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File: 1450175203431.jpg (327.83 KB, 623x637, 89:91, zqs.jpg)

721fcd No.309442


Seems like a reasonable opportunity to document the abuse you've received at the hands of SJWs for the past year and a bit.

721fcd No.309448


As kekworthy as it sounds, interacting with LW is simply a lose lose situation. She'll either use the number (but the content) of our replies to support her sophic side of the argument or she'll cry misogyny, which is losing is gravitas,but none the less going to get her more media attention.

It is best to just not touch the poop, as tempting as it is.

721fcd No.309466

Yeah, I'm tempted to to write a long ass rant on how your professional journo buddies have constantly disparaged me as a horrible person for not outright condemning people who like digital titties, mevrouw van Valkenburg - sorry, that's "iníon Quinn" now, isn't it? - but I think I'll pass.

721fcd No.309472

File: 1450195745250.jpg (149.6 KB, 400x724, 100:181, 1411394612988.jpg)


Tried to open it.

The link asked me for a google account which i do not have,now i could make one just for this alone.

I just don't consider myself harassed by a bunch of multi colored,twitter using,narrative spinning harpies

That crashoverdrive thing is still a thing? i thought it crashed and burned down months ago.

721fcd No.309473

File: 1450195992293.png (432.23 KB, 1314x622, 657:311, crashing this overdrive wi….PNG)


Could have sworn that clock had less days the last time i checked it.

721fcd No.309475


>Crash override network

It's literally a page of copy paste from real suicide watch charities and a link to her Twitter and Patreon.


It's sync'd to your computer's clock, I watched my roll over months ago. It literally counted down to 0 and then flipped straight back to 365 days. CON isn't even a registered charity; its, well, its a con.

If people are desperate to send her stuff I'd suggest ending with any recognisable greentext story ending like bel air or walking dinosaurs. That way she can't use it, or we can force her to show she's using shitty data to fit her needs. Remember she isn't an acedemic either.

I still think it's best to simply ignore her.

721fcd No.309484


>shitpost or ignore it

This. Any actual abuse or harassment that doesn't fit her narrative will just get ignored anyway.

721fcd No.309487

File: 1450204463316.png (306.74 KB, 1114x1087, 1114:1087, ZQsurvey.png)

It's worth submitting a realistic couple of cases, even if it happened to you 15 years ago on the GameFAQs forums or something, so that we have a foot in the door on how this crap is actually supposed to work going forward. Just pull up the list of signal words from Patri-Archie or something and write about how problematic and triggering to your PSTD the genderqueer bias was to your inclusive intersectional sensibilities. Progressive. Deadnaming. Trans rights.

721fcd No.309489


Or we can document the abuse we received and she would be screwed if she ignored it and tried to use this for anything more legitimate than a blog post.

721fcd No.309490


You can test poop all you like anon but it's still poop and now you have a shitty finger. We don't need to calculate the inner machinations of LW, we want her to disappear and the only way to do that is to show the poop covered media that she's yesterdays turd and nobody is interested in what she has to say or what she does.

Giving her stuff to winge about on twatter doesn't help

721fcd No.309493


This so much. The absolute worst thing to do to LW1 is to try and make sure she falls into complete obscurity again. Keep a watch on things in case she somehow gets on the news again, and be ready to counter that, but otherwise just ensure everyone knows she can't be trusted and let her fade.

721fcd No.309496

File: 1450211135775.png (146.7 KB, 635x457, 635:457, 1449952930799.png)


>It's sync'd to your computer's clock

BRB purging internet cache as well as cookies and other assorted internet based dohickies.

721fcd No.309497


>she would be screwed if she ignored it

Sure, pushing stuff into the poop might give you one opportunity to say, "Gotcha! Now everyone can see you're poop!" again but literally nobody but gamergate will care. There will be one thread "LW BTFO kek! Saltier than Lot's wife roflmao" and maybe a few stupid shits that have managed to miss a whole year of LW being shitty before tweets are deleted and essentially lost from the public conscious (the "Normiesphere" of information if you will).

OK so brilliant, we have a couple of laughs but what have we really achieved? LW has exactly what she wants attention, those meanies at /grampagroupshq/ have struck again and our strong female protagonist despite the combined crushing weight of their [redacted for too triggering] has fought and won triumphantly against the mysogynerds, bringing use the holy grail of the week that is citations to her own C:\\!!!! OH HOW HUMBLE AND MEEK WE ARE BEFORE THEE, CHELSEA….

You get the picture, she get attention and cements her stay in the "Normiesphere" till she pulls of her next stunt. They say you can't polish a turd but you can and the media is very good at it. Don't make it easier.


I'm no expert btw, thats just what I remember from a thread that happened months ago.

721fcd No.309502


So then we do absolutely nothing while she makes up whatever narrative she wants.

That C drive citation helped kill the UN's support of her shit. In the end, there was no obvious victory for us, but a bunch of defeats, albeit silent, for her.

721fcd No.309532

File: 1450227001436.jpg (9.24 KB, 199x249, 199:249, 1447877652007.jpg)


>she makes up whatever narrative she wants.

He narrative is so poorly constructed that it's self-deconstructing; anyone who hasn't either stuck his dick in her, drunk the koolaid, or is listening to someone who has done either or both, and actually takes the time to actually LOOK at the record of events, versus what she claims what happened, her narrative will fall apart on it's own.

She has every indication of having Borderline Personality Disorder, so naturally the web of built up so thick that she can't navigate it herself anymore.

Based on my personal experience with another Borderline girl like her; by now, she's stabbed so many people probably burned all her bridges on the aGG side, that she's probably looking to eject herself from the Literally Who clique, reinvent herself (while blaming her friends for all the shit she's done), and find a new clique that is unaware of her track-record to wreck.

There is also a high likelihood she may try to switch sides to GG under an new non de plume, claiming that "I was deceived" and/or "I was abused" and/or "please help me get back at the friends I betrayed trusted"

You know… this is total tinfoil here, but…

With her track record of autism and need for attention, as well as, being a Something Awful helldump troll; I wouldn't be surprised that if she hasn't already tried to insert herself into the Cancer Crew hierarchy and may be partially responsible for some of the recent a/GGR/ro sperg dox faggottry…

721fcd No.309744




721fcd No.309752


That wouldn't surprise me.

If she flip flops, it wouldn't be because she truly saw the light, realized what she did and wants to make up for it, it would only be because the clique's ship completely sank and she needs to go elsewhere to continue getting attention.

721fcd No.326151


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