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File: 1468819696722.png (168.13 KB, 356x600, 89:150, Anarchismball.png)

4c912f No.325857


The neckbeard finally did it… wow. Longtime 4chan troll Jim Profit finally raises a ruckus by calling out some okcupid mod and their "child sex ring".


Here's her profile. Now all I know of Jim as of late is he sleezes around Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders Facebook pages. I think he must've read Saul Alinskey's rules for radicals or something. As this doesn't seem like his style to randomly attack some upper middle-class white girl out of the blue.

This could be a setup against BLM, I don't know… Jim was palling around with that software site that wanted to dox everybody. and got closed by Kickstarter for being extremely fucking psychotic. Seems Jimmy and the girl went their separate ways but where as she went underground, he's moving on up to more mainstream SJW stuff.

This all smells of CIA bad psyops. That's what trolling used to be called before everyone just assumed it was some dumbass on the internet.

4c912f No.325862

File: 1468829948502.jpg (35.65 KB, 506x506, 1:1, 1457323192275.jpg)


Before some other autist come in and whines about it: where is the vidjys angle?

I understand SJWs getting scammed by a conscious-devoid scammer is amusing, but why should -I- care? This isn't /cow/ or /baph/

4c912f No.325864

Sage. Not a clue what this is about. Having watched the video, I'm none the wiser.

4c912f No.325879


It's probably just drama porn. However I did hear Jim is investing in third party applications for Pokémon Go. You know, things that would help people find out where good hotspots are and stuff.

He seems to focus a lot on knowing where people live.

4c912f No.325976

This guy is a fucking deranged lunatic I like him.

4c912f No.326048



Apparently here he's going after Assigned Male, the tranny webcomic writer/activist.

Of course the tranny is just using it to get more patreon cash, but Jim doesn't even seem to care and is egging them on to part ways with their money. He really is the alt right's Joker to Milo's Bane.

4c912f No.326051


Assigned Male is fucking nuts. Jim Profit is a perfect match for Sophie LaBelle.

4c912f No.326193

Bumped for current

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