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File: 3cdace8b94ecb77⋯.png (81.49 KB, 314x400, 157:200, 1510892537664.png)


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fuckin lol

we're using sponge's thread though



moody is ascended




the thread is locked dumbass



ok then



is "fud" a vagina i suppose?

File: 80075ddd87c6127⋯.jpeg (42.76 KB, 383x680, 383:680, 9072023E-D310-4C42-B2B9-B….jpeg)

File: 7d026a9090f9bb8⋯.jpeg (33.37 KB, 268x400, 67:100, 85BA07CD-2C87-4EDC-A152-C….jpeg)


epic olde




remind that shitbird is a retard crossie (bad) and we shouldn’t respond

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Boom, told ya



i’m sorry you got pumped and dumped

cancer girl only hung out with me the one time i gave her head



File: 58e11d67e041ebe⋯.jpg (162.08 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, sponge and texas girl.jpg)


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File: e1ffea1b4732ea0⋯.jpg (419.72 KB, 878x870, 439:435, 1505594480636.jpg)


why does my dreamself always guilt trip me about shit

shut up bitch! i get enough of that while i’m awake!


File: 52313fc9f227b30⋯.jpg (21.45 KB, 750x373, 750:373, 52313fc9f227b303994b2ff516….jpg)



philip glass ?

File: 1b189a9933b43e9⋯.png (386.07 KB, 1280x703, 1280:703, W I D E R.png)


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File: 72ae35d3ac4ca96⋯.png (241.89 KB, 1107x921, 369:307, ClipboardImage.png)

is there an easy way to simplify the colors in an image

like turn all the 20 shades of red due to artifacts into a single shade of red

i'm trying to make a cross-stitch thing for my mom but so far the only good site i've seen counts every single hex color and the guide looks like this

it's like, 10 colors max


grant im going to ask you in advance to delete that picture as soon as sponge posts it


File: ba58d21c92cf5a8⋯.jpg (83.69 KB, 800x649, 800:649, ba58d21c92cf5a8594b3596f8c….jpg)


it cant be the worst dick posted here


is it as epic as zwids

File: bdc36534c773c6b⋯.jpg (114.62 KB, 250x250, 1:1, db.jpg)


i love this img

can anyone i d it?

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i need more lo-fi/beautifully shitty-sounding ambient and drone music


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: b003eb21fabe777⋯.jpg (12.24 KB, 500x258, 250:129, 1511565941077.jpg)


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File: bbdc645ff59154d⋯.png (2.93 MB, 1276x1920, 319:480, ClipboardImage.png)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



It's not whether it should be free

It can't be free as long as it takes money to make

I'm not diabetic nor do I know anyone with diabetes but I'd assume that insulin (which is not that hard to make) is not exceedingly expensive

Although when big pharma monopolies get into the mix I'm not sure how badly you can get jewed


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

look at these cute soyboys


Post last edited at

File: 7b145138c16dccb⋯.jpg (43.72 KB, 712x528, 89:66, 7b145138c16dccb2684fb1877d….jpg)


happy thanksgiving hsg


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i dunno i just saw it posted in an /a/ thread


File: d34bbd0ed26214a⋯.png (56.59 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1488294134074.png)



File: 0a14eaab42c031f⋯.png (38.68 KB, 998x270, 499:135, low.png)

File: be25f22b35cf82f⋯.png (30.07 KB, 1293x202, 1293:202, high.png)

Where do you see yourself?


File: db8ff67e05a4ecf⋯.jpeg (57.02 KB, 640x426, 320:213, 90DF5777-79C2-4E4C-A7D4-5….jpeg)

i love my gf

File: 53f9ad5a29fc4c3⋯.jpg (57.51 KB, 750x610, 75:61, 53f9ad5a29fc4c3507eb56e0c3….jpg)



File: 61858948d831573⋯.png (190.88 KB, 346x346, 1:1, DPLGUN8XcAEh9Er.png)


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what's that really complicated minecraft modpack that someone here plays?



Joey has no family to be thankful for this thanksgiving! I love Joey!



its rev who plays it, i know that



night in the woods is a fun game

File: df71d24d2de87b9⋯.jpg (528.12 KB, 1573x975, 121:75, 1446600643105.jpg)


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oh also how large do the enemies have to be dimension wise



i know what all the bosses will be, except the pyramid but i might fill the pyramid with riddles and shit instead


it can vary, the smaller ones are like 90x170 and the largest ones are 700 pixels wide, there's no spritesheet or anything so you don't have to adhere to that






No mostly. Only white cind.

File: 18d40e229fd6791⋯.jpg (184.87 KB, 646x539, 646:539, 1508706179541.jpg)


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File: 76b29f39b244eb2⋯.png (306.78 KB, 498x886, 249:443, bvjghkghk.png)


read a book



i dont have it in me do to that

or any books i want to read

but also i wouldnt if i did


File: bc061d14d07a991⋯.jpg (93.52 KB, 791x643, 791:643, bc061d14d07a991296bed7b38a….jpg)


File: 2d9fc875fc11215⋯.png (318.66 KB, 283x812, 283:812, DNHlD67UIAA-bK5.png)

File: 274863bead2aa71⋯.png (193.45 KB, 243x434, 243:434, DNHmRX_UIAAdMXS.png)

File: 874ec4fb83a8188⋯.png (591.71 KB, 597x800, 597:800, 874ec4fb83a8188c342bdd52a1….png)


olde >>1055600

Surrender To Kanaya

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a monarchist kind of kanaya



With A Constitution And A Ministry Of Advisors

But I Feel Like Someone Raised Trained And Educated To Be A Political Leader By Tutors Circumstances And Sages Is Better Than Someone Who Is Just Charismatic Or Has A Good Media Campaign

You Would Be Confident That Whoever Sits On That High Castle Is There Because He Had The Skill To Do So Instead Of Simply Having More Money To Blow On Campaign Advertisement


This one time when I was thirteen, my cousins and I got drunk in their basement for the first time. Then my cousin's friend (who had moobs) stole my other cousin's training bra, got on Omegle with his face out of view, played with his "breasts," and got a 29 year old guy with a toddler sleeping behind him to show his dick before pulling the camera up and screaming "I'm a dude faggggoooottt."

Frankly, I'm still a little confused nearly a decade later as to who exactly was the "fag."


i never nkew there was left over panel de pon stuff in pokemon puzzle challenge


File: 40725495224a438⋯.jpg (37.22 KB, 552x715, 552:715, image001.jpg)


Christmas 2017

File: 3465e4655682cbf⋯.gif (2 MB, 215x220, 43:44, zV9lb.gif)


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are you tall?



File: 75933ee327ff29f⋯.jpg (184.62 KB, 1138x740, 569:370, eat shit, bethesda.jpg)



File: 1420029144078.gif (547.55 KB, 650x450, 13:9, TAB.gif)


blog about your gay life or maybe some nice flowers i dont care
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gf is off to first shift at the strip club

pretty sure the only reason we havent broken it off is because were waiting to do it in person

was a weird one and half years

not sure relationships are really worth it tbh


I loved Homestuck and started reading around the end of Act 2. I followed it to the end, despite getting super bored with all the breaks, and despite all my old friends giving up on it. Ultimately, I'm glad the comic ended, but I don't like how it ended, nor do I like how long it took to come to a conclusion that was less than satisfying.

I will admit: after being a faithful serial reader for years, and waiting for that long, it's possible that my expectations had become unrealistic.



nah im pretty sure the ending was actually shit


File: 071da3db0f0098d⋯.png (214.97 KB, 975x695, 195:139, 1385812661064.png)

Yesterday I Went Out With Family And Friends And We Had Fun Visiting Tourist Establishments In The Nearby Town And I Spent The Night With A Couple From A Far Away Place And It Was Very Lovely And I Feel Wonderful



yeah for me the high point was cascade, and everything slowly slid into the shitter from there

hussie definitely needed an editor who would have told him that having act 6 be twice as long as act 5 is retarded

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