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53d95e No.309179

Hey guys, found some really decent ammunition. Surprised this hasn't been posted up.


53d95e No.309180


I'm pretty sure it was posted when Mark first made the video. His stuff is good, especially the video calling out Borderlands 2's terrible writing.

53d95e No.309202

File: 1449983385973.jpg (31.24 KB, 599x555, 599:555, 1448939070056.jpg)


This is a solid video well articulated and fun to listen to.

All the these twitter screen-caps

These guys use twitter as their base to launch attacks on people they don't like,the big question to me is ho these guys were able to get so much traction i never even heard of this term "SJW" till last year.

53d95e No.309217

Sometimes, not always but SOMETIMES I've seen you guys act very similar to SJWs when you tried to get someone fired, not for actually undefendable shit like Sam Biddle's tweets about bullying but simply over having SJW views. Just now I brought up a guy I think is an annoying idiot and one of the responses was "let's contact his employers". Earlier a bunch of people decided to email Nintendo because they have a SJW working for them even though, as far as I know, there was no proof she got the sexual stuff in Nintendo games censored because she appears to be the sexuallly perverted sort of SJW who just closes her eyes and ignores the typical sex-negativity of the movement hoping the cognitive dissonance will go away (and please correct me if I'm wrong and there really ARE clear connections that she was the one who did it)

Basically, let's not become like SJWs. If someone's shitty views reflect in their work, like the "localizers" who make Orwellian editing jobs that shift the meaning to be more politically correct, then fuck 'em. But if the dumb shit is only said on their private Twitters then they have every right to say that stuff no matter how stupid it is; they shouldn't be fired for this, people should instead offer counter-arguments.

53d95e No.309218


Oh yeah, and obviously games with SJW viewpoint scan also exist and the people who make them shouldn't be fired. I'm talking about those who try to sneakily insert shit into other people's work to fit their ideas; like the "Gamergate creepshows" Funimation bullshit.

53d95e No.309226

Good vid

53d95e No.309239

I suppose most people here would already be subscribed to Action Points

He was an Airplay panelist

53d95e No.309287


>I've seen you guys act very similar to SJWs when you tried to get someone fired

Name one.

53d95e No.309291

File: 1450062075283.png (127.1 KB, 500x433, 500:433, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah nice try.

SJWs are lousy with that shit. There's an entire goddamn thread about it. They're always the first people to call for resignations. Nobody else comes close

Of course pointing out simple things like that has the shills crawling out of the woodwork.

53d95e No.309351


>when you tried to get someone fired

Like Jenn Frank?

Who made an article about someone she was intimate with without disclosure?

That kind of thing is based on unethical/corrupt behavior, not mere disagreement. SJWs make it a crusade to homogenize opinion at all costs.

If anything, we're pushing for more diversity of ideas. Let SJWs say whatever they want, some of us even defended Bahar Mustafa's free speech to be offensive to white men (personally, I say, as long as there is no actual personal threats involved or similar obviously wrong behavior that is not just based on the fact of an idea or speech being offensive, but meaning to harm a person), because we want free speech to be a universal right.

Let SJWs speak and you got the best redpill you could want in your hands, just point their idiotic behavior to normal people and let them conclude themselves who's pushing the current radfem narratives on media and governments, and what kind of crazy and authoritarian view of the world they have.

53d95e No.309354


this pic is getting so much mileage, the artist must be proud. Is it Patri-Archie?

53d95e No.309509

Action Points doesn't get posted enough

53d95e No.326149


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