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File: 1449689973742.jpg (63.35 KB, 512x288, 16:9, serveimage.jpg)

a7bb0c No.308609



I'm not going to add much. I'm too pissed off to say much. But I won't be buying this game. That's for sure.

a7bb0c No.308611

File: 1449690573727.jpg (60.69 KB, 660x486, 110:81, Alan Moore.jpg)


>But I won't be buying this game. That's for sure.

You know… a wise wizard (pic related), was once asked, "why offend even one reader?"

His reply?

>Because the alternative is to gear your entire product to the most squeamish and prudish member of the audience.

So yeah, that makes two of us, OP.

a7bb0c No.308612


Or you buy the non-censored version, duh.

a7bb0c No.308626


Do you even region lock?

a7bb0c No.308631

File: 1449695706598.jpg (197.49 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, 1449278469890.jpg)


I will be pirating as i do with most of my recent game purchases,i get to play the game and they get no money from me,win win for everyone except the devs/publishers though.

I wonder why boycotting through piracy never caught on with the the boycott fags.

a7bb0c No.308636


There isn't one. It's a worldwide change.

a7bb0c No.308650


Yeah, there will be no uncensored version apparently. People should be mad about this.

a7bb0c No.308651

a7bb0c No.308657


Any game that lacks Loli is not worth supporting. If we are going to run a petition, can we at least demand Loli?

a7bb0c No.308672


> shitposting this hard.

a7bb0c No.308689

File: 1449717136014.png (24.72 KB, 800x600, 4:3, copying_is_not_piracy.png)


Because it's an SJW-tier facade.

Virtue signalling about how you don't support the company, but in truth lack the conviction to enforce your self-imposed sanction.

I mean, if you want to look at it purely without emotion, sure, all the necessary elements are in play, you're voting with your wallet and scoring the objective victory that way.

Only you need to know that, politics or no, their products were just too good for you to actually say NO to.

a7bb0c No.308692

File: 1449717986867.png (41.5 KB, 284x284, 1:1, fFP13SwW.png)


I agree fellow gaymer.

a7bb0c No.308702

File: 1449722087388.jpg (93.88 KB, 809x970, 809:970, 1445745956881.jpg)


Somebody stop him


Cool thanks for the info and the image.

I usually think of piracy as stealing not copying,technically since someone bought the game i am merely copying his copy of the game he was kind enough to share with others.

a7bb0c No.308726


>Yeah, there will be no uncensored version apparently. People should be mad about this.

Japanese must hate westerners because of this.

a7bb0c No.308752


Read the article, there'll be no such version.

a7bb0c No.308757

a7bb0c No.308760


Did it get cut because it was shared as a webm/gif, or was it shared as a webm/gif because it was going to be cut?

a7bb0c No.308763

File: 1449760953320.jpg (199.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Commie] Valkyrie Drive ~M….jpg)

I just hope this shit never spreads to the anime industry.

a7bb0c No.308764

File: 1449761077082.gif (98.42 KB, 499x357, 499:357, usher.gif)

a7bb0c No.308817

File: 1449775805859.gif (926.54 KB, 400x225, 16:9, Mika.gif)

Why are we not making this known or prefrably making capcom know about our objection to it as fans? If there's anything capcom cares about it's money.

a7bb0c No.308839

a7bb0c No.308847


The problem is that Capcom is willing to bet that there are more players who will dismiss the game for having butt than those who will dismiss it for not having butt. They expect those players will shout at the sky and then buy the game anyway when it comes out.

And as you say, Capcom cares about money.

Even if you got thousands of people who have purchased Street Fighter in the past who swore on a stack of Qurans that they would not purchase a butt-free game, you'd still need Capcom to 1) believe you and 2) feel like the extra money was significant enough to pay to make the changes again.

The point being we need to prepare for the possibility that this battle is already lost. If that turns out to be the case, all we can do is stop supporting Street Fighter in any way until Capcom decides to do things our way.

a7bb0c No.308848

File: 1449789159275.jpg (46.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 10414634_837426239635001_2….jpg)


We should spread this on tumblr and see how it goes instead of always relying on those chronic shitposting retards on twitter.

Lord knows firefly could use an op and the noise to signal ratio is not as bad as twitter

a7bb0c No.308995

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a7bb0c No.308997


It won't. Anime sales and production are based on Japan's sales and they're not so brainwashed there as to think that something's not okay for everyone, mainly because they actually have anime/manga for every genre and group of people imaginable.

Capcom is actually going under (which is why SFV is only going to be for PS4) so they're self-censoring in hopes that they'll get a few more sales. They won't. The lost sales.

a7bb0c No.309010


>They won't. The lost sales.

Bingo. I hope they learn their lesson and put this shit back in on he eventually Super SFV: Turbo Edition Ultra bullshit that's coming. Until then, they can fuck off.

a7bb0c No.309154


>But I won't be buying this game. That's for sure.

Pretty sure mods can reverse and go well beyond anything they decide to take out, as long as the jiggle physics stays then mods can fix the other stuff, that said, if they take that out i ain't getting it.

That's not to say i'm okay with censorship, but it makes the difference between buying and pirating the game out of principle.

a7bb0c No.309167


Piracy is used because it's transparently not stealing in any legal and/or objective way and claiming so would make them look as stupid as they are, but they need a violent metaphor to play up the seriousness. Then they started bellowing "Piracy is Theft" and removed all doubt about how little respect they have for consumers.

a7bb0c No.309178

File: 1449975632337.jpg (11.33 KB, 400x287, 400:287, Bison gets drunk.jpg)


>Capcom is actually going under

About time.

a7bb0c No.309216


>It won't. Anime sales and production are based on Japan's sales…

Streaming and increasing foreign investment in anime production are potential threats. And the anime community is presently being infiltrated by SJWs with nobody to oppose them (there's never going to be a GG-equivalent in anime). So in the future sites like ANN and MAL and Crunchyroll will likely start soapboxing about problematic anime and how otaku are dead and don't have to be anime's audience anymore.

a7bb0c No.309219

File: 1450001815504.jpeg (929.14 KB, 2250x1500, 3:2, ad28ea9b89a8153acb7200d5a….jpeg)

We need to use or create a hashtag that's

1. not #gamergate because Capcom wouldn't want a slew of "CAPCOM GIVES IN TO GAMERGATE TERRORIST DEMANDS" headlines

2. not #1milliongamersstrong because I and many others hate that hashtag and refuse to use it.

If you guys came up with something better I will support it. I don't have a lot of followers but I guss 392 is better than nothing.



Shit like this and some of my favorite anime directors & key animators hanging out with SJWey American animation industry people is why I hope to fucking god anime remains insular and Japanese. It's so sad seeing some of my favorite people in the animation industry being BFFs with Americans who go on about how looting and pillaging innocent people's stores is a very sane and helpful way of fighting police racism and how video game "misogyny" (read: sexualization) is harmful to women.

These people are trying to destroy all the fiction I love and convert all the creators I see as heroes and it's really really sad to me.

a7bb0c No.309221


Modern consoles aren't region locked. Whenever something is region locked or not is purely the call of the developer.

Nintendo refuses to accept this international standard, unfortunately.

a7bb0c No.309222


Also, another thing worth bringing up: if these people are not puritans, why are they pushing for the desexualization of women, instead of letting the girls stay as-is, but making more "sexy" alt outfits for the guys or creating new male characters that are designed to look handsome to women?

Then you have that TheMarySue writer who praised that Ryu alt outfit but said that Mika should be covered up more; what message does that get across? That only men should be sexualized? I highly doubt they even thought of it that way; they're just thoughtlessly writing whatever "feels right" at the moment.

a7bb0c No.309223

File: 1450004105877.jpg (3.74 MB, 4090x2885, 818:577, 231705.jpg)

I tried to draw attention to this when it initially happened on /v/, but Seth Killian seems to be fucking worshiped by the fighting game community so a bunch of guys jumped at my throat for daring to say anything bad about "based Seth". But, look at this fucking shit:


>And then Parker went on, the rest of which I can relay to you pretty much verbatim. Here's Parker in the Q&A, addressing the panelists. He's just asked about the focused shot in Street Fighter IV on Cammy's butt and is now asking about the way people act in streaming web videos that broadcast competitive Street Fighter matches:

>Matt Parker, game designer and teacher: "On the streams, I've heard, when a female player is competing things like 'I'd do her' and things like that on a stream. That's super-alienating to females. I like females. I like Street Fighter. I'd like them to like each other. I don't understand why this is there and I think it really does hurt the community, which otherwise is very embracing and very open."

>Seth Killian, Capcom: "I'll take that one on the chin, and then [gesturing to Arturo] you can chime in. Japan's a very different place [laughter from the crowd] Set your cultural wayback dial to, like, maybe '50s?"

I know Seth doesn't work with them anymore and this was long ago, but this was a dude they respected; they even named a (shitty) boss after him. This is probably what planted the seed of "we must censor our games" in Capcom's minds, because Capcom are fucking stupid.

Of course, this is complete and utter nonsense. Yes, Japan is a very socially conservative country… but their games are way more equal-opportunity in terms of sexualization compared to western ones. He was basically echoing the same ignorant idea that Anita later (I think?) said: that Japan was bombed back to turbo-conservative values and this is why their games are so "misogynist". If the Japanese games industry is one that reflects turbo-conservative values, then what is the American one? Fucking Nazi Germany?

For fuck's sake, THERE'S A JAPANESE RPG WHERE THE MALE LEAD WEARS LESS CLOTHES THAN THE GIRLS. And yet they keep acting like the Japanese games industry is some fucking vile rape den of problematicness.

a7bb0c No.309230


>caring this much about a shit tier character

You never played SF enough to be worth missing. Au revoir cunt.

a7bb0c No.309231

File: 1450018683290.jpg (23.4 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Splat_Tim.jpg)


>not getting the point

>being this retarded

a7bb0c No.309233

Crapcom was so in the Red that they barelly had money to make any game after RE6 flopped, the reason SFV is comming exclusively for Sony… (end by exclussive i mean not in Xbone cus it's also comming for PC) is because Sony probably gave them the money they needed to complete it, Crapcom's money trouble are probably also the reason why they outsoursed QA to their fans releasing the Beta demos so gamer could report bugs.

But now they fucked up BIG, the game is comming to PC, wich means the modded uncensored pirated version wont take long after the original is released, and everyone who did not buy in day one is gonna opt for the uncensored free version.

Crapcoms only hope to make money of STV by now would be fighting tournaments, wich won't include Xbone tournaments and thei'll have to compete with all the other fighters like KoF, Guilty Gear, Blazz Blue, Mortal Kombat, DoA, Tekken…

Crapcoms money problem become even more evident when you realize the rented Akuma for the next Tekken game.

Thei are polar bear and the ice beneath their feet is melting what they did with all this censorship crap is ligh a bonfire in the hopes that the SJW ship passing by the distance would save them from sinking and drowning, and that's only gonna melt the ice faster

a7bb0c No.309234

File: 1450020079505.png (195.75 KB, 600x665, 120:133, bing.png)

a7bb0c No.309235


It makes no sense why they keep doing this dumb shit. They make small changes but they are impossible to not notice or have them feel like they just spit right in your face. It's like the Pillars of Eternity thing. It was just a stupid fucking limerick but it was so goddamn direct. They pissed right in our faces. I never knew game developers were so fucking weak.

a7bb0c No.309238

File: 1450021766808.jpg (815.63 KB, 1380x1612, 345:403, shill bingo.jpg)


noice, almost as good as shill bingo.

a7bb0c No.309241

File: 1450024243872.jpg (43.43 KB, 315x450, 7:10, 580d24eeb92dbb8b3efdc20b08….jpg)



Maybe you'd have some extra cash


at the fucking least put the Breath of Fire people into your fighting vidyas, goddamn

So many fucking characters and so few property imports.





yaaaaar, found ye /scurv/y dog! Begone wit ye, kucktaku! Not even ghazi posts are this retardedly cocksucking of triple-A faGGots!


The biggest foreign investments in anime so far have been things like Big O and GeoArmor Kishin Corps. Somehow I don't think we've got to worry about SJs funding the creation aspect.

It's all down to training our own autists to make more accurate translations, and getting in good with nipbongs, all Carpe Fulgar-like.


We should convince From Software and Agetec to bring back Galerians.

Get all those feminitz whipped into a frenzy about muh edgy shota simulator, then use their same tactics on them like whining about the sexual exploitation of Rion. (It's a buncha psychic kids running around with BDSM slave chokers and skintight hotpants ffs)

>>309233 Or they can just sell their whole stable of unused characters to other studios (Tecmo and Arc System for the fighting game stable and Tri-Ace for RPGs and the rest)

Also why is Monster Hunter even acknowledging the rest of these fuckwits. Just have Ryozo split off into your own company like MonHunCom and suck away the last truly profitable fanbase in Capcom.

(I'm sure Nintendo would be willing to foot the bill like they did with Bayonetta if it came to that)

Actually, what Tecmo should do is that, since these characters aren't their "daughterus" and thus they have no sentimental attachment to them…

Partner up with Illusion, buy the non-SF/Darkstalkers characters on the cheap in a huge batch (even non-fighting game characters like the ninja ladies from The Punisher, Knights of the Round, Battle Circuit, Armored Warriors, the D&D Side-scroller, captain commando, etc) and then negotiate for what DSers you can make off with after.

And then make the first truly 100% lewd fighting games (as opposed to the ones Illusion makes where the rape comes after the fighting and is a wholly unrelated part)

Like instead of normal throws/grapples you 'clash' with the initiator starting with an upper hand, and a multi-outcome qte starts that functions like the countering system, except instead of an immediate retaliation it moves the 'advantage' a notch back towards your side, and you can either break away or press-on and turn the tables on the rap-er making them the rap-ee instead!

Basically think Rumble Roses + nudity, which appears to be where the eventual collision of DoA and DoAX would lead anyway.

You make the core play as enjoyable an slick as RR's or normal DoA, and they won't be able to dismiss it as just a porn game.

a7bb0c No.309242


Who is this unfathomably small and bizarre group of people that will not be offended by R Mika's outfit but WILL be offended if they see her slap her own butt?

Also this backwards-ass understanding of consumers always confuses me. It's as if devs nowadays assume that consumers are implicitly inclined to buy their product until they discover something they don't like, when reality is the polar fucking opposite.


>They expect those players will shout at the sky and then buy the game anyway when it comes out.

Which is exactly what's going to happen. It has never not happened.

At times I have to wonder if these self-censorship stunts are just that, stunts. For example, if R Mika was never going to slap her ass on camera in the first place, there would be no controversy. But by revealing it and then censoring it, you get free publicity in the form of reporting and fan bitching.

a7bb0c No.309247


so far all recent anime explicitly aimed at the west failed hard. space dandy, the bioware stuff, name it.

because honestly, what's the point if it's all western? why even bother. the biggest impact of west on anime/manga market so far is watamote. moreover, SJWs will never be their audience as long as nobody buys those expensive blu-ray boxes and embarassing merchandise

a7bb0c No.309248


To be fair to space dandy, it was advertised as being a carbon Cowboy Bebop copy.

When you target a specific group of fans, and then burn them, intentionally or not, their motivation to ensure your lack of sales becomes that much harder.

Sometimes, hey, maybe there's a demographic elsewhere sick and tired of their own company's shit, so you actually do gain. But betting on that being a common occurrence is imbecilic at best.

Soul Calibur is a pretty good example, 4 and 5 were geared more towards tourneyfags, but Capcom was engaging in some massive DLC fuckups at the time, and just lost a massive load of PR from the MML3 cancellation. Then there was a bunch of people buttmads at Tekken for whatever reason (Never played the series so I couldn't tell ya.) Both times Namco profited by thumping their old demographic, because someone else fucked up worse. They bled out less solo/storyfags than the tourneyfags they brought in.

a7bb0c No.309277


a7bb0c No.309283


Cowboy Bebop is mainly liked by entry level faggots who probably watch Adventure Time and think the only other anime is Akira. You couldn't really expect to milk those people for money. They probably already moved on from anime to become slaves to the man and only watch Pixar films with their brats, who they don't dare have babysat because of millennial logic.

a7bb0c No.309284

Is it true Capcom is trying to back peddle and lied that this was due to the ERSB?

a7bb0c No.309294


SJWs aren't the audience of games either, and look where that's gotten us.


I see those people complain all the time that "anime is dead," and they don't even know Space Dandy exists (or any other post-Bebop show that could be considered "Western friendly").

a7bb0c No.309296


>I see those people complain all the time that "anime is dead," and they don't even know Space Dandy exists (or any other post-Bebop show that could be considered "Western friendly").

They also run Anime News Network.

a7bb0c No.309312

Censorship sux.

a7bb0c No.309324

I (and thousand of others) said that the japanese games woudnt be safe for ever. maybe now japanese gamers will hear us

a7bb0c No.309359

File: 1450106574205.gif (123.57 KB, 300x239, 300:239, backpedaling.gif)

a7bb0c No.309398


Only ANN actually does that shit in any meaningful way, and /a/ (not ANN - with its tiny dying forums and "news" exclusively sourced from yaraon) is the 800-pound gorilla of anime fandom in the english-speaking world. Crunchyroll and MAL stay out of the fray and the forums mock SJWs.

a7bb0c No.309434


if its just for ratings then I don't think its that much of a big deal. Movies do that shit all the time.

a7bb0c No.309437

File: 1450167720117.jpg (258.23 KB, 700x900, 7:9, 1445567287572.jpg)



Now this is an idea i can get behind all these characters thrown to the wayside locked away in some harddrive in CAPCOM offices somewhere forgotten and abandoned.

If all these characters were introduced ROLL & DEVILOT would be called pedobait and Lilith would be considered a sex symbol by "team remove things i don't like because it offends me".

Reminds me of when NAMCo took out Seung MIna from Soul calibur and replaced her with literal who female characters.

a7bb0c No.309444

File: 1450178017906-0.png (18.26 KB, 626x265, 626:265, REEEEE GOOBERGABBERS GET O….png)

File: 1450178017919-1.jpg (119.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ll.jpg)


I said something negative about social justice or feminism on MAL's forums, and I was warned by a moderator. He also nuked the entire thread, just in case. I later said yet more negative things about social justice or feminism, and this time my IP address was banned site-wide and probably for life. Meaning that I can't even view the site from that address anymore.

That's next level craziness. ANN was satisfied with merely banning me and deleting all my posts. When the social justice warriors rise up, MAL will be first in line to get pegged, and their staff will be well-positioned to control the narrative thanks to their large userbase.

Something I've learned about the "anime fandom" in the West is that there are very, very few people who are truly anime fans. Most people are apologetic, sheepish and self-deprecating about their interest in anime, and will never defend it. And then there's the way otaku and "otaku anime" are treated in the fandom; imagine if /v/ (on either site) was full of constant complaints about how gamers have killed games by forcing developers to pander to them, and that there should be more games for non-gamers. That's what the Western anime fandom is like. /a/ isn't like that, but they still lack the kind of belief in their hobby that gamers have. And they probably think they can just stay locked in their ivory tower of elitism and nothing that happens in the West is of any concern to them.

a7bb0c No.309455

There's enough non-PC anime already out to last several lifetimes. There might be reason for worry, but there's no reason for panic yet.

Besides, in the last 3 years, the opposition to SJWs has increased massively. There's no reason to believe that they'll be able to metastasize further.

a7bb0c No.309486


>Lilith would be considered a sex symbol

Well she is a succubus and there is some rather risque official art of her. Problem would be when people are unable to tell a loli from a petite. Lilith is definitely in petite territory.

a7bb0c No.309491


>"anime fandom" in the West is that there are very, very few people who are truly anime fans.

It's usually casuals who only watch whatever was localized or licensed here. Or SJWs who latch onto the series, pic related, onlyAnd /a/ NEEDED to lock itself away. Did you see what happened to /co/, who didn't? /a/ and /sp/ are the last boards on 4chan that tell the mods to fuck themselves.

a7bb0c No.309492

File: 1450205757418.png (76.17 KB, 872x548, 218:137, mcinretard.png)


Don't know what happened.

Or SJWs who latch onto the series, pic related, only because it features man bashing or guys who don't score in most cases.

a7bb0c No.309518

I love GG

>gets mad when they aren't allowed to look at fanservice of slutty women

>movement started because they hate slutty women

a7bb0c No.309523


>gets mad when they aren't allowed to look at fanservice of slutty women

"Get mad when a bunch of self-righteous, moralizing puritanical assholes proclaim themselves what should be allowed in games and what shouldn't", more like, but don't let facts get in the way of your strawman.

>movement started because they hate slutty women

The "movement" started because one "slutty woman" happened to be connected to a clique of the aforementioned assholes, which merrily went along in trying and kill any media coverage whatsoever of her ex-boyfriend venting about just how fucking shitty a person she was.

a7bb0c No.309524


>proclaim themselves what should

*proclaim themselves arbiters of what should

a7bb0c No.309616


>It's okay to cheat on and abuse people, and for companies to exploit people willing to do that by running a casting couch

>But god forbid someone slap their own butt

Are you retarded, anon?

a7bb0c No.309664


Look, I know you're mad that you can't get any landwhale with dyed hair to touch your penis and I understand you have no idea what you're talking about. But there are better ways to deal with it then being retarded on the internet. Have you considered suicide?

a7bb0c No.309826

Start a petition for a patch that returns it to the original. That way prudes can have their prudish butt slap and perverts can have the pervy butt slap.

a7bb0c No.326155


a7bb0c No.326189

Bump to get over the spam

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