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File: 1449187286589.jpg (409.41 KB, 842x1191, 842:1191, 766oPcu.jpg)

c5f4ef No.306769

If Anita was to point out examples of sexism in gaming that would make the majority of gamers say "Yeah, that's definitely sexist", would anyone but the most neckbearded virgin say a bad word against her?

For instance, the Borderlands guy John Hemingway referring to Mechromancer as "girlfriend mode" because she's easy to play even if you really suck at FPS games (and then backpedaling like a motherfucker when called out on it), or a female player at a Brawl (I think) tournament who was assumed to be a spectator or brought along as eye-candy according to a commentator. If she was to actually put her hairy arse in gear and bring up shit like that instead of beating up digital women, would you unironically watch her videos and such?

On a related note, what other examples of actual sexism in gaming can you think of? Those are literally the only two that cross my mind, and it's pretty much saying that the whole drama is stretched to breaking point.

c5f4ef No.306776

None of these examples are sexism…

"Oh no girlfriend mode" "Oh no someone assumed milktea didn't come to play"

People need to stop being offended by the smallest meaningless shit.

Here's another female smash player calling out milktea for acting like the spoiled princess of the smash community:


c5f4ef No.306813

File: 1449194309280.jpg (45.61 KB, 246x400, 123:200, rip.jpg)


Wow, surprised to see someone sane.

You guys realize that OP is the norm of GG though, right?

Just a slight change in the wiring of a tumblrette SJW.

The cancer needs to be purged if GG is to ever regain any sort of momentum or credibility.

When you see someone posting unfiltered GG labeled social justice you need to call them out on it.

Tell them to go to KiA and you'll make the 8chan GG scene just a bit less faggy.

pic semi related

c5f4ef No.306825


I want to cover her with my ink.

c5f4ef No.306997

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>If she was to actually put her hairy arse in gear and bring up shit like that instead of beating up digital women, would you unironically watch her videos and such?

I'm willing to assume that you are simply uninformed in playing devil's feminist's advocate this now over a year into GG after this has been discussed back-and-forth TO DEATH, but you might be new, and everybody starts somewhere and I feel like typing…

To begin: the actual "feminist" in "Feminist Frequency" is Josh. Every video is written, directed, filmed, edited, and upladed by Josh although, curiously, all Josh's tireless hard work isn't reflected in FF tax-forms….

…because Anitta is a -KNOWN- teleseminar scammer… scamming money with… guess what: teleseminars! see vid related

All Anita has to do is come into the "Feminist Frequency" "studio" once every six months or so, put on one-of-many ugly flannel dyke-shirts, talk at the camera for an hour or two, and walk out with a fat check. r That or give a "live" talk in a feminist venue, as "feminist Frequency" will never appear in an environment that isn't 100% scripted and controlled, such as a real debate, because that's outside Anita's skill-set and job-description.

Anita is a spokes-vagina and professional-damsel and nothing more, because absolutely no one, not even feminists, will listen to Josh's drivel without Anita's feminine privilege.

c5f4ef No.307017

Isn't it funny how feminists are so afraid to criticize Islamic culture treatment of women?

c5f4ef No.307033


Think of different subjects taught in school: the subject doesn't matter, what's important is the pedagogic method employed to teach it.

The videos are meant to make you agree that games do teach you things, and they do have an impact on you through learning. It's not about the content, it's about the experience, how you interact and how you are "rewarded for good behaviors".

That's why a bad guy punching a woman in the guts is not portrayed as violence against women, but instead a "motivation to the player". But when the main protagonist does it, it becomes violence against women.

That's why saving the princess is presented as "taking possession of" (as in stripping her from freedom) when the player does it, but is never shown as kidnapping when the bad guy does it at the beginning of the game. Similarly, she will say that the main protagonist will "ultimately [be able to] gain back their own freedom" (Damsel1), and even though she repeats a few time "you must fight to free her" (Damsel2), she does it does replace "killing her" with "freeing her". She will also say that the damsel is "his possession" (Damsel2) and the player must regain her like a thing (when the player does it, it's slavery)

She can't point at actual issues and doesn't want to threat all characters (player, npcs, damsel, boss) as equal or having an equal impact, because that would go against the point they are trying to make: they focus on the supposed impact of the interaction, how the game can "teach you thing", therefore the content doesn't matter.

c5f4ef No.307093


This thread is yet another bait, muh middleground people fuck off, getting momentum be more based. While I agree with what is said here in thread.

Girlfriend Mode? Use the google machine to look up diffrent reaction times based on gender. In a FPS female got a biological disadvantage.

Eyecandy? What's wrong with that? Hell, Slutwalk are the boothbabes of feminism.

Now after that is cleared out, I still feel baited.

c5f4ef No.307095

File: 1449241855551.webm (343.94 KB, 640x360, 16:9, a bone to pick with you.webm)


I once saw a virgin neckbeard who lives in his moms basement sage this thread because the OP is a liberal faggot. That's a pretty legitimate act of sexism that you should use.

c5f4ef No.307262

She never said a fucking thing about Other M.


The one videogame I can actually fucking say is sexist as fuck.

And nothing.

c5f4ef No.307263



But considering it was made by a guy who looks like an asian Tommy Wiseau, I'm not surprised it's shit.

c5f4ef No.307291


pix plz

c5f4ef No.307423

File: 1449326738763.jpg (195.84 KB, 400x600, 2:3, Yoshio-Sakamoto.jpg)


He is responsible for the controls not using the nunchuck along with the horrid story.

Pretty much every bad decision is him.

Worst part? He is the co-creator of the Metroid series.

c5f4ef No.307424

Fuck off, cancer.

c5f4ef No.307442


I don't know what's a bigger insult to Samus. Other M or Flynt claiming that Samus is a tranny.

c5f4ef No.307443


The only thing that seems really sexist to me is the notion that women are hurt by those things you mentioned. If women want to be seen as strong adult contributors to society, then they need to be able to live in spite of assumptions made about them. Policing things that people say about women doesnt do them any good, it just reinforces the idea that they are weak and frail and need to be protected from the big meanies.

So in my mind you are a sexist piece of shit, op.

c5f4ef No.307445


Take it into account, Other M is the last Metroid game released yet and was made by one of the creator of the serie.

Flynt's claims are claims made by a nobody who want to force his headcanon to an audience that's too intelligent to fall for the bait.

Pick you Poison, but to me Other M is the biggest insult.

c5f4ef No.307446


Know what makes that even worse? Supposed male allies such as Dobson and Moviebob like, and defend that piece of shit.

c5f4ef No.307482


Of course they do. It turns a strong and capable woman like Samus into a quivering victim over something she's already fucking dealt with. That's an SJW dream!

c5f4ef No.307483

That depends on how sexist the things she points out really is.

I don't really care about the "microaggressions" you listed.

c5f4ef No.307485


A white knight's at least.

Not sure about SJWs.

c5f4ef No.307496

File: 1449355505071-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.73 KB, 574x511, 82:73, jou.jpg)

File: 1449355505074-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 377.57 KB, 1239x795, 413:265, 1374141025292.jpg)


c5f4ef No.307531

File: 1449363055486.jpg (Spoiler Image, 390.79 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1192444532444.jpg)


I'm with you, fellow nigger lover.


Oh look who's triggered by niggers.

c5f4ef No.307782

Fur Affinity has a staff member that is a known sexual predator/rapist. Anita is aware of this but has never said anything about it.

c5f4ef No.307788


I don't think anyone want to touch the furfags, even with a ten meter long pole.

c5f4ef No.307818


that makes it okay to let it slide.

I bet if he was a Muslim, you'd care, Trump supporting fag.

c5f4ef No.307821


You understood the opposite of my point.

Nothing is okay with furries, they are the worst community ever beside sonic fans.

But I suspect you are one of those retards anyway.

c5f4ef No.308106

File: 1449554057222.jpg (63.17 KB, 520x329, 520:329, my shit don't stink.jpg)

My secret hope is that she'll never touch the low-hanging fruit that is Metroid: Other M, because lord knows I'm not ready to start dealing with people making kneejerk reactionary excuses for that piece of trash.

c5f4ef No.308201


Oddly enough, anti-Gamers seem to love Other M, while GGers hate it, and one of the reasons for the hate is how it ruins Samus' character by disempowering her.

You'd think it would be a perfect target for Anita, yet AFAIK, she's ignored it.

c5f4ef No.308341


I find games like Dragon Age to be somewhat sexist where the dialogue is written for a straight male protagonist, an intern Finds and Replaces "he" with "she", and the writers think that's how you offer a playable female option. I quit the series years ago for unrelated reasons and forget what scenes annoyed me. The protagonist admiring some random female NPC is the easiest guess, though. It's super weird since Mass Effect was so good about making each Shepard a distinct character.

Guild Wars 2, RuneScape, and others suffer from the same thing. Like, "you weren't supposed to pick the female option".

c5f4ef No.308410

File: 1449654466923.jpg (48.62 KB, 620x666, 310:333, todd.jpg)


>implying Anita gives a shit about any discrimination or issues at all other than earning money.

look there are 2 types of activists, one that does shit and mostly keeps quiet, the other kind goes on media shouting a lot but does nothing else other than raising awareness and lining their pockets. See Al Sharpton and Anita Sarkeesian.

c5f4ef No.308411


Individual acts of sexism only reflect badly on the individuals that made the game, she goes after the systematic sexist oppression which effects all videogames, so everyone is responsible.

[Spoiler]Real individual cases are isolated and don't have any impact on gaming or gaming culture, memes however do have impact, but they aren't sexist [/spoiler]

c5f4ef No.326138


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