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File: dfd5d109dfa7119⋯.png (664.21 KB, 978x603, 326:201, Suite.PNG)

File: f73064acec28aed⋯.png (3.34 MB, 2600x830, 260:83, Graphics.png)

File: a685a641430b0b8⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2qWyZwd.png)


>What is Stationmaster?

Stationmaster is a slave management game (heavily inspired by Free Cities) with base-building and 4X conquest. Set up a brothel, use the money to buy ships, and conquer the galaxy (keeping the princesses for your harem, of course).

-Sexual slavery

-Lots of rape, torture, and general sadism

-Breeding (with growth tanks to raise the babies to usable age in reasonable time)


-3D Graphics (with animation)

-A shitload of other stuff

>Latest public build:


For Mac and Linux, Wine is more reliable than Unity's dedicated builds. Just make sure to set it to 64-bit.

The extreme content mod unlocks all of the rape, torture, and incest that would get me banned from Patreon. Install it by placing the file in the directory with the EXE:


I posted this here back in April when it first released, and it's come a long way since then. Your feedback was well-taken, and a lot of it has made it in since then. It's got pregnancy/childbirth, a dairy, a complete graphical overhaul of the station view, faction leaders, and more other changes than I could possibly list here. The current patron build adds pathfinding to the station view, a spa, more furniture for the dairy, and a bunch of new assignments for obedient slaves (like madame, recruiter, and head girl).

Next patch is going to be the fighting pit, where slaves fight each-other, citizens, or monsters captured during events.


Wait, you're still alive? Thought the project died when there were no new threads.


The nofile.io link for the extreme content mod just gives me an invalid session when trying to download.


File: 7dad0dec19066a6⋯.gif (94.72 KB, 216x203, 216:203, 38a8827ca217eec64b841d28a5….gif)


>Game link

>Uncensor link

>No Patreon link


You can just create an empty file in the game directory called "extremecontent.mod" and it will work. It just needs something there to unlock it (the default one is a picture of a cat).

I wasn't sure what the etiquette was about posting update threads, so I just kept conversation on the old one until it got pruned, then made this one.



Well, I'll be damned, it actually is a picture of a cat, very cute.


Are you supposed to see the sex animations?


File: e0f3e3245ba2c99⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1907x909, 1907:909, Sex.PNG)

Yes. Are you not?

Pic related.



I should have clarified that i meant the male part. Haven't encountered any bugs so far. Altough i only played for about half an hour


what are the system requirements

t. integrated processor and 2GB ram


File: 34caab85dd2cc7f⋯.jpg (961.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, doors.jpg)

Does door placement matter?

Can Citizens access the quarters in the bottom of this?



According to Lewdzone…

Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.

Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.

1.95 GB of free disk space.


PC isn't shown in sex scenes yet. It's a voting option though.

I am not confident that it will run on integrated graphics, but don't exactly have a large array of machines to test with. I can say that if you have less than 4GB of RAM, you're going to have a bad time.

Pathfinding is not implemented in the public build, and not required in the patron one (people just teleport if there's no path).



What engine are you using that doesn't have pathfinding built-in?


It's Unity, but I had to do some extra bullshit because the level isn't static. It didn't take more than a day, was just not a high priority.



Now I'm interested.

will this run terribly if I has potato


RAM consumption is pretty high, so you might have trouble unless it's a really nice potato (or you just keep your station small and avoid getting too many slaves).


That dialogue continue button took me 30 seconds to find the first time. Can you make it something other than a tiny strip at the bottom of the screen?


Also, right click doesn't really work as a pause button for anything other than visual novels.


Noticed that it seems frames will die when looking at or near the bar area, especially if it's built up. I suspect it's due to the volume of NPC's on screen.

Also, would it be possible to have an arrow pointing out the side of what ever side has a doorway when placing buildings? Being able to move or rotate a structure after building it, even for a small fee (maybe a percentage of the build cost), would be nice as well.


Not a bad idea on the continue button. Might make those scale to fill the area a little more.

I like the right click to pause on the station view just because it helps with one-handed play, which is a pretty important feature in this game.

Bar slowdown is a known issue. The character library I'm using is hilariously inefficient, but is pretty much the only thing I can viably use as a single developer for a game like ths. Will try to address at some point (likely by spreading out the bar a bit), but in the mean time, just use the brothel if your computer can't stand the load.


Oh, and the arrow on structures is a thing that I've been procrastinating on forever because it's tedious, but every request moves it up the list.


Oh god, giving all my slaves the baby-making implants was a mistake. IS there any way to auto-sell babies?



click the post numbers to reply to specific posts.


>I wasn't sure what the etiquette was about posting update threads

you're just supposed to keep posting until it hits bump limit or gets deleted before making a new one.



Will try to remember do that. Should unfuck things. Glad I waited for the last thread to be deleted. Seemed like the safe choice.


Not once you have the notification. If you turn off baby notifications in the settings and don't have any growth vats, they will auto-sell.


Changing music volume does nothing it seems. Music still plays.

Also, not sure how or what I did, but eventually I had a glitch where when trying to build rooms by dragging the mouse across the desired location, it wouldn't let me build more than one tile at a time. It also somehow replaced some room tiles with the room type I was trying to build.



Not sure about the music slider, but I've heard sporadic reports about the other bug. Haven't been able to replicate though. What were you doing when you hit it?



Not sure if it's related, I had two rooms in a game just now, one was apartments and a room adjacent to it which was the bar. I was trying to remove the tiles making up the bar room as I wanted to relocate it on another side of the station. When I tried to do this using the remove tool, it remove none of the bar tiles I highlighted and sold all the buildings I had in the apartment area. Only thing that I noticed that might have cause it is that I had the build options for the apartment floor open. I say that because if I have a specific floor type's build options open, the remove tool seems to prefer to remove things built in a room over just room tiles, which makes sense so the game can tell whether you're wanting to remove a floor tile or just something built on the tile. Maybe it got confused about what I was trying to remove and in the earlier instance got confused on what I was trying to build? Don't know if that helps or not.


I did not expect to be managing a galactic empire and ruling hundreds of planets. Nor did I expect to be providing free healthcare to all of them for a fraction of the cost of one dreadnought.


File: 1933afeb3404239⋯.png (3.22 MB, 1946x1196, 973:598, whats an optimization.png)


Constant screeching, horrific cg faces and non existent gameplay. I can't get into this at all.



Yeah, the first two things can really throw you off (even though the faces got better than in the first release) but the gameplay is alright, considering it's just v0.12


File: bc2ba4fa765ffbf⋯.gif (438.07 KB, 500x309, 500:309, Cryo Hibernate.gif)


The potential is there… I shall hibernate until it is realized.



Memory use will likely continue to be high. Not sure there's a way around that. The core issue is that the character library I'm using isn't really meant to work with this many people, but it's the only thing I could find that supports the level of customization this game needs.


Thanks for the more detailed information. That's useful.


CG (expressions/animations) are getting an overhaul in the next patch after the fighting pit, but the general face shapes are likely stuck the way they are. I got some requests for a "toon mode" last time I was here, but not sure if that's going to work.


>Latest version locked behind patreon


>Check patreon

>Even patrons get it later than higher patrons


On another note, can/will the PC be able to be a futa? Male PCs are a deal breaker more often than not, unless the game is extremely good to make up for it



Do you think you can fix the clipping of the clothes?


Does it really matter? You can't see the PC anyways and it's not really a deal breaker for this type of game.


Ooh, interesting idea with a mod to unlock forbidden content. Curious if this is a legitimate way to avoid their ToS, or just a technique to reduce the likelihood you're suspended.



>I did not expect to be managing a galactic empire and ruling hundreds of planets. Nor did I expect to be providing free healthcare to all of them for a fraction of the cost of one dreadnought.

This, holy shitballs dreadnuaghts are expensive. I think i had 200 prostitutes by the time i got one, of course when you hit that point it isnt long before you can snowball into more dreadnaughts by going on a MASSIVE raiding spree across the galaxy using JUST that dreadnaught. Seriously, the raiding i did after buying one doubled my sex slave count. Still need like five of the things to crack open any planets your rival holds that number in the trillions or quadrillions. even if their defenses are listed as passible. NEEDING FIVE FUCKING DREADNAUGHTS IS A BIT BETTER THAN PASSIBLE GAME.



>Male PCs are a deal breaker more often than not

Who are you getting this information from?



Any plans on lowering the slave ages with the extreme content mod? I'd like to fill my office with devoted lolis.


Can't get this game to work. how do you do it?





Some thoughts:

Breeding colony modifiers for planets don't seem to work past conquering the planet. Raiding said planets gives you human slaves, as does demanding slaves from said planet, regardless of whether the breeding colony was build on a planet that did not have one previously, or came stock with the planet. Carousel modifiers also do not seem to be working, as planets undergoing Carousel still give 50 y/o slaves.

Offspring of alien slaves seem to be human in appearance despite being listed as the alien race. Given the aforementioned problem of alien slaves technically being artificially limited, this seems a bit odd.

Hostile nations conquering your planets does remove them from your planet list, however it does not seem to make the planet change ownership. I'm not even sure if the planet continues to exist since I can never find the planet I'm looking for (speaking of which we could use a planet search feature or something of the sort for exactly this reason)

Lastly, and I'm not sure if this is an issue of run time, game progress, or the upgrade that's supposed to lessen the encounter rate of events actually nuking the event rate entirely, but it seems that after a certain point the event encounter rate seems to drop off a fucking cliff and slam into the ground at terminal velocity. Left the game running for about 6hr today and came back to about 10 mins. worth of clearing events, only to then get next to nothing aside from economic reports, boredom/tiredness/idle reports, and birth reports for the next 4hr.


File: 7fe73de4903610c⋯.png (530.31 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (1).png)

Just clicked on a growth pod to check out a slave's baby.

Jesus fucking christ.



PC is there, you just have to find him as it's not really obvious which NPC is actually the PC. If you build the desk, he'll move to the sit and remain their.

Btw, for the Dev, there's a couple upgrades you can give the PC…the anal lube upgrade and rubber mouth upgrade…intended?


Will indie devs ever be able to make something in Unity without having abhorrent bloom everywhere?


File: 9dcf2e3980f20bc⋯.png (685.1 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, O2TV2gf[1].png)

diplomacy gets this buggy, tried switching res with same result. Any fix?



I want that wandering my station.


Whether or not futa actually becomes an option; the breast option is already there but greyed out for your MC. If I'm the most popular dude in the universe, why can't I slap a fantastic set of tits on? Are you telling me I'm not powerful enough to be both the most powerful man AND the most titular woman?



No you cannot. You would be the most powerful AND titular MAN silly.



I should. Even if it made the whole universe hate me, I want a pair of rocking tits. Anyone who disapproves would easily be destroyed.

All hail lord titman; he's a real boob.


Needs an option to throw slaves/enemy characters that piss me off into various alien gribbley pits to spend some time 'reflecting' on the error of their ways. By 'reflect' I mean choking on spacebeast cock, of course.



any gay content? like traps



Nope. Slaves are all female it seems.


File: f7f7a8480c5b252⋯.png (379.51 KB, 468x535, 468:535, Defiler.PNG)

For the most popular question:

A gender overhaul (letting everyone be male, female, or anywhere in between) is on the roadmap. It's a stretch goal on the Patreon, but lost out to the fighting pit in the last round of voting. It was in second place though, so it is likely to happen in the next couple months.


No plans for loli content. Too much shitstorm potential for me.


Thanks for the bug reports/feature requests! I'll check those out. Children of aliens should have alien appearances, so that's a bug.


Jesus Fucking Christ indeed. That's actually a known intermittent bug with the character engine, but it's kind of low on my list because it only happens to slaves in growth vats, who are mostly there for information.


As luck would have it, the next patch will add a spacebeast with a giant cock for the fighting pit. Encounters with him will be fatal for your slaves though.



Do you happen to have a guide on how to get this game to work? maybe a wiki? I already have the zip and everything.



Just unzip the files somewhere and run Stationmaster.exe. If you want to use the extreme content mod, put that in the same folder as the exe. There's no installer yet (though that's on the list).


Any complex systems in/being planned? I'm a nerd and I like numbers & spreadsheets.



i'm not seeing the .exe anywhere in the files. maybe the download didn't go through properly. I'll go and do it through MEGA again. thanks for the help.



The training update (when that happens) will be adding a bunch of new stats and training stuff, which might scratch that itch. Interested to hear what kind of systems you're thinking about though.


Some virus scanners delete .exe files that aren't from known publishers. Maybe that's the issue? It could also be that your machine has the extensions hidden, in which case you just want the one with the drone icon called "Stationmaster 0.12"



Not sure it'll help but along with then multiplying faction list is multiplying upgrades to the station. Same sort of thing same list repeated over and over.


The game shows much promise.

However, it needs sex between slaves (forced one too) and turning slaves into futas



it needs a lot

>better animations

>fix the clipping issues

>futa PC

>more intuitive UI

>ability to move camera with mouse





>faces that don't look like playdoh





>Falling for the futa meme.

Get spaced.



>wanting dudes in your porn



Is there an explanation for what all the implants do somewhere?



Sort of. The tooltips pretty much sum it up. The sexual ones improve brothel earnings. Rest do random shit.



If you "want" people to have loli in their game but don't want to deal with the shitstorm of being liable for it, see what you can do about allowing your game to be modded. I don't know how much effort that is on your end. But whether it's simply leaving the settings available to be manually tweaked, or letting people go full on adding content, it tends to happen.



What tooltips?




Nevermind, I found them

I was looking in the rules assistant before



Where did I say that? I prefer pure females in my porn.

>Girls with dicks aren't gay.



Less gay than men with dicks

>Punctuating greentext

Why do you always do this? It links all your shit opinions together because I'm pretty sure you're the only autist that does it



I've never seen a Unity based game that could be modded.



Men with dicks is the natural order of the world though. How can something unnatural be less gay than natural?



That could have been clearer. I don't want it around, and it's not going to be supported with the mod API. Mods are going to be implemented at some point, but they're going to be attached to the scripting engine I built for the game, which doesn't have code to render sub-18 slaves.


I don't care how gay/not gay it is. Futas and indisputably gay content (with an option to disable, of course) will likely happen at some point. Given the rest of the shit we're dealing with here, nobody in this thread is really in a position to judge.



turned everything off, I still cannot find the .exe. thanks for the help anyway. I guess the MEGA just doesn't agree with me. if there is another way to get it I'll make another attempt to download it and try this game out finally.



Yeah it sounded like you just didn't want to get in trouble for the content, but this clears your stance up on it a lot more.

As an aside, regarding future content; I do hope there are more alien races in the future. I think so far I've found some kind of cat lady, an elf, a grey alien and a woman with horns. Of them only the space elf and grey have any real anatomical distinction from normal humans, so more of that would be neat.



>not wanting to force a slave to rape another slave and experience unknown pleasures

You are gay.

Then again, I like playing matchmaker in slave-owning games and pairing up my slaves.


>futa is tranny

Look at this retard



>my opinions are the universal standard because

sure thing bud



Looking at a girl fucking a girl is objectively less gay than looking at a dude fucking a girl




>le corey in the house anime :DDD XD

You reek of retard


>Specifically making it impossible to mod something in just because you personally don't like it

Every time you post I like you less


There's too many events

Make them disappear after a certain amount of time and make them pop up slightly less frequently


File: 76081d0c6c4bdb1⋯.png (243.65 KB, 273x1079, 21:83, ClipboardImage.png)


This has to be a bug at this point

I literally cannot clear these because they pop up faster than I can resolve them


File: 10662b2e188ec6b⋯.png (209.89 KB, 1449x1001, 207:143, ClipboardImage.png)

Can't see shit in the diplomacy tab



That's odd. I'm seeing the exact opposite: they don't happen enough. After the first half hour of play events just turn into notices about building more beds for tourists and citizens and end of month reports. Are you are actually clearing them when they show up or are you just letting them build up like that? Because it would take me sitting idle for quite a while for a list that big to build up.

Btw, to the Dev, can hostile factions actually invade your bases? I ask because I've gotten several notifications about a hostile faction taking one of my bases, yet they are still mine.



I usually wait ~30-60 seconds to let a few queue up and then do them all at once

My station is massive to the point of constant lag on my gaming PC though, so that might have something to do with it



Also I'm certain >>230401 was a bug, restarted the game and loaded an older save and they went back to normal speed



Add some way to automate/speed up space conquest, once you get enough dreadnaughts it gets trivial and tedious, even just the ability to conquer each system as a whole rather than going to each individual planet would be nice

Give factions a limited amount of times to relocate, so if you corner them enough times you can just beat them outright without having to conquer every single one of their planets, but make attacking their home base signficantly harder

Add more interactions to the diplomacy area, stuff like alliances, seduction, demanding they surrender, etc.

If possible, make it so the game keeps running when the window loses focus so you can do other stuff while you wait for some money to accumulate

Add dance stages to the bar

Add the ability to assign slaves to specific stations rather than just areas



Also, make it so slaves "sleep" on the hangers, doesn't make sense that they can just decide to get off of it because they're tired


File: dfe97bd3139d6d6⋯.png (3.39 MB, 1919x1079, 1919:1079, ClipboardImage.png)

Now what



Necromorph sex should be banned


>Enslave all rivals

>Give them all the pregnancy implants

>Mass produce clones of them and sell them for 100k each





>all this futa apologism

Accept it faggots. You're gay.

Will have to try this game OP. Loli content, whether modded or not, would be nice.



Find new galaxies to conquer!

Then find new planes of existence to conquer!

Travel from cosmos to cosmos on a crusade of glorious eternal conquest!




This will be fixed for 0.14 (hoping to release in the next few days). Thanks for the heads up.


I haven't seen the endless notification bug myself. It seems pretty intermittent. I'll check into it.


There was a bug that prevented this, also fixed for 0.14.


I like the automation aspect. The next big story event will add some more powerful weapons for conquest, including the ability to take whole systems or clusters at once.

The diplomacy menus have an overhaul in the works as well (writing arcs for each of the faction leaders), but that's still early-stages.

0.13 added the ability to run the game in the background.

Dance stages are attached to the "station graphics overhaul" patch. I suspect sometime around 0.18.

I like the idea of dragging slaves around using your security drones. It's a bit of an AI rework, but on the list.

It does make more sense for slaves to sleep on hangers… I don't remember why they're set up the way they are. It's likely because that was before "permanent" furniture was implemented.


Now you've played the game more than I have. If you want a ghetto New Game +, just clear out the .gal file and load the game. That will generate a whole new galaxy.


That's an awesome exploit, and I don't have the heart to patch it.

Basic mod support is also going to be included in 0.14 if all goes according to plan. More interesting mod options will likely be added later.



Looking at a girl fucking a girl is objectively less gay than looking at a dude fucking a girl


Also had a bug where all the station upgrades got duplicated ~4 times, not sure if it actually affected anything and I was able to fix it by just removing them from the save file



But girls with dicks are not girls. They are boys.




A boy with a vagina is still a boy

A girl with a penis is still a girl


File: 9db513feee1c169⋯.png (333.58 KB, 738x657, 82:73, Kanji.png)


A dick is masculine.

If it is not your dick that's exciting you then you're a faggot. This goes for hetero porn, too.



Traps look like females hence they are not gay. Brainlet


Looks promising. I hope you will add milking stations so player could make human cows and sell milk



>loli content

Lmao pedoshit crusading against futa. You are lowest of the low, even lower than the last dyke of tumblr



The last dyke of Tumblr is probably a lolicon herself, to be honest.


Guess I'm going to wait for the gender overhaul before I play this.



lel yeah



Check the dairy room. Couple varieties there. There's also a milk bar in the club that can sell it.


File: 8e50fee08f67cfa⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 011_011_dmitrys_511887_2.jpg)


awesome. when youll add traps and futa, milking cocks would be great too, pic related



Wow that looks great, shame it'll never be a game


File: 9b29b0bca08a8b2⋯.jpg (28.3 KB, 437x431, 437:431, 9b29b0bca08a8b2e1c83297785….jpg)


maybe one day. So far we can only beg existing devs to implement something similar to their sim/ strategy porn games



Added to the gender overhaul feature list.


File: 76eb99ea19ce21b⋯.jpg (890.55 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, 76eb99ea19ce21ba9df03b85e0….jpg)


thanks, cant wait to see it and play it


File: 1371de635bce5a8⋯.jpg (168.97 KB, 1035x1500, 69:100, 1532385125670.jpg)

I hope you will allow players to make thicc and big titted round asssed characters after the gender overhaul



It's already possible.


Can we start getting some patreon version leaks, thanks



holy shit, if this is my fetish (futa milking/orgasm torture)

i'd fuckin' insta-nut with this shit.


Does the dev have a blog page or something? I'd ask if the guy (or gal) has a patreon set up, but apparently links to patreon are against scripture here.



If you read the OP for more than 0.01 (being extremly generous here) seconds or better yet bothered to look a whole two posts up you would have your answer. Also if in dobut assume so and you would be correct most of the time as if they don't have a patreon it would likely be enty (jap patreon) or similar.


The reules plage is clearly linkedbut who cares right? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.



Maybe you could just point this post you speak of, because I've looked throughout this thread for one before hand. The only links in the OP are a mega.nz link for a public release and a nofile.io link for a content unlock mod. Two posts up is someone asking for patreon leaks. It's kind of why I asked in the first place…I have looked and didn't see anything and was wondering if I had missed something.



I inteperated your question as "does this dev have a blog? If so I would like to ask if they have a patreon" instead of it being a seperate question. Upon checking the previous thread archive ( https://archive.is/bt9Wn), no there doesn't seem to be. There is also a subshitedit in addition to the patreon.


There is a Patreon. Can't link it obviously, but it can be Googled.



Some people believe this



People are people, mang. Best not to let it get to you or you'll go fucking insane trying to rationalize with others.


Btw, for anyone wondering, the dev said in shitscord to expect version .13 for us cheap fappers sometime within the next week.


Dumb goy version is out


I hope the dev is okay with me jumping ahead and posting, but a lot of folks here hate shitscord, so…


Enjoy, you wonderful assholes


File: a901e265682d3f7⋯.jpg (181.1 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 3.jpg)


Man this is bringing back some nostalgia


File: 2ed21a51d4e5ab0⋯.jpg (19.13 KB, 500x367, 500:367, sonic hahahahaha.jpg)


>Evil Genius at 9 FPS

What super computer are you running that on? Are you posting from your office in the NSA?



Post patreon version


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You're a real human bean anon, and a real hero



No worries. Not posting it here was an oversight. Thanks for taking care of it.


I'm really glad to hear that. EG was definitely one of the biggest inspirations for this, and I'm glad it shows.



>Evil Genius

Why is it that older games still look cooler than the garbage released today?


Something's up with the UI. Everything UI related is blown up compared to 0.12 and tool tips seem off-scale so that UI elements closer to the edge of screen show off screen. Just fyi, I'm running in fullscreen at 2560x1440.


File: 140978df4a7652c⋯.jpg (25.78 KB, 428x342, 214:171, m8 we are the polis.jpg)


>the fucking rollercoaster tycoon UI


My fancier rooms and hotels don't seem to be getting much use. Is there any way to attract wealthier tourist or put more money in the pockets of my residents To spend on my whores and milk



To get higher-class people, you need to increase the appeal of your station. The easiest way to do that is with the sculptures in the lobby, but some other furniture adds it as well.


File: dcb25bbef228247⋯.png (14.16 KB, 220x182, 110:91, mrbonespeek.png)




File: 87e3b038651967b⋯.png (59.67 KB, 358x244, 179:122, Untitled.png)

Did .13 get rid of the ability to build hallways? Are you fucking kidding me? Is it hidden somewhere now?

Also: pic related needs to be fixed. This is the most basic shit…



File: 0d74d0a32f8db57⋯.png (465.07 KB, 781x749, 781:749, ClipboardImage.png)

Sometimes thing should stay text based



The hallway is now called the lobby because it contains more lobby-like stuff, but it serves the same function.

As for the tooltips, those are fixed in 0.14. I generally don't back-port bugfixes though.



So to be clear, a bug that makes the game unplayable unless you already know what every single object and room in the game does is only fixed in the non-public version?




Grogatha destroys another village



I have yet to see a 3D porn game that didn't look like complete shit



Oy vey goyim, you better subscribe to my patreon if you want bugfixes, otherwise you'll have to wait another two months




I love this "patreons just get it early!" scheme devs have been rolling out. One game I play has been doing it and the free updates have been getting later and later with every update.



There are some pseudo-3D anime ones that are pretty good, but you know… they're anime inspired.


0.14.3 is supposedly coming out August 29th

Don't look for the earlier 0.14 versions as there is some problem with the nipples and vagina location



Is he aware that was a problem in .12 and .13 as well? Specifically that I saw was that often vaginal skin tone would not match the rest of the body, and nipples (and the eyes, for that matter) would disappear if the camera was far enough away from them. Pretty creepy glitches I'd say. Sucks that didn't get fixed for that long.



I dont know or care, but I do know he's paying some dude to redo the animations



That one was a royal bitch, but is now fixed as of 0.15 alpha (yesterday's release). Culprit was a bug in Unity's culling system that hid the nipples when you couldn't see the feet.


New animations are also in as of 0.15 alpha. They look much better than the old ones.



and when would 0.15 be going public?



Officially September 16th. Builds often leak though.



Any way to contact you not in public? Email, discord?



StationmasterDev#4554 on Discord.


Speaking of leaks, someone post pateron version



I added you just now, #6661


will there be male slaves? I was hoping to have a show of a Slave son fucking his mother. And what are the chances for a slave to get pregnant randomly? I haven't seen one get pregnant yet.


been playing 0.15.0 and the animations are awful slow and really slow down the game


So I've got a bug with the latest release.

Basically the swimsuit and slave skirt seem to be way off model. The swimsuit seems to be too small to cover the untextured areas of the model, so it gets this weird blocky look to it. Meanwhile the slave skirt is translated up like a foot from where it should be. This is all bad because the models don't fully load in with the clothes on, so you just get these big giant holes where the clothes are supposed to be covering them up but aren't.

As a side note, did issues with breeding colony planets only giving human slaves when asked for tribute ever get fixed?



pretty much anything that doesnt go for an animated look ends up falling for the uncanny valley


The game needs some sort of physical age representation and an indicator for brothel and milk value

also rule assistant is busted for clothing



I wish it had a more alien dick, but I want to fuck it.

Or chain it up and have another fuck it.


I like how they never have smiles on their faces and my guy magically disappears within the first few minutes of playing 0.15.0 now

I also like the forced resolution and how everything starts lagging hard by the time you reach 100 slaves



and the camera




Maybe you should buy a normal fucking computer instead of trying to run it on some ancient artifact.


and my god damned non lethal slaves keep disappearing


File: 7106c752a97ced8⋯.png (3.11 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ex.png)


eat shit faggot I've got an i7 with 32 gigs of ram and a GTX 970


File: 2859998d53bb979⋯.png (58.83 KB, 666x444, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


>I've got an i7

yeah I'm sure it must be fast because it's an i7 so it can't be some ten year old shitter and must be super modern like your five year old graphics card

kill yourself you luddite


File: 66aadaa3fa3a1b0⋯.png (838.69 KB, 1288x742, 92:53, ex.png)

Also somethign gets fucked in the planets when you try to organize by population and it's somewhere in the millions


It's an i7-3770 so 2012 and I should not need top of the line for a management sim. Eat glass retard.


File: fa4917c88bddc2e⋯.png (833.3 KB, 1283x729, 1283:729, Capture.PNG)


kek, I just realized it's ignoring all the values past the millions place there, how does that happen and at the same tiem do this




Cool mene CPU. I got a i7 4770k with 20% over clock head room.

>32 GB

Cool, hope it's not DDR2 or some shit.

Mine is locked at 1866hrz

>GTX 970

Cool, i got a GTX 1070 TI which doesn't have 12.5% of it's Vram locked off because of cheapness.

Basically, my small dick is bigger than yours, so stop using a relic of a computer, and go buy a Ryzen CPU with a VEGA GPU.



This, this, so much this.




Sure just let my drown my pants and present so they can fill my ass with all their dicks at once. Good job sucking corporate cock and telling devs they can be fucking lazy and jsut release bloatware, I've got a game of tetris that takes 2GHZ you'll be interested in. Also everyone who actually uses imageboards can spot samefagging a mile away, you're not fooling anyone.



>he thinks econ sim games aren't the most cpu demanding genre of games

gee i wonder why performance is shit, is that toaster even a -k model



Then maybe the spreadsheet shouldn't cause a FPS spike yeah?



and maybe the immediate answer to "this is spiking" shouldn't be "buy new hardware" you fucking profligate


All this PC dick measuring. Talk about station master and stop shitting up the thread you faggots.


File: 37d95130e05780f⋯.jpg (39.62 KB, 800x682, 400:341, DfhtaG8XUAAp7c7.jpg)

>When you ancap utopia turn to antiquity's city-state, where economy based on slavery, main shareholder own 90% of everythin and comand absolute obedience in slaves and citizens alike.

>And also have client warlord, who pay tribute by slaves

All i need for my antiquity experience is ability to send raids and conflicts between citizen militia and mercs.


File: e7e5e18017607cd⋯.jpg (48.89 KB, 462x960, 77:160, ancapsmug.jpg)


>Copy-pasting your post on a different thread



Oh, neat. This seems like it has a lot of potent-

>It's Unity

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand into the trash it goes. Great. When will people learn that Unity is NOT a goddamn game engine? It can't handle complex shit, if this game ever develops any real degree of complexity or polish, Unity's just going to start shitting itself, cause it's not designed to handle that crap. It happens every damn time.



It already shits itself when your station starts getting mildly big



This. I actually face-palmed the first time I booted it up and saw the "Made with Unity" screen. Potentially good game but the engine is gonna kill it.


File: 2cf3cf8d0a26d59⋯.png (473.92 KB, 1203x677, 1203:677, Screenshot_63_-_Kopie.png)

File: ed99758eef9c5e3⋯.png (3.76 MB, 1917x907, 1917:907, ZklyFGS.png)

I'm mostly resurrecting this thread to post the new public version, which adds a bunch of animations, upgrades expressions, and adds proper controls to sex scenes (modeled on Honey Select)



Fortunately, that was my fault, not Unity's. The next build can hit 2000 population on my machine, which is a lot better than the 300 it could handle previously. That one should be released this weekend.

Kerbal Space Program, Rust, Subnautica, and all of the modern Illusion games were made in Unity. It's far from a toy engine.

"Made with Unity" only correlates with shit because you can pay a relatively small amount of money to remove the splash screen, and only a cheap bastard wouldn't do that.



Fucking Hearthstone is made in Unity, anon.

The problem isn't the engine, the problem is idiots who have never programmed a day in their life suddenly deciding to make a game, and hoping Unity will hold their vomit together, which it only kind of does.





It is always the stupidest people who are trying to look smart. You are writing code, you can code whatever the fuck you want. I went from visual studio to unity and I am just doing the same coding in C#. Unity merely offers you existing code to make your life easier, if you don't want that use parts of it then write your own and you can literally code whatever fuck you want there is nothing holding you back. There are fuckton of games made with unity but you only see those that didn't pay the license otherwise the logo doesn't show up.

Games that use unity:Cities Skylines Rimworld Kerbal Space Program Endless Space 2 Pillars of Eternity Subnautica. Yes a shitty porn game is totally going to be more complex than these.




>I went from visual studio to unity and I am just doing the same coding in C#

W-what? Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Unity is a game engine. They aren't the same in any way whatsoever.

But you would know that if you weren't lying about being a programmer, I guess.



>Cities Skylines Rimworld Kerbal Space Program Endless Space 2 Pillars of Eternity Subnautica

You just listed a bunch of games infamous for their performance problems, anon. I don't think you made the point you wanted to make.



>W-what? Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Unity is a game engine. They aren't the same in any way whatsoever.

Exactly my point yes.


Cities Skylines has great performance.



>Exactly my point yes.

And your point was what, exactly? Because you just come across as someone who has heard a few general programming terms and is acting like he's a programmer. What you've said makes exactly as much sense as saying "I switched from Notepad to Unreal Engine"



Yes that is what I am saying, you are just writing code the engine only offers help it doesn't make your game worse, a game simply can't be shit because of an engine that gives the freedom to do whatever you want.



>you are just writing code the engine only offers help it doesn't make your game worse

But you are using Unity to create the game itself. For example, are you using Update or FixedUpdate for different recurring parts of the code? This is very important, but many developers don't even realize that FixedUpdate exists. If you tie all of your important calculations to Update instead of FixedUpdate, it'll cause the game itself to slow down/speed up with the framerate.

If you're a competent programmer, Unity can be just as good as any other engine. The problem is that generally competent programmers don't decide to gamble it all on a niche porn game. This leads to the "best" engine in porn games being ones that are effectively idiot-proof, like Ren'Py.



Yes I agree but you can't blame an engine for the stupidity of the user, for unity you don't need to be a genius just an average guy who picked up some programming and you will be fine.

I know the question wasn't aimed at me but personally I didn't know FixedUpdate existed, I don't need physics and only use update to check keys pressed and do a bit of math. Which shows that you don't have to know everything just learn what you need when you encounter a problem.



>it'll cause the game itself to slow down/speed up with the framerate

What you meant I suppose is commands not executing on desired time rather in the next frame, because game speed will be based on tracked time anyway.



>Fucking Hearthstone is made in Unity

>complex shit

Try again.



>It is always the stupidest people who are trying to look smart

>Proceeds to try to look smart despite being astoundingly stupid

Yes, I agree



Holy friggin filesize, why is this game so big?



So you can feel extra disappointed when you finally realise it's shit.



>The next build can hit 2000 population on my machine, which is a lot better than the 300 it could handle previously

oh well done, you're more competent than 90% of unity devs



Yo, Devguy.

Here''s a few suggestions for you:


- vaginal sensitivity implant (makes her orgams faster)

- vaginal wetness implant (makes it less painful for her)

- clit-penis growth (for some futa action)

- body change option of changing eye color

- add the grope option as standard, not just when inspecting a new slave

- options to order salves to have seks with anotehr slave

- milking and selling girl juices (and cum for futas)



To add

- basic relationships between slaves

- more events



gay, and a bitch to implement


File: 521f2e3a6954a27⋯.jpg (36.98 KB, 500x281, 500:281, MONGREL.jpg)


You need to have balls to post in this thread. Also some brains.

Given that you lack both, the bog is that way -→



Are you retarded?

I comment about the futa being gay and you're telling me I'm the one who needs to jump in a bog?

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File: 7ef157058cd0a86⋯.jpg (9.44 KB, 252x244, 63:61, fag enabler.jpg)

File: 6d1302fe8e9acc6⋯.jpg (277.43 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1452460253742.jpg)


The "traditionalists" strike again with their hypocrisy!

>f-f-f-futa is totally not gay, but eating puss is



Go choke on a million dick, gaylord.


>futa is totally not gay, but eating puss is

And you lying faggot that makes strawmen and invents things people said, because he's too retarded to even grasp the concept of honesty, can join him in the bog.



>Go choke on a million dick, gaylord.

top faggot, breath glass





How about you two retards go fuck eachother, you look like the kind that would enjoy that.

Now kindly stop polluting the thread with your bullshit, no one gives a fuck about your tastes or your approval.




Gracias. Now I can stop reporting bugs already fixed in later patches.



Are there any patch notes?



>bumps the thread after 2 days of no posting to just stir shit up again

We're your parents related, before they married?




Never seen this mistake before.



Given where we are, is it any surprise?


It'd be neat if I could put new slaves on a track to become something. For example if I want someone to become a fighter they'd first spend time in the spa until their obedience is maxed, then automatically move to strength training and finally put in the arena when they're ready.

Or at least get warnings when slaves are training something that's maxed out so I don't have to look through all of them periodically to find the ones that are ready to move to the next stage.

The RA currently can't handle this, and even if it's given the ability to look at int/str/speed/skill it'd be a pain to implement training tracks through the RA.



it would be neat if you would stop double line breaking in the middle of your paragraphs like a redditor.



They never seem to smile, at least for the last 4 versions, and tribute is always 90 year old hags.



Not to mention they somehow find those 90+ old hags to present to you even if you institute carousel, at which point you can only conclude they're deliberately trying to insult you. Additionally, slaves from raiding always seem to be in their 40s which is odd when you're gathering the cream of the crop of an entire world. As an aside the scale of things in general seems off - why do I make more off a few women prostituting themselves than a hundred worlds paying me tribute?

Speaking of planets, what do obedience, fear, happiness and tech level do? Is there any way to improve tech level? You can't terraform all since it always considers all worlds as valid targets when counting the cost, including ones that are already terrestrial and ones where terraforming is not applicable. What does terraforming even do? You'd imagine it increases population/prosperity growth, but neither of those stats seems to experience any natural growth. As far as unnatural growth goes, Breeding Ground and Slave Factory both cause fear at a rate of 5, and between all choices you can only negate fear at a total rate of -4, so leaving either population generator instituted is going to max out fear eventually, and it seems that breeding ground at least also tanks happiness fast even though it's not listed in the effects. Would be nice if you had more options to compensate. At the moment you can't have the population of a world grow without ruining the world in the process. You'd imagine there'd be some natural growth over time.


File: 58e5b9ac33a51f3⋯.png (307.04 KB, 406x508, 203:254, 1496113844811.png)


Holy shit, put it out of its misery and call the vet repairman


Could it be posible for someone that already have the game downloaded to make a torrent? I dont have Mega, so it will take more than a day to download with the download cap of Mega…


Are there charm ratings above likeable? Are there assignments that improve charm?



specs or gtfo.

If you don't know what CPU you have, you have no business saying it's good.

7700k 5.0 GHz, 1.35V, HT off

Maximus 8 Hero

3200 MHz CL14 RAM

Strix Vega 64 GPU

Whatever you do, don't get a Vega. God almighty I regret this so hard.



I can actually get younger results but not in a reasonable way. By raiding planets I somehow add them to my planet list, until the next save load. Following the raid and the addition of the raided planet to the planet list I can demand tribute from the raided planet, my results have ranged between 10 and 35 doing this, I'm sure it's not intentional.


the creator already did some optimization



For some reason, I'm not getting any events for a long time. There was like two events in a first few months, then dead silence for a few years.



that is odd, I'll look at my current run as well, also I think I got the cookie saleswoman after upgrading the filter


File: 1ec860f34cd2ced⋯.png (937.2 KB, 1920x1057, 1920:1057, devoted.png)

For reference.

I had a devoted vat slave smiling, pulled her out and saw she was devoted but no longer smiling so I wanted to try recreating it, but the VR was different, so here is a close up of one of my devoted slaves.


File: 091f45a1a03244e⋯.png (55.54 KB, 219x1080, 73:360, events.png)


yeah something is definitely wrong



I think one of the last events I got was robot masters but I cannot remember as it has oonly happened once and that was a while ago


File: a9000ac2046a0a9⋯.png (469.36 KB, 1105x1080, 221:216, a.png)

File: 299e4c5f0a4ee21⋯.jpg (459.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, b.jpg)

here we go


also I lost a slave that was totally obedient and unaffraid to shattered


and I can't sort slaves by name any more



ok acquisition came up, maybe it's when I'm not letting it run?


I've also had some girls named 0/100 without any connection to machine world type stuff come up


File: 5000735418ec77c⋯.png (1018.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, something going on.png)

she just tried to cast a spell at me because she believed she was a powerful mage going to fight an evil king and now she is devoted and smiling at me in drone tentacles, soemthign got fucked


I've never had a slave in a growth vat get ready, clicking on the vat says they're physically and mentally 18 but they never actually finish. Only using advanced vats.

Slaves assigned to arena just stand in the prep booths - citizens happily sit in viewer seats, bleachers and box seats even when there are no slaves assigned to arena. What is arena supposed to be good for, anyway?

Income from porn studio is is so low it borders on nonexistent.


just got an airlocks mercy event for a girl that wasnt mindbroken


and a shattered from a girl in school



Can't say much with the vats as I normally don't keep them around. I assume you have more than one slave assigned to each part of the arena, right? One slave in each type of arena will do that. So far I'm not seeing any issues with them actively fighting each other. As for the Porn Studio, I believe it's far less effective with slaves that do not have very high sexual skill. Maybe it's there for keeping you virgins virginal without being completely useless. Again, like the vats, I don't really use that much and generally stick to the brothel income, bar income, and rent. The rest does wind up being mostly pocket change by comparison.

Btw, just wondering if any of you guys have tried focusing on just citizens or tourists – that is dropping the undesired slider to zero and only building the other's given domiciles. Haven't done that myself but wondered if that was just as profitable as supporting both. Frame rate still goes to shit even with a few dozen visitors so anything that allows me to ax some station pop without also killing revenue would be nice.


Got that a few times as well. 0.17c, right? Generally I just choose the bottom option instead, the one that's basically to ignore her condition. I don't think there's any downsides.



>Got that a few times as well. 0.17c, right?

yeah all this stuff I'm reporting is from 17c right now, no sense reportign a bunch of stuff from old versions

>the one that's basically to ignore her condition. I don't think there's any downsides.

alright I'll keep it in mind

>Btw, just wondering if any of you guys have tried focusing on just citizens or tourists

I have not

>Frame rate still goes to shit

I have my graphics setting set to simple and I'm doing fine at 50 50 t080p


File: 0d9f472184814d4⋯.jpg (441.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, smile inversion.jpg)

some shit is definitely fucked



Fullscreen or windowed? Currently running simple on fullscreen at native 1440, sliders never go to the right but I also figured a 1060, 16gigs Kingston RAM, and an i7 pushing 3.8GHz would do fine. Guess not. It's no NASA rig admittedly, but I'm honestly stump why this game gives me this much trouble.



fullscreen, minimal graphics settings 1080p.

I frequently alt tab out of it to post here and do other stuff.


File: 046d2da35188d3e⋯.jpg (136.38 KB, 1262x715, 1262:715, SCP-4732.JPG)

This is a pretty clever event.


File: 0d9db821fb34de5⋯.jpg (483.56 KB, 1536x2026, 768:1013, keepingfacesreal.jpg)

I'mma be real with you chief.

The tendency for the engine to keep the eyes at the smallest level possible is actually a little bit terrifying.

We're predators with foreward facing eyes with a keen interest in fucking our female halfs.

The way the game seems dead set on producing random faces seems to have the eyes set all the way down the left side of the bar, which makes them have real tiny eyes.

This is fucked up.

If you want your girls to be relatively attractive, this is more or less the ratio that has to be followed.

This all can be fixed by the player, but it's kind of a pain to have to do it for every single lady you aren't throwing into the arena's meat grinder.

It's a series of comparative ratios.

If you want your girls to look natural, the bar for eye needs to randomly favour the middle of the bar, rather than the extreme edges, for humans.



leave it to reddit to only notice the eyes


File: 2747fdc6962c455⋯.jpg (348.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pic1.jpg)

File: a2dea208e15a12d⋯.jpg (349.45 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pic2.jpg)

File: a2bd8e629072e62⋯.jpg (361.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pic3.jpg)

File: e3466948e809d5f⋯.jpg (444.73 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pic4.jpg)


Let me back up with an example.

This is the same girl, but with the bar in pic 1 at the 'default' range for most girls.

The second is just the bar for the eye size moved a bit further.

The third is when the ratio of the face is respected a bit more with fiddling with the other bars.

And the fourth just demonstrates that hair is really important for framing the face.



in every single one of those pictures she is scowling



Lot of WP blogging actually.

It's the way I tend to get it out on the page, since i got bad eyes, makes it easier for me to read again since I tend to ramble and have to make sure I'm on the same point.

But that doesn't moot the point.

If the dev wants to make the eyes and faces look less fucked up, the middle of the bar should be where the weight for random faces should be.

The dark girl varation on humans seems to have a better respect for the facial ratio, hol up, lemme see if I can find one of them.



Buddy there is plenty wrong with the faces.

Have you noticed how a lot of the women have flat faces?

but before he fixes the faces I just wan't him to fix the damn facial expression so we can get a neutral resting face instead of all scowls and the occasional smile so we can't get a resting face to actually work off of for face shape.



can, so we can



also dude just zoom in the page to the text is bigger


File: fa31bedb3ac7134⋯.jpg (424.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, disregardIsuckdicks.jpg)


Ah, that's why she looked better, nevermind. No secret darkie girl with a better looking face than the whites.

No, I went to look. Her eyes just randomed that way.



yeah a lot of the noses are bad too



Honestly, sometimes I just throw them into the lethal arena if their face is too fucked up, nose included.

It's cause of the pinch function, I noticed, where the nostrils are super, super, super tiny like Michael Jackon's was before it fell off.

Remove some of the pinch bar towards the left, and it fixes itself.

>>272113 I really should.



usually I'm more bothered by the big nigger nostrils they have




like half the time the eyes don't render at the default viewing distance and I have to zoom in just a bit too see them, if we could increase the base distance a smidgen that would be great


File: 33d2a9059957961⋯.jpg (572.98 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, jesusfuckingchrist.jpg)


oh heck. Yeah that's another thing that can be fixed with some stationmastering. Just pop in and give the bitch less nose width.

But that facial ratio thing is what I use to make sure my slaves have at least something resembling an attractive face.

Otherwise when they're being fucked it's kinda scary.

Especially on dark girls where you can see the eyelash skeleton, and the light engine treats it as a flap of skin instead of being fully transparent.

Very, very distracting.


I don't think the dev ventures out this way anymore. I've been watching this game on discord and it sounds like he's stopped coming here due to the constant derailing and shitflinging that often happens here. Can't say I blame him much…some of you idiots deserve each other.

Anyways, might be better to pop into their discord chat if you have bugs to report as it may not get seen here. Up to you, just sayin'.



>some of you

leave and never come back


Can we get a new download link OP? the links in thread have all expired



Try again. Latest link work fine, fam.






Is any trick to turn the damn music off? That crap drive me crasy and slider doesn't do anything.



If you are on windows you can use the volume mixer, right click the speaker in the bottom right.




A little late to the party, brah…







thanks for trying anon


Stationmaster seems like someone looked at Free Cities unmodded and said "How can I make this shittier?"



I'm back! Didn't see a lot of activity here for a while, so stopped checking. Luckily, 0.18 is entirely focused on bugfixes and minor polish stuff, so a lot of what you're mentioning should be solved in about a week and a half.

>>270774 - 0.18 will add new "max" and "min" options for all rules assistant rules, so you can do what you're describing.

>>271094 Carousel is fixed in 0.18 as well. I'm also planning on adding different "backstories" based on how the world sees you (obedient worlds may send you actresses, disobedient worlds will just send you "someone").

>>271304 Yes. Charm can be improved by assigning them to a receptionist's desk.

>>271457 That was a bug in 0.17a, I think. It should be fixed now. Until you re-download, restarting the game should fix it.

>>271735 Will look at preconditions for shattered and airlock's mercy in the next patch.

>>271741 I found and fixed the events that did this, I think (rival stationmaster and cult)

>>271743 She looks like she either just got mindwiped or just got through an event that made her devoted when she shouldn't have been. I'll check it out.

Expressions and facial generation are getting some changes in the next version (a couple people have mentioned that).

>>271993 Thanks!

>>272130 This should have been fixed in 0.17 "stable." Please let me know if you're still seeing it.

>>273113 Checking into that. Must have broken it.



aww shit I just realized that Stable means last build of that version so thanks anon


Thanks for checking in Dev, good to know I don't have to join some place to give input

>Yes. Charm can be improved by assigning them to a receptionist's desk.

good to know thanks

>(You) I found and fixed the events that did this, I think (rival stationmaster and cult)

I think I only had one rival and it happened 2 times but I'll keep an eye out once I get a hold of 0.18 thanks




>Checking into that. Must have broken it.

I checked my copy of 0.17c and music volume slider is fine


What do artifacts from conquering do?

Sometimes I want to liquidate large numbers of slaves (to reduce lag), so I use the rule assistant to grab people by fear / age and send them en-mass to lethal / xeno arena.

Nothing ends up happening - they simply stand in the arena prep area and refuse to fight / die.

A checkbox / click+drag way to mass sell / kill / assign slaves would be great.


Can you expand on the attributes able to be considered by the rule assistant.

Such as charisma / strength / speed.




… also love the insomnia / mindrape scene, although I don't seem to unlock any sort of insomnia augmentation.



I believe artifacts just add some attraction to the station, same as the glass flooring, which increases likelihood of people visiting. Arena bug is a known issue also I believe fixed in 0.18.


Ver 0.18a



Economic Report

Added new Economic Report screen under the "station information" menu.

Removed economic report notification

This has a graph of money over time, as well as information about income and expenses per month

It also contains a report of all available beds, entertainment slots, and slave assignments

Rules Assistant

Added new stats

Added buttons for "exactly 0" and "exactly 100" for stats

Added descriptive text to conditions to give a better idea of how they work

Added immortality buttons

Slave List

Fixed a bug that caused duplicate grandparents to be shown in the family trees of multi-generational clones

Paginated the slave list to prevent lag on opening it

Added suffixes for devoted, insane, corrupted, mindbroken

Owned Bodies List

Paginated to prevent lag

Fixed a bug that added raided bodies to your "owned bodies" list until the next game load

List now remembers previous sort order

The planet upgrade panel will no longer revert to the "warfare" tab after purchasing an upgrade

Other Gameplay

Reworked planet population growth to be exponential and faster

Owned body income increased

Added drag scrolling (click and drag with the left mouse button when not building)

Added options for drag scrolling, edge scrolling, head look

You can now purchase slaves in lot of 5 or 10 from any of the standard slave markets

Added buttons for "Next" and "Previous" on slave inspection screen (these use whatever sorting method you applied on the slave list)

Nonessential notifications can now be dismissed

Added option on planet upgrade menu to apply upgrades to all newly-conquered planet


Fixed a bug blocking you from saying no when a slave requested that she be made head girl

Airlock's mercy and Shattered events will now properly trigger on mindbroken slaves only

The character in the "Hitchhiker" event is now appropriately clothed when you find her

Fixed a bug that allowed the Fei post-exile event to trigger without her being exiled first


Added a more guided tutorial (it's still a bit wonky, and will be improved further in 0.18 Stable)


PC can now orgasm at will during H scenes, so you can now skip most of the interaction if you so choose.

Fixed a bug that made tributes oddly old (and their obedience and fear are now properly coupled to their homeworld's)

Fixed a bug that prevented the carousel from properly capping age at 35

Null Autonomous Collective and Australia Cooperative executives now show as "leading citizens" instead

Removed the tiny pillory in the top left corner of the Pillar elevator

The grid is now hidden when not placing objects

Xeno cages can no longer be deleted when in use (previously, this would crash the fighting pit)

Walking people will no longer move through furniture that has been placed on their established path

Fixed a bug that caused idle people to walk off into space

Fixed a bug that prevented structures in the the pillar from persisting on game load

Fixed some odd expressions on slave inspection

Added "Notifications" text above notifications bar

Fixed graphical corruption on the slave dress

Removed "Powered by Unity" splash screen

Menus that pause the game now also pause any activity on the station

The number of autosaves is now locked to 5 (manual saves are unaffected)

Fixed a bug that caused children to be shown multiple times on the family tree

Fixed a bug that prevented immortal slaves who were over 45 years old from becoming pregnant

Fixed a bug that caused unexpected behavior when removing the Universal Healthcare planet upgrade

Fixed a bug that prevented slaves from "graduating" from vats when the "slave aging" option was unchecked.

Fixed a bug that caused vat slaves to have minimum stats

Fixed a bug that caused the player's penis to have an invalid animation when first opening the H panel



oh hey update, will check it out



ok first issue

The Frequency of grazing is way too often and I don't even have any cow girls or girls in the dairy.



Player character is still busted since at least 17c, he no longer disappears from the station as of at least 17c but as of 17c you cannot properly customize his hair



Music volume fades between 2 songs raising one and lowering the other, or the inverse instead of just volume


Bugs and stuff to change: v0.18a

>when you have a fucking huge army, your units disappear and don't come back

>it's fucking annoying to have to select one by one the quantity of your units you want to use on conquest

>even if you don't use them all, the units used on the campaing disappear and don't regen, even when you win "without a scratch"

>you have to close the game for the new colonies you just conquered to appear on the list

>green aliens eyes don't show properly after you buy them

>Slaves that should be fighting the arena are teleported to the center of the map

>can't really skip the tutorial

Edit: Added version number.

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say what version bud, the guy doesn't come here often so he needs to see



I think it's safe to assume he's using the one posted a few posts above his. Just a guess. Probably the same is even true for the others posting bugs too.

Agreed, though, it might make a difference posting these on the discord channel or the Patreon page instead of here. He does still come he every now and again as I understand, but is more active elsewhere.




thanks mods



Sex meter was always slow but now it's some sort of crawl, what's up with that?



Hair is still being left behind in the arena prep station




Ok I'm starting to think something in the sex meter is really messed up now because now that I've had this same slave for longer and trained her her gauge isn't rising at all



I'm getting slaves that when I summon them don't appear to be assigned a job, I think it's because I'm raiding 3 or 4 planets in a row and they are not being shown to me post raid



Audience fighting pit has been bugged for a while




Actually it may be all the fighting rings



Slave list seems to be working great right now


File: f9a88f019f68d06⋯.png (917.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


pretty sure that's not a clone


File: be17965723771c8⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


according to the description my girls are not producing milk



Tool tips are no longer showing up for planet policies like genocide stone and terraform


File: df674eec7a414ed⋯.png (229.41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


looks like milk is being produced though



confirming ships used in conquest do not come back


File: c96317832386a06⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



I think the trouble is that they are not comfortable, maybe tight vagina mod is always on?


File: 79956aff93738e6⋯.png (975.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6ce3e55956d13ce⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)




This is not her first time


Can I get an user review?

Is it good? Should I play it if I enjoy FC?



stowaway will no grow when aged up


this latest build is very buggy in some gamebreaking ways but it's decent overall



Yeah virginity code is busted, I've got some well used whores that say "my first time" and the like



Avatar hair style is still busted



If you're taking suggestions how about an option to change the pose when you look at slaves, seeing them in motorcycle ride pose when they are captures is a bit off at the least.

Also how about 3 predefined camera positions to pick from when you summon your slaves since half the time it's pointed at the feet.



Mega blocks me always

please someone upload it to another source



Havr you tried using megadl (apart of megatools) with a proxy? megaldl 'link' –proxy=IP:PORT



please git gud


Thanks for the bug reports and suggestions! I've added them to my list, and most of them should be taken care of in the next patch (particularly the game-breaking "lost armada" bug).

Generally, any build that ends with a letter is relatively rough. They're the alphas that are designed for people willing to help me QA. For a more stable experience, it might be best to wait for the stable releases



yeah alright, you keep supplying versions as they come and anon's willing to put up with bugs will keep keep giving bug reports. Also good work on some of the improvement stuff so far, performance is pretty good overall.


Release 0.18: Even More Polish!



Slave Display:

Improved slave face generation (they should be prettier now)

Added a button to export slaves

Fixed camera panning

Made expressions apply more consistently

Added post-processing effects to slave view

Fixed several lighting glitches, especially on hair, vaginas, nipples, and eyelashes.


Added screen behind tutorial text to make it easier to read

"Skip Tutorial" button now works properly

Added tutorial sequences for both the Pillar and conquest

You can no longer select unrelated rooms when the tutorial is highlighting a room

Misc Gameplay

All stats on slave information screen now have numbers in addition to descriptions

Added sexual sensitivity to slave information screen

Reduced volume of the construction noise

Added estimate prices to bulk slave purchases

Added a margin between the panels of the rules assistant to make it clearer that they are separate

You can no longer purchase slaves if it would drive you into debt

The "Slave Collapsed" notification no longer shows the slave cheerily looking at the camera

The porn studio produces substantially more money now


Growing a planet's population to absurd levels will no longer cause it to overflow and become -2,000,000,000,000 (ish)

The fighting pit should no longer "crash" and show both slaves just staring blankly at each other

Fixed a bug that caused ships to vanish permanently after being sent on missions

The Eye of Entropy no longer crashes the game when used on a planet that the camera is focused on

Fixed a bug that caused slaves to be visible on the galaxy map

Planets can now be sorted in descending order

Menial slaves can no longer cost negative amounts of money if the economy crashes hard enough

Fixed several time-related bugs on H screen (sounds and dialog should trigger properly again)

The economic graph now clears after each use, and no longer stacks each previous report on the screen

The slave inspection screen will now show the correct total amount of milk produced in the stats block

Fixed a bug that caused drag scrolling to go the wrong way when the camera was rotated

The Insomnia Implant should now show properly at the end of the event (if you have a surgery center)

Fixed a bug that prevented rival clothes from unlocking (should be retroactive)

The "Grazing" event should now only trigger on slaves assigned to the dairy

Vat babies should no longer be shown in "exploded view"

Fixed a bug that caused sexual sensitivity to be incorrectly set to 0 for many slaves

Fixed a bug that caused multiple Pillar structures to be visible after one was replaced with another

Reducing the music volume should no longer cause odd effects when fading between the ambient music and room-specific music

The "Pit Request" event should now properly assign the slave to the pit

Nicknames should now show properly on the slave list and the slave information screen

"Assigned" and "Slots" no longer swapped on economic report

Animations should be triggered more reliably on the station view

Events describing tourists and citizens should now only trigger if they are present

The "Terraform" tab is no longer clickable for stations and asteroids that can't be terraformed

Fixed a bug that showed "Clone" over all slaves' parents on the family tree

The Mona Lisa should now be properly usable as an artifact

Selling a slave currently involved in a fight should no longer crash the fighting pit

EDIT: Correct mega link.

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I'm almost completely certain this is a horror game because the characters scare me more than most horror games I have played in the past. Character faces are all nightmare fuel.



I keep getting incoming messages out of no where that are blank. After I end up with a new slave who I got from "defeating in a long war". I've even gotten Razza twice like this.

EDIT:Point to updated post.

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File: db27fe87537fd4a⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bc4013a790ecc58⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 803933a89f917ec⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Nuli festival

I'm pretty sure this is a glitch because of a few reasons. First off the dialogue continue in the third pic leads to the same dialogue. Second I'm pretty sure this is a conquered planet event, and I have yet to conquer planets. Third, after running through the even dialogue I was notified that Fei's virginity had been taken and I was never prompted to review her after taking her as a slave.

EDIT:Removing uneeded link.

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wait fuck that's the leader of another faction and she becomes your slave no matter how you answer the festival, the only way to not fuck up the game that way is hit the red x


File: 81370336809343c⋯.png (74.53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


god dammit the speaker too


File: d9a59fc124afb76⋯.png (711.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


still getting virgin dialogue from used women

EDIT:Point to updated post.

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File: 0e7cfb6018f09c0⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


"Incoming mesage from Micah"

This is a pretty big problem man.



>anywhere in between

If you really make it a freeform/modular system to allow for anywhere in between, that'll be perfect for me. Exotic genders are my jam.




you too



File: cd16d23942f7e4d⋯.png (906.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Just raped her after slaughtering her base under warp gate attack and she's fucking smiling during processing

EDIT:Point to updated post.

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The tooltips for planets are still busted


Is the game in a playable state right now? Last time I played, my ears got raped every time I switched to the universe overview.



it is presently in a playable state but bugged, volume is your problem


thanks mods



Absolute mad woman.


I wasn't paying attention to the last 2-3 versions.

Can we give slaves vaginal wetness implants?

Vaginal sensitvity implants?

Can we turn them into futas?

Force slaves to breed each other?

If not, call me back when those things are in.

Also, while I like the idea and what you have done so far, lore-wise, the redicolous levlel of tech and body augmentation is retarded. Skin that bounces off high caliber bullets? Really?



come back when you're not a retard


Thanks for the bug reports! Added to the list.

>>287971 No to all of these. They're on the list though (the two implants might be in the next version because they're trivial. The rest will be added in during the gender update).

As for the technology, I'm not quite sure what you mean. If you mean because it's OP, it's perfectly possible to destroy augmented people with "modern" tech. Trying it with 20th century weapons is just like a longbowman from 1018 trying to take down a Predator drone.

If you mean because it's unrealistic, this is a fictional world in which warp travel is used for casual sex tourism, reducing physical age is a matter of pressing a button on a moderately-priced machine, and the robot devil is real, but you're concerned about materials science being too advanced?



Good to know it's on the list.



>Skin that bounces off high caliber bullets?

Seems like an upgrade you'd get in Cyberpunk2077


The game have a terrible CPU usage. If it only used three more cores, it would perform great. Don't know if it's a unity limitation or because i'm using Ryzen(probably it is), or if the developer made some mistakes, but it make everything complicated the more people you have on your station. Large areas, even with small number of people tend to cause FPS drop. CPU usage of 86%-96% in one core, all the others are underused.

There's the bug with the incoming message >>286413. I keep conquering them, and the message doesn't show, it's like the event never occured.

I already said that, don't know if you're already working on it, but it would be better to let people type the quantity of ships they want to use in battle instead of clicking to decrease.


Have you fixed the retarded framerate and the game eating 8 gigs of ram in like 30 minutes once you get to the point where you can actually wage war with a faction? If not do that instead of anything else for the next update.


Is there an extreme content mod for 0.18 or am I just retarded?



I did some pretty big optimizations as of 0.17, not sure which version you were having trouble with.


The incoming message thing is a known bug that will be fixed in the next version. For ship quantity, you can hold ctrl or shift when clicking the button to add/remove 10 or all of a given type. Multithreading stuff is likely an engine limitation, but I'll take a look at some point.


The extreme content mod is a picture of a cat. The game just checks for a file called "extremecontent.mod" in the same directory as the executable. The same mod works for all versions, past and future.


how to get a slave pregnant everyone is in brothel


can anyone help me i can not place anymore objects on the ground why?



Have you fixed the Planet Policy Tooltip yet?



Is there a way to prevent the game from just giving me all the faction leaders(as a bug) as a slave and just offing their factions beside just keeping your firepower capped?



Nevermind, you just get them no matter what.



I've taken a lot of mechanics and ideas from FC, but the source of SM is entirely original, so their copyleft license doesn't bind it.

As for my decision not to release source, I think the game is better served by the money coming in (I've already spent thousands of dollars on contractors and assets, and plan to spend thousands more as development progresses). There is a GitHub with the game's text though, which modders are using to contribute.


I think I missed that in 0.18, so I'll hopefully be rolling it into 0.19 in a week or so.


Probability is linked to the slave's time in her cycle, but you can increase it by giving her a fertility implant (available once you've bought the surgery center.



>I've already spent thousands of dollars

You must be getting jewed then



He is the jew


Windows 0.19a:



Dressing Room:

All-new clothing engine that lets you mix and match clothes, colors, and accessories.

27 outfits, composed of 91 clothing items, most of which have several different colors

Added dressing room interface to slave inspection screen

Added more clothing variety for citizens and tourists

Integrated existing events, markets, and tributes with new clothing system


Added several new environments and integrated them with events and slave markets. This includes the player's ship, a club, and a few others. I had to temporarily remove the new raiders' union for performance, but plan to add that back in once I have that worked out in the next patch.


Fixed a bug that prevented the end of the "Secrets of the Fae" chain from triggering

Fixed a bug that made the PC's hair thin

Fixed bugs that prevented the public, lethal, and xeno arenas from triggering properly

Improved clipping detection and resolution during H scenes

Fixed several small animation bugs in the station view

Fixed a bug that caused diplomacy events to grant faction leaders after the first visit

Fixed a bug that made slaves in H scenes stop talking early


File: 37a72becd73a5ab⋯.jpg (185.58 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, pantless eunuch.jpg)

What the actual fuck?



Don't know how he's going to afford the brothel if he cant afford pants. Or a penis.


File: d8aff9a30170cf2⋯.jpg (27.63 KB, 451x619, 451:619, thinking_YuruYuri.jpg)


How do I download this without reaching bandwidth limit?



Its only 4.5GB Anon, just go to a McDonalds or something


anybody know why megaupload keeps trying to ram Chrome's dick down my throat? I have ZERO desire to download the desktop app and they apparently hate every browser that isn't Google's.


File: 7eb87d0c3d924f8⋯.png (25.25 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Uget.png)


Try Uget. Open source and lightweight.

<not available on Mac though






>install google botnet




If this game has children what can you do with them? Send them to daycare? Put them in some kind of accelerated aging device and train them to be lieutenants?



>Just downloaded this version

>Never played it before

>Literally all the buttons work except New Game




the second thing, only whores


When you rule over several developed worlds, what's the point of running a brothel?



faster income


I am extremely impressed.


Noticed: the nickname "Murderer" (because of having killed so many slaves) can randomly attach to a girl who has only been assigned to Arena (Non-Lethal).

There are some events where the slave's stats don't reflect their supposed origin. Like someone who was supposed to be a brilliant scientist having Dim Intelligence.


Sometimes an existing slave's name randomly changes to SlaveBase(Clone).



well gee wiz we're all sure glad to impress you anon



I've likewise had slaves showing 0/100 as a name at times. Luckily they can be renamed. I'd love to rename celestials too, come to think of it.



I feel that this kind of feedback, while not really valuable to the developer, is somewhat useful for other anons to see what games people like. If there's a thread with a thousand overwhelmingly-positive posts maybe the game is worth checking out.



>As for my decision not to release source, I think the game is better served by the money coming in (I've already spent thousands of dollars on contractors and assets, and plan to spend thousands more as development progresses). There is a GitHub with the game's text though, which modders are using to contribute.

I won't ask you which assets you bought, but I'd like to know some of the contractors you used. They did good work and I might want to hire them for other things.


Any loli mods yet?



no? sameface saga has overwhelming positive press in certain places, if you were to go there and use your metric for whats good/not, then you would think that that garbage is actually good



I would agree if an anon actually posted feedback, not some fag95 user posting "I am extremely impressed."



Having played the game and seen the animations I don't think that will ever happen. A loli mod for this would be a criminal offense in some first world countries.



not the states



[insert obvious joke here]



Given the consequences for being wrong I'd want to pay a lawyer to advise me on that, and it's not worth it for a mod.



It'd probably be a technical issue as well. Current models already have significant clipping issues with clothing and their overall looks are not as impressive as one would like. I have a feeling getting anything better than just unrestricting the displayed age to permit below-18 ranges and down-scaled kid-sized replicas of the adult models would be a bitch and a half to get right or even to an acceptable level, meaning we'd likely have to settle for just that and no more. Not to put words in other's mouths, but I'm pretty sure the dev has little interest in the idea as well, and even if I'm wrong about that it would need to be a low priority anyways. The game is only now beginning to get fleshed out and there's plenty of things in it in need of improvements and iteration.



Girls with shrinked body/boobs already looks around 12-15 years old. Lifting age restriction only sounds fine to me


What jobs does intelligence help with?



madam and head girl and a lobby job I think, dont quote me check the tooltips



In that case, someone might be able to do that much, but it depends on what the dev has in place that keeps NPC's from having younger ages and how willing they are to look the other way if someone wants to override it.


What exactly are influence and reputation good for? What effect do the various planet stats have, fear in particular? Is my planets being afraid something I should avoid or encourage? Since ways to avoid it are very limited and can't cover for some fear causing choices.



As long as he won't say things like "underage characters will never be added" it should be fine. Doing that didn't turned well for FCdev and that Lilith's throne dev.



Not really sure. Some of those stats may even be inert. I've assumed Rep and Influence affected how often and the quality of visitors to your station, and stats like fear for slaves can lead to being afflicted with the insane state. As for planets, any effects on them seem less obvious. Fear for planets might affect the chance for certain events popping off that refer to them specifically. Having and maintaining low fear might allow events that fire off to be more benign and less dire.


jesus whats with all the new people


have you tried reading the help document in the menu?



Not that anon, but the last I checked, that didn't cover planetary stats. That has been a bit, though, so that might have changed since then admittedly.



I'm telling him to look at the document first, I'm not going to spoon feed all the answers to a guy that cant even RTFM


The "Help" menu doesn't really cover what the planet stats actually do, though. I just took a quick look for anything regarding them and couldn't find anything, just that you can conquer or raid other worlds, demand tributes, and to expect retaliation from rivals for taking there planets. Using 19A, btw.


The help menu also doesn't cover what slave stats can be trained, and where they can be trained at. Some are obvious– intelligence for school, strength for the weights, speed for the treadmill– but some like Charisma leave me scratching my head. Is that school? Is that on-the-job learnin'? Can it even BE trained?




everything you are asking can be found out in game over the course of playing it, if you don't like that answer get fucked.


An RA rule that should only apply when a slave has max charisma seems to actually apply as soon as they have 70+ charisma.


How exactly is damage in battle determined? Because it strongly feels like the more I expand my fleet the more damage I take in battle.

For example, my four battleships had been doing fine, with usually one of them getting damaged in battle. As soon as I added my first dreadnought, though, the following battles all had all my battleships get damaged.


Why are there no white people in this game?



In this version:

>A massive planet population turned into a massive negative number, probably overflow

>For some (most?) slave attributes, when the RA is told to do something to slaves at exactly 100, it instead applies when the slave is at 70+ in the attribute

>There is a "Fighting skill" filter in RA which doesn't seem to map to anything, "Muscles" maps to strength

>I wiped out Vladivostok but didn't get the Rival Enslaved event

>Intro events for factions fired more than once including a faction I was at war with, follow-up events (seemed implied for some) did not fire

>The econ. report screen often failed to open, pressing the button just closed the station management screen. This happened more as the game went on


>Make slave description text appear instantly, waiting for info to appear is a pain when you have over a hundred slaves to process

>Add visual cues (color) to description text

>Have a way to bring back the slave description without exiting the screen if you do something that causes other text to appear in the slave screen

>Add RA filter for virginity

>Add ways to manage bulk slave gains, maybe a button to sell all that don't pass a specific RA filter

>Add a convenient way to flag and track slaves of special interest

>Add direct buttons to RA/Economy screens to save us a click



excessively modded skyrim could act as a porn game with good character models


Can you have a bunch of planets without it breaking the planet list yet?


New patreon version out, anyone care to share?




What's the changelog ?



New Face Generator

I've rewritten the face generator, and all slaves going forward will be a lot prettier. Unfortunately, this isn't retroactive, so any duds you had from old saves will stay the way they are.

It's also moddable. Just export characters from the inspection screen and drag the resulting files into Stationmaster/StreamingAssets/Text/FemaleFaces. After that, they will automatically be used as a basis for generating new faces.

Makeup System

Added a system for makeup, which can be applied from the inspection screen and the rules assistant

3 basic textures (natural, subtle makeup, significant makeup)

16 overlays including freckles, dirt, tribal tattoos, geisha paint, and degrading pen marks


Added several new environments, including all of the slave markets and many of the existing events. There's more to do on that front, but building all ~50 of them would have delayed the update.


You can now choose from 16 different colors for all hairstyles

Fixed a bug that caused some hairstyles to appear thin.

Added 6 new hairstyles


The rules assistant can now apply clothing to slaves

A ton of glitched clothing items are fixed since 0.19 Alpha, including the missing citizen pants

Most clothes should now be shown on the station view

Body leaders will now have more varied clothes


Skin colors will now be more varied.

Old characters' skin now looks wrinkled.

Fixed a bug that caused bodies to be darker than heads.


Species column added to slave list

Proxy column added to owned bodies list

Other Stuff

Added graphical effects for defloration and creampies

Slaves now have slightly varied voices

Replaced cowering animation with something a bit more subtle (special thanks to ZaZ for providing the animation)

Pit request event no longer triggers when the slave's fetish strength is low

Fixed a bug that prevented the abuser event from properly setting the slave to be your head girl

Fixed a bug that caused events that granted nicknames to set the slave's name to "SlaveBase(Clone)"

Head tracking is now more subtle and less creepy

Added and repaired several face morphs

Slaves will now adopt a neutral expression when you enter the surgery center so you can see what you're doing

Fixed a bug that distorted expressions

Fixed a bug that caused clipping when changing eye size in the surgery center

Fixed a bug that caused vaginas not to show under certain circumstances

Fixed a bug that caused "Max" in the rules assistant to apply to characters with over 80 in the stat

Fixed a bug that caused the "Hair Color" drop down to be blank when first entering the slave inspection screen

Widened the clothing panel on the slave inspection screen to avoid some cut-off text

Fixed a bug that prevented human noises that were supposed to loop from looping

Slaves will no longer be stripped after processing

Fixed a bug that caused jagged cracks in slaves when wearing the slave skirt/slave top



Interesting, but still waiting for the gender overhaul if it ever comes.


>Don't get any say in whether my psychopath character stabs people



>Do you want to have some fun with these college girls on a trip?

Why yes of course I want to have some fun with them

>proceeds to slaughter most of them predator style and take the last surviving ones as slaves after pitting them against each other

Whew, that escalated quickly.


File: b8390e0e8c76eb0⋯.png (402.92 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, smr.png)



Now the RA doesn't seem to work at all. For example even after waiting some time the pictured rule failed to move someone at 100 obedience and 0 fear from the Spa to School. The two rules to move someone at less than 100 obedience or more than 0 fear to Spa never fired either.


File: b38258352a55559⋯.png (163.05 KB, 542x358, 271:179, smpt.png)


Also the new short ponytail hair floats above the head.

Does the dev even visit here anymore?



That actually made me laugh out loud, thank you anon.



I'm lurking. All bugs here have been added to the list. The short ponytail issue in particular has been reported by a couple users, and I plan to remove the hairstyle completely in the next patch (it came directly from the vendor, and I don't have the software or know-how to fix it).



it's set in the future



What do you plan for the hair then? Just one fixed style for everyone or do you want to merge the hair with the head?


clothes still clipping with body

Animations for drink fountains playing the wrong direction

tourists still running around without pants on

heads not matching body skintone



No, just removing the short ponytail.


Clipping will be difficult to fix, but I will be addressing it at least somewhat with the next patch. Will check into the rest, though it sounds like you're using the alpha (the tourist pants and skin tone issues should have been resolved in yesterday's version).




Ok, apparently I needed to have a Suite for the RA to start working.


File: b2a3fc956f94761⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, smbug.png)


This just happened. I think this slave was fine before, it visibly transformed into this monstrosity in a Nickname event. Save and reload left game dysfunctional, most slaves could no longer be summoned.



And it stopped working again, and resumed working when I deleted and rebuit my Desk.



Now it stopped working again and rebuilding my desk does nothing.


File: fd88cddc1d2867c⋯.png (334.24 KB, 565x583, 565:583, smba.png)

File: 427ea7065f1bb25⋯.png (839.57 KB, 962x699, 962:699, smbb.png)


Whenever a catgirl is presented on screen, a new instance of small cat ears and tail are added, which show stacked whenever you open any slave screen. For some reason they also appear in the pool.


File: aed300f0290d9c4⋯.png (293.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, smbc.png)


And now this as I tried to demand tribute from the catgirl planet.




some of these go dark way to fast, some warning would be nice like at the end of the choice something like (slasher flick)



Does this mean we're finally going to see an end to the godawful clipping on slaves with actual figures?



Doesn't seem like there's much option to be anything other than a raging psycho in any event that requires you to have even the slightest bit of a spine. Be nice if there was a "be nice but unyielding" option before "stab stab rape rape muder murder kill"



Still an issue. Most girls still look like Edward Scissor Hands tried to feel them up. Sure is turning out to be a messy Stable release. At least robo-girls don't look like the freakin' sun anymore, eh?

I know it wouldn't be a popular move in all likelihood, but I'd kill for the dev to spend an update or two just focusing on bug-murdering alone, only adding features if it's to fix a bug.


File: 84652527b7264fe⋯.png (270.77 KB, 528x721, 528:721, ClipboardImage.png)

Shit, I think I enslaved a skinwalker.



>Where did I put my holy water?




So, I noticed some stuff:


CPU Usage of this game got nice, but it's the only resource being used as it should, I think. I get one thread being used at 40~60%, 3 threads sitting around 20~40% and the others oscilating between 1 and 18%. Ryzen 1600X CPU. It's not perfect, but it's near good multi-thread usage and I can easily limit the game to 4 or 6 threads, and it will run the same, redistributing the CPU usage. A lot of AAA games can't do that properly. So, that's the good news here.

GPU Usage seems to be the problem. GTX 1050Ti gets low usage and low FPS. It peaks around 80% in stock, but the rest of the system is not being used. I got 16GB of RAM now, and the game takes something like… 3,5GB~4GB, and 2GB of VRAM.

So, yeah, the game looks like it doen't know what to do with the resources of the GPU. Overclocking seems to have no effect at all, just getting lower GPU usage. With 50% max usage, the game still looks slow, like, 30~40FPS.

>BUGs and strange self-corruption of the game

Ok. the bugs are getting less common, but corruption happens as the game rolls. The hair that floats over the head and the clothes that don't fit are still a thing.

The problem is, as the game rolls, I got this >>298556;

Some people walking in space at the galaxy map;

A weird camera looking to the floor, and when you change the angle, you can see the slave floating far distance in space;

And some broken test when you summon a slave.

I never get this stuff the second I start playing, it's like the game is shitting itself as you advance. Rebooting the game seems to solve the problems, but the problems return after some time (inconsistent time, played for 15 minutes until the first bug appeared, then played for 40 minutes).

Forgot to print the text corruption, it was really weird and only got this one time.



>And some broken text




I can tell just from looking at the thread this game is in a very early stage of prototyping so I'm waiting a few months before playing it. You should do the same.




The only thing you should know from what the dev made so far is that the concept is good, the game can be great in the end, but just if the jew doesn't suck dick.

It could be "freecities 3D" or "sex slavery startopia", but it can go very wrong too.



Still unable to effect any customization of the Stationmaster's physical attributes, cannot even change his hair style or color.


File: 9b7a21b1c8ef00b⋯.png (2.58 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



is everyone having grey skin normal?


File: a5e71724f9a4393⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


actually it's looking like it's a result of generating slaves on simple graphics settings




this is Stationmaster 0.19Windows by the way, also nice improvement on the faces, much better in that respect


File: a74b4dc94fb151a⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

still some off tone tho


File: 43b4e4ea08a5f3c⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

very nice faces though


File: c604db362094157⋯.png (2.59 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


something goes wrong with loading after events



correction, loading IN GAME causes this problem


Tourists who make use of taps in the dairy end up lactating at 100% efficiency. Doubt it matters at all, but it's strange.


File: c166ac39877fba6⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



I've been noticing this white square in the middle of the station, if you rotate the camera it disappears, did I skip through some new text or is it a bug because I know it wasn't in some of the older versions.


File: 2e14aa0cedd3e54⋯.png (348.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



Tribal Chief keeps appearing way off center


File: 9c9044bbed9df97⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


exiting and restarting the game and then loading fixes the problem


File: dd877a27499128f⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



I could swear she had tattoos on both cheeks though


File: c913b9e243235be⋯.png (2.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)




yeah tatoos are fucked as well


File: 991f1ffb0bc1325⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


definitely the right cheek is missing and the tatoos are not as dark/defined







Also changing tattoos appears to be busted


File: 504eccb885bbe6a⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



In anticipation of this fucking up based on the tribal play god event I am posting this as a before reference.


File: c0ad1886e51e473⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


shit that one seems fine


File: 5fa39a076c20882⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



yeah that one looks like it's working great


File: d26cddd9de45540⋯.png (3.44 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



All the arenas are working great again but the alignment on some of the sprites seems a bit off


File: 6efede6b2a9f7b0⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



popups work again but only if you hover over apply automaticly


File: 2f943b3d9a20f09⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)




wait no that's only an issue for business investment, probably because it's so close to the top of the screen. The same thing happens if I scroll down and select one near the top of what I can see.


File: 618eda6548f5c1d⋯.png (2.59 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



Rich people sleeping in tables


Thanks so much for the bug reports! I can't promise that they'll all make it into the next patch (it's pretty packed as it is), but they are all on my list.

As for a dedicated polish update, 0.18 was exactly that, and 0.21 might be another one (unless the gender overhaul stretch goal happens first).



well good luck, this last one shaped up pretty good but that bug where everything glitches after loading in game is the biggest problem I can see right now.


File: 62e621f4fca820e⋯.png (305.62 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, 1.png)

Game shitting itself after 30 minutes gameplay.



FWIW >>298412 is repeatable. If I demand tribute from the catgirl planet immediately after load it'll go fine the first time aside from the tiny ears and tail appearing. Repeatedly telling them to do better quickly ends up giving the buttonless starfield background where you can't continue the game from.



Thanks! I've gotten a fair number of reports that catgirls are broken in 0.20, and will fix them in 0.21 (which is going to overhaul how they work anyway).


File: 2af113c2d4946f3⋯.png (453.13 KB, 446x863, 446:863, 1.png)

File: d95930664aba67f⋯.png (418.84 KB, 403x850, 403:850, 2.png)


Add another one to the pile; a shitton of my slaves are having this weird weight bug. They balloon the fuck out, clip through any clothes they're wearing, and look like stretch armstrong let himself go and had a sex change. Soon as you click on the surgery center button, they suck it all back in to where they should be. Screencaps are a MILD case of this.


File: 366848af44d0244⋯.png (500.03 KB, 458x928, 229:464, 3.png)

File: 6c7f3c8b0f5511f⋯.png (549.8 KB, 451x936, 451:936, 4.png)

File: 894b5b553d8cda1⋯.png (333.86 KB, 404x928, 101:232, 5.png)


Samefagging because I have a better example in these.

4 and 5 are what she's supposed to look like. 3 is… what keeps happening.


File: 09ddc43259dc375⋯.jpg (55.25 KB, 377x598, 29:46, 377px-Willendorf-Venus-146….jpg)


First one pic related



Might have something to do with previous saves. I noticed this happening specifically with a slave I manually imported to a new save from one I made in an older one, but none of the slaves created in the newest game version had no weight slider issues.



Interesting. I've never heard of that one before. If you email your save to throwaway734734@gmail.com, I can look into it more (please also include the name of the glitched slave).



Email sent downrange. Thank you.



It used to be a lot harder to make a game both in funding and technology. You had to really, really want your cool ideas on the screen.



>4.5GB for this abortion

fucking shitdevs



It's actually not that bad though. I've seen text/2D slave brothel sim games hit 2-3 gigs like it was nothing.



Evil Genius had a team of 11 artists and 8 programmers (not to mention 5 dedicated testers and a bunch of other people to handle stuff like marketing and design).

Stationmaster is just me, and I'm part-time.



I wasn't really thinking of Stationmaster when I said that. I meant that more of a pass on games today in general being less than as impressive and creative as older games. I get that one-man developed games done in one's spare time isn't going to blow peoples minds, it's the triple-A's with a hundred plus sized dev teams churning out unfinished and broken garbage for 60 bucks on Steam. Not all of them are bad mind you, but it seems more of the norm are nowadays.

I keep telling myself it's probably just a combination of games getting exponentially more and more complex today, not to mention how absurdly complex games have to be to get and keep our attention today, and developers just literally running out of ideas. Especially fresh ones that haven't been used over and over already.



I'd say it's becase back then games were considered a niche market and big corporations weren't too interested in it. Nowadays all creative decisions have to go through scrutiny by the corporate and the only thing they care about it - How much money will this bring? - Everything else is irrelevant.


File: af960ab178711da⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, exo market bug.png)

>go to exo market

>buy first slave

>jump two

>dead end

First time it happened. Only way out of this is alt+F4.


None of my slaves give birth anymore. Is there a hard cap to the number of slaves or something?



Since you don't seem to have a problem killing literally billions of people, having everyone over the age of 35 systematically slain (this doesn't reflect when receiving tributes though), or even having planet-wide cannibalism in this game, any chance we'll get some unofficial support (thanks patreon) for more of this harder stuff, a la Jack o Nine Tails? There's a severe lack of these fetishes available for those that would indulge, and the sprinkling of them that you already have included has gotten my hopes up.


This game has potential, but it runs like dogshit. 30 minutes in and I can barely navigate the menus.


File: 7605ba275475f76⋯.png (669.78 KB, 800x800, 1:1, dcmrean-9650c38b-93e3-4cd0….png)


gotta admit i regret ignoring this thread

this game is pretty good an sheeit nigga


File: 59f7e915a27c219⋯.jpg (30.46 KB, 311x312, 311:312, 15a9d884672da354559bd5a5c8….jpg)


get better pc faggot mine is from 2012 and it runs like a speedster chasing by death

fast af


File: 62f45b3b1bddbac⋯.png (254.49 KB, 387x470, 387:470, 9e3d78bb5b826ac399461bbcf4….png)


File: 0031ddd01b53d3c⋯.jpg (44.27 KB, 318x488, 159:244, 7be.jpg)


Most recent version is fucked for me. Slaves have green faces and spawn in the middle of nowhere.



That's a feature not a bug



Oh good that's a relief


Already dead?



As in the game? No, the dev's just still working on the next version, which if I heard right will involve new slave species system. Expected release for the next build should be beginning of Feb.




You sure about that? I have the same problem and I have the settings on fantastic.


Anyone here have the new 0.20 alpha release that can share?



Same, I am actually impressed with the potential this game has. The core gameplay is solid, with a bit of tweaking it can be properly engaging. Not to mention the scope of it is quite ambitious, playing for 4 hours only to realize there was a whole map conquest section that would take many hours was…well impressive.



Well, the jew was sharing, but it looks like he doesn't need us anymore so, someone will have to pay him or something like that. I'm not going to, that's for sure.



it's the same problem but a different/better shade at higher settings




I wasn't even relying on him until I lost interest, it's out there if you go looking for it


is there a debug menu or cheat mode? its not like the game is hard but im just really greedy


I am a patron, fuck it 10 bucks for actual non rpg maker gameplay is worth it. Plus I won't be around after may so I will post updates.

He released an early build of .20 which is pretty broken I will wait till the patch this weekend to post, its mainly new skins. But he acknowledges all the bugs and will make that priority for next update.



Not really. Save game can be edited to boost cash or edit slaves' stats and the likes. Takes a bit of experimentation to get down right, though. I remember the dev linking a file in shitscord that detailed what each variable in a slave's data block represented. I'll see if I can dig that up if I get a chance to later.



What is with literally everything popular being called bad, discord is great.



the application itself is fine, its that the communities that tend to form in discords become reddit tier circlejerks that have low tolerance for people who disagree with them.



Sounds great, since version 0.19 was pretty broken. Thanks in advance.



By next update i don't mean this one, and it seems next one isn't the main focus since another big feature is being focused on so just small fixes here and there.


DL link and post was removed from thread so guess no link bois







Ya my bad I legit pulled a dumb, I had 2 tabs open and posted it in some other general.

So just ignored the comment above link.

The patch is beta of .20, so its not final. Its main features are the animal hybrid/furry stuff.



Well, I pulled an even bigger dummy dumb by somehow thinking we were still waiting for 20 to release even for patrons. I didn't even realize it already had and I watch this thread like a hawk (supposedly, anyways).



.20 isn't done, this is the beta.

Next time I will just wait for full release.



>Won't be around after May

You good, anon?


Just bought a wolf furry and she had a rat-thin tail rather than glorious floof, and a miscolored head. I'm guessing that isn't normal? Or are tastes different in this universe? Anyway, I'm really impressed with what I've seen of the game so far… I might have to shell out some Patreon bucks. Probably better spent here than on TiTS or CoC2 in any case.



so dont join those bad communities. its the same with any social media or chat service.



>the application itself is fine

If you like everything you do on it being sold for marketing data.


This is cuck logic.

And aside from the fact that they sell all the shit you do on there (lol I don't have anything to hide fags think that's ok) the application itself attracts the most garbage of people.


Does anyone have a link for the extreme content mod? The one in the OP isn't working anymore.



I think it's alright if you want to use it for voice chat with some frens when playing online vidya, but discord chat "culture" is worse than reddit, if that was even possible.



The official extreme content mod is a picture of a cat. If you make a blank file called "ExtremeContent.mod" in the same folder as the exe, it will work just as well.



I like derailing stuff so I will contribute

I have to disagree, reddit is worse. I went into a couple "fan" communities regarding game franchises and I talked shit about them and I had people disagree and agree, unlike reddit which just censors you or downvotes you to hell.

I think the inability to "vote" is what makes it better, takes away the illusion of power idiots on reddit think they have. Which opens up room for actual discussion rather than I THUMB DOWN YOU, YOU ARE THEREFORE DEFEATED.



True. It's why a lot of sites are going with the thumbs-up-only option. Discord's not that bad, just depends on the crowd you converse with, same as any other site really. I just call it shitscord for shits and giggles, but it's notably better than other places for sure.



Shit, can't believe that my brain farted this hard and I forgot about karmawhoring and downvotes on reddit.

You are correct. Reddit is the lowest of the low.


Game turns into a grind after a certain point. Taking over the Universe, mega bucks rolling in, so many ships everyone surrenders. No real challenge except the grueling repetition of taking over one system at a time, and realizing how long it's going to take.


One suggestion to shake it up would be to have pilot training for the slaves and require everything but drones to have at least one pilot. Maybe a full crew for the bigger ships.

And to be lose ships in combat.



>with growth tanks to raise the babies to usable age in reasonable time

What age isn't usable? :^)



The dev has some ambitious but not out of the question ambitions, it seems right now he is working on the aethetic core of the game, so gender, species, looks, then will go back and improve gameplay.


File: 3ca1decaf2677a6⋯.png (333.94 KB, 495x408, 165:136, JafdL2w.png)


It's pretty fun for a porn game. It would be interesting if the conquest part was networked, like a Risk game, playing against other players as well as the a.i.

Run it as an online adult mmorpg. Sell shares in the game to fund development, use bitcoin, get a bunch of basement dwelling /hgg/ faggots turned in bazillionaires.


Make it free-to-play.

Copy Eve Online and World of Warcraft for gameplay.

Play on a planet pvp style, or fight in space with ships. Or just portal to different stations and fuck bitches.

Sell stations, asteroids, and planets.

Auction system.

Make an in-game cryptocurrency.

Sell shares in the game in-game.

Parody everything.



>Copy Eve Online and World of Warcraft for gameplay.

On top of the already pimp daddy slave master gameplay.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Run the whole process through >/hgg/.

Sell stock to achieve specific benchmarks.

Incorporate as many porn game ideas as possible.

Incorporate every online mmorpg idea as well.

Make a tor version.

Make a tor version that runs on tails.

Buy Somalia w/profits.

Expand across S.A.

LARP slavery into reality.

Take over entire planet.

Expand into space.




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Also rip off the "Gor" novels to incorporate LARP sexual slavery.



Howdy! I'm writing a review for this game. I've played version 0.19 for a couple of days now and I think it's a great game.

I was looking for a Sim Brothel game, like the one on Newgrounds posted 10 years ago. These are the specs I'm running on:

i7 4790k 4.0 ghz

GTX 1050 TI

16 GB DDR4

Windows 7

Some feedback:

The gameplay was very detailed, with the galactic conquest. However, YOU and I and in this thread for a reason: hentai games. Purchasing the slaves was nice, but fucking them was not fun to watch. The game primarily needs more sex scenes/porn. The glitches I experienced were not fatal to the overall game's experience. It was a fun game but not one I could jack off to.

Consider Sengoku Rance, were after conquering a faction, a rape scene occurs and a serious bonus is awarded.

The difficulty was reasonable, however, there was no reason me to finish the game because there was no ultimate goal. A story scene would spice things up. Consider FOW studio's 3D sex scenes.

Honestly I think this game is so well developed, it's sellable. Personally I was not a big fan of the obscenities, but I think gameplay would be better and exciting if we got to see scenes instead of just reading.

In other words, I want see my pet's asshole, bitches being thrown into space, and breast milk being served at the bar.

The policies, implants, etc. should have visual scenes. Yes, show the birth, pubs and all.

Mexico has an age of consent of 12 years old and so should this game. Also, slaves in the suite should be performing ridiculous sex acts, such as wiping their armpits on you and begging for your child. Players are going to put their favorite girls in the suite.

The main character guy should have an abundance of preset costumes, and it would be awesome if he could rape women on other planets, in different scenes.

After orgasm, the main character should have his sperm cells collected by his madame or pet to impregnate chosen women to populate planets. There should be a delivery room or hospital. These newborn slaves can populate nearby planets.

Scenes that I would like to see:


Grabbing (arms, head, hair, breasts)


Hitting (fist, head-butt, bat, lethal)



Dismember (lethal or non-lethal)


Drugs (insane, orgasm, obedience, lethal)

Fatigue (raped, beaten, overdose)

Looking forward to playing updated version!



This is bad, really bad.



Lots of really good stuff here. Thanks!

Adding more detailed animation on violence is something I've wanted to do for a while. Thanks for the extra vote in that direction.

A lot of scenes (particularly birth and surgery) get expensive to implement because I'm not an animator, and custom animation costs around $30/second/character. Most of the time, I make do with licensed animations, and leave the custom stuff to the sex scenes.

Main character is getting more costumes in 0.21, because I'm adding a ton of new content for men in general (MC will also be able to be a woman/futa/etc).

Age of consent has more to do with legal requirements than anything else, and won't budge.

I have plans to trigger events by visiting your planets, but that won't be until the more general "living galaxy" update.

Specific fetishes are… specific. I could tie something like that into another event that I've been working on though.

The rest has been added to my list of community feedback as appropriate, and some of it might make it into the 0.22 community patch.



Alt-coin generator, forks off of bitcoin:


Add mining function to program so that it mines coins while playing.



>barely any substance about what the game is like

>all these statements of what the dev should do

>in a review


I can't believe you put up with that.

You're doing great, it's obvious to anyone that actually played the game that you have a clear goal in mind, that you are open to criticism and that you are making progress towards your goals while fixing bugs and optimizing the game. You don't need to branch out beyond the current scope because it's obvious you're already planning to add more content and obviously it will be welcome, just keep doing what you're doing and it will be great.



There's a long list of community suggestions in my design doc, ranging from "basic UI fix" to "entire new game." I try to roll a couple of my favorites into each patch, and they've all made the game better for their inclusion.

I mention this because it also has a ton of specific fetishes that I try to keep in mind when writing events. For example, there's one on the horizon that allows you to take over a Matrix-esque human factory to boost population on all of your planets. Why not add an option to give it your DNA as a template? It's not a lot of extra work from my perspective, but I would never have thought to do it if not for that comment, and those little shout outs to kinks do a lot to broaden appeal.



File: 21455c4084d1344⋯.jpg (11.41 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Crompton.jpg)

Game still run like coin miner?



Performance is ass as it is. Can you imagine?



fair enough

Has anyone suggested cybernetics or replacement organs yet?

Rimworld does it and the characters don't look a bit different.



They also don't visually have arms or legs in Rimworld to begin with…just sayin'.

That said, I'd love to see robot limbs done at some point. We already have cyber-girls in the game as is, so prosthetics seems like a no-brainer.



It would be a no brainer, but the art side is daunting. It's on the list, but might have to be its own patch.



Almost 30FPS with 2080ti in SLI.



It's why I said "at some point". I figured it would take more than just slapping some new textures on and calling it a day, or it would have been done by now. You can only do so much, so don't sweat it, my dude.


Lol. How do you think I feel rockin' an ol' 1060 and a not-so-fast i7? At least I finally went into double digits with my RAM a year back. Still need to finally pony up and snatch a solid-state at some point. Although I will say the game seems to run fine until you start cycling through slaves when going to the market or flipping through the ones you have. I suspect a memory leak, but I'm way behind on the knowledge curve for coding and the likes.


.20 is fully out.

For those curious about the game, the state of the game is currently doing overhauls/expansions on basic game stuff, so for example .20 was a species revamp, and .21 will be gender revamp.



Does this mean we can finally have traps?



Does this mean its not a one big clusterfuck anymore?



Depends. I still get AC Unity faces. Strange hairdos. People falling through floors etc.


.21 is going to be focused on the gender overhaul and then .22 should be primarily a war on bugs and glitches.



Anyone feel like providing a DL?



You just described literally every community in the history of mankind…Even this place.




at least you don't get banned here for talking shit or having different opinions.

unlike discord or reddit



The whole "Devoted Slave" -event thing bears rethinking. As it stands any given slave can be stuck on max. obed. min. fear without ever getting the event. And you need them devoted for certain things. Even if the event was changed to fire as soon as the conditions are met it's still annoying to have to click through it. Speaking of devoted slaves, the only reliable way to mass them seems to be children. Why can't I choose what simulation each child goes through? Also there's a need for more automatic processing of children. When you have 100 vats pushing out a constant stream of them manually processing each and every one gets old fast. As an aside it'd be nice to be able to passively impregnate your harem and automatically keep your own children while getting rid of the others.

Really the possibility of moving away from "events" as implemented is general is worth examining. Some could be reduced to notifications, with extra info on mouseover with links to relevant parties, while others should be things you just go out and do instead of waiting for them to happen. Like for going to a primitive world to play god you'd locate a suitable planet on the galaxy map and choose it from available action.

Tying into this, tourists and citizens are pretty boring at the moment. You have no control over them and no interactions with them. They have no needs or desires outside of entertainment in general and rest. You should be able to decide, at the very least, who's allowed aboard your station. Tangent: How come citizens just use whatever room is available instead of having their own? Also, what do the citizens of your station even do for a living?

Slaves aren't much better. They just go back and forth to the assigned task and rest. More simulation aspects would be nice here. Needs, wants, relationships and misc. While it would be a good deal of work, considering moving from "assigned task" to some sort of slave schedule.

Influence and reputation feel fairly superfluous. They're just there and don't have any tangible effect. While some of your actions may affect them they mostly just accumulate on their own and you can't really meaningfully accelerate the process or spend them.


Is there a list of races available? I want to see if there's something close to vampires here.



There isn't that I'm aware of, but I remember a list floating around fag95. I'll see if I can dig it up here in a bit.



>anno domini 2019

>the domain name www.fag95zone.com is still available



Better than nothing. Thanks for finding these!


Lilith's Throne just got kicked out of Patreon for containing non-consensual sex and incest. What does this imply for Stationmaster?

Incest may be trivial, but you can't really hide noncon behind a "mod" because if you take sexual slavery out of the game there is no game.



I think if there's anything we can learn from past experience, LT being dropped from Patreon while SM is still there is not the first of such comparisons. What that tells me is that Patreon is not going to shut down any and all that fall into such categories overnight. If anything all it simply means is that in all likelihood LT already got looked at and Patreon hasn't put SM under the same microscope yet. So I don't think SM is necessarily out of the woods just because some games with that content have been dropped and others like SM haven't. Time will tell if I'm right and hopefully SM's dev has enough time to come up with alternatives should that happen.



I've known since the beginning that a ban from Patreon was likely. I hope to be able to work with them to let it stay despite the slavery thing. If that's not an option, the plan is to move to Steam, stop adding extraneous features, and polish it to 1.0. After that, it will be time for the sequel.


It appears that when I load a game, the need for rest of everyone on the station is reset. This results in slaves collapsing and tourists/citizens getting tired when everyone tries to go to bed at once.

If you close the Slave Vat Ready notification without opening the event the slave remains frozen in the vat. Save and load returns the event but the slave won't generate properly and the event ends as soon as you choose to wake them up. Save, restart the game, load makes it work properly. In any case dismissing the notification should have a default behavior of either selling the slave of releasing her rather than leaving them in the pod.



good christ these are ass ugly



add NTR to the game



You haven't seen ass ugly till you have played Lifeplay…ok also this is mainly game>porn for now.

Can anyone recommend any adult games with good core gameplay/gameplay loops. I am starved for some.



>the plan is to move to Steam, stop adding extraneous features

So you care more about the money than your game? Steam also obliterates noncon games into oblivion, sex slavery definitely won't pass



Development costs money. I spend about $500-$1000 per month on contractors and assets, in addition to a shitload of my own time. That's a lot more than I'm willing to pay to maintain a hobby. If that money was coming from my own pocket, I'd be better off taking up Warhammer.

As for Steam, they have a developer-facing category for non-con that's explicitly not banned, so I'm operating under the assumption that they're going to continue that policy as long as your game isn't called "Rape Day."



If Patreon kicks SM and Steam allows it to live, I'd be game. No doubt Steam has indeed made some recent changes to what it permits given the sheer amount of porn VN games I've seen popping up. So long as you don't go full on EA/Sims-style and sell updates and patches at 20 bucks a pop. That said, and I have no idea if they would give any more undo fuss than Steam, but have you looked at itch.io as another alternative?



I actually tried that first, but they make you talk to support if your game is over 1GB and I was paralyzed by the idea of dealing with a human.

I don't really want to do the microtransaction thing either. Development is exhausting enough when I'm actually making the game better.



I can't help but think you've been ripped off if you paid tens of thousands of dollars for the assets already in the game. The bodies are uncanny valley tier, the clothes and especially hair are awful and the animations are a joke. The static models and textures look fairly simple for the most part.



Protip, the girls look 100% like they're pulled wholesale from Poser or that other human character generator I can't remember the name of. If you're paying a cent for those models, you're getting scammed.



I'm aware. The character models are part of a package called Morph3D that was until recently distributed by the same company that makes Poser, and is based on the Genesis 3 body that Daz produces.

Costs are mostly in animation (I'm contracting out a full redo of the sex animations, but they're not yet completed), 3D art from the Asset Store (clothing/hair, station objects, environments, and similar), and marketing.


File: 859db079b7bacd2⋯.png (28.42 KB, 215x215, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>and marketing

He never loses.



They got smart and charge extra per asset for a "interactive licence" to use daz models for games now.


There's a new Patreon release out. Has anyone got a copy of it that they could share?


21a : https://mega.nz/#!N5gX0A7T!opy9jAAQz1dAhdAKiGotw6CJoFc_KCLa8YOvaCdml2Y

Do note it is an alpha release, so expect bugs. Best wait for the stable release if that's a problem for you. Patch notes below…

New Genders:

The player character and slaves can now be any gender! Be sure to check the settings to dial in your preferences (the upgraded fetish interview will be in 0.21b).

New settings allow you to determine how many slaves (both in the markets and in events) will be female, male, and trans.

Characters now have sexualities, and will prefer to have sex with characters matching them.

Pronouns default to the ones for the character's biological sex, but can be changed on the inspection screen to masculine, feminine, or neuter.

Characters can now have male or female voices. These will also default to match the character's biological sex, but can be changed.

There is now a distinct event when a player character with ovaries has a baby.

You can now add male or female hormones to a slave to change their gender over time.


Each character can have any combination of penis, balls, vagina, and ovaries (with the caveat that a character can't have balls without a penis).

The surgery center allows you to alter genitals of you or your slaves at your whim

Penises and balls have a new tab of surgery options (much like breasts).

Note that, while male characters can have vaginas, they won't be visible until 0.21b.


In order to make male slaves more interesting, there are now 81 new clothing items and 11 outfits available for them (and for the PC)

There are also a few new events designed for less sadistic player characters.

Most events now work with male, female, or trans characters. The ones that don't are coded not to show up if you've disallowed their required genders.


Updated female skin texture to add more detail around the genitals

Fixed a bug that allowed height to go above 100, causing graphical glitches

You can no longer dismiss the "vat slave ready" notification and cause a baby to get stuck in its vat.

Fixed a bug that caused giant tails to appear below the station

Fixed a bug that caused the butt size slider to only work over half of its area. This might cause your existing slaves' butts to grow slightly.

Fixed a bug that caused a discontinuity on the fat slider

Fixed a bug that caused "pop-in" of genitals on the character viewer



>There are also a few new events designed for less sadistic player characters.

Finally, now I don't have to slaughter every character I meet.



I don't know if there's a way to solve this yet, but even the air have a penis now. Restarting the game don't work.



Y'all spoke and I listened. Everything is penis now.



Be careful what you wish for…got it. Lesson learned.



>>333909 here.

It suddenly stopped while playing.

Thanks for the penis.



There's a bug that don't allow your vat slave going out when ready.


File: 120999af465958e⋯.jpg (209.74 KB, 1046x1500, 523:750, 120999af465958e8d4f2d620b8….jpg)


For making me laugh, have a qt



Please document exactly what each assignment does, both to the slave and your stats/resources.

Also the Lethal/Xeno is very underwhelming. Whatever it gains me is so little as to be unnoticeable. You'd expect something that needs to be fed slaves to produce something of value. It's not even good for getting rid of slaves due to how slowly they get processed.



File: f07a15e7f0f8c95⋯.jpg (217.38 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, VAT 1.jpg)

File: d238bc62828721b⋯.jpg (211 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, VAT 2.jpg)

>can't interact with slaves ready to leave the Vat (pic related)

>some slaves like >>298302 >>298412 >>298556 still appears in the market


is this game toaster friendly?



Not really. It's Unity, so consider that much at least. Even on a decent machine, the framerate can be less than ideal. I have an i7 (old one admittedly), 16 gigs RAM, and a 1060. That's certainly not NASA level in my mind, but it's not what I'd call toaster by any stretch and the frame rate still goes to poop if I'm looking at half my station crowding up the bar or arena. On top of that I run the game on simple settings and never permit more than the default amount of civs and tourists on board. Think Cities Skylines with several mods affecting your cims or managing traffic, which are notorious for tanking your fps.

It doesn't seem to utilize my system as much as I would think for the fps I tend to see, but I've heard some claim it's likely to do with the way NPCs patchfind when moving from tile to tile. So I don't think it'll cause your rig to melt, but it may not run the game all that well even still. I was under the impression the dev was planning on making a anti-bug crusade in 0.22, so hopefully some optimization comes of it.



Ryzen 5 1600X and GTX 1050Ti with 16GB RAM. Game installed on SSD. Runs like shit, but it was way worse in the early versions. close to 60fps, but with a lot of frame drops. Overclocking the GPU makes it a little better, but I notice huge inconsistency in the GPU usage.

Memory and CPU were a problem, but it's seems fine now. How much toaster are we talking here?


Stable release is out with some bug fixes for anyone waiting for it to drop.



Gonna post the mega, or?



Sorry, was under the impression it was a public release. Link below…


Let me know if someone needs the Mac OS or Linux versions linked as well.


Thanks mate


Holy Filesize, Batman!


When I change genders the main character becomes a eunuch permanently and other characters randomly change genders and become eunuchs as well.



That is what happens when people "change genders" in real life too.


OK, feedback on the latest version:

- Player character is broken, futa doesn't work

- the file size! Optimize this; both the textures and the models for some station parts seem needlesly big. What format are you using anyway?

- auto snap and zoom on the galaxy map is annoying as hell as frustrating. Turn that off.

- now that slaves can be both male and futa, animations and actions that acknowledge that should be added.

- the ability to breed slaves and slaves impregnating slaves



OK, my 2 cents.

This game has a lot of potential, but boy does it need work.

4GB size? WTF are you doing? I've played plenty of Unity games and they were all greatly below 1 GB. Either you are doing something seriously wrong and compiling/packing tons and tons of unnecessary files (in which case go talk with other unity devs) OR all of that size goes to the assets, which is unexcusable. Just how big and unoptimized are your models/textures?

That aside, the game is buggy as hell.

- Randomly, some slaves may turn into masculine, genderless enuchs. They loose all modification options, so you are stuck with selling them. Which sometimes doesn't work.

- slaves pleasure meter doesn't increase at all in 99% of cases??

- slaves that reach 100 skill still remain assigned to school or sex training. You should get a training complete popup or something.

- salves assigned to your orgy bed don't seem to increase their sex skills?

And yes, auto focus/zoom on galaxy map is annyoing.

Also, what does RoomService even do?

On to suggestions:

- more events concerning slave/slave interactions

- more and better animations (especially for futa slaves)

- internal testicles checkbox (atm it seems you cannot make a ballless futa that is fertile)

- ability to force slave interactions (force salve A to do something to slave B. Would require animation)

- breeder and stud roles for slaves

- private slave room (1x19 and luxurious salve room (1x2) for slaves. Has a double bed for slave couples.

- implants that increase sensitivity

- implants that make the vagine more elastic (reduces pain? You have an implant that tightens it but makes it painful, this one would eliminate the pain)

- station population/citizen control (you might want make you population all men or all women or all futa, or wahtever)

- Xeno monsters that do not kill, but only rape. I don't even bother with the xeno pit as it is now.



Let me add

- slave list screen could use cleaning up. Pregnancy could be a simple X and 1,2,3 for trimester. Saves room and visually easier to spot if color-coded

Also, CHA, INT, SEX, STR, AGI should all be visible in the list



I'll chip in an add that I'd kill for the citizen/tourist pop sliders to go away and have instead a counter. The range limits on the sides of the slider are the only indications of what the sliders are set to and I think it'd be much easier to manage pop limits if it was a number you could manually add in.


Also, why does the UI still allow button clicks meant for the UI to also manipulate the game space behind it?


0.21b is indeed unplayably buggy


> 4GB size? WTF are you doing?

I think the assets maybe got duplicated (into .resS and StreamingAssets) and, inside, duplicated again (clothing in AssetBundles and in MORPH3D), and that's after being 2GB in size (with a lot of LoD-related semi-duplication).

But size is the least of the problems.

>- Randomly, some slaves may turn into masculine, genderless enuchs.

> That is what happens when people "change genders" in real life too.

That would be almost fine, but it happens just randomly.

I think it particularly happens though the rules assistant.

>- slaves that reach 100 skill still remain assigned to school or sex training. You should get a training complete popup or something.

That's what Rules Assistant is for. When it does work.

>On to suggestions

I'd really suggest fixing the bugs before doing anything new.

Another bug nobody mentioned: sometimes the waist-to-thighs area meshes are doubled: the wrong-colored detailed mesh overlaps with undetailed mesh (including genitals).


File: 5342f87326ef1ec⋯.png (979.6 KB, 1371x770, 1371:770, 2019-04-25_20_49_04-2019-0….png)

File: b53d1f8eae73c59⋯.png (1012.78 KB, 1378x777, 1378:777, 2019-04-25_20_49_29-2019-0….png)


>Another bug nobody mentioned: sometimes the waist-to-thighs area meshes are doubled: the wrong-colored detailed mesh overlaps with undetailed mesh (including genitals).




>I think it particularly happens though the rules assistant.

Nevermind, just happened to almost every slave in the list.


Another bug - prosperity of all planets is re-set to zero on game load.

Also for some reason I have 500 million credits when I loaded. WAT?

Are Felis/Canis and other animal-mophs supposed to NOT have tails/ears? Cause all I'm getting it either furry arms/legs or nothing.


Some more suggestions for you, StationDev.

- Aphrodisiac gland implant (increases speed of the slaves lust bar, makes it more likely for slave to start some events/actions)

- slaves in Spa might have sex with eachother

Basically, more slave interactions. Rivaliries, loves, hate, flings, all the good stuff.

I'm kinda disspointed slaves can't impregnate eachother. Had that queen and princess go at it on the Porn set (just them) with fertility implants and the queen being a futa. Nuttin.

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