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File: 459e8998f81308b⋯.png (233.07 KB, 450x270, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)



can bushworld adventures spin off into its own series



as much as i want it, it would ruin it


File: 212016d52574afa⋯.jpg (434.32 KB, 2448x2448, 1:1, sexual feelings.jpg)


File: e077f600c401a22⋯.png (427.21 KB, 642x652, 321:326, ClipboardImage.png)


where do i find my people



have you checked the sewer and/or septic tank



i'm here aren't i


dokidoki wakuwaku


File: 9072d2faa10fbba⋯.png (51.35 KB, 215x212, 215:212, screen.png)

why do girls want to know how to look less hot



to scare freaks like you away


pass the eggs bro


File: d7c83d15d171f21⋯.jpg (236.76 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0007.jpg)

Why it is Time to *RETIRE* This Guy from Bushworld Adventures


what if bushworld adventures became a series but each episode was a different bushworld version of a different cartoon


File: a07beafe29eda85⋯.png (41.35 KB, 900x900, 1:1, tumblr_p6op5k3fCV1u7009oo1….png)

joey eating spaghetti


joey... with a gun...



that's just regular joey....



good post



reported + hidden



there aren't enough decent animated adult comedies to sustain that


File: 16c669eb476b798⋯.png (276.64 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, tumblr_p55f63RLJM1uz78qso1….png)

File: 98c57e9ff3a58c5⋯.jpg (46.7 KB, 1316x866, 658:433, 771af5b9057b13d82f979db7f8….jpg)


my phone broke so i'm going to have to jack off using my imagination for the next few days



use your computer....


my dick broke so i'm going to have to jack off using my ass for the next few days


you ever try anal masturbation with one of your own huge turds that wont fully come out


whats the average capacity in milliliters of a loli womb


how many cummies can i fill a loli womb with before it is full



none you loser



when you only cum 2ml...


File: f6190df9c957126⋯.png (302.89 KB, 616x595, 88:85, ClipboardImage.png)


would you press the 500 million year button, hsg?



yen? dead bugs?



my desk chair is not comfy for jackin it so i do it when i'm in bed



i wouldn't even press a 1 day button


the payout for the 500 million year button is too low, even considering that your memories are wiped.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


1 million yen but your brain is transported to a plane where you can't do anything but exist for 500 million years

but! at the end of it your experience is wiped and your brain is transported back to the moment where you pressed the button


1 million yen is just really shit. Maybe for 1 million dollars.

Also there's a lot of weird loopholes that make me uncomfortable about the whole thing, but I don't feel like having the whole discussion again.



I'll do it for 400 trillion dollars



i think this might be the worst image in the history of hsg



since i won't remember it, you're basically asking me to make someone else be tortured for fucking 500 million years for some money



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

thread theme



this shit again?


i'll do it for a bug killing aura



like maybe if it was some reasonable timeframe i could convince myself that it's some version of me so it's okay to do it

50 years of isolation maybe

but 500 million i mean come on, that's not even humanly imaginable


500 million years would just completely destroy your psyche even if they erased your memory I think you'd be a vegetable


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I'm pretty sure it completely resets everything so that isn't a problem




again, the only reward even hypothetically matching this is to become a creator-god type being of omnipotence


>its a random man accosts me and asks me where i live and who i live with then asks me for sexual favors

all i wanted were some flamin hot cheetos for a nasty game session



was he cute



concealed carry


File: 548aee05a86715c⋯.png (215.28 KB, 491x363, 491:363, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 0b1b9fbb54f89b9⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

hey do you wanna get a little pissed off



knee to the groin



typical liberal...



too mentally ill


File: 909a0713c73797e⋯.png (367.05 KB, 686x767, 686:767, ClipboardImage.png)



tired: thicc

wired: stout



like a midget


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

thread theme





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



i meant this one

surfcountry rules


File: 9662346cc9291e9⋯.webm (398.44 KB, 246x310, 123:155, qt lifter.webm)


no gross

like a gymnast or Olympic weightlifter



this is intense

also what's wrong with his guitar


File: 8230c28b06da327⋯.png (209.11 KB, 1024x404, 256:101, ClipboardImage.png)



double neck electric guitar/lap steel guitar


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

check out surf guitar greatest hits

this is apache


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

walk dont run

im done

anyway surf music rules




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

thread theme


File: a255ab1be889862⋯.png (446.97 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



accursed image


File: 5a626c8d95906a3⋯.png (625.3 KB, 635x720, 127:144, ClipboardImage.png)




by taking pictures of ugly women?



I mean I don't think C covers the death penalty so I will go B



those are sex dolls



its a fat ugly sex doll



by making ugly sex dolls?


Joey with a condom




A is bad because it doesn't seem to cover lodging

C is bad because you don't need to go to jail in order to do something so astoundingly shitty that someone krills you


Oh Noey it's Joey the Hoey!


With Cohen gone is Joey a slut again


*opens up heyitsjoey.json*


with cohen gone Joey is now an official member of the NRA and has 20 assault rifles


why is my cat so fucking stupid


File: 76144decaed14c5⋯.png (232.6 KB, 628x431, 628:431, meet your hiveswap writer.png)


File: e3e25e53c3311c5⋯.jpg (11.01 KB, 206x219, 206:219, roxykitten slick.jpg)


*is just babby*

*is not old enough to have actual cognizant thought really kick in yet*

*doesnt understand object permanence*

*still realizes cohen was bad writer*



It's basically a requirement for any Harley



she's actually very old

i think she might be senile



he's kinda androgynous looking



Yeah I can see it

In a fat sort of way.



b is the only practical answer here

a would be cool if you were some sort of media personality like a streamer whos whole deal is you just went fucking everywhere

c is only for rich ceo's who want to go even deeper into dehumanization or some shit


he kind of looks like funky


File: e83bad172848d1d⋯.png (16.32 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 1448006132459-1.png)

joey's a hobo now!



jewish shitto


i like how you can tell what kind of person made the image when the option for infinite free food shows a bunch of fast food logos



Is it dumb or is it losing its senses? I had a dog that lost both it's sight and sense of smell so it had difficulty finding its food.



kinda has that michael cera slowly turning into an owl thing going



yea who the fuck actually likes fast food to the point where free food immediately means free mcdonalds



Joey'll just start fucking dogs for food.



she keeps sleeping in very weird spots and changing every week or two



it also shows groceries and a 'classy' restaurant






Joey does not fuck dogs! Joey lusts after twinky blonde coolkids.


if i got free food i would just order sushi for literally every meal until i die of food poisoning



A nothing outside my room matters anyway

B mommy brings me all teh food anyway

C for credit card fraud, dumping cryptos all day



So she's just Jade?



obviously C


File: 5b71f1a84a4c637⋯.jpg (94.11 KB, 720x649, 720:649, IMG_1787.JPG)


File: a1b0fd87cbf3450⋯.png (16.38 KB, 600x600, 1:1, who is this bitch!!.png)


I thought that was obvious.


*punches you*

hehe i cant go to jail theres nothing you can do :3c



*anal vores you*



C sounds good but people would still hate you and conspire against you and shit so nah

I'll just take the free food and put that money towards some other cool thing.



thats against the rules and now you die


my curry turned out pretty good today

the onions didn't really caramelize correctly but it only really affected the texture. it was really sweet and now i need to find some ways to make it taste richer.


Hey gamers

curry flavored poop or poop flavored curry



will i get diseases from eating the poop

and is the texture and consistency identical


File: d1d650b15a41555⋯.png (932.68 KB, 1280x767, 1280:767, ClipboardImage.png)

i had no idea uncanny valley could apply to a cartoon




curry flavored poop then. i don't see how there's an argument if you remove literally all of the unpleasant or negative things about eating poop.



you think the texture and consistency and temperature of poop isn't unpleasant


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

thread theme



nice tiddy


File: 79a1771ede43d11⋯.png (116.4 KB, 750x766, 375:383, IMG_1788.PNG)




you can just break it up like with brownies if they're in a bag and start to look like poop



is that 3d guy



does he actually model things


Dice rollRolled 2 (1d2)

1 - jerk off

2 - don't jerk off


would you rather eat curry flavored poop or a hair sandwich


Dice rollRolled 1 (1d2)


does the curry flavored poop smell like shit



I don't know, I'm asking you



i had always assumed not



yeah but it tastes like curry



well you're not helpful then are you?




i don't want my breath to smell like shit so hair sandwich


i don't think i could eat a hair sandwich. like, i'd choke, or vomit, or something.


File: 57db71432db001c⋯.jpg (128.31 KB, 1920x966, 320:161, 200 YEAR OLD VAMPIRE ENJOY….jpg)

sexy new shalltear picture


would you rather buy hiveswap or kill yourself



buy hiveswap



what if i already have hiveswap



i bought it 6 years ago so i win



Then you obviously have no choice huh



that isnt shalltear...


File: 81e1b580851682a⋯.jpg (91.01 KB, 1041x806, 1041:806, 1507719028487.jpg)


i don't know why someone named it that but i thought it was funny because she has pink hair and you didn't recognize those shalltear pictures as her


File: e4ad84df4f7e0f1⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1280x1110, 128:111, qt rowlet.png)

rowlet was good


kill yourself but the afterlife is hiveswap


buy hiveswap every month or die



isn't that roothoot



>get a free isekai




maybe if i was in hiveswap i could make it less shit



I'd just nut joey


File: b1bffd5c9db175a⋯.png (28.48 KB, 576x327, 192:109, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 81ea7b3a9c15f88⋯.png (136.52 KB, 750x750, 1:1, Can't believe this ended u….png)

Press F to pay respects to what could have been a good evo line





i'm confused

what was wrong with it



look at it



>this wrestler cat based on tiger mask wasn't cool

fuck you, eat shit


kill yourself or donate to one of hussie's new kickstarters every year



>no you don't get it it's based on a real wrestler!

>Tht totally makes it a good design!

and shit monkey was designed after sun wukong and bacon is a sumo thing

i'm sure they won't run out of garbage fighting gimmicks to pair up with the fire starter, at least not before they run out of zodiac animals



tiger mask is fucking cool


File: 5b682a984bc0517⋯.jpg (136.97 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DFPvWNyVoAAKhuA.jpg)



It looks like a Dark Pokemon

It could be a Fighting Pokemon but Dark isnt a stretch


japanese wrestlers are cool


File: f9249063f14eff7⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1278x1280, 639:640, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a4c4899b90743cb⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1277x1280, 1277:1280, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 10e3e934c35a2fd⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1278x1280, 639:640, ClipboardImage.png)



link to twitter?



fucking sick






en gaurde nibbA


File: 0186f36544a16d7⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1278x1280, 639:640, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ecf7887a4024e92⋯.png (2 MB, 1278x1280, 639:640, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f29c64822f39f45⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)




I dont understand


tbh i thought the monkey was fine


File: afd101f8647c305⋯.jpg (295.16 KB, 1276x1280, 319:320, tumblr_p5i30yknD01vh1e04o1….jpg)

File: 4a0647c9b0dc798⋯.jpg (305.55 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, tumblr_p5c5q4GxGp1vh1e04o1….jpg)

File: 305b953f955b311⋯.jpg (339.01 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, tumblr_p5anh8HPsD1vh1e04o1….jpg)

File: 33096ba01f7e234⋯.jpg (302.9 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, tumblr_p58rbpgcQi1vh1e04o1….jpg)

File: 8ca800c4b837771⋯.jpg (283.83 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, tumblr_p56owiRKlD1vh1e04o1….jpg)


File: dcbbbe702cd4753⋯.jpg (328.94 KB, 1279x1280, 1279:1280, tumblr_p5v06pezYx1vh1e04o1….jpg)

File: 73b4c78fb3477f8⋯.jpg (298.17 KB, 1277x1280, 1277:1280, tumblr_p5p3m9zTvD1vh1e04o1….jpg)

File: b47437d9d033753⋯.jpg (291.82 KB, 1278x1280, 639:640, tumblr_p5nh3h5AJ21vh1e04o1….jpg)

File: 1e4e747903943b0⋯.jpg (287.09 KB, 1278x1280, 639:640, tumblr_p5jxl4NQV01vh1e04o1….jpg)

File: 970717356a657b9⋯.jpg (289.27 KB, 1279x1280, 1279:1280, tumblr_p5ll1qYepu1vh1e04o1….jpg)


File: 1d27d578216916b⋯.jpg (250.71 KB, 1278x1280, 639:640, tumblr_p67uf67PRk1vh1e04o1….jpg)

File: bfa966f891899b1⋯.jpg (279.69 KB, 1277x1280, 1277:1280, tumblr_p62cf9ev1w1vh1e04o1….jpg)

File: 2eef4e3726e5d06⋯.jpg (306.61 KB, 1277x1279, 1277:1279, tumblr_p60h95Z51b1vh1e04o1….jpg)

File: cc868f8127bd566⋯.jpg (304.75 KB, 1277x1279, 1277:1279, tumblr_p5yktapxez1vh1e04o1….jpg)

File: 2766d33f125af4b⋯.jpg (314.47 KB, 1277x1280, 1277:1280, tumblr_p5ws8w36Hh1vh1e04o1….jpg)


but in all seriousness it's fucking hilarious watching infernape crash and burn



is that on here somewhere because i cant find it



I dig the dark one



months ago idk





what’s the epic difference?



I'm starting to unironically think zucc is an alien



i wish that water one actually replaced volcanion's dumb ass


the market brisket is good, but i cannot find a way to reheat it that doesn't make it worse

cold 'sket is good tho


i regret not learning to fence

or box



spiritually definitely, physically we better dissect him and see



File: f676cb7859112d0⋯.png (179.22 KB, 607x456, 607:456, 1521391652683.png)


File: b4ff638f4274173⋯.jpg (311.83 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, 1512685762051.jpg)


i love king dedede


one of those special days where you find out you have a new fetish


Daily reminder that as of Gen VII Ice types are now the least common type and it's generally regarded as the worst type



which fetish



bugfags are still the loudest whiners



unintentional arousal







File: b1aaa906b2334d5⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 4 MB, 356x480, 89:120, 1523343666483[1].webm)


no one else click please


le le xd





ice is cool as fuck though



I'm a Bugfag and I'd say Bug is in the upper half of types now



ree reee xd



Yeah thats why it sucks that its not good

Ice type moves? Yeah. But just find a Water type with good Sp Atk...



this is epic


>no ice/bugs

come on gamefreak


scolipede? scolipede?


James Dambro wants to fuck Scolipede


uhhh it's not a centipede anus because is pokemon


if gamefreak doesn't change scolipede to be listed as the donut pokemon i'm gonna kill



i do not, cletus horsefucker


i'm glad i accidentally threw my phone on the floor and broke it so i can finally justify getting a new phone

i had been considering it for a while because the speakers and microphone were broken and it runs like shit but now its completely unavoidable





how did you accidentally throw your phone on the floor




swung my arm down very hard and it slipped out


File: fe14c020c95148a⋯.jpg (25.45 KB, 587x222, 587:222, Screenshot_20180410-133333….jpg)



The only thing lower than a pokephile is a coward



i know who this is posting this without even logging in to look

disappear, wesley


so what the shit happened to the knights of ren



wrong brainlet


sip a dick bitch


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


howzit wesheads


>all the new skins are shit

>the new event is a painfully shit recreation of l4d

lads is overwatch kill


what's poppin benlords


neat, new ARMS update



it never lived






readin smutfic in class


File: e44758518c45f2c⋯.png (7.34 MB, 1920x1834, 960:917, ClipboardImage.png)


i'm eating keks


kirby air ride soundtrack so good



i just hope they leave the pve mode in after the event is over this time

it's like the only good way to practice new characters without fucking over your team in a real game, but it's only available for like a month per year. it's so dumb.


>sitting on a couch with spongelord eating from the same bag of keks


File: c43d98d20dc6262⋯.png (358.45 KB, 406x810, 203:405, IMG_1789.PNG)

Vraska getting embarrassed by her high school fashion sense: Vraska the Un-Scene



i like mre steve, but the rest of the mre naysh seems shitty



File: c70ac393968d9f5⋯.gif (2.93 MB, 450x253, 450:253, double homestuck cosplayer….gif)



>i just hope they leave the pve mode in after the event is over this time




nasty shit



I know she's just licking it like a dog.



why are they sucking/licking a turd


i need something to barely engage with so i can drift away to sleep. please help.



wonk's penis?



chrono trigger music



the wait for the next issue of jojolion is about half over

i'm wasting away here



pushback from gearbox and cliffy b about steamspy being used to call their games dead as fuck

thts my conspiracy theories



do you actually think gearbox and cliffy b have that much influence




its not just them, steamspy data is used to mock a lot of big devs and publishers

the wolfenstein 2 data was also used like that, as one example

but i also said "thats my conspiracys theory"



Nah, Cohen


any way i can see randy bitchford of gaybox going to valve and going "pls hide this data its being used to harass me on twitter by Gamer Gate Alt Right Gamers" and valve going "oh ok sry"

some kind of event like that is a plausible event


i can't believe homestuck killed steamspy



as someone who met randy he's not enough of a pussy to be that big of a wimp.


>I just know big publishers HATED that they could no longer do things like lie to their own developers and enjoy extreme unfair leverage in negotiations.


would publishers tell their devs the game did worse than it did, or something?


File: f8c607cd92745e0⋯.png (133.53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

my dog goes apeshit over these plastic bottlecaps, but i wish she wouldn't because she might choke and die


honestly i thought steamspy was an official steam feature this entire time


why does asano inio's stuff make me feel so much


File: 823a9e0d98c468f⋯.png (5.1 MB, 1653x1997, 1653:1997, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6991d698e3ef2a9⋯.png (226.74 KB, 321x348, 107:116, ClipboardImage.png)

2006 vs 2016



>using music from LOFAM


wf i love viz now


i get jealous of people who are good at writing or composing music. the creative method for those two things and the process by which one improves feel a lot more nebulous than other disciplines and it intimidates me. they feel more like "you're just born with it" things than most other stuff.



Already the lack of Cohen can be felt.



>Video uses old MSPA page

that's just mean


File: 56b0d88d55b1e33⋯.png (297.1 KB, 1304x274, 652:137, screen.png)




i kind of wanna buy this



wait, what exactly about this is "unintentional arousal"?


[me, speaking regularly, in my normal voice, to my friend wesley]: wes........


File: 41a268dfcaeb7d0⋯.png (183.84 KB, 500x911, 500:911, 1013291.png)



wonk you don't even play mtg or know a single thing about Vraska


vraska is like vriska but a



oh it's on account of how the arousal isn't intentional



i just see some girls humping each other


vriska is like vriska but i


vriska is vriska






File: a0c913577e55fb7⋯.jpg (449.82 KB, 625x863, 625:863, flanny.jpg)


File: 07ccb3f20204237⋯.jpg (98.4 KB, 640x711, 640:711, IMG_1790.JPG)

File: 40163ce7a729d71⋯.jpg (100.82 KB, 640x711, 640:711, IMG_1791.JPG)

File: 5aafdfa6229713a⋯.jpg (85.97 KB, 640x711, 640:711, IMG_1792.JPG)

File: 0c771184d056892⋯.jpg (80.61 KB, 640x711, 640:711, IMG_1793.JPG)


uhhhhhhh what the fuck amazon.co.jp won't ship mangos to me anymore what the absolute fuck



Thank you for reminding me that JadeRose is still shit.



i like how they went out of their way to give them leg hair



who are these characters


File: 824b0228e62678f⋯.png (3.57 MB, 1659x2319, 553:773, flandress.png)


>leg hair

kill this



>they went out of their way to give them leg hair

>out of their way

they have legs



i wasn't aware the leg hair automatically gets drawn when you draw legs



a girl and her werewolf gf



they had to draw the leghair on after



do you think the detail departs too heavily from the cartoony style



Okay but why is Karkat interacting with them





yes bitch


it's like saying they went out of the way to draw hair or faces or clothes


first i pet my loli



it's a visual comic

you can see the fair, face, and clothes


then i kiss my loli



he disapproves of furry relationships and he is their friend




ok so my dumb cat slept in her litterbox (after other cats used it) but then she stopped doing that like a week or two ago, but it's only now that she smells like the litterbox

she didn't smell like the litterbox when she was sleeping in the litterbox




and then i fuck the loli



no chinko

only manko


futanari loli is good and not gay



okay rev


small brain: dehumanizing gays because you're homophobic

big brain: accepting gays as equal people whose sexuality doesn't define them

wonkosphere brain: dehumanizing gays by fetishizing them and their relationships


dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed


Why did all the rosemary shippers jump ship and start pretending like jade and rose were ever friends

And why did they just start doing this





Dear Diary, Sometimes I feel that this planet is owned by devils. Sometimes I feel like my friends don't even know who I am and my family belongs to some other me. Sometimes I need to be one with nature. I want to frolic with the polycorns and to run amongst the brain trees in the brain forest. So I go to the city park by the lake. Walking potion: 10 parts sugar, 90 parts whisky. If it's cold out, I take a bag of chowder, and in the summer I take a bag of banana chowder. Once there, I look for the dream girls, and I see the daymares and the talking shadows bonding over disgusting things. I see the perfects, and the lay downs, and the hunched ups. I watch the followers looking for punch meat, and I notice the pansexuals wigglin down the lane with their shades on. Sometimes, if I'm fast enough, I catch a glimpse of the brain fuckler, just fucklin the shit out of everyone, and we don't even know it. But mostly, I try and look for the dream girls. You know, if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you want. I have a big coat with big pockets - sometimes kittens get in there, it's cool with me as long as they keep their hook-socks curled. I look for wizard turds in the forest because I was once told they could be rolled into gold. Sometimes I go to the lake and sing songs to the lake about the lake. Once a goose clapped. Today on the road I saw something important. I like to think that they died while hugging and that a person hadn't arranged them afterwards. I found a soft tree and I leaned up there until the stars put on their makeup. I calmed down and focused my chi; it's good to have a chi hammer at the ready. Then I saw a second important thing that night. Hmm... You know, I felt pretty wise. Shit matters. Even if we can't figure it out. Even if we are ruled by devils. Even if my days don't mean anything. I just hope that I die while hugging and not while in a wine drinking contest.


closest i've ever been to committing suicide right now because i can't import my japanese comic boox


File: b56aa04fd9d51b7⋯.jpg (59.21 KB, 567x800, 567:800, lana.jpg)



still mildly disappointed she wasn't a guy

still cute though






be gone homo



i was going to say amazon was trying to protect you from exposure to terrible garbage

but maybe it's trying to protect the rest of us from you


File: 364f165abadbbf8⋯.jpg (695.21 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1447044586812.jpg)


lana is a cute girl with a cute loli manko



>wonkosphere brain: dehumanizing gays by fetishizing them and their relationships

i am a gay

also could you explain how i fetishize them


her name is suiren




suiren is a cute girl with a cute loli manko



>i am a gay

i mean you're a pedo so it makes sense



I'm glad Viz is putting a stop to this.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

uhhhhh why is this on youtube's front page


wonkosphere brain: i yiff and shoot cum out of my dick



you fawn over relationships simply because they are gay

also being gay (syn. retarded, evil) doesn't make you gay (syn. ben)



shouldn't those two be reversed




i’m gay (retarded and evil)



i feel like im going to get v& for clicking on this




I couldn't tell exactly what it was from the thumbnail on youtube and now I'm scared


File: a31aec130f04650⋯.jpeg (99.56 KB, 1215x1215, 1:1, 21EE8C14-4984-41AB-8A6D-5….jpeg)


File: a31cdd4fa2a6701⋯.png (4.02 KB, 250x250, 1:1, good night anyanymouse.png)

goo night hsg



wtf it's a recording of a live stream she is reading live comments

i can't be dealing with this


File: 543d36bb3137f25⋯.jpg (186.15 KB, 1062x1505, 1062:1505, pantyflan.jpg)

flan-chan's panties....



>you fawn over relationships simply because they are gay

that's a nice theory but it's not true

i fawn over relationships cuz they're in media i like (homestuck, for instance) or because one or more of the characters is relatable (gay, stupid)

i mean, do you have a reason to believe i only fawn over relationships because they're gay

also, i'm not just gay (stupid, bad) i'm also gay (not straight) so


arrrre you readyfor some fucking ddrrummmpppphhfffffffffffff!???!??????¡??? x^^D^D^d^DX^xX^DDd^D^D




i think someone should report this channel i'm genuinely afraid for this girl's safety


wonk think he slick 😂



yes give me the drumpf


which homestuck girl would do that



any bets on whether rosenstein or mueller are gonna make it to next week

i figure they will


it ain't on my front page

it's almost like uhhh

youtube thinks you wanna ya know

cough cough

see that



i'm not signed in or anything and literally all i use youtube for is listening to chrono trigger music...........



dude he’s un fucking stumpable


>all i use youtube for is listening to chrono trigger music

this reminds me of the guy who only had linkin park's in the end on his itunes


ddo you think he’s fucking stumpable or something?



has anyone done tests to confirm trump's stumpability? no. checkmate conservitards




when mueller gets cohen to sing im thinkin the stumping is coming


i take that back

when the new york attorney gets cohen to sing



my man..... that's custom suggestions built out of your viewing history..............

what kind of depraved chrono trigger music have you been digging into


needy muffy mildly autistic gf

need miru mildly autistic gf


if anyone knows what roblox is please leave a comment down below


trump will not be impeached



of course he won't, he'll voluntarily leave

just like nixon


we should retroactively impeach obama just to really stick it to the libtards


"i can't continue as president because everyone's being so unfair and undermining me it's all fake news but i quit anyway"

and then pence pardons him


and then pence turns out to be even worse than him and is actually hitler 2


i firmly believe trump is going to make it all the way through his term and very potentially serve a second term regardless of how much he's tarnished by the end


have trump and pence die in a terrorist attack


so like

what is trump even in trouble for

i have not been keeping up and all i know is that the one guy's name is cohen 'cus that's funny




i’ll vote for him



if trump's only competition is hilldawg again then i'll vote for him


File: 3808367383356db⋯.png (880.56 KB, 634x968, 317:484, ClipboardImage.png)



significant members of his campaign had significant criminal undertakings as well as possibly knowledge of the russian interference in the election

he's in trouble if he knew about it

the information in michael cohen's office may confirm what trump knew and when


in a shocking upset, the next president by way of write ins is fortnite battle royale


i've had a couple of songs stuck in my head for the past while and its to the point where i'm just completely incapable of coming up with my own melodies

how do i cure this



oh also obstructing justice

he's been trying to obstruct justice


zucc is out

oprah 2020


josh peck for president



lot of good that does him when the fbi can just raid his lawyer's home without a warrant lol



>the fbi can just raid his lawyer's home without a warrant

why do you think they did that

of course they had a warrant

cohen himself gave an interview talking about how courteous the fbi was in executing the search


seriously did you read or hear that somewhere

im curious as to who would honestly try and report that the fbi didnt have a warrant


Ready Player One was okay



an unconstitutional warrant isn't a warrant ;)


File: 96377734ad73f84⋯.jpg (36.2 KB, 511x509, 511:509, 96377734ad73f8411681bfbb12….jpg)


File: 422a6f0424772fc⋯.gif (2.94 MB, 540x304, 135:76, tumblr_p69och93N01rk9c31o3….gif)

File: 75ad3c3eb2c7c58⋯.gif (2.09 MB, 540x304, 135:76, tumblr_p69och93N01rk9c31o4….gif)

I like the idea of body suits that let you transmit touch over the internet, that's pretty cool


File: 2c2a1df08908bf2⋯.jpg (43 KB, 699x800, 699:800, DaO7KuOUQAAVNMZ.jpg orig.jpg)


i wanna fuck goku's mom


File: ef1a126456f1fdb⋯.jpg (112.74 KB, 750x1285, 150:257, DadxWvCU0AAHggf.jpg orig.jpg)


any gamers here?



hey bro


grant what are you gonna do with all those copies of bad rats



why do you eat so much mayonnaise




u cant even store gift copies of games in your inventory anymore, so no more copies can be purchased

ill just leave em until steam crumbles to dust, i guess



*desperately reaches out to get my tweet to blow up*



im a writer for SNL u have to make my tweet big. elon? jk? please


File: debedc5d07232ea⋯.png (950.18 KB, 983x547, 983:547, Untitled.png)

aww yeah that's the stuff


>“Only in Radical Heights does in-game cash you find carry over into future matches,” says a statement. "Play matches, collect cash, kill contestants, interact with game show elements and more to buy cosmetics from your personal prize room, or put some of that sweet cash in your bank to help buy a weapon next match quicker than your opponents. The choice is yours.”

echoing toilet flush sfx.wav


i jsut saw a /v/ video game music thread start with the fuckin

smurfs gbc game


i forgot about that game, i loved it as a kid

it had some actual bangers


i dont understand the kids and their vine sauce thing

i feel like i do recognize the name from literally like a decade ago on /v/ but it was just like

a minecraft stream that was always running and hosts handed it off to eahc other or something?

i forget

but then now its like "uhh flint stones. grand dad LOL LOL"

and iu dont get it



vinesauce streams are hit and miss


Im doing a video for 4/13 and its gonna be epicc



epic for the win or epic for the lose



not directly about homestuck

so epic good


File: 8706f52e8a3cea0⋯.png (79.13 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1523419345773.png)

[muffled gay noises]


i dont like this shit character or the bad meme of him



big same


File: 6766c2f086b4e13⋯.png (366.16 KB, 750x761, 750:761, ClipboardImage.png)

the president has logged on



that Gundog guy Steve mentions a lot is ok

i found some Asian guy once who only had like 2-3 videos, but they were all him trying Western nation's rations and getting really excited and talking about it in bad Engrish

the quality was low and i'd probably never watch his videos again if i found them, but his enthusiasm made it charming


as someone whose interests are more /tg/ than /v/, yeah I did too until this very moment


the babyface diaries > anything else neely has ever made


i thought you liked men and women




yeah i'll probably vote for him again




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





is what horses eat :)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


our new civilian-phobic missiles


File: ccf1a834e62543b⋯.webm (2.47 MB, 640x720, 8:9, 1523447445587.webm)



im bored


>Paul Ryan not running for reelection




don't jerk off



i will not jerk off

maybe ill walk the dog


>Rockstar plan to replace music removed from GTA 4 due to expired licenses

fucking retards


in the far future all rereleases of gta IV will have an all kevin macleod soundtrack




it's either that or stop selling it like they did alan wake




i saw this earlier and i don't get it

did they do some kind of special deal to only temporarily allow the music in their game?

this isn't how this shit normally works, it's not like older movies are forced to scrub their soundtracks after x years. they got the permission to use the song in the movie and that's the end of it forever. i don't understand what's different here.



the difference is a temporary contract is cheaper


you know how the copies of daria that you get on dvds have different music?

that's licensing again.

there's probably also a legal calculation as to whether or not the license holders are going to come after them -- i don't see gta vice city or san andreas getting the same treatment and they've been on sale for longer than gta iv



>i don't see gta vice city or san andreas getting the same treatment

vice city literally did get this treatment though



wait what?


Dice rollRolled 1 + 50000 (1d2)

private roll




shit, you're right


cant wait for mgs5 to eventually remove all those 80s songs kojima blew the budget on


san andreas also got it too im pretty sure


rockstar........... just pay for your music......... please.............


rockstar needs all that money to send CIA niggers to modder's homes


File: 4b68272bde2281f⋯.png (173.02 KB, 265x370, 53:74, ClipboardImage.png)

to the not really surprised of everyone


File: 9f5028b5d141c2f⋯.png (345.65 KB, 750x789, 250:263, ClipboardImage.png)





Another day another pwned lib...


you think they'll still think he's colluding with putin when he starts ww3 with russia and kills us all


File: 48669bf17ba8d13⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1490x2058, 745:1029, 68156951_p0.png)

she eat the ice cream


File: ada58be249494c9⋯.jpg (164.82 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 68187090_p0.jpg)

File: 1d4a90ffb4ea5c0⋯.jpg (164.76 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 68187090_p1.jpg)

File: 49ecc5568e25d41⋯.jpg (183.99 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 68187090_p2.jpg)



I wish you ate lead



i know you've seen the other version of this pic



good post



I don't know what you're talking about.


the post man parked his big ol van on my driveway and for half a second i actually thought the FBI was gonna kick my shit in



you know what you've done



I have done nothing.


how do you guys feel about WWIII


File: 71542d6c903fc08⋯.png (1.35 MB, 837x1024, 837:1024, ClipboardImage.png)

this is your live action starfire, DCucks



itd be good for a laugh



we should make all of the shithole 3rd world countries do all the fighting to curb their populations and reduce the damage caused by war since they don't have as epic weapons as us



yes it was all russia's plan to exploit the new power vacuum and human vacuum



in /co/ and /tv/ multiple people said "washed up cyberpunk hooker"

i think they captured that essence perfectly

though uh, probably not what they were going for



i only know teen titans so be easy on me but why would starfire be a washed up cyberpunk hooker


File: 291a459f61359d2⋯.gif (2.28 MB, 576x328, 72:41, pay it forward.gif)



she actually was being sold as an alien sex slave when she escaped and joined the titans



can we organize it to be like pokemon



its mostly the bad hair

and the coat but i think thats the actresses



yeah everyone has to catch six shitholes and then make them fight 1v1 and if you choose to swap before your shithole is completely destroyed then you lose a turn and have to let the other guys attack you first



honestly if this is the style they're going with then she should keep the coat


File: 61b7ca0fb3abd97⋯.png (22.17 KB, 517x125, 517:125, ClipboardImage.png)

is trump bipolar

he's jumping all over the place today

how do you get from "just try and stop our missiles russia" to this in like an hour


hicktard type resists AIDS type but is weak to warlord type



is this for one of their tv shows


File: 5e94ac697629884⋯.gif (592.31 KB, 300x250, 6:5, F7468B30-FA8F-49DE-A49B-B9….gif)


want to play uncharted 4 because it has a cute little girl in it



>rpg game

what did they mean by this



i don't get how briquette has become the most popular overwatch porn character

she just a bland white girl, she doesn't check any fetish boxes. this frankly isn't fair.



you forget that that's what the majority of people are into...

bland white girls....



she's young



she's kind of athletic?



this but with overwatch porn popularity in general



did she used to be a man?


also she ticks all the same boxes as mercy, but she's also a redhead and also is prolly a power bottom, which is hot.

She's aggressive redheaded mercy


would hatefuck a bland white girl and really stick it to her for being so bland and white






and also she's not a fuckin granny


overwatch waifus ranked from best 2 worst


soldier 76




power gap

everyone else


File: cda4c8fd35799e5⋯.png (238.28 KB, 382x721, 382:721, ClipboardImage.png)

wow hot a what baahbiabat or whatever dude



what the fuck are those

toeless feet gloves



File: ea57b9f441e2905⋯.png (2.6 MB, 1589x3685, 1589:3685, ClipboardImage.png)


same character



delet this


>whack and ass-turd



honestly its probably naughty dog's best game


File: 035b9f86dff38fc⋯.png (260.12 KB, 462x455, 66:65, fran.PNG)

fran is cute

i like the sword isekai




is this from 2003 nintendo power


why were second games in series like that in the mid-aughts

prince of persia 1: cool story about an aladdin expy's daddy issues, chaste swimming with the love interest

prince of persia 2: gritty as fuck with a sexy villain

jak and daxter 1: cute collectathon with cartoony graphics, villains just chill out i guess after they get defeated

jak and daxter 2: gritty as fuck gta-like about resistance under an oppressive regime, jak's first words are about how he's going to kill the main dude


im sure there's a better slang than whack and ass-turd



he's cute



>villains just chill out i guess after they get defeated

spoken like a true motherfucker that doesn't rememeber the ending to jak 1



R&C got edgy with Deadlocked



what gave me awaaayyy~



they had to #resist bush



your wrongness mostly



is it homophobic if i think that gay pedos are worse than normal pedos



it says beastMAN right there, you silly billy


Beastman (female)


File: 742f386e8a5658f⋯.png (317.1 KB, 402x697, 402:697, fran.PNG)


fran is a cute girl.


trap beastman

beastman (female) (male)


this recipe has produced a HIGH number of macaroons

which is good, because there's no way half of these suckers aren't getting ruined


ugh, it's not beastman, it's beast officer


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

did someone say beastman











Is the wig really.


File: 77de431041ea7c2⋯.jpg (1011.1 KB, 1126x1600, 563:800, x12.jpg)

File: 4b00b3990ef3aac⋯.jpg (694.44 KB, 1126x1600, 563:800, x13.jpg)

Fran is a good girl




shut the shit up sako no one cares




File: c2b48009cf8b93b⋯.png (72.13 KB, 217x305, 217:305, unknown.png)


File: b5971e15448608f⋯.mp4 (7.24 MB, 852x480, 71:40, tumblr_p6znrySGkA1wgxrw9_4….mp4)

yall see this shit



this is edited like if you trained a neural network to make a homestuck themed video


File: be486dd5b77db19⋯.png (1.89 KB, 156x260, 3:5, Doze.png)


imagine someone buying the homestuck book and fully expecting the whole series to be in book form eventually



but our epic pal el hussarino said they would



it's not that hard

they just have to put in the books the most important things happening in the flashes and minigames

Viz is gonna milk this dry



that lady has old woman hands



cuz he's an idiot who famously parrots the last person he talked to

also remember there's another guy writing some of his tweets



i thought they were going to do some artistic shot where they cut from her young face to her older hands to her with gray hair because so much time had passed since homestuck mattered

but no that lady's just got shriveled granny talons



>here's some handwritten notes memorializing a conversation Dana Boente, acting attorney general, had with Comey after Comey got a call from Trump pressuring him about the investigation

okay that's cool, definitely proves that the conversations happened, which everyone believed but trump kept insisting otherwise

but man

exclusive news on TRMS is just not that exciting


File: 4950e4e92fa84b7⋯.png (961.25 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, ClipboardImage.png)

okay this is the best one


homestuck book 78

title: Terezi Month

subtitle: "It's for future archival readers, trust me."

retailing for $39.99



making a point and click isnt that hard and look how that turned out lol


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


you want some new shit, bitch

open wide



it's called madman theory


File: 7294399a9536e45⋯.png (23.06 KB, 1397x89, 1397:89, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bca33fa864674e5⋯.png (94.93 KB, 744x382, 372:191, ClipboardImage.png)

>accuses democrats of colluding with ukraine

>does this


>cohen was the point man who solicited the donation

even nicer





i wish we lived in a world where trump didnt get elected, but not because of all the shit he does, but because we could have seen his epic twitter meltdown when he lost



i fucking


some kind of au where disney characters are in a friendly ill-defined competition

and also they're all bisexual and all in polyamorous relationships with each other simultaneously

except chel isn't chel, she's the creator's OC maybe

am i understanding this right

is this some kind of video-form mass crossover fanfiction

this video has flummoxed me





>making a point and click isnt that hard

show me your game


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


i think everyone should watch this at least once in their life


show me 2.5 million dollars bitch



Treasure Planet has suffered enough



what is this




i can't even be mad



i know right

its so elaborate


i now have 16 seconds of my video

of like, 4 minutes

at least the intro just took more to think how it wold be executed


File: 20351f2ab0770a5⋯.png (6.68 KB, 331x88, 331:88, ClipboardImage.png)




i think it's the juxtaposition of so much genuine effort for something unimaginably ridiculous and baseless that it just mesmerizes me

the deep passion the creator had making this is clear but i cannot think of any conceivable way that passion could have been sparked.


how to stop dreading opening my genki workbook


the villian from osmosis jones is too good for that movie


File: 5c180fef4727a21⋯.jpg (59.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DZSmZ-6VMAUS-5_.jpg orig.jpg)


File: 2f0cee505a8d195⋯.png (3.27 MB, 1240x1750, 124:175, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 753ec89db1e0d21⋯.png (171.47 KB, 500x249, 500:249, ClipboardImage.png)


*looks at the camera*



today i saw jane from tarzan commit murder-suicide on her ex boyfriend, the sentient brain virus from osmosis jones, via shooting a gun at some looney tunes dynamite while they were both aboard a pirate spaceship that was captained by jane's deceased bisexual anthropomorphic lover amelia from treasure planet


File: 129185e95258812⋯.jpg (41.42 KB, 720x728, 90:91, DaYb-_hXcAIWBD1.jpg)


File: ef644d3482f46f0⋯.jpg (56.15 KB, 720x742, 360:371, 1523462121275.jpg)


>starfire's not orange

>raven's not blue

>beast boy's not green

fuckin thing sucks



is this real



this show looks like its budget is very tiny


File: 6847a3ccac9a01c⋯.png (16.74 KB, 804x98, 402:49, unknown.png)



sako, today's exercise is to translate this in japanese



little girls dont talk like this



can i do it instead



the sexy ones do


the issue is it reads like something that was poorly translated from japanese and trying to translate it back into japanese feels like a weird game of telephone


i'm not sure what a good word for "fragrant stomach juices" would be either.


little girl vomit is ambrosia from the heavens above


vom is scat level


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


better lib than cuck i always say


if i had to pic between vom and scat i'd probably pic vom


tbh i enjoy 2d scat if it's incredibly cartoonish




File: 5dd4259ff8c67c9⋯.jpg (183.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

i want to play smash now


File: 689d5c0eef44a41⋯.png (6.98 KB, 80x36, 20:9, yike.png)


he'd be too distracted jackin off


>tbh i enjoy ... scat


you'll all be happy to know that for some reason my posts dont go through on mobile


>i enjoy ... scat

log off idiot


File: 80bc504a5ec097b⋯.png (746.44 KB, 712x480, 89:60, u wot m8.png)


File: aa330fce5c6215b⋯.gif (47.46 KB, 294x339, 98:113, Media_55.GIF)


i like the one ocarina of time scat pic by modeseven

it doesn't even register in my mind as actual scat because it's so outlandish


File: 5ac04ce1f808109⋯.jpg (691.86 KB, 1496x1496, 1:1, 61141638_p0.jpg)

ice cweam



nice pedo post!


stop talking about your scat fetish



its just ice cream????


stop talking about your child fetish



quit oppressing and misrepresenting me



im not and yet i will continue




I had Poputepipikku vibes






sushi pwease

sushi for my birthday pwease



*gets you grocery store California rolls* >:)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Japanese dragon ball z fanfic in which Piccolo grows a dick on his head, so gokuu goes around and shows everyone. It turns out that head-dicks are very rare and considered holy in Namekian culture. Vegeta gets jealous and it turns out he has always wanted a dick on his head, so Goku suggests summong Shenlong to grant him his wish. However, Shenlong is not capable of artificially increasing the number of dicks in the world. In order for Vegeta to have a dick on his head, they must take another dick and move it onto his head instead. Goku suggests that he take Yamcha's dick, but Yamcha refuses. In retaliation, Vegeta uses his first wish to give Yamcha phimosis. Meanwhile, Gohan shows up and asks Piccolo to babysit Pan for a bit. Pan becomes fascinated with Piccolo's head dick and plays with it. However, Piccolo's head dick is more sensitive than he thought. She begins to slap it and then squeeze it, and Piccolo blows his load everywhere and passes out. Goku and Bulma notice this, and realizing what will happen if Chichi finds out that Piccolo bukkake'd her grand daughter, they begin to clean her off. However, it has already stained and the smell won't come off. Thinking quickly, Bulma uses the second wish to remove all of the semen. Vegeta gets mad, but Goku reminds him that he still has his third wish, so he goes back to considering how to cheat the system to get a head dick. Piccolo then regains consciousness, and Goku explains what happened. Piccolo then resolves swallow his pride and remove his holy head dick to make sure constantly exposing his dick to Pan doesn't have a negative effect on her. Piccolo grabs his head dick, causing it to spurt a little bit, then rips it off. The head dick instantly grows back. Meanwhile, Vegeta is still brainstorming on how to get a head dick, trying things like wishing for something that is infinitely similar to a dick. Piccolo comes and offers to give his dick to Vegeta. Shenlong even offers to change the color from green as a bonus. Vegeta and Bulma have a wonderful life with the new head dick, and Goku gets a little jealous. Then there is a time skip to Bulma explaining to Bra that she was conceived from Vegeta's head dick. Bra asks if that means Piccolo is technically her father, and Piccolo says that she can call him daddy. Bra then asks her new daddy to gather all of the dragon balls and erase this knowledge from her mind forever.

The End.


all libs wanna do

is see you get into

their obese gf

their obese gf



don't kinkshame please uwu


can someone reformat shitto back to pre-wonk specs


File: 0d1e4b9164244f2⋯.jpg (123.83 KB, 1014x888, 169:148, furan.jpg)


update: now i realize my video looks a movie maker amv so not really epic

im gonna finish it anyway


90% of anons just look like sako to me tbh


it's time to shit, brb


File: 51a7dbe2a79dc0a⋯.jpg (318.44 KB, 600x839, 600:839, serious artistic merit.jpg)



do your best, bro


File: 44391d4977b6423⋯.png (451.03 KB, 640x361, 640:361, ClipboardImage.png)



subject: just let mei be thicc

body: really my dudes? [ClipboardImage.png]





this looks fucked


i really dont get why everyone wants mei to be obese

it aint attractive


mei is shit no matter how fat or slim she is



how'd it go?



this is blizzard so mei will be the victim of "every girl needs to be hot sexy" disease



nothing special, 6/10


remember when they depicted mei as being thin and then made her torso slightly thicker and said it was a "bug"


do videogame designers think women are always arching their backs or something



i think she's just striking a weird pose in that pic


they also refuse to give any male character some evidence of having a butt and its unacceptable


petition: give lucio a butt


I really do not like the weird kinda cartoony art style in blizzard's games. I'm not sure what it is, but something about specifically the way they do it makes me uncomfortable.


give torbjorn a bubble butt



she walks like that in game


i have the best pup of all pups



how on earth are you going to have a young brazilian man who spends his time skating around and not give him an ass


remember when widowmaker's ass literally expanded when you pulled up her scope


the golden kamui anime adaptation looks kinda weak. should i just read the mango instead



no but i believe it



File: 699cbec5ce85875⋯.png (202.45 KB, 540x252, 15:7, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 4aca45cbb88f7e4⋯.png (171.47 KB, 353x334, 353:334, ClipboardImage.png)



the real one looks like enough ass to me



you are a coward



>should i read the manga

what kind of dumb question is that


File: d6598b580c8d5d7⋯.gif (2.35 MB, 290x335, 58:67, d65[1].gif)



bimbofication vision



File: 6bb87b819b7b056⋯.png (1.75 KB, 383x20, 383:20, screen.png)



why though


why not just make her butt always big


Military AI gf that orbital strikes internet trolls that insult you on imageboards







ass expansion is a good fetish



because of the increased recoil from her gun


File: 0010c42dd303213⋯.png (332.19 KB, 411x411, 1:1, 1413366240241.png)

>haven't been to the gym since last july

>see a photo of myself from over a year ago

>mfw seeing all the gains I lost

I've gotta get back on it soon



but why have ass expansion in this specific situation


File: 643e06a4e557064⋯.png (362.01 KB, 856x502, 428:251, Untitled.png)

oh no

she cute


loli ass expansion



she looks like the lead of mgmt



loli breast expansion



she has more character than fucking mercy at least



have you learned nothing from Lord Schneider

infusing your vile fetishes into mainstream media imbues them with incredible power



she like pie and engineering lolz





fran is very cute indeed

sword is a good dad



yeah, but mercy has the whole mommy fetish angle

i'm saying in a roster almost entirely composed of fetish bait, somehow ms. regular von milquetoast takes the crown. it's weird, and possibly immoral.



why are they making live action overwatch


File: 472cc6a734158b8⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1007x894, 1007:894, ClipboardImage.png)

oh no not again!!!!!



>yeah, but mercy has the whole mommy fetish angle


There's not a single thing in the game that depicts her as a mother or motherly or ANYTHING but because she's the most generic looking blonde bimbo imaginable everyone just projected that onto her.



if they dont make beast boy green i will do everything in my power to shut this down







ana is 2old


brigitte's a tomboy, pharah's kind of that but she's mostly just autism



these are people who jerk off to overwatch porn why are you trying to rationalize any of this


File: 766997da7c826ab⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


gee it's a good thing there wasn't a skin for her on release that was her when she was young



oh god i thought that was just a pic of some mall goths or something

please god no



File: e1dce58c07cd174⋯.png (1 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, ClipboardImage.png)


hsg i think im gonna buy a deep fryer



yea you'd like that wouldnt you


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



no carbz



isn't she pretty close to 40

i think the modern internet has just milf to just mean older woman that i want to fuck, the m is just a flavor



she's 37



i think just applying green body paint every shoot is actually just too heavy a burden for this show's budget


File: 0c76a8640c07e86⋯.jpg (180.63 KB, 828x2048, 207:512, IMG_20180411_135641.jpg)


Oh no!!!!!!!! I'm inexplica8ly infl8ing again!



yeah that's milf range

sorry lad she's a mommyfu and there's nothing to be done about it



how about klondike


Oh no!!!!!!!! I'm inexplica8ly h8ing white cissies again!


File: 98a926f43900858⋯.png (265.51 KB, 514x373, 514:373, ClipboardImage.png)

i already posted this but I like that the type line has to clarify that it's a magic instant

wouldn't want people to be confused



Meenage Gutant Minja Turtles?


they gave you a rare saga, ben

is your greenlust finally sated


File: e44ef8b86db5262⋯.png (292.54 KB, 312x445, 312:445, ClipboardImage.png)

looking through old cards there's only like 3 raise the alarm style effects, and only one of which was instant



things like this are almost pointless trying to get across because plenty of people still refer to native americans as indians and at least in america youre either white, black, hispanic, asian, indian, or muslim and no one is going to bother to learn geography



wow......such poor taste in music.....check out /mu/ sometime kid


uhhh it's impossible to explain to people because everyone is stupid so i'm not even gonna try i'm just right okay :)))))



uhhh pe peee poopies


you aren't worth it



i mean her original post literally said "i will gladly explain it to you in DMs"

so i dont think it's something that can easily be explained in a response tweet


nigger comes from latin niger which means black so its not a slur



>your reasoning is invalid


yeah okay


ive also literally never ever heard eskimo used as a slur

i think she might just be full of shit



twitter turned me into a racist




i was expecting it to be something about fucking PWs because you know, that's what the mending did, but the actual effect is pretty good

i'm also rather happy that the narrative it depicts is arguably the most important thing historically out of all the sagas


File: cbac722649c2f46⋯.png (372.08 KB, 984x723, 328:241, 1508303356559.png)


my favorite is "it just means ignorant"

that was "in vogue" when i was in middle school


neither you nor i know anything else about how those two people interacted

we've both presented our opinions, now we're done



File: 6fc77eab9a669d8⋯.png (261.86 KB, 576x371, 576:371, ClipboardImage.png)

this is a fairly spicy card


nobody would buy nigger bars


the word itself is a slur

its kinda like how no matter how many times you say retarded just means dumb and ur not using it in the context of making fun of disabled people its still what the word means


Here's how my reaction to it went as I continued to read the text

>Well I like the art, let's see what it does







google and npr say it's extremely offensive

new mandela effect mayhaps?



>its kinda like how no matter how many times you say retarded just means dumb and ur not using it in the context of making fun of disabled people its still what the word means

umbridge either leave or put your trip back on


its also ok to just not know things, i only learned the word eskimo through cartoons and it has literally never been said to me in any other context for my whole life


*turns off brain*

whos ready to game


>they moved clickhole over to kinja

>they turned on comments on the site

RIP, end of an era



i'll never stop using retard and slapping tard on things. still no reason to ever say eskimo, even if it's a super edgy killing word




File: 32486bdfefc63dc⋯.png (172.65 KB, 265x370, 53:74, ClipboardImage.png)

big boy



i doubt literally anyone here ever thought you would change your mind on the matter

if you wanted it to be about you just say so



i think that's enough about me out of me. what do you think of me?



your mom eskimo




these cheetos were a mistake



did they cut your mouth


oh no they killed his perfect AI waifu!



what kind of stale ass cheetos are you eating that cut your mouth


File: f97e193d9562ca8⋯.jpg (59.36 KB, 640x659, 640:659, f97e193d9562ca8492191b63a8….jpg)



it's a volume thing


these cheetos are making me thirsty!


File: d2eaece03433820⋯.jpg (67.06 KB, 620x711, 620:711, d2eaece0343382091aa18a31a7….jpg)


the only snacks i eat are either banana chips or cheetos


File: 94d64d0c5e99e06⋯.png (157.91 KB, 264x370, 132:185, ClipboardImage.png)

vintage memes


and so my frog spirit tribal edh deck begins


File: c4588c4bdd90756⋯.gif (2.64 MB, 500x250, 2:1, 1505114248812.gif)


>Deckard is a Nexus

thanks Ridley


File: e55159c707a2bb2⋯.png (305.74 KB, 312x445, 312:445, ClipboardImage.png)

there have been incredibly few frogs in magic, and only like 2 since I started playing


File: 4abf6dbedf5f438⋯.png (283.88 KB, 312x445, 312:445, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c987aee8ab47e77⋯.png (298.33 KB, 312x445, 312:445, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8454ca1e1846ce5⋯.png (271.83 KB, 312x445, 312:445, ClipboardImage.png)

gitrog, croc, and then some 2/3


File: 1b1a8e00b2c1e56⋯.png (1.03 MB, 679x899, 679:899, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 462b4a13245be46⋯.png (947.25 KB, 673x901, 673:901, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0cc2f40f5baa7c8⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1203x903, 401:301, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 685a2eacc761351⋯.jpg (53.88 KB, 384x512, 3:4, 82dcc3fa-9cfd-43aa-8e1b-18….jpg)

File: eb67f190ace589b⋯.jpg (48.12 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 62740fa4-8ac0-41c4-bbbc-2a….jpg)

File: 6e575b6f0ea3889⋯.jpg (48.15 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 0f38f52b-38eb-4c49-a712-ba….jpg)

File: 69b55e4b0eb4242⋯.jpg (39.34 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 9f604403-d0d0-4912-94ff-02….jpg)

File: 5e36c462707ad1a⋯.jpg (59.4 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 0d93b588-8348-44ce-9d54-bb….jpg)





>no braces





are these part of the same photoset?




why do i only remember the middle three


File: 323fd2cf8f79894⋯.jpg (82.52 KB, 750x764, 375:382, 323fd2cf8f798947fa009f20bf….jpg)



no one posted the others much


File: d1a6d46e525595c⋯.png (403.92 KB, 546x402, 91:67, ClipboardImage.png)


hello who here ordered the anal supreme?



File: efaa2ced13d72e1⋯.jpeg (356.4 KB, 800x1227, 800:1227, 0CECEE2C-342B-4DCA-B4D2-1….jpeg)

File: eae8b9aa8273b28⋯.jpeg (350.84 KB, 800x1227, 800:1227, 2B6B3B27-9293-4009-8A94-1….jpeg)

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