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File: 2bd9fb1525999e0⋯.png (21.05 KB, 225x56, 225:56, logo.png)

e0f92b No.327075

The whole damn thing:


Don't assume anything will stay up. Not even the archives.

Download it onto your own machine as .txt files.

The password on the Mega doesn't work, but you can still get it from each pastebin/archive.

Alternative download:





So, the leak is subdivided into what they've done/said. It fits into one or more of these categories:

- Confession of doing something illegal.

- Confession of planning to do something illegal.

- Confession to want to do something illegal.

- Begging for ego stroking or wanting to move up within the clique.

- Something that investors would want to distance themselves from.

- Something normalfags would want to distance themselves from.

- Something "beginner" SJW would want to distance themselves from.

- Something that would redpill "beginner" SJW would realize SJW "leaders" are hypocrits

I assume nothing would dissuade a hardcore SJW.

We need to organize each of those leaks akin to Deep Freeze (without the website- just put it in the file name and for internal use), and then send it to the relevant people (law enforcement, FemFreq advertizors/partners, Twitter shareholders since support won't do jack and social media to kick up a storm. If law enforcement can deal with it- do NOT put it on social media. Or it'll drive other evidence the cops could fin underground)

- Organize.

- Deciding who to send send what to.

- Infograph creation for the above.

- Spread and share.

OP IRC What You Did There?

Post last edited at

e0f92b No.327076


Forgot to archive it:


Also, look into Bro Team Pill's vids.

Yes he rambles on, but he does break down some of it.

e0f92b No.327077


e0f92b No.327078

The "Serious Chat (long)" file starts with Pedo Dan talking about his CP story

e0f92b No.327082

File: 2d75a1342ef2deb⋯.gif (3.06 MB, 320x180, 16:9, hack.gif)

From the thread on /v/ >>>/v/10519063

>This is the list of names with their Twitter handles (the ones were able to get):

- Remy @StephenAtWar

- Athena Hollow @athenahollow

- Ian Cheong @stillgray

- Izzy @iglvzx

- Rob @UnseenPerfidy

- Peter Coffin @petercoffin

- drinternetphd @UnburntWitch

- Chris Kluwe @ChrisWarcraft

- Tesseract @SJWIlluminati

- Charloppe @Nibelsnarfabarf

- Dina @petitemistress

- SecretGamerGirl @SecretGamerGrrl

- Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts @srhbutts

- SF @sfthewolf

- live:riotarms: @knifehorse

- Quinnae @Quinnae_Moon

- Dan Olson @FoldableHuman

- Veerender Jubbal @Veeren_Jubbal

- Alex Lifschitz @alexlifschitz

- David Gallant @davidsgallant

- Faruk Ates @KuraFire

- Annie Kelly @AnnieKNK

- Arthur Chu @arthur_affect

- Ross ???

- nicholas.boterf ???

- Lars Flyger ???

>Nicholas.Boterf is https://twitter.com/untimelygamer. He works in the Classics department at Durham University.






http://untimelygamer.tumblr.com/ (he seems to like erotic visual novel games and cartoon titties quite a bit, lol)

e0f92b No.327083

File: 8a8ebea4c5cb9c2⋯.png (598.5 KB, 1961x3881, 1961:3881, Con - FemFreq - Intel Supp….png)

File: d3d33600b5f1277⋯.png (96.96 KB, 1523x1985, 1523:1985, Con - Twitter support Harr….png)

File: de178ba1e4dc16a⋯.png (10.58 KB, 657x79, 657:79, Tesseract is SJWilluminati….png)


I've set up a thread on 8diamonds, get all hands on deck for it.

Have some infographs, and Cheong confirming (verify) who someone was in the chat of Bro Team's stream.

e0f92b No.327088

Stay on your toes gang, the leaks have already confirmed they lurk here and try to derail/shill.

Don't argue back at shills, just report anyone who's off-topic or derailing.

e0f92b No.327090

We should look for any connections between these people and GGR/DDM.

If we can confirm that CON was using GGR/DDM to divide GG, we might finally be able to drive them out.

e0f92b No.327091

File: e2c9e3882ee5541⋯.jpg (4.7 KB, 382x56, 191:28, 78fa62baad5841c10c138168ee….jpg)


e0f92b No.327095

File: e4c35fa6d37add7⋯.png (629.76 KB, 540x810, 2:3, 4444.png)


lianak has spoken

e0f92b No.327098

Cross posting from /v/:

There are some part in the logs in which they talk about snitching on Milo to the British police for supposedly breaking the UK's hate speech laws. The following is taken from http://pastebin.com/gc47UJKy:

[04/01/2015, 6:44:55 AM] Rob: one good thing about nero?

[04/01/2015, 6:44:57 AM] Athena Hollow: OH! It was you :)

[04/01/2015, 6:44:58 AM] Remy: It's weird because the article covers exactly that excuse

[04/01/2015, 6:44:59 AM] Rob: He lives in the fucking UK.

[04/01/2015, 6:44:59 AM] Athena Hollow: sorry.

[04/01/2015, 6:45:00 AM] Athena Hollow: hahaha

[04/01/2015, 6:45:06 AM] Athena Hollow: yup.

[04/01/2015, 6:45:07 AM] Rob: The UK has hate speech laws

[04/01/2015, 6:45:11 AM] Athena Hollow: Knife has been filling out police reports

[04/01/2015, 6:45:16 AM] Rob: and defamation laws that are, well

[04/01/2015, 6:45:19 AM] Rob: they're really shitty

[04/01/2015, 6:45:22 AM] Rob: but fuck him b/c I don't care

[04/01/2015, 6:45:22 AM] Athena Hollow: and they pretty much fucking HATE HIM there already

[04/01/2015, 6:45:39 AM] Athena Hollow: unfortunately, they don't have trans protections :-/

[04/01/2015, 6:46:01 AM] live:riotarms: everyone, you can fill these out anon

[04/01/2015, 6:46:09 AM] SF: Archived, added to trello.

[04/01/2015, 6:46:10 AM] live:riotarms: https://secure.met.police.uk/hatecrime_national/index.php?rid=2924

[04/01/2015, 6:46:15 AM] Remy: thanks much

[04/01/2015, 6:46:17 AM] live:riotarms: please please fill this in

[04/01/2015, 6:46:28 AM] live:riotarms: the area the crime took place is "metropolitan"

[04/01/2015, 6:47:30 AM] SF: Also created a dossier just for Milo.

[04/01/2015, 6:48:06 AM] Remy: If he isn't on Zoe's list I get the feeling he is going to earn a place very soon

[04/01/2015, 6:48:21 AM] drinternetphd: hahaha honey please


04/01/2015, 6:51:12 AM] Remy: Did you see the link where we can file a police report?

[04/01/2015, 6:51:18 AM] Remy: on Milo

[04/01/2015, 6:51:20 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: ?

[04/01/2015, 6:51:26 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: wait i thought you meant like, am i here

[04/01/2015, 6:51:31 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: what room? i'm confused

[04/01/2015, 6:51:38 AM] live:riotarms: I'm reporting Nero to the cops

[04/01/2015, 6:51:42 AM] Remy: https://secure.met.police.uk/hatecrime_national/index.php?rid=2924

[04/01/2015, 6:51:44 AM] Remy: and so can you

[04/01/2015, 6:52:02 AM] Remy: It's the coolest new trend, Sarah, everybody's doing it

[04/01/2015, 6:52:07 AM] live:riotarms: Am I OK to refer to you in this and are you in America

[04/01/2015, 6:52:13 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: yep

[04/01/2015, 6:52:18 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: and yep

[04/01/2015, 6:52:25 AM] live:riotarms: I hope everyone is doing it

[04/01/2015, 6:52:48 AM] Remy: oh yeah this is WAY more fulfilling than filling a twitter harassment report


[04/01/2015, 7:10:27 AM] Chris Kluwe: ok, reported Milo

e0f92b No.327100


>People are not perfect. People need the ability to vent without it coming back to bite them.

unless its in video games. if ypu say something online or you are a gamer that means you meant 100% of what you said, no space for sarcasm or jokes.

i swear these people.

e0f92b No.327103

File: da0d7b33feee3d5⋯.jpg (41.96 KB, 398x675, 398:675, CpM9ENtWYAEtfrO.jpg)



The only thing this bitch has done in years is make the gg autoblocker thats it shes not working on any other project at all her patreon doesn't even list any goals at least that nintendochick put some effort into goals on her patreon.

Randi just stuck tankies so much friendsz >3 for donations.


e0f92b No.327104


If it was for the fact that Patreon was run by SJWs, none of these idiots would still be on here. Wu, Quinn, Harper, etc. They do nothing except play the victim. It pisses me off how much they abuse a site for artists.

e0f92b No.327105

File: fe4b56bb2e8f9d3⋯.png (323.47 KB, 400x400, 1:1, vivianjames00.png)



>I do not create content that is against Anita Sarkeesian as a person. I don’t know Anita Sarkeesian as a person. My issue is exclusively with her theories.

Either they don't get the distinction or they do and intentionally mislead. Any criticism of Anita et al is seen as an attack 'because she's a woman!'

Same as:

'Depression Quest is a bit shit.'

'Omg you hate women! Misogyny!'

. . . and file under LW harassment.

e0f92b No.327106

File: c7e1867135113d0⋯.jpg (32.05 KB, 361x427, 361:427, CqVCMYKXYAA07gw.jpg)


That's the only reason they haven't been kicked of and why twitter gives them special priviledges

At least they would be a TOS that would prevent leeches like them from using their platform as a form of welfare for doing absolutely nothing.

Hotwheels had a website and needed money to pay server costs and he got kicked off it because of these deadbeats.


>Omg you said my game sucks

Help im being harrased mysogyney,racism im been doxxxesd

>what?! you disagree with me

How dare you i am always right!!!evidence?i dont need evidence i am always right pay attention to me!!!

She's going to end up in her 40's old and alone when evryone around her gets feed up with her behaviour

e0f92b No.327108

No mention of ethan grayson at all

e0f92b No.327109

File: 2c6684d48e17a15⋯.jpg (76.56 KB, 770x437, 770:437, 123243.JPG)

I just realized something what if theres a link between the log and moot deciding to go ban gg from his site?

I know moot is friendly with some of the sj crowd but how friendly is he really?i should look into that

e0f92b No.327110

File: be4155034693011⋯.jpg (25.49 KB, 984x146, 492:73, Cq2EAfZVYAAC0Iz.jpg)

This guy has serious problems hes built his entire online persona around a # that he obsesses to the point that he gets mad when everyone ignores him.

He reminds me of the burnouts and the revoltards who cannot move on with their lives at all

e0f92b No.327111


Probably nobody responded to him because the GGers were doing Christmas stuff rather than spending the holiday season whining about GamerGate.

e0f92b No.327112

File: 10b2e005ad410b1⋯.jpg (56.38 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Kid.(Chrono.Cross).full.61….jpg)


i didn't notice the date


he spent xmas eve "trolling" a # for attention damn he must not have any friends and is hated by his family or maybe his family hates him,i remember him whining that his sister blocked him on facebook because she supported trump

e0f92b No.327113

File: 41348ff039a877d⋯.jpg (68.24 KB, 681x555, 227:185, dmg.JPG)

The sj wannabe damage controlling for his sj fweinds in the hopes that they let him into their inner circle of twitter losers and unemployed welfare leeches.

I notice alot og the antigg types have a bizzare need to be validated for their behavior and rarely own up to the fact that they are shitstains

e0f92b No.327114

File: 637fac0d0bf58c7⋯.gif (335.97 KB, 450x253, 450:253, zqhur.gif)

>[24/12/2014, 9:18:52 AM] drinternetphd: yknow a nightmarish part people don't know?

>[24/12/2014, 9:18:59 AM] drinternetphd: and that I don't want repeated?

>[24/12/2014, 9:19:22 AM] drinternetphd: after the last time I saw him and he'd gotten violent, a friend stayed with me in the hotel room since eron took a key when he left

>[24/12/2014, 9:19:35 AM] drinternetphd: we were scared he was going to come back. he'd seen the bruises on me

>[24/12/2014, 9:20:06 AM] drinternetphd: I took the next week or so to try and mentally recover from everything and just hid in a friend's apartment

>[24/12/2014, 9:20:38 AM] drinternetphd: friend of mine was having some health issues so we basically both bunkered down and shit. kept joking that "at least you have your health!"

>[24/12/2014, 9:20:54 AM] drinternetphd: then I started feeling weird and sure enough I'd gotten fucking knocked up by the son of a bitch

Fucking baby killer.

e0f92b No.327115


I don't believe any of that. I don't believe he was violent, but beyond that, if they were having unprotected sex wouldn't he have been more concerned about the potential STD risk of her infidelity more than the actual infidelity itself?

This just sounds like more delusional fantasy theater designed to elicit emotion from whoever she wants to manipulate. Just like the time she claimed to have killed a guy.

e0f92b No.327116


>>[24/12/2014, 9:20:54 AM] drinternetphd: then I started feeling weird and sure enough I'd gotten fucking knocked up by the son of a bitch

How does Zoe know it was Gjoni Jr. that she was aborting rather than Grayson/Arnott/Boggs Jr.?

e0f92b No.327118


Fetus was wearing a hoodie and looked homeless.

e0f92b No.327120

What if it was actually Katherine Cross's kid?

e0f92b No.327121


Cross is already sticking his dick into another women. Not his.

e0f92b No.327123

File: 58571116bd06bcb⋯.jpg (225.79 KB, 1536x1152, 4:3, 838094.jpg)


Katherine's dick got turned inside out. anon.

e0f92b No.327124


Not that I believe her story, but remember when we found out that Nathan Grayson sent her $800 just before GG began?


Bro Team straight up said it was for an abortion on one of his streams right after that came out. So there might be a kernel of truth to the story (though the kid was probably Grayson's).

e0f92b No.327125


There was a reddit user named Grelben who also said that. Their comments were deleted before they could be archived.

> It was for an abortion. It's very possible that Grayson wasn't even the father but was told he was. Haven't heard back yet.

Other remarks:

> Wil Wheaton is a friend of Zoe, they have met in person. One of the five guys is Kyle Mercury, who introduced Zoe to both Adam Sessler and Wil Wheaton. Wil isn't spontaneously doing this out of the kindness of his heart.

And something happens on a schedule. Any ideas?

> Remember that it happens every 5th

e0f92b No.327128


Grelben is a reliable source with inside info on Zoe & friends.

I wish I could say who they are or give more details, but they've asked me not to.

e0f92b No.327132

Cross linking with:


Being Brote's work is pretty chaotic, I'm happy to have that thread specializing in yucking it up about what he does, or breaking down/verifying important things in chat during livestream says.

Main discussion about the leaks themselves should go here IMO.

But I'm not a mod. And they stickied both.

e0f92b No.327133



With all the "lets ruin Pateron" stuff they said, surely we should forward it to their staff, and then they have more ground to slam them on violating the TOS?

But, it'd need breaking down of the highlights and relevant bits. (see OP).

That is, assuming Patreon aren't in on it. If so, instead of showing it to them, show it to other- legitimate Patreons to raise a fire, then drop alternative services for them.


Major issue with the logs.

They see them selves as brave infallible people who do no wrong who go against terrible hardship- all to get more praise and ego stroking.

We know most acts of harassment against them are most likely inflated or purely fictional, but even positive things (that could condemn them) could be a lie.

Saying they earned far more than the taxes they paid could be them lying to say they're rich and doing well.

Saying they witnessed X and agree catches them in a lie- but that lie might just be they never witnessed it.

The abortion could be entirely fictional and she just took the money to buy a console or pay that month's rent.

They lie so much even confessions of guilt can't be trusted.

As with everything: Verify, verify, verify.

Don't just listen and believe because you want it to be true.

e0f92b No.327138

File: 83f6869af350481⋯.jpg (113.18 KB, 868x588, 31:21, 1471626834574.jpg)

i lost it at IRC sewer.

e0f92b No.327140

File: c4f25e8d41043d4⋯.jpg (180.72 KB, 850x1199, 850:1199, __inaba_tewi_touhou_drawn_….jpg)

This is the list of names with their Twitter handles (the ones were able to get):

- Remy @StephenAtWar

- Athena Hollow @athenahollow

- Ian Cheong @stillgray

- Izzy @iglvzx

- Rob @UnseenPerfidy

- Peter Coffin @petercoffin

- drinternetphd @UnburntWitch

- Chris Kluwe @ChrisWarcraft

- Tesseract @SJWIlluminati

- Charloppe @Nibelsnarfabarf

- Dina @petitemistress

- SecretGamerGirl @SecretGamerGrrl

- Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts @srhbutts

- SF @sfthewolf

- live:riotarms: @knifehorse

- Quinnae @Quinnae_Moon

- Dan Olson @FoldableHuman

- Veerender Jubbal @Veeren_Jubbal

- Alex Lifschitz @alexlifschitz

- David Gallant @davidsgallant

- Faruk Ates @KuraFire

- Annie Kelly @AnnieKNK

- Arthur Chu @arthur_affect

- Ross ???

- nicholas.boterf ???

- Lars Flyger ???

Main chat Part 1

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/Ds8ffjbC

Archive: http://archive.is/G2531

Main chat Part 2

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/4m7Eifgk

Archive: http://archive.is/zhuD5

Main chat Part 3

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/i4CqJ18T

Archive: http://archive.is/iRR4f

Main chat Part 4

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/pCa5QdB4

Archive: http://archive.is/hXGRb

Main chat Part 5

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/Dnshjygc

Archive: http://archive.is/RIUi7

Main chat Part 6

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/XUcNkgWu

Archive: http://archive.is/gKMzL

Main chat Part 7

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/ms6dJDrs

Archive: http://archive.is/2h0dG

Main chat Part 8

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/hsmLfEek

Archive: http://archive.is/zFazS

Main chat Part 9

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/RuzQ8rSx

Archive: http://archive.is/as22v

Main chat Part 10

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/gc47UJKy

Archive: http://archive.is/d2eWz

Serious chat (short)

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/emCc8aDN

Archive: http://archive.is/kqGOm

Serious chat (long)

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/8uRrd3EY

Archive: http://archive.is/3J6Dg


Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/QkfLCA8m

Archive: http://archive.is/eBVCb

7zip of all files: https://mega.nz/#!lsMz3DxQ

Pw: is7X8ThzzMC7CL2VtAvd

e0f92b No.327141


I gotchu and I DO admit to enjoying cuckholding, but you didn't hear that from me. Stickied over on 8diamonds.

e0f92b No.327142


What a hilarious word filter.

e0f92b No.327145

File: 58a3ee88f61f2ff⋯.jpg (86.15 KB, 612x561, 12:11, 76d5566d06c209665db790c507….jpg)


If you enjoy cockholding….i ermmm well its an acquired taste i'll give you that.

whatever floats your boat anon

e0f92b No.327147


Any idea what happens on the 5th?

e0f92b No.327149


Hot off of Twitter! Eron Gjoni confirms LW told him she was pregnant and he even considered getting back together with her. She could be full of shit and trying to get sympathy and money but no proof of anything other money being paid by Grayson and a claims being made from a big liar.

Twitter chat:


Zoe post censored section:


e0f92b No.327154

These two twitter accounts have done some breakdown already:



Look for stuff dated 27th August. And act NOW. Never know who's gonna get banned.

e0f92b No.327156


Somewhere in a stilt house on a lagoon in the Phillipines, alay beside two ladyboy hookers, Hotwheels sat up, smiled, sprouted an erection the length of his torso, and shattered his femur.

That little nigger just got some comeuppance.

e0f92b No.327165

File: 127949fceebc35b⋯.png (138.92 KB, 239x267, 239:267, 560958772bdc6ad7b01b6e6cde….png)


I'm proud that my drawing was used to announce this. Although I still can't say I'm going to be surprised by anything in the chat log. It's plainly obvious to folks like me, what a devious, manipulative sociopath Quinn is. I'm so glad I'm not Eron Gioni, and Eron should be glad he didn't have a kid with her.

e0f92b No.327166

>[23/12/2014, 3:03:15 PM] drinternetphd: anyone that thinks I have to recount my entire sexual history and relationship with my ex to basically continue being called a whore and not changing anyone's mind can go fuck themselves.

>everybody already knows i'm a whore *sadface*

These are the people calling us man children?

Fucking figures.

e0f92b No.327174

Already ED made a page about the CON leaks.


e0f92b No.327175


I never figured that one out either. I suppose I could try asking if I can get ahold of them.

e0f92b No.327178

File: 9306741a26d8a04⋯.png (208.4 KB, 362x337, 362:337, 1418043247697.png)

e0f92b No.327179


Who would want his dick? Seriously, it's a shit dick for both lesbian and straight women. If you're a lesbian it's a dick so it's shit, if you're a woman it's probably shrivelled from HRT and attached to a scary cross-dresser. Why would anyone want this?

e0f92b No.327184


Because they are retarded and want to be progressive?

e0f92b No.327191

e0f92b No.327193


I found it here's a pastebin if anyone else is interested


e0f92b No.327195


he had some socjus problems, I just checked I didn't see anything.

e0f92b No.327197

Wasn't there something in the chatlogs about how they wanted to distribute CP to 8chan? Also, wasn't there a Cannuck who claimed to download a bunch of it from 8chan only to post it on his blog?

e0f92b No.327198

File: b7d7051db56cb69⋯.jpg (119.87 KB, 927x1200, 309:400, CqjlOlXUIAAT1j0.jpg)


>The anniversary of gg everyone else is busy digging into the chatlogs of sj twitter or posting out dank OC

>revoltards show no interest in the logs despite claiming to be "interested in cultural war" made a deepfreeze clone that is just huh duh ethics cuck,pr cucks /v/ clique list.

Those morons are just as bad as those sad sacks who spent christmas and new year in an autism channel complaining about how much they hate people who use a #,im glad Acidman was smart enough to see through their lies and banned their asses.

e0f92b No.327200

>[30/12/2014, 11:29:28 AM] live:riotarms: If 8chan vanished where would GG head next?

>[30/12/2014, 11:29:35 AM] Tesseract: masterchan

>[30/12/2014, 11:29:46 AM] live:riotarms: Might be good to have that step planned out

>[30/12/2014, 11:29:52 AM] Tesseract: that's where they were going to go before 8chan swooped in and stole their traffic

Oh really i thought it was 42ochan or 4chon

>[28/12/2014, 2:51:59 PM] Dina : What happened to Internet Aristocrat btw?

>[28/12/2014, 2:51:59 PM] Alex Lifschitz: He got his pound of flesh in gullible latent archconservatives.

>[28/12/2014, 2:52:17 PM] Alex Lifschitz: He kinda disappeared after turning on GG for being idiots.

>[28/12/2014, 2:52:19 PM] Athena Hollow: I think it's both Stephen.

>[28/12/2014, 2:52:20 PM] Tesseract: his twitter is back but I don't want to read it

>[28/12/2014, 2:52:34 PM] Dina : oh I didn't even realized he deleted his Twitter

>[28/12/2014, 2:52:36 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Nobody on 8chan talks about him anymore. It's all Sargon and Ralph.

>[28/12/2014, 2:52:36 PM] Remy: I'm gonna be honest

>[28/12/2014, 2:52:44 PM] Tesseract: internet aristocrat seemed to pretty much not give a shit for the majority of the the time he was even in gg

[28/12/2014, 2:52:49 PM] Dina : forgot about Sargon….

>[28/12/2014, 2:52:54 PM] Remy: I watched that dude's big YT rant where he "outed" everyone in GG and I still don't understand WTF he was so angry about or what the hell was going on

[>28/12/2014, 2:52:58 PM] Athena Hollow: Ugh. Sargon.

>[28/12/2014, 2:53:08 PM] Alex Lifschitz: IA basically said "of course I was using you idiots for money" and they started infighting

>[28/12/2014, 2:53:18 PM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: IA's done the whole disappearing thing before. i don't know WHAT his deal is honestly. like for example he went out of his way to never monetize his videos– whatever he's in it for, it isn't money like ralph or sargon

>[28/12/2014, 2:53:20 PM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: or MM

>[28/12/2014, 2:53:33 PM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: nah, IA never made a cent AFAIK

>[28/12/2014, 2:53:33 PM] Athena Hollow: Epic trolling?

I agree with not understanding what IA was mad about chuck it up to mad that ppl won't be his personal army

e0f92b No.327201


That's a parody account right? Sure seems like parody to me:


e0f92b No.327202

File: 8d634f91e274f83⋯.jpg (68.98 KB, 905x415, 181:83, Cq7VUv7XEAAhTCB.jpg)

Git of the internet and find a job screamed the judge!!!

e0f92b No.327204

File: e7745560223bf04⋯.jpg (109.23 KB, 680x962, 340:481, 1429583214757.jpg)


HA! No wonder Zoe thinks GG is always out to get her. People throughout her life are probably telling her this common sense thing that we've been saying all along.

e0f92b No.327205

File: 47dacac7bee9f1e⋯.png (158.13 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 242412144.png)

On the 28th day of August my true love gave to me

Mountains of logs

Protected twitter accounts

Patreon reporting of 8chn

Backstabbing scumbags

Attention seekers

Wannabe e-celebs

Friendless losers jerking

Made of harassment stories

Secret antigg cabals

Numerous embarrassing secrets

Izzy and butts acting like pedos

And Ian got the hell out

And articles full of the exposed

e0f92b No.327206



It's just borderline shit, like every fucking other thing she does. I was with one for a couple years, at the tail end of it I joined some support forums, started reading stories about other people who had been in relationships with borderlines (dave foley) and it's like every single borderline is the same person. It's the exact same story, every time.

The pregnancy thing was both trying to hurt him and a last ditch attempt to get him back.

The one I was with bought dozens of 99 cent pregnancy tests. I don't know what her trick was, but she could pop out of the bathroom with a positive or negative one on a whim. It got to a point that I took her to a doctor to find out whether or not she was pregnant. On at least one occasion she did get pregnant and induced a miscarriage. I didn't find out she'd killed it until the end of the relationship, at the time she pretended to be in mourning, had us put a cross on our porch, wore all black, would put on gobs of make up and then make herself cry so it would run so she could tell people about her suffering. I was so disgusted when she revealed she induced it herself.

Anyway, at the very end of the relationship when she'd found a new dick to hop on and she was telling her friends and family we were broken up (while she was still coming over and acting like we were together) she flew into a rage saying I'd knocked her up to "trap" her. Now I'm not going to pretend I was particularly responsible with her, but on the night in question she for some reason wanted to get me absolutely wasted and forcibly prevented me from pulling out -which at the time just turned me on. She claimed to be on the pill, but by that point it's not like I believed anything she was saying.

When she was screaming angrily about it she basically told me of a combination of foods she could eat (cinnamon, citrus and some third thing) that taken together would induce a miscarriage, and I said "How do you know that would even work?" and she said "It worked last time." After that she assured me if she did have it, she'd never tell me because I didn't deserve to be a father, etc.

Read the book "I Hate You, Don't Leave Me" the title says it all. They lash out and try to chase you away, but are desperately afraid of abandonment so then they try desperately to get you back, offering to atone in some way, but shortly after you give in they do back to devaluation and the crazy starts back up. The pregnancy was likely the only way she could think of that he might take her back.

e0f92b No.327207

File: 8255856d81f45e2⋯.jpg (132.58 KB, 848x1199, 848:1199, Cq5xJsjWIAQlVAh.jpg)


Thats pretty brutal like something you read on /r9k/ which would explain why alot of them are hostile towards women.

She sounds bipolar as fuck and confused i simply don't know if these kind of women have a few wires crossed at birth or they have a massive entitlement complex,just be glad you never married this chick,you'd be married and unhappy for the rest of your life and at some point she will likely divorce you force you to pay child support,alimony and have full custody of the kids.

Dodged a bullet there tbh

e0f92b No.327210

I got all files/pics/vids/sounds mentioned over a link in the logs, but I didn't publicly archived. Use jDownloader and grab all you can.

e0f92b No.327211

Are there any more preliminary results from the digging of the CON leaks?

Are there any of their posts in particular that I can use like the first 2 pics related in >>327083 ?

e0f92b No.327212


>Remy: If he isn't on Zoe's list I get the feeling he is going to earn a place very soon

This is the perfect example of how these groups work

e0f92b No.327213

File: 5c955558fc79fda⋯.jpg (150.97 KB, 728x546, 4:3, gettingpunched.jpg)

File: b43794be0d9aeb4⋯.jpg (48.28 KB, 402x413, 402:413, 1466745490667-1.jpg)



3 years ago I would have said the same, or at least stretched out my hand to meet a leftist halfway.

Now I don't pull my punches against leftist sjw shitheads.

Don't forget, all these are their own words, sjws thrive on a moral highhorse, make them play by their own rules.

e0f92b No.327214


Long time no shitpost comrades.


Use key words/prefix/suffix to find good discussion.

Porn, phobia, www.,.com,.org,.gov, etc

[23/12/2014, 10:31:58 AM] Remy: wow wolf

[23/12/2014, 10:32:21 AM] Athena Hollow: I'm dying over this because of the first google search result saying "Experts in Gamification"

[23/12/2014, 10:32:33 AM] Athena Hollow: You'd think they'd seriously google shit before they fucking spout it.

[23/12/2014, 10:36:03 AM] SF: KYM has VJ clearly masturbating and it's not marked NSFW.

[23/12/2014, 10:36:16 AM] Athena Hollow: ew

[23/12/2014, 10:36:18 AM] Tesseract: ha

[23/12/2014, 10:37:15 AM] SF: http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/818/834/f52.png (nsfwish) I don't get this one at all. It doesn't seem to be porn.

[23/12/2014, 10:37:20 AM] SF: She's just living like a slob.

[23/12/2014, 10:37:36 AM] SF: Empty Dorito bags and she's naked playing a FPS.

[23/12/2014, 10:38:09 AM] Tesseract: clearly you're not familiar with gamers

[23/12/2014, 10:38:36 AM] Athena Hollow: lol

[23/12/2014, 10:38:39 AM] Tesseract: "naked woman living like a slob playing video games" is their fetish

[23/12/2014, 10:38:53 AM] Tesseract: like, every gamer

[23/12/2014, 10:40:01 AM] SF: Maybe they don't want to fantasize about someone who has their act together because then it makes them feel out of their league.

[23/12/2014, 10:40:52 AM] SF: There's also some futa porn in here. They hate trans women as people but not as toys of course.

[23/12/2014, 10:40:58 AM] Tesseract: well that and they want to fuck the female versions of themselves

[23/12/2014, 10:41:15 AM] Athena Hollow: ….. shudders at a female version of Jordan Owen

[23/12/2014, 10:41:21 AM] Tesseract: oh god

[23/12/2014, 10:41:38 AM] Athena Hollow: I broke tess.


[23/12/2014, 10:43:04 AM] Rob: "Hi, my name is Jordina Owen"

[23/12/2014, 10:44:02 AM] Athena Hollow: STAHP IT.

[23/12/2014, 10:44:03 AM] Athena Hollow: STAHP.

[23/12/2014, 10:44:54 AM] Tesseract: would female aurini be that skeleton with boobs

[23/12/2014, 10:44:59 AM] Athena Hollow: HAHAHHAHA

[23/12/2014, 10:45:53 AM] Athena Hollow: I think she would look like Kaliyo from SWTOR but with shitty home tattoos.

[23/12/2014, 10:46:23 AM] Peter Coffin: my wife is a lot like me and we are a lot like that description, if you want my perspective, though I kind of just lucked out and have someone a lot like me rather than having demanded it, there are people who just don't want what they percieve as what people think is ideal. the thing is, it's not some like… thing. they think it is. I don't know how to describe it. People want a casualness, no doubt, but part of being casual in your life is not overbearingly demanding it

[23/12/2014, 10:48:08 AM] SF: Maybe a woman with skulls for boobs

[23/12/2014, 10:48:11 AM] Peter Coffin: if you ask me, the problem is that they are setting it as a standard or an aspiration. Also an ideal?

[23/12/2014, 10:48:12 AM] Athena Hollow: LOL

[23/12/2014, 10:48:20 AM] Peter Coffin: I bet you can find that

[23/12/2014, 10:48:24 AM] Peter Coffin: like with paint

[23/12/2014, 10:48:30 AM] Peter Coffin: or tattoos

[23/12/2014, 10:48:34 AM] Peter Coffin: SOMEONE has done that

[23/12/2014, 10:48:49 AM] Rob: I think Aurini is like thunderf00t and just masturbates while watching his own videos.

[23/12/2014, 10:48:50 AM] Peter Coffin: with his luck, though, they'd be a black woman

[23/12/2014, 10:48:55 AM] Athena Hollow: I guarantee she won't be as creepy as Aurini tho

[23/12/2014, 10:48:57 AM] Rob: "This is how a REAL patriarch faps like."

[23/12/2014, 10:49:06 AM] Tesseract: aaaaugh

[23/12/2014, 10:49:24 AM] Tesseract: does he use a skull instead of a sock

[23/12/2014, 10:49:27 AM] SF: I just made myself the female version of myself it was much easier.

[23/12/2014, 10:49:32 AM] Rob: yes

[23/12/2014, 10:49:35 AM] Athena Hollow: motherfuck i cannot stop sneezing -_-

[23/12/2014, 10:49:41 AM] Athena Hollow: hahahahah <3 sf

[23/12/2014, 10:49:50 AM] Peter Coffin: he does not use A skull, he uses THE skull

[23/12/2014, 10:49:55 AM] Athena Hollow: XD

[23/12/2014, 10:50:22 AM] SF: Some men like oral, some men like anal, some men…..like optical.

[23/12/2014, 10:50:40 AM] Athena Hollow: hahaha

[23/12/2014, 10:50:48 AM] Peter Coffin: hahahaha

Found some body shaming

e0f92b No.327215

#6 - (TFYC game)

[29/12/2014, 2:53:34 PM] Secret Gamer Girl: I'd personally prefer if she'd cut ties, and took up Zoe and I on our offers to make damn sure her game got made without their help, but… "get savaged by a hate group" vs. "get blackballed by the game industry" is a lousy choice either way

>"get blackballed by the game industry"

How? Would they make sure?

e0f92b No.327216

How got those leaks confirmed?

e0f92b No.327218

File: 2807f4237c5d0b9⋯.png (417.32 KB, 841x683, 841:683, 1431655301356.png)


several ppl, including but not limited to TB and a few other.

e0f92b No.327220

File: e7f022f37cef196⋯.jpg (119.35 KB, 640x360, 16:9, mtv-the-head.jpg)

You know, the more I think about it, the more these logs trouble me. I mean this seriously. I knew they were con artists, but I never considered they were truly so… utterly pathetic. Every stereotype we all believed on them isn't just true, it's 100 times worse.

The complete and utter lack of self-awareness, the sheer and total projection, the fact that they all hate eachother, clearly, but they're all eachother has. I listened to the brote stream reading all of the logs, and by the end of it I just felt incredibly sad for all of these people.

-Speak of how GG is at most 200k people, a tiny minority, irrelevant and powerless.

=There's like 8 of them in this channel.

-Mock GGers with statements like "I highly doubt any of them could hold down a full-time job."

=Later on one of them mentions only makine $300 a year.

=Zoe complains about having to write a list of six games she likes for an article GiantBomb gave her as a favor.

-They make comments about privilege, patriarchy, what scum gamers are, etc.

=Lifshitz seriously suggests using money from his trustfund to pay for ads on reddit to try to poke at us.

=Peter Coffin never drops the shitty clown act. He's constantly making shitty jokes and talking about his wife the way a 13 year old talks about his first girlfriend. He's trying to earn goodboy points in the clique by pointing out things like "Did you know they make child porn in the Philippines? My wife found that out with her research!" and clearly succeeding only to annoy the others.

=Izzy being an utterly pathetic, thirsty fucker constantly coming back to the chat over and over to say "ZOE, DID YOU SEE? DID YOU SEE MY TWEET ZOE? DID YOU SEE WHAT I DID FOR YOU ZOE?"

=All of them talking about wanting games they've publicly attacked like Bayonetta and Grand Theft Auto (Katherine fucking Cross was saying he wants Bayonetta, he worked on FeministFrequency.

=Dan Olson informing the chat that he woke up alone on Christmas Eve, ate half a tub of ice cream and logged into their fucking chat.

=ALL OF THEM being alone in this fucking chat on Christmas and New Years.

=Randi Harper's "twitter friend" contacting her abs saying "I don't work for twitter, I'm not your friend, I don't play video games, please don't associate me with whatever it is you're doing at all."

=The judge outright telling Zoe to get off the fucking internet and get a real job.

This is just three fucking days, can you imagine if we had logs from every single day? I'm not even trying to be insulting here, most of the guys in that chat genuinely came of as autistic. Izzy and Vereen(sp?) in particular. That was the other thing that stuck out like a sore thumb too, some of them having screen names, and others just opting to use their real name.

The whole thing could be brilliant fan fiction. I could picture Zoe logging on there and getting angry that this is what it had come down to, this group of trannies, pedos, con artists and thirsty beta austists were the absolute last of her unburnt bridges. Like any borderline, behind her was a path of destruction.

She never produced a real game, she lost every job she had, every single project she started she's either sabotaged or simply never finished. No game jam, no book, no movie, no video game, all you've got is a bunch of interviews about dumb shit like you having a flashstick in your hand.

There's even a fucking line in there where she's gloating about how the No Man's Sky people are her friends and they'll probably be a huge success, and then they'll start funneling money back to them. HA.

After reading through the logs every time they talk about "going to my fbi contact" or "going to my cnn contact" I just picture a mentally challenged person in pajamas pleading with an orderly "You promise you'll arrest the goobergobblers after I take my meds?"

e0f92b No.327222

File: 14394d7fa47e4a9⋯.jpg (144.01 KB, 900x636, 75:53, Epic_ween_trollan.jpg)


I've seen them refer to themselves and each other as "reformed trolls", and they really do strike me as a weird quasi-but-not-seriously-liberal version of KiwiFarms and the earlier incarnations of /cow/. If you ever read up on old "trolling crews", that's really how these people behave. Everything they do is of such seriousness, the perception they're always pulling one over or outsmarting someone, the occasional admission of how pathetic their real lives are, the fact that it's obvious they're each others only real social circle, etc and so forth.

e0f92b No.327223


That they can sit around on chat all day while following their own -and other peoples - twitter/tumblr/reddit etc and then call other people privileged.

ok . . .

e0f92b No.327224


> I joined some support forums, started reading stories about other people who had been in relationships with borderlines (dave foley) and it's like every single borderline is the same person. It's the exact same story, every time.

Holy crap, you're right. Could you point me to a support forum that helped, anon? I'm in the middle of dealing with one right now. We're not together now, she despises me too much and I wouldnt touch her with a 10 foot pole anymore, but we already had a kid together and now she's trying to screw me over with the custody, threatens to kidnap our kid, I absolutely cannot reason with her. She hates me because she can't manipulate me emotionally anymore, but I'm stuck dealing with her because of the kid, who is awesome and doesnt deserve to be caught up in this.

e0f92b No.327225


I just can't wait for Katherine Cross' demons to come out. My money is that he's a pedo just like Nick Nyberg.

e0f92b No.327226

File: a51dc316a63ca09⋯.png (1.55 KB, 408x18, 68:3, The hell.png)

Can anyone expand why i have this after extracting the logs?

e0f92b No.327233

haven't been involved here for a while now this brings back memories. good to see you guys are keeping up the good fight.

e0f92b No.327237

e0f92b No.327238

I long suspected Mr. Katherine Cross was an effective manipulator, this confirms it. Interesting how he like to as lots and lots of questions.

People usually do this if they intend on taking control over people, to know how to position themselves in their presence. I also suspect black-hat social engineering but I need evidence.

e0f92b No.327242


I bet you that there was a huge power struggle between him and Anita. Remember the picture of Anita with Colbert, and in the mirror you could see Le Tranny Wormtongue in a near identical outfit rubbity rubbity rubbing his hands?

Anita hired him as a secretary. He took the job so that he could be Palpatine to her Vader. As Anita's ego grew larger and larger, she came to resent Cross for his overbearing, although admittedly effective, attempt at being her handler.

You want to know an ugly conversation? The one where Cross explains to one of his minions, possibly in this IRC channel, why he is no longer in the employ of FF.

e0f92b No.327243


>The one where Cross explains to one of his minions, possibly in this IRC channel, why he is no longer in the employ of FF

Do you have a link to prove this?

e0f92b No.327244

File: f89377f4ec99f14⋯.jpg (205.96 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 3c80f83ca1aec805f044e9a5f7….jpg)


/v/ thread about the CON leaks


/pol/ thread about the CON leaks

e0f92b No.327246


What I'm saying is "I can't wait to see that log" not "I have seen that log".

e0f92b No.327251


"It's all Sargon now."

Wtf we hate Sargon of Cukkad

e0f92b No.327257


Lifschitz is doing that thing where he just assumes what the outcome and motivation was based on his own ideology. "Basically he just admitted he was using them for money." "Uh, he never monitized any of his videos."

I mean I know the video he was talking about, and if he took Jim saying he was taking his shekels and jew gold back to Israel, Alex is even dumber than I thought.

Jim quit for two reasons, or that is to say there's why he really left and why he said he left. Jim said he left because the group was getting taken over by progressives, people concern-trolling and too focused on PR. He compared us to Occupy.

Based on *when* he quit, it's obvious though the real reason has at least something to do with that drunken stream he ran where he fucked Jay3d while everyone was listening. To refresh everyone's memory on that disaster, it opens with Jay3d and KingofPol's girlfriends discussing the properties of swallowing loads with eachother. Then when they start talking Jay3d is heard with her mouth full for a while. Then she just starts moaning. Simplest explanation is Jim is fingering her, but whenever she does he just says something like "Oh, there's ghosts in my house." or "Jay3d's just exercising." or "She's playing a game on my wii"

At the same time King of Pol starts drunkenly ranting about how it's impossible for aliens to exist because if they did they would have destroyed us by now, and then talking about the holocaust specifically "Look, I'm not saying it didn't happen, I'm just saying they exaggerated on the numbers." and going "Debate me! Someone fuckin' debate me!" while his girlfriend awkwardly goes "ayy lmao?" over and over. I remember around this point Socks and several others going "Yeah uh… I gotta go.."

Jim was either hurt by the reaction to the stream -as everyone tore it apart for a solid week after that- or he felt his presence could only embarrass GG after that and decided to go back to the sidelines.

e0f92b No.327259

File: 587051441365832⋯.jpg (39.29 KB, 576x640, 9:10, ayylmao-qaeda.jpg)


Aloha Snackbar! What the fuck happened to the Wompwobble wiki? I never heard the full story on that

e0f92b No.327260

File: 7208770cba98a87⋯.png (180.12 KB, 499x499, 1:1, ben_pepera.png)

evening niggers

e0f92b No.327261

e0f92b No.327262


yes because that's me

e0f92b No.327263

I guess the ride truly never ends.

e0f92b No.327266

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Honestly, most of what I found on the support forums was just confirmation and an eerie feeling of deja vu. I'd post a story and get a dozen "Mine did the exact same thing!" replies. I'd read someone else's story and think "Holy shit, mine did that too!" Most of the threads tended to fall into one of three categories, someone still dealing with a borderline trying desperately to keep the relationship going, throngs of people trying desperately to convince them a relationship with one was not salvageable and will never work, and people just commiserating over dealing with the fallout.

I'll link to some forums anyway because it helps to talk that shit out, but by far the best resource I can recommend is this website:


Her focus is more on the psychology of the people who get sucked into relationships with borderlines, and articles on dealing with specific issues. For example: http://www.sharischreiber.com/blackmail.html

That one is specifically on guys blackmailed into fatherhood by borderlines. It's one of their most common tactics. Definitely scroll through her articles on borderlines, they give sound advice on dealing with them, and a lot of information about yourself you maybe haven't dealt with.





Honestly, a lot of the places you'll find guys dealing with it are dating forums, PUA sites (I remember some forum called like donjuan or something had a huge forum of people dealing with borderlines) and I remember at the time googling about for info on borderlines was part of how I started running into MRA stuff. I know AVoiceForMen has a ton of articles about borderlines, and the HoneyBadgers have talked about the topic on multiple occasions.

It's good to have lots of information from multiple sources, but IMO, the best source is still the first site I listed.

e0f92b No.327267

File: 2b9c0901029625f⋯.gif (1.44 MB, 600x266, 300:133, Booty shake.gif)


>That 1 stream

I wonder what would have happened if that stream never happened,i don't hate the guy i just think he's ideas are retarded and he himself is retarded but he does seem to have quite following on twitter even though he mostly just comments on trending topics like the election,blm and other random shit i don't particularly care about.


no idea what that is mang

e0f92b No.327282

File: 58d6033be99a6c7⋯.jpg (68.05 KB, 253x287, 253:287, Willert.jpg)


>Jim was either hurt by the reaction to the stream -as everyone tore it apart for a solid week after that-

That's what makes that shit so great; his excuse for quitting was "this was our chance to get vicious! This was our chance to end the SJWs for good! But you MORALFAGS had to go and RUIN EVERYTHING!", when the actual problem was he got the slightest bit of ballbusting for a very weird podcast and couldn't handle the (in perspective, incredibly mild) bantz.

e0f92b No.327288


$800 is a little high for an abortion, or at least it was. I got a girl knocked up and she later naturally miscarried early, but the abortion she quoted me at was something in the $400 range, and that was back in '01 in the midwest. It might have gone up, with adjustment for the location at the time. Boston still, or Portland?

e0f92b No.327295



Thank you for reminding me, so the next time any of IA's devotees start the blame game again I'll just hit them back with this juicy bit.

Oh, and didn't he end up breaking up with Jay3d anyway?

e0f92b No.327300

Did Zoe talk about the chatlog leaks yet?

e0f92b No.327314

File: 7f369703421e9a2⋯.png (306.72 KB, 599x540, 599:540, anon_delivers.png)

Zoe declared war on Anonymous


Get the word out!

e0f92b No.327320

File: 16878bd61bebd9b⋯.jpg (142.21 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1471726768425.jpg)

What a bunch of sad cunts.

Note how none of them mention any DIGRA or DARPA connections. That shit was misdirection probably created by them.

just a sad old trolling crew hanging out together, growing more and more irrelevant as time passes

It's nice to see how sad these people really are though. Chatting together on Christmas day& new year KEK

e0f92b No.327322

File: aa5f5c560310ec8⋯.png (27.57 KB, 319x341, 29:31, 1470387884631.jpg.png)


Gamergate appears 86x

Child 58x

Child porn 34x

Toxin 18x

8chan 74x

dox 40x

hotwheels 32x

Gators 18X mostly from ian cheong

patreon 10X All related to hotwheels

4chan 16x

genitals 2x

e0f92b No.327324


> Note how none of them mention any DIGRA or DARPA connections. That shit was misdirection probably created by them.

Not really. Several significant aGG parties are not mentioned in the logs either.

We found some bad research in DiGRA. DARPA was an overreach. Yes, they fund shit. We needed to take a closer look at specific projects, what was being funded and whether the recipients deserved the funds.

e0f92b No.327325

Reposting from /v/ thread:


Sweet, I just got a reply for Peet's Coffee

They're passing down the info on Zoe's sabotage and Polygon sourcing her on their article to the appropriate team. This butt is all buttered up and ready to fist fuck


If anyone wants to fire off an easy round, I used http://archive.is/pgfMp (Polygon's Game Jam article) and OAG's article about the admittance to fucking over said Game Jam


Keep on going laddies


I assume the guy sourced Heat St or someone who ran an article on the CON leaks to act as a source, rather than just the titan of a pastebin.


Don't forget other ops.

DIGRA and Korean BBQ need love to.

e0f92b No.327326

File: e8251f742664193⋯.jpg (105.94 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, _oppression__by_biolizardt….jpg)


Shes being huffing paint thinner for far too long bitch needs to get a hobby besides internets

e0f92b No.327327


Seconded, and check the catalog for the thread.

This is showing the Captains of the SJW horde who speak up with sock-puppets and get (to borrow Brote's phrase) dry-brainers to join in. They make SJW look big.

But, they don't create them, nor do they ensure the faux horde is given free reign.

For that we need education, government, and moderators in social media.

e0f92b No.327328

File: 6b1b3a680d525a8⋯.png (193.37 KB, 2385x525, 159:35, #_Find The Big Corporate C….png)

File: f462f127d4b8e2d⋯.png (28.59 KB, 538x496, 269:248, Example_DO NOT COPY OR YOU….png)

File: 81a932c1bfb6068⋯.png (117.36 KB, 927x627, 309:209, OperationBoomer.png)


Cite a website that did an article on the leaks, not the whole pastebin itself.

I know this is out of order for what the OP stated, but a lot of people have posted info.

Please read + ask us how these advertisers line up with what piece of CON info.


Same protocol as always. Don't mention GG. Say how you are a consumer of theirs either warning them, or "shocked and appalled" that they would team up with people who did [insert problem], and you'd like to hear back from them on the matter.

If you need to remember how to DisNod or write an email (or letter), here's some refreshers:


And pics related.

Remember, use your own words.

Taco Bell is sponsoring VICE's thing with Zoe

Taco Bell

Phone: 1-949-863-4500

Contact Us page: https://www.tacobell.com/contact-us

We'll have to look for advertisers on Polygon, but here's one of their current sponsors.

Peet's Coffee


Kotaku's contend discovery sponsor



Awareness Spreading

List of people to contact




https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC1rjUKeELaSKsxg0O1bNGw (harmful opinions)







https://twitter.com/heatstreet (already did an article… More?)


https://twitter.com/nichegamer (is it their wheelhouse? They did do a "Journos need to Git Gud at vidya" article)



https://twitter.com/WilliamUsherGB (already did an article… More?)





(Do not contact Total Biscuit. He already said his peace on KiA via a comment RE: LW's accusations of harassment. He has been silent on the drama for a reason. Don't drag him into it, or we could turn a powerful voice who is "neutral-ish" against us).



http://heatst.com/ (already did an article… More?)



And whoever else you think could be interested.

Redpilling former fluffers

Not keen on this one myself, but GG's built so every individual does what they deem best.

Send to those who made fluff pieces about LW to see their reaction (research first to see who are kool-aid drinkers, who have been duped, and who would want to save face irrelevant of the first two).

Send them this:




>jessi singal sees nothing wrong with leaks



>Crash Override Network Really Is a CON


And things in the leak that clash with their morality/company image.

But again- source the articles not the leaks themselves.

e0f92b No.327332


> True purpose of @CrashOverrideNW, right from their mouth: To fight against the anonymity of the internet.

So some normalfags won't like them being involved with Twitter.

Who else (anonymity groups) would be interested in this?

e0f92b No.327333

There's a Encyclopedia Dramatica page about it.


e0f92b No.327337

File: 5ba3abc1d611d4d⋯.jpg (168.48 KB, 600x781, 600:781, f266694f6bebd986879ca66961….jpg)


Moot wouldn't be there but the chick that he was cucked by as luggage-ladding across europe does have SJW connections






Borderlines man, it's hard to even explain what they're even like to other people who haven't been fucked over by one… pic related…

Although, I'm so glad I had the sense to not stick it in the crazy Although, I did "sleep" with her. After a party at my house she got drunk and pretended to sleep next to me in my bed watching anime bullshit on my computer, waiting for me to make a move on her. I later found out that was a standard MO for her she blackmailed another guy by accusing him of raping her doing the same thing. I fell the fuck asleep lol.

She almost completely wrecked the group of friends who did, with her dick-hopping shenanigans and drama.


Reminder: Falcon Punch = FREE

Nice hitler dubs

e0f92b No.327344


Alex Liefschitz claims to be moderating half-chan and violating their anonymity policy in the chat leaks. Moot may or may not have been aware of Alex censoring this, but it was definitely happening beyond our anecdotal experiences at this point.

Alex is truly pitiable. Barely eeking out interning at studios, wanting to make games, moderating at the big half-chan, and he blows two BIG opportunities that were even huger TOGETHER for some 4/10 hipster snatch. He's surely lost his mod privileges, he's radioactive to any studio thanks to his public spectacles like snapping GTA discs for empty convention panels and twittering, he had to pay Chelsea's bills & now he doesn't even get to fuck her any more. Drained and cucked.

e0f92b No.327346


Save your pity. He still stands to inherit literally billions of dollars, and that will buy a lot of girlfriends. He could even put together his own game studio.

e0f92b No.327361

File: b2f8b92a2032458⋯.png (63.77 KB, 1894x892, 947:446, Immagine 1.png)


e0f92b No.327363

File: f45b75c717f6d3f⋯.png (124.28 KB, 599x337, 599:337, ggflag.png)



Skimmed a few -

PlayDangerously x100000

They really got a thing for Cernovich.

e0f92b No.327369


rape 36x

suicide 24x

sjw 62x

omg 78x

wtf 24x

like <100x

literally 44x

freeze peach 8x

hate <100x

ethic 16x

Wait, what's this about?

[29/12/2014, 2:53:59 PM] David Gallant: I sure hope she doesn't get blackballed for this.

[29/12/2014, 2:54:39 PM] Tesseract: https://twitter.com/PlayDangerously/status/376155990824976384 what the fuck

[29/12/2014, 2:55:21 PM] Tesseract: https://twitter.com/PlayDangerously/status/390445519186579456 hey chris

[29/12/2014, 2:56:22 PM] Secret Gamer Girl: Eh, for me that comes down to how much pressure is on her to toss Vivian into the game and how much of that is her just being genuinely down with the creep squad

[29/12/2014, 2:57:20 PM] Remy: This message has been removed.

[29/12/2014, 2:57:27 PM] Remy: This message has been removed.

[29/12/2014, 2:57:39 PM] Secret Gamer Girl: hmm?

[29/12/2014, 2:57:54 PM] Remy: This message has been removed.

[29/12/2014, 2:58:15 PM] Remy: This message has been removed.

[29/12/2014, 2:58:21 PM] Remy: This message has been removed.

[29/12/2014, 2:58:29 PM] Remy: This message has been removed.

[29/12/2014, 2:59:32 PM] David Gallant: That's a troubling theory… and quite possibly no one's business.

[29/12/2014, 2:59:45 PM] David Gallant: DEAR GODS WHAT IS HE TRYING TO DO TO ME https://twitter.com/a_man_in_black/status/549458800617730048

[29/12/2014, 3:00:23 PM] Remy: Yup

Whoever released this removed seven messages.

e0f92b No.327370

Oh also, surprise surprise, everyone has a shitty relationship with their parents:

[30/12/2014, 6:16:39 PM] Remy: My father-in-law called me a "fat retard" last summer

[30/12/2014, 6:18:18 PM] Remy: I'd like to say "it's nothing new", but it kind-of is? I'm used to my family being a bunch of shit people, but usually everyone I've dated has had a family that has just loved me

[30/12/2014, 6:19:05 PM] Remy: My childhood was crowd-sourced

[30/12/2014, 6:19:35 PM] Athena Hollow: Like, dad's an alkie, mom was a self-medicating bipolar….

[30/12/2014, 6:19:43 PM] Athena Hollow: but that wasn't really a big thing until my teen years

[30/12/2014, 6:20:07 PM] Athena Hollow: before that, I just dealt with parents who had me when they were way too young and had no fucking clue what to do >_>

[30/12/2014, 6:20:48 PM] Remy: Mine were just insanely neglectful in every aspect of the word. They kept me alive and fed enough to not raise suspicion. At first I thought I didn't get any clothes or haircuts or trips to the doctor b/c we were poor but then when I was 13 she married a rich dude and they were off enjoying Bahama cruises and I was left home all summer wondering WTF

[30/12/2014, 6:21:20 PM] Remy: Actually no it was when I was 11

[30/12/2014, 6:21:35 PM] Remy: When I was 13 he kicked me out b/c I would always argue

[30/12/2014, 6:21:36 PM] Athena Hollow: Yeah, I grew up poor w/ 6 of us living in a 2 bedroom tiny house. Made just enough to not qualify for assistance, but nowhere near enough to do stuff like 'doctor visits' lol

[30/12/2014, 6:22:03 PM] Ian Cheong: I used to get into a lot of arguments with my mom when I was a kid.

[30/12/2014, 6:22:09 PM] Ian Cheong: Like every other day.

[30/12/2014, 6:22:14 PM] Ian Cheong: She put up with my bullshit.

[30/12/2014, 6:22:38 PM] Athena Hollow: I used to fight w/ my mom all the time, but a lot of it came down to "please just fucking listen to me" which she never did -_-

[30/12/2014, 6:22:44 PM] Ian Cheong: It got better when I left the house at 22.


[30/12/2014, 6:26:20 PM] Remy: I'm such a stupid weirdo

Who is stephenatwar again?

e0f92b No.327372


Stupid NeoGAF cucks.

e0f92b No.327373

File: 9a2fb9301a2c4fc⋯.jpg (96.97 KB, 600x800, 3:4, GG 2nd anniversary-adjuste….jpg)

Keep digging, guys, you're doing God's work!

I was thinking, since we know Polygon, Vice, etc are NOT going to cover this, a plan of attack should be to publicly ask them to cover it. The more aware people are that we asked them to cover the CON leak, the more impactful it will be when we show that they did positive coverage of Quinn, Wu, etc. yet remain completely silent when the public shows interest.

This is primarily a twitter thing, I suppose, but any other way you guys can think of to publicly get this out there would be great. The only way they could try to do any damage control is if they actually did run coverage, and then the spin would either be obvious or they'd have to admit to trusting the wrong people. Getting these public appeals out there strengthens our options when talking to advertisers and overall awareness of the leaks.

e0f92b No.327376


That's right, and the more corruption we uncover, the more we have to counter arguments from normies. For instance, the Candace Owens incident occurred right when I needed something to explain to a normie why Zoe Quinn smells of corruption. So many people just take for granted what they read in Wired or some such bullshit, but just having them listen to the Owens interview made them change their mind and think, "ok, I can see something fishy going on here."

e0f92b No.327377

e0f92b No.327382

e0f92b No.327397

File: 706543e34f92e03⋯.png (94.63 KB, 540x510, 18:17, nuclear_pepe.png)






e0f92b No.327403


moot was just a massive cuck, totally intimidated by these SJW cunts.

Moots leaked logs showed that he was not on "their side" but afraid of violence and getting smeared with some kind of false info, making it impossible for him to find a job later in life.

I think this was what actually made him sell 4chan at the end.

If you disconnect, you dont have to fear anything.

e0f92b No.327421


more realistically, he stands to be the benefactor of a trust fund than inheriting anything directly free & clear.

Considering his darkmode on twitter since last year, breakup, parents pay for apartments, legal fees, and lack of any real projects or productions, it's pretty clear daddy runs the money with an iron fist. He probably go the reins jerked on his cuck face last year and I really believe the father sat down with ZQ and wrote the legal check with a quiet contract. "I know you two are getting tired of each other, you can't beat me in court if you get knocked up but I don't want the hassle, here's a check for your whole legal case, move to LA, never contact him again because I'm getting to old to be paying for his messes"

e0f92b No.327428

Brote's second stream has just been deleted for harassment. I can hear him wheezing with joy from the other side of the world.

e0f92b No.327430


Several anons downloaded the streams.

Where's the best place to upload them for easy download?

e0f92b No.327438

Someone upload it to vimeo

e0f92b No.327439

File: ab0c759c31da4c5⋯.png (260.61 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 53534trf.png)

e0f92b No.327442

File: 48294c4e5922518⋯.jpg (12.42 KB, 336x223, 336:223, CrMc50hUMAEq5yD.jpg)

Hold onto your butts gentlemen we got more logs incoming!!!

e0f92b No.327443

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e0f92b No.327444

File: a8781e4cff48022⋯.jpg (145.86 KB, 741x699, 247:233, 1421528813969.jpg)


My body is ready

e0f92b No.327456


I need this

So badly.

I want to see their autism unfiltered.

e0f92b No.327464


BroTeam's First Stream on August 24, 2016 has been uploaded to Vimeo here:


If someone's got a better quality rip, lemme know.

His second stream is gonna need some time, a free vimeo account only allows uploads of 500MB/week, meaning it'll have to be chunked.


Doin' God's work anon.

e0f92b No.327476


BroTeam'sCON Stream parts 1 and 2 can be downloaded here:


e0f92b No.327488


>She never produced a real game, she lost every job she had, every single project she started she's either sabotaged or simply never finished. No game jam, no book, no movie, no video game, all you've got is a bunch of interviews about dumb shit like you having a flashstick in your hand.

To top it off there have been the old blogs of her where she only wanted a job that was "low effort, good pay" which is what got he interested in being stripper. She befriends people and uses their skills and then burns them off while moving elsewhere and changing her name. Eron even described how parts of "your" life backstory she would take and become part of "hers." If the rumors of book/movie deal are true she going to burn off ties to her own adopted? family.

I still find it strange after all these years has anyone who knew her in high school (as Chelsea) spoken about she acted back then yet?

And in that chat room all I see is a bunch of other hypocritical crazies who all seem willing to stab each other in the back at a the first sign of trouble (which seems to have happened considering this leaked).

e0f92b No.327490


>I still find it strange after all these years has anyone who knew her in high school (as Chelsea) spoken about she acted back then yet?

I remember early on hearing she complained about issues with her parents, but the info on that is pretty vague. I think the earliest account we have is from that photographer that worked with her. Brote knows someone who's known her a long, long time. Every so often he lets slip these details of background shit I've heard no where else. Like that what she's done to Eron, she did to like four guys before him.

I'll bet there's a ton out there who have all sorts of dirt on her, but knowing she's a borderline have kept quiet because if they spoke out she'd try to get back into their lives and wreck shit for a while.

e0f92b No.327508

File: 996f4bafa1133a4⋯.mp4 (7.99 MB, 480x320, 3:2, 996f4bafa1133a41adda3f5a23….mp4)

e0f92b No.327525


What is this from? I've never seen this video before.

e0f92b No.327529


It's from the disasterpiece that was Jordan Owen's documentary about Anita Sarkeesian. He teamed up with some asshole, and right after bragging about how well they got along despite their different political views, they got into a huge feud and it all resulted in a lame duck 'expose' that nobody saw.

e0f92b No.327530


Yeah; though I would think Alex's dad probably paid more than just the bitch's legal fees to get rid of Zoe from Alex's life.

Even if he has money, the family court system is fucked up beyond belief when it comes to women being allowed to get away with (both figuratively and literally in some cases) murder, when it comes to the family court system taking the woman's side over the man.

I still think that there had to be a pregnancy scare that ultimately made Alex's dad wake up and move to end the relationship. If Zoe got pregnant, the family is fucked since Zoe would have a claim to the family fortune and worse, would turn on Alex like she did everyone else as far as putting the legal screws upon him to get set up for life on child support and alimony. Especially if they are still in San Francisco, as California has the infamous "Ten Year" rule where if you are married for ten years, you can be legally raped financially by the woman in terms of alimony….

Not to mention that Zoe and Alex are probably evil enough that they'd probably seriously contemplate murdering Alex's dad, to get the fortune quicker than if they waited. Alex is supposedly a huge fucking snob and greedy as fuck (going so far as attempting to SLAP lawsuit begger a poor member of the family until his dad intervened and told him to leave the cousin alone). I can see him not needing much convincing by Zoe to kill his dad, as far as convincing him that his gun making dad should be killed so Alex can take the family fortune and use it to further the SJW cause.

Daddy dearest probably sat Zoe down after a pregnancy scare and told her, one time only offer, that he'd give her a million or two dollars to get the fuck out of his son's life.

e0f92b No.327531

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Daddy dearest probably sat Zoe down after a pregnancy scare and told her, one time only offer, that he'd give her a million or two dollars to get the fuck out of his son's life.

I think I saw a great film scene like that. James Woods character Lester is reminiscent of LW. De Niro plays Dad, and Lipshits played by Sharon Stone. Sheeeeit, Alex already got the doosex tramp stamp too.

e0f92b No.327533

File: 0ea8d0124dc4ba0⋯.jpg (108.04 KB, 592x828, 148:207, 83dcd8d7f62ebf43c828305f7e….jpg)


I'm bursting with pride her leader nice job that craphole needs to burn to the fucking ground just like gawker.

[28/12/2014, 10:20:34 AM] Chris Kluwe: where if i make a mistake, fuck, but i'm gonna do my damndest not to make that mistake again

[28/12/2014, 10:20:42 AM] Chris Kluwe: instead of doubling down on it

Uh huh sure you are dood sure you are

e0f92b No.327534

File: 51bc90d6f51ce10⋯.jpg (106.95 KB, 587x953, 587:953, CrKrwUUWEAAOp2s.jpg)

I assumed the tyfc twatter account was abandoned i assumed wrong its back and bringing some serious bantz.

e0f92b No.327535

File: 941de7461e10dd5⋯.jpg (37.58 KB, 669x309, 223:103, burned.JPG)

Absolute burn,my sides have collided with the sun creating a new portal to a new dimension

e0f92b No.327536


I assume the kiddie fiddler protector (assuming he wasn't threatening to falsely accuse one of his teammates for the evilulz as some have suspected he was actually doing) is talking about how he was being asked to slime Gamergate on Deadspin?

e0f92b No.327541


Pathological liars gonna lie. Been saying that since this shit started.

e0f92b No.327544

So I'm going to ask the question everyones probably thinking: How do we use this to get them in jail or fired or their actions?

e0f92b No.327545


I dont really feel the need to do that.

They are already imprisoned by the mess they have made of their own lives.

Everywhere they go they will have to worry about being recognised as the people who set up an internet bullying group and got found out.

e0f92b No.327546


FemFreq charity status. That shit needs to be looked at with a fine tooth comb by the IRS. Femfreq gives money to CON and while it sounds obvious to people who knows that Anita is a scammer. Not many normalfags knows how fucking shady the whole shit is. Not surprising though since I have yet to see a single MSM mention Anita's teleseminar shilling past. They all bought the Listen&Believe saint Anita crap. To date not a single inquiring questions from MSM on who are the people in Femfreq and CON.


I disagree. The CONmen and CONwomen will keep slithering away or try to fail upwards, assisted by MSM looking the other way, or worse actively buying and peddling the Listen&Believe koolaid. They're doubling down on that and while the grift can't last forever, there is still a lot of damage socjus scammers can do on their way out.

e0f92b No.327587

File: 12437ed2d6fd902⋯.jpg (81.88 KB, 624x894, 104:149, 31GDVbe.jpg)

Randi is not very good with her numbers: http://imgur.com/a/Hhcbs

She might want to reconsider the whole "empowered tech woman" thing, maybe try something easier like "takes her thorazine everyday woman".

e0f92b No.327634

Ya guys got this bit?: https://archive.is/JyWDo

e0f92b No.327637


>It's just borderline shit, like every fucking other thing she does. I was with one for a couple years, at the tail end of it I joined some support forums, started reading stories about other people who had been in relationships with borderlines (dave foley)

Hey guys, I've met Tabitha. She is batshit insane (but fine when she is gooned on meds).

There was even a woman who I rather liked but who I lost all interest in when I found out she was friends with Tabitha.

And yes, this is borderline shit.

e0f92b No.327638


>Peter Coffin: my wife is a lot like me


e0f92b No.327647


What if they make the play for full scorched earth? If they can't have it, nuke it?

e0f92b No.327653



We can rebuild, rise from the ashes.

They won't. They can't, because they're the ashes.

e0f92b No.327668

Serious Chat (short)


Serious Chat (long)


Same pass as before

e0f92b No.327677

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The CON Chat Leaks @CrashOverrideNW


e0f92b No.327683

File: cc64c12a215136d⋯.jpg (125.64 KB, 821x622, 821:622, CON-vict.jpg)


Mirror in case they takedown the video.


e0f92b No.327685


That rar with stuff off their trello looks mighty tasty. Wonder how many smoking guns will be found in their "harasser database"

e0f92b No.327689

File: 62c62abf8a9c1fa⋯.jpg (11.03 KB, 288x384, 3:4, jake Alley.jpg)

File: 8339c9a75472e9a⋯.png (121.11 KB, 1887x881, 1887:881, Red Shirt and Massive vs M….png)

File: eb73fa4ac1b331b⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1934x4106, 967:2053, Redshirts history.png)

File: 2bb3b213b6f36ba⋯.png (127.12 KB, 1893x912, 631:304, Jake's plans for Gamergate….png)

File: 4aded1659650f14⋯.png (742.02 KB, 1027x584, 1027:584, Jake.png)

CON inner circle member Secret Gamer Girl's real identity has been found and verified through the Patreon database breach. You might remember 'Secret Gamer Girl' as a particularly nasty piece of work who dedicated months of their life back in 2014 to destroying 8chan and attacking Gamergate.

He is in reality a (mostly unsuccessful) tabletop game designer from Connecticut named Jacob "Jake" Alley, also known as his online handle Googleshng which has over a decade of web history behind it. He created a game called The Massive vs. the Masses back in 2007, a game which fellow CON inner circle member Katherine Cross was promoting just last month.

Cross' Gamasutra article: http://archive.is/aSyoC

This thread is a bit of a mess as it was started before the truename was known, but there's all kinds of info on Jake here: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/secret-gamer-girl-secretgamergrrl-jacob-lawrence-jake-alley.23920/

Hilariously, Jake's early involvement in anti-Gamergate activities included his relentless campaign against Patreon (which went on for months due to them not banning 8chan/Hotwheels and various pro-Gamergate accounts), and ultimately he could not resist the greed to start up his own Patreons, one under Jake Alley (which has no patrons) and one under his anti-Gamergate 'girl' identity, both of which used the same PayPal info which had his real name in the email address.

Some of you may remember Jake's vitriolic Twitter rants about how Gamergaters are losers living with their parents - as you may have guessed it was merely projection as Jake is a balding, overweight weaboo in his 30s still living with his mom.

He is also (as of January 2015 at least) in thousands of dollars of debt due to his Massive vs. Masses game and he still has hundreds of unsold copies in his room, which he said he uses as insulation. Fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls may have encountered Jake before under the Googleshng handle, and he has a history of claiming everyone steals his ideas and blaming his failures on anyone but himself.

e0f92b No.327692

File: 97ed89d71e8c30d⋯.jpg (222.66 KB, 769x1500, 769:1500, Asuka racebike.jpg)

Oi, I wanna make an infograph.

Someone digging the logs want to make me a list of the 5 dirties, most borderline-illegal things they did in there and give me the quotes?

It'll give us something good to spread!

e0f92b No.327707



good clip. I imagine there's lots of salvageable bits like this from that disaster

e0f92b No.327712

File: 8a853820208429e⋯.jpg (175.25 KB, 700x1398, 350:699, CON Infograph_1.jpg)

Who should I source when emailing people? Places like Heat St and One Angry Gamer who did articles on the logs?

Do we have daily or weekly mailing goals? We should IMO, so the target gets a "glut" of emails. Making it look like someone posted the expose on a forum and everyone went ape


Watch through Broteams streams. Whatever one he looked through had things organized by titles. All awful.

Take pic related as an example of not what to do.

Imagine the un-initiated read this.

> Who's CON?

> Who's KIA?

> How is this legitimate?

> Why should I care?

Don't forget to spoon feed a little.

e0f92b No.327715


Brote looked to be going through the Highlights pastebin. Make sure you go find the full log to check if anything got left out.


Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/QkfLCA8m

Archive: http://archive.is/eBVCb

e0f92b No.327738

File: 6215a69561c4aae⋯.jpeg (184.26 KB, 1280x1292, 320:323, a1434c380cf75f08cc19c6b4e….jpeg)

Smoking hot new leaks dropping soon watch this space.

e0f92b No.327743


Hot new leaks? But I want it now!

e0f92b No.327744

File: da4c9d2b84dfb0c⋯.jpg (39.42 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1420579229645-0.jpg)

So am I the only one not really trusting Cheong right now?

As in, the man has never mentioned anything about CON before the leaks despite being a part of it's chatroom? Now that the evidence was laid bare he's writing an article about Mighty No. 9 and how it was subverted by a feminist?

Could he be a plant set up by aGG? I honestly don't know what to think, judging by his history the guy is probably kind of mentally unstable (nazi-turned-feminist that doesn't question the narrative and spouts the exact same rhethoric as SJWs for a few months i.e. "It's fucking game journalism, who gives a fuck" and so on, then suddenly has a change of heart?).

Regardless of what you think, if you are one of the ecelebs involved and have access to him you probably should be careful about what you discuss with the man.

e0f92b No.327746

File: 31d7acf2e25fab0⋯.webm (3.87 MB, 852x480, 71:40, AURORA SPENCER ᴴᴰ ✿♥‿♥✿ C….webm)


Nobody would have believed him fresh when he turned, nobody would believe him now without proof. Proof was provided, IMC confirmed the proof. All is well.

e0f92b No.327749

Was the proof verified? Whatever happened to "Trust But Verify" anyway?

1) Lots of content, but all of it needs to be vetted line by line, especially the parts that "prove" something. That's just good investigative practice

2) Lack of concern from aGG. Either they think it's false or unverifiable, or just that GG's credibility is shot

3) Verification will turn up more leads.

e0f92b No.327762

File: f83e7d77b3b2103⋯.jpg (132.58 KB, 947x1074, 947:1074, 6441cc943f651e80da228733df….jpg)


All thinks considered that at some point in time he was balls deep in socjus ass and hung out with them on xmas day and new year it is amazing he was able to break free of their influence and become his own man,if you look at his feed it shows that he is neither interested in gg or socjus he's just a normal person now who's exposing his former friends for their shitty behavior,considering the fact that his own socjus brigade hate his guts now i doubt that he is a plant.

but i agree as with all e-celebs better to watch them cautiously than follow them around like a lovesick puppy.


dangerously high levels of furfaggotry we got here leader thread with caution

e0f92b No.327763

File: 5d143a783a5d93c⋯.jpg (117.42 KB, 851x607, 851:607, Cr0wB6IVMAEomh2.jpg)

A startling revelation of epic proportions

e0f92b No.327770


People to email

Find more you bastards!


Looks like Ralph did something right for once.

By getting arrested and letting shitty journos write about him.

Do you have a link to the original article comment?

Mighty good for red pilling.

e0f92b No.327775

e0f92b No.327776



Shit, I think I remember this fucker. Was involved in a nasty online spat back in the day.

tl;dr - He's faking his tranny status.

e0f92b No.327789

File: 9377e7b90daae0e⋯.jpg (21.39 KB, 231x337, 231:337, Jake.jpg)


Interesting. He seems to be exactly the "fat, unemployed, neckbeard pretending to be a girl online" stereotype.

He's been trying to burn some of his web presence; he had the Wayback Machine archives of his sites taken down, briefly had his Talking Time account renamed to Astra, and had his entry and adventures at the TGwiki deleted.

e0f92b No.327814


Emails to these people have not resulted in action or a response.

When do we go after their advertisers?

e0f92b No.327815


> Emails to these people have not resulted in action or a response.

Go up the chain of command to their editors and publishers.

Go up their chain of command to journalism oversight bodies of all stripes like CJR, Poynter, FAIR, AIM.

Wait a week and then write a Medium post naming and shaming everyone who failed to respond.

e0f92b No.327816


>He's been trying to burn some of his web presence; he had the Wayback Machine archives of his sites taken down, briefly had his Talking Time account renamed to Astra, and had his entry and adventures at the TGwiki deleted.

Yeah, I was looking for the posts in the old forums, but the ones that are still up are scrubbed clean. Even what I believed was his LJ account was deleted only recently.

e0f92b No.327837

Wikipedia is trying to take mentions of the leaks down.


I dunno if Wikipedia deletes part of the "talk" as it updates, so keep an eye on it.

e0f92b No.327838


TBH, as individuals working together, we can attack the entire "tree" all at once. If we had the contact details found and reposted here.

Hint-fucking-hint to you all.

Though I've heard (verify) the best way is to keep pissing off the advertising/brand manager. If he's bogged down dealing with your messages instead of sitting on his ass, he'll drop anything.

e0f92b No.327841

File: d47c321131b1cd2⋯.jpg (150.45 KB, 1060x497, 1060:497, CsCzMgjVUAArkMQ.jpg)


surprisingly they haven't reversed it,i speculate its because that ryolong character is no longer there most of the action is in the talk page

e0f92b No.327842

File: 36d7c51e2b26343⋯.png (13.57 KB, 1200x445, 240:89, 65e8cb75385a3f78078a9f51a5….png)

File: 7d2b63a6ca60d88⋯.png (40.49 KB, 1200x954, 200:159, becd4c921d810e8438f629ace0….png)

File: 1417260035cac84⋯.png (8.6 KB, 1200x286, 600:143, 7d89522d44c87d293ff5035a06….png)

File: e4410ba116d1658⋯.png (112.4 KB, 1200x1695, 80:113, 0dac3cda356473ad18f514dc2f….png)


A former Crash Override Network member has given us an export and an html-file from the Crash Override Network trello board.

Trello is a collaborative online board that allows you to create lists on a board and put cards up (like a black board).

We won't release the full json export because it may contain sensitive information. However we did parse the data and created screenshots to help visualize the actions taken by each member.

In the pack we have created, you will find:

1 The highlights - The stuff we found to be the most interesting

2 The full lists - Redacted screenshots of each trello list with all the cards (dox etc removed)

3 Actions committed per list - Extracted from the json-export; all the actions committed to lists

4 Tabular overview of the leak - Some screenshots, which give an overview of actions

5 Graphs - Visualizations of the json-data


The password for the 7zip is IVZVaIF3g0bQq35HRcpDub1kV5SqvAz6

Highlights attached.

The 8ch stuff looks bad out of context to normalfags. Unless they are posts they made themselves

Confirmation Zoe manipulated Pateron to get Sarkeesian Effect taken down.

Confirmation of organizing a lists of "problematic" people.

e0f92b No.327843

File: 36b06c34a449045⋯.png (74.34 KB, 1200x814, 600:407, 36b06c34a449045702f8797f2e….png)


>Fredrick is a nazi because he admits to using the controversy around us calling him a nazi to pay for the site.

The people are incredibly delusional

e0f92b No.327844

File: ba6520e3d3c7c2d⋯.png (6.49 KB, 1391x699, 1391:699, 0c44f9360789a44a2f4e807b5e….png)

File: e19a1f383fd32eb⋯.png (5.04 KB, 290x301, 290:301, 067b317435384f5fd407f36b55….png)

"Actions per member".

Looks like Lifschitz becoming unemployed gave her time to focus on GG.

And everything we've endured so far was their best.

e0f92b No.327846

File: a4ea3865cd36af0⋯.png (13.47 KB, 1010x183, 1010:183, f21e0acbdeedacd5eadbddf520….png)

>They threw TFYC in their for ignoring their tweets

Can it be any more obvious that these people are attention whores?

e0f92b No.327847

File: 9ad96173aa76e6a⋯.png (45.08 KB, 960x283, 960:283, 416c13a80335ba93ec8fe5f69b….png)




e0f92b No.327848

File: f1e3ab1d56d006b⋯.png (26.98 KB, 1219x294, 1219:294, befcf38e10953f83c6d661d15c….png)

>Putting BroTeamPill into the asshole dossier for having threads made about him on KiA


e0f92b No.327849

File: eced8437b4ae4b4⋯.png (21.1 KB, 1000x252, 250:63, 4661ee6e81ea54d790bd3497cd….png)

>weaponized followers


e0f92b No.327852

File: b03ff21c74c1b40⋯.png (7.62 KB, 1160x696, 5:3, 6db44b2e453b9ed98672b09e7b….png)

File: f2509bf07c51303⋯.png (36.11 KB, 923x274, 923:274, 4d8c000acac0db8cdf550d2bf1….png)

(Pic 1)

>the only person to care about the /cow/ threads on Peter Coffin is Peter Coffin himself

Top fucking kek.

(Pic 2)

>They put Pakman on the list for being neutral

>Their shit on him was that he was an ink cartridge guru



Irony being, Leigh would do it later on: https://imgur.com/dTG1DRL

e0f92b No.327853

Now RE: The redacted areas.

The CON people could claim this was something else blackened.

The only way to confirm it would be if the leaker approached each person on the lists, ask them if the info is legit, and then that individual confirms it via a public medium.

Until then, the earlier CON leaks could be used to help normalfags realize they would be capable of, and bitter enough to, dox someone.

e0f92b No.327854

File: a07c987d9070c87⋯.png (31.68 KB, 670x381, 670:381, d7d9176f34e2f78b0913057c4b….png)

>How dare that Milo expose SRH for being a pedophile


Seriously though, this could be used to reinstate him. "Milo banned from Twitter for uncovering Support aiding a pedophile"

e0f92b No.327855

File: 6c0d176ef158c6d⋯.png (9.26 KB, 254x213, 254:213, 8cd239329b068f073342bd3b5e….png)

Oh shit, they know our secrets! It's all over, close the gate.


e0f92b No.327856

File: d65de4889835fe6⋯.png (13.3 KB, 738x202, 369:101, dd5313784cdb4ab6cebb65c0ec….png)

Gotta dox those 8chan board owners am I right, Dan Olson?

e0f92b No.327857

Keep an eye on the stickied /v/ thread, see if more posts happen.

I'm heading to bed.

e0f92b No.327880


>The only way to confirm it would be if the leaker approached each person on the lists, ask them if the info is legit, and then that individual confirms it via a public medium.

This should be the next course of action, like how Ian promptly confirmed the CON leaks.

e0f92b No.327881

Chelsea is not too happy about these leaks and the articles that have been made. Seems she was bitching about Ian Miles Cheong in particular.


>@Primeape people are so fucked up. I don't even know how his about-face made sense even to him.

>@Primeape fuck these idiots in particular. you're 100 times better than they are

>@Primeape i wanna go off on him so bad but i know it'll only make things worse. I think i made up new cusses I'm so ticked off

>@Primeape Jesus Christ I'm so sorry that these goblins still haven't moved on with the miserable wrecks of their lives.

>@Primeape I still can't believe he turned around and saddled up with the same people that couldn't tell him and Arthur Chu apart.

>@Primeape [hugs] Sending you all the love. And attempting to set everything on fire with my mind. You deserve so much better. <3

>@Primeape they'd have me to contend with this time - good news is, i dont think that'll ever happen again regardless <3

>@Primeape Eh. Venting is good. Plus, this is good enough motivation for me to fix my card and get my Patreon donations to you working again

>@Primeape their "chat logs" are literally plain text documents who the fuck would think they're genuine

>@Primeape what a coincidence that all these sites with 'wiki' in the name actually turn out to be petulant and unethical

e0f92b No.327892


I'm pleased people other than me keep up on Chelsea's alt accounts. Good looking out

>@Primeape people are so fucked up. I don't even know how his about-face made sense even to him.

>@Primeape fuck these idiots in particular. you're 100 times better than they are

>@Primeape i wanna go off on him so bad but i know it'll only make things worse. I think i made up new cusses I'm so ticked off

>@Primeape I still can't believe he turned around and saddled up with the same people that couldn't tell him and Arthur Chu apart.

You can definitely infer that she privately tweeted "Ian M Cheong is shit, why is he vetting these." The asspain is real

>@Primeape their "chat logs" are literally plain text documents who the fuck would think they're genuine

They're verified for authenticity by two of the participants publicly, you mongoloid. As if Chelsea crying about it privately isn't proof enough

>@Primeape Eh. Venting is good. Plus, this is good enough motivation for me to fix my card and get my Patreon donations to you working again

this behavior disgusts me. Chills down my spine. Some people just hate their own money.

e0f92b No.327893

File: 0dac3cda356473a⋯.png (148.09 KB, 1200x1695, 80:113, List 8chan crowdfunding.png)

File: ff0fbf86d28c567⋯.jpg (969.06 KB, 2800x2800, 1:1, attack on 8chan.jpg)

Remember, these are the fucks that went after Hotwheels Patreon and tried hard to shut down the servers by playing the CP and DDOS angle.

DDOSing is illegal, time to gather evidence and put away these cucked manginas for good.

e0f92b No.327894

File: 3feaa8745db5e14⋯.jpg (87.47 KB, 846x533, 846:533, acid-man-movie.jpg)


>DDOSing is illegal, time to gather evidence and put away these cucked manginas for good.

let's be real for a moment here, Acid Man is:

•running this board and has dataz of SJWs trying to cuck the board for 2 years

•a gun runner for the FBI

•played by Jonah Hill in a Hollywood movie

if anyone was going to get taken to court for DDoS, it would have happened a long time ago. Wu couldn't get the FBI to do shit about Ralph's blog, why would they do anything about video game site outages? Unless the Director of the FBI's World of Warcraft raid gets interrupted, they aren't doing shit.

e0f92b No.327895


You could still spark public outcry over it. At least on Twitter:

> Twitter Support helpers CON tried to DDOS and dox GamerGate website and members.

That'd repel advertisers.

e0f92b No.327919

File: 82673039729d0f7⋯.jpg (16.02 KB, 1010x183, 1010:183, CsHJXMxUIAA2047.jpg)

How dare someone tag in my fweind how dare they they screamed.

going after a corporate account used by multiple people.

Ho Boi this is too good to be true

e0f92b No.327920

File: 83f1e625608fa18⋯.jpg (31.83 KB, 960x283, 960:283, CsHsr8ZVUAAHR81.jpg)

They were supposed to protect women from harassment yet they are the ones harassing women extensively.

e0f92b No.327935

e0f92b No.327955

File: db972a713677702⋯.jpg (44.61 KB, 599x337, 599:337, 1449507783495.jpg)

I just realized they seem more fascinated with /bamphomet/ than any of the gg boards or the /v/ general,why are they even interested in /bamp/ anyway is there some kind of beef that they somehow conflagated into gg?

e0f92b No.327974


They unironically believe /bamp/ is GG related. In the mind of these deluded fools, this is the "real gamergate".

e0f92b No.327993


No, that's where the largest number of their agents and spies are.

e0f92b No.328009

e0f92b No.328011


I very much doubt that. I think they're well aware that it's a separate entity, even if there's a small overlap due to being in the same site. It's just that keeping up the pretense that le ebil doxing board is GG gives them "political capital" against us.

e0f92b No.328012

File: bd8dc35c1c2d4db⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 360x270, 4:3, olga.gif)


that's statistically bullshit, but I believe it.

This election cycle in the U.S. is the follow-up, where obvious truths like this are under-reported, or not reported at all, and the big media outlets are finally exercising their will to shape the narrative against the natural flow of information. But it's too late; they can't control the news when it leaks from person to person in a thousand different directions. The only hard part on our end is making news like this sticky to the normies. They're painfully dull and apathetic, and just don't share things that rock the boat mentally.

Strengthen your friends & family's minds and get them to crave the truth. Get them addicted!

e0f92b No.328032



Both are correct.

e0f92b No.328211


>Chelsea is not too happy about these leaks and the articles that have been made. Seems she was bitching about Ian Miles Cheong

I don't trust that guy.

Maybe because I saw Stephanie Guthrie pull the same tactic on bullying. I smell goons.

e0f92b No.328230


>>@Primeape their "chat logs" are literally plain text documents who the fuck would think they're genuine

Isn't that standard for chat logs?

e0f92b No.328259


It's been interesting re-reading these with the context of having recently read the Devi Ever/Amber Coal thread over on the kiwi farms. It's too bad the Tranny Insanity invalidates much of the insight he/she may have once had on the inside.

e0f92b No.328291

File: 4256d7d12a6089b⋯.jpg (134.16 KB, 924x402, 154:67, People who can't use patre….jpg)






Probably more.

Do they not care?

e0f92b No.328313

File: a2fdf4d994543b3⋯.jpg (90.25 KB, 852x648, 71:54, CtJd0uYUMAAH2Yr.jpg)

The media blackout on the conleaks is most disconcerting even if it involves nobodies like izzy there is one juicy part a guy who works for ubisoft was implicated in targeted harassment that should have been enough to start a scandal worth covering they did it for that alison rapp skank.

They did it for the palmer guy

They do it for their retarded friends with their shitty articles

e0f92b No.328366

File: b46b1724c61ddc1⋯.jpg (361.72 KB, 750x1140, 25:38, 1424371298459.jpg)


Crash overdrive acts as a funnel for money towards feminist frequency as in you can make a donation to crash overdrive but the money ultimately ends up going to feminist frequency

this sounds alot like money laundering or at the very least funneling money to another organisation through doesn't sound legal to me lying to your donators where the money really is going

e0f92b No.328543

File: 2fa0b2685895e97⋯.png (568.3 KB, 990x1065, 66:71, ZQsupernova.png)

File: 15bea4c02cc02ef⋯.jpg (55.99 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ZQsupernova closeup.jpg)

the depths of the internet yet to be scrubbed never ceases to amaze me

e0f92b No.328587


You can't exactly put your profits from selling cocaine or prostitution in the bank, anon. You can, however, ask your clients to "donate to your Partreon."

e0f92b No.328617

So completely irrelevant to this thread but is Ian Miles Chong a good guy now?

e0f92b No.328620

File: f5a16c750d80cdb⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 360x270, 4:3, 1425176082914.gif)


He's no longer listening and believing team socjus as much as he used to remember he was balls deep in them a little over a year ago,its amazing the transformation he took from being a diehard sjw to a i don't consider him gg supporter like milo he seems to me to be in a world of his own.

You can smell the outrage when you see some of his former friends subtweet him or pop up in his tweets.

e0f92b No.328625


Doesn't Oni-Chan mean little brother? I thought it was Onii = dude Onee = girl?

e0f92b No.328629


He's an opportunist, like a lot of individuals GG has had to deal with since the very beginning. Now he's latched on to Heat St. to up his profile, which is proving to be a big mistake as it's already exposed as controlled opposition. He's never getting his ads back.


Yes. All the more reason how it's so ridiculous, dumb, and straight-up lazy.

e0f92b No.328763


I agree. I have a dreadful feeling that he believed, correctly or incorrectly, that Adam Lanza posted on /b/ indicating he'd be doing some sort of murder-suicide the next day. The post in question has never been verified, but the possibility of his website being the preferred online hangout of evil-incarnate led him to assume the worst about its userbase. IF one of us actually did assassinate someone implicated in the scandal, the press, and perhaps the victim's lawyers, would have a reasonable case that he was turning a blind eye to the warning signs that something horrific was about to transgress. So he went ahead and cut off GG discussion. By that point he may have grown tired of constantly sitting on a powder keg, and proceeds to sell the site.

All this is speculation, but I don't want to believe he simply "sold out."

e0f92b No.328807

Speaking of Quinn, her kickstarter is 100% funded. And her 'game' is going to be a big open letter to queers and trans.

e0f92b No.328808


Considering that Chuck Tingle is involved, that "open letter" would probably consist of two gigantic words: FUCK YOU. Bolded. And in serifs.

e0f92b No.328814


But the game is going to suck, right?

e0f92b No.328826


It involves Chucky and Zooey. Sucking is a given.

b2d158 No.331238

An early draft of the book was leaked in August, think it was posted in another thread before: https://archive.fo/YFft5

There have been some minor leaks before and after that. Turns out not only did Chelsea have them working on CON, they also worked on the book. They did it all for free. Chelsea kept promising salaries, compensation, housing, and health care to keep them working, and they never got a dime.



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