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Welcome to your dark retreat.

File: ba709eb5404a78c⋯.png (122.55 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, The madness continues.png)


Board discussion, questions, complaints, comments on moderation all go here.

Contact info: chaosis.machine@gmail.com

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File: 6e81f7e02731bd4⋯.png (463.52 KB, 910x767, 70:59, 6e81f7e02731bd4e8c37b22dd8….png)


when i started to cry, it started our

world laughing

when i finally died, it started our

world living

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Im just going to lock the thread instead, he got what he needed to get done and now youre just shitting up a perfectly fine thread, instead of complaining you could be making posts and trying to get more attention here, but look where you are. enjoy your stay.

- 2ply

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What are y'all grooving to? Post some shit

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File: c8237b12f0fd2d7⋯.jpg (803.25 KB, 1350x2042, 675:1021, lol.jpg)


Welcome to The Void.

Simply follow the Global Rules, outside of that, post what you like.

Rant, shout, and enjoy the various Slaneeshian entities that dwell here.

Yes, Yog-Sothoth takes long showers, you'll have to deal with it.


Get comfy and enjoy your stay.

Need to reach me?


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Use 8ChanX, it helps a lot with reverse image searching

>Spoonfeed me pl0x

Install greasemonkey if you're on any firefox version or fork,


If you use Chrome or any chrome fork,

install Tampermonkey


once either or is installed,

go here


install 8chanX

refresh any threads you're watching



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File: 102c6e0f1b368df⋯.png (281.96 KB, 739x678, 739:678, Mist a qt.png)


Continuing from >>196

Here's the designated thread for all the Void qts we adore. I'll be hijacking some greentext around the board to catch us all up

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File: 33a73af4fd43d40⋯.png (1.05 MB, 750x885, 50:59, 8835d51662f10dad69eef5b58c….png)



eta on green


File: c7e7548054d9372⋯.jpg (503.88 KB, 1200x844, 300:211, 0.jpg)

File: 3d23f10e77a7508⋯.jpg (485.3 KB, 1200x804, 100:67, 1.jpg)

File: 9a8ff6bce817b7a⋯.jpg (795.01 KB, 1200x830, 120:83, 2.jpg)

File: d42262305233343⋯.jpg (560.92 KB, 1200x873, 400:291, 3.jpg)

File: 26c087ee852f9c1⋯.jpg (595.2 KB, 1200x848, 75:53, 4.jpg)



Who's this little void princess? ;3



File: e72aa881732f419⋯.png (14.92 KB, 646x460, 323:230, NGFT.png)


May as well find a way to get the word out.


Nomads @ Godfuck-Thirty isn't for the sensitive. The topics so far have been largely shitting on mainstream things, but will be fleshed out more at time goes on. The audio is low budget, but we just like the shitposting.

All episodes can be found on Bitchute, check it out.


This is also a Godfuck shitposting general.

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File: 1529ac7e600243d⋯.jpg (2.87 KB, 57x70, 57:70, BenisDoggo.jpg)


New episode about Meme Benis ranting about a mod of Darks Souls and the chat finds out that Wonder is t h i c c.


What kind of topics would you guys like to see discussed?


We finally finished "The Perfect Angle"



New clip of us hating on women




New episode about the bullshit the government is still pulling.

File: 3bb9b8ad7ba73f9⋯.gif (946.09 KB, 500x327, 500:327, void.gif)

File: 6b98d0a60235273⋯.jpg (300.13 KB, 601x779, 601:779, philonihilo.jpg)


Lets have a thread dedicated to discussing the philosophy of the Void and philosopher's that are related to it. Where we think about the meaninglessness of the universe and our desire to escape modern society.

Lets have some discussion topics to start the thread:

>What is the Void?

>In your opinion, what ideas are compatible with it?

>In your opinion, what ideas are incompatible with it?

>If the void is amoral does that mean that it's also apolitical? Do you even bother with politics?

>Do you have any frustrations about modern day society?

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File: 1cefd4a459464c0⋯.jpg (76.89 KB, 263x188, 263:188, Legendaryeye.jpg)

I think, if there is a god / gods, the void would predate them all.

It is the the origin of all thought, conscious or unconscious.

And thus, cannot be contained or limited by petty things such as reason, comprehension or understanding.

And cannot be contained / limited by mere consciousness, whether of itself or of those who observe it.

Every bit as undefinable and incomprehensible as chaos itself, if not more.

I think however; that the void can only be seen by those who have been open to it, you may even say; those it deems worthy enough.

Think of it like this, anyone can stare into nothingness, but very few can come back with new information, whether they recoil back from boredom or are too afraid of what happens if they are exposed for too long to.

Bottom line is, not everyone can stand the void, most easily get distracted, and for the few who can hold themselves in it, most of those don't stay too long themselves.

But those few who do manage to maintain that state of staring into nothingness, manage to comeback not empty handed, but with a much clearer perception of reality.

This is off course, just my opinion of it.



I think you hit the nail on the head there. Have you done any void gazing lately?

Also, nice digits.


File: 38718a3756e06ca⋯.jpg (221.75 KB, 800x1236, 200:309, 0fe88c0acb6658e8193eedc7f7….jpg)


Unfortunately not, at least not at the extent that I'd need to.

To get into the proper mindset, I'll need to put myself in the right mindset, this means no distractions such as the internet,



Should have re-read my post, it's embarrassing to have redundancies.




I'd love to hear what you experience should you buckle down.

File: 82247e1d012e60f⋯.jpeg (91.1 KB, 793x793, 1:1, 497EF618-3467-4F05-80E6-9….jpeg)


What happened guys?

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File: ca31307a980005f⋯.png (4.08 KB, 837x58, 837:58, ClipboardImage.png)



how are we not talking about this?


File: 52bf32c237bf3d6⋯.png (288.36 KB, 724x669, 724:669, 6465132684653.png)

> What happened guys?

discord happened





chats are too fast

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Music from the void.

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Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: ddc1ca19771512d⋯.png (79.32 KB, 170x260, 17:26, 1460398968863.png)


My job is turning me into some amoral fuck.

Swear on my timbs every passing day, I care a little less about laws. I run stop signs when no ones around and I wouldn't blink once about killing someone if my back was against the wall.

At any given moment, I want a third of customers in the store to drop dead. I wouldn't even bother taking money out of their wallets after they pass, I just want them to fuck off.

Hell, every time I come into work, I immediately feel exhausted, like all my hours of sleep just got voided. I know I'm not the only one who goes through this.

Also, retail stories thread.

I need the eta for sleep

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Who is that supposed to be


File: f1ccf407262b56a⋯.jpg (90.42 KB, 701x497, 701:497, 1370638202388.jpg)


You didn't have to hit me like this.



Maybe you should get some education or training for a slightly less shit job then thought about that?


All low wage jobs are alienating to the mind and pretty damn distracting dawg. That's the summary of it.


>Finally start applying to jobs in a field I actually wanna work in.

>Even drafted up a decent resume.

>Got my music going to keep me in a good state of mind.

>Get to the end of an application.

>Click 'submit application'

>Breathe, finally.

>Page loads up another page.


Swear to fucking God.

Whoever the makes these goddamn demoralizing time consuming questionares, fuck you.



To any employer that reads this, please fuck off with the questionares full of pointless questions that's common sense.

File: 1990ad308c92bd6⋯.jpg (590.7 KB, 2682x2196, 149:122, Structure_of_the_Universe.jpg)


Post ITT whenever you visit / /. We need more 'Boneless' here.

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Post nude version of this pl0x


File: e2103c03f28ec24⋯.webm (513.94 KB, 600x360, 5:3, mandatedplaytime.webm)


File: 2228c3865459ccf⋯.png (497.94 KB, 772x747, 772:747, 1550136521814.png)



b e t

File: dfa1c7e3c9ec41e⋯.png (679.04 KB, 744x1146, 124:191, ClipboardImage.png)


Fine. I'll admit it: that I am a misogynist. I hate women more than I hate men. Almost all of them are always trying to draw attention to themselves no matter the circumstance. There is nothing in, on, or above this planet that gives me a bigger wrath boner than woman audiences. Every single time I watch a recording of a live talk, comedy routine, musical performance, or anything like that, there is always some 20-something-year-old-sounding HOLE that has to let out a short but LOUD AS FUCK "wu!" at the time when everyone else is silent. I hate it so much, because it is never to cheer the performer, it is to cheer herself for no other reason than existing in a public space: I can tell. These jewesses need to be smashed into jelly.

Picture unrelated but relevant to the board, I suppose.

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Also, the godfuck podcast apparently has plenty of women hating rants.


I'm too busy nothinging to hate.



Busy doing what?






Works for me, carry on.

File: 73b35d63d4c1501⋯.jpg (29.04 KB, 264x379, 264:379, 1403219315156.jpg)


Welp, our hungry games ad is no longer up, who's still here?


I'm here and I wasn't before.



That's good.


File: c65e6fdc7ded3ae⋯.png (470.72 KB, 539x450, 539:450, ClipboardImage.png)

The reason normalfags find ebonics funny is because deep down they know it is stupid. Nogposting is normalfag grugposting.





its ded jim

File: 5fda9fef7192b2f⋯.gif (613.92 KB, 612x438, 102:73, IT REALLY DO BE LIKE THAT ….gif)


>there was another lainfag on this board the whole time but he's already dead


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He was. Join the Godfucker server and check out the lain_shrine text channel.


File: 6b0407935b0e4c4⋯.png (51.99 KB, 772x468, 193:117, nuclear 1.png)

File: c08f8763d733d96⋯.png (67.29 KB, 803x527, 803:527, nuclear 2.png)

File: 262550d730040f0⋯.png (62.46 KB, 799x480, 799:480, nuclear 3.png)

File: 3387881c9b1498d⋯.png (77.47 KB, 795x531, 265:177, nuclear 4.png)

File: 1c59d9d790035c9⋯.png (57.25 KB, 795x413, 795:413, nuclear 5.png)


Here's a screencap of his nuclear lecture.



Why would I make an account just for that?


Still pressing X to doubt. I'm not sure what this is supposed to prove.



It's supposed to prove the "went on a nuclear rant" bit. Doubt all you want but me and a few others knew bowlboi, we have no reason to lie to you about this.


the autism about certain kinds of fat can be seen from the >>>/bowl/ sticky I think, unless the new BO changed it

File: 283db4ba87c034f⋯.jpg (653.73 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1430296943872.jpg)


Tell me how / / gets comfy

>A cup of tea in my lowball yeti cup

>Wrap myself in a fleece blanket

>Watching old animated series like Daria and Mission Hill.

I realize /nothingness/ is supposed to be all dark and mysterious, but I wanna lighten up the mood.

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Thanks Dr. Strange.

Can we call you doctor strange?






You strike me as someone who's projected before.



I haven't, and I don't believe in the supernatural phenomena like the Astral plane or OOBE's and the like. They're real, though, from the human perspective at least, and an experience to be had by the human mind is an experience to be affected by the human body.


Fuck, can't wait to get home

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