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29c807 No.307695

Rooster Teeth shits on Gerstman's Review of Fallout 4, saying he rated it low for attention.

Rooster Teeth was sponsored by Bethesda at the time.

Vid related explains more.

29c807 No.307697

Can we comment and tell them it was rated low because F4 is trash?

29c807 No.307700

File: 1449428399632-0.jpg (25.58 KB, 810x514, 405:257, AFQJO16EU8FN54LJ-v1-fram81….jpg)

File: 1449428399632-1.jpg (125.2 KB, 544x547, 544:547, trumpp22.jpg)

File: 1449428399632-2.jpg (28.66 KB, 810x514, 405:257, C0GQ8KCRO3SRSIU5-v1-fram81….jpg)

File: 1449428399632-3.jpg (18.02 KB, 810x514, 405:257, C34JA7EL0Q5LETUI-v1-fram81….jpg)

File: 1449428399632-4.jpg (19.67 KB, 810x514, 405:257, tattoo.jpg)


>Can we comment and tell them it was rated low because F4 is trash?

The really big problem with it is the total lack of anything salvageable through modding. Let's look at a few scenarios.

1. Very few dialogue choices, mostly with poor writing

>cannot be fixed, must write and voice an entirely new script

2. Horrible graphics, New Vegas looks better with mods

>cannot be fixed, must recreate the entire game in a different graphics engine

3. Cookie cutter main quest with only two endings and MMO-style side quests

>cannot be fixed, must create entirely new quests

4. RPG elements completely removed

>cannot be fixed, must make an entirely new gameplay system

It's like trying to fix a bad tattoo…

29c807 No.307707

Please find something worthwhile to be mad about, losers.

29c807 No.307711

File: 1449431294381.jpg (70.08 KB, 600x612, 50:51, CUoY6UJUcAA8E26.jpg)

29c807 No.307752

File: 1449440299857.png (569.04 KB, 710x589, 710:589, Pc Slav Mater race.png)


I don't want to get a lump of coal for Christmas so all my mad will be bottled up till next year 2016.

29c807 No.307757


Your tears nourish me.

29c807 No.307777

File: 1449449495606.webm (3.23 MB, 960x540, 16:9, does she know she's a shi….webm)

29c807 No.307784

Gerstmann? Since when has GG given a shit about him?

29c807 No.307789


So… if GG didn't exist before in organized form and baptized as such, it means people didn't care?

29c807 No.307817


>gaming mags since the early 80s have been little more than paid advertisements

>Gerstmann's firing was a big deal that garnered a month of anger that died off

>GG started over a woman dumping her whiny boyfriend

>GG befriended /pol/

Yeah, get fucked.

29c807 No.307820


I actually like how it looks, it just needs to be optimized properly and cleaned up.

But yeah the rest of it is beyond help. They actually made something worse then a dialogue wheel, it's kind of amazing.

29c807 No.307826


You're going to be forever buttmad that you're not Adam Baldwin aren't you?

29c807 No.307827


Also, lawdy lawd that is some shitty shitty ink.

29c807 No.307829

File: 1449462012539.jpg (355.79 KB, 799x1200, 799:1200, 1424839307339.jpg)


So Fallout 4 is crap and everyone who bought it wasted their money more news at 11:00

This is /gghq/.

I hope the new X-Com game slated for next year is good,i need a game to be hyped for.

29c807 No.307835

File: 1449464786319.jpg (28.27 KB, 1022x233, 1022:233, game_reviews.jpg)


>bad rating


You're completely right, Jeff, we should've go back in time and protest your firing using our time machines. We have those, right?

29c807 No.307850

File: 1449473472757-0.png (578.81 KB, 801x1061, 801:1061, 1427170888713.png)

File: 1449473472771-1.jpg (24.08 KB, 500x433, 500:433, checking.jpg)



/v/ has been bitching about gamespot style inflated reviews for years. Educate yourself, shitlord.


why didn't you check them?

29c807 No.307853


Quads confirm she's a shill.

29c807 No.307883

File: 1449486005246.gif (1.75 MB, 250x141, 250:141, PROUD MOTHER.gif)



29c807 No.307887

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I agree with Ian for once, though I think the reaction to Roosterteeth has been pretty much universal scorn, including from their fans. I mean they're sitting at a table covered with fucking pip boys.

Still, Jeff lost all my respect when he asserted GamerGate "didn't deserve a seat at the table" and that the "good people" involved were duped. Anyone pushing for ideological purity like that has issues, though I'd bet it was Klepik nudging him to say it since he quit and went to Kotaku shortly after.

29c807 No.307891


Honestly, I don't think it's even him. Just some shill trying to claim GG doesn't have legitimacy because reasons

29c807 No.308015


what is it with your gamerfaggots and making everyone watch hour long videos over every little faggot thing that happens

fuck off

29c807 No.308016

Roosterteeth is also deeply in bed with Youtube/Google now that they're part of that Youtube Red service

29c807 No.308028


The correct way is to stop after 10 minutes that's what i do most of the time you can learn all you need to know from that 10 minutes alone

29c807 No.308034


Rooster Teeth has been in the trash for years now, anon

29c807 No.308057

>hipster trash crying about someone "doing something just to be different"

I think we've got reason to believe hair dye causes brain damage.

29c807 No.308076


>video is 10 minutes long

Are you even trying?

29c807 No.326136


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