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File: ce44bc1298ef05b⋯.png (25.67 KB, 1084x516, 271:129, GG wiki domain mine.png)

File: 8b61710a3d0509d⋯.jpg (926.82 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, Asuka race.jpg)

1ef67a  No.331551

Some of you guys have probably heard already, but the #GG wiki is once again alive. And this time, we own it.


The domain name is mine, and the server is sharing space with DeepFreeze. I'm appointing some crack sysops from 8chan and KiA to oversee it, and there will be a fundraiser in the not too distant future to pay up both the wiki and Deepfreeze for the next five years. The wiki is currently open to (anonymous) registration and editing, but we're watching it for spam and troublemakers. If you want to contribute, check out the To Do list on the front page, or make a new article if you have something good to add.

Why'd we do this? Because I'm fucking sick and tired of people who take up big responsibilities and then flake out on the community. If nobody else can get their shit in gear and keep it in gear, then we'll do it our damned selves!

28d2ab  No.331554

File: 4df8e765f68eaab⋯.jpg (4.21 KB, 150x150, 1:1, data.jpg)

Fresh data: https://files.catbox.moe/n5nmew.zip

For you utterly bored motherfuckers:

< python code/search.py –random | less

Get a random subject. Dig there. Verify the info. Clean up the formatting. Steal liberally from other websites. Add it to the wiki.

bb6244  No.331675

016de3  No.331688


I'm already contributing and trying to transfer my edits to this new wiki, Anons. Very happy.

d32834  No.331875

5285d6  No.331876

Probably won't do much for the era of Nintendo of America censorship.


THIS was the fucker responsible for the censorship done by Nintendo of America. He was FIRED after spilling the beans in his hatred for things being "too Japanese".

The censorship of Xenoblade X, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, and Fire Emblem Fates can probably be attributed entirely to this asshole. Keep in mind that Xenoblade 1 and 2 were localized by Nintendo of Europe hence the uncensored nature of both.

d32834  No.332235

afd8ed  No.332328


404d :'(

d32834  No.332337

File: 88eb39e98f71e13⋯.jpg (58.48 KB, 800x611, 800:611, unlimited_data.jpg)

d32834  No.332338


> (404)

Well, shit. Can anyone recommend another uploader, preferably one without JS trackers all over the place?

0de360  No.332339

0de360  No.332340

d32834  No.332343

d32834  No.332370

d32834  No.332413

https://ufile.io/qnmds fresh data (8mb)

https://ufile.io/ubga4 fat package (50mb)

d32834  No.332730

6b5573  No.332732

4207f9  No.332734

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