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File: 1449177636332.jpg (110.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1353290550996.jpg)

1d2281 No.306699

Do you believe Gamergate is a war to be won or, if at all possible, would you rather prefer to mitigate some of the conflict through respectful dialogue with the other side? I've been thinking that it might be nice to try to foster a civil and compassionate dialogue with the other side somehow in the Christmas spirit of things. I don't know if they'd be down for it or just call it sea lioning, but I think it would be nice if we could come together for a day instead of fighting each other all the time. Kind of like when we throw board parties and /baph/ and /pol/ and /cuteboys/ and /christian/ and /muslim/ and everyone else all come together and have a nice time just for one day.

1d2281 No.306701

File: 1449177980188.jpg (34.94 KB, 680x509, 680:509, IMG_20150121_113041.jpg)

You can try, but aGGros will never act in good faith. Good luck.

1d2281 No.306704

Internet-only? haha no

IRL with people you have pre-existing relationships with, possibly. Only because they'd at least have a chance of being open to your ideas and input potentially.

At this point, online, it's casting pearls before swine; you can't convince people unwilling to consider your ideas or entertain your line of thought for even a moment. The only time these people switch sides, like Ian Cheong Wong-Bong is when they have a personal epiphany in their own life, usually due to a falling out with an anti they were worshipping, or becoming romantically involved with someone who isn't SJW. It's like arguing with a smoker, your words aren't going to make them quit, or even not smoke for the day.

1d2281 No.306708

the SPJ was exactly that, an official Olive branch. see where that went?

of course you can also now point at the SPJ as an example of GG properly arguing their position, in a civil manner, even if you take into account the lack of opposition, the journo did that part at least

1d2281 No.306709


ah, its also why they still try to stop GG from speaking, banning in university and else, cuz everytime we show up, they lose credibility

1d2281 No.306712

aGG, generally, believes that dialog amounts to lending us credibility.

However, aGG is not a monolith, so if you have aGG friends, you might be able to get them to hang out and talk about stuff, however anything that they say means no more to the loose collective that is people who oppose GG than anything you might say would carry weight with some random GG anon. You'll all just be speaking as individuals.

Generally speaking, though, spending time socially with people you disagree with is absolutely worth it.

1d2281 No.306713

File: 1449180647973.jpg (356.21 KB, 1000x671, 1000:671, 251651067217.jpg)


If we had a party maybe it wouldn't even have to be about switching sides and arguing for our position and whatever else. We could just put our guns totally down and get to know each other as individuals, not for what side we represent, and plant a seed of friendship. Be merry, have love and goodwill for all humankind, all that good Christmas stuff. It wouldn't have to be a debate like SPJ, just a good-spirited get-together. Maybe I am alone in thinking this but I think that would be really fun.

1d2281 No.306717

IRL encounters with aGG in a undocumented event will likely have false accusations thrown at us. Wouldn't recommend it.

1d2281 No.306719

File: 1449182176311.gif (2.79 MB, 328x321, 328:321, 1448634733030.gif)


>If we had a party

At the party there would be cake and rape, cookies and rape, punch and rape, and rape and rape.

You can't meet a member of a ideological-puritanical moral-authoritarian group "halfway", because they only see three things:

''"Themselves: as the shining light of truth and hope in a dark patriarchal world"

"Ignorant outsiders: as potential converts, or at least, useful idiots"

"Gamergoobers and ebil EMMM ARRR AYYYS (lamo): as the devil incarnate, the lying and deceptive willing tools of the enemy patriarchy"''

Social Justice is a RELIGION that SJWs define themselves with, by reaching out and meeting us "halfway" would possibly cause them to question the basic truths of their beliefs, which would cause the shaky house-of-cards of half-truths and outright lies that Social Justice is based on to collapse in on itself, so they won't, even if their lives depended on it.

1d2281 No.306721

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


can we have grape?

1d2281 No.306724

File: 1449182795933.jpg (733.04 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1291576.jpg)


I was thinking it would be good to do it online rather than IRL. That way it could be huge and have a lot of attendees on relatively short notice. We could do it here, on Reddit, in a chatroom, etc. Like when we have board parties here. It's true that people's minds are less likely to change talking to strangers online than with people they're already friends with IRL, but we could make friends. Maybe not even think about changing minds. Just hang out and see each other as people and not as an enemy to fight.

I guess based on the replies so far this idea is unpopular, though…

1d2281 No.306827

I seem to recall feeling this way last christmas. I quickly changed.

Sorry, this is war. They're not going to party with us any more than they'd party with isis or the kkk, to them its all the same. They 've had plenty of opportunity to join the discussion and they prefer their hugboxes. meeting us would mean they'd have to see us as people, which would lead to doubt in their righteous crusade.

1d2281 No.306986

File: 1449213936169.png (702.99 KB, 960x638, 480:319, 1432865911741.png)


brb, meme magicing…


…into existence.

1d2281 No.306993

File: 1449214630080.png (205.61 KB, 1196x718, 598:359, feminism debate.png)

I'll break out an old interview between a pro and anti back in the early days.


Pro: What’s your message to Anti-GamerGate?

Talk to me. Talk to us. Keep an open mind. I’m not what you think I am. None of us are. You don’t have to agree with us, but you also don’t have to make assumptions about us. We really aren’t as different as you think.

(Self explanatory. Talk to us in good faith)

Anti: What’s your message to GamerGate?

To those only ever truly interested in discussing games media ethics and can bring themselves to acknowledge and denounce the evil to have come out of Gamergate: Please see the truth for what it is, that games journalists can err without being villainous, and that there is no attempt to persecute you, and come, join in the continuing discussion without needing to bend it to your will.

(Abandon your cause and "accept" that nobody is prosecuting you, accept the way WE view things as the unquestionable truth)

You try to have civil and compassionate dialogue with someone who thinks like the Anti does. To them, that means their way or the highway, you 100% accept their opinion as fact and denounce all others.

1d2281 No.307004

File: 1449217363710.jpg (42.28 KB, 500x336, 125:84, grumpy_cat_black_metal.jpg)

I'll talk to the social justice gestapo when they stop lying about us, apologize for lying about us thousands of times, stop harassing thought criminals on twitter, fix up the wikipedia article, and stop trying to ban video games with tits in them.

For starters.

1d2281 No.307022

Yes, throw a party. We can use that chance to doxx them all at once. Great idea leader!

1d2281 No.307051

File: 1449228195489.jpg (29.91 KB, 416x446, 208:223, 1448971008737.jpg)


Sorry, Leader, but /pinoy/ got dibs on that meme first. Google Rodrigo Duterte.

1d2281 No.307058


>I've been thinking that it might be nice to try to foster a civil and compassionate dialogue with the other side

SPJ was months ago, OP. Personall i think we win more by focusing on bystanders of the discussion.

1d2281 No.307925


>bring aggros on to 8chan

But anon, we already have GGR. Every aggro that might join us here already has.

They might even be OP.


And the kickoff was a year before SPJ.

I'm not saying I agree with >>306701 and that they'll NEVER act in good faith, but they haven't done so yet and after a year and change of dealing with the back-biting borderline sociopaths of social justice, it's some serious magical thinking to assume they miraculously might just because Odin is going break into their homes dressed in a suit stained red with the blood of his slain foes, to fuck around with their smallclothes and watch them while they sleep as he chugs brandy by the pint.

1d2281 No.307929

Clearly you haven't been paying much attention. We've spent over a year trying to open up a civil dialogue, and our detractors have spent over a year trying to make sure we aren't heard. This time will be no different. You're welcome to try, of course, just don't feel dejected when it fails like every other time we've tried to have a respectful conversation.

1d2281 No.308056


We did try to have respectful dialogue. They called us racists, sexists, terrorists, ebola, and a lot of names that showed their obsession with everything scatological in an attempt to keep anyone from listening to anything we say.

If you want to try, go for it. Just don't be surprised when they won't even entertain the idea that you aren't literally the devil. Social Justice IS a cult and listening to anyone that isn't indoctrinated is a cardinal sin.

1d2281 No.308075


aGG is boring clique of people I give nary a shit about, and only a tiny fragment of a political force that needs to be purged and to have its lands salted.

1d2281 No.308139


you know how the german and allied soldiers called a truce and had a snowball fight on Christmas? it's not going to be like that with aGG, they'll call in bomb threats on you and laugh. if they show up in person, they'll scream that you're raping them and get you arrested. you are mentally retarded for thinking that there can be any sort of respectful dialogue with SJW cultists.


this. cult fits better than religion though.

1d2281 No.308278

You can try.

1d2281 No.310221


It's more like the SJs that would be privy to such acts instead just say "Fuck it I'm done" and go back to whatever dorkus fandumb thing they were doing before this.

So no, no xmas truce, it'll always be all gg boards everywhere unified against utter fanatics led by a handful of scam artists and UN cuckolds.

1d2281 No.326163


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