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File: 1469865402138.jpg (149.02 KB, 1410x1080, 47:36, 1467097376708.jpg)

bc3084 No.326115

You should make a sticky with a link to Kotaku In Action, this board is dead but KiA is still very active.


bc3084 No.326166


bc3084 No.326172


Nah I hate reddit, I don't know how such a shitty looking website got so popular.

It looks like someone forgot to finish designing it.

bc3084 No.326177

It's not like they post about games any more than here, though. It's all /pol/ tier bullshit and ecelebs. It's like strawberry flavored shit instead of the vanilla shit we serve here.

bc3084 No.326179


There's currently 1038 people browsing KiA.

The only people on GGHQ are Acid, his mods and the people that come here to make fun of Acid for being a faggot.

bc3084 No.326181

The thread with the most points on kia front page is a thread about some guy getting acused of rape and killing himself then his mum killed herself so its a double suicide

hardly gg related

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