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File: bbbf4489716832c⋯.png (4.19 KB, 320x240, 4:3, vh.png)


> So Long, Assembla Edition

Previous thread: >>116772

> What is Violated Heroine?

Violated Heroine is a pretty decent erotic 2D action role-playing game made with RPG Maker 2K. Though originally being a Japanese game, it is being translated to English. Players assume the role of Nanako, a young country girl looking to become an adventurer. But it depends on the choices you make! (Although we all know you're going to make her get raped by Goblins, Minotaurs, dogs and gang-raped by horny old men.)

> VHゲーム01 latest prepatched


> FAQ:

> How do I install this game?


> What's the password?

See Step 4 on the previous link.

> Help, something broke!



> I have no idea what to do in this game.


> What's been newly translated?


> I want to join the translation team.


> How do I apply translation patches?


> I want to make my own content.


> Where can I download the selfish/katteban version?


> Where is the other wiki?



>Game is almost the same as it was in 2014


File: 0e135164de0f24c⋯.png (55.26 KB, 219x400, 219:400, 1453754024445.png)


>female MC

Dropped, fuck off back to fag95


File: 0a6e23aea5195e5⋯.png (287.63 KB, 640x480, 4:3, you need to go.png)


>Being this new

No, anon. You need to go back.


File: 71b5f9cd58c8396⋯.jpg (33.63 KB, 465x350, 93:70, laughing_erika_and_nanako.jpg)


File: 17c6a7b718080c8⋯.png (43.51 KB, 329x297, 329:297, ok.png)


>he only plays rape fantasies where he can finally be something other than the pathetic incel he is in real life


File: 9e8fe4c41e6c359⋯.png (430.39 KB, 496x888, 62:111, Arte penn.png)


Legendary backfire.



Yeah, should have been a dickgirl.


Does someone have an old version with the old main menu song? im feeling nostalgic


File: ce7e00fcc01b68a⋯.jpg (78.04 KB, 1080x1417, 1080:1417, ce7e00fcc01b68a7e9929fa327….jpg)


This game is older than that entire site and has been here a lot longer than you.



how many jpgs are you on my friend?


File: 5d4a28c7e351349⋯.webm (272.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, what the fuck are you doi….webm)


>play this 50 years ago

>"I don't get it"

>fast forward 50 years

>"I get it even less"

Maybe back then it had some appeal but we've had so many h-games come out since then that it kind of blows my mind that people are still working on this. The sprites are too small to jack off to and the pictures are seriously lacking. Someone explain it to me, what am I missing? Why do I never hear nothing but praise for this? Is it a text fetish thing?


File: daaf0ada84c0574⋯.png (590.96 KB, 908x727, 908:727, Disgusting.png)


Newfags get out.


File: 7e6a109f5b8da8c⋯.png (5.35 KB, 342x51, 114:17, error.PNG)

File: b7207feb2894227⋯.png (138.64 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Lost.png)

Okay. I'm at a complete loss of what I've done wrong. My system locale is Jap, I downloaded all of the files correctly and yet it still crashes not 10 seconds into reaching the starting town with this error. And since I don't read moonrunes I have no idea what the error is saying.



I should add that it was working perfectly a year or two ago when I first tried the game.



Did you try to use FatalMix too?



Fatalmix seems to be working better. I just did a 30 second test run and so far no crashes unlike the 10 second crash in the regular exe.



Good for you.



>where he can finally be something other than the pathetic incel he is in real life

…isn't this still true for fem MCs? only with the added degeneracy of "muh gender dysphoria"?



>isn't this still true for fem MCs?

Yes, it is.

>only with the added degeneracy of "muh gender dysphoria"?

No, because it isn't meatspace.


File: da3e7aa9416c84d⋯.png (91.27 KB, 800x600, 4:3, bait.png)


What does prepatched mean?



Ready to play without the need of any more modifications?



I haven'T checked that game for several years, so what is the status of the game? is it still in development ?



To the gillioutine you go



Rather it's still in development limbo.



Did they finish anything in the last couple of years?



So how exactly I have to do to install this shit? Ewen after changing system locale I get "Class not registered" error at the start of instaling rtp.



It's the world and the overall feel of the game that's a turn on, not the graphic content itself. Fancy pictures/animations are sexy, sure, but that's not to say that a game lacking that fanciness can't be. In the end, if it doesn't work for you then that's all there is to it. People who care less about detailed pictures and more about mood/feel exist as well, though.

If I had to explain it better I'd say that the game does a brilliant job at making me like Nanako and hook me on the world. When Nanako walks naked in a bath full of men after stripping for the clerk I find it hot, not because it's depicted by detailed pictures but because I'm immersed enough to understand and appreciate the emotial state of the character. I can't say what the game does to make me attached, I don't know shit about game design, I just know that I find Nanako way more likeable than many MCs and the feel of the world way more fleshed out compared to more recent, more glossy games.



God damn I haven't seen anyone fail this hard since moot got cucked.


I've never understood why so many people have a problem playing a woman. I hate to be that guy but they seem really insecure about something. Whether they are a closet cuck or fag I don't know nor particularly care, but it seems like the only plausible reason that every site I go to has a flood of people complaining about Female MCs rather than just ignoring the games that don't appeal to them.

I'm not saying that people shouldn't speak up about something that bothers them in a game, like a forced cuck scene from left field, but to take issue with the protagonist's gender would mean that nothing about the game is going to appeal to them, so why bother? That would be like me bitching about how a shooter doesn't have complicated enough political alliances in it, or how a medieval strategy game doesn't have enough machine guns.

It amazes me how quickly some people draw the line for their imaginary character. As if they couldn't imagine someone wanting to play the part of a desirable woman in a game where real world logic has no say in the matter.



>So how exactly I have to do to install this shit?

Step 1: Dont be a brainlet

Step 2: Follow the wiki guide step by step

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit


File: 66d1a85c86f3dea⋯.jpg (42.09 KB, 600x728, 75:91, 1501246882298.jpg)


Honestly can't believe how many people on here play games revolved around them getting fucked by old dirty men.

There is nothing sexy about you getting your holes filled with old man cum unless you're a homosexual.



>There is nothing sexy about you getting your holes filled with old man cum unless you're a old man yourself.



File: e0a56173193118a⋯.jpg (58.89 KB, 960x882, 160:147, db39fe16-a66d-4969-864b-af….jpg)


>t. so autistic he can't stop self inserting himself in PC's place



Fuck you.



>cuckchan fliename

<tries to self insert into every single game

Really makes you think.



And yet here you are. You homo.

Seriously though, I genuinely want to know, what is the problem with games having a female protag? I can understand the hate for cuckshit, because that stuff spreads like a virus and tries to infect games that it doesn't belong in. But with a female protag, the game typically revolves around the idea of the main character being a woman. It stays where it belongs and is only for those who like that sort of thing. So wouldn't going into a thread for a game about a PC with a pussy and complaining about the main character not having a cock be the same as the cucks that beg for cuckshit in games that it doesn't belong in?

Just go play a game with a male protag, they aren't rare.



I've got no issue self inserting as a woman, but I like gender bender hentai. I am a simple fellow. I like penis going into pussy and impregnation. I don't much care which one is attached to my character. I realize it isn't for everyone, but that is entirely my point.

Why do people start screeching like the cucks they accuse everyone else of being because of a game that doesn't cater to their specific tastes?



Because they think their opinion actually matters and the more you reply to them in any way other than complete and utter mockery (or bettter yet: totally ignore them by hiding their posts) the more you're going to feed into their delusion of being something more than random speck of dust which still can't get over their dad leaving them.


File: 0532b86111b59c5⋯.jpg (9.46 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 073f7b12aa80123158708e86b8….jpg)


There's a real homosexual aura with that post, bud


I guess I'll have to play this game now to enjoy nanakos fights in 8chanmania



Well I guess that's egg on my face for thinking there might be something to take away from this besides there being hypocritical self centered twats in the world.

Eh, live and learn.



hard yikes


I'll start this game for the first time in a second, I'm going in completely blind. I've only seen the few screenshots posted in the 8chanmania thread.

Should I post my experiences/thoughts here as I go along? Would any of you be interested?




Unless you can do it in the style of >>264315

I wouldn't bother.



What exactly do you mean? I should do Bulletpoints?


is there any changelog for the content recently added (if there is any)?

was the jungle stuff ever finished?



There is.

>*game directory*\各種ドキュメント他\製作者向け資料\更新情報:コテ\2018\

The jungle stuff is playable but buggy, it's not close to finished.



cool, thanks.

one more thing, I remember there were a lot of equipments that didnt change the appearance of her standing portrait (only changed the diary standing portrait), is that still a thing?


getting this error when entering the hot spring




It's still a thing. There's so many different poses and such on the paper doll sprite system that the alternate equipment hasn't been made yet.



>> VHゲーム01 latest prepatched


Oi, answer me this. Why the fuck is that archive over 400MB big? How the hell did we get from 40MB a few years ago to this patreon bullshit?



New and unoptimized graphics. There's a lot of small variations that have been created lately.


Old content used to be "save for web" treated, which means it was limited to a color range of like 128 colors or 64 colors. Makes for super small file sizes. When you do a constrained image, it lists the shade and then all the X-Y pair coordinates where it's present. Unconstrained image basically lists the shade and location of a pixel over and over again which creates a lot of bloat in the file size.



TL;DR Japs can't into image file formats?






>not inserting yourself into the PC regardless and enjoy ojisan love

getting raped by monsters and old men is the purest form of love.


File: 7bad52809417434⋯.png (3.51 KB, 130x188, 65:94, 【モンスター】ななこ:淫売ポニテ_ボテ.png)


>getting raped by monsters and mind broken by goblins is the purest form of love

Fixed for ya bro


When using the normal launcher the game crashes when arriving at the adventurer guild, though using the FatalMix works fine except that fullscreen doesn't work but besides these issues the game seems interesting


Is there a way to increase the resolution of the game? Preferably not by using fullscreen, since that shrinks the monitor's resolution down and fucks with other windows/programs open in the background.



unless you want to alter the engine I don't think so unfortunately.



what are these exactly? and are they better then what is included?



You can kinda fake it by using the magnifier. Looks kinda crappy, but won't fuck up your resolution.


File: 1b0418e85c5353c⋯.jpg (104.69 KB, 1004x1024, 251:256, 1b0.jpg)

>A game that allows you to mentally and sexually abuse its MC

Can't wait to see how much i can break her

Can't you drag her to suicide?


Patch 181020 just dropped on the dev forum. It fixes some of the code with Mel the witch's events not properly triggering. No real dialogue changes though.


They're developer changelogs, WIP data, databases of events and their compatibility, pruned branches, etc. The stuff that allows any random developer to contribute to the project.


Are we ever going to see new content in this game, or more runes transcribed



>Can't you drag her to suicide?

Yes, you can.

Get her mental status to Broke for this to happen.


File: c90be7f5541aa9f⋯.jpg (27.66 KB, 680x383, 680:383, man of culture as well.jpg)




This link doesn't resolve. Is it available somewhere else? Also, what is it?


File: bb80c6671463c77⋯.png (9.75 KB, 297x450, 33:50, Image5.png)


That's the link for the Katteban version of VH. It resolves for me.


How's the content for other characters? The wikis claim that not much has been made for them, and they're kind of broken, but it seems like they're not entirely up to date or fleshed out.



I had to set my VPN to outside of the US for it to finally resolve.


So what kind of stuff is in the katteban version anyways? Shame that it doesn't have it's own page on either wiki to at least list differences.



It's by a dude who forked the game because he got fed up with the crowd-sourced model not going anywhere and suffering massive feature creep.



as of right now off the top of my head, younger looking serena sprites, redone art for erika and ashley, a few more sex positions, and more gore


It's been ages since I've last touched VH. Is there a way to access the busty Serena content?



You need to be in debug mode, but check out the exclamation point near the well in Hot Spring Town as Serena. It should lead to a scylla who has a task for you.


How is the translation of the kataban?



I think it's at 60%


can anyone give me the link for the previous thread? and does anyone has the file for the latest fix for mel witch event? i cant seem to access the link so can anyone give me the correct link?



Need to be in debug mode? Pretty sure I've done the Scylla thing before and never used debug mode. Will you just not get the breast increase if you aren't?




Spoonfeeding them makes it worse, just tell the Fag95niggers to fuck off.


this shitty game is fucking bug cancer



Is that sprite actually used? If so how can I see it?



Its goblin turned Nanako, when she gets abducted and mindbroken by goblins and reaches certain threshold of sex with goblins her skin turns blue.

Its almost impossible to get this without devmode because you need to get fucked by goblins like 100 or 1000 times i dont remember



cool story friend


is there any way to change keybindings? lets say i got a few nonfunctional keys


The portable portal opens a paper map which is somehow unusable. How do we get the old map?



It's usable for me, only the spot of interest names are left in moon.



EasyRPG doesn't seem to like the map. I get a black screen whenever I select a location.



Is that hard to install the RPG Maker 2000 routine? I have no problems on Windows 7. Scratch that, no problems specific to Windows 7.



It's not really about the RTP, just the ugly map. It's way too big and clunky.

EasyRPG is a lot more stable on GNU/Linux, until some issues like the black screen or scripts that doesn't trigger. But I can mitigate by switching players.


I managed to find a few H scenes that aren't described in the wiki but they're far and in between. One that was most strange is the one in the orgy party in the capital's porn shop; where you can get nanako knocked up by a dog without doing the belepher's chain to get the bitch title first.

Anyone else found anything worth mentioning they found that's not mentioned in the wiki?



Feel free to update this page.


I have done some edits before, but that's a hassle for someone who isn't a native speaker (like me, for example).


File: aa45f4b1c7372bc⋯.png (193.32 KB, 504x550, 252:275, flower.png)

Anybody know if Serena has access to the goblin town? I have the pearl, but whenever I get defeated by goblins I respawn at the guild.


Using falalmix, the "level up" cheat (;) doesn't seem to work. Anybody can confirm?



I frequently use it and it works fine. I'm using


Taken from the OP



You goddamn retards.

It's because when you play a game you have a choice: spectate or insert.

The PC gender doesn't matter when you spectate because it's just porn.

If you want to self-insert and you're not an AGP riddled faggot that gets off to the idea of being a woman getting fucked by everything that breathes then you want to play as a man.

It's not that hard to understand you deliberately obtuse autists.



But that's literally a false dichotomy. In most games the player is neither simply a spectator nor self-inserting. This is your own mental issue, not a thing inherent to the genre.





Are you using the latest release? (0.5.4 "Antidote")



Installing the RTP is easy but last I checked VH won't run in wine.



The latest release do solve the issue, yes.

> Installing the RTP is easy but last I checked VH won't run in wine.

The does run in wine. You just need to disable font AA for the given executable, so to avoid the fat fonts.



Guys who bitch about female protags are like guys who talk about gym any men standing less than 3' apart being homoerotic. It's just some closeted faggot projecting.



yes! i agree! i too love the rpg character i craft the way i see fit and do not personalize at all get raped! epic! i love old man cock!


File: 60bcea38f77995d⋯.png (123.02 KB, 534x408, 89:68, 1372789607712.png)


And watching a lady masturbate on the internet means you want to cut your dick off.



Watching porn is passive. You have no control.

Playing game is active. You control the little man.

In one of these projecting is to be expected, you disingenuous nigger.



What are you even doing here if you hate it so much? Just fuck off and project in a game you do enjoy.



>what are games with protags with rich background and story

>what are games where protag is a motherfucking car/potato/earthworm/skeleton/frog/bandicoot

>what are strategies where you control whole masses of different kinds of dudes

Closet homos are the worst kind, you try so hard but manage only to widen that bottomless pit of self loathing.

Retarded, cancerous and the worst kind of gay, kys.



I don't play this homo game for faggots. I just saw a stupid comment I had to shit on.


>what are games with protags that aren't you

What's your point? Video games are escapist. Lots of people want to pretend they are rich or powerful or overseeing their own empire with a godlike view.

Some want to be a furry.

And some even want to be the girl taking a mile of dick.

tbf being a skeleton would be pretty dope. Sometimes I feel like I'm really a skeleton trapped in a man's body.


File: 942268eb1fa8a1c⋯.png (48.23 KB, 360x175, 72:35, unknown.png)

Maybe I'm just retarded but I can't get the RTP to install even after following all the instructions.

I've changed my locale to Jap restarted before even beginning any of the steps.

All my installer states is the image.



Maybe ask at HongFire, they have more users, so better chances of finding someone with the same issue.


File: b9ff7a8cb96b6e5⋯.jpg (98.23 KB, 811x780, 811:780, yui shrug.jpg)


>in porn you chose a grill that is attractive to you to be subjected to your fetish

>in games you design a grill that is attractive to you to be subjected to your fetish

I guess my ideal grill was myself all along.



When I was missing my arrow keys, I used an Xbox controller.

Works pretty well. Only option I know of..



I kinda doubt that's still the case, Hongfire is pretty much dead.


Where do you try to install it to?


How do i stop the game from crashin on multiple cutscenes like the blonde girl getting railed by goblins and the babysitting one, lads?



whoops nevermind, using the other exe fixed it



Can someone link the translation for the katteban version? Im starting to think I might be too retarded to find it


Nanako's sprite doesn't strip down when I remove clothes (such as in the bathhouse). Also the second time I entered it the game crashed. Issue with the men only map?




The file with Katteban in the name.

Are you blind, this link is on the main Referata Wiki VH page.



Thanks anon. When I use the referata link mega says the file doesnt exist


File: c84e426964621c1⋯.jpg (19.88 KB, 450x372, 75:62, batthink.jpg)

How do I play as the other characters? The wiki shows playable characters like Ashley and Erika, but the character selection screen is only showing Nanako and Serena



I'm not sure of the actual mechanics, but if you play as one of the two selectable characters for a bit, then quit back to the main menu and start a new game, you'll be able to pick the new characters when selecting a new game.

I don't think any of them are properly working, though, except for Ashley and Erika. Even then, their events are limited.




Hold shift when selecting newgame and it should allow you to select all character most of them are wip or placeholder so be careful.



Holding Shift is the proper way to get to the others. You can also change your heroine out in the debug room.



I wouldn't recommend the second way. It can fuck with quest variables and pregnancy statistics.


can anyone tell me how to complete the mel witch event? i keep getting bug or stuck at there after giving birth to 3 monster where mel ask me to give birth to a special monster i keep getting the page stuck at there. Any solution?



From what I recall the script can freeze at two points of the questline.



The first freeze point can be passed through if you turn noclipping on in the fatalmix then talk to Mel while standing on the blue book.


I have a problem with the keys. I followed the wiki and installed everything correctly, but for some reason keys are all messed up. Z button doesn't work. Pressing Alt goes to where you can select a new chracter, but pressing alt again just shuffles the characters and other keys such as X,C,V,B, and N brings me back to main menu.

I checked the wiki for default keybind, but they don't correspond to mine. My arrow keys have no effect on the game for example.



how about the 2nd freeze point?


Looks like Referata nuked the wiki.



It's still works though.



I get a 403 when I access it.




There's a util called "resize enable" that will force resize handles onto windows.


File: 085018ec2a9eb31⋯.png (129.97 KB, 1067x778, 1067:778, vh resized.png)


Like most programs I've seen, it just creates black space.


File: 5df272e53552c81⋯.png (30.54 KB, 660x523, 660:523, Ashley_Recover_Error.png)

Problem, I'm at the Ashley recovery quest, after the bath and Nanako just misses the bedroom door completely, anyone got a fix?


My quest companions (e.g. the ones in the escort quests) are always invisible and don't move (I know they are invisible because there's always one tile in the screen and I can't walk into), I can't even advance through most of these quests because they require me to wait for my companion, anyone else have this issue?




Scott's Window Resizing Utility.

For when you absolutely, positively need to get that motherfucker exactly the size you want accept no substitutes.


Warning: may cause blue screens, file and operating system corruptions and fatal hardware damage. Use with extreme caution.

This is only a partial exaggeration, this tool WILL do what you tell it to do at all costs.



Forgot to test with VH. You're right, it doesn't work.


This is probably a stupid question, but Nanako appears to be eternally lactating. She doesn't have any babies in her inventory, and the Diary doesn't show her as lactating, but her character image shows her breasts as having milk on them. Am I missing something?



Never mind, fixed it by repeatedly milking myself in the Inn bathroom


>Have jap locale on for over a year

>Try to download the RTP installer

>Encoding gets fucked every time

Guess I'll just try one of those furfag games, and fuck Windows 10



Try installing Oracle VM VirtualBox with some older Windows in it, then playing your RPG Maker games there.


How often is this game updated? Is there like daily/weekly updates on some github somewhere



Updates are posted to the Dev forum. There is usually 5+ updates per year, but they go through flurries of activity.



I had it and fixed it by switching combat mode.


Anyone else not able to do the babysitting followup? I can't get back on the East side of town



Going to the east side of town should always be possible whether you're on the quest/job or not. Make sure you talked to the adventurer's guild dude to turn in the original babysitting quest and go to sleep at the inn.

Once you've done that, you should have no trouble going back in the house and talk with the woman to do the followup. If the followup breaks for you during the events (black screen) then you're either on a PC that doesn't have the event finished (Such as Ashley) or toyed around too much with swapping PCs.



If you're playing fatalmix you can just noclip through the wall. Alternatively, take up the first package delivery quest, get the teleportation portal from the witch, then sign up for the merchant escort (save before you do so because it's buggy as hell). That quest will lead you east to two spots you can teleport to with the portal and then you can just walk back over to the house.



I remember trying (ages ago) to push her to the limit but no matter how many times she's raped or beaten Nanako just recovers her sanity overnight. She just cries.


Can I get a Mirror for 180608? Fucking Mega reached the transfer limit at 98%


Are there any Erika scenes of her getting fucked? If yes where are they?



The Katteban pillory scenes have Erika in them. One of the saves if you download it.



Any way to play this on android?

I imagine trying to remote desktop it would be a nightmare.





Where is the house of the dog owner you meet at the underground porn store?


Any relevant progress in this game in the last 5 years?



The barbarian village in the jungle got a quest with a boss combat and optional H-scenes.




In the code he's a one shot to use the otherwise unused assets. Someone may eventually add him to one of the barred house entryways in the capital, but that's for when there's more active development.


There's an excel spreadsheet in the developer directory with a matrix of applicable events. It hasn't been updated in 4 years, but it details 10 erotic events that are compatible with Erika.


Anwyll has mentioned that he is bringing the Orc Kingdom content out of Beta-only and into the main plotline of the game, so things go somewhere after the Martial Arts Tournament. Haven't seen much from him lately, but he usually does a big update during the winter months. Anwyll, if you're lurking, do you have any updates?


File: 913398fdba0a80b⋯.png (3.43 KB, 205x178, 205:178, ななこ犬の散歩 素体 ストレート.png)



>In the code he's a one shot to use the otherwise unused assets. Someone may eventually add him to one of the barred house entryways in the capital, but that's for when there's more active development.

When I was browsing the game files I assumed this picture was related to that guy.

Where does it happens then?


File: 6db02f14671f5a3⋯.gif (181.87 KB, 384x408, 16:17, 1504903251591.gif)


>pillory scenes

>characters getting more and more pregnant as it goes on

shame it sorta is a dead end



is the martial arts tournament finished?


OK, apparently the RPG Maker installer on referata is corrupted, because no amount of language locale fuckery allows me to unpack it correctly, even though I can unpack the VH archive without any problems with the moonspeak.

Can anybody provide me with a different link to the installer? I'm either too autistic to find one or all of them are dead.



It works fine here

Did you use 7Zip?



Yes, using 7ZIP.

At this point I even have entire Windows in Japanese and it still makes no difference. Installer always comes out in mojibake and throws up an error, because files it installs aren't in Japanese.

Basically same thing as >>282439


File: ebac584df82221d⋯.png (32.71 KB, 754x610, 377:305, dammit.png)



Managed to find an English installer on some russian website. Now I'm stuck at "File cannot be opened" or whatever it says on the tin.

Would that mean files ended up corrupted despite moonspeak in file names working correctly or that this English RTP isn't actually compatibile with the game?


>>287668 >>287656 >>287658

Fucking done it. Employed the idea from >>282443 and installed the whole thing on a virtual WinXP then copied over to W10 and it works flawlessly.

No clue why I was so stupid I haven't managed to do it right the first time (setting up the virtual machine), but there you have it.



Could have just dropped an easyrpg executable in there and used that. It complaints in the OSD sometimes but i didn't find any bugs yet.



Truth be told, it didn't cross my mind because the first (and only until now) time I've seen it mentioned was in relation to playing on Android.

Still, not idea why Shitdows 10 can't properly unpack that particular archive


Anyone in the loop know if stuff will ever be added seriously again? Like I see someone is tinkering with shit here and there, Aia's town almost has some scenes, but it's BEEN SO LONG since anything real I feel like the dream is dead…Someone really just needs to translate the moonrune events inside the spaghetti and us gringos can start adding stuff.



>expecting people to actually WORK on smut games

yeah friend, not likely



Nope. The plan is Princess Gerbera becomes aware of your talents after a few rounds of fights and sends you to the Orc Kingdom on errands for her slutty ass.


File: ddd290c86a89577⋯.png (6.32 KB, 402x156, 67:26, what.png)

I am getting this error on some scene and i don't speak moonrunes, the wiki says that the games cannot find a file?

I am on Windows 7 on 180608 but i had the same problem with the precedent version.

The game is in my Video games folder, and running it with administrator privileges do nothing.

it appears every time i use the portal ( have the scene at the inn bathtub or talk to the lady that sells the house to Nanako.

Using Fatalmix only the inn bathtub scene seems to have this problem.



Anyone knows where to trigger this?



Just did a search through the game's maps for the picture. It is not actually in the game.



The real shame is that Katteban is 3edgy5me pedo shit. Otherwise it would be a real gem.


File: d1798202fc6679e⋯.png (158.59 KB, 630x700, 9:10, 1365486529068.png)


I used to be like this but then Nanako woke up crying at an inn and put on her clothes with a sad face. Something broke in me then, I deleted the save files, started a new game, and kept playing destroying/avoiding anything threatening her purity.

This happened years ago and now that I think of it, it was until then that I didn't give a fuck about rape/NTR/mind break, but became a huge vanilla fag ever since.



>get beaten by the goblin at my first job at the guild

>Nanako goes insane and abandon everything

so happy to discover this end but also pretty sad



Last I checked, the real shame was that Katteban was borderline unplayable. Have things changed recently?



Well, one good thing came out of this shitty game.


All links are down to RTPs anyone mind sharing them? I want to start modding the game again



The link for needed RTP files is on this page.





That's too bad.


File: 603d6cd39a5d6ae⋯.png (167.88 KB, 814x643, 814:643, vh.png)

any1 know where to activate this event template for the game? remember playing a minigame revolving around it a couple months back but i updated and lost the save file.


File: a95a17c3bc92f33⋯.png (8.19 KB, 220x426, 110:213, npc011-105-ПbКн.png)

Where does this scene come from?



Katteban, January 2018 release. It happens in the apartment complex in Hot Spring Town, Map0005. Talk to the mummy in the room on the right, select the first option, enjoy the several minute long scene where Serena gets violated in *many* different ways.

Roughly translated:

>"I was treated like a beast,

>and forced to mate with beasts,

>I felt the disgust and misery would drive me insane."


Anyone know if the variables can be safely translated and if so, where? I went through and translated most of the pertinent events but it would be a lot easier to make scenes if I didn't have to cross reference the old wiki for the variable codes.



So I found where I can edit the variable names, I'm just not sure if this will break everything or not…



You can definitely try and find out, VH is open for experimentation. There's like 800 maps that you'll have to find and replace all the changed variables on. Not impossible, but a real pain.

And then you have all the code comments that you can review in RPGMaker 2K that document how the VH codebase works that are all in moonspeak.



Oh a new scene after 15 years!

And is bestiality… fuck this game.



And it's only in the Katteban fork, not in the main one.



Yeah…the real frustrating thing is all the added on unfinished shit. Like if it was just Nanako and Serena it would be SO EASY to tell what I'm looking at but there's like bits and pieces of fifteen characters given dialogue at every NPC.

I dunno, I'll keep messing with it, I've always thought it would be easy to add in scenes here and there if the spaghetti was translated and someone who knew what they were doing really wanted to. I haven't a clue as to what I'm doing but I'll keep plinking away.



You might be interested in the RPGMaker MV rebuild that is already on the VH GitGud site.





Thank you . Sadly I haven't been able to play VH in ages. What else does the scene have?


File: 7fe9de34ec8bb62⋯.jpg (50.02 KB, 546x366, 91:61, Bueno.jpg)


>And is bestiality

Best kind of scene



That is why it is called "best"iality.



File: da87adacf872463⋯.png (17.6 KB, 329x184, 329:184, fuck this error.png)

Getting this bullshit trying to run the RTP install. Anyone know how to fix it?


Can someone explain what im missing in the pregnancy mechanics? I heard they were very good at violated heroine but to me they seem same as in every other game

>risk of getting pregnant when being creampied

>4 day pregnancy

>after that your kid runs around in your house

>kid is different color depending on fathers race.

theres some good pregnangy sprites and giving birth is cool, but is there anything else?



sad to say anon, that is very good when it comes to hentai games. the linear gradual change is most times some immediate in other games.



That's pretty much as good as it gets outside of like heavily modded Skyrim, and good luck getting that to work without breaking.



Exact same thing happens to me; i haven't found any dev cheats to go through walls so i don't think there's any way to solve it.



I think it was fixed in the latest release. If not, ues the fatalmix executable, it has a bunch of cheats built in, including a no-clip mode for walls.


File: 2f5c30a8f996d2e⋯.png (53.39 KB, 640x480, 4:3, vh bug.png)

Has anyone seen this problem before? When forced to give birth in public, Nanako goes invisible.


File: 5630f7194290f27⋯.png (187.33 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled3.png)

I get this when running the fatal mix exe file or starting a new game using the other exe. Any ideas? I didn't see this specific issue brought up in any of the links. This is using 180608.



>4 day

It's some more, varies depending on the spawn's father. Birth stretches the vagina and stimulates lactation as well. Kids cost some money each day, you can go bankrupt and get sold into slavery if you aren't careful with their numbers.



Seems fatalmix is attempting to access protected memory address, thus windows prevent it execution

Try to add a DEP exclusion for fatalmix.exe and see if it work



I've never gotten this due to DEP, so that was weird. Thanks for the help, its working, I had no idea because I couldn't read it.


So I'm trying to do the bodygaurd quest in the first town and when I enter the gate East of the town I'm stuck. If I try to go back she says that she can't leave the client behind and when I try to go further she says that she can't go ahead of the client.

But there's none there with me and I can't do anything to progress, what am I suppose to do?



That quest is completely fucked and I'm not sure what triggers that bug. The guy is supposed to walk along the path, but for whatever reason he just doesn't spawn at all.

It might have something to do with using the clock to change it to night rather than using the inn. All I can suggest is loading an earlier save and try again.



Looks like I'm screwed then, saved just before the gate and got no backup save before taking the quest either.



Turn off the VHMBS in your item menu




I've been getting this as well. Is the English translation just packed incorrectly? I have computer on Japanese locale, Japanese date format, Japanese language… I've tried both launchers, too. And in Administrator Mode with WindowsXP Service Pack 3 compatibility mode running. What the hell is wrong?



There's a lot of things that set VH apart from most """"pregnancy"""" trash out there.

Most games with preg have a really fucking cheap/lazy way of doing it that is 100% utter shit.

The laziest ones have "pregnant endings" which is just a way of saying "I'm too fucking lazy/incompetent to actually implement this but I want the tag on DLSite so people will buy it".

Most just have "omfg I got pregnant" and suddenly 9 months have passed with an optional cut scene or two showing the girl being pregnant, some text, and the baby is never seen again.

Another common option is to have 2 states: 9 months pregnant and not pregnant. So your sprite has unprotected sex and gets pregnant; BAM instant huge belly. Usually nothing changes, or you're locked out of every fucking scene except the one pregnancy fetish scene until you give birth, where the baby is never seen again.

The really ambitious ones have the ability to actually interact with the babies, but it's usually 100% fucking generic "oh look a baby" and that's that.

Worst of all, they almost universally make this shit event locked. Girl gets seduced by guy, scene on rails plays, shitty pseudo pregnancy, then that scene is done and you can't do it again. It's like pokemon for babies except that you can only catch each one once. Fuck that.

VH starts out better than most just by having a good fertility cycle. You have safe days, average days, unsafe days, and REALLY unsafe days. A lot of scenes and events acknowledge it somehow, even if it's subtle.

Better still, you have some fucking control over your character. Since every sex scene I can think of is optional, and a really decent number of them can be repeated or have a repeatable follow up, you can decide if Nanako is the sort of girl who plays it safe, or happens to get pregnant ONCE BUT NEVER AGAIN, or pops out babies like EA pushes out shitty sports games.

But probably the most significant thing is that you don't have INSTA-PREG. Nanako gets spermed, and the game tells you that (but it might be more fun if it didn't), but nothing is obviously different. I don't think she even knows she's pregnant yet. She, as a character, doesn't find out until time passes and she starts having morning sickness. She even kind of acts like she's in denial at first until it gets too obvious. Once her belly starts getting bigger, she starts commenting on that, and about the baby kicking her, or it getting close to time to give birth, or whatever. You know actual fucking character building that makes her an interesting person instead of a fucking cheap ass lazy cardboard cut out paper doll.

Yeah, it's shitty and buggy, but it's light years ahead of any other game that has graphics. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of smut games of all stripes - DLSite RPGMaker trash, text games, western garbage, ruskie junk like Girl Life, tfgarbage, etc. and I cannot think of a single other game that has a complex pregnancy system, pregnancy progression, and fucking character building. It's like a fucking holy trinity where you only ever get to "choose 2" and VH went fucking madman and gave us all 3.

Even text games fuck it up. CoC is a hot mess, and TiTS is worse, but at least those two KIND OF have some character progression and VERY LIMITED interactivity with SOME offspring. GL in theory has a good system, but the game is unplayably bad. Lilith's Throne and FC both have decent interactivity, but they're really generic and kinda boring to play. Era is pure shit.

tl;dr: VH is the only game that has anything approaching a decent system, characterization, and graphics. Everything else is trash, text based, or both.


Whats the difference between 180608 and 180313?



>Era is pure shit.

EOP detected.



Preg is annoying to implement with a gameplay purpose.

The most common is to spawn units to use in battle like "tobihime". Yes is instant preg but who want to wait months for the birth and years to use the spawned unit? Maybe in some kind of RPG that go for a long timespan can be done properly but overally if i had to do it, i would use instapreg as well.

Pregcess of Zeven have a good solution for this. The give birth option is only when you finish the main quest, then you can go pregnant during the free game as much as you want. Too bad is instapreg again. But probably cause honestly: who the hell give a shit about cicles and shit just add a "get pregnant Y/N" option for fuck sake.



yeah VH is somehow still a really sophisticated sandbox for hentai game standards, too bad the code is spaghetti, ancient and the game isn't really being worked on. It really needs a reboot. If it were coded in some modern language I would probably take a crack at it but I'm really not up to deciphering the language rpgmk2000 uses



The difference is 295.



Some stuff not implemented in the game and only accessible by pre-existing saves. Cause every fag that work in this crapfest just want to add their own OC or create a map "so other people can do whatever they want with it" so basically without even a purpose. As usual.





Complete the main storyline, give a purpose to the existing characters, implement the quests that still are "not implemented yet" after 10 fucking years. This should be your priority. Not create another fucking map only accessible by save that very likely will never have a purpose for the game.



>Preg is annoying to implement with a gameplay purpose.


>some kind of RPG that go for a long timespan

Your autism is showing. It's a game. A game. It doesn't need to be a complete physics simulation. That's why you can power level to max with every character in almost every fucking RPG ever and the world doesn't end halfway through, because you don't have to progress time in order to progress your fucking characters.

You can have your pregnancy mechanic where sleeping or traveling or whatever slowly advances the pregnancy without having it forcibly advance the story or make the "imminent attack on X village" actually happen. If you can fight 500 battles and power up to ridiculous levels, you can just as easily fuck, get knocked up, and give birth 9001 times. If you're doing the "breed more troops" trope, then this is just a different way to grind/level up. If it's just "something you can do", then you just have a lot more kids to interact with.

It's not fucking hard to do it in a way that games well. Coding it is a bit harder since there's more state, and you need more writing/art to support different character states (plus extra content or locking out stuff that doesn't make sense for a pregnant character), but that's more work. It's not conceptually difficult, it's just another feature set to implement. (Whether or not it's worth the extra work is beyond the scope of this post)

Tobihime is one of the few lewd games I've just sat down and played through for fun, completely ignoring the smut, because it was actually a fun game, but the pregnancy mechanic was utter shit and the art went from "okay" to "garbage" when the author added in that shitty ejaculation animation. As a porn game, it would have been a lot more interesting (and a lot better challenge) if your characters took a few battles to actually give birth (preferably with some kind of penalty, maybe increased weight so they don't fly as far and lower attack since they're all clumsy and shit), so there was more of a risk/reward structure to getting new troops that went beyond "that character can't be used for that battle anymore".

Oh well, it was still a fun game.




As for Pregcess, that game 'pissed me off because of how badly it dropped the ball with pregnancy. It's even in the fucking title, so you'd think the developer would have actually put some effort in, but no. Even though the porn was absolutely S+ class, and the storytelling/characterization were A/A+, everything fell apart at the end. The game felt like it "ended" halfway through, in fact I'm 100% certain that they ran out of time or something because of a lot of things. One big part of the game corruption progression was "selling out" by exchanging your barriers for new magical protection. But instead of letting you "sell" the last two barriers, there's a weird hacked together boss fight/cut scene where you lose BOTH AT ONCE and then the game is pretty much over except post-game content.

Also, remember how they did "the fertility protection is gone, but now the egg has a barrier we need to sperm out of existence"? In context of how the game actually played out, that didn't make a ton of sense. It just felt like filler. But as a game where the player is controlling the sexual degeneration of a pure girl, it would have worked out really well. If there had been a couple more dungeons with new threats, you could have sold out those last two barriers, leaving you more or less unprotected. By this point, she's fucking guys willingly (thanks to the most beautifully done corruption/virginity loss sequence ever made in a lewd JRPG), but she's not ''actually' going to get pregnant, because of that final barrier. So all the various event chains should have had some additional stages where she starts out pretending "it's okay to have sex without the barrier, my egg is still safe", to "the barrier's getting kinda thin, but I can stop any time I want… no, really", to "this is the last time, I swear", right up until the barrier is shattered.

If everything was set up right, you'd have to get every event chain to a certain stage to break the barrier, and the next stage in every event chain would be the one where she abandons her morals entirely and lets the guy(s) cum inside her unprotected knowing it's going to get her pregnant and loving it. Instead of having that shitty "choose the guy who's going to have been the first father" shit and then not even getting to see his cutscene until later in recollection mode, every event chain would have its own repeatable "and now you're actually gonna get knocked up" stage with some extra content for the first time plus some addidional content if it's the first one you choose. Then "side" chains for the various events that would fire at various stages of pregnancy. Yeah, I know that's nearly doubling the effort it would have taken to make the game, but it would have been worth it since the game was obviously centered around getting the bitch pregnant from the title alone.

So there, your two examples with analysis of how they could have done it right.

tl;dr: it's not conceptually hard at all to implement pregnancy well, it's just a lot more work and people skimp on it because they're lazy and/or don't have the resources to actually pull it off.



That's the problem. Nobody else does it right, and VH is too much of a mess to really be fixable unless someone wants to make a fulltime job of it.


Checked for quality shitposting


File: 1eef981f61f5977⋯.jpg (157.56 KB, 560x420, 4:3, 1485d528a34c6da157615b2efe….jpg)


Have you ever played Rizzet, Maiden of Spring Pregnancy? Game has a great mix of corruption and pregnancy, even showing the pregnancy advancing with each month; The 4 party members you get during gameplay also have their own pregnancy advancement CG and sprite, with dangerous days and comments from the heroine. You should check it out if you want a pregnancy system like the one in VH.



Looks good. I didn't find any translation in searching around, is it still untranslated?



Yep, no translations yet. I actually have some hope of this one getting a dlsite translation since Civilian Justice League was also a pregger rpg maker game that was translated in 2018, so who knows? For now the best option is to use a machine translation and enjoy Rizzet's seiyuu moans while giving birth



fuggg, i reset windows and lost my save of this. Have a save of around half way into the game by chance?




Yeah…it's pretty much a lost cause. The main problem is too many characters and people shoving their dialogue into every event. For instance the attendant in the Hot Spring entrance where you change. There's SO MUCH dialogue and eventing and shit in that room alone it would take weeks to try and clean it up. I was thinking to work on it, but then I started making my own game with RPGMaker MV to try and help on the VH reboot, but it seems like that's dead on arrival too. I can't figure out how we'd really be able to import many of the resources anyways. I mean, I guess the art would be easy enough, but we'd need all new sprites and maps, in which case we might as well have a new story, in which case we might as well just dev our own game.



>it's not conceptually hard

>it's just a lot more work


Anyway i can see that you totally missed the point. And the point is that very few have such a specific fetish to watch the heroine belly grow as dungeons go bye. And even fewer devs wanna deal with it cause for gameplay purpose doesn't give anything to them unless they go "vitamin quest" and make the pregnancy give the heroine battle buffs depending from what creature she got impregnated by. But overally is just cause going demon hunting with a fully exposed belly at 9th month is seen as freaking silly even in a fantasy porn with magic and bikini armors. Hell, even vitamin quest give you forced abortions if you screw up. And devs have no idea of what to do with the spawns (if you don't go the tobihime route) that usually just disappear and get forgotten, or just go straight into an orphanage the heroine (and very likely the player) don't give a shit about.

Now back to VH, there is actually reasons to complain cause the pregnancy/spawns system is already implemented and is very well done. But as said in: >>302450 the fags dealing with this game instead of extending and implementing the "daughters generation" feat, just keep adding random crap nobody give a shit about. Make Nana and the little witch (that is actually adopted but whatever) relevant, there is a number of other sons and daughters ready for the taking and that are actually in game as toddlers. Basically Nanako can become a full succubus. But these feats just stay there untouched while some fag jerk off to his latest monster girl waifu or is busy creating ghost towns no one asked for.



I like your taste!



I guess if you're one of those trogs who just wants some cutscenes on rails with a shitty combat system to give you the illusion of earning your porn maybe the way most game devs do it is good enough, but you're making a bunch of really dumb assumptions that don't hold true for anyone outside that bracket.

>specific fetish to watch the heroine belly grow as dungeons go bye [sic]

Fetishism isn't the point. Do you not understand the idea of "storytelling" and "character development"? Binary preg is shitty storytelling and shitty characterization. It's boring, lazy, and isn't compelling at all. My point was that VH with all its bugs and unfinished shit still manages to be a better role playing game than virtually every lewd game out there.

>even fewer devs wanna deal with it cause for gameplay purpose doesn't give anything to them unless they go "vitamin quest" and make the pregnancy give the heroine battle buffs depending from what creature she got impregnated by.

Which basically means they're lazy sacks of shit who want to tick the "impregnation" fetish feature without actually having it do anything. It's like putting a fat tail pipe on a '89 Mazda Miata which only fires on 3 cylinders and can't shift above 2nd.

>And devs have no idea of what to do with the spawns

Put them somewhere. Give them some degree of interactivity. It doesn't have to be a fuckload of work, just some maternal cooing and possibly recollecting how the character got pregnant with them or whatever. It's not hard.

>orphanage the heroine (and very likely the player) don't give a shit about.

More shitty assumptions. Maybe the player cares, maybe they don't. Let them choose. If you want to experience your character as a character, having them be able to respond to important events that happened even if it's just a superficial acknowledgement that the even t happened at all is a big deal.

<rest of the post

Couldn't agree more. The game needs a big polish and feature completion cycle before new shit is added. Even the existing pregnancy system is buggy. The Mel witch sequence breaks some fertility variables in a way that never gets fixed afterwards for example. There's tons of existing hooks for content ("daughters generation" as you put it is a great example) that ought to be explored as well.

Ultimately it's the same problem all over again. The devs working on it either don't have the time to do much or are just pathetic faggots think the world ought to be forced to appreciate their bullshit waifu or le epic story arc xD that isn't that well thought out to begin with. Lazy, shitty devs with no taste and no intelligence. Fucking ugh.



How much of it is shitty pseudorape and kitchen sink fetishism?

Fucking annoying how the nips always seem to think that every game needs the same fetishes:

>bondage/vibrator torture

for the sadistic bdsm fetishist in all of us


100000% piss because everyone loves piss


rape rape RAPE rape rape raperaperape. rape. rape. all sex is rape. japanese sex games are feminist sex fantasytheory brought to life every fucking time.

>fat/old guy sex/rape

i guess they have self image issues or something?


nobody bathes in japan apparently

>no fucking consensual sex at all

because girls hate sex and have to be forced into it or whore themselves out. no girl has ever asked a boy for sex. ever. at least not in japan. I guess they really are all ugly under endowed little toads?


every girl is a whore. end of story. no matter what. sluts don't exist. nymphos don't exist. girls who do it for attention don't exist. if a girl isn't a virgin, she's a prostitute. My "nobody willingly fucks Japanese men" theory is gaining traction

>double V, obsession with cameras

facebook has nothing on this level of posing



I don't even care if some games include these fetishes. Everyone's got their stupid and wrong kinks and it's fine if games cater to that. I just can't fucking stand how boring it is to see the same ten fetishes in every fucking game every fucking time.



Sorry, lost my save (And the game) on a PC cleanup. Tip: The fastest way to lose the heroine's virginity and complete the church's quest is going to the house in the forest at night.



>bondage/vibrator torture

It miffs me that those are so closely connected. Not that you rightfully categorized them as such, but that Japs can't have one without the other. I really like bondage, but I never saw the appeal of sex toys. You have a woman all tied up and ready for you, and you choose to shove a piece of plastic into her instead of the real thing? It doesn't help that a decent number of these games have the scene end with that.

"I've diddled you till you wet yourself, Cause its a jap game, there is always piss you're free to go."

Just, really? It is just a shame that japs think a bondage scene automatically means someone has to break out the dildos, often regardless of who is tied up. That's right, they do it when the guys get tied up too!




>No consensual sex

Cause "muh corruption". And to corrupt the girl she must be "pure".

The problem is that a woman going trough all that shit would very likely become an hardcore lesbian, or hate sex forever, or kill herself.

But instead they keep that idiotic "my nature of woman, make me want to be considered trash" rethoric that is pure cringe.



Blame America. 2 nukes werent enough



Well all womyn are prostitutes (and whores/sluts by extension), its just that they don't like to show it in real life.

So yeah, I think its pretty accurate that they will deny it but once the cock goes in, they love it completely.



It fixed some of the jungle content and I think some of the innkeeper stuff. There is a moonspeak changelog that details things.


There is a start of a reboot in MV on the VH GitGud but nobody really has contributed in a while.


File: 1068777ad31fb67⋯.jpg (178.89 KB, 780x608, 195:152, coding.jpg)


how sheltered are you?



Not that anon but

>no rape wictim in history ever had hanged herself out of shame

is my impression of you.






>guys too

Yeah, I know. I think I figured this all out, just now. Why they cluster this shit together and why it's so pathetic.

The vibrator/torture thing is as good a place to start. A long time ago, I figured out that typical hetero "BDSM" is actually a form of covert femdom. So why is femdom living shoulder to shoulder with rape? Because human rape is actually a submissive behavior. It's a last ditch reproductive effort - a short circuit to "r" selection in a K selected species. Since human stipulation: my definition of "human" may be more restrictive than average offspring are high investment/high reward, pair bonding and monogamy have been the primary human mating model for several tens of thousands of years, at least, possibly hundreds of thousands. It's hard to tell. The (((anthropological field))) likes to pretend monogamy is the work of OPPRESSIVE RELIGION AND THE EVIL MANPENIS; see >>286656 for a discussion of how and why they're full of shit

Anyway, having a wife and protecting your kids leads to higher quality offspring. Even now, a 2 parent household leads to smarter, saner, more successful kids who have a higher chance of having their own families. It's the optimal reproductive strategy for this species. When guys resort to rape, it's generally because they're too undesireable to secure a mate - which is, not incidentally, why rapes have a 200% higher chance to result in pregnancy. That's right: rapists select ovulating girls preferentially. That makes no sense in the deluded feminist dreamworld of "rape is about power" but makes perfect sense in the context of it being a last ditch reproductive strategy.

So how does this connect to nips? Because nip men are pathetic. They're not really capable of dominating women in the way women need to be dominated in order to feel safe, secure, and to respect their spouses. That leads to a lot of covert female dominance in Japanese society, and a shitload of resentment on the part of Japanese men. The "all sex = rape" thing is because Japanese women have to role play being raped in order to even pretend their partner is "earning" sex with them. The men have to play it up and overdo it in order for them both to carry on the pretense that, at least in the most primal and intimate of acts between a man and a woman, the man in question is actually doing his job, e.g. fucking his woman into her place.

But it's a lie and they both know it.

It leads to weird self esteem issues, which is where the fat/ugly/dirty guy stereotype comes in (it's how nip men see themselves). It leads to a desire to hurt and defile women, and punish them for experiencing sexual pleasure, which is where the rape/torture thing comes in, as well as the smell/smegma/piss thing. It's where the panty sniffing and pervy voyeur shit comes in. Hey incels! Does this sound familiar to you? It should!

Ultimately, they can't figure out whether to worship women or punish them for existing so they do both. They tie girls up, but then instead of fucking them they pleasure them with vibrators simultaneously to pleasure the girl and to deny themselves, but then they hate the girl so they use pleasure to torture her. They want women to be sluts, but then punish them for wanting sex. They rape girls in order to assert themselves and defile the girls, but they need the world to see how """manly""" they are so they have to put it all on video and make the girl do the double V thing so everyone sees JUST HOW GOOD A BOY THEY ARE AND HOW HARD THEY WON.

It's pathetic. It's disgusting. After writing that, I'm seriously reconsidering even playing dlsite games anymore because the sad conclusion is that the odds of any nip game ever escaping from this idiocy is virtually zero.



>very likely


>oh, so you're saying it never once happens?

not the guy you're replying to either, but gas yourself anyway



How fucking sheltered are you?

I've been with a good number of girls, including several who were rape victims. Not "tee hee I regretted it later" rape, but "some guy beat the shit out of me and fucked me until I had to get surgery" rape. It's fucking ugly and they never quite see sex the same way again. One girl I used to fuck liked being hurt more than she liked orgasms. Another one needed to be choked and bitten so hard she looked like she'd been strangled with a wire in order to get off. Another one would start bleeding every time we fucked because of internal scarring.



dafuq? Are you some kind of feminist troll or something?

>muh all wimminz

Fucking incel. Frankly the reason most women are trash is because of pathetic little boys like you.

Women aren't hard to control or manipulate. Dickless little losers go out of their way to encourage women en masse to be whores and then you wonder why they're whores. What they really are is weak minded children who want male approval. If they get approval by being good women, they'd be good women; instead, they get approval by being sluts so they act like sluts. It's 100% your fault and you have no right to complain about anything.


The quality of /hgg/ sure went to shit once the incels found it.


Is there a way to install this without having to change your locale?

My PC is shitting itself





>vanillafag shits VH thread by """"analyzing"""" fetishes in H-games.

Die in trash.



>butthurt incel detected

(rule 3, using redditspeak. 8hrs.)


File: 744a85bd2855a77⋯.jpg (71.15 KB, 778x960, 389:480, DfbKhIuVMAApP6g.jpg)


>muh incel


File: 38bbf7e61766fce⋯.png (225.77 KB, 742x776, 371:388, eatshit.PNG)


Go back in the pen, vanillfag.



Yeah, yeah…

Years of psychological studies demonstrated that the effect of rape on women, especially naive virgins, is to turn them into nymphomaniac. No PTSD or shit. Especially getting gang raped while their boyfriend is forced to watch, or zoophile defloration ensure addiction to sex all the time.

Corruption is not a bad concept, but is always implemented in the most retarded way. Almost every oneoneone game need for the player to be raped in battle to unlock the sexual content, and the heroine the moment she is rescued must face mandatory prostitution mission cause: "sorry to hear you got gangraped but now that you're an impure second handed slut we need to sell your pussy around and… eh? PTSD? You have been deflorated violently by a bunch of dirty guys that humiliated and beated you, and now you don't wanna see another cock for all your life? What's this bullshit?"





>/hgg/ went to shit once the incels found it.

Nice try reddit, but everyone can tell you don't belong here.


File: db8c47173c91f38⋯.png (46.32 KB, 641x469, 641:469, Ridericon.png)

Man, i find it a shame that the demon lord impregnation scenes are not finished. The idea of Nanako giving birth to the demon lord against her will is great, but after the womb part you can't see the rest of the quest without using debug, and even them, only 2 scenes are available.



>The problem is that a woman going trough all that shit would very likely become an hardcore lesbian, or hate sex forever, or kill herself.

>writes a bunch of bullshit that goes against everything written on quoted post

how stupid are you?


>muh psychology

>muh 1st world standards


how sheltered are you?


>very likely


adjective, like·li·er, like·li·est.

probably or apparently destined (usually followed by an infinitive):

something not likely to happen.

seeming like truth, fact, or certainty; reasonably to be believed or expected; believable:

a likely story.

english, motherfucker, do you speak it?


File: 088c9101ca32e07⋯.png (3.8 KB, 130x188, 65:94, 4b-b-00boteL.png)


Whats even worse is that the goblin wife quest chain remains unfinished



First off, I'm not that guy.

Second, how fucking stupid are you? You think these girls were out trying to get laid all the time?

They were broken and they hated it.

Hated it, hated sex, or hated themselves. Usually all three.

>masochist chick

Had been with 2 men in her entire life including me.

>strangle chick

Deliberately tried to make herself unattractive in order to keep men from being interested in her.

>blood chick

Liked to manipulate men and lead them on. Sex not so much.



Never been there. Don't interact with redditors. 8ch is pretty much the only place I've posted in years.


Yeah, you're pathetic. How does that in any way invalidate what I said?


>criticizes boring fetishes


I've talked to niggers who were better at logic than you and that's really saying something.



Goblins are boring and a BBC proxy. Fuck that and fuck them.


That is a shame. The womb sequence is one of the more interesting parts of the game and it's really unique. Never seen anything else like it.



This. Erika needs to become a goblin wife too!



Monstersex is just disguised furry/bestiality.



I've considered that angle before but I'm not sure you're right.

The orc/goblin -> "BBC" thing is pretty obvious.

>bald heads


>limited language skills

>"big"/"strong" rapists

>lots of "conversion" themes in games that include them

>basically look like recolored niggers with bigger teeth

But "monster sex -> furry/beast" is a little harder to sell.


>omfg its totally normal guys

>like how can everyone not be okay with a furry chick with a giant horsecock?

>what are you some kind of bigot?

>im totally bitching about you on tumblr

That's a lot different from monsters with the whole horror/otherworldly/alien thing going on. I don't know much about beast fetishists but it seems like they're more into degradation and base hedonism. I don't think they're the same at all really.



Im gonna spell it out for you

>The problem is that a woman going trough all that shit would very likely become an hardcore lesbian, or hate sex forever, or kill herself.

retard says stupid shit on how women are made out of paper and gets called a retard

>writes a bunch of bullshit that goes against everything written on quoted post

you. another retard chimes in thinking he knows what he is talking about because "lol i put mai weewee inside gurls"

>procceds to inadvertently prove the point on how "corrupted" individuals seek "corrupted" kicks rather than become an hardcore lesbian, or hate sex forever, or kill herself.

"lol they hated sex gais,they told me so while we were having sex so It must be true. why would someone fucked in the head lie to me? It´s not like I got manipulated by broken masochists or anything"


how stupid are you?



>"It's boring because I don't like them!"

Fuck off, vanillafag.



Paper or steel is irrelevant. The concept of turning women into whores trough negative experiences is idiotic.

The idea of making anyone liking anything trough negative experiences is idiotic.

Last time a bully forced your head inside a crapper you got a pissing/scat fetish?

If you seriously think what you read in hentai is remotely realistic, then is you the one that never seen a woman outside of hentai.






No, you asswipe nigger, they're boring because they're in every fucking game ever. Some of them would be good if they weren't shitted up by the others and if they weren't done stupid as shit, but all of them suck when they come in one giant shitball package which makes the same mistakes every time.


patrician tier fetish if done right. they never do it right


shit tier fetish every time

>fat/old guy

shit tier fetish 99% of the time, 1% really good


fucking disgusting and stupid


not inherently good or bad, it depends on how it's done

>double V, ahego

sonic the hedgehog fanart tier fetish


You're right.



Goddamn, anon. I didn't think negative IQs were possible until reading your posts.

>thinking he knows what he is talking about because "lol i put mai weewee inside gurls"

No, I know what I'm talking about from 20 years of studying psych and having done the dirty with quite a few girls so I have academic and hands on knowledge of the subject.

I know you've been eating paint chips since birth, but I'll try to use small words so you understand: they knew they were fucked up and it mostly made sex a time bomb that they avoided whenever possible.

The general pattern was "avoid sex and men at all costs for years afterwards" followed by an eventual attempt to re-enter the dating world once their suppressed sexual urges and loneliness got the better of them. That would lead to attempting to have sex eventually, and the absolutely wonderful experience of discovering just how fucked up they were. Since normal humans are kinda horrified by that sort of shit, they usually ended up hating themselves even more, but since women do have sex drives of their own, and they would want intimacy with their partner, they'd be compelled to keep trying to make it work.

Usually sex amounted to "It's been months since I got laid, let's see what happens this time" followed by borderline psychotic episodes and lots of crying with optional black out drinking and weeks of depression/malaise afterwards.

To actually make any progress, we'd have to basically start out hyper vanilla think most degenerate fetish and work up to stuff like "2nd base without a panic attack" over time. Of course sometimes the attitude would be "I don't care what the consequences are, I just need to get it" and we'd deal with the fallout later. But if someone had tried to pick these girls up for casual sex, someone would have ended up in the hospital (probably them from psychosis induced self injury).

This bears very little resemblance to the way you seem to think it works, where raping a chick makes her a kinky sex obsessed slut who will sleep with anything with a pulse and do whatever they want without question.


I don't even know what to say. I'm not even sure why I typed out my post. This guy is obviously too retarded to every understand anything you or I are saying…. I guess I'm just taking the bait and can't help it; 5/10 got me to respond? It is nice to see at least one other non-retard in the thread though.






<mfw VH general has turned into a hentai psychological evaluation

>It's pathetic. It's disgusting. After writing that, I'm seriously reconsidering even playing dlsite games anymore because the sad conclusion is that the odds of any nip game ever escaping from this idiocy is virtually zero.

Agree with you anon, and to be honest I'm willing to steer away completely from all this degeneracy, porn is bad on its own, but hentai vidya is ten times worser. It quite literally led me to early set erectile dysfunction.

We're are not supposed to have this kind of stimuli, and definitely not supposed to have these kinds of settings as a standard for arousal.

The world is quite bad already with fucked up girls like you mentioned, its best for us not to make it worst (or feed on the worst content).

Heed my warning fellow anons, is bad out there, and I felt the pain of finding a good girl but let my degenerate fetishes get the best of me, costing me what could be a beautiful life together.



There is a limit for the suspension of disbelief.

When something is too stupid your brain ability to just "is made for fap, whatever" start to fail.

When a naked torso body builder destroy an enemy HQ single handedly with an unlimited ammo LMG is "rule of cool". When Rowan Atkinson win single handedly WWII throwing teabags at the germans is just retarded.

Nobody here is saying that an hentai heroine should force the player to play a minigame to make her stop cowering under her bed everytime she get dicked by a goblin. But the whole "my first time with a rotting undead awakened the dormant slut in me" or "the old baldie that is blackmailing me, made me realize how being a prideless cumdump is the true only joy of a woman" is just pure cringe.



I think you've nailed it, satan.

The worst part to me isn't just the cringe, it's how it ruins the storytelling. Aside from the shitty ending, how Pregcess did the corruption arc was perfect because it's slow and logical. They don't start out raping her, they molest her in small ways and she slowly discovers she enjoys the attention until she permits them to do more and more things to her.

One of the hottest parts about that was that actual spoiler ahead some ugly old dude gets her alone once she's defenseless and is about to rape her and it's like "oh, another corrupted by cock shitfest" but then she's rescued before he does anything and slowly succumbs to her own lust until she goes out and volunteers to lose her v-card

It was the first time I've ever seen that done in a way that actually felt natural or even believable.

Maybe one day I'll mod the last part of the game so it doesn't suck but don't get your hopes up because I'm busy



>No, I know what I'm talking about from 20 years of studying psych

stopped reading right there

see >>303612

>I've been with a good number of girls, including several who were rape victims.

>One girl I used to fuck yadda,yadda


how stupid are you?


File: 3b1d78c0ee09e8a⋯.webm (1 MB, 604x288, 151:72, webm.webm)


>sonic the hedgehog fanart tier fetish

At least unlike sonic its fappable


File: 3dc101b43d64397⋯.jpg (26.53 KB, 400x600, 2:3, catmortarboard.jpg)


Just a quick time out to say that your posts are insightful and appreciated. Peace!



>Admits to being an illiterate.



I dunno. While I love the eyes rolling back, I always feel like the tongue sticking out ruins it. Just a step too silly for my tastes.


File: 424ee1476b89960⋯.jpg (67.16 KB, 609x720, 203:240, Retarded on Purpose (54).jpg)


You've become a degenerate the moment you started looking for porn, especially on hgg, in a thread about VH.


I'm not even going to call you a vanillafag anymore. You're just a retard. You're the moron that exhausted himself on lots of the same porn and formulas and doesn't understand why he can't get it up anymore.





What the fucking fuck is wrong with you?

That's hideous and disturbing.


Now you're projecting… or something. I dunno. It's obvious you've got pretty serious psychological problems, so it's anyone's guess what is going in what passes for your mind.

Funny thing is, you're not even close to right. Thinking they're boring doesn't mean I'm "exhausted" on them, it means they suck. I don't need to eat a million shit pies in order to hate the taste of shit.



>I don't like this

>It's patrician taste tho

The only thing you can do is get off this thread and kill yourself voluntarily.



Camwhores aren't attractive to begin with and having them make the sort of faces that I see 2 year olds do when they're trying to make babies laugh isn't going to help their case.



There is many pretty cute camwhores. Not the majority, but there is quite a pretty bunch out there.

The ahegao is just silly. I don't understand why this became a fetish.



Okay, I'll admit some of them might be cute, but they all act horrible.

They're a weird mix of prostitute and pornstar and like either of those professions, everything they do is fucking fake.

It's nice when a cute girl bats her eyes at you, but if you know she's just doing it for cash then it's disgusting and hollow.

She doesn't want you, you're just a dollar bill with a dick that she has to make happy to get the dollar.

You'd have to be pretty desperate to let yourself be affected by a girl you know is faking it for your cash.


Can't find a working link to a download of the translated katteban build past 170827. I've seen multiple references to katteban builds in the 18s.



>Camwhores are not attractive

Wrong. If something, the only reason they are disgusting is because of the whore part, but they are really aesthetically pleasant, far more than any professional porn star, that are disgusting for the same reason.



Basically is like watching porn.

And i very rarely give them tips. I think in 10 years of fapping i don't think i ever gave them more than 15 bucks of tips (to all of them, in all this time). More than that and i would just call home a prostitute to fuck. There is nothing more retarded than giving a paycheck of tips to a slut that just stay behind a screen.

No actually there is one thing: give it to a twitch streamer. At least real camwhores let you fap.



There's a reason I don't watch pro porn. If money was involved in it ("tips", pay, or any kind of fiscal incentive) then I won't touch it.

That includes """community""" videos and similar garbage.

Anyone trying to gain something from making a video is trash and whatever they do isn't worth watching.

I won't tell you how to spend your money, but I sure as hell wouldn't have tipped even a penny.


The "whore part" taints everything else. Beauty isn't just physical proportionality, it's movement, facial expressions, etc. Lots of subtle cues. Besides, most camwhores aren't cute. With their makeup off, they're just 6/10 trash. But that's purely in terms of physical structure. When you add in the (mis)cues, they become much, much less attractive. If you're literally autistic and can't into facial expressions maybe it doesn't matter, but if you can read faces then they're ugly. Not just figuratively, but literally ugly. Uncanny valley ugly. It's gross and weird and that's before they start doing shit like imitating anime which puts them into "malfunctioning sex doll" territory.



>He think real amateur porn truly exist

Duuuude what is called "amateur" porn. Is just porn still produced by professionals starring minor actresses that haven't still been fucked in hundred of movies (or she is just unpopular). If you don't have access to some kind of deep web swinging/exhibisionist circle all "amateur" stuff you see is just cheap porn with made with a cheap camera and shitty camera angles to make it look "unprofessional".

From this point of view camwhores are much more closer to the concept of "amateur" considering is just girls in their home masturbating in front of a webcam or fucking their boyfriends without affiliations to any producer or director. Just horny girls in front of webcam tht wanna fap or ride their boyfriend, and they wanna get some tip as icing on the cake in the process.

Yeah of course there is other camwhores as well. Try a site like "livejasmine" and they don't do shit outside of a private show. But the camwhores performing for the majority of sites are usually a completely different matter.


god damnit nuke the thread a can't y'all fucks go and be autistic somewhere else? Like not a hentai game discussion thread


File: 0269c3940d52e51⋯.mp4 (529.92 KB, 640x360, 16:9, b1dc1a3e815bcd3108d77b272d….mp4)


You can usually tell when its a real couple vs acting because 99% of porn actress are terrible at acting. I would consider a couple that only does scenes together or at most MFF as amateur although for some of the more prodigious I guess it would be more accurate to call them "indie"?

As for camwhores some of them are ludicrously attractive but their content can be hard to fap to because they often have some combination of shitty camera, shitty angles, shitty lighting or some other production based flaw. Example this fucking slut in the video makes me diamonds but her videos could be so much better.



name the whore


File: 16767673b59c586⋯.mp4 (2.49 MB, 640x360, 16:9, a9dd3de34f94cbe8ee69ab9ae8….mp4)


No she my whorefu. Besides she is really not that hard to find, one of her friends is very well known possibly the most famous camwhore ever infact.



>possibly the most famous camwhore ever infact.

Jessi Slaughter?



Even if these two vanillafags (or most likely just a single faggot talking to himself) are idiots, you're also an idiot.

It's called having an "imagination", friend.

Anything in your head is your property and it changes however you want.



Yeah, try to find a girl that make you fap and is not a whore.



That's what hentai is for, faggot.



Hentai girls are slut too. Or you play virgin routes avoing all the sex scenes. What's the point then?


File: f2d86cd844ed277⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1112x1618, 556:809, ClipboardImage.png)


>Hentai girls are sluts too

Not really. Even some of the ShindoL girls are pretty wholesome.



The fuck is that?



Cripple hentai.

You could say,…..she couldn't keep him at arm's reach


File: 33dd9ee56879e96⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1116x1616, 279:404, ClipboardImage.png)


One of the cutest things you'll ever read.


Fuck you, Carlos. She needed a hand to get off



This and the wheelchair one are some of the best



>thinks nobody ever films themselves fucking

It's incredibly easy to ID fake shit. Some easy examples:

>diffused lighting

>girl wearing high heels during sex

>excessive jewelry

>professional makeup

>clothes girls don't actually wear even to clubs

>excessive narration or talking

>multiple camera angles


>prosthetic dicks

>that one fake moaning noise all the porn actresses do

>obvious role play talking

>girls interacting with the camera instead of their partner

>any sort of cosplay

>backdrops, "casting" style couches, towels, various props

It's really not that hard to figure it out if you have any clue what actual sex is like and how people really behave when doing it.


During the Pierre event, after nanako finishes getting raped by the manager and then deliver the drugs to Taro, the Minotaur, I have the options to fuck with Taro, but this leads to end of the event, and the option to leave it be but then I can't find Pierre to proceed with the event. I already tried going in and out of house, sleep at the inn and Pierre is nowhere to be seen while Taro always give me the options to fuck with it leading to an End. Where could Pierre be?



Yeah, still the overwhelming majority of "amateur" porn is as much as amateur as any porn from vivid or bangbros. They just use a non stabilized camera, and a minor actress that still has not gone trough a complete surgery rebuild.

"True" amateur porn as legit couple that had sex in front of their smartphones and incidentally (or purposefully) uploaded somewhere in the internet is extremely difficult to find, and even more difficult to fap cause shitty camera angles and cause the girl involved is for obvious reasons not porn material.


File: fba1a732f6acc57⋯.png (45.72 KB, 646x511, 646:511, RTP_RT_FatalMix2010_2019-0….png)





Probably getting triggered on twitter or tumblr.



You can only really find the real stuff on tube sites like xh/ph/ml/hmt and even then 99% of it is fake.

Anything uploaded as "community" content is fake.

Anything uploaded by/from the paid "amateur" sites is fake.

Anything from a pro/semi pro site is obviously fake no matter what they say.

Honestly if you just look for fake moaning, fake talking, and pay attention to who uploaded the material you can whittle it down pretty fast.

The rest comes down to the other clues I mentioned plus just gut feeling. If it feels off, or wrong, you can probably assume it's fake.


Having some trouble getting the Mastubation skill in the childhood dream segment…. Any tips?



It should be the lewd book (on the left I think). If that isn't working then I have no idea.



Is not in the childhood dream, from what i remember. It depends from the starting traits… i think.


What can you do with Rin after she joined your party?



Give her ED meds so she dicks you.



Not working…..


started a new game, choose the gangbang skill but i still didnt see it :/

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