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File: cf4c85f81ba0832⋯.jpeg (286.22 KB, 1280x1144, 160:143, 1275468.jpeg)

File: 9396c6640d604ae⋯.png (613.68 KB, 1024x633, 1024:633, 38985.png)

File: 7d47d6246002acb⋯.jpg (60.13 KB, 858x636, 143:106, 945126.jpg)

File: 9b30625bf199e5b⋯.jpeg (126.65 KB, 386x418, 193:209, 987036.jpeg)

1cafd1 No.285492[Reply]

Enjoy your drinking age. Ponies with guns and booze all around.

3cefd7 No.285502

Ayy, GEPs birthday. Come the fuck back

File: ee388dbd49a315a⋯.jpg (150.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (18).jpg)

b2728c No.285500[Reply]

Anyone watch DWK?

He is so fucking based


f8b6a9 No.285504

File: 2eb16f1599c5df1⋯.jpg (9.09 KB, 260x194, 130:97, disgust.jpg)

Stop fucking shilling DWK.

1414c5 No.285512

Just because I like DWK doesn't mean I'm not going to ban you for making all these one line threads OP.

File: 1464760303125.png (760.52 KB, 1927x1767, 1927:1767, commission_national_horse_….png)

5cb795 No.242589[Reply]

I finally decided to make my own CYOA thread. I was inspired by the Red thread on here. So kudos to the anon who runs that thread.

So what the gist of this CYOA? Well you you see as in the title, we are gonna have an adventure with Luftkrieg. You anons get to choose where she should go and what to do. Basically all the normal CYOA needs. I never done one myself,.so this will be an experience for me. I'll write a little intro.

>It was a calm morning for Luftkrieg. No one was up and she had a day to herself.

>She gets out of her bed and heads over to her small radio, maybe she'll catch what's going on in Germaneia.

>Luftkrieg being mindful of her surroundings, puts on a small pair of headphones so she doesn't wake up anyone.

>She dials a bit before she could find a proper channel to listen into.

>There was some static but it was something.

>"There are some reports of some timberwolves in the area, keep out of the woods for a least 48 hours. If you are at a camp, stay inside the camp grounds."

"Timberwolves, this far in? Interesting." the little filly says to herself.

>She takes off the headphones for now and heads downstairs.

>She gets in the kitchen and looks for something to eat.

>She gets some cereal and pours herself some of that. She still a little tired from getting up so she gonna eat the cereal dry.

>After a few minutes, she gets done her food. She heads back inside to get her Hoolfer Youth Scout uniform on.

>There's an important meeting that will happen later today, so she can prepare herself for it.

>What's next?

I also have to go to bed now, as I decide to post this now instead of earlier because of work and shit.

221 posts and 36 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ef108d No.284866



>Luftkrieg wakes up Berta

"We are getting close to Equestria."

>"That some good news, but I have a feeling we may have to stay there for a few days."

"That's fine by me, as long as we are safe we'll be fine."

>The older mare nods and lays for a bit more before the two get up and go eat.

>"Good morning, we'll be in Equestria soon. Lucky for you two, you'll be staying with me in my home town." The camo stallion tells her.

>"We'll be staying at my home, my kids will get a kick of meeting a new friend."


>"Yeah, I have a couple of kids of my own, I'd think they'll take a liking of you."

>Luftkrieg smiles she can met some new ponies, hopefully allies from a different country that's not her's.

>What's next?

Sorry for the long wait, I got a new pc, I love it.

81334e No.284871


look and see where you all are

ef108d No.285290

File: 18b9441411d087c⋯.png (34.67 KB, 1026x662, 513:331, the_camo_family__the_foals….png)



>Luftkrieg goes up to the deck to see a beautiful skyline.

"Where are we?"

>"You are in the city of Fillydelphia." Blitz tells her, and then he adds "You'll be staying with me for a few days."

>The filly nods and waits for the ship to get into port.

>After awhile the ship is eventually brought into port.

>"Follow me, I'll show you were is my home is at."

>Luftkrieg and Berta follow the stallion and his sister to his home, which in the city almost near the center where the tall building are at.

>A soon as Blitz opens the door, Luftkrieg sees a bunch of smaller camo ponies charging at him and knocking him into the ground.

"That might be his children," She says to herself.

>"Ok ok, get off now, daddy is home." Blitz tells his kids.

>His kids get off of him and head into the living room, there seems to be about 6 kids, Two of them don't seem to be camo and don't look related.

>She likes the way they look at least. One big family here.

>"Make yourself at home. Now kids this is gonna be your new friend for the next couple of days but you should let her rest up a bit before she can do anything."

>With that chance, Blitz takes you to the guest room and her and Berta take a nice nap for a bit.

>What's next?

d97cf5 No.285296


chat up the kids and see what they know

4f3053 No.285511


>why do two of your kids look different?

>we're all one big family

Clever sidestep around the question, but I still want to know. Ask what's up, but be discreet about it, in case it's a sensitive subject.

File: ef5ef69a5b47698⋯.png (484.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, -_EG3.png)

File: 7e8c20a46eaac06⋯.png (903.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Twilight_screams_after_bec….png)

702b1e No.285330[Reply]

>Sunset found her squatting in the grass, groaning. Every stool was looser than the one before, and smelled fouler. By the time the moon came up she was shitting brown water. The more she drank, the more she shat, but the more she shat, the thirstier she grew, and her thirst sent her crawling to the stream to suck up more water.

5 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

600662 No.285346

File: 4513df5aac61a5e⋯.jpg (121.59 KB, 460x288, 115:72, 1372186553206.jpg)


Nice dubs fam

86e52e No.285355

File: e3e3c889c51330f⋯.png (267.52 KB, 362x366, 181:183, CHECKEDx3.png)


76536d No.285356

File: 2f68f8add4efca6⋯.jpg (16.75 KB, 318x303, 106:101, 215890__safe_rainbow dash_….jpg)




So many doubles and trips to check, so little time.

f5d5d0 No.285494



>mfw some scatfag made a thinly veiled ironic copypasta.

>mfw it kinda turns me on

9d89ca No.285510

File: 6e2d79555cbc6e5⋯.png (28.65 KB, 200x107, 200:107, check em.png)

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e65928 No.285264[Reply]

Are we gonna get a bunch of autistic newfags now?

30 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f611cc No.285478

can we report his videos and prevent him from getting revenue?

ed96d5 No.285480


All posts are property of the poster, after all

e8626c No.285481

Why is this forum filled with such faggoty threads?

92af01 No.285495


>Outsourcing your PTS

Cut to the chase does he show /pone/ in it?

If not we are safe normalfags will never find us since we haven't been indexed on Google for ages.

ed96d5 No.285507


Yeah, he shows us and calls us out. Bully every suspected newfag you see

File: 4e7729357ad3ab8⋯.jpg (870.9 KB, 2888x4320, 361:540, princessluna_u18chan.jpg)

de7a0d No.278666[Reply]

post some!

43 posts and 30 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

22da98 No.278992

File: a5ed19d405fd00a⋯.jpg (17.46 KB, 233x205, 233:205, 1425761039116.jpg)

File: 87b4e9a96b3adf2⋯.png (301.42 KB, 475x391, 475:391, 1432578010873.png)

File: cbd59d875b1f001⋯.png (264.92 KB, 475x391, 475:391, 1432579142673-0.png)

File: ada02ff2d32c2c3⋯.jpg (23.53 KB, 493x423, 493:423, 1432755737662.jpg)

File: d0a8bbac6725829⋯.gif (237.94 KB, 450x359, 450:359, 1433209088526.gif)


is this a meme

Is this a meme

is This a meme

is this A meme

is this a Meme

Is This a meme

Is this A meme

Is this a Meme

is This A meme

is This a Meme

is this A Meme

Is This A meme

is This A Meme

Is this A Meme

Is This a Meme

Is This A Meme


is this a meme?

Is this a meme?

is This a meme?

is this A meme?

is this a Meme?

Is This a meme?

Is this A meme?

Is this a Meme?

is This A meme?

is This a Meme?

is this A Meme?

Is This A meme?

is This A Meme?

Is this A Meme?

Is This a Meme?

Is This A Meme?


Earth pony Twilight

Earth pony Twilight

Earth pony Twilight

Earth pony Twilight

Earth pony Twilight

Earth pony Twilight

Earth pony Twilight

Earth pony Twilight

Earth pony Twilight

Earth pony Twilight

Earth pony Twilight

Earth pony Twilight

Earth pony Twilight

Earth pony Twilight

Earth pony Twilight

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

3b601a No.278993

File: c332423deb3aaf6⋯.png (261.67 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1450469850729.png)


649fe0 No.285365

File: 9ef8847f8be5b8c⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1500x2520, 25:42, starlight_glimmer_dakimaku….png)

Equally good pone overhere

0b049e No.285373


Except for, you know, fucking everything.


40ea27 No.285506

File: ead1273b19330e4⋯.png (93.02 KB, 894x894, 1:1, pillow_serie__1___epona_by….png)

Best daki coming through

File: 63e2fce8409c1c8⋯.png (462.57 KB, 1233x1484, 1233:1484, Premium Red.png)

File: f1641fa1cdb9b99⋯.gif (199.95 KB, 1455x1937, 1455:1937, FTP Red.gif)

183db9 No.262007[Reply]

We're on vacation! But there's still stuff our friends can do.

Old thread: https://8ch.net/pone/res/224985.html#224985 (If anyone wants to Pastebin this, i'd appreciate it.)

Pictures of the pirate pony: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3KdxpC8I7n5LXVzcTA4V1hsZWs&usp=sharing

Pastebin in severe need of an update: http://pastebin.com/u/BabsZeeb

Our POV is currently focused at Aldreda and her plans to do some pirating on her own!

372 posts and 60 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

decaa5 No.284301

Update the pastebin or tell the site's owner to fix the goddamn archive.

Is really hard to follow the CYOA for a newfag if there's nothing to read.

914089 No.285486

Is this CYOA dead?

d9bd3a No.285490


The writefag was banned so it on a forced hiatus

914089 No.285491


He was banned? That's a shame. I hope he comes back soon.

e04f48 No.285505


He needs to post from his phone or something

File: 6503d466452770e⋯.png (351.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ponieshateniggers.png)

20172a No.269161[Reply]

Spontanious draw thread, everyone draws just draw

Counting threads and generals are for absolute faggots and cucks, take that shit to 4chan.

422 posts and 236 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c32ed4 No.285301

File: 90ef39989c23e03⋯.png (413.44 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, Sketch256225619.png)

In memory of the past three days or so of terrorist attacks in EUROPE YES

55a68d No.285357


That second one and those dubs are gonna make a fag outta me.

02e580 No.285397


love of horse cock aint gay nigga

c32ed4 No.285460

File: b3d69c1e9247466⋯.png (263.24 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Sketch260214045.png)

I believe someone requested this sometime ago.

df1ba2 No.285503

File: 01cbe4f9b626f64⋯.png (150.87 KB, 900x692, 225:173, milky_innocently_stretchin….png)

718b61 No.285501[Reply]

>I want Milky to pee in my mouth


a783ad No.285508


I want to shove OP into an oven

89bfa4 No.285509

File: 802cb3291873c68⋯.jpg (78.74 KB, 960x539, 960:539, 564341__safe_screencap_flu….jpg)

More blatant fodder for the PTS's.

Go back to cuckchan homer!

File: 87a33b418490d73⋯.png (841.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Starlight_Glimmer_looking_….png)

cbd587 No.285499[Reply]

>Finally someone makes a PTS about /pone/

>First Thread is about cumming inside starlight glimmer



802cb9 No.285513

File: 16f92e7af5c8345⋯.gif (624.07 KB, 474x379, 474:379, full.gif)

File: a7482090ef5b79b⋯.jpeg (211.7 KB, 789x768, 263:256, a74.jpeg)

15dadb No.285498[Reply]

>I want to cum inside spike's dragonpucci


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

df83ea No.285360[Reply]

>which means it's time for me to send starlight glimmer away

It looks like starlight glimmer will finally get kicked out of ponyville.

Could this be the end of glimmer?

What do you think will happen?

28 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0bf4d2 No.285470

File: c2c28d602ce9ef4⋯.png (189.64 KB, 991x1024, 991:1024, serveimage-1.png)


>when I was a student you

>oh no!

>I must turn her into an alicorn!


>current writers

>knowing anything about the lore

0f4615 No.285475

Did a bit of Googling, apparently at BronyCon 2013 she tried to go backstage somewhere and was told she couldn't. I think this was all second hand people misunderstanding a situation and trying to blow it up to drama when it was a non issue.

e01285 No.285479

>twilight and her autistic logic

512bec No.285485

File: 15ded1bcc0c79c9⋯.jpg (52.57 KB, 485x492, 485:492, 15ded1bcc0c79c9ef6c2163d2b….jpg)



>the plan is to show all the episodes up to MMC in order

>stream starts

>it's all good for the pilot

>suddenly notice I'm pitching a tent

>can't really masturbate to the actual show, that would be silly since we have so much porn for that purpose

>no clue what to do

>just leave it like that and enjoy my S1

Like I said, I do not have a slightest hint as to why that happened.

Maybe if the same thing were to occur again I'd be able to figure it out if only slightly. Don't count on it any time soon, though.


Were you expecting anything else?

eb9315 No.285497


>send starlight glimmer away

>implying she won't still be in it and this is just for a dramatic opening

File: 8f78ff49eadeffd⋯.png (158.54 KB, 500x507, 500:507, 138078280431.png)

e35da3 No.285496[Reply]

>Get raided by /b/

>Sour makes a PTS about us

>Board is still active

What will take to crash this board?


fae525 No.285514

More shitty threads like people crying at PTS.

File: 520386310e0b0e8⋯.png (726.31 KB, 1440x676, 360:169, screenshot-mylittlepony.ha….png)

61f992 No.285372[Reply]

Pick yer poison

5 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

342947 No.285389

File: 1048cc3d0861098⋯.png (55.17 KB, 293x225, 293:225, 1463177935216.png)


Gore has never worked. CP is the only way.

554f74 No.285390


no that is shit too, but you know what does work? ignoring their threads and not bumping them (bumping like you just did)

386276 No.285391

File: 19dfcfdf199f127⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 220x160, 11:8, rage.gif)


>homer makes a video on us

>now every post is a potential suspect

I wish I could hate him to death.

84afa9 No.285394


Not every post, just the lazy one sentence threads that bait meme responses. Those seem to be his prefered PTS fodder.

f3218e No.285493

File: 6b74b83edcca36f⋯.jpg (54.02 KB, 588x723, 196:241, ainsley 3.jpg)


>implying /mlp/ has anything other than b8 threads

>implying we are any better

File: 31a78dd606a257d⋯.jpg (38.95 KB, 481x700, 481:700, 333.jpg)

74f366 No.285285[Reply]

Alright fags, don't lie. If you had the chance to fuck a horse, knowing that you would get no repercussions, would you do it?

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

05f400 No.285368

File: c74af3e4e06ffdb⋯.jpg (949.48 KB, 1098x1600, 549:800, Object.jpg)

how about a little goat that calls you master?

50313a No.285423


No, I would only fuck a horse if I was either desperate or if we got on really well.

945b0a No.285476


A goat is fine too.

05f400 No.285477


you know the ponies are shaped more like goats now that I think about it

e07d75 No.285489


2 nukes were not enough

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