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File: a6feec69b325bac⋯.jpg (236,21 KB, 680x983, 680:983, 1558301482288.jpg)

3b4c55  No.246865

I've decided to come out the closet. I no longer fear the repercussions or social stigma. If I cannot live MY life how I want it then I don't want to live at all.

Since I was a young child I've always felt Japanese inside. I am a Japanese person born in a white mans body. I have come out to my family this morning (which happens to be my birthday) and as I expected they are dumbfounded. My Father was especially perplexed but at the end of our talk he seemed happy that at least I wasn't homosexual.

If you are reading this thread and can relate then I want you to know that there are many more people out there like you. YOU are NOT alone. I feel that a general thread would be immensely helpful to anons who seek advice in coming out of the Transracial closet that they are trapped in and pursuing the life they really want to live.

566975  No.246867

File: 797876340e1cfce⋯.jpg (158,75 KB, 708x1000, 177:250, 1553121577054.jpg)


old city?

3b4c55  No.246868

File: 9ae48d002f5d54b⋯.jpg (387,11 KB, 1280x1826, 640:913, 26.jpg)

bda36f  No.246870

File: 26cf30e01e29888⋯.jpg (117,85 KB, 959x959, 1:1, 7s11YDU.jpg)


Yep, baking now.

3b4c55  No.246871

File: 3c0be88c65aa51d⋯.jpg (154,42 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, 1553961836450.jpg)




7df041  No.246872

File: 1fc347da260f06b⋯.jpg (176,37 KB, 550x600, 11:12, 1526308771397.jpg)


Sounds like you have the brain and thought process of a fat person and a burger!

566975  No.246873

File: 0e606c54957e9b8⋯.jpg (950,45 KB, 2500x1767, 2500:1767, 1557230104185.jpg)


means old man/old people

yes 市 means city and i dont recognise the radical

3b4c55  No.246874

File: 1a92b6df728be91⋯.jpg (136,98 KB, 482x680, 241:340, 1545778488564.jpg)


For you it translate to 先生.

566975  No.246875

File: 2147aa8afc7e5f5⋯.jpg (40,66 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1558284462287.jpg)


what do the kanji literally mean in chinese?

3b4c55  No.246876

File: 73b7244718e31fe⋯.png (303,66 KB, 500x644, 125:161, 1554043024456.png)



566975  No.246877

File: 528ce88865ffc49⋯.jpg (34,35 KB, 309x400, 309:400, 1558285647958.jpg)


no what do they mean

3b4c55  No.246878

File: 2c56210ac3a3f51⋯.jpg (210,17 KB, 1200x778, 600:389, 1553951658406.jpg)



old, aged,etc


superior, upper classman, etc.

3b4c55  No.246879

File: 51a7c861edca92e⋯.jpg (86,69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1554064803670.jpg)

I forgot I had Chinese actually Chinese anime on my computer.

ef5687  No.246880

File: 397044442e821c4⋯.jpg (165,88 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, 1558279739162.jpg)


first one has the same meaning

idk why 市 means that and not city though

7df041  No.246881

File: 6cd33bd42f30492⋯.jpg (31,62 KB, 408x632, 51:79, the-goyim-know-shut-it-dow….jpg)




3b4c55  No.246882

File: 1882aec28f30f0f⋯.jpg (93,65 KB, 900x970, 90:97, 1554138685888.jpg)


Could be the dialect that the original Chinese showed the Japanese at first since villages in China have this ordeal where a word in one meaning and another word will have completely different meaning in the other village.

3b4c55  No.246883

File: b69fae745579d57⋯.jpg (136,4 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, 1554049145217.jpg)

3b4c55  No.246884

File: bb0869d3cc246e9⋯.jpg (182,92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1553999120103.jpg)

>Puffer fish in the sink

I thought that only Japanese ate the pufferfish?

Maybe they're making a Japanese dish.

ef5687  No.246885

File: 0752cf1185667ad⋯.jpg (323,45 KB, 1200x616, 150:77, 1558279834820.jpg)

3b4c55  No.246886

File: c29789eaf8b958c⋯.png (112,28 KB, 295x587, 295:587, blush.PNG)

ef5687  No.246887

File: 3cd9f3ec051c086⋯.mp4 (276,45 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1558280037098.mp4)

3b4c55  No.246888

File: f8db377df3ff30e⋯.webm (560,85 KB, 800x450, 16:9, MYA-NEE.webm)

ef5687  No.246889

File: 77c3039dfb52458⋯.png (113,29 KB, 676x565, 676:565, 1558281156185.png)



3b4c55  No.246890

File: 7d8e7211c565f84⋯.webm (1,79 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Yuusha-sama.webm)

7df041  No.246891

File: 1aa9b6fb4ab6603⋯.jpg (249,62 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 72e0dac.jpg)


>Not the karl marx one

You had one job

3b4c55  No.246892

File: 0f2b72b253f7a0a⋯.png (759,55 KB, 760x739, 760:739, 1553990507575.png)


Is that even out?

It's all Chinese propaganda anyways, she even says on the TV that Chinese traditional foods are her inspiration for all her recipes.

Also, cute Asuka.

ef5687  No.246893

File: 87dd14d5b997eb4⋯.webm (1,95 MB, 768x432, 16:9, 1553641935546.webm)

3b4c55  No.246894

File: 88015c2baca238e⋯.webm (2,86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, girlskissing.webm)

ef5687  No.246895

File: a1128b64bd712a6⋯.jpg (54,59 KB, 487x526, 487:526, 1551244152520.jpg)


>no sound

3b4c55  No.246896

File: ec936735dba85b7⋯.gif (918,3 KB, 500x282, 250:141, tumblr_lypyvtovKx1rn116do1….gif)


>Needing sound.

7df041  No.246897

File: 0efa67766090254⋯.jpg (82,08 KB, 497x850, 497:850, 41d088a.jpg)


I have no idea… Merely mentioned it since it's the only one that I know of, and the premise really cracks me up

>All chink propaganda

S-sasuga. Will the chink anime knockoffs take over?


The sound of that scene is fappable

ef5687  No.246898

File: 6a5c45c1defb609⋯.jpg (151,2 KB, 600x1100, 6:11, 1558283330522.jpg)


yes i need sound

3b4c55  No.246899

File: e44f984f2677368⋯.jpg (83,09 KB, 500x375, 4:3, large.jpg)


There was a that SAO rip-off that everyone was talking about being Chinese kino for a long time. King's exit or something?

Not sure.

But all Chinese animu is basically romcoms.

3b4c55  No.246900

File: f330499829fbb1e⋯.webm (3,81 MB, 800x450, 16:9, girls can love girls!.webm)

d728a3  No.246901

File: e8e28a3813486fe⋯.png (438,5 KB, 712x1000, 89:125, 74379697_p3.png)



Only a chink lover like you would've heard of it.

ef5687  No.246902

File: 8cb2d270582a04a⋯.jpg (611,67 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 1558299447542.jpg)

bda36f  No.246903

File: 7855dc807b2372d⋯.webm (3,87 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Yuri Smash.webm)

7df041  No.246904

File: a14a7321a2b017d⋯.jpg (111,52 KB, 600x779, 600:779, 68418039_p0_master1200.jpg)


>All basically romcoms

Presumably 2D chink knockoff waifus are their solution to a lack of 3DPD for breeding

3b4c55  No.246905

File: 942da79978d50d2⋯.jpg (27,36 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1557771747572.jpg)

3b4c55  No.246906

File: bfff2f58729f16b⋯.jpg (204,13 KB, 850x1306, 425:653, 1557854259309.jpg)

d728a3  No.246907

File: 47771c5bea5f3a5⋯.png (1,21 MB, 1296x895, 1296:895, 74334609_p0.png)




Stop making excuses.

ef5687  No.246908

File: f25623512ff9340⋯.jpg (222,67 KB, 1200x1050, 8:7, 1558278974220.jpg)

3b4c55  No.246909

File: 7baf90f70a6e2ee⋯.gif (290,13 KB, 500x282, 250:141, pigskin.gif)


Why do you have scene of all things?


Breeding cows are hot.

bda36f  No.246910

File: 8b7af7da479684f⋯.webm (1,94 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, WhatPS2.webm)

3b4c55  No.246911

File: 4294851a5ee6b61⋯.png (1,03 MB, 901x1280, 901:1280, 1557800442377.png)


I saw it on my youtube feed a while back.

I always thought if I wind up in China for whatever reason. I would publish a yuri manga for fun

3b4c55  No.246912

File: 8cf76a93dc36cc2⋯.jpg (341,97 KB, 1170x1600, 117:160, 1557890463520.jpg)

ef5687  No.246913

File: db4b6b14dee1711⋯.jpg (84,97 KB, 800x640, 5:4, 1558279397682.jpg)

d728a3  No.246914

File: db297f9241b6470⋯.jpg (595,15 KB, 1785x2000, 357:400, 74297309_p0.jpg)


I doubt that'd make it past the government censors. And you can't even draw.

3b4c55  No.246915

File: e079b8b956a0428⋯.jpg (61,35 KB, 1200x700, 12:7, 1557770841678.jpg)



3b4c55  No.246916

File: 7d6b03ab9ba57c9⋯.jpg (52,72 KB, 486x604, 243:302, 1557777848878.jpg)




I got how to draw manga somewhere.

It's my dad that can draw anime disturbingly well.

ef5687  No.246917

File: 11ba4190712fd3c⋯.jpg (189,37 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 1558279439516.jpg)

bda36f  No.246918

File: 78401ce3ef7456f⋯.webm (2,78 MB, 320x240, 4:3, I came here to be alone.webm)

3b4c55  No.246919

File: a31bb42404fc38b⋯.webm (1,32 MB, 640x360, 16:9, kililyuri.webm)

ef5687  No.246920

File: 86eeb51c3f0deee⋯.jpg (127,93 KB, 783x1089, 87:121, 1558279812346.jpg)



d728a3  No.246921

File: fa6289a33b434bf⋯.png (4,62 MB, 1225x1800, 49:72, 72279760_p0.png)


Nice Miku. I have the Kaede from the same line and it's probably the best looking prize figure I own. I also have the Hajime but it's not as good.

7df041  No.246922

File: 837650b2e0a3ac7⋯.jpg (277,37 KB, 850x529, 850:529, sample_07ce3f5bc5eebb4fb96….jpg)


>It's on MAL

>Rating is over 8


Only when it's your own personal harem and not some public cum dumpster


Post images of his drawings

ef5687  No.246923

File: 74d58d19ba01eca⋯.jpg (139,67 KB, 1440x1920, 3:4, 1558280230209.jpg)



only other one i have

3b4c55  No.246924

File: ef54ca8982ca595⋯.png (1,02 MB, 1457x1032, 1457:1032, 1557806388298.png)

d728a3  No.246925

File: 34c526aa593858f⋯.jpg (46,44 KB, 340x565, 68:113, 1491870250176.jpg)


>I got how to draw manga somewhere.

ef5687  No.246926

File: 302ae3786ec7eec⋯.jpg (42,65 KB, 443x608, 443:608, 1558276783006.jpg)

d728a3  No.246927

File: 4a9a747f3a9378a⋯.jpg (185,95 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 72274869_p6.jpg)


The first one you posted looks best. I like this one more than the swimsuit one though.

3b4c55  No.246928

File: af925e62a678c94⋯.png (2,37 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1557787690982.png)


He hasn't drawn anything in a long time.

Let me see if I can ask him when he's alone.

7df041  No.246929

File: 983814451bff40a⋯.png (543,87 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, illust_65950508_20180312_0….png)


>When he's alone

Is it some father and son secret?

3b4c55  No.246930

File: f5c523b0648983b⋯.jpg (71,53 KB, 867x791, 867:791, 1557768921205.jpg)


It's not anime and it's my sisters

ef5687  No.246931

File: f5bb9ac41e42afe⋯.jpg (92,7 KB, 634x720, 317:360, 1558286243310.jpg)


i like



i havent bought a figure in a while

3b4c55  No.246932

File: 229e90404669d8d⋯.jpg (52,97 KB, 595x841, 595:841, 1557243914208.jpg)




No, it's he watches TV for 4hrs with my mom and then sleeps.

ef5687  No.246933

File: cec849a3cb33c16⋯.jpg (53,89 KB, 564x801, 188:267, 1558286749269.jpg)


can do?

d728a3  No.246934

File: 5cbdf3476d521c2⋯.png (735,31 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 71828986_p0.png)


Slap your sister.


I haven't bought any since coming back to America.

ef5687  No.246935

File: 0352d0c48f553d3⋯.jpg (116,33 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, 1558287291871.jpg)


is it hard to get figures there

7df041  No.246936

File: 671252498d391ec⋯.jpg (65,11 KB, 599x1000, 599:1000, 42835907_p10_master1200.jpg)


>Watches TV for 4 hours with mom

What do they watch!?

What garbage is there to even watch on current TV!?

3b4c55  No.246937

File: 869edcfc574978c⋯.jpg (539,17 KB, 2000x2500, 4:5, 1557369475477.jpg)


That's 可能。


I'll slap you first.

d728a3  No.246938

File: 12f438c8a7c6b47⋯.jpg (253,11 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, 71721666_p0.jpg)


Not really, although you do have lots of idiots like Cato who pay outrageous prices for them at conventions.

But I already have a good amount of figures and I need to save on money, so for now I'll only buy one if I really want it.

3b4c55  No.246939

File: af925e62a678c94⋯.png (2,37 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1557787690982.png)


GoTs, some mafia comedy that's really awkward to watch with my parents, I guess Orange is the new black.

ef5687  No.246940

File: 9ad8197943f9f65⋯.jpg (35,92 KB, 475x731, 475:731, 1558305331329.jpg)


what does it mean then


so theyre just really expensive?

3b4c55  No.246941

File: ca57ad9d30c9d97⋯.jpg (110 KB, 800x1125, 32:45, 1492132484015.jpg)





Can do.

d728a3  No.246942

File: 702524bab13712b⋯.jpg (2,14 MB, 1748x2480, 437:620, 71912357_p0.jpg)


The good ones are usually about 10000 yen+, so yeah.

ef5687  No.246943

File: d9fa9f731efbe41⋯.jpg (127,66 KB, 267x789, 89:263, 1558306255451.jpg)



what figures do you have

d728a3  No.246944

File: 2d7e7567d6a92a2⋯.jpg (511,03 KB, 974x1397, 974:1397, 72135407_p1.jpg)


I have a lot. Pretty sure I poster a pic of my figures before, although it wasn't all of them because some are still boxed up.

3b4c55  No.246945

File: cdb95c6db0af00c⋯.png (2,61 MB, 1564x893, 1564:893, 1557886120902.png)

ef5687  No.246946

File: a9161ae9e2f0b1c⋯.jpg (228,99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1558305857123.jpg)


dont remember but i remember you mentioning the box


076e9b  No.246947

File: b620b14faa27c5a⋯.jpg (127,47 KB, 744x1035, 248:345, __sagisawa_fumika_idolmast….jpg)


>Spending 4 hours watching that shit

At least I spend my 4 hours watching anime instead. Fucking hell

3b4c55  No.246948

File: 34150cd5cd50780⋯.jpg (137,86 KB, 1044x1392, 3:4, 1557424516848.jpg)



ef5687  No.246949

File: 1d5dd24c6fbdf1f⋯.jpg (554,36 KB, 2000x2500, 4:5, 1558281479704.jpg)

3b4c55  No.246950

File: a7520abbe126971⋯.png (182,83 KB, 900x1001, 900:1001, 1557537794581.png)


I gave up on GoT.

Orange is the new Black was funny about season one and then things got sappy and crap.

The rest is just boring.

3b4c55  No.246951

File: bc7e828c6c40ba2⋯.jpg (639,19 KB, 1262x1417, 1262:1417, 1557780638159.jpg)



ef5687  No.246952

File: 4104be2f2471e69⋯.jpg (195,34 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, 1558281862367.jpg)

3b4c55  No.246953

File: d6c454d677f94bf⋯.jpg (298,09 KB, 721x552, 721:552, 1557245993145.jpg)


Yokohama kaidashu.

8e350c  No.246954

File: f5f9134e8958474⋯.jpg (3,74 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190323_213524.jpg)

3b4c55  No.246955

File: e905e52777dc997⋯.jpg (59,18 KB, 660x720, 11:12, 1557547448394.jpg)


ef5687  No.246956

File: 6971ca7ee9403a8⋯.jpg (150,54 KB, 715x620, 143:124, 1554851874279.jpg)





3b4c55  No.246957

File: 654a4d10e507597⋯.jpg (202,57 KB, 900x625, 36:25, 1557376654579.jpg)


What does kaidashi mean?

ef5687  No.246958

File: c22c6d919483de1⋯.jpg (149,69 KB, 877x1240, 877:1240, 1558284806174.jpg)


shirobako is good

3b4c55  No.246959

File: 20e3e0e013ef53d⋯.jpg (566,04 KB, 706x1000, 353:500, 1557466215487.jpg)


Sonohana is good.

ef5687  No.246960

File: 94f77866873e223⋯.jpg (203,82 KB, 1200x847, 1200:847, 1558286646848.jpg)


shopping/mass shopping


3b4c55  No.246961

File: e9b6080d8406d0b⋯.png (137,21 KB, 390x469, 390:469, prepareforkissu.PNG)


Yokohama doesn't strike me as a shopping sort of place.

ef5687  No.246962

File: e54b6e913a74547⋯.jpg (239,5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1558289783007.jpg)


what else would you do there

d728a3  No.246963

File: 35c972b3cae7093⋯.jpg (614,54 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, 1420406484400.jpg)



Shirobako was AOTY, and one of the first shows I actually bought the BDs for.

3b4c55  No.246964

File: e832b38737269d9⋯.jpg (65,13 KB, 604x875, 604:875, 1557422015756.jpg)


Go to the beach?

3b4c55  No.246965

File: 21655bb98949460⋯.png (611,84 KB, 868x1228, 217:307, 1557843967265.png)

d728a3  No.246966

File: d382e6b12ca7c63⋯.jpg (447,72 KB, 1131x800, 1131:800, 1420400804191.jpg)

3b4c55  No.246967

File: eac14bc4e7cf8b3⋯.jpg (49,32 KB, 225x350, 9:14, 308706.jpg)


I had a professor make a 3D dick in class once.

ef5687  No.246968

File: b5d08738b1afa43⋯.jpg (495,54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1554740277995.jpg)


i dont own the bd but its good




d728a3  No.246969

File: b0c35bc6782b3b2⋯.png (200,62 KB, 518x725, 518:725, 1438531253425.png)


I had a teacher who showed the class a powerpoint that was pretty much just a bunch of sex toys once. Supposedly she worked at a BDSM club. She claimed she was just a part of the "management" but no one believed her.

3b4c55  No.246970

File: b37686efae529db⋯.jpg (141,36 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 43463847_p0.jpg)


There was one in the manga silly.

3b4c55  No.246971

File: 66f46d742433dc9⋯.png (213,08 KB, 700x560, 5:4, 66024145_p8.png)


What class was this?!

ef5687  No.246972

File: 6b622a2809fe7db⋯.jpg (147,41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1554331682055.jpg)


yokohama is 90% ports/docks and the few beaches left suck compared to the rest of japan

3b4c55  No.246973

File: 43b2ae00dc0e272⋯.png (257,8 KB, 800x640, 5:4, 67701491_p14.png)


I think you said there were better ones down south.

ef5687  No.246974

File: 9dbe8b81821bbee⋯.jpg (79,35 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, 1556485672536.jpg)

3b4c55  No.246975

File: 83db314d084cafc⋯.png (397,38 KB, 800x717, 800:717, 66024145_p4.png)


Are beaches good where you live?

d728a3  No.246976

File: bbf6cb0996d7353⋯.jpg (369,41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1438527576575.jpg)


Yes it is.


"Contemporary society."

3b4c55  No.246977

File: 7066f0eaf41fe71⋯.png (202,67 KB, 800x656, 50:41, 69776811_p3.png)


>Contemporary society

You know, flame throwers are cheap…

ef5687  No.246978

File: 22df13f77dd8bd4⋯.jpg (90,06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1553641106207.jpg)


yes, my neighbour has a trail that leads to the ocean and he has a small boat kept there he sometimes uses

3b4c55  No.246979

File: 2749f32220b0dc2⋯.png (344,73 KB, 713x1000, 713:1000, 71383192_p10.png)


Time to go fishing.

We all know Mackerel is good for the soul.

d728a3  No.246980

File: 953a04088d83b3d⋯.jpg (328,89 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1449631529559.jpg)


I wish I had bought the Elon Musk flamethrower.

c07c90  No.246981


They sell on ebay sometimes

ef5687  No.246982

File: 64fb876869e6914⋯.jpg (33,69 KB, 430x430, 1:1, 1554853665345.jpg)


why would i fish

3b4c55  No.246983

File: 59ddc90f1eb3be5⋯.png (205,6 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 66587112_p22.png)


Just got to Walmart silly.

3b4c55  No.246984

File: 7dbc27036368668⋯.png (192,06 KB, 800x655, 160:131, 69776811_p14.png)


Free food.

ef5687  No.246985

File: 64aa0fe065e669a⋯.jpg (137,84 KB, 1265x720, 253:144, 1553639242760.jpg)


fishing rods arent free

d728a3  No.246986

File: ee0def0b935c8d1⋯.webm (404,6 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1463370938574.webm)


For a highly increased price, I would assume.


Can you actually by a flamethrower at wal-mart?

3b4c55  No.246987

File: 0c4a9982bbf668b⋯.png (250,78 KB, 800x569, 800:569, 66024145_p3.png)


Bamboo is cheap.

monofilament on the other hand might be a lot.

3b4c55  No.246988

File: 684c709cc4e31d9⋯.png (255,95 KB, 800x640, 5:4, 67701491_p4.png)


Yes, but you have to make one using select ingredients.

Alternatively, you could just buy that propane torch.

ef5687  No.246989

File: 43e3c761eb562f0⋯.jpg (114,65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1557357773106.jpg)


theres also bait and other stuff to worry about

d728a3  No.246990

File: 12cdf58e9640a7b⋯.jpg (73,2 KB, 506x900, 253:450, 1502310138329.jpg)


Wal mart has too many stinky niggers to be worth going to anyway.

3b4c55  No.246991

File: 794bc89c9e5b4dc⋯.png (279,66 KB, 800x640, 5:4, 67701491_p6.png)


I happened across a book older than time about fly fishing in Japan.

I think it was written in the 17th-18th century.

Let me see if I can find it.

3b4c55  No.246992

File: 83db314d084cafc⋯.png (397,38 KB, 800x717, 800:717, 66024145_p4.png)


I avoid walmart like the plague.

Although, sometimes I go in there because I need something quick.

Target or bust.

ef5687  No.246993

File: 696482b146fa81a⋯.webm (1,95 MB, 768x432, 16:9, 1554946283950.webm)

3b4c55  No.246994

File: 545ca3f116150f2⋯.png (9,7 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 2006-11-28-37796.png)


Seems you call it テンカラ.

ef5687  No.246995

File: 6992229fc32c1f0⋯.jpg (122,84 KB, 1267x720, 1267:720, 1552260765206.jpg)

3b4c55  No.246996

File: b980b221db4d3a8⋯.jpg (349,84 KB, 600x703, 600:703, 34125524_p0.jpg)


Have you done it before?

ef5687  No.246997

File: f12e042443f482e⋯.png (325,95 KB, 600x720, 5:6, 1554316043203.png)

3b4c55  No.246998

File: 7066f0eaf41fe71⋯.png (202,67 KB, 800x656, 50:41, 69776811_p3.png)

ef5687  No.246999

File: 609b06139d098e1⋯.jpg (203,1 KB, 723x1023, 241:341, 1554322534361.jpg)

7df041  No.247000

File: 5ad5bf15d061b58⋯.jpg (116,3 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 67154877_p0_master1200.jpg)


Hah, I never watched it in the first place

I watched one episode with the family I drove down to Florida with.

Then, I read about how it was sexist because a stronk wamen went crazy on a dragon and nanking'd a town.

It was all kinda stupid, and I didn't see what was so great about it. The sheer stormtrooper-tier military incompetence didn't help


Shirobako man good


See https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_battleship_Mikasa

ef5687  No.247001

File: 94181daa463ea85⋯.jpg (68,93 KB, 640x890, 64:89, 1554769630524.jpg)


thats not in yokohama retard

7df041  No.247002

File: b8c9b5adebc74d0⋯.png (395,43 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, sketch-1558313433562.png)


>Not in Yokohama, retard

3b4c55  No.247003

File: 0c4a9982bbf668b⋯.png (250,78 KB, 800x569, 800:569, 66024145_p3.png)

What's with Discord and housing scummy people?

7df041  No.247004

File: 7e76276336c630a⋯.jpg (107,95 KB, 600x966, 100:161, 60006786_p0_master1200.jpg)


Run by furfags

ef5687  No.247005

File: fad44a12d4a1b61⋯.jpg (179,14 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1557229916620.jpg)


are you actually retarded?

3b4c55  No.247006

File: 4f22f8f26746dbe⋯.png (167,16 KB, 875x700, 5:4, 66024145_p17.png)


IRC was the same back in the day too.

Arguably 4channers can be too.

7df041  No.247007

File: a6e56d0d234def9⋯.jpg (105,85 KB, 600x960, 5:8, 56651200_p0_master1200.jpg)


People expect less from you if you pretend to be retarded



>Back in the day

Fucking oldfags. Maybe the internet really is (((toxic))) and we need to police it~

ef5687  No.247008

File: e8da7971bb64af7⋯.png (1,57 MB, 1440x968, 180:121, 1554744131808.png)


yokohama and yokosuka are different places you moron

0f336e  No.247009


>My Father was especially perplexed but at the end of our talk he seemed happy that at least I wasn't homosexual.

Priorities are important, after all.

3b4c55  No.247010

File: 4aacb127b4e7eea⋯.png (559,82 KB, 1000x662, 500:331, 69776811_p17.png)


More like certain individuals need to die.


I'm transKorean now.

ef5687  No.247011

File: 2d5598e152867b3⋯.jpg (139,55 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1554323873431.jpg)


is the op a real thread

7df041  No.247012

File: 455455ff04ab713⋯.jpg (165,75 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 66343089_p0_master1200.jpg)


Both start with yoko so they must be the same~


>Certain individuals

>Not certain kinds of individuals

Do go on

3b4c55  No.247013

File: 79018c35b7645da⋯.jpg (466,37 KB, 1548x2372, 387:593, 70046697_p3.jpg)


No, but transracial exists.

Seems most people either want to be Japanese or Korean.

ef5687  No.247014

File: 52f8a676f650f40⋯.jpg (60,46 KB, 413x320, 413:320, 1554330579308.jpg)


i wonder why

3b4c55  No.247015

File: 83db314d084cafc⋯.png (397,38 KB, 800x717, 800:717, 66024145_p4.png)


Japanese and Koreans are pretty?

ef5687  No.247016

File: fb0e561b790857c⋯.png (310,8 KB, 724x1023, 724:1023, 1557147963712.png)


more weeaboos and koreaboos

3b4c55  No.247017

File: 83db314d084cafc⋯.png (397,38 KB, 800x717, 800:717, 66024145_p4.png)





3f5a54  No.247018


What happened this time?

3b4c55  No.247019

File: f126dccd839df7c⋯.jpg (308,83 KB, 800x556, 200:139, 64488602_p24.jpg)


Just something Japanon linked me.

ef5687  No.247020

File: 46b9c8e56e9b08b⋯.jpg (511,97 KB, 1080x1576, 135:197, 1557190246340.jpg)




3b4c55  No.247021

File: 4aacb127b4e7eea⋯.png (559,82 KB, 1000x662, 500:331, 69776811_p17.png)


Korea had no dogs up until ten years ago.

ef5687  No.247022

File: 8b1b95ffefe888c⋯.jpg (35,7 KB, 422x347, 422:347, 1558313984942.jpg)


i dont think thats true

3b4c55  No.247023

File: fd50460a59277e7⋯.jpg (169,87 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 45583715_p14.jpg)


That's what I thought.

Cause I know they had dogs in the 40s.

But my uncle said they were walking a dog and the school kids were screaming.

ef5687  No.247024

File: ade66c974307d49⋯.jpg (319,77 KB, 609x854, 87:122, 1554916774737.jpg)


koreans and chinese kids are scared of dogs

dont know why

7df041  No.247025

File: 73ee4e05beabe79⋯.jpg (563,44 KB, 1439x1021, 1439:1021, SmartSelect_20190519-21200….jpg)


Maybe they had dogs but ate them all~

3b4c55  No.247026

File: e1674517646a348⋯.jpg (229,58 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 20544745_p0.jpg)


What are they?


317096  No.247027

3b4c55  No.247028

File: 1b2a61afe607c8e⋯.jpg (149,09 KB, 650x558, 325:279, 57456661_p0.jpg)


After WW2 it was Korean War and that was it, no?

ef5687  No.247029

File: 3846686b5d87e52⋯.jpg (109,1 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 1557161616461.jpg)


dog eaters

3b4c55  No.247030

File: eac14bc4e7cf8b3⋯.jpg (49,32 KB, 225x350, 9:14, 308706.jpg)


It's always the most boomer tier stuff with them.

I knew that was far fetched from the get go.


I ate cat

ef5687  No.247031

File: a7c98c7b2c0014c⋯.jpg (1,3 MB, 1060x1500, 53:75, 1557040670595.jpg)

3f5a54  No.247032


What was it about?

317096  No.247033

File: b79426646a9bbfa⋯.jpg (107,21 KB, 400x417, 400:417, 1557101820504.jpg)


>ate cat

Are you boasting about being a chad or did you really eat the meow meow animal? Not that I care. I would have only felt bad for you if you ate a dog

7df041  No.247034

File: a04c6caa1a04a9f⋯.jpg (175,56 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 37372935_p2_master1200.jpg)


Still ongoing~

Let's get the gooks to destroy each other


>Ate cat

Truly, a natural chink

ef5687  No.247035

File: 0f6e62ae8f47157⋯.jpg (119,93 KB, 1024x624, 64:39, 1554679733032.jpg)

ef5687  No.247036

File: 4b9469d8f0f6ceb⋯.jpg (356,35 KB, 998x1724, 499:862, 1554057461081.jpg)

ef5687  No.247037

File: fd0f7d7810c18cc⋯.jpg (212,76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1555623165091.jpg)


ef5687  No.247038

File: 5797866cf879b78⋯.gif (739,32 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1550350247381.gif)


7df041  No.247039

File: ae553657e4677e7⋯.jpg (392,53 KB, 1307x1920, 1307:1920, 846fd6e.jpg)


I wish I had an s2000 like that, it's very nice


Poor fumo

ef5687  No.247040

File: 466ec5126a47895⋯.jpg (904,34 KB, 2186x3095, 2186:3095, 1557018564490.jpg)


317096  No.247041

Fox is gone. Probably killed by the ghost of the dead cat that he ate.


Are you okay japanon?

ef5687  No.247042

File: cc8b6fd262dfb38⋯.jpg (70,71 KB, 600x1067, 600:1067, 1460018207928.jpg)


i am browsing an imageboard called bukkake board

317096  No.247043

File: f58e591733c666d⋯.jpg (268,55 KB, 938x1200, 469:600, e8pdw72fsex21.jpg)


Sounds lovely

ef5687  No.247044

File: b21c6f136147b5d⋯.jpg (273,29 KB, 808x1078, 404:539, 1469205060258.jpg)

7df041  No.247045

File: 9c924baa45decf1⋯.png (1,39 MB, 850x1205, 170:241, 36862e1.png)

>more figures covered in cum

How very unsanitary

ef5687  No.247046

File: 362302e855c63c8⋯.jpg (6,24 KB, 188x250, 94:125, 1557959327467.jpg)

ef5687  No.247047

File: 16a5c5271d21167⋯.jpg (804,04 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1466242062855.jpg)

3f5a54  No.247048

All right now they're going to far.

7df041  No.247049

File: 75899d396c42f8e⋯.png (1,3 MB, 1402x1199, 1402:1199, 27f988f903343ceff42e949095….png)


>It's a dark dick

I wonder if the dolls have actual vaginas.

Though, your dick won't fit inside even if they did

ef5687  No.247050

File: 26924e4259ab1ba⋯.jpg (6,93 KB, 251x141, 251:141, 1557407640525.jpg)


its the lighting

theyre sex dolls they do and you can put your dick inside them

3b4c55  No.247051

File: 06b6c95975b53a5⋯.png (386,73 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 2006-03-11-16930.png)

ef5687  No.247052

File: 188c05ff1aab97f⋯.jpg (677,84 KB, 1120x1680, 2:3, 1556963988093.jpg)

3b4c55  No.247053

File: 202f74ad2ed2138⋯.png (182,03 KB, 800x656, 50:41, 67701491_p11.png)

3b4c55  No.247054

File: 432b682adc1b899⋯.jpg (357,19 KB, 700x840, 5:6, 64488602_p14.jpg)


why do you have those saved?

ef5687  No.247055

File: fc1b011d2adfa79⋯.jpg (108,15 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1462254781412.jpg)


to post at you

3f5a54  No.247056


I see they were really looking to replicate the fishy smell.

7df041  No.247057

File: aa80fb882eb10d7⋯.jpg (97,87 KB, 1200x842, 600:421, ComicGirls-Episode3-42.jpg)


That's fucking tiny, surprised the dick fits.

Do you have one?


>Vagina made out of fish skin

Now, surely, I've seen it all. It can't get more ridiculous than this, can it?


There's a very good one that used to get posted on /osg/ that was cum on an astolfo sticker

3b4c55  No.247058

File: 4f22f8f26746dbe⋯.png (167,16 KB, 875x700, 5:4, 66024145_p17.png)


Cumming in shoes isn't kawaii.


Fish will never be the same again.

3f5a54  No.247059


Won't the body try to reject that?

ef5687  No.247060

File: 9404d4f731eb755⋯.jpg (108,6 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1453291495977.jpg)

d728a3  No.247061

File: 59c85e6d911e111⋯.png (1,34 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 72979301_p0.png)

ef5687  No.247062

File: 45122dc51597a18⋯.jpg (640,2 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, 1555670869661.jpg)

d728a3  No.247063

File: 10f3fa02f7460f9⋯.jpg (112,28 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, DyeGQgRUcAAroc4.jpg)

ef5687  No.247064

File: 723246b0469b3ea⋯.jpg (115,25 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1422928480110.jpg)

7df041  No.247065

File: 502e96c9c5ea89c⋯.jpg (108,77 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, df4f9fb.jpg)


Fishy smell?

Is there something you'd like to say, mot the chad?


Why not?

>Dick in daki

Did he make a hole in it!?

3f5a54  No.247066


>implying you'd have to be a chad to know this fact

3b4c55  No.247067

File: 545ca3f116150f2⋯.png (9,7 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 2006-11-28-37796.png)


No, unless you have a over active immune system.


Never say that.


What is this?

b2cb1c  No.247068




promotional goods

so probably some special daki

3b4c55  No.247069

File: b0fda14d870aa94⋯.jpg (320,13 KB, 700x583, 700:583, 64488602_p38.jpg)


With a penis on it.

7df041  No.247070

File: ac065780acb31e6⋯.png (832,54 KB, 900x1257, 300:419, 7ca9424.png)


Vaginas smell like fish?

I didn't know

Clearly, you're just a chad



You're right. At this point, nothing should surprise me anymore


Must be modified, don't think the soft stuffing inside a normal daki would make a good onahole

3b4c55  No.247071

File: ecb015e49a0eae4⋯.jpg (96,58 KB, 986x870, 17:15, 1558301964419.jpg)

b2cb1c  No.247072

File: b4907b864f33d40⋯.jpg (2,05 MB, 1240x1958, 620:979, 71067889_p0.jpg)


the whole point of that website is putting cum, pee and penis onto objects

3b4c55  No.247073

File: 2b77a9d1a209d45⋯.png (252,13 KB, 507x800, 507:800, 1557729721589.png)


Do you hot glue your statues?

b2cb1c  No.247074

File: 9cf403c1990d16f⋯.jpg (1,14 MB, 1000x1414, 500:707, 71072216_p0.jpg)

3b4c55  No.247075

File: fb7dfd8acf6c9d1⋯.jpg (123,18 KB, 960x701, 960:701, 1558213230042.jpg)



b2cb1c  No.247076

File: 627c5f3fab4a90e⋯.jpg (3,63 MB, 4096x2633, 4096:2633, 74731371_p0.jpg)


why do you doubt me…

3b4c55  No.247077

File: 2c11052c4d66665⋯.jpg (141,8 KB, 800x734, 400:367, 1557971194954.jpg)


You have a lot of time to do lewd stuff.

Or at least attempt lewd stuff.

b2cb1c  No.247078

File: c8fdb413bbe5234⋯.png (1,01 MB, 724x1023, 724:1023, エンジェル・ブレス.png)


but why would i cum on figures

7df041  No.247079

File: bc5f494bc3d402d⋯.jpg (84,72 KB, 600x847, 600:847, 49738021_p0_master1200.jpg)


Hah, chinks BTFO

Vermintide must be a gayme about a tide of chinks


Why not

3b4c55  No.247080

File: 25607c5c545c304⋯.jpg (533,89 KB, 886x1253, 886:1253, 1557899842292.jpg)


You may have a lewd figure that's really hot.


Pssshhh, it's a refugee crisis sim.

b2cb1c  No.247081

File: 22aa3fd6d4390a9⋯.jpg (886,57 KB, 1318x1500, 659:750, 幼清姫.jpg)


why dont you cum on yours


i do but i wouldnt want to ruin it

7df041  No.247082

File: d07ed8ecdcd9741⋯.jpg (613,88 KB, 1600x2275, 64:91, 1549562452001.jpg)


Sounds wonderful, vermintide does seems like an accurate description. Based gayme

7df041  No.247083

File: b124dcb279068a0⋯.png (1,74 MB, 1100x1400, 11:14, 92d976b9b79946a44be00669d3….png)


Because I don't have any lewd ones like you

3f5a54  No.247084


Maybe they have one.


Don't act dumb now!

b2cb1c  No.247085

File: 89375688ab17e43⋯.jpg (1,35 MB, 1200x1679, 1200:1679, 水着メイド妖夢ちゃん!.jpg)


buy some

3b4c55  No.247086

File: 99459bd85bee807⋯.jpg (219,85 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, __tomoe_gozen_fate_grand_o….jpg)


Buy a cheap one


Play it.


Ewww, that's gross.

b2cb1c  No.247087

File: 663040eb8383587⋯.jpg (1,43 MB, 2549x4004, 2549:4004, …誰かに見られてる?.jpg)


just to cum on?

rather cum on manga

7df041  No.247088

File: f7d62e88c4aadb8⋯.png (579,74 KB, 725x1150, 29:46, 8066ee5.png)


Japanon-kun said I'm retarded so I must meet his expectations!


I can't display them in my room while I still live with my parents. You can do whatever you want


But I don't play gaymes except for during the florida-cucknadiatan car ride

3f5a54  No.247089


It's not like we didn't already know that.

b2cb1c  No.247090

File: 58eb4a07127a4e3⋯.png (1,29 MB, 1000x1402, 500:701, 72941649_p0.png)



dont you have a lock on your door

3b4c55  No.247091

File: 58c939cc7ddd98e⋯.png (294,12 KB, 503x567, 503:567, Capture33.PNG)


And ruin a perfectly good manga?

For shame!

3b4c55  No.247092

File: cae127b9b580aa8⋯.png (521,39 KB, 997x470, 997:470, Capture25.PNG)


Well, what did you play?

3f5a54  No.247093


It's gross having an over active immune system?

b2cb1c  No.247094

File: 40dfe85c0722554⋯.jpg (867,63 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, キリッ.jpg)


and ruin a perfectly good figure?

7ae2ca  No.247095

File: afa344b7117d85e⋯.png (3,49 MB, 2100x3000, 7:10, 0.png)

3b4c55  No.247096

File: 325d4a210de6d8c⋯.png (537,41 KB, 1157x455, 89:35, Capture20.PNG)



But my mother is a nurse.

She told me in detail how jock itch happens over lunch. So, as you can imagine an immune system discussion was quite interesting.


Soap and water should do the trick you know.

b2cb1c  No.247097

File: e50d459f2d13523⋯.png (983,48 KB, 900x1273, 900:1273, タピオカ.png)


i feel like you just want me to enact your weird fetishes because you cant get away with it

3b4c55  No.247098

File: 57aae93ac87dc5e⋯.png (336,66 KB, 674x422, 337:211, Capture86.PNG)


You think far to lowly of me.

Why would I want to cum on a statue?

b2cb1c  No.247099

File: 2342bde71aed100⋯.jpg (732,18 KB, 1078x1517, 1078:1517, ほたるちゃん.jpg)


why would i want to

7df041  No.247100

File: 84af0d28f80a403⋯.jpg (469,61 KB, 1114x1576, 557:788, 85569b561bdc29b0d57140fd25….jpg)


And you say I'm the mean one!

Guess I'll have to bully you


Yes, but if I suddenly always keep it locked, it'll be suspicious.

Plus, my laundry can get collected and returned and I don't have to do it myself


Neptunia vs Sega hard girls, disgaea 1, and Xenoblade 2 DLC, for as long as my switch and vita bettery lasted


Cum can be washed off

3b4c55  No.247101

File: f257eea5bc9ac5f⋯.png (231,68 KB, 436x497, 436:497, Capture5.PNG)


Loli figmas are cute sometimes.

3b4c55  No.247102

File: 876aad22cc61876⋯.png (340,33 KB, 448x622, 224:311, Capture16.PNG)


I've been eye balling sega hard girls.

How is it?

b2cb1c  No.247103

File: a2af24fb0b49990⋯.png (3,44 MB, 1417x2000, 1417:2000, 「へー、今日も来たんだ?」.png)


why dont you cum on one then

3f5a54  No.247104


How is it gross then?


I'm not being mean! Just being honest with you, although it has to be blunt. I just want you to know ;-;.


Go to school! Also did you have school on Saturday?

7ae2ca  No.247105

File: 0ee7c46484edbc0⋯.png (492,33 KB, 743x800, 743:800, 1548672975015.png)


In little over an hour. And yep, I did. Gonna finish that report~

8 to 15 during that Saturday. Read the whole report and made notes for corrections during yesterday too, which took quite a few hours too.

At least it's nearly done now

3b4c55  No.247106

File: c2a03df5359cbc6⋯.png (417,56 KB, 924x409, 924:409, Capture27.PNG)


Maybe for a small trinket.


Pulling up your underwear allows fungus yo spread to your crotch region.

7df041  No.247107

File: f1db9268f2ea542⋯.png (2,82 MB, 2726x4322, 1363:2161, a36db70.png)


Well, there isn't much to do sometimes, it's really surprisingly easy, a lot of the jokes fall kinda flat, but I enjoyed it. I really like the battle system, more so than your regular Neptunia one. I'll continue playing; it's pretty fun


Sounds like an excuse to me mean!

This is even more mean!

b2cb1c  No.247108

File: bcac3c0f21156b7⋯.png (727,39 KB, 1063x918, 1063:918, 1558325862019.png)


do you want me to cum onto weird objects for you

3f5a54  No.247109


Do you usually have school on Saturday or was this a one time thing?


What does this have to do with an immune system that does is over active?


I'm the nicest to you here!

Who is that?

7ae2ca  No.247110

File: d7d30b5c02e3fa2⋯.jpg (562,38 KB, 1490x987, 1490:987, 1548641742760.jpg)


Not usually, but sometimes up to a deadline. It very much depends~

In this case I Did. Wanted to get it done as much as possible before handing it in to our supervisor on Wednesday for his final corrections. If we're done by then, then all we need to do is just correct whatever he found and we're done ahead of time.

How you Mot?

d728a3  No.247111

File: 786cd2f2c940449⋯.png (517,47 KB, 754x1066, 29:41, 68181434_p0.png)


That manga was really good.

3f5a54  No.247112


Better get an A, or else.

Fine. Just not sure what to do tonight. Will probably play games here soon.

b2cb1c  No.247113

File: 812d6534a468b67⋯.jpg (265,49 KB, 1020x1200, 17:20, 1552220553982.jpg)


it is, i need to buy 永遠娘, has some of his works in it with other artists

3b4c55  No.247114

File: cb4842737f4e0de⋯.png (419,57 KB, 911x378, 911:378, Capture71.PNG)


Most nep jokes are meh anyways.

I just like staring at Niore.

3b4c55  No.247115

File: cae127b9b580aa8⋯.png (521,39 KB, 997x470, 997:470, Capture25.PNG)


A dollfie for sounds nice.

b2cb1c  No.247116

File: 699dad3f9e9304b⋯.png (3,2 MB, 2474x1920, 1237:960, 1555294694218.png)

3b4c55  No.247117

File: 6458c111bd657ff⋯.jpg (109,44 KB, 749x553, 107:79, 1517709377853.jpg)


Long story short.

Skin infections are no fun and are a result of a weak immune system. Just make sure you don't take amoxicillin.

3b4c55  No.247118

File: f257eea5bc9ac5f⋯.png (231,68 KB, 436x497, 436:497, Capture5.PNG)

8e350c  No.247119

File: 1808c020a0e29ea⋯.jpg (3,79 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190520_005916.jpg)


I don't have 永遠娘, but I do have this. It includes most of his 永遠娘 works.

3f5a54  No.247120


Would think over active means it does too much rather than weak? Or maybe it being too active makes it weak.

Why not amoxicillin? What if I need it?

7df041  No.247121

File: 1ade06857588fe9⋯.jpg (118,24 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 63114972_p0_master1200.jpg)




You're a good liar, I'll give you that much!

>Who's the waifu

Why are you asking someone you claim to be retarded for information? Are you worse than a retarded person?


>Another noire lover


I don't think she's in the gayme. I haven't encountered her, or any of the other non-nep lineage goddesses

7ae2ca  No.247122

File: 85bd91c5b6d9570⋯.png (601,38 KB, 992x1403, 992:1403, 1548082169001.png)


I won't, cause I suck~

Games sounds relaxing

3b4c55  No.247123

File: 361826e74530082⋯.png (638,61 KB, 1284x403, 1284:403, Capture57.PNG)


A weak immune system can't detect or is not sure what do to with a new threat.

Amoxicillin will have you hunched over a toilet bowl feeling like death.

I hope you like your bed, because you'll never want to get up from it.

3b4c55  No.247124

File: 2fb168f7ee38be1⋯.png (401,34 KB, 619x596, 619:596, Capture30.PNG)


I want to impregnate Niore.

3f5a54  No.247125


No lying here.

You know it's all a joke! But the stuff that stand holds reminds me of Senjougahara.


A B at least?

Maybe I should get back into RS so I can just fish comfortably.


Well yeah I figured that out, but that wasn't my question.

Must be a pretty strong antibacterial drug then.

7ae2ca  No.247126

File: d77137c648f0086⋯.jpg (320,56 KB, 1200x1500, 4:5, 1553021075001.jpg)


Maybe, or worse, I dunno..

Fishing is quite comfy~

Dunno why many hate it

7df041  No.247127

File: 78012f56ab2b95c⋯.jpeg (2,35 MB, 2790x2311, 2790:2311, 09c52e840f5ed7599e3b21795….jpeg)


I want to impregnate you~


>No lying

Merely alternative facts!


Hands off my waifu!

b2cb1c  No.247128

File: ee0dd3056076628⋯.jpg (257,1 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1555642583245.jpg)


your sentence makes no sense

you want me to cum on a doll?


ill look it up thanks

3f5a54  No.247129


Gonna ree at you.

Maybe I just need a fishing game.

Cause they're gay and probably action fags.


Not even that!

Eh, don't like her too much but she has her moments. So you're safe.

7ae2ca  No.247130

File: 8f4bede45f9ed77⋯.jpg (1,02 MB, 1158x1637, 1158:1637, 1551372877001.jpg)


That's okay, please do~

I'm sure something like that exists, although no name springs to mind :<

>Cause they're gay and probably action fags.

w-well…. Most also like slayer, so that makes sense

3f5a54  No.247131


You want to get reed' at?!

There's tons of them out there I'm sure. I know I've seen some. But can't be comfy like RS.

Hu, do you like slayer?

7df041  No.247132

File: ea57352b3422e93⋯.jpg (160,35 KB, 600x843, 200:281, 49550266_p32_master1200.jpg)


Must be special mot-brand facts then!

>Don't like her

Right, I forgot you had shit taste

7ae2ca  No.247133

File: 14c4a4c4873288c⋯.jpg (1,2 MB, 1500x1085, 300:217, 1553021076001.jpg)


By you, yep yep.

There's a game for everything, so I'm not surprised. Shame it's not as comfy though :<

No, I hate that skill. Everything high-level is locked behind it, and you're forced to kill certain things to level it, it's a terrible skill

3f5a54  No.247134


Yeah sure, let's call it that :^).'

I never said she was bad! Just not my taste! Though she seems pretty loyal and caring.

3f5a54  No.247135


Some strange fetish you have there.

Just need more games with comfy fishing. Warframe ain't bad but it's a lot more interactive, and you have to worry about enemies. Well, it's spearfishing.

Yeah it's kind of a pain. Would be all right if you were able to choose your goals. Sure you can black list things, and I think whitelist if I remember?, but that only helps so much.

7df041  No.247136

File: 3c69577bc070888⋯.jpg (109,94 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, d618f58.jpg)


They're not even up to the quality level of chink knockoff-brand facts :^)

>Not my taste

What is your taste then!?

>Loyal and caring

And you better be loyal and caring as well, lest you end up a ditch with a bunch of interesting new body modifications made of staples and other stationery

3b4c55  No.247137

File: b2dd7e301ac26ec⋯.png (238,86 KB, 590x382, 295:191, Capture79.PNG)


Have you been on it before?


You'll have to get in line~

3b4c55  No.247138

File: 75ecc814daeac50⋯.png (511,39 KB, 943x489, 943:489, Capture2.PNG)


No, no~

not on!

In one!

7df041  No.247139

File: a33ad1ffc030580⋯.jpg (445,41 KB, 2159x2959, 2159:2959, _20180307_002826.JPG)


Such measly things as lines have no power over me

b2cb1c  No.247140

File: 6e42e6a40066a16⋯.png (894,75 KB, 800x946, 400:473, クトリ.png)


oh one those dolls

they look too small for my dick

3b4c55  No.247141

File: f257eea5bc9ac5f⋯.png (231,68 KB, 436x497, 436:497, Capture5.PNG)


Vectorually speaking.

I'm quite tangent to the normal.

3b4c55  No.247142

File: 38c3802849e146a⋯.png (689,87 KB, 1120x598, 560:299, Capture14.PNG)


Never know till you try~

b2cb1c  No.247143

File: 08061ed4cda447d⋯.png (587,5 KB, 714x941, 714:941, 茶々ちゃん.png)


what would happen if you put your dick inside and you got an erection?

7df041  No.247144

File: 6e44d0ddcc927aa⋯.jpg (148,92 KB, 600x960, 5:8, 58849944_p0_master1200.jpg)


You're like a defective riajew-chad


>Slant-eyed yellow

>Claims to not have a tiny dick


b2cb1c  No.247145

File: 2d824bbff1287f2⋯.jpg (261,16 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 71158024_p0.jpg)


Post yours faggot

7df041  No.247146

File: 16d775ef6ef08c1⋯.png (1,44 MB, 806x1247, 806:1247, 59be1ef.png)


Why do you want to see my dick you fag

3b4c55  No.247147

File: 60269027a82ab93⋯.png (315,77 KB, 685x451, 685:451, Capture40.PNG)


It would be hard to get one in such a closed space.

Your dick would freak out and try to get out and then get really hard once you got out.

3b4c55  No.247148

File: 7dea63a12a29113⋯.png (388,3 KB, 731x520, 731:520, Capture90.PNG)


That was a dick joke silly.

b2cb1c  No.247149

File: c60867974f123f5⋯.png (931,92 KB, 860x963, 860:963, 沖田アレンジ.png)


because its probably small


so it wouldnt happen?

3b4c55  No.247150

File: a1fb00087c80a7c⋯.png (423,24 KB, 602x607, 602:607, Capture62.PNG)


You could do it~

Just know what to expect.

7ae2ca  No.247151

File: 5c432873a6a18c6⋯.jpg (315,45 KB, 900x702, 50:39, 1555157534001.jpg)



bleh :<

There's WoW too. Vanilla WoW could be quite comfy for fishing~

Both blacklist and whitelist, really. Yeah, still are forced to go kill hundreds of enemies of a certain kind before you have to do the same thing, but with other enemies.

I'd rather sit in one spot and fish

7df041  No.247152

File: a1ee68c61fbd864⋯.jpg (57,34 KB, 600x425, 24:17, 45746942_p0_master1200.jpg)


Real shame I didn't get it


You have a small shota dick fetish?

Not surprising

b2cb1c  No.247153

File: 97bf679663fccf8⋯.png (1,11 MB, 840x1165, 168:233, 白メルトリリス.png)


sounds painful

no thanks

3f5a54  No.247154


Woah, rude!

Too hard of a question.

Thankfully I'm loyal to no one, not even myself.


Not to my knowledge.



Didn't even know it had fishing.

At least with OSRS you can make a strategy where you do it all automatically and you just have to keep checking that you aren't dying. You can kinda do the same with RS3, but it's a little more work.

b2cb1c  No.247155

File: 105eef8fcf6ba29⋯.png (1,35 MB, 900x1400, 9:14, 71178164_p0.png)



3b4c55  No.247156

File: 57aae93ac87dc5e⋯.png (336,66 KB, 674x422, 337:211, Capture86.PNG)


I'll have to shame your dick.

3b4c55  No.247157

File: cb4842737f4e0de⋯.png (419,57 KB, 911x378, 911:378, Capture71.PNG)


Not painful.

Just uncomfortable~

3b4c55  No.247158

File: 615f91600a379a2⋯.png (479,84 KB, 761x603, 761:603, Capture36.PNG)


I'll force feed you a bunch then~

b2cb1c  No.247159

File: dfa75d5ded7647e⋯.png (1,47 MB, 1296x1080, 6:5, 宿命.png)


no thanks

is there any other fetish you want me to do

3f5a54  No.247160


It's like you want to create more bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

7ae2ca  No.247161

File: a355f212e2b34a2⋯.jpg (5,12 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 1554460020001.jpg)


It does. It's a secondary skill.

Stand in a spot, press a button, then wait until something bites, which usually takes some 20-30 seconds, then reel it in.

Yeah, unless you're high-level and wish to kill monsters with weird mechanics. Then you have to pay attention

3b4c55  No.247162

File: 374a2c4df849da4⋯.jpg (150,43 KB, 1200x1161, 400:387, 1519258273382.jpg)


Send me to sleep fetish!


You'll inadvertently kill the world mots.

b2cb1c  No.247163

File: 97269dc383954dc⋯.png (299,1 KB, 545x758, 545:758, やっぱりセイバーオルタ.png)



3b4c55  No.247164

File: 7dea63a12a29113⋯.png (388,3 KB, 731x520, 731:520, Capture90.PNG)


Good night.

7df041  No.247165

File: 9fa3833720ec4d3⋯.png (1,2 MB, 900x1390, 90:139, 8704d2e.png)



You're forgetting who you're talking to again!

>Too hard

I'll be rude to you until you tell me

>Loyal to not even yourself

Watch out, you'll yandere yourself one day



You like them because they're just like you


>Wanting to do something to my dick

What are you, some sort of raging homo?

3f5a54  No.247166


Gotta reel it in? Too much work ree!

Lots of attention for that skill. At least it helps with combat skills if you to level them up. Think RS3 made mining and smiting easier at least.


Nukes would be easier.


Don't die in your sleep.

3f5a54  No.247167


Yeah but you're suppose to be nice to me!

I need to watch more to see who I like the best.

I sure hope so.

b2cb1c  No.247168

File: 96c1de14c276d23⋯.png (725,47 KB, 808x980, 202:245, ノッブ.png)


do you even know what you said yes to?

7df041  No.247169

File: 72299b5ed1e2397⋯.jpg (100 KB, 600x899, 600:899, 68562104_p0_master1200.jpg)


Sorry, too retarded to act nice

Get to it, fag

Let's place bets on when it'll happen


"After all"?

I google translated it. Knowing you it's actually probably some slang

b2cb1c  No.247170

File: faa19359321fede⋯.gif (28,93 KB, 596x596, 1:1, 797965_p0.gif)


your dick is small

7ae2ca  No.247171

File: 848430f51445f7e⋯.png (802,06 KB, 602x900, 301:450, 1550427702001.png)


By reeling it in, I just mean you do a single click~

>mining and smithing easier

aye, RS3 really is easy scape :3

They could have kept the same mechanics, but changed how smithing works, really.

>antifire shield at 90

>Godswords at 80

>dragon square at 60

>rune square at 93

>rune plate at 99

>dragon plate at 90

It just doesn't make sense

7df041  No.247172

File: edbf67f839f6b12⋯.jpg (137,6 KB, 600x945, 40:63, 67610158_p0_master1200.jpg)


Ah, it's what you say to yourself

7ae2ca  No.247173

>you can make a god sword before you can smith a runite dagger

b2cb1c  No.247174

File: 12812335aed4347⋯.jpg (52,77 KB, 553x436, 553:436, 22_p0.jpg)


all this talk but no action

7df041  No.247175

File: 86de0f6d3e8ca62⋯.jpg (131,18 KB, 752x1062, 376:531, b9785f7.jpg)


You want to see my dick, you fag?

Sounds like you're insecure about something

b2cb1c  No.247176

File: 69c38e51ea6dc03⋯.jpg (29,42 KB, 345x658, 345:658, 31_p0.jpg)


no i just want you to shut up or prove it

7ae2ca  No.247177

File: 9877de61ee01e18⋯.jpg (606,3 KB, 2938x3008, 1469:1504, 1556479121001.jpg)

uni-time. buh bye, sleep well thread

7df041  No.247178

File: 8991f4a5cd9b5d6⋯.png (33,73 KB, 505x576, 505:576, 1520397461625.png)


Sounds like you're annoyed at me~

7df041  No.247179

File: 7c078db9736718e⋯.jpg (148,76 KB, 600x815, 120:163, 48948721_p0_master1200.jpg)


3f5a54  No.247180


I'm not sure that makes sense.

You get to it!



Still too much work!

There's easy, and then making things less bullshit.

Does anything ever make sense in the game?


Good luck.

bfb276  No.247181

does anyone have caps of Alice rapping?

bfb276  No.247182

nvm found it

7df041  No.247183

File: ca67531e9fb890b⋯.jpg (106,51 KB, 600x847, 600:847, 65160918_p0_master1200.jpg)


3b4c55  No.247184

File: 71dcb1673f7a2e8⋯.jpg (146 KB, 760x512, 95:64, 1557507852388.jpg)

7df041  No.247185

File: bf6c403d06a063d⋯.png (1,44 MB, 850x1200, 17:24, 71117966_p0_master1200.png)


Based waifus!

7a80d0  No.247186

File: 8b54de84a12fef9⋯.png (295,62 KB, 496x599, 496:599, 8b54de84a12fef9430642c028a….png)

7df041  No.247187

File: f48b984737d484b⋯.png (288,92 KB, 800x999, 800:999, quabfJDBosw.png)


N-nani is this!?

7a80d0  No.247188

File: 387671709c4ef33⋯.jpg (1,04 MB, 2147x2997, 2147:2997, 387671709c4ef3347e55d08ae4….jpg)

7df041  No.247189

File: b7cc82f0cd21b5a⋯.jpg (201,66 KB, 1202x1700, 601:850, 615a604.jpg)


I saw a huge fucking confederate flag by the highway near Tampa. It was great

3b4c55  No.247190

File: 28d23888374eb0e⋯.jpg (90,06 KB, 813x1024, 813:1024, 29a8d21578387671f0b3a98a53….jpg)


Based /his/ memes.

Basically, it was to scare off alt-history fags.

7df041  No.247191

File: 9b1a1e6b247b2f4⋯.png (1,1 MB, 809x1250, 809:1250, re_zero___e_m_t___nsfw_ava….png)


What kind of alt-history fag was it trying to scare off, exactly?

3b4c55  No.247192

File: 325d4a210de6d8c⋯.png (537,41 KB, 1157x455, 89:35, Capture20.PNG)


Any I suppose.

They're like the game theory of the historians.

Retarded and cringey.

7df041  No.247193

File: a6d24fa5ef9cc0c⋯.jpg (27,47 KB, 480x546, 80:91, d9e5cc5.jpg)


>Game theory

>Retarded and cringey

3b4c55  No.247194

File: f257eea5bc9ac5f⋯.png (231,68 KB, 436x497, 436:497, Capture5.PNG)

7df041  No.247195

File: d124d397f620142⋯.jpg (257,59 KB, 1051x951, 1051:951, rape.jpg)


Sounds like an alternative history video to me~

Are you saying that all alternative history is someone's application of game theory?

I guess you're right in a way, but I don't see how it would make game theory itself retarded and cringey

3b4c55  No.247196

File: ec59b65ed28d91a⋯.png (73,01 KB, 305x390, 61:78, b5528b257bb1aab432c05240f1….png)


I'm saying that the speculation of what -could- have happened is near infinite. Even if we have a general idea of what to expect if events occurred that way. Saying "what if Hitler did X?" or "What would happen if one historical figure met this other historical figure" fails to take into account the timeline in which these occurs as well as crucial events that could occur in between that althistory happening. i.e. it's idealized based on your biases. You might as well be writing a historical fiction book since that is essentially what you're doing. The game theory comes into play because it's a series of loose connections that make a theory, which are flimsy at best. You can say, that Hitler was a woman because of the way he wrote. Which, is a flimsy theory with no real evidence to support it. In that video I just linked you, the guy says "what if Hitler took over the world?". This has no merit as Hitler only took over Poland and the rest of the European countries declared war on Nazi Germany you could argue that NG taking over the Soviet Union was some sort of German manifest destiny. But that fails when held up to scrutiny. Same with Poland. Althistory is essentially people that hold to their biases and myopic view of world history and they will defend their belief of althistory to the bitter end. That image with Anne Frank being impregnated by Robert E. Lee there is /his/'s reaction to althistory fags coming in and speculating during the entire thread about "what if x happened?". That's simply not history, it's retarded fan fiction like I just said and has no merit when talking about history.

7df041  No.247197

File: 901f3da708b1dd0⋯.jpg (92,85 KB, 723x1024, 723:1024, a6b2fc2.jpg)


If all the variables in play were known, and then some were changed, then a valid prediction would result. Issue is that we simply don't fucking know all the variables

Though, history-based fanfiction can be interesting sometimes

3b4c55  No.247198

File: 88f3d7220522f4d⋯.jpg (219,57 KB, 587x638, 587:638, 1518315677559.jpg)


No doubt.

Man in the High Castle was definitely worth the read. Gravity's Rainbow is too if you can stand the pile of degenerate smut that it is. Problem with it is, it's fun to speculate and eventually it turns into retarded tier fan fan fiction that doesn't belong on history forums or /his/. Some times some things aren't meant to be. Like the Republicans winning the Spanish Civil War. Sure, I could speculate what could happen, but in the grand in the grand scheme of things, they never had a cohesive unit to take on the Nationalist army. Thus, they failed. I can guess what happened when they won. But, it would look something like this.


3b4c55  No.247199

File: b9b45bbb2033658⋯.jpg (34,91 KB, 506x377, 506:377, 1517016994966.jpg)

Oh man, that video is so smug it's worse than listening to NPR. The levels of smug are off the charts.

7df041  No.247200

File: 27294603ff4b331⋯.png (1,18 MB, 700x995, 140:199, 6d3c098.png)


>Pile of degenerate smut

Guessing from the title, it has to do with faggotry?

>Does not belong on history forums

That, I can agree with. A little speculation about the impact of events is understandable, but there is a point where you depart the realm of reality

3b4c55  No.247201

File: 6fdbc035f064dd1⋯.jpg (49,2 KB, 960x575, 192:115, 1548048212668.jpg)


No, the book starts off with a guy eating his own fecal matter in detail and then turns into a LSD trip by the end.

7df041  No.247202

File: 6f876e731a50b6a⋯.jpg (169,48 KB, 600x849, 200:283, 49512313_p0_master1200.jpg)


>Guy eating his own literal shit

>In detail

>LSD trip

Fucking hell, why. How can this be good?

3b4c55  No.247203

File: 3c00369b20da815⋯.png (323,22 KB, 619x502, 619:502, Capture49.PNG)


It's post modern fiction.

It's only worth the read because of how crazy it gets.

Sort of like Crying on lot no. 49 or whatever the hell that the book about super secret postal agencies is called.. You'll hate yourself for reading it and then realize it was pure kino.

7df041  No.247204

File: 950d1249bef7f28⋯.png (903,04 KB, 600x943, 600:943, 6ba7a17.png)


>(((Post-modernism))) strikes again

All bad, no good

3b4c55  No.247205

File: 6458c111bd657ff⋯.jpg (109,44 KB, 749x553, 107:79, 1517709377853.jpg)


Depression? Hardcore narcotics and hallucinogens? Pretentious and sophist writing that makes your eyes bleed? Sounds like a great time. The only thing missing is the Harlem renaissance.

7df041  No.247206

File: 68d5cdd6b39329a⋯.jpg (100,62 KB, 600x822, 100:137, 65703076_p0_master1200.jpg)


>Sounds like a great time

Sounds like something you'd wish upon your enemies

>Harlem renaissance

Perhaps it's a good thing that I have no idea what this is

3b4c55  No.247207

File: bb0f789c4efb1f2⋯.png (173,47 KB, 327x410, 327:410, Capture32.PNG)


The Harlem renaissance is possibly the worse thing to ever come out of the US never mind, there's worse things in which black writers write about what it was like to live in the south or write about what it was like to live as a black man. The books and excerpts that I had to read fucking sucked and I hated every moment of it. The level of pretentiousness and self loathing was oozing through the book made me want to die. All you should know and take away from my pain and suffering is, Oprah Winfrey peed on screen for everyone to see.

7df041  No.247208

File: 1c168456764736d⋯.png (2,92 MB, 4108x3080, 1027:770, bad4035.png)


>Writing about how fucking poor and oppressed you are

Sounds par for the course in $CURRENT_YEAR

>Fat nigger wamen peed on screen for everyone to see

But why. This is incredibly stupid

d728a3  No.247209

File: c2d0d6124fcd1cd⋯.png (928,23 KB, 1236x1567, 1236:1567, 74453330_p0.png)

I dunno if they were particular to the Harlem Renaissance, but I had to read a bunch of short stories and poems about black people during that humanities class I took last semester, and it was pretty painful.

3b4c55  No.247210

File: b2cea7330fef116⋯.png (530,91 KB, 716x532, 179:133, b2c.png)


A movie based off the book called the colour purple which was about a poor black girl living in the south getting raped by her dad and other things. Just read Roots if you want to read about Black people.

3b4c55  No.247211

File: f39ea1057a4808c⋯.jpeg (217,52 KB, 615x871, 615:871, Anime-Art-Anime-kagawa-yu….jpeg)



Ralph Ellison and Langston Hughes were awful to read.

d728a3  No.247212

File: c0b1e5ac520f44e⋯.jpg (518,93 KB, 1698x2048, 849:1024, 74344715_p21.jpg)


Pretty sure I had to read something from the latter.

3b4c55  No.247213

File: 57aae93ac87dc5e⋯.png (336,66 KB, 674x422, 337:211, Capture86.PNG)


You poor thing.

7df041  No.247214

File: 5d7a1733a263507⋯.jpg (792,55 KB, 2894x4093, 2894:4093, e22c219.jpg)


>Had to read a bunch of short stories

My condolences

>And poems



My sheer indifference is wonderous, I couldn't possibly care any less. Forcing me to read stupid shit that's supposed to make me feel sorry for muh oppressed niggers and make me feel guilty will have the opposite effect

d728a3  No.247215

File: 91bad70762f7129⋯.png (898,94 KB, 1447x2047, 1447:2047, 74308665_p0.png)


One that stuck out to me in particular was about a woman going on about how she had multiple abortions but that she still "loved them" even though she killed them. It was really bad.

7df041  No.247216

File: 04cb7865632d5b3⋯.jpg (97,97 KB, 1199x760, 1199:760, 3fbba3e.jpg)


Maybe she was just a yandere~

d728a3  No.247217

File: 3eaa3030b89494d⋯.jpg (736,07 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, 74238109_p0.jpg)


I should become a poet. I can just put a bunch of words with no real meaning on paper, and people will look too deeply into it and praise me.

d728a3  No.247218

File: 716132a3a357b7a⋯.png (507,77 KB, 544x379, 544:379, 74204489_p0.png)

Or maybe I should become a modern artist, then I can convince people to pay thousands for my shit in a jar.

3b4c55  No.247219

File: f7b1a38c77474fb⋯.jpg (660,1 KB, 813x897, 271:299, 1517357280875.jpg)


The Holocaust stuff was wondrous. Because they were always talking about the train and always a documentary. Thankfully, I was always in trouble and skipped those.

3b4c55  No.247220

File: 8d05478010d7167⋯.jpg (200,71 KB, 1214x836, 607:418, 1517801363377.jpg)


What poem/short story?

d728a3  No.247221

File: cca0f4ad4d232fe⋯.jpg (188,75 KB, 900x1023, 300:341, 74689056_p0.jpg)


"the mother" by Gwendolyn Brooks.

3b4c55  No.247222

File: bb0f789c4efb1f2⋯.png (173,47 KB, 327x410, 327:410, Capture32.PNG)


You may have entered the head of a matricidal killer. You could be a criminal psychologist you know.

d728a3  No.247223

File: 6c73029d9e5e915⋯.jpg (106,02 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, D3jxiZuU4AEzG31.jpg)


Silly, killing your babies isn't murder, it's a reproductive right~

3b4c55  No.247224

File: ec59b65ed28d91a⋯.png (73,01 KB, 305x390, 61:78, b5528b257bb1aab432c05240f1….png)


As much as I'm pro-abortion.

Serial abortionist should be have mental health screenings…

d728a3  No.247225

File: 8ec49747788fc69⋯.jpg (131,87 KB, 614x876, 307:438, 74143940_p5.jpg)


>As much as I'm pro-abortion.

I get your reasoning, but it still disgusts me. Especially with how women act like it's their "right" to kill babies.

3b4c55  No.247226

File: 28d23888374eb0e⋯.jpg (90,06 KB, 813x1024, 813:1024, 29a8d21578387671f0b3a98a53….jpg)


Maybe we need to kill them~

7df041  No.247227

File: 695e5607cd1f0b7⋯.jpg (233,49 KB, 850x1206, 425:603, 1507136633158116150.jpg)


Impossible, you're straight white male scum. You'll have to transracial yourself into an oppressed nigger wamen first


Riajewanon confirmed for poojeet


>Always in trouble

>Mother was dean of some school




Repent, sinner!

d728a3  No.247228

File: 0f9f940b9c3c182⋯.png (677,26 KB, 942x1144, 471:572, 74326846_p0.png)


Maybe you're right. If all the pro-abortion leftists actually took part in it, the world would be a better place.

d728a3  No.247229

File: f46d05d55ee0de0⋯.jpg (449,24 KB, 785x1080, 157:216, 74287187_p0.jpg)


I'll just wear a dress and say I'm trans. That should be enough for current year standards, yes?

3b4c55  No.247230

File: 97e17daa428a97f⋯.png (295,08 KB, 1038x602, 519:301, Capture19.PNG)


Think about it this way.

Those women would never be a good mother. You're doing the child a huge favor by never being raised by those women.


They do, it's called Communism!

7ae2ca  No.247231

File: 9a5c6b8e79e2d78⋯.png (723,9 KB, 1376x1046, 688:523, 1547358744754.png)

7df041  No.247232

File: a67a66864a9a878⋯.jpg (1,3 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, 69174832_p0 - ステラ・ユニベル.jpg)


I can smell your filthy fucking white privilege from a mile away~


Should the child suffer the consequences of its """"""mother"""""""'s incompetence in the ultimate form?

It's always possible to put it up for adoption, have it raised by a family member, or a multitude of other things.

3b4c55  No.247233

File: 9ffa0b4e4033728⋯.png (847,29 KB, 1264x711, 16:9, 5XnDJJ.png)


Adoption is super complex and really taxing on a kid.

Sure, you can choose not to abort and put for adoption. But, what if thousands of mothers begin to do that?

Who will adopt them?

Who will take care of them?

This is a pretty good video for pro abortion stand point.


d728a3  No.247234

File: e14748309bb8b14⋯.png (682,62 KB, 700x994, 50:71, 74204787_p0.png)


That's not what I meant. I meant that if all the leftists killed their children, there would be less problems in the world.

3b4c55  No.247235

File: 075f8b546cb9479⋯.jpg (40,78 KB, 640x758, 320:379, 4654236_640px.jpg)


Ah, anyways~

See you in a bit~

7df041  No.247236

File: a0a2a1d35d4acae⋯.jpg (1,58 MB, 2440x3474, 1220:1737, 152.jpg)


So, is death a better option?

You may have some valid points, but that does not change the fact that the unborn baby is not just some stupid clump of cells

Another issue is that abortion makes being a promiscuous piece of shit thot risk-free and inconsequential

d728a3  No.247237

File: d1577a0b67b4b8b⋯.jpg (522,18 KB, 644x961, 644:961, 74223763_p0.jpg)



7df041  No.247238

File: 48ce3394c803f2c⋯.jpg (67,09 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1526069888458.jpg)

d728a3  No.247239

File: 113610e67bd54a3⋯.jpg (73,67 KB, 650x900, 13:18, D39KU1uUEAEAE_n.jpg)


If only that was what they taught in German school instead of how to love Mohamed's cock in your bumhole.

7df041  No.247240

File: eaa58d5b46a5bc8⋯.png (397,78 KB, 945x845, 189:169, rin gamer.png)


Makes you think if there will eventually be very harsh pushback once enough people get fed up.

Maybe we'll even get krystallnacht 2.0

d728a3  No.247241

File: dcf0dcc13f7c059⋯.jpg (113,07 KB, 1200x607, 1200:607, D6s_OKZUEAARrqV.jpg)


After years of Germany being ruled by the Christcuck center-(((right))) party and the commie-lite party, a fairly recently established right-wing party managed to come in third in their most recent election, so who knows.

7df041  No.247242

File: a2fff20cb334c98⋯.jpg (69,74 KB, 450x400, 9:8, 1495197470256.jpg)


Mfw Germany gets saved by edgy teens spray-painting swastikas everywhere

The issue is that they banned all even vaguely nazi synbolism in pretty much every form, and have the whole (((anti-nazi education))) thing

(((Christcucks))) are perhaps the worst of trojan horses

d728a3  No.247243

File: a01fc20b547ee5d⋯.jpg (82,47 KB, 681x1000, 681:1000, D5YqhuFV4AA8Q-S.jpg)


>edgy teens spray-painting swastikas everywhere

>implying it's not the rabbis doing that

7df041  No.247244

File: ae521287e475db2⋯.jpg (38,69 KB, 599x600, 599:600, 1523422589909.jpg)


Mfw rabbis are unironically based

d728a3  No.247245

File: b9b8eab596bd1d3⋯.jpg (175,86 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D6cGVTlU0AEvbbj.jpg)


I always knew you were a good goy.

7df041  No.247246

File: ff012318dd4af7b⋯.png (902,75 KB, 852x1138, 426:569, 1494313211113.png)


Oy vey, I'm reporting you and this place to the (((SPLC))) and (((ADF)))

Shut it down!

d728a3  No.247247

File: 5b6df5cb3ec6dc1⋯.jpg (178,4 KB, 1200x1133, 1200:1133, D4nmA04U8AA-Eek.jpg)


You'll never shut me down~

e6f652  No.247248

File: d22baef6a73c096⋯.jpg (116,8 KB, 694x982, 347:491, c37f210-1.jpg)


Watch me, bitch~

I'll ban horses in your shitty excuse for a fried chicken state

d728a3  No.247249

File: eca757ceb44bb7b⋯.png (218,54 KB, 574x782, 287:391, D3OGP4dU4AEIiDp.png)


Don't touch the horses.

7df041  No.247250

File: 4cff04c7471b538⋯.jpg (226,75 KB, 600x980, 30:49, 49593915_p0_master1200.jpg)


Skidaddle skidoodle horses are now (((hate symbols)))~

d728a3  No.247251

File: eadb7eda2972010⋯.png (418,55 KB, 800x758, 400:379, D3ixVHTUUAALu9d.png)


Good thing I live in America, and not some cucked country like cucknadistan or britbongstan, so I can still post hate symbols without getting arrested.

7df041  No.247252

File: 4091230e27ecff7⋯.png (870,73 KB, 720x910, 72:91, f9dac4c.png)


Curses, foiled again!

I'll have to summon the (((media))) for this one!

d728a3  No.247253

File: f43d8676cb2e7a8⋯.png (413,94 KB, 660x900, 11:15, 74376693_p0.png)


What are you gonna do? Have them tell my school on me like Buzzfeed did with that middle schooler recently?

7df041  No.247254

File: acb876c7f6dcb82⋯.gif (11,13 MB, 480x270, 16:9, f10d604.gif)


>Middle schooler

N-nani?! Have not heard of this but can already guess what happened

I'll have (((them))) (((blacklist))) you out of existence~

d728a3  No.247255

File: 94962142a194bec⋯.jpg (823,15 KB, 1278x818, 639:409, 74170936_p0.jpg)


Basically buzzfeed did a hitpiece on 14 year old girl because she said non-kosher things on youtube. As a result, her video was taken down, she's being bullied at school, and her principal called a police investigation into her.

3b4c55  No.247256

File: 7fea1c0671de12a⋯.png (206,01 KB, 1045x1500, 209:300, 023.png)

7df041  No.247258

File: 348405787158b07⋯.jpg (265,58 KB, 801x1200, 267:400, 11cfa17069cc0fbff41535368f….jpg)


I think I know who you mean now, I saw something about it a while back

Funny, that. I thought wamen were opressed


>Want a trap mama to breastfeed me

I don't think that's how it works

3b4c55  No.247259

File: 2305785bae5a462⋯.png (215,83 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, 20_020.png)


What does it say?


It works, just some magic is involved.

7df041  No.247260

File: 4aef819291390ef⋯.jpg (64,06 KB, 636x900, 53:75, cf4abee.jpg)


What's this about?

7df041  No.247261

File: 45c3b5b2f83e2ff⋯.jpg (101,28 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 48868786_p0_master1200.jpg)


>Trap gyara

O-oh my!

>Magic is involved

Sounds like high level bullshit to me~

3b4c55  No.247263

File: dbd29a1ab5f9ed3⋯.jpg (130,37 KB, 850x613, 850:613, __sasaki_saaya_original_dr….jpg)


Not really, male lactation occurs if you keep massaging the pecs.

3b4c55  No.247264

File: 97cec1706b880e9⋯.png (515,62 KB, 1000x668, 250:167, 73349341_p24 (1).png)


Good I suppose.

Although, I don't really know what that entails.

7df041  No.247265

File: 07a88e0eb59be8b⋯.jpg (332,09 KB, 1450x2048, 725:1024, 629e75b.jpg)


Never heard of it before


>Male lactating

Surely this requires hormones or more

3b4c55  No.247267

File: 31806f2df77eef5⋯.png (154,86 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, mama_022.png)


It only triggers when sucking occurs.

That boy was doing a lot of sucking.

e.i. men can produce their own milk.

3b4c55  No.247268

File: 4f22f8f26746dbe⋯.png (167,16 KB, 875x700, 5:4, 66024145_p17.png)


Thank god.

It was getting to a point where I thought 4chan was going to get sucked into the nevervoid.

7df041  No.247270

File: d61a685d9676fde⋯.jpg (119,97 KB, 600x846, 100:141, 58953299_p0_master1200.jpg)


O-oh my…

Buttfox milk when?


Only some lurking of some places sometimes

d728a3  No.247272

File: 24c24a5433ddbf0⋯.png (232,41 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 74347601_p3.png)


Wamen are only an oppressed class when they say things that go along with the narrative.


So if Hiroyuki loses it, will Jim also get 4chan?

7df041  No.247274

File: f6577606bb05f72⋯.jpg (115,31 KB, 600x783, 200:261, 63954758_p0_master1200.jpg)


Seems so


(((Internalised mysogyny)))~

3b4c55  No.247275

File: 886fb848a7a5e03⋯.png (123,21 KB, 800x640, 5:4, 73349341_p12.png)

>Can't register for classes because ghetto ass community college slow sending transcript.

d728a3  No.247276

File: 0f679b45340b8b1⋯.png (1,54 MB, 1296x1812, 108:151, 74041441_p0.png)


Or maybe he'll just shut it down. I wonder if all his attempts with the 4chan pass and what not have actually turned a profit for him.

3b4c55  No.247278

File: 9f747beda0e9303⋯.jpg (301,61 KB, 725x1024, 725:1024, 1553040924829.jpg)


3b4c55  No.247280

File: 6200c71e1ac6ceb⋯.jpg (39,21 KB, 700x475, 28:19, 1555454752615.jpg)


Seems like he went to ground.

7a80d0  No.247281

qt shotas

3b4c55  No.247282

File: 5b1533283d7cfd7⋯.png (1,52 MB, 1082x1440, 541:720, 1555479424606.png)


qt lolis.

d728a3  No.247283

File: 918712a7793de0e⋯.jpg (701,6 KB, 2260x2069, 2260:2069, 74818595_p0.jpg)

7a80d0  No.247284

File: ade23a6a7a76769⋯.jpg (154,18 KB, 1075x1520, 215:304, __divine_child_of_rejuvena….jpg)


shotas are infinetly better.

3b4c55  No.247285

File: 56b039948a08d7a⋯.png (3,86 MB, 2894x4093, 2894:4093, 1556331561238.png)


Seems we have a new fellow.


Maybe if you're gay.

or they're girly.

7a80d0  No.247287

File: 0b56edae98e8eda⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 963,97 KB, 802x1300, 401:650, a73a1bc51b19d27017622ff0e2….png)


nothing gay about some good old shota

d728a3  No.247288

File: 5cb1a1b73bff56f⋯.jpg (1,53 MB, 1440x2534, 720:1267, 74414090_p1.jpg)


Look at the IDs.

I'm guessing the qt shotas guy is shaun on a proxy.

3b4c55  No.247289

File: 51e2ab783af54b7⋯.jpg (69,27 KB, 850x975, 34:39, f37d4934462605c02a902a0eef….jpg)


He touched a live wire without proper protection and went to ground thus causing him to tense up and die.

3b4c55  No.247290

File: 6b8aee0753f6fe8⋯.jpg (137,97 KB, 850x661, 850:661, __kemomimi_chan_original_d….jpg)


Why is everyone posting porn now?

3b4c55  No.247291

File: 4a9c68f363ba38a⋯.jpg (172,57 KB, 1243x984, 1243:984, 1555267138245.jpg)

3b4c55  No.247293

File: d56775d226f4f1e⋯.jpg (225,86 KB, 700x2052, 175:513, 1555455504104.jpg)


He was spazzing quite a bit before he took the dunk.

Notice how he was still doing that even after he fell in?

d728a3  No.247294

File: b0771305cec5b18⋯.png (528,02 KB, 652x1000, 163:250, 74575924_p0.png)


Cute Tamamos, I guess.

3b4c55  No.247295

File: de7f494d903e4e4⋯.jpg (146,44 KB, 800x1135, 160:227, __original_drawn_by_sky_fr….jpg)


That one doujin of Tamamo scissoring Kiyohime was cute~

d728a3  No.247296

File: fd77ffd2169d7e5⋯.png (716,01 KB, 650x900, 13:18, 74278541_p0.png)


Never read it.

3b4c55  No.247298

File: 08c5f3e71a0df7b⋯.png (3,82 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, 1555181834261.png)



3b4c55  No.247299

File: b879c2441e2d9c1⋯.jpg (659,73 KB, 1080x1276, 270:319, 1555267580172.jpg)


Depends on what kind of amperage he was dealing with. In that case, he was dealing with a midrange amperage and maybe his heart gave out? That's usually what happens. I'll show what high amperage does.


3b4c55  No.247301

File: de7f494d903e4e4⋯.jpg (146,44 KB, 800x1135, 160:227, __original_drawn_by_sky_fr….jpg)

7df041  No.247302

File: 9b79638644ab2b6⋯.jpg (125,16 KB, 600x899, 600:899, 65637254_p2_master1200.jpg)


>What happens when you give apes technology too advanced for them

3b4c55  No.247304

File: 11a48175b1071e3⋯.gif (1,92 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 1555524168288.gif)


>Introduce harsher sentence for those who destroy electrical grid

>Anyone found with PCB oils are given life

Voila, I fixed the problem.

3b4c55  No.247305

File: 2ec5c7adff0994b⋯.jpg (105,54 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1555546417390.jpg)


3b4c55  No.247307

File: 6daccd142c5e5e9⋯.jpg (60,09 KB, 468x586, 234:293, 1555431656803.jpg)


Do you have vending machines?

7df041  No.247308

File: e46be51f78d319b⋯.jpg (1,82 MB, 4084x5931, 4084:5931, Musaigen no Phantom World ….jpg)


Frankly, the transformers should simply he designed in such a manner that tampering with them in the slightest results in an electric shock

3b4c55  No.247310

File: 9712384a3a039ab⋯.jpg (101,21 KB, 381x413, 381:413, 1555821265758.jpg)


Being a line man maybe become the highest paid job in the land if that happened.

3b4c55  No.247311

File: 9e02fd8697379c5⋯.jpg (257,36 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1555852924843.jpg)


Can I buy used panties from one?

3b4c55  No.247313

File: e12bc838943ee15⋯.png (465,44 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 1557112884559.png)


3b4c55  No.247315

File: f48475e0e51509e⋯.jpg (91,87 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 1555784673444.jpg)


A city without girl panties is not a city at all.

7df041  No.247317

File: 7a9886485dd64c3⋯.jpg (233,76 KB, 600x938, 300:469, 67317465_p0_master1200.jpg)


Ideally, there would be a local grid control centre from which power could be cut to an arbitrary section, therefore making a section safe for maintenance. Though, at the same time, the people at the control centre could just get bribed, I guess

3b4c55  No.247318

File: a30c7916d04edbc⋯.jpg (23,91 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1557021579714.jpg)


To smell them of course.

What else can be done with used panties?

Eat them for dinner?

d728a3  No.247319

File: d9502d2d455fcfd⋯.jpg (204,51 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 71562121_p0.jpg)


Because he's a degenerate who wants to huff the lingering scent of their farts.

3b4c55  No.247320

File: 89f1041d5067e66⋯.png (2,47 MB, 1344x1876, 48:67, 1555994069592.png)


The power company for Kenya is private.

I've been keeping tabs on them for sometime and they do a fairly decent job at maintaining the power grid in Kenya. Although, recently, they were hit with several fines by the government for price fixing the price per kilowatt hour.

7df041  No.247322

File: 2fca2910d882db5⋯.jpg (224,05 KB, 850x637, 850:637, sample_db8947e460985e9e256….jpg)


>Fairly decent job

>African infrastructure


3b4c55  No.247323

File: 5caf3aaf6f7f6f6⋯.jpg (82,92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1555846352361.jpg)


I suppose you could wear them.

Although, something tells me that Japanese women have small bodies.

3b4c55  No.247325

File: 80f33865e6c2d79⋯.jpg (350,1 KB, 1578x1985, 1578:1985, 1557207722540.jpg)


Rwanda and Nigeria have fairly decent infrastructure.

3b4c55  No.247326

File: 5bfe65fc2e35857⋯.png (406,71 KB, 900x649, 900:649, 1555886404863.png)


Why not?

The wonderful joy of satin pressing against your privates can only be tried to be believed.

3b4c55  No.247328

File: 2c11052c4d66665⋯.jpg (141,8 KB, 800x734, 400:367, 1557971194954.jpg)


The pure joy of wearing girl clothes shouldn't be excluded to girls you know.

7df041  No.247329

File: aa34a8184c03207⋯.jpg (338,45 KB, 1200x1697, 1200:1697, d2c3ffd.jpg)


>Fairly decent


Superpower by 2020!

I'm sure south africa used to be really good


>Pure joy

Speaking from experience?

3b4c55  No.247331

File: 167161b780d03b1⋯.jpg (222,92 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1557976080206.jpg)


South Africa is getting royally fucked over by the Nigerian black market and cryptocommies.

3b4c55  No.247332

File: 19f122d8952228a⋯.jpg (313,7 KB, 2048x1666, 1024:833, 1557779818181.jpg)


What makes you think that?

3b4c55  No.247334

File: fb7dfd8acf6c9d1⋯.jpg (123,18 KB, 960x701, 960:701, 1558213230042.jpg)


I don't look very girly.

I look like someone that goes around bars and drinks the local beer.

3b4c55  No.247336

File: c8b5861d1201d85⋯.jpg (373,67 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1558200852964.jpg)


Maybe someday~

a2a2c7  No.247337

File: 2efe492349dc14f⋯.jpg (58,01 KB, 425x425, 1:1, 1558269262521.jpg)

I can't believe Japanon is a crossdresser.

7df041  No.247338

File: 29e60e46fd8b515⋯.png (953,29 KB, 800x1119, 800:1119, browse-11.png)


>Black market

Was under the impression it was being fucked over by just black and commies


It makes sense

3b4c55  No.247339

File: cc422338e170c16⋯.jpg (598,46 KB, 1730x2595, 2:3, 1558237509424.jpg)


We all know that Asians make the best crossdressers.

3b4c55  No.247341

File: 18efb0617d3ca18⋯.jpg (494,99 KB, 980x1251, 980:1251, 1557823013906.jpg)



a2a2c7  No.247342

File: b2877408f08a6fb⋯.jpg (1,04 MB, 1600x1600, 1:1, 1528484167855.jpg)


Yeah, after all what Fox said.


3b4c55  No.247343

File: 04609990bc1f201⋯.jpg (1,4 MB, 1920x2518, 960:1259, 1557808338392.jpg)


I'll let you guess~

3b4c55  No.247345

File: 25607c5c545c304⋯.jpg (533,89 KB, 886x1253, 886:1253, 1557899842292.jpg)



a2a2c7  No.247346

File: 3e25d4443a5b54e⋯.png (363,25 KB, 494x712, 247:356, 1552342111136.png)


7df041  No.247347

File: f90bc0d0ce801e2⋯.jpg (2,78 MB, 2306x3379, 2306:3379, 66798984_p0.jpg)




Cute effeminate yellow slant-eyed creatures

a2a2c7  No.247348

File: 5918a78cf7df93b⋯.png (471,94 KB, 630x882, 5:7, 74751945_p0.png)


They're almost as good as cute effeminate Kiras~

3b4c55  No.247350

File: f9cfad30957ff69⋯.jpg (104,05 KB, 1024x1259, 1024:1259, 1558035481656.jpg)

3b4c55  No.247351

File: 1cb944595e04a58⋯.png (276,64 KB, 500x593, 500:593, 1554179814952.png)


You'll have to infer more.

a2a2c7  No.247352

File: 074e6119ba63333⋯.png (633,64 KB, 1178x1280, 589:640, 1558200712.png)


Go make the new thread. Make it a "ototos make the best imoutos Edition", please Japanon.

a2a2c7  No.247355

File: a7bc5d5a606c39c⋯.jpg (1,75 MB, 950x1250, 19:25, 72648713_p0.jpg)


Because I want you to do it so it's special.

7df041  No.247357

File: 1979e31b2fc0578⋯.png (1019,96 KB, 850x604, 425:302, akatsuki_hibiki_ikazuchi_i….png)





Fake news! Spec is a CNN """journalist"""!


Cute pole-dancing waifu-whore

a2a2c7  No.247358

File: a2848e52af23c03⋯.jpg (2,02 MB, 1534x2165, 1534:2165, 74804479_p0.jpg)


Because you made it.


pls don't bomb my car

a2a2c7  No.247360

File: 63eb92938e5360d⋯.jpg (136,1 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 74791213_p0.jpg)


Of course.

7df041  No.247361

File: f25d4b4bb6062a8⋯.jpg (80,11 KB, 600x851, 600:851, 62286187_p0_master1200.jpg)


The fucking bomb would be worth more than your piece-of-shit car


Everyone loves japanon-kun

a2a2c7  No.247363

File: b9d66b32fcd4ce3⋯.png (727,52 KB, 849x1026, 283:342, 1556742646781.png)


Ayy… fuck you.


I don't wanna!

7df041  No.247364

File: ba77d6f3222462f⋯.png (3,88 MB, 2508x3541, 2508:3541, illust_67101266_20180216_1….png)


I know you want to

d728a3  No.247367

File: b8a9652d2f2d291⋯.png (14,22 MB, 5170x6066, 2585:3033, 72137733_p0.png)

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