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File: 8431958334645fe⋯.png (670.93 KB, 934x624, 467:312, 830237de0941938ac7eacf7ac0….png)


Previous Thread


We Discuss When Everything Went Bad In Homestuck

Or Not

File: 9c21c1930697338⋯.gif (71.98 KB, 328x186, 164:93, Zombie_Apocolypse.gif)


waiting fro gabriel's horn edition

old: >>1068972

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i don't think it's for each game i think it's just for some things, probably the actually good games

anyway they do that every year and for some actual bundles too, it's pretty common



>The explanation for why Pearl is so short is that she was electrocuted, which stunted her growth.



nigger wesley and his shallow attempts at ruining my rep



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

*inafune crying jewishly like an anime fan on prom night*


fuck this thread please delete

File: b79020344f0fd81⋯.jpg (154.49 KB, 842x545, 842:545, tumblr_mw4k512fnl1qenrvko1….jpg)


hex edition

old : >>1068206

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>The Great Replacement Isn't Real - ft. Lauren Southern

>but if it was real, it'd be good.

i love shaun


look wonk

do you really expect anything else from me


so that bitch in the intro, who knows I'm not on the execution list but decides I should be killed anyway?

>enter console

>click her



File: fce4715b7c5bbdd⋯.mp4 (972.21 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, security.mp4)




File: cea2d787574663b⋯.jpg (651 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, cea2d787574663b2308aae5581….jpg)


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my opinion on you hasnt changed in any way


time to "transition" out of being sponge's friend


File: 67c562155c6176c⋯.jpeg (570.85 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 466625C2-97AA-442E-B01C-1….jpeg)


File: 33b5e9843e8cdff⋯.png (42.37 KB, 458x289, 458:289, fish.png)



whatever!!! you don’t deserve me, transphobe!

File: d5ca8734a075adb⋯.jpg (554.96 KB, 800x1338, 400:669, __komeiji_satori_touhou_dr….jpg)


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File: ea8619c83550ccf⋯.jpeg (35.94 KB, 680x383, 680:383, 29D8588E-E9D8-4B5C-A50F-4….jpeg)

>i have to be at work for another nine hours and ten minutes


arise spongefan arise


From the dark waters of the Philippines, a force is called back into this world.


i had a dream about my bad ex gf, except she was like fused with martha from the great british baking show and so she was nice instead of mean


File: 49334181af4d668⋯.png (352.62 KB, 573x566, 573:566, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f358d2e99ac323b⋯.png (275.3 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1512077671687.png)


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File: b17c1851a29975f⋯.gif (1.11 MB, 600x726, 100:121, tumblr_ouby8y0Zol1vss9dao1….gif)


my fetish? being bad at sex


Lily Labeau is hot




>over 33

33.3 perhaps???


File: c1c6b0c584e49ae⋯.jpg (70.43 KB, 436x635, 436:635, c1c6b0c584e49aec1ac3984381….jpg)


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why are you doing this


Kanaya Kanaya Kanaya

Repeat It Out Loud


File: 6b785564f02b289⋯.png (679.74 KB, 984x720, 41:30, (124) his uncle whom bill ….png)

it feels slightly different.


like alternating hands. a joke.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


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seems pedantic to me grant :^)

sounds like you get to decide what kind of posting is okay :^))))



i'm being sincere


ultimately there's no exact formula you can doto go "this post is spam, this post is not"

but i think most people can tell where the line is most of the time, and use their better judgement



at least you still get to be a trophy husband




if i actually ever had money problems i would have been livid

File: 150dd39a3f5d62d⋯.png (11.44 KB, 531x480, 177:160, 150dd39a3f5d62d944c71d707f….png)


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ask wesley





sam i am



do you think we did this to him?

File: 2981217fc92f0d5⋯.png (46.98 KB, 255x280, 51:56, 1499268435286.png)


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File: c4610275dcf8855⋯.jpg (123.25 KB, 539x820, 539:820, c4610275dcf8855b6fc945dc8e….jpg)

File: 64130d114945a21⋯.jpg (103.44 KB, 450x820, 45:82, 64130d114945a21c94081745b2….jpg)

File: a4c429080cecaef⋯.jpg (80.39 KB, 606x622, 303:311, a4c429080cecaefc196509d58e….jpg)



maou no yuusha seems like it'd be a good novel but the actual novel itself seems unbearable to read

i see most people say the manga's much better anyway



it has literally nothing to do with SU and is a thousand times better in every regard

if anything SU ripped off of it since it came out a year and a half before it

you can not read it but don't avoid it because SU has a vaguely similar blurb


have stupid shit plans with this girl and i dont want to go


File: 3cdace8b94ecb77⋯.png (81.49 KB, 314x400, 157:200, 1510892537664.png)


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fuckin lol

we're using sponge's thread though



moody is ascended




the thread is locked dumbass



ok then



is "fud" a vagina i suppose?

File: 80075ddd87c6127⋯.jpeg (42.76 KB, 383x680, 383:680, 9072023E-D310-4C42-B2B9-B….jpeg)

File: 7d026a9090f9bb8⋯.jpeg (33.37 KB, 268x400, 67:100, 85BA07CD-2C87-4EDC-A152-C….jpeg)


epic olde




remind that shitbird is a retard crossie (bad) and we shouldn’t respond

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Boom, told ya



i’m sorry you got pumped and dumped

cancer girl only hung out with me the one time i gave her head



File: 58e11d67e041ebe⋯.jpg (162.08 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, sponge and texas girl.jpg)


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File: e1ffea1b4732ea0⋯.jpg (419.72 KB, 878x870, 439:435, 1505594480636.jpg)


why does my dreamself always guilt trip me about shit

shut up bitch! i get enough of that while i’m awake!


File: 52313fc9f227b30⋯.jpg (21.45 KB, 750x373, 750:373, 52313fc9f227b303994b2ff516….jpg)



philip glass ?

File: 1b189a9933b43e9⋯.png (386.07 KB, 1280x703, 1280:703, W I D E R.png)


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File: 72ae35d3ac4ca96⋯.png (241.89 KB, 1107x921, 369:307, ClipboardImage.png)

is there an easy way to simplify the colors in an image

like turn all the 20 shades of red due to artifacts into a single shade of red

i'm trying to make a cross-stitch thing for my mom but so far the only good site i've seen counts every single hex color and the guide looks like this

it's like, 10 colors max


grant im going to ask you in advance to delete that picture as soon as sponge posts it


File: ba58d21c92cf5a8⋯.jpg (83.69 KB, 800x649, 800:649, ba58d21c92cf5a8594b3596f8c….jpg)


it cant be the worst dick posted here


is it as epic as zwids

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