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File: 1450395075414.jpg (18.09 KB, 310x174, 155:87, aaaanditsgone.jpg)

bcd358 No.309776

A blog that gives chronology and "criticism" from an SJW perspective of the Gamergate hashtag is expiring soon. Ironic that the latest update (which predicts that Gamergate is "spiraling into silence") is dated November of 2014.

https://gamergatecritique.wordpress.com/2014/10/22/what-is-gamergate/#more-15 (Goes to actual website).

When first loading the page, I am given a popup that tells me that this domain name has expired and needs to be renewed. Could be an opportunity of two things. Archiving and buying it out (partially for keks). Any other ideas?

Wayback machines archive link here: http://web.archive.org/web/20150801131905/http://gamergatecritique.com/ Not sure if it will be reliable long term.

https://www.godaddy.com/domains/searchresults.aspx?checkAvail=1&domainToCheck=https%3A%2F%2Fgamergatecritique.wordpress.com <<< Is this the method to buying the website?

bcd358 No.309777

I'll buy it right now if it couldn't be traced back to my name

bcd358 No.309778

Literally the first I've ever heard of this website that apparently even the owners didn't care about.

It's your money, but as long as aGG controls Wikipedia, I don't think this is going to matter either way.

bcd358 No.309799

File: 1450412924168.png (562.4 KB, 720x544, 45:34, 1436501968-47e973340535dde….png)


Someone buy it and turn it into a website for gay porn.

The fact that it was abandoned since last year shows that it is has less value than a dog turd though.

There are much better things to spend money on this yuletide season.

bcd358 No.309803

I can't help that spending that money on Toys for Tots would be a better usage of funds.

bcd358 No.309805

how much would it cost?

bcd358 No.309807

>>309805 Godaddy site above has a list of prices for it. I think it is under $10 bucks.

bcd358 No.310133


We use it to write a satirical blog decrying GG and crank the poe's law up to eleven.

"Some say Blackout during the Storm Last Wednesday May Have Linked to Gamergate."

"The SPCA has found an increase in the amount of dogs not being spayed or neutered. GamerGate involvement suspected"

"The letters #BLM found spraypainted on numerous buildings in wake of protest. Police suspect this "#BLM" may be a division of Gamergate"

bcd358 No.310172


Don't be a poe, faggot. Poes are the most worthless shits on the planet.

bcd358 No.310197

If I had ten bucks I'd scoop it up and put up info on known pedos and other general sleazebags against GG.

bcd358 No.310309



>Poes are the most worthless shits on the plane

Spreading disinfo for the lulz to an audience of SJWs mentally handicapped to check facts as long as it goes with the narrative?


bcd358 No.310353


Use it to black ops them.

Get wikipedia to cite pages on the site that spread truth under the house of narrative

bcd358 No.326164


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