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File: 1449626392450.png (158.82 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Ryoma.png)

9c2b26 No.308328

Hey /gghq/, long story short is I'm doing a run-down of the first year of GamerGate for the final project of one of my classes. Everything's going alright so far, and the professor is on board with the idea but I'm having trouble finding info on GG after May 2015 where the Gamergate Wiki just stops. I'd rather not use solely the Ghazi wiki as a source for four whole months, even if I've used it for a few pieces of info. I admittedly stopped paying total attention to #GG around the time the SVU episode aired but that's my bad.

Basically aside from ##GGinDC, DeepFreeze and SWJ Airplay, I need a refresher on the big happenings between May and August. Images and Links preferred, but a basic rundown works too.

9c2b26 No.308344

9c2b26 No.308347

(Various dates) Michael Koretzky of SPJ gives Gamergate a hearing, anti-GG disrupts attempts to communicate with him over Twitter, and someone calls in a bomb threat against the SPJ when they eventually hold a GG panel

May 1: Bomb threat at Washington DC gamergate meetup

May 6: Bonegolem launches Deep Freeze

May 12/16: Destructoid requires writers to disclose Kickstarter relationships

May 13: WAM / Berkman report on "harassment" finds fewer than 1% of GGers engaged in harassment by their definition, still concludes that GG was about harassment.

May 20: Twitter partners with Crash Override

May 26: Ian Miles Chong switches sides

9c2b26 No.308352

Late May / June 4: FTC revises guidelines on affiliate linking

June 10 and onward: Reddit bans FatPeopleHate and other "harassment" subs on shaky grounds and with no evidence. KotakuInAction gains users from covering the news.

June 16: Gilles Matouba responds to criticism of his use of the the phrase "Mechanical Apartheid" to describe the setting of a Deus Ex game. The surrounding events convince Mark Kern to join the #Gamergate campaign.

June 26: "Generaal" Lucas Harskamp gets a hearing with thee Dutch Council for Journalistic Ethics but nothing seems to have come from it.

June 29 - ???: Milo publishes a 3-part investigative series into Randi Harper.

9c2b26 No.308353

July 2: Randi Harper publishes an open letter to ICANN. The list of signatories exposes connections that were not known before, or only theorized.

July 16-20: Upheaval at Gawker leading to resignations after they publish a troll's story based on fabricated evidence

July 22 onward: O'Reilly's OSCON adopts Randi Harper's blockbot and blocks anyone who complains about it. Meredith Patterson starts speaking out against this censorship.

July 23/28: The FBI rejects a FOIA request for information about Gamergate due to an ongoing open investigation.

July 30: Github bans the software WebM For Retards

July-August: KnowYourMeme locks the comments on its Gamergate article for a week and moves Gamergate discussion to its forums. The amount of Gamergate discussion dives sharply.

9c2b26 No.308354

Aug 10: Gratipay bans Tech Raptor because "You identify with the #GamerGate/anti-#GamerGate conflict, and that clashes too strongly with our own brand identity."

Aug 14 or earlier: Google removes 8chan from its search results

Aug 15: Koretzsky's SPJ event happens and is disrupted by bomb threats

August: The media starts blaming Gamergate for the Sad Puppies campaign

9c2b26 No.308362

Wasn't it around that time when Crash Override's timer counted down to zero, revealing that 1. it clock was timed to people's computer clocks, and 2. there was nothing planned for it, before resetting?

9c2b26 No.308378

File: 1449642614341.jpg (43.28 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 1329703088462.jpg)





This works pretty darn good as a starting point. I'll probably cut some of that stuff out (Like the WebM For Retards thing) since I'm leaning more towards the representation of GamerGate in the news.

9c2b26 No.308413

File: 1449654949410-0.png (67.85 KB, 759x250, 759:250, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1449654949410-1.png (119.55 KB, 499x548, 499:548, 1427171852594.png)

File: 1449654949410-2.jpg (2.77 MB, 3338x2078, 1669:1039, indiecade.jpg)

File: 1449654949411-3.png (857.82 KB, 600x900, 2:3, a578bf1a7b4860ac7de1792d3f….png)


you can use the Timeline for a guide. >>308344

Various other big happenings (first use of the hashtag, Gamers are dead attackpieces, Sep 2014 MSM strike, GamesjournoPros reveal, hashtag raids, charities donated to, OP DisrespectfulNod and Baby Seal, SPJAirplay)

hypocrisies of the Lwhos and constant gamedrops from MSM and other antis can be used as well.

even spergouts if you like

9c2b26 No.308414

File: 1449655248012-0.png (365.74 KB, 1472x1300, 368:325, valkenburger.png)

File: 1449655248012-1.jpg (69.44 KB, 500x390, 50:39, Who double-act.jpg)

File: 1449655248184-2.png (139.34 KB, 499x548, 499:548, wardell.png)

File: 1449655248187-3.pdf (4.79 MB, wam-twitter-abuse-report.pdf)



Adding on some more random stuff for reference.

9c2b26 No.308415

File: 1449655519717-0.jpg (141.18 KB, 600x983, 600:983, sxswcoordination.jpg)

File: 1449655519717-1.jpg (605.36 KB, 2160x2250, 24:25, gamersaredead.jpg)

File: 1449655519763-2.jpg (490.34 KB, 929x1216, 929:1216, 91d500f24d217ec1b990eccfcb….jpg)


For news representation just look at the Gamers are Dead and the Sep 2014 blitz: HuffingtonPost live talks, MSNBC, Al Jazeera and BBC interviews with the Whos and the Pakman interviews.

9c2b26 No.308419

There is also the organization of the SPJ awards for ethical games journalism. I don't remember the name they chose for it.

9c2b26 No.326139


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