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File: 1458440709633-0.jpg (113.99 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Asuka challenge.jpg)

File: 1458440709816-1.jpg (20.24 KB, 815x126, 815:126, CUCKED.jpg)

File: 1458440709816-2.jpg (66.79 KB, 783x664, 783:664, KOTAKU 2016.jpg)

File: 1458440709816-3.jpg (14.83 KB, 384x251, 384:251, PRODUCTIVE.jpg)

c97401 No.319778





Playstation Store







American Express


Note: Chevrolet is running full video banner ads on multiple pages. That = high priority target.


Harley Davidson



Amazon (via Kinja cross promotion)




ABC Television (new series "The Catch"





American Express



Chevrolet (Malibu)

Norton / Symantec



American Express




io9 / Gizmodo (now merged)

Playstation Store



Amazon.com (via Kinja)



Amazon.com (everywhere)



Alright, so we haveb a few of the old advertisers left and a handful of new, big names.

It appears that Gawker's advertising network has dwindled down to the biggest brand advertisers, probably hedging their bets that these companies are too big to be easily swayed by an anonymous email campaign. Instead of tons of smaller advertisers, the list is almost exclusively the Big Boys club - car makers, credit card companies (it took a year to get Discover to drop) and of course, fucking Amazon - Gawkers most steadfast partners and the only ones still there from the early days of DISNOD.

But sway them we must. Gather contact information and compile tactics and evidence in this thread, then spread the thread link to the hubs and social media.



Also I took a couple screencaps as souvenirs. That place gets worse every fucking time I do this…

b82d14 No.319784

G-d's work

3f2d6c No.319797

KiAfag here, I'm out of town at the moment but someone should create a list of ethical violations and batshit insane comments/articles from Gawker and Kotaku.

Some ideas:

* Gawker v Hogan court case comments (pedophilia)

* Nathan Grayson conflicts of interests

* Patricia Hernandez conflicts of interests

* Straight White Male, Lowest Difficulty Setting

* Doxing Gun Owners in NYC

* Gamers Are Dead article

* Outing homosexual man.

* Defaming Brad Wardell.

* Defaming Max Tempkin.

8c3f36 No.319806

File: 1458459410495.jpg (27.04 KB, 600x338, 300:169, dented.jpg)


Here's a list of contact information for those advertisers. It's only missing contact info for Aduino.


47013d No.319818

File: 1458472608298.png (97.91 KB, 499x499, 1:1, redchannitfrog.png)


excellent work anon

e642eb No.319821


Add to that their paedo friendly articles, and descriptive beastiality articles (the rambunctious dolphin ones should make it hard for any advertiser to keep their breakfast down). The paedo ones especially won't go down well with family friendly advertisers. There was one quoted on KiA a long while back that had a really graphic, dubiously legal, description of what one did when grooming their victim.

cc6071 No.319823

About time, lets get emailing.

b775ec No.319825

Do you have any proof that ODN had any affect?

1bf4ee No.319826

File: 1458487769326.jpg (130.87 KB, 400x400, 1:1, TYCA.jpg)

b775ec No.319834


>according to two people in attendance at the meeting.

If there's anything I've learned about anonymous sources, they're worthless.

1bf4ee No.319835


If there's anything I've learned about shills is that they look like you.

1bf4ee No.319841

File: 1458509166322.png (915.1 KB, 1500x5810, 150:581, EverythingIsFine.png)

b775ec No.319857

54b06a No.319858


That's because it's Arduino, makers of Raspberry Pi

a74f5d No.319859


Anyone else get a sorry page you are not looking for message when trying to submit to Chevrolet?

a5bf77 No.319885


Sure, it has no effect. Now sit on your hands, watch the wall in front of you and keep quiet.

fac5e7 No.319899


The link went down, we're gonna need a new one, anon.

24df6e No.319909

File: 1458583529168.png (49.28 KB, 366x445, 366:445, goat and vj png.png)

shared this with voat.

be8c38 No.320203

File: 1458945198790.png (358.59 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 猫が03.png)


In that 3rd pic -what's their beef with Twitch -apart from it being owned by Amazon?

84bdb4 No.320205

File: 1458946812400.gif (594.54 KB, 500x282, 250:141, 1449605321108-0.gif)


>pussy eating…

dat yrui

It's a male "safe space" where streamers can talk shit (to a degree…), and that can't be allowed

50f868 No.322331

File: 1460741583896.png (104.22 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Damn it, Univision.png)

81544f No.322341

File: 1460761147639.png (219.96 KB, 420x483, 20:23, 1423537948374.png)

81544f No.322342

holy shit this place is running smoothly

/v/ is shitting itself right now

eb4780 No.322358

why isn't this stickied?

9d3720 No.322365


why do so many companies have a death wish, partnering with Gawker? really? do they NOT read the news?

is it to pay the cashdown to appeal the case?

9d3720 No.322366


the good news, if it happen they can't pretend to have no money to pay, the bad news is that may allow them to appeal.

fb4c78 No.322458


c7c41a No.322582


that didn't last long

d1c74b No.322603


22561d No.322729


It gets more attention when it pops up once in a while

19e997 No.323867

File: 1463560838381.jpg (9.67 KB, 198x225, 22:25, 1415927448872.jpg)

Anyone got the advertisers for Eurogamer? I'm pretty sure they joined in on shitting on gamers and misrepresenting them. In any case, just look at this article and cite it when telling advertisers not to support Eurogamer.


485ca1 No.323889


Seriously? What's next, them complaining about character in WWII games saying "Kraut" and "Nip"?

6a035d No.323930

You should definitely try and post this to KIA. Those guys could really use some focus. It seems like it's not against the rules to post public emails anymore.

183344 No.324079


25c73a No.324343

File: 1464287856826.jpg (8.91 KB, 276x182, 138:91, madness.jpg)




>bitcoin being some kind of an entity

wat is this fucking nonsense?

letters to advertisers totally work by the way, it had an effect on television for decades, ninnies complaining about seeing something salacious lmao

25c73a No.324344

File: 1464288534609-0.jpg (84.52 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-a-nation-can-survive….jpg)

File: 1464288534609-1.jpg (67.81 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-the-first-and-fierce….jpg)

File: 1464288534610-2.png (43.99 KB, 1000x512, 125:64, quote-Jack-London-the-scab….png)


I find it way more triggering how those Eurogaymer cowards are so bootyblasted over murdering traitors and collaborators, talk about being an entitled western-liberal piece of shit that doesnt know anything about fighting invaders, its like they are arguing against the laws of physics

you can argue the viability of torture, terrorism, hell even agitprop, but this is just delusional

1d4318 No.324346


>not knowing about the bitcoin foundation

God damn you're retarded

732d4c No.324351


oh those fucking cunts ofc, completely irrelevant at best, traitorous establishment moles at worst, fenton should be gassed and hes not even as bad as his predeccesors.

They probably wont be around for much longer, the chink mafia would be a better representative lul

>thinking the Bitcoin foundation represents btc

but im the retard yah huh

>veteran leader of gamergate

hahahahah, thats a joke, right?

anyhow ill let you get back to it supreme leader

8fa07d No.324355


Some of it is just plain old money laundering/tax avoidance sometimes. Like if you already exhausted charitable writeoffs, you find a place to intentionally "lose" money.Sometimes they miscalculate and a place goes faster than they thought or they put too much in initially and that's when the news reports about execs leaping from rooftops come in.

Most confusing one is chevy, either they need to drop a bracket and FAST or Gawker got kicked down several flights of stairs on their ad network ratings and it costs a tenth what it used to.

3eca3c No.324842


Arduino don't make raspberry pi, that's Adafruit

ae416c No.324848

Advertisers for Vox:

Comcast: [email protected], [email protected]

Google Adsense: https://support.google.com/adsense/contact/violation_report

Amazon Associates: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/associates/contact (fill out form)

IBM: http://www.ibm.com/scripts/contact/contact/us/en (fill out form)

AT&T: [email protected]

Reebok: [email protected]

StateFarm: https://online2.statefarm.com/forms/sf/commentsOrQuestions.xhtml (fill out form)

JustforMen: http://combe.com/contact/?product=JFM (fill out form)

BP (oil): [email protected]

Sprinterworker: http://mercedes-benz.custhelp.com/app/ask (fill out form)

Pulses (food): [email protected]

Citi: [email protected]

Vast: [email protected]

Adobe: https://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html (good luck on that maze)

New Amsterdam (Vodka): http://www.newamsterdamspirits.com/ (fill age check, select contact form at bottom)

Allstate: https://messaging.allstate.com/corp.aspx

Booking.com: [email protected]

Starbucks: https://customerservice.starbucks.com/app/contact/ask/ (select company information at bottom)

airbnb: [email protected]

MSNBC: [email protected]

Archived tweet of employee calling for riots:


ae416c No.324849


see http://pastebin.com/V2eFA9GE for actual email addresses

50f868 No.324971

File: 1465663608415.webm (4.8 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Princes of the Universe.webm)

Now that Gawker is gone, what do?

I'm thinking warn as many people about former Gawker staff's fuckups >>324724 and use this thread to continue OPDN against Vice.

b1ecaf No.324972


>Now that Gawker is gone, what do?

>implying Gawker is gone

Gawker is not gone until it dissolves completely.

Dig on whoever buys Gawker. Make sure they get no advertisers. Make it a liability if they buy it.

26dec1 No.324977


I'd wait for them to clean house and see how the new owners set up. We went after Gawker for legitimate reason, going after them after they're basically a new company is just being a butthurt faggot.

b1ecaf No.324981


They aren't cleaning house. The same people fucking with journalism are working there as of today. Until they are living in cardboard boxes outside the building, this is not over.

defa77 No.324984


You are right, we are so close to stomping out the cancer. We have to confirm this dies for good.

f1b2d8 No.324985


They are currently in a holding pattern right now.

Should note that they filed for the "good" kind of bankruptcy. Chapter 11 bankruptcy basically lets you sell shit off but allows you to ultimately walk away fully intact and more to the point, gives the owner full control over how they sell shit off.

Meaning, Denton could sell Kotaku and Jezebel and Deadspin off, plus dip into his own savings, to pay the amount of cash owed Hogan and keep Gawker going. Also, he can keep the business running and doesn't have to fire anyone.

Chapter 7 is the BAD kind of bankruptcy. The kind that means you are fucked beyond all repair and hope of being saved and you owe so much money, you don't even fucking have a right to save what you can or even be picky in how things are sold off to pay the debts.

If they had filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the court would force them to shut down EVERYTHING at Gawker and it's sub sites, because there is no fucking point in keeping them up and running since they are bleeding money they can't pay.

A trustee is appointed by the court and they basically are given the task to sell EVERYTHING that can be sold; the website, the offices, even office equipment, to get cash ASAP to pay off the debts (in this case, the Hogan verdict money). Denton could not say a damn thing and the Gawker office would be stripped of everything, copper wire included, for whatever the trustee could get for it, with the trustee not giving a shit who he sells it too so long as he gets paid.

Chapter 11 is basically "rehabilitation" bankruptcy since you can walk away from it relatively intact. Chapter 7 means you are irrevocably fucked and you can not be saved and are dead dead dead dead.

Should be noted that sometimes companies in Gawkers position will file for Chapter 11 but are forced to go into Chapter 7 by the courts. Granted, those scenarios don't fit the Gawker position, since that happens when a company owes MULTIPLE creditors and are basically already dying and can't be saved. Denton having the cash to pay the verdict money probably helps him out in this regard, as far as the fact that the court will most likely assume that after selling off several of the websites, Denton will "save" Gawker by breaking into his own bank account once he has Kotaku/Jezabel/Deadspin/etc sold, to cover the difference and keep the main Gawker website afloat.

025e30 No.327568


Seven Figures you faggot

And that doesn't take into account lost opportunities

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