:799, 1436758859784-4.jpg)


Mocking Kotaku should be declared an official internet pass-time

2c4b18 No.309281


2c4b18 No.309282


2c4b18 No.309285


2c4b18 No.309337


This sounds more like the jewtube clique (Biscuit, Sargon, Vee) going to bat for AngryJoe when people tried to call out his shitlording and lying in his xbox reviews than shitaku shenanigans.

Still unethical, but not full-website-compromise or even civil courts tier.

This is more something that runs afoul of their updated policies but ought be handled internally by an arbcom sitdown and a newspaper smacking.

2c4b18 No.326145


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