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File: 1450273536164-0.png (15.23 KB, 438x351, 146:117, bravopew1.PNG)

File: 1450273536164-1.png (10.64 KB, 312x351, 8:9, bravopew2.PNG)

File: 1450273536164-2.png (13.24 KB, 435x268, 435:268, bravopew3.PNG)

File: 1450273536174-3.png (35.49 KB, 432x597, 144:199, bravopew4.PNG)

d462f1 No.309628

Pew Research Centre has done a study on the demographics of gamers using a pool of 2000 samples, with only 925 playing games. Seems pretty low to me.

Page 1: https://archive.is/pSely

Page 2: https://archive.is/amMYM

Page 3: https://archive.is/qjrdx

Page 4: https://archive.is/FXmnW

Page 5: https://archive.is/XZkD5

Page 6: https://archive.is/19YGR

d462f1 No.309634



what a worthless survey and waste of time. Somebody was paid a lot of government grant money to do what is essentially an obfuscating piece of high school busy work.


Who was in charge of this survey? Because this is the sort of thing SJWs really want; a cushy, do-nothing job that pays out the ass, you don't have a boss, and your money comes from god-knows-where so the spigot is harder to shut off. I could look at 2000 responses to some retarded surveys I throw up on MMORPG.com or surveymonkey, parse the data & make TIME magazine-worthy infographics in an afternoon when I'm bored, and I frequently do; I'm posting in /gghq/ after all.

I don't expect to be paid for it. I don't mind that other people have cushy, do-nothing jobs. But I have a problem with ideologues having cushy, do-nothing jobs that stand in direct opposition to the health and welfare of a hobby that keeps me sane. Bring me my shovel.

d462f1 No.309635

File: 1450281358215.jpg (126.63 KB, 592x1017, 592:1017, 1450207166209.jpg)

d462f1 No.309637

File: 1450282006244.png (282.45 KB, 1862x1140, 49:30, pewresearchcenter.png)

d462f1 No.309639

File: 1450282806146.gif (237.31 KB, 500x364, 125:91, 2eb.gif)

>Pew research

you know if you changed one letter.

d462f1 No.309640

File: 1450282855326.jpg (147.74 KB, 600x380, 30:19, rotary_phone[1].jpg)



Did they answer their phone on one of these too?

d462f1 No.309641

File: 1450283085199.png (142.09 KB, 1312x1140, 328:285, pewdetails.png)


The staff page and Pew Charitable Trust are goldmines. One of the names immediately stuck out as a regular contributor/connection for TIME

d462f1 No.309662

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

They talk about it here.

d462f1 No.309665

File: 1450293565464-0.png (57.77 KB, 1200x864, 25:18, Male-dominated-YouTube-cat….png)

File: 1450293565465-1.png (27.2 KB, 1200x468, 100:39, Female-dominated-YouTube-c….png)

Meanwhile, actual statistics from youtube…

d462f1 No.309670

File: 1450297162905.jpg (185.5 KB, 600x839, 600:839, 1419206872840.jpg)


There's something wrong with the second image as the gap between males and females is way too close.

I smell bullshit.

d462f1 No.309706

>People who play games mobile


Muddles everything and theres seems to be alot of cherry picking with a low number of people.

d462f1 No.309733

File: 1450339208955-0.pdf (573.97 KB, Social-Media-Update-2015-F….pdf)

File: 1450339208957-1.pdf (1.9 MB, Pew2015Friendships.pdf)

d462f1 No.309765


>portray of minorities

I never understood why people even care about this. Like, why does it matter?

d462f1 No.309770


>I never understood why people even care about this. Like, why does it matter?

They don't, and it doesn't. Sargon did a video about this, progs did a study quite a while back and found that gamers don't give a shit one way or the other. The study was titled "he could be a bunny rabbit for all I care" which was a quote from a black mtf trannie. Nobody cares about identity politics except for the people who PUSH identity politics.

The people who say that it doesn't matter that Darth Vader was actually white, he was voiced by a black guy and dressed in black so he's a racist portrayal of black people as evil.

The people who say that race and gender are both fluid constructs, and stated just yesterday that the black cops in Baltimore who just went to trial for that other black guy's death "didn't count as black" and were "white African-Americans".

d462f1 No.309772


Because a SJW's god is non-whiteness.

d462f1 No.309781


Dumb human psychology reasons.

It's literally less mental energy to see yourself in something that looks like you. So when you're talking about "realistic" characters, their perceived race can change the way you relate to them. With abstract characters, like cartoons, features become more universal, so you end up with the perceived Black-ness of Bugs Bunny or Bart Simpson.

That means it is (on average) *literally more relaxing* to play a videogame that features a character who you perceive as being the same race as yourself. This is less meaningful on the level of one specific game, where a variety of factors can influence whether something is fun to play, but in aggregate across dozens of games released over several years, not encountering characters that seem like you can create a general air of games (or television, film, musical theater, etc) being "for" other people and not you.

That's one reason why some people care about media representation of different kinds of people.

d462f1 No.309808

File: 1450415521612.png (86.6 KB, 420x278, 210:139, ClipboardImage.png)


I get that these guys want representation for your own fantasies, but the work doesn't even belong to them, it belongs to the ones that created it.

It's practically rabid fanfiction writers shouting at authors or artists at this point to include their own self-insert MarySue fantasies.

no surprise that Tumblr is the spiritual successor of Livejournal in this regard

d462f1 No.309810


So they're exercising the power they do have: saying "I'd be more likely to buy and say nice things about something if I saw I was being represented."

It's up to publishers and developers to decide what to do with that information. It's not like somebody's using genie wishes to bend minds or anything. People are free to buy what they like, and they're free to tell developers what they want to see.

d462f1 No.309857


you can tell them what you wish to see, but they are under no obligation to do as you request, and playing emotional blackmail by shouting 'sexism' and 'racism' is a shitty thing to do.

remember when the journos said witcher 3 was too white? fucking morons.

d462f1 No.326156


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