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File: 1450219593846.png (389.82 KB, 598x341, 598:341, 1450218136863.png)

7fac72 No.309513

Bayonetta is going to be a DLC in Super Smash Bros. While this is pretty awesome news, get ready to hear how this is also a "major victory for feminism."

Much like Undertale, it seems that the SJW'sw ant to claim Bayonetta as their own and this is a major win against us sexist gamers.

Just wanted to give everyone a little heads up

7fac72 No.309516

File: 1450221791101.png (30.76 KB, 567x257, 567:257, bull.png)


Seems like they got that news early. They've already started to revise history.

Bayo Studies: Year One – A Deeper Look at the Bayonetta Series



7fac72 No.309517

File: 1450222052262.png (165.16 KB, 500x282, 250:141, tumblr_mof07hxMxu1r2to8go1….png)

stay xenophobic and unable to recognize important games, Nintendo. Never let pic related fucking happen becase why have an actual influential game in your roster when it'd mean acknowledging western devs? Bayonetta was some twat's idea of tracing over a pic of GI Joe's Baroness, while Doom shaped the industry quite a bit.

Burn in hell, Iwata.

7fac72 No.309521

File: 1450223174258.jpg (36.42 KB, 390x390, 1:1, 1447647471153-2.jpg)



Jesus, I fucking hate millennials

7fac72 No.309539

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Are they going to throw their Beata under the bus?

7fac72 No.309540

File: 1450229104629.png (45.58 KB, 589x363, 589:363, 10238952105809582109.png)

7fac72 No.309619

If they abandon Joshnita on this, it means the SJWs are losing. They're changing strategy back to co-opting, which means they are on defense. I think the smart idea here would be to bait Anita/Josh into opening their trap on Bayonetta again to further alienate them from mainstream gamers.

7fac72 No.309622


This, what we have here is an interesting situation where the SJWs can easily monopolize bayonetta praise. If they side with Anita, that is a wasted opportunity.

7fac72 No.309626


Send the girl a link to Anita's video, see how it goes. Likely response: "look, Gator wants to put me in an uncomfortable situation, what a bunch of losers, laugh at em'" (therefore avoiding to take a stance as a bunch of beta manginas applauses the response, missing the fucking point as they always do)

Like Anita's roundabout way to not respond to "what's you taught on mixed classrooms?"

7fac72 No.309627


Let them try and we'll just throw Bayonetta's character critique by saint, martyr & saviour Joshnita Mcinteesian right at their faces

7fac72 No.309663

First they hate her because MUH MALE GAZE and FIGHTING FUCK TOY bullshit and now they like her because she's in Smash? They really are just parasites that latch onto anything they think will help their narrative.

7fac72 No.309690


Bayonetta is practically a second-party character for Nintendo, since they funded the second game and made it a Wii U exclusivity.

Can't say the same about DoomGuy (I still believe Blazkowicz was more important than him).

7fac72 No.309691

File: 1450309760448.png (512.27 KB, 478x510, 239:255, 1383911919458.png)



> "Everything about Bayonetta is designed to attract males, but when Bayo makes it into Smash then it doesn't attract males, it scares them".

Nice logic, perma-victims.

7fac72 No.309725

File: 1450333181611.jpg (250.94 KB, 972x1296, 3:4, 1449435220257.jpg)


It is the same as pretending there are no female protagonists then claiming e3 as a decisive victory due to their shitposting.

pic unrelated

7fac72 No.309735


>In my Fucking Fuck Toy video.


7fac72 No.309739

This is a brilliant opportunity to drive the wedge between normies swept up in PC fever and the hard line SJWs like femfreq and others.

All we need to do is public praise bayonetta, agree with the softcore feminists that she's a good character, etc. However, any SJW e-celeb that's shat on Bayo for being fighting fuck toy trope needs to be sent the archive of their previous post for all to see.

Driving the wedge on the soft core, trying to make them publically denounce e-celebs they previously agreed with isn't a winning strategy. The cognitive dissonance will be mind blowing but it pushes them away from us.

With respect to history being revised I'd say it's half intentional, half Hanlon's razor.

Tl:dr: Time to drive the wedge, go easy on the normies, hard on the ecelebs and journalists.

7fac72 No.309741


What is feminist to claim in Undertale? I mean, look at Alphys, she deliberately engineers problems so she can solve them and be the her- nevermind that's modern feminism.

7fac72 No.309742


That was her second listed video for the series and she and McIntosh are just now getting to it. Expect it to be released early 2016 around Feburary/March and it's nothing but lambasting every sexy kickass girl like Bayonetta, DOA, Street Fighter, KoF, Soul Caliber, Golden Axe, etc.

7fac72 No.309745


But it's /Fighting/ Fuck Toy? There's an actual tweet with her name for the trope written correctly, so it's not like that image was made up but - huh

7fac72 No.309753


How about we start with Undertale's overt anti-violence message and the fact that it has multiple gay characters for no other reason than to make a political statement?

7fac72 No.309754


The first "gay" moment is with a skeleton who doesn't even know what dating is and even turns you down because he "doesn't like you that way." Plus the main character could be a girl, it's never really made obvious.

The second is two guys in sweaty armor and it's an obviously a joke. It reminded me of those two fat guys in I think Pokemon GSC who were facing one another, one's back to the other, and when spoken to, they respond along the likes of "Is it weird there's two big guys standing next to each other"

The third is Mettaton who is ridiculously fabulous and camp, but otherwise sexuality is never brought up.

And finally there's Undyne and Alphys, which is completely unknown until the end and is also played for laughs and poked fun of throughout, even by Mettaton during the quiz game.

If anything, this goes AGAINST the narrative because they hate when gays are the focus of the joke. I have no idea how this is a political statement at all.

The anti-violence thing is just done as a twist on what is usually expected in a video game. You kill random things to level up. But what if those random things had lives and were friendly all along, and YOU were the monster to them? Plus the extent to which the game changes and focuses around killing everything doesn't exactly make that "antiviolence" message work. People WILL kill everything to get that ending.

7fac72 No.309756


Sorry but this just sounds like a completely subjective interpretation to me.

7fac72 No.309757


No more subjective than your own

7fac72 No.309759


If it's subjective then why are you correcting me like your interpretation is an objective fact? I certainly didn't see it the way you do, I thought the gay characters were gay as a sort of soapbox attempt, like, "wow, look how normal this is, am I right anita?"

7fac72 No.309761

File: 1450378198985.png (76.77 KB, 360x289, 360:289, shovelKnightBrandish-360x2….png)

If you want to do more than bitch and whine, start hunting for info. To make a case for hypocrisy we will need:

* Examples of people condemning Bayonetta as anti-feminist. Names, dates, URLs, archives.

* Examples of people praising Bayonetta as feminist. Names, dates, URLs, archives.

After collecting the info, look for patterns of people saying the same thing at the same time. >>309516 and >>309540 are a start, but a total of two tweets does not mean anything.

7fac72 No.309763


>be Doomguy in Smash

>can't attack upwards

>can't attack downwards

>can't duck

>can't jump

Worse than Dan Hibiki in Street Fighter.

7fac72 No.309771


Yes because we all know that every character in Smash plays 100% accurate to their source. You know how Duck Hunt dog's only moves are to bark, pick up ducks and giggle at the screen?

7fac72 No.309795

File: 1450410842885.png (81.22 KB, 292x340, 73:85, 1448266735222-2.png)


Almost makes me want to go out an buy a new console just to play this game with this character.

I wonder if there will be the usual whining about "hurr durr sexualises women hurr durr something something"

7fac72 No.309850

File: 1450535135547.jpg (48.33 KB, 383x373, 383:373, Burning.jpg)


What a two-faced cunt. Feminists have been trash-talking Bayonetta for fucking YEARS.

7fac72 No.309853


>Golden Axe

Oh for fuck's sake

She goes after the one game that has a male wearing just a thong

7fac72 No.309855


What does level of violence have to do with feminism? That's some Full McIntosh level thinking, Leader.

They're completely unrelated issues. Jack Thompson doesn't give a shit about feminism but spent years campaigning against video game violence. Valerie Solanas is still hailed as a feminist icon, but unironically advocated killing all men and then shot a guy.

7fac72 No.309861


I want Doomguy too but holy fuck that salt

>Burn in Hell Iwata


7fac72 No.309870


Did she really talked shit about a game were there's nothing sexist? Yeah, the amazon was wearing a swimsuit, so did the barbarian. Also, the reward for beating the game wasn't rescuing a princess but rescuing the king & queen.

7fac72 No.309876


Not talking about feminism in particular, but I'm pointing out how it definitely caters to SocJus.

7fac72 No.309879


SocJus are some of the most pro-violence people you'll meet, though. They just want a monopoly on deciding where it gets aimed. That part of Undertale really has nothing to do with their agenda.

7fac72 No.309899

File: 1450587507132.jpg (5.8 KB, 275x183, 275:183, cocaine-mirror.jpg)


>If they abandon Joshnita on this, it means the SJWs are losing.

Sarkpuppet is just Mary Whitehouse with dwindling Intel victimbux at this point. She was even e-begging for a new mac. Guess powder is expensive these days and she's burned through all the donations.

7fac72 No.309900


Armenians like to say fuck a lot.

7fac72 No.309957

7fac72 No.309978


You can shoot upwards and downwards in classic Doom, and it's actually automatic, you just have to nail the horizontal aiming.

7fac72 No.310022


I'm interested in what convoluted process you would have to go through to make Doomguy a viable character in Smash.

7fac72 No.310173


he makes about as much since as solid snake did

7fac72 No.310437


The Twin Snakes exclusive on GameCube.

Doom in all its games was multiplatform and not at least 1 nintendo exclusive iirc.

7fac72 No.310532


Doom 64 was pretty different from other versions of Doom, if I recall. It's more like a spinoff.

7fac72 No.326165


7fac72 No.326294


A good advice from Bayonetta to Anita Sarkeesian.

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