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File: 7d8c0de6ac8e27b⋯.gif (21.75 KB, 164x190, 82:95, A001_Gar_305_Oak_sex_Anime….gif)

File: f495ff898f1cafc⋯.png (416.68 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ƒ}ƒjƒ…ƒAƒ‹p1.png)


Let's see if we can create an informative list of the best sprite sex games that includes a sample of the art work as well as a WORKING DOWNLOAD LINK. Try to include some tags like

tags: gallery, platformer, part vore

I'll start

1. Forest of Blue Skin

We have a thread here: >>34436, fucking fantastic game would recommend

tags: platformer, monsters, gallery

download: https://mega.nz/#!IwkgTQAK!GwVAGoxLPFjYmzW20SJJcyWaM_eH-WSqRa1lgBF1_H8

2. Tobihime (Flying Princess)

thread here: >>1784, Pic 2 related. Actually a fun game

tags: strategy, monsters, gallery

download: https://mega.nz/#!2A8E1YYa!xky2t6vVQFd2SyPZ9H0sjM4IM7rehus6Qi5pgWecfVI

3. Samurai Sacrament

great h-scenes,would recommend as it's fun to play as well, pic 3

tags: monster, platformer, gallery

Can't find download link, was a while ago.

4. Succubus

not as great of a game, not too fun but the sprites are okay, no pic

tags: platformer, gallery

download: http://www110.zippyshare.com/v/V1zneqBB/file.html


File: 25614d864be0f07⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 330x217, 330:217, e5852842bbbee16a325473a350….gif)

Pic 1 didn't upload


Is their game with a male protag where you are not a trap, shota, or feminine in anyway?



Not sure if you consider this: >>51969 shota or not. If you don't, then that one definitely.



In the op of the fucking thread it says its a shota.



Guess you should just kill yourself then


File: 29a8976eeaf0f19⋯.jpg (120.86 KB, 599x880, 599:880, 1423876942994.jpg)

>Noaika still isn't out

Kurovadis and Eroico were pretty solid. The dev seems to be focused on everything BUT finishing it.

He also said he'd release a simple game engine in that format and never delivered.



Any samples?


File: 810a7c0577abe1e⋯.png (393.06 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Nigga just go play his demos


Both games he has out are bout "get knocked down get literally fucked" sidescrollers that actually work as solid tight nonhentai platformers. I remember going into Kurovadis wanting to get fucked by every enemy but then later ignoring the h-content completely because it can be legit challenging in places.

Also these games don't do that bullshit where if you get pounced you slowly die (except with some enemies). Also in Kurovadis you can literally exploit falling down and being vulnerable to approaching enemies to get them to kill their selves which is a cool "feature" but I know it wasn't planned



Thanks, will do. Tobihime was the same way, I completely overlooked the h part of it to max out the game. Ended up maxing the whole game out, very fun. There's an inventory system and it was fun landing a ton of trick shots. It's basically a way better h-game version of angry birds.


File: 514b44d8b55528d⋯.png (504.13 KB, 560x420, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

I also like Ultramanbo's games even if they are short but they do have the "Oh you're having sex yeah that affects your health bar" bullshit. Like god damn man just let me fuck some lizards in peace.



>"I enjoy being a bitch or a bitch boy, but you should kill yourself"



>if I'm not a burly man in the representation of myself fucking slime girls in an h-game I found on a laotian flip book then my masculinity is threatened

wew lad



If you want my dick so bad just let me know.


Why is there never a game where you play as a guy and raping things GIVES you health instead of drains it?

who keeps forcing this stupid sex=drain meme?



Because men get tired after fucking. No one nuts inside a chick then feels like running a marathon (running a train's a different matter). If fucking got you all pumped up then the Olympics would have standard regulation warm-up whores set up before the games began.


File: 1e1c05b536e7c1f⋯.png (211.61 KB, 798x597, 266:199, ss (2017-01-04 at 03.20.29….png)

Here's a game with some horrid CG and fairly good spritework. It's a just-playable Metroidvania with an unlockable gallery mode.

There's a plot or something, but I can't be bothered to decipher the moonrunes. There are some demon girls being bitches; go give them the dick.


If you're impatient and don't feel like completing the game, just open up the save file in the data folder, which is a regular-ass .txt file, change "stage" to 6, and every value below that to 1.

Also you get increased maximum health and mana for dicking girls, one boost each. If you need to rape faster, mash the arrow keys.


I myself prefer playing as a male character fucking or raping, but I gotta say I fucking loved Tobihime. Launching chicks into monsters to get knocked up to make monster girls and even loli who can also be fucked! Who wouldn't love that!


I like this idea, but I think to solve the situation permanently a better solution than MEGA links on a ephemeral thread is needed. I submit that something like >>>/hydrus/4530 is going in the right direction. What we actually need is a booru for games, with a distributed content layer so it can't get DMCA'd to death as is usual.



It's a fucking game though. You'd think with the monster girls get strong from semen troupe. Someone would do game where a male protag gets stronger from fucking or tame them or something.



Post which version of the game the download is for, faggot!



The characters are somewhat SD/chibi-styled but outside of that the protag is no less feminine than average, generic jRPG hero (which doesn't speak for much but if you can stomach anime etc, you probably didn't have much problem with that level of feminization).


There are pervy clones/characters for Mugen fighting games engine.

Also, SpacEscape - some freeware flash platformer with a catgirl. Nothing mindblowing, somewhat buggy but the anims/graphics are passable, it can be somewhat enjoyable for the simple thing it is. I certainly seen worse than that getting somehow cash on Patreon.

Also, Pocket Gal Hunter - Very much like oldschool Pokemon games, except the monsters are girls (rarely on the furry side, mostly looking like cosplayers with Pokemon-like thematic costumes). Both sprite anims in local equivalent of pokedex and some CGs. Pretty good game, fun even without H in typical, nostalgic Pokemon fashion of adventure and grind.



Fuck. Forgot the links. Mugen ones are dime and dozen, so not gonna drop that, for the rest:

SpacEscape, last beta: https://mega.nz/#!RR9hnaJI!wFnpgW25GR8gyVwptgT2PWpMZU0CXaWm6AtBOzgp8ok

Pocket Gal Hunter: Fuck, don't remember where I got my copy but made some quick check through google and found, for example, this:


Unverified, 1.10 with partial/machine english translation. If it won't work/turn out to be crap, it's easy to find the game in general, again, through googling.



>men get tired after fucking

Not if they edge it. On that note, what if there was a bonus for stopping/escaping at the last second.


I'm having trouble finding it, but there's a game where you play as a tanuki and set up traps for some woman who ends up getting fucked by random things. But the art in it's golden.



Any luck getting PokeGal working in WINE?


So apparently Tobihime has a pixel viewer if you finish it. It's a new item in the main menu.



>men get tired after fucking

maybe when you're 40



Nobody would ever get it.



I guess dude I'm a fuckin fatty, I get tired -while- fucking



Well stop being a fat fuck then. Go get /fit/, or at least to the point you become human-shaped again.


File: 4bcae176fd664bf⋯.jpg (56.41 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ112746_img_main.jpg)

Still alive lab is pretty nice.


Arena of Audacia is a solid pick


File: 18c1604d8203051⋯.jpg (94.47 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ163050_img_main.jpg)



Arena of Audacia is pretty fun for a short while but it sadly lacks content. Also haven't been updated in ages.


Chronos Gate is also a legit good platformer, the final boss fight is pretty challenging.

Also bonus points for you being the one doing most of the raping.



Is there a translated version?



Yeah, you stopping time and raping them is more effective than fighting them regularly.



There's no translation for Chronos Gate, but the game barely has any text at all anyway.



Anyone got any saves or cheat engine tables?



Being a little out of breath from exercise isn't the same as having your fucking life energy drained. Jesus H Christ, some people….


Because lazy stupid shitty devs aren't creative enough to come up with any other way to incorporate H into their games.


I found a download for v2.3 of Crisis Point Extinction.


The public demo is only v1.3



The creator is making a sequel to this mind you. Still a -WIP-


File: 4f1decfb4924907⋯.png (771.14 KB, 750x750, 1:1, !Respond.png)



Has anyone had any luck using cheat engine to get unlimited health for either of these games?



I can never find a download to this that seems legit.




I don't think that comes with the full save.

If that anon wants it, I can upload the full save file for him.



Shame he decided to completely redo naoika after such a great demo.



>Has anyone had any luck using cheat engine to get unlimited health for either of these games?

Chronos Gate yes actually, had to do so to beat the stupid wall because noskills. I just worked out what integer was health and set it to something stupidly big.



Git gud

Roll to evade missiles, block to evade shotgun, and just jump over the plasma bolt.



Any links?




I got 1.23 with a full save, does 1.25 add any new content?



I know how to beat it in theory, but my one-handed control scheme made it nigh impossible. I did eventually beat it in a later playthrough though.




>beat the game

Holy shit, guys. that guy's got skill!



Can you share your cheat table?


Anyone got the latest demo of Future Fragments?



It was a long time ago and I don't have it any more.



Dead torrent. Got to 35% and it's stuck there for the past 3 days.



Can you make it again?




Any news on LAB 2?


File: be0442a4814c42b⋯.png (10.56 KB, 222x253, 222:253, zoom 1.png)

File: 4f035b6d822819b⋯.png (4.53 KB, 268x208, 67:52, Untitled.png)


Jap DLsite has a test/bugfix demo. Looks good so far.

There's a sprite of the character in the corner that loses her clothes as your HP goes down. It can be turned off in options of you find it distracting or otherwise not worth taking up space on screen. However the game sprite doesn't change until game over, when her clothes vanish like in the first game.

When you reach the end of the area that can be explored in the demo, you get a zoom item that lets you see the sprite animations a little larger. (1.5x, presumably there's at least a 2 in the actual game.)

I'm hoping in the final game scrolling will stop when you reach the end of the map. I'm not fond of the black borders.

They're adding EXP that falls on the ground like minecraft or cave story. You can upgrade ATK DEF and HP with it. (I'll probably go for mostly HP and ATK so I can watch her get molested a bit when finding new enemies and then kill them off quickly when I'm done.) Also you have finite ammo to reload from, as opposed to the original. There's vending machines where you can buy refills.

Also characters are slightly taller and a bit more detailed, as you can see in the comparison between the new and old versions of the character from the first game.





>he doesn't edge until he falls forward in ahegao, shuddering and barely about to move

You're masturbating wrong


celebatory bump


File: 2bf41c8a240589e⋯.gif (29.52 KB, 200x200, 1:1, changing.gif)

File: 7dc768a5cc5cded⋯.gif (4.82 KB, 200x200, 1:1, low hp.gif)

File: b75db4dceb4467a⋯.gif (7.94 KB, 200x200, 1:1, slimy.gif)

File: df8657ad72c993b⋯.gif (52.02 KB, 200x200, 1:1, wheel.gif)

File: c5e8d9f52e7b49a⋯.gif (69.64 KB, 200x200, 1:1, wheel2.gif)


Got some corrections to my previous observations.

First of all you get EXP automatically from killing enemies. The stuff that drops is money.

I was kind of stuck in the room where she changes clothes. You have to swap outfits to get through the room.

And personally while I think the new art is an overall improvement, but with the girls being that smidge taller they're consequently a little less thicc.



SYAKUGA exists, pretty solid Splatterhouse clone. Lots of guro though.



Alright that's shaping up pretty well, I'm hyped.


Xvideos embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: ade92abba6b7442⋯.png (92.92 KB, 1356x546, 226:91, reatrdation.PNG)

Anyone have the password for succubus in the OP? The zip contains another encrypted zip and pic related and it's fucking retarded.


Revive bump.


File: a5e99873b79c09d⋯.jpg (96.54 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Za.jpg)


>time stop



The wheel animations are some of my favorites. Something about them just hits all the right switches for me.



> 3. Samurai Sacrament

The best sprite sex game ever!!!

Alright. *cracks knuckles* This thread needs my help. I'm going to post my personal favorite list of the bestest hentai sprite games EVUR!!! Be prepared to spend the next hours fapping to moving pixels on the screen, folks.


File: ba1eac6bb8f41a0⋯.jpg (165.79 KB, 956x537, 956:537, sumomo-theater-2.jpg)

File: 3324d6ff0e04c01⋯.jpg (199.77 KB, 956x537, 956:537, sumomo-theater-1.jpg)


1. Sumomo Theater スモモシアター ( RJ165338 )

Imagine a ryona hentai fighting game that has no rape in it. Can't? I know right! Amazing stuff. Fun for hours.

Tags: THICC. wholesome. basically the unicorn of action porn games.

Download: https://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=1846544


File: 4cbad7c21232b33⋯.png (271.06 KB, 976x578, 488:289, super-117.png)


2. SUPER 117 ~帰ってきた天気予報~ ( RJ144379 )

Have you ever wanted to run after a little girl in what seems to be some sort of bizarre marathon where turtle shells, tree stumps, cats and demons keep trying to stop you while you throw bombs around and carry goku on your back just so you can rape her…. in 2D?! Now is your chance!

Tags: IT'S A MOTHERFUCKING SHMUP!!! Complete with powerups and shit

DL: https://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=2282980


File: 2b6fe854b8f75aa⋯.gif (2.87 MB, 640x480, 4:3, fairy-fighting.gif)


3. Fairy Fighting ( free game )

Fairy vs. evil smurfs and other rape-y things of apparent small size street fighter. You can't have a list like this without this game in it.

Tags: fairy made of stretchy rubber, tentacles, ryona

Site: http://eluku99.blog93.fc2.com/

DL: https://mega.nz/#!g5oGnTpD!YLh6y8b_S_YYH5IjBpm6rvyYT-1DRxAOmRI-tTPoSwg


File: b3054d0e217ecd1⋯.jpg (111.28 KB, 1120x700, 8:5, injuu-to-majo-to-sono-musu….jpg)


4. Injuu to Majo to Sono Musume 淫獣と魔女とその娘 ( RJ126372 )

A tower defense game. It's a tower defense game. And a good one at that. Some other circle even copied this game.

tags: tower defense, upgrades






Links from: http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/hentai-games-38/me-no-likey-long-slugs-180241/


File: 4cf4c223199e425⋯.jpg (119.77 KB, 958x572, 479:286, depravia.jpg)


5. DepraviA ( RJ140678 )

Angel goes to hell fight demons or something. Has boss fights, multiple weapons, and stat upgrades.

Tags: guro, fugly demons, girls turning into statues, frozen, being decapitated and an eye-gouging scene that will make you question why the fuck are you playing a game with an eye-gouging scene and how come that circle keeps putting eye-gouging in literally every one of their works like wtf is it with them and eye-gouging

Download: https://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=1110253


File: 4d85d8cb9796791⋯.png (493.09 KB, 870x518, 435:259, girl_vs_girl_1.png)

File: 5241ad16e867401⋯.png (490.97 KB, 870x518, 435:259, girl_vs_girl_0.png)


6. Girl vs. Girl ( RJ115464 )

Spy vs. Spy clone complete with split-screen spying. WAY TOO FUCKING DIFFICULT TO PLAY.

Tags: comedic? guro, ryona

DL: https://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=468767

English version: https://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=270741



Fuck, this one seems to crash for me no matter what I do. Any ideas?



Not sure. I'm on Windows 7 with Japanese system settings (am not using applocale) and I was able to play it.

I'm not sure if this is the case, but I recall that some games that will not start if your system is on C:\ but you try running them from D:\ or other drives. Some games won't start if you put them in a directory with Japanese characters. Some don't even work if the filename of the executable is in Japanese. So try moving everything to C:\momoka and renaming the executable to momoka.exe or something and don't forget to pray to your kamisama or succubus of choice and then it just might work.



Tried most of those things already, only one I didn't try is moving it to C: but that didn't help either. First time an H-Game gave me such a problem. Oh well, I'll try just rebooting my PC later I guess, that has solved more bizzare problems in the past than I can count.


Don't forget Fullflap games' and the succusbus series, those are really fucking fun to play as well.


Any links for the game? All the ones in that thread are kill and the only nyaa torrent I could find is dead.



Not them but


Theres a walkthrough and maybe a full ave up on ulmf iirc



Tobihime was a lot better before the author added that fucking half-assed "cumshot" animation.

Also the secret dungeon was pretty fucking lame.



Fairy Fighting is horrible fucking steaming shit.

Awkward controls, shitty, shitty, shitty animations, horrible art style.



You just have no stamina, pathetic little weakling.



You are wrong. You are so, so wrong. I don't even know how you're capable of being this much wrong.

I mean, you controls are literally punch and kick. How is that awkward? Punch and kick, dude. Is that too hard for you?



The game's input handling is dodgy at best. That makes it shit.




Alright. Please share with us a hentai fighting game with better controls, animations and art style, then.


File: be9c5f876eeb6b7⋯.png (82.58 KB, 262x248, 131:124, xtlr.PNG)



I'm not the same anon but I agree with his biased input. Fairy fighting is pure self torture. It's Street Fighter 4 with 5 times faster reaction requirements, a completely uncalled for and unheard of control scheme, and some really bad animations.

I'm a fucking fag, okay, I've played A FUCK TON of hentai games. This game is virtually unplayable and by all accounts, even with my rudimentary understanding of japanese, a complete and total fucking waste of time.


File: 4621055c8c825a9⋯.jpg (46.49 KB, 500x281, 500:281, K9wyP9E.jpg)




Let me continue my minor rant; lets take Hentai Apocalypser ZUBRIUS. Great voice acting, incredible animation, well done story… kinda. Couldn't read japanese most of the time then but I could understand the language. BEAUTIFUL the voice acting was top notch and sexy as hell. Pretty great. Detailed, enjoyable, BALANCED

Lets take Fairy Fighting

INSANE reaction times, barely passable animation quality, TERRIBLE FUCKING DISGUSTING CONTROLS. It'd be easier to play dark souls keyboard edition than to wade through that fucking swamp of misery again. and honestly, the facial animations are fucking awful. The dialogue is riddled with language errors. Like holy shit what a mess.



Another anon, I *might* *try* to do one


Fairy Fighting is definitely a crappy fighting game. I don't mind the sketchy artstyle myself, though I can see a lot of people being turned off by it.

But hell if half the monster's don't nail some of my favorite kinks. I kind of have a thing for those "hentai physics" overall, but the "dark fairy" and the tiny goblins that use her body like a house make me diamonds.



Indeed, Fairy Fighting - and Wolf's Dungeon as well - are much more about fetishism than about being actual good games.

As for me, I value good gameplay a lot more than good porn. If I'm playing a game I want to have fun with playing it, on the other hand if I'm to try playing a game with bad gameplay because it has good porn I'd rather just go fap to the CG set or some random doujins (I'm looking at you, TABA).

This is why I keep coming back to FOBS every new version while I'm completely bored already with stuff like FC.


File: cbdd8fa0c9aaf8c⋯.gif (3.09 MB, 448x640, 7:10, 124264b5dd9d622180193aa8c7….gif)




File: 4f8bc66a6f090e8⋯.png (159.5 KB, 637x481, 49:37, cg.png)


Beat it on hard, last boss took me at least 50 tries, still missing 3 CGs though. Can't for the life of me find them.



How hard is it to actually learn JP?

Not that I really have time, but I've been interested on and off for a while.



Difficulty will depend on what language you started from. It's one the hardest languages you can learn coming from being brought up in english.

But if you're dedicated, you should be able to learn enough to play H-games in a few months to a year.


what the gif in the OP is from?



Way too hard and takes way too long if you only intend to learn it for H-Games. Unless you have a very good reason for it or love learning languages just don't bother. It's not worth it.



Porn doujins and 90% of hentai games have notoriously retarded text. If you know the words for cock, pussy and cum it's probably easier to read porn than to read a normal manga like naruto or one piece.

That said, it still takes around 1 year or 2 to get enough vocab to read them. Depends on how hard you study.



Tobihime. There's a thread for it here >>1784 with download links towards the bottom.



thanks yo



You need to lose to one of the other bosses, the one with the two girls. You need to do so with guro mode switched off.

You need to activate the mirror powerup and rape a cherub together.

I can't really remember the final one, but I think it's either losing to/beating the final boss.



Odd. FF contols are kinds shitty, but I never had as much trouble as you guys.

And I'm not a big fighting games player either



I'm pretty sure that anon is exaggerating, but it is pretty deep into the combo or get comboed garbage. It amounts to finding the right thing to spam.

Though the dev did put out an easier version or version with an easy mode before getting fully into Wolf's Dungeon.



Don't forget the instant finishers and the general garbage FM2 has about gamepads.


File: 466479ecb6ce04f⋯.jpg (202.7 KB, 845x1068, 845:1068, cover.jpg)

File: 1c8fbe2174ea446⋯.jpg (87.74 KB, 544x416, 17:13, book_05.jpg)

File: e7b67696182f382⋯.gif (82.27 KB, 288x288, 1:1, 02.gif)

File: 63f80f1666ba86d⋯.gif (157.72 KB, 288x288, 1:1, 70.gif)

There wouldn't happen to be anyone who has Another Story of Fallen Maidens? It's an RPGmaker game where Kenkoku Cross did the character design, it looks really nice.




This? hopefully is good will download it.




Looking forward to it



Speaking of Fairy Fighting

You know, if you press up in the character selection screen, you can level skip

If you press down, you have some cheats.

Also, you can change your controls. Wowee!


File: 0fe1900aeddb3e4⋯.gif (130.52 KB, 200x200, 1:1, LeverTrap.gif.gif)

FYI, Lab Still Alive is currently on sale in case you wanted to reward the maker, but not enough to pay full price.



Any downloads? And anymore .gifs?



Requesting a backup of this since Sukebei ate shit.



File: b4fb64d1b25537b⋯.jpg (108.72 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ102967_img_main.jpg)

File: 59958d3da7f048c⋯.jpg (130.86 KB, 640x480, 4:3, RJ102967_img_smp1.jpg)

The Paradise Fortress of RePure Aria

Surprised this one hasn't been mentioned yet. I really love this game, but it can be quite confusing if you don't know what's going on. Essentially you're a guy who can transform into girls with different abilities.

tags: platformer, monster girls

If you want to buy it, it's currently on sale:



Download: mega:#!gZc2iYoa!dFEB_qXYzubinUjYCdr1q3Eq-suf80ezg4RXVSHZ9vE

The zip contains the full game (in JP up to v1.23 [latest], Anticor's and Co. translation up to 1.21), with a map from the v1.07 (i think, i'm not so sure)

If you want to play the game in JP, just run the repurearia123.exe

If you want to play the game in EN, just run the repurearia121eng1.3Cont.exe

* Link and info from ulmf



Oops, sorry for the non-clickable download link. Here it is clickable.




You're fantastic. Also why does the english version of LAB have such a small file by comparison?



The English versions are in a rar file, while the others are already unpacked.



Anyone have a mega for this, now that nyaa shit the bed?



You're a lifesaver anon. Now need to find Lab 2 Torrents



>Lab 2

Is that even out yet?



There's a demo and a half completed version of it out that's for sale but getting updated.



>Try downloading 1.25

>No seeds

Well fuck my life.



Sorry about that, I didn't check those torrents. Only assumed they'd still be seeded because of what game it is.

Here's a mega link from ulmf for ver1.23


I think I have 1.25, but I'll check tomorrow and see if I can upload it somewhere.



Does 1.25 even add anything over 1.23?


What does ACT stand for? I could never figure that out.



Can we please just appreciate the Olympic standard regulation warm-up whores though? There needs to be a game based around that.



Google translated from dlsite:

2015 11/11


Change the shape and color of a quadruped walking monster.



- Fixed a problem that rifle bullets give multiple damage to enemies at the wall.

· Move the map while displaying the message when Erika destroys the message

Fixed a bug that remained remaining.

Not sure how crucial the 1.24 updates are. But according to someone on ulmf, the change in 1.25 was done because download site DMM doesn't allow beastiality and I guess a particular creature was too close for them.


ACT stands for action game. More than likely it's a side-scrolling game, because that's what most of them are, but sometimes not.


>Downloaded Lab 2 demo

>None of my keys seem to work except like F2 and I'm stuck on the title screen

>After like 10 minutes of fucking around, I figure out the game disables keyboard input if a controller is detected.

What a crock of shit. I wish people would stop doing this.



>the game disables keyboard input if a controller is detected

Dumb as hell, it's not like it'd cause problems to leave both enabled at the same time.


I'm looking forward to that Rouge the Bat hentai game.

inb4 furry




You mean that ProjectX thing?




Oh, poor guy. That's a never ever.

The sprites there are pretty good, though.



What rouge the bat game


File: a71dae61574d14a⋯.jpg (78.11 KB, 852x480, 71:40, CuRdCasW8AEE8gn.jpg)




This one.

Project X would be decent if it wasn't for the retarded cum inflation.


File: 9fcbe975d74f36e⋯.gif (2.99 MB, 256x195, 256:195, TRIGGERED.gif)


> basically the unicorn of action porn games.

>nyaa link is ded because nyaa is kill

Why must you taunt me so?




Connection timed out. I've been having this problem with anime-sharing for a while now. Site isn't down or anything it seems, anybody have an idea how to resolve this?


File: c00525b4a7ad0e4⋯.gif (1.45 MB, 400x256, 25:16, tumblr_mj8cqu09ES1qdlh1io1….gif)


>Has no rape

>Assume you mean all sex is consensual

>There's no sex at all

Oh okay



I thought that said the Patron of Hothead.



Really if we were sensible we'd be mandating magnets with everything here.



Is there a download?


File: 7522b6da75ae202⋯.png (476.16 KB, 800x1130, 80:113, c16b5629470fe1aba03ab524d8….png)



Seconding these two.


File: 4b82ded85e6d4bb⋯.jpg (46.35 KB, 312x312, 1:1, 1469518048275.jpg)




anybody have a link



403 error


File: 19a26f8fb52a3d4⋯.png (367.9 KB, 1450x1233, 1450:1233, anime-sharing post.png)







I cant find any of the monster girls in FoBS

its just wandering around a fucking portal hub forever


File: 5e3aa43848e8999⋯.jpg (67.16 KB, 680x680, 1:1, Absolutely Phazon.jpg)


>Anything other than yuri


Well that's a thread relevant to my interests, played two sprite based games recently, this one


And "Anthrophobia"

First one is literally metroid but really lacking in porn, not even a replay for the scenes. second one has trash game-over CG's but pretty damn nice sprites, but apparently there's a newer version but I couldn't find a download


Fug, anyone remember the code for the side-scroller where you're a loli with a hammer? I recall it having a full body portrait always there off to the side.



You talking about the vita action game? The one with the nanoha (Nonoha?) lady?

https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/1737913 This one right? As per usual the torrent is fucking dead but I hope this helps.



Neat, yes that was the one thanks Anon.


File: f9b583aebf662d0⋯.jpg (138.84 KB, 800x600, 4:3, nost8dtzv49l.jpg)

File: 9e0baf8633c87a9⋯.jpg (194.88 KB, 800x600, 4:3, RJ120676_02.jpg)

File: 71f6a12040483f6⋯.jpg (118.31 KB, 800x600, 4:3, RJ120676_03.jpg)



Actually lets do this properly.

Vita's Great Escape

tags: platformer, monsters, gallery, rape, loli

download: https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/1737913



>check the Project X portal

>the fucking autist is asking if anyone plays Sonic the Hedgehog themed games where the enemy's only attack is to brutally rape an underage rabbit girl in the ass, mouth and pussy, full force with their friends in 2P mode

>this pivotal question is probably delaying the creation of stage 5 because they're bellyaching over adding in animations that pause the game for the duration of the animation or change the camera


The closest I think I've ever got to this was watching my friend play fucking Euphoria while I threw up over mic and he kept an eye out for cops.


File: 90afbc85de03030⋯.jpg (421.54 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ200725_img_main.jpg)


Looks interesting enough, and just released a few hours ago.




honestly i dont even know why the dude brought it up. Theres like, nothing actually worth sharing about it because as far as i've seen it hasnt even really started production. hotred put out a gif of a finisher that rouge can do where she face sits a dude and then other than that its like a map concept, two images of tails cumming on rouge's tits, and thats about it. No gameplay previews, no demo, nothing else.


guys, i really want finel-fantasy style turn based sprite sex game. anyone know one?



Didn't a pre-alpha just come out or is that just some bullshit?


Future Fragments v0.20 or 0.19 are no where to be found, anyone have it?


File: 6773f117f7d51f5⋯.jpg (78.82 KB, 1120x840, 4:3, Banner image.jpg)

Newest game, i hope you all will enjoy, i had to register on some russian site to get this,

Anthophobia 1.5




thanks guy, been looking for this!




also there exists a uncensor patch




What do you even do with that file.



forgot to tell that it was supposed to go to

Users > ur profile > appdata > local > anthopobia




Namefagging is bannable on this board if you're not a dev.


File: d87c1cd754477a5⋯.jpg (312.84 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ201866_img_main.jpg)

File: 6734dc02c7fc7e0⋯.jpg (208.86 KB, 960x540, 16:9, RJ201866_img_smp2.jpg)

The Evil Spirit of The Heavenly Sky

tags: platformer, part vore, tentacles

Platformer with light vore and good animations. Very similar to Eroico in style.

If you have hitbox problems try playing in windowed mode (Alt+Enter)

DL: http://rapidgator.net/file/9d6b1ca5909f4eaa24a2e6886b341176

Includes 32 and 64 bit versions!



Can I get a mirror on a site that isn't ass?

Rapidgator is just asking me to enter a captcha, except there's no captcha image and no input box anywhere.

I tried on a Firefox install with plenty of addons, a clean IE and a mostly clean Opera and they all show the same, so I can't download from it at all.




Works perfect, thanks.



Yes, autist, sperg out over the comment about the controls and ignore the fact that I never said the game was difficult, just utter shit. I'd even put up with the controls being total ass if the art style weren't so unutterably hideous. I have a 100,000 word vocabulary and I can't think of a way to adequately express how ugly the art is for that game.


File: e0dc7f4a162ddfa⋯.jpg (127.35 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ145229_img_main.jpg)

File: e0a3c86ba374f8c⋯.jpg (185.87 KB, 640x480, 4:3, RJ145229_img_smp1.jpg)


tags: platformer, gallery, full save

Side scrolling shooting game with full save everything unlocked.

There's a level select system so I recommend using the full save file if you get impatient with some of the sections.

DL: https://mega.nz/#!sHwjlDAT!EBmKj3BTXjpXKc5AIrkCbiG-IXmBVqdxzu3NnNiKnyM


Monster Love Hotel looks nice.

Not too keen on the art style, but nice.



5.1 MB? Is this for real?



It is. Not bad either.


File: ca7312b8cd6a40c⋯.jpg (233.05 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ191638_img_main.jpg)

File: c5e7a85c4e8201c⋯.jpg (343.6 KB, 800x600, 4:3, RJ191638_img_smp1.jpg)

Milky Quest

tags: rpg, battle fuck, monster girl

Very simplistic battle fuck game with pixel art style.

The animations are ok but gets a bit grindy.

DL: https://mega.nz/#!hOpHGDIA!cLJ3lTlBn63_RYDoIinqdbHQfQGKoTuezUDIwzNZtZg


It should extract to 117 MB. 7z has very good compression compared to other formats.



>117 MB

>to 5 MB

I suspect they just packed it with zeroes for the dumb joke.




any translation?


does anyone have Shukyusho Gakuen Gaiden The Legend of Hanpane Island




I took the uncensored files from the demo and put them in, theres only 5 enemies that have changed but the spritework is nice.


Apparently theres more on the enty but i cant read that shit to find out.


File: f78337574b23be1⋯.jpg (210.76 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ121936_img_main.jpg)

File: b6e7005462635e8⋯.jpg (130.48 KB, 827x520, 827:520, RJ121936_img_smp2.jpg)

Destroy Girl * Kanon Chan

tags: platformer, tentacles, shooter

Side scrolling shooter in the style of LAB still alive.

No gallery and the CGs are pretty meh.

DL: https://mega.nz/#!EHwhDbCT!2Rt1JuijNWn9LAA6lurflUAPbVOfciBGjpOXMBhf_aE


No translation currently and I doubt it will ever get one. Check out the ulmf thread if you're having problems.



Nice, too bad there isn't a complete uncensored version anywhere.


File: 719884fc277fa32⋯.jpg (311.2 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ203290_img_main.jpg)

File: d2abfaee2cca78d⋯.jpg (743.97 KB, 960x720, 4:3, RJ203290_img_smp1.jpg)

School Dot Fight

tags: beat em up, rape, gallery

This one is recent so I haven't completed it yet.

You have to lose to unlock the animation in the gallery which is a giant pain.

DL: #!lTJBWLrC!Z6oW3UgbAazg5dgJbASbyPvzJXYGWVEk2EPpnCS4W-0



Cool game.

Press UP to use Clothing items to heal yourslef and restore clothing.

Some enemies, like shota and red head kid, have animations which can only pe triggered when two of them rape you at once.



When I load up the game, it acts like I have the left key held down forever. Both menus and the actual game are stuck scrolling to the left. Any idea what the problem is?



Nevermind, my bluetooth adapter was doing weird things. I think it was ghost of the Wiimote I had connected a while back.



>You have to lose to unlock the animation in the gallery which is a giant pain.

Open the save.in and add these in.




























File: 9ab1608fa776429⋯.gif (3.71 MB, 392x432, 49:54, sympho_final_scale.gif)

Kyrieu made a blog post recently and seems to be working on Noaika again. I guess he has been having some health problems. He released a new animation too.



Thanks anon. I was wondering what those values were about in the save file.



What exactly do I do with that random string of numbers?



It's a magnet link, anon. If you have a BitTorrent client installed on your computer, you can simply click on the link in your browser and it'll launch the client so that it can find and download and seed your game.



why is brock from pokemon fucking a little girl from a different universe.



do u hve the link or like a mega



It's a part of a Mega.



Fun game, but its a shame there is no variety in humanoid enemies. Plenty of random objects or bugs with tentacles though, if you're into that sort of degeneracy


full translation never


>redditor appears

>every single game he posts is trash with dead links

reddit. not even once.


File: f495ff898f1cafc⋯.png (416.68 KB, 800x600, 4:3, マニュアルp1.png)

File: b80aca01795f6d7⋯.png (273.25 KB, 800x600, 4:3, マニュアルp2.png)

File: 9b84bf20cf500a6⋯.png (275.37 KB, 800x600, 4:3, マニュアルp3.png)

Samurai Sacrament

tags: platformer, gallery

Didn't see a working link in the thread lets fix that. This one is a must play.




female enemies? Lesbian rape?



so whats the mega link i see the DL but where do i put that



Nobody is going to spoonfeed you any more than they already have if you can't figure it out you don't deserve the files.



There needs to be a culling of all the low-IQ posters on 8chan, it might explain why there are so many cuckchan-tier threads being made on /v/ and the like.



Dude come on this ain't fucking rocket science.


File: ee0d8969b925ae5⋯.jpg (321.35 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ175418_img_main.jpg)

Labyrinth of 9 Rooms

tags: platformer, shooter

Very simple metroidvania with atari level animations. Pretty short but gameplay is decent.




we dont take kindly to yer types around these parts son


this one has better gameplay than porn to be honest. getting raped is actually pretty difficult since you have to spend all your stamina


there are two female enemies, but sadly they only shove random items into the hero's vag. nothing more than that.


Don't suppose anyone has Guild Meister 2?



the link is broken


File: 34f9cfef4699e1e⋯.jpg (296.28 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ126415_img_main.jpg)

Labyrinth of Holyma

tags: platformer, shooter, gallery, light vore

This one was hard to find but I finally found it. The first boss is pretty difficult so I had to use cheat engine to beat him (double value for hp easy to find). Animations are fairly good and there's decent variety.




Here you go, my dude


This is version 1.03, downloaded back in May. Not sure if it's the latest.


File: 652b022374bf4d7⋯.jpg (321.48 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ192714_img_main.jpg)

File: 3c99aa7e70ba1ca⋯.jpg (133.53 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ192714_img_smp3.jpg)

禍津胎母~Keep your tight rope

tags: action, gallery, pc/mac

New release from a new circle. The sprites are nice but the controls are a bit shit (especially the jump dear lord).

Oh, there's a pc and mac version. Macfags rejoice!




the pc version when you open it to play it just doesn't respond



Works on my machine. You may need to rename the folders to english or run in Japanese locale.



Not working for me either. Jap locale doesn't seem to help.


File: 8e98e20b28a0868⋯.gif (13.96 KB, 128x128, 1:1, Anth Defeat gif 2.gif)

I'm looking for games with special "defeated" sex animations separate from the regular "damaging" ones. Pic related is an example. Anyone here who can help me out?



Gib sauce



The gif is from Anthophobia


That sort of thing can be hard to tell if the game isn't consistent though. For example, I think Still Alive Lab has exactly ONE animation that triggers on game over, (slime boss) while everything else will continue the regular animation, only with the girl nude. (her clothes vanish at 0HP.)




>no other lewd content with the witch girl after the first area


>doesn't even stick around for emergency load dumping



I'm looking for this RJ153305

Anyone got it? It's pretty old so I'm having trouble finding links


Anybody have trouble with the game "School Dot Fight" that was posted here? The game opens and runs, but it doesn't respond to any inputs.



how playable is it without speaking moonrunes?



There's an updated version on sukebei that has bug fixes and invincibility mode try using that version.


The only issue is you don't know what you're buying in the shop until you buy it. Switching to english in the options menu crashes my game maybe wait until a translation if you're concerned.




I'm still not having any luck getting this game to actually play.


Lab still alive if anyone still wants it.




I think I must be doing something incredibly stupid and wrong, but whenever I try to play the game it just says "There was an error selecting and acquiring the device".



Try unplugging your controller.



Is that Colette?


Does anyone know of any games that have any realtime monster/insect preg and birth like Parasite in City's fly monster?



Do you have an updated version of the sequel? Mine is from 2016



Not released yet only demo available you can check out the devs blog if you want it's in moon runes though.



File: e6d03d8a624dae3⋯.jpg (35.03 KB, 496x615, 496:615, 1500690860.jpg)


Can anyone share a savefile for this game that is near completion or complete? My savefile got fucked after beating the Harpy boss


File: abc49bf7e7d7979⋯.jpg (54.48 KB, 900x900, 1:1, photo.jpg)

any of you guys have a download for any Grimhelm games?




seconding this



played it: Final boss has a glitch where he's in 2 states, and even if you beat him, the game doesn't end.




I have both Dark Star and Dungeon Maid on a usb but they are both over 500mb and I don't know of any service that doesn't require a sign up that will let me upload that much



This is surprisingly good



It's called split the file, and upload many links to many pomf clones. Then make a torrent with webseeds for them.



Tripling for this one.



Anon, you just asked for the lewd game version of a Unicorn. Pretty sure that doesn't exist outside of PiC.



>I don't know any service

Nofile.io or filedropper will both do the trick, anon.



pls respond

somebody surely must have it



Dark Star torrents are up on nyaa, anon. Not sure about the other game.

This one worked for me. https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/1783933



anyone got a mega for that? I would really like one.



There's a working mega link for that game in this thread. Pay attention.



Lycoris / 異形の箱庭 has this. There's a thread about it here:




Pomf's translation doesn't seem to work properly, and Biyori 404s. Old post, I know, but anyone else got info?



Correction: I was retarded, forgot to run in Japanese mode. Biyori's translation works fine.


File: b044cdd11b953ab⋯.png (43.32 KB, 737x562, 737:562, gymboss.png)

File: b89d84afead962d⋯.png (44.98 KB, 671x420, 671:420, otherstyle.png)

File: 79bcf68a454d956⋯.png (6.64 KB, 712x554, 356:277, Umbreon.png)

File: f5be640a3c3fff1⋯.gif (49.23 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Lisa_Haunter_Rape_02.gif)

File: 57593e4b3b27a50⋯.png (9.1 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Kabutops_RapeScene-Leaf_fr….png)

Seems like an appropriate thread to post it in. Came across this gem completely on accident while clicking random links earlier. Not much content, but it ate up an hour or two of time screwing around no pun intended pun intended.




No luck for me either, tried everything i can, crashes on startup.



i think this one was being made by someone on /loli/, i saw a thread about it there once.



the writing is pretty retarded but otherwise shows some promise, thanks for the link.


File: bdadec9faf5988d⋯.jpg (63.21 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ192796_img_main.jpg)

File: 7f35c2dace78fb6⋯.jpg (264.73 KB, 640x480, 4:3, RJ192796_img_smp3.jpg)


Not even sure this is the right place for this – probably isn't – but honestly don't give enough of a fuck. Anyone got a save for Project X: Love Potion Disaster 7.4? I'd ask on their forums but they're all usually pretty anal about sharing saves and I don't want to have to grind though the game again.



future fragments v 25 is out



No, but here's the torrent I grabbed it from magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ULZPNDRFPBCKHNHAEGJOLVDISN63WL4X



Doesn't appear to have a gallery mode yet, unless I'm missing something.



It doesn't, dlsite notes say it'll be coming in the next update.



Oh nice



I can't find a link anywhere.

Is it only for Patreon?






kinda of disappointing compared to the first imo. A lot of enemies don't have animations and some of the ones that do aren't even erotic animations. One of them is literally "watch her struggle with worms attempting to strangle her" not even in a lewd way.


File: ce6f30333ad586a⋯.gif (3.12 MB, 189x240, 63:80, 16 - 1.gif)


Eh, anyone care to actually compare? I remember that there were a fair bit of non-ero enemies in the first one too, they're just unmemorable for that reason. (Basically any of the robots. And even the end boss of the core game.)

More importantly, are there any animations as long/elaborate as the extra zone boss from the first game? Any enemies you can rape back after you win? (Like the girl that's the protagonist of this game now.)



Where do we go to keep up woth the game?


Does anyone have a link for the latest version of She Ill Server [ http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE208892.html ]? The dev updated it with an English translation.






Seconding this, can only find 1.05



File seems broken to me. WinRAR refuses to open.




That's your problem.



Alright, give me a better option. 7Zip complains just as much.



Only your monsters can do the raping, right?

The MC can't?



7zip fag please go.


There's literally nothing out there 7zip can handle that WinRAR can't. Plus the UI isn't shit.



Bro, I don't even care. Point is, the rar is fucked.

I found a 1.0.1 torrent, though, and that one worked.



No anon. The download isn't fucked, your copy is fucked. I just redownloaded it and it's perfectly fine.



Both .rar and .7z files upgrade over time, most people just don't realize it. Try upgrading your file extraction software. I know some files have a bug where if you try to open the file certain ways it won't, but it extracts just fine in other ways.



Wow, that did it. I'd have thought that the program could have simply mentioned the file was too new, but whatever. Thanks for the suggestion.




I thank you for your help.



>More importantly, are there any animations as long/elaborate as the extra zone boss from the first game?

Definitely the demo had the yellow miniboss which was pretty great in my opinion




There's definitely a famine of ero content. The boss in the demo sort of misrepresents the rest of the game, as most of the other bosses don't really have sexy animations as far as I remember.

Enemies are highly recycled, and like the bosses, few even have animations, most of which are soft vore or ryona.

The game side is slightly more interesting as there's a slight bit more variety in the weapons and the speed booster makes gettign around a little less boring.

But overall, unless they update with more content later, I'd say it just doesn't live up to the first one.

Edit: fix your damned formatting.

Post last edited at



this game is great, can only recommend. There's a quite strong katana that you have to backtrack for, it's in the second plant area i believe there's some kind of door that needs a keycard obtained later. Sorry if this description is a bit fuzzy, it's been a while.



For comparison, what is your verdict on Lightning Warrior Raidy, Lab: Still Alive and Kurovadis?


can someone re-upload Flying Princess please?

OP's link is dead, thanks


Just a heads up for anyone who cares, Kyrieru released an Asteroids-like game.



File: d385d8cdec27ac2⋯.jpg (406.18 KB, 1280x847, 1280:847, 0.jpg)

File: 35341a053a669cc⋯.gif (639.57 KB, 300x200, 3:2, 019_PixelArt.gif)

File: dc57e9a9c1d9982⋯.gif (216.57 KB, 300x200, 3:2, 021_PixelArt.gif)

File: f66a57709db0b50⋯.gif (390.79 KB, 300x200, 3:2, 044_PixelArt.gif)

Heroine Hunting, one of the best game I played, good voiceover and sprite animation.

Gameplay is too easy, but the porn is nice.



How have I not seen this before? Thanks anon.




As if that would be needed. Given how much sex already happens in the olympic village, it wouldn't make much difference.


File: 24398d3cb768f2d⋯.jpg (116.45 KB, 560x420, 4:3, Dream buster alice.jpg)

File: 2136f2b5cdaadb1⋯.jpg (197.37 KB, 560x420, 4:3, Virgin invader2.jpg)

Dream Buster Alice - You play with a trap. You and the other traps have to defeat and rape pretty girls to go to the next level. Pretty short and fun.

Virgin Invader - Rape'em up. You play with a demon lord.Defeat and rapegirls to replenish your magic bar. Have your hot minions support you. Very cool boss battles.



Is there a torrent for 1.1 english of virgin invader? I've tried looking around, couldn't find one.




Wouldn't this be more appropriate in the begging thread?

I don't know about 1.1, but I know about 1.02: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:b952b700db48794bf04e72f7ff20efb62c9dece5&dn=Virgin%20Invader%20(Ver.1.02).rar&tr=udp%3a%2f%2f9.rarbg.com%3a2710%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.zer0day.to%3a1337%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fexplodie.org%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.opentrackr.org%3a1337%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f%2fopen.nyaatorrents.info%3a6544%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f%2ftracker.opentrackr.org%3a1337%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fp4p.arenabg.com%3a1337%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fpornleech.com%3a2710%2fannounce

If I recall correctly, isn't 1.1 a special edition released only for his top 100 patreons or something?




Hounds of the blade comes to mind. If I am not misstaken the game maker abandoned it for something else. Which was what he did to his previous work when he started on HoTB.

If you want to know more this is as good a place to start as any

Post last edited at





Managed to find a torrent for 1.1, had to comb through a few different search engines to do it. Has an option to switch the language to English.


Here's a link for an uncensored pack for above torrent.


Thanks for trying to help mates, enjoy.



The game play in the second game is significantly better. The controls layout is better. The protagonist has more moves. There is more variety in the weapons.

What it lacks is pretty significant. Why they left out the gallery from the first one I do not know. You can teleport to whatever you world you want and fuck whatever you are interested in seeing, but it's not quite as convenient as the old gallery. I also miss the reverse rape and cute little bits like the shower scene. Some h-animations are better, though.

It's a mixed bag. The game itself is a lot more playable, but certain features are missed. Once you get the gallery completely unlocked you are probably not going to ever do anything else with the first game. With the second game, there is at least a little bit of replay value. It's just a question of preference.



There have been updates since the initial release, so it may have a gallery now.



Supposedly they did in 1.05, but I do not know where to find that version.


File: f04e4f71e2edf40⋯.gif (62.42 KB, 250x200, 5:4, player.gif)

File: c996ab3598fe1e0⋯.gif (13.36 KB, 250x200, 5:4, player-reload.gif)

Is the parasite in city dead 100% ? Do we know why the author has stopped working on the game ? Is there anything with the similar quality of the sprites out there?



Due to the new strict anti-porn law in Korea, the dev has stopped working on it and there's no direct contact with him. There was one guy that had some contact (verified) but even he is out of reach for a year or so. So you can safely assume that the game is dead and won't be resurrected. As for similar titles, depends on what you mean by similar. There's one game shitty game from Alibi that was heavily inspired by PiC (characters, levels etc). If you mean similar in graphics or gameplay, it's hard to find anything close to it (other than yet another act game).


Are there any sprite rpgmaker or similar games as large as NTRPG in the same genre? Like, with no CGs or gifs at all, just sprites.

Platformers where you need to lose for sex or games that cut into pictures over the sprites get boring after a while.



Has anyone been able to rip the sprites from this game? I for the life of me can't



File: ac26ef1869d00a0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 518.42 KB, 600x800, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


Ah my b different game


I don't know if this is the place to ask for it, but I can't find anything.

There's this pixel game made quite a while ago that features a bigger, chubbier/thicker futanari (I think she has green hair) who fucks a smaller (possibly blue-haired) female in a dungeon-like setting. It's a short game but there's several positions and stuff that includes cum inflation.

Please help me find it!



RJ081798. Good stuff



Damn the download link I used to use is dead. Thanks anyway!


File: d36a2915d4da20e⋯.png (459.87 KB, 750x1020, 25:34, ancapok.png)


Thanks brother.



So what the fuck do I do with the slug/slime enemies? they're fucking invincible



FOBS updated to 1.15b, thread linked was deleted and cannot be bumped.


updated to 1.15b

password still fobs1152200 when prompted at the bottom



somewhere a completed save for this? cant be bothered to actually play the game


RJ220960 is out, looks great


Anyone have Future Fragments v0.30?


Are there any other games like Witch Girl, where the h-sprites are triggered by you walking into enemy/enemy's attack, and the game is overall really simple?

I've played most games here but I often get put off by how "complicated" they are.



Game is actually a giant pain in the ass. You walk slow as hell and advancing through levels is boring because it mainly consist of breaking through shitty blocks.

The sprite work is decent but the animations are nothing to really write home about.

I've also got this game breaking bug where I don't get game over'd upon losing all my health, so there's no way to view the game over sprite scenes.




its ded



Hey, you can't fool me - this is just an adult version of Wonder Momo!

(also the link is broken now)


File: 9375499e652c21d⋯.gif (526.98 KB, 156x179, 156:179, Future Fragment.gif)

File: 477bb15518fec84⋯.gif (523 KB, 180x124, 45:31, Future Fragment2.gif)

File: 251cb644d380c58⋯.gif (579.45 KB, 188x105, 188:105, Future Fragment3.gif)

File: 7baf4029c0137b2⋯.gif (621.13 KB, 168x192, 7:8, Future Fragment4.gif)

Anyone got the savefiles for Future Fragment? I just want access to the gallery.


How many of these have a virginity mechanic? Makes these “lose=get raped” games more enticing for me.



Is that game even finished?




Lolno. Thats a scam.


File: 73a191347f10be4⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 500x278, 250:139, Revulsion.gif)


>Miner running at 50%

>Disable adblock to download



got a link to the latest version?



Talia is my wife.

Also just look up Future Fragments on Pornhub and you'll pretty much get the gallery in its current entirety.



I want to know this too.



Violated Heroine has them.



I've been enjoying its development, they have issues like every Patreon dev but you could do a lot worse.


The gallery's missing some from the first level and everything from the fourth level, but otherwise agreed.


The "latest build" is https://mega.nz/#!5FUB1AQY!GeFqbckqp00YwRKanDMwc7Yq9iY_o7I0h4b5UBZghSw but they release demos differently than most devs, so that link is an in progress build of the fourth level and doesn't have much content or polish.

If you want to see an actual polished level from the game with a few hours of content, best look at the free demo at https://gamejolt.com/games/FutureFragments/332701


File: 5f487aaa2888cd0⋯.webm (3.98 MB, 720x405, 16:9, 1539499109597.webm)



What's the name of this one?


File: 15f6f411705e942⋯.webm (3.96 MB, 548x708, 137:177, 1539541004271.webm)


Night of Revenge


Why are there no games where you PLAY A GUY



Why are 90% of the games some retarded bullshit about playing a girl who gets raped? What kind of man gets off to that?

Explain yourselves, latent homosexuals.


File: f38debd69be75a4⋯.jpg (58.01 KB, 625x626, 625:626, lOfEkl0.png.jpg)



>"I like to play women in videogames because I like to look at their asses"

Sure thing, faggot.


File: 1353906fd27b4bf⋯.webm (2.97 MB, 424x178, 212:89, 1497506708456.webm)



Last version I played there was only an empty town after the church boss. What's new on the latest version?



Like four areas with like 8 enemies, two traps, like six sex scenes, and a boss.

Also the town has a game over animation too. And a full gallery was added, along with more weapons and rings.


File: 927900e5786cdab⋯.jpg (124.44 KB, 548x442, 274:221, ss (2018-10-15 at 04.47.40….jpg)

File: 6042823a885f723⋯.jpg (88.78 KB, 556x447, 556:447, ss (2018-10-15 at 04.41.43….jpg)

File: 8fee0a70b8f2912⋯.jpg (59.42 KB, 534x407, 534:407, ss (2018-10-15 at 04.47.15….jpg)

Since no one has mentioned it, RJ201323, さよこ~星に願いを掛けた夏 is a decent sprite sex game.

It is very, very much an NTR game though, and in the real sense instead of the way it's thrown around as an insult around here, so if you don't like that heads up



You have my interest, whats this


File: 26f06c1f6a980b3⋯.png (433.69 KB, 626x627, 626:627, antifa gay unicorn.png)


>Since no one has mentioned it

>It is very, very much an NTR game

>First pic is copyright FAGS

What the fuck are you even doing?


File: 0530d28a3eb20b7⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 651x758, 651:758, bouncypits.gif)



Come on anon, where's the mega?


File: df8132b08ef0bb8⋯.webm (509.24 KB, 470x720, 47:72, YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….webm)


Me again, I found 0.17 but I can't find 0.18 anywhere.




Alps and the Dangerous Forest.

It's Limbo but the deaths end with porn. Most have a sprite animation, some also have a CG, and three have fully animated scene.


I distinctly remember a sort of defense game where you "dig" tunnels through a set of minesweeper-like blocks, sending out monsters to rape incoming heroes. Do any of you anons remember that?



Pretty Warrior May Cry/Demon May Cry



>Pretty Warrior May Cry

Well hot giggity damn, thats one fast reply anon.



File: 63bea188e274ed1⋯.gif (1.36 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 06567c2f.gif)


Fuck you



I love you too anon




You got the rest of the webms? The thread they were posted in dropped off the board.


File: f96002058c8a890⋯.jpg (20.37 KB, 240x240, 1:1, hawking.jpg)


> can't find 0.18 anywhere.


here it is, fresh off of ULMF


File: 18bbedecf757bb4⋯.webm (2.27 MB, 1094x630, 547:315, 1516864167594.webm)


File: db5a6981d0305f5⋯.jpg (119.73 KB, 464x534, 232:267, x2l.jpg)


thanks my guy


File: 73ab87abcfc945b⋯.mp4 (97.34 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Aniki_I_love_you_guys.mp4)



Where can I get a translated version?



As I understand it, you can't.




Does the new enemies have any H scenes?

I diden't found any, plus seems the new level cannot be completed yet



you too


no they do not. the only new scene is the spider trap.


File: 27e1781ec83d6b5⋯.jpg (35.31 KB, 500x280, 25:14, 1536533057702.jpg)


absolute unit


File: 055faddec272c2b⋯.png (1.02 MB, 695x903, 695:903, image.png)

rip in piece



Oh damn, new version out already?



Yeah, just yesterday.



Oh fuck yeah



File: 314a975ca15ab81⋯.webm (918.98 KB, 782x752, 391:376, 1541027524114.webm)


The new sword is fun and strong.


Anything that's exclusively monster/futa on female? Ugly Bastard is an instant turnoff, and nothing but monster/machine gets kind of boring


File: 8675334cca633ef⋯.webm (367.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Dissapointed_in_Yui.webm)


The new boss doesn't even have a H-animation and neither do the snails.

The mobs from the rooftop level don't even have H-animations, I'm pretty disappointed to be honest.



Where is that gif from?



Looks like Bitch Exorcist Rio 3.



What's still missing

>second half of first boss animation

>second boss animation

>third boss animation

>villager animation

>zombie animation

>priest animation

>snail animation

>game overs for anywhere but the rainy village and the night town

The new area with the zombies and priests is great though. The catacombs make the long horizontal length feel neat.


File: 7794af7e10302a1⋯.png (95.11 KB, 534x664, 267:332, 1488478157123.png)

stupid question i know but where can I find a translated version of Night of revenge even just the ui would be nice currently I have no idea how really do anything.


File: 8c04d86ad305314⋯.jpg (116.25 KB, 401x333, 401:333, 8c04d86ad30531483534ee74ab….jpg)

Didn't read the thread. Fuck you.

Is there games of this style where you can be the guy/thing doing the FUCKING, or are all of these games about self-inserting into the girl getting railed by BBC orcs with acid cum?



Virgin Invader



As far as I've seen, there's no translated version. Move with A and D, jump with Space, use F to dash, Q to use items, and I think it's E to rotate the items. You can change all those settings in the menu, but if you go into that god awful abomination, only use keyboard controls to navigate, or you will get soft locked in the menu and have to force quit.



I know there's another one where you play a futa demon thing in a fantasy setting.








What is with the controls? If I go into the menu with "I" nothing on the keyboard or mouse will let me back out of it.



You gotta git gud


File: cb648e9c773b92a⋯.png (278.29 KB, 700x543, 700:543, 1539744896193.png)






all those bone jiggling creeps me out a little, reminds me of dead space death scenes, where your nervous system gets taken over

this game is giving me an unhealthy mix of emotions




heres a hash for the version im dling off nyaa, theres one other seeder so ill try and seed as well


File: 983691c17cc5601⋯.png (3.7 KB, 608x21, 608:21, Capture.PNG)


its gonna be one of those days


File: de3daa3709dc3a9⋯.jpg (151.38 KB, 385x699, 385:699, Smug Poplar.jpg)


Well yeah, the download time is about a day.



im not gonna even check those you smug little BAKA



where did they get those screams i wonder, it sounds like genuine fear instead of regular porn moans, nice



how do you know what you pick up off the ground anywways? its all runes



Perhaps they hired female version of a regular human being. Voice actress, most probably.



You could try reading it?



They sound like some of the free use voice packs sold on DLsite.


I remember a game getting posting here some years ago, but I can't remember the name of it for the life of me. You play as some QT cat/wolfgirl with a dagger and the game itself is something of a metroidvania. About 3/4 of the enemies are monstergirls that sprout dicks when you get downed. I think the title has "fairy" in it, but I am not too sure. Anybody know what I am talking about?



Flower Fairy



Fairy Fighting, Wolf's Dungeon


Does Night of Revenge even belong here? I thought the whole draw to sprite sex was that it was animated traditionally frame by frame, and not animated with tweens or spine animation like how NoR is.

Wouldn't games like Shinobi Girl or Witch Girl get posted here too then? At that point, doesn't this just become 2D animated hentai games in general?





This is correct



"Sprite" kind of refers to character art "sprites". The complaint you're makiing would be more approriate on a pixel-art thread, but this is more about the same character sprites you control engaging in sex.

So yes, Shinobi Girl and Witch Girl definitely fit. Most RPG Maker games, however, won't. Exception to games like VH!, which does feature sprite sex (and animated cgs, but that's different).

If there was a venn diagram for this, Sprite Sex would be a smaller circle inside of 2D Animated Hentai Games, perhaps even bleeding out into 3d Hentai Games (flying princess is a 3d game with 2d sprites that have sex!), and even coming a little outside of both (when made intentionally, as some tumblr animators do).



If something is 2D and animated but it isn't a sprite, then what is it? The only thing I could think of that would qualify for this would be full screen CGs. Everything else would be a sprite.

On a side note, I played Night of Revenge, and whew that game needs some polish. It's got an okay foundation but everyone looks like they're having seizures during sex and the actual gameplay has a lot of collision and physics issues, lots of cases of unresponsive or laggy controls too.



there's a reason it's still in 0.1X


File: 9836e3eb7a7799a⋯.png (698.49 KB, 625x1077, 625:1077, Rip in Piece.png)

File: 71bf171f89e32c0⋯.png (750.76 KB, 743x991, 743:991, Rip in Piece 2 Eletric Boo….png)

File: 636e578268aab46⋯.png (2.85 MB, 1913x1076, 1913:1076, Spiderboss.png)


Considering the ryona in Bullet Requiem I wonder what else is in store for Aradia later on? Maybe some bigger fishmen? I also wonder what the spider boss' scene would be. It does look like it could lay a mean clutch of eggs. Maybe it could use Aradia as an eggsack?



I think the real question is "how the fuck will it grab her?"

If she's on the upper layer and kills the two bodies, can she get grabbed? Does it need to swing the lower arms to do it?

But hell yeah I want eggs to be poured into her until you can call her a Continental Breakfast: eggs, milk, muffed, juiced, and pancaked.


File: 7be92032948f96d⋯.png (2.92 MB, 1917x1073, 1917:1073, SpiderMob.png)

File: c5e2d72604ba8b0⋯.jpg (185.91 KB, 600x873, 200:291, ranken1.jpg)

File: 950518c81a4fa85⋯.jpg (176.71 KB, 600x873, 200:291, ranken2.jpg)


Probably the same way the grunts grab her. Scoop her up with claws and secure her with webs. I hope the bosses get more sequences. Like a set for when Aradia has HP and a set for when she's defeated.

For example: When the spider boss knocks her when still still has HP, it hauls her up to it's face and lets down a tentacle to use a similar animation to the grunts but from a different angle. Since it's so big then the tentacle might give us a nice bulge, like the fishmen. Maybe give of the reverse angle of the spider grunts so we get a nice view of her pussy stretching around the tentacle. Then for the 0HP version, we get the same cycle but after it's done, the enemies at the top will haul her up to their level with the webs. They each grab an elbow and a knee and hold her in a sort of spread eagle sitting position. Once she's in position an ovipositor, even larger than the tentacle, emerges from the spiderbosses' body right under her. (Since the spiderbosses' body is already a clusterfuck of body-horror, it'll make just as much sense as the rest of it) Once it's out the top-guys lower her onto it. She notices and begins to struggle. Top guys bind her arms above her head and to the main body to keep her upright as they adjust their grip. They grab her under her knees and above her hips. This way they can keep her legs open as they apply pressure to force down her hips. They begin struggle with this a bit. Despite the stretching she got from the tentacle's brutal thrashing she's still bit tight for this. Topguys comtinue forcing her down. They get about a third of the way down before they can't go further. She gets used as a masturbatory aid (again) as topguys try to loosen and lube her up further. Each thrust gets her a little further down. About halfways the spiderboss gets impatient and yanks her down with the strands of web it still has on it's claws. Aradia convulses silently after she get impaled by the entire length of the ovipositor in one hard yank. The spiderboss goes full Ranken until most of her bodymass is eggs. Aradia passes out from the strain. Topguys then move her up and down on the ovipositor. The eggs gotta come back out sometime. Her hole needs to be nice and pliable for easy delivery.

It goes on like this until you select game over then get a neat scene where her belly thrashes about as little spiders occasionally crawl out of her pussy.

That being said. I did read that D-lis wants it so that you don't game over when you lose all you HP. He just hasn't thought about how to implement it yet. That sounds pretty neat for normal enemies.I'd go the Wing of Roldea route with that. Might be a fun way to unlock new areas. Aradia gets rapes until she passes out and when she comes to she's being raped in their lair in some undiscovered part of the map.You could use it as a sort of easy mode. Can't find a way into the castle(or whatever)? FEAR NOT! These gargoyles will take you their lair on one of the towers when they abduct you!



>Probably the same way the grunts grab her. Scoop her up with claws and secure her with webs

Well I say this because they can walk over to her. I mean "How can a boss that cannot move grab her?"



It doesn't seem like too much of an issue to me. It's arms are pretty long. Even if that's not the case, it has plenty of projectile attacks. Who's to say that it can spit a rope of web out at her and reel her in like a fish?



>Who's to say that it can spit a rope of web out at her and reel her in like a fish?

You know how difficult that might end up being? The few games that do that, like Taimashii Rio Action, hide the complete invisibility of the "rope" behind low res pixel graphics.

Also pretty much the entire second half of your sex scene idea is impossible if you killed the upper two bodies.



>Also pretty much the entire second half of your sex scene idea is impossible if you killed the upper two bodies.

Fuck, you're right. I just wanted to see Aradia egged so bad I didn't consider that.

>You know how difficult that might end up being? The few games that do that, like Taimashii Rio Action, hide the complete invisibility of the "rope" behind low res pixel graphics.

Dunno. I'm just speculating about how Aradia can be grabbed to start the rape animation. Not debating about whether a particular grab is technically possible.

How would you get the spider boss to grab Aradia?



>How would you get the spider boss to grab Aradia?

Negro, that's why I asked the question in the first place.

The only thing I can think of is he does his wide swing that goes across each half of the arena and whichever overlaps with her grabs her.

There haven't really been any nonstandard enemies so far like completely immobile or flying enemies, only walking ones and the traps that don't attack you and require you to be flung at the trap's core body.



I think I finally get what you're saying. The way "grabs" work is Aradia gets put into a downed state and enemies move up to her until they touch her. Spider boss cannot move, so it can't go up to her.

Yeah. You got a point there. In order for it to get it's animation it's gonna need to operate in ways most other enemies don't. I hope this doesn't fuck to much with D-lis' develpoment.



Attacks might be tricky to use for grabs since Aradia is invincible when she's downed and we don't know why. But I have noticed that unlike other enemies, spider boss does attempt to attack her in the downed state. So maybe there's something in mind?


File: 4ca2014d6fc08b9⋯.gif (196.87 KB, 342x512, 171:256, boner calm down.gif)


Got a Mega link for the new version?





Fuck nvm I'm blind.



Flower Fairy and Chronos Gate are the only futa on female focused games I can think of.



>Flower Fairy

Will that group ever make another game because holy shit that was a good one



is it in english yet?



It likely won't be unless a fan project gets it done. It's easy enough to navigate as it is, though.


File: d598f9c404693e3⋯.png (510.19 KB, 1056x447, 352:149, 1541462794330.png)


Not yet/



There is a sequel in development called FlowerWitch, it seems to pretty much be more of the same which is definitely a good thing in my book. You can download the demo here.



Got v0.20 of NoR





How's the translation going?



the new area is accessable through the area with the spiders.

at the second "bonfire" near the boss climb up as high as possible and once you cant get higher go to the left. you will have to face one spider and will see a door just afterwards. interact with E. climb up more and get out at a graveyard for some necrophilia with the abomination that is a walking pile of corpses



>one new area and animation




That's been the status quo so far though, hasn't it? Or that's how it's been for quite a few versions now.


there is a new version for NoR.

anyone has it or know what's new?


A new trial for RePure Aria 2 was released a few days ago.

Does anyone know how to get the second scene with the plant girl boss?




happy new year


File: a9c9962e637cdcc⋯.png (422 KB, 672x960, 7:10, 1544938710870.png)


thanks anon



hey what does it say under "Sexual Status" in the menu?



It's just me or you can't counter anymore?



Anyone got sauce on that first gif?



Tobihime. Get it from >>165195

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