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File: fbbc3aacd08a0f3⋯.png (60.88 KB, 230x219, 230:219, 38c83cda8eba6f601b3f72a53a….png)


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i love drinking and forgetting all my ideals


add me to the discord



File: cc6e40f69911532⋯.webm (2.32 MB, 960x540, 16:9, 1558311518750.webm)


lame and old


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that post was me





File: 8091e16ef9e6b07⋯.png (69.82 KB, 206x381, 206:381, ClipboardImage.png)




Where the FUCK is Hylics 2

File: ae035e602dc8788⋯.png (538.34 KB, 681x677, 681:677, 74yzbommoin21.png)


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the iranian government deserves to be overthrown but there's no good way to do it or go about it

same with like 90% of middle eastern countries with backwards authoritarian regimes

and africa

and asia

and eastern europe

damn the world sucks



i want jim to give his answer and then i'll give the "real" answer


File: 932e17e42554015⋯.png (1.24 MB, 672x936, 28:39, ClipboardImage.png)

also this one sort of fits with "generic beach palm island"


magic is for weenies


File: 5edc60d0d4882c2⋯.jpg (423.14 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, Bulge5.jpg)


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File: d0d0cb8edd7ad4b⋯.jpg (17.56 KB, 147x157, 147:157, wesley.jpg)

File: 95beb2ba008d7f6⋯.jpg (50.63 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 95beb2ba008d7f648ecd71c525….jpg)



back off of wes, dude.





File: 5edc60d0d4882c2⋯.jpg (423.14 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, Bulge5.jpg)


File: dcc1b1ca6419c0f⋯.jpg (471.75 KB, 1240x1760, 31:44, D5jMUVAWkAArDnF.jpg)



Satyr's Throbbing Satyr

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later babe


File: 94b368253ed2331⋯.png (373.67 KB, 608x600, 76:75, 55AE2FB5-C762-43F4-B8F6-45….png)

File: e226d7d94eaaf30⋯.jpeg (217.41 KB, 1126x1039, 1126:1039, 914695E9-1FFC-4083-A997-6….jpeg)

File: 2fd16aed87833e1⋯.jpeg (842.21 KB, 750x939, 250:313, 98452928-9D01-4879-A38A-3….jpeg)

File: 92fd376c36595c8⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1280x900, 64:45, EA186365-3FE1-4836-BE22-57….png)

File: 3a129c55483a262⋯.jpeg (464.76 KB, 750x747, 250:249, A74C8A26-101E-4F7D-8BFD-F….jpeg)


File: 72831620fca50bc⋯.png (645.23 KB, 716x759, 716:759, 2ne5jrttr5r21.png)


My buttocks quiver with excited anticipation



what fic was that one

File: 03aa672e707d55e⋯.png (17.93 KB, 500x490, 50:49, ...mY DICK.png)


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xlr what kind of work do you do

angular/api pcf stuff or what


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

as OoT any% shifts back to VC-J, my mind wanders to the ESS adapters

and to the Virtual Console, that doesn't crash when GIM is performed

and to the old Kakariko route, resetting the console to save time

and to the timing method, the arbitrary start and end points

my mind wanders...

to the homebrewed Wii, the region freed WAD,

to the replacement joystick, to the Hori mini pad,

to the rubber band, tape, and grease

my mind wanders...

to the practice, the process, the savestate

to the GameShark, the game saver, the Gecko code

to the cheating, the splicing, the policing

the audio waveform

my mind wanders...

to the timer, the inconsistency, the dropped frames

to the bitrate, the capture card, the interlacing

to the emulator, the graphics plugin, the deadzone

the deadzone...

the ESS adapters are subtle, invisible, already in use

I see the grand decentralization of it all

my mind wanders...

to the iQue player, the fast memory card, the old GameCube laser

to the PS2 disc speed, the sloppy port, the HD remaster

to the PAL cartridge, the patched glitch, the JapanesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


i love girls


i’m still amused at how hussie put homestuck on hiatus because he forgot to plan out the fucking game during the kickstarter

File: 77ea50911c3f4b9⋯.png (665.21 KB, 636x701, 636:701, 1553681842440.png)


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down with drumpf!



The pedo seige one




the anonymous one that posts about fucking his cat


the k*dposter is a siegeposter too?

File: 82fa73723a4ac5f⋯.jpg (82.49 KB, 674x767, 674:767, yyufrvfz4nx21.jpg)


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what gun should i use on my dunecrawler

i'm thinking lascanon + stubber just for the variety, but the eradication beamer is more based-looking from a purely visual standpoint


im voting for harambe in 2020 if sleepy creepy joe gets the dem nom



Your penis



First off, I have to ask directly - are you gonna play WH40K or are you just in it to build models and read lore stuff

As to actual answer of loadout let me pull up 1d4chan and Battlescribe and look at the Dunecrawlers stats and stuff


File: 2164cb41ae504c7⋯.jpg (472.84 KB, 2560x1920, 4:3, P_20190513_221548.jpg)



File: fb2f4c4ba53b722⋯.mp4 (8.92 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, JJxQvnrLx85gwPoa.mp4)


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why are nigger anime girls so cute



bc they’re based



i betrayed my race for bat tits




File: 1897f9468c12d84⋯.jpg (228.53 KB, 1032x1457, 1032:1457, D526lQAV4AEG_Yx (1).jpg)


Old: >>1383080

Satyr's Throbbing Satyr

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someone turning into a dress

or i think it was a dress, it was some upper garment



File: f1977eb206fe0c6⋯.png (2.81 KB, 123x131, 123:131, rosekittentoddleroutfit.png)




twinks melting inside hotties


File: c8d966ed64cd954⋯.jpg (69.75 KB, 691x1199, 691:1199, D5_AoK-W0AA72gQ.jpg)


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File: d13f456c24f10f0⋯.jpeg (162.72 KB, 640x899, 640:899, B4BBEC26-4F64-4493-BD51-0….jpeg)

new thread when




is that piss


File: 10ac7d0385cadaa⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 131x159, 131:159, 24gkok8_th.gif)


File: 904ba7d2c5db368⋯.gif (28.7 KB, 650x450, 13:9, 03543.gif)


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File: 9826c214850271f⋯.png (492.77 KB, 1590x845, 318:169, 73969419_p12.png)

File: 86e46e797a44700⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1658x1627, 1658:1627, 73969419_p11.png)

File: bc683066842d2a7⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1700x2759, 1700:2759, 73969419_p10.png)

File: 2aeec78e4fc1115⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1461x1450, 1461:1450, 73969419_p9.png)

File: 9ebcf38674ba4b3⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1555x1594, 1555:1594, 73969419_p8.png)


i have to relog into shit on my phone because i got it back and now im like

maybe i should reinstall and replace the xiaomi firmware with non chinese firmware


File: afc22b7c2bc763e⋯.png (2.48 MB, 1677x1363, 1677:1363, 73969419_p7.png)

File: 1c4dfdbdda14f4b⋯.png (832.88 KB, 2896x1053, 2896:1053, 73969419_p6.png)

File: 4be98cbb574ee55⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1700x1514, 850:757, 73969419_p5.png)

File: eca720edad64079⋯.png (866.2 KB, 1700x1630, 170:163, 73969419_p4.png)

File: 621359648bff8e4⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1637x1572, 1637:1572, 73969419_p3.png)


why does making a new thread have so many fucking issues


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