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File: 1450738144225.jpg (29.33 KB, 560x293, 560:293, gg.jpg)

c1fcf1 No.310096

As some of you may be aware, last week I started doing a weekly recap series on the major happenings and events surrounding the GamerGate conversation. If anyone has any happenings or events they feel should have be included, please suggest them to me in this thread. Please only submit happenings and events that have transpired on or after December 15th. Below is what I have down so far (some of which may not make it in the final cut).

>Updates to Previous Weeks

* BobMugabe35 has been unsuspended from reddit after outing Feminist Frequency associate as pedophile

>New Information

* Airplay 2 crowdfunding reaches over $1,000

* A "generous benefactor" has volunteered to fund half of Airplay 2

* LolKing.net Site Director drops truth-bombs about GamerGate

* Sony head confirms DOAX3 Western release canceled due to "cultural differences"

* Ryulong returns to RationalWiki after GethN7 exposé

* KotakuInAction rule change regarding political discussions

* Two new DeepFreeze updates

* Sony executive criticizes Western gaming media's focus on "sexism"

* Koretzky responds to criticism about the Kunkel Awards

* Pew study on gaming reveals 40% of Americans think games make people violent

* New concerns over CISA bill arise, may be expanded and included as a rider to another bill

* Tim Schaefer's new crowdfunding service, Fig, is caught in corruption scandal

* Ars Technica falsely blames school shooting threats on 8chan

* SJWs launch public outcry about Bayonetta appearing in Smash 4

* Buzzfeed allegedly DMCAs Honey Badger Radio livestream

* Right2Play campaign launches featuring Stan Lee and tries to eliminate/diminish stigma against gamers. They reach out to KotakuInAction for support and are attacked by SJWs.

* Gamasutra & 1UP writer defames Twin Galaxies and GamerGate over #Right2Play campaign

* Adam Baldwin suspended on Twitter, forced to delete GamerGate tweet

* New series of corruption updates to DeepFreeze

* Infinity Next goes live on 8chan, beta versions of /GGRevolt/, /GamerGate/ and /GamerGateHQ/ go down

c1fcf1 No.310108

wow seriously? so many stuff not having its thread in here, what the shit.

news threads required.

c1fcf1 No.310170

would be nice if OP had supplied links to all these things

but still, nice news update OP :)

c1fcf1 No.310174

File: 1450806682877-0.png (153.35 KB, 610x347, 610:347, jimbosterling.PNG)

File: 1450806682878-1.jpg (34.24 KB, 268x268, 1:1, trannygladiator.jpg)

File: 1450806682878-2.png (168.22 KB, 282x327, 94:109, 03b.PNG)

Roninworks messaged Shuhei Yoshida on Western gaming culture


Jim Sterling and some writer called Laura from Destructoid UK stirred shit over the word tranny over a crap greenlight game.

Allum wrote an article about how the pew research on progressive identity politics hardly affected gamers

Shitaku being hypocrites said they will stop people from spoiling Star Wars even when Gawker is being a shitbag purchasing leaks.

Censorship is still being plausibly denied.


Some Vice writer comes out as full man-hater.

Tina Fey says she dislikes outrage culture.


FF7 Remake may be censored (honeybee inn and crossdressing most likely) due to the poisonous environment of regressive crybaby fucks.

Steam sales are on.

c1fcf1 No.310176

maradydd goes off on the social justice racket


/n/ adds a Gamergate Controversy Controversy article to Wikipedia


c1fcf1 No.310177


> Jim Sterling and some writer called Laura from Destructoid UK stirred shit over the word tranny over a crap greenlight game.

It was more than stirring shit, they asked for protection money.



c1fcf1 No.310178

Progressive PR firm FitzGibbon Media shuts down after its founder is accused of sexual harassment.


Rad Campaign's anti-GG press release was managed by Naomi Seligman who ran FitzGibbon's California office.



On the one hand it looks like they recycled an earlier press release from June that went nowhere and added Gamergate to it.


On the other hand, one of the people involved in the later press release was Katherine Cross of Feminist Frequency, who was not named in the first press release. Who reached out to whom?

c1fcf1 No.310179


>FF7 Remake may be censored (honeybee inn and crossdressing most likely) due to the poisonous environment of regressive crybaby fucks.

It's episodic too, they're releasing the game in parts which at best could be each disk and I dare not think about how they might slice it at worst.

I bet they'll fuck with materia too so the game plays like kingdom hearts. God I ducking hate SE

c1fcf1 No.310181

ReverseSolipsist says Goodbye Cruel World to KiA. This was one of the earliest and most influential GGers on Reddit.



The #ReclaimTheInternet hash tag was launched and hijacked.


China launched its Sesame Credit system. Some reports say it incorporates party loyalty into people's credit reports. Alibaba and Tencent are involved.



c1fcf1 No.310182

Trolls tried to pressure /v/'s Mark into resigning like they tried to do to Acid Man. When he refused, they went to recruit /cow/ to do their bidding and were laughed at and their thread was deleted.


c1fcf1 No.310184


And the same trolls went to baph when /cow/ closed the door in their face


c1fcf1 No.310205

File: 1450825332613.png (1.01 MB, 960x540, 16:9, 144959292237.png)


Fuck m8 this is amazing i had no idea this much shit was happening this week, i really should get my head out of my ass and pay attention more often.

c1fcf1 No.310206

File: 1450826085715.png (637.51 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, Ascended memes.png)


Official Vivian James green and purple hoodies go on sale recently comes in many sizes and is unisex to boot so you can give that special someone a Vivian James hoodie today.

c1fcf1 No.326161


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